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CEDRICS: When CEDRAM meets tralics


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Title CEDRICS: When CEDRAM meets tralics
Alternative Title Some Thoughts on the Near-Future Digital Mathematics Library
Title of Series DML 2008 workshhop - Towards Digital Mathematics Library.
Part Number 1
Number of Parts 14
Author Bouche, Thierry
License CC Attribution 3.0 Unported:
You are free to use, adapt and copy, distribute and transmit the work or content in adapted or unchanged form for any legal purpose as long as the work is attributed to the author in the manner specified by the author or licensor.
DOI 10.5446/21275
Publisher River Valley TV
Release Date 2012
Language English

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Subject Area Mathematics
change thing here a single again that the organizers for inventing new ones and with confidence and I thank you for security and things because they year-old son denominations to so well it's I want to talk about which is designed to work with many bits of sorts for year of federal procurement the main interest is ensure that the the future of the evidence that exist with Newfoundland so it's their
problem is how you get me the ball with the new contends jacket that is designed to impress upon you didn't think suffered under trees on the bridge of the project said
on the front and then moved to the way things are produced and traded on the Atlantic everything is electric suits very old fashioned about it and that should be to hold the securities and the communications efforts that included trumpets In the wake of the bureau chief in order to get rather powerful so
and is a project that was created fools the formula to drew strength from economic stress reduction Jones the fact that there was the 1 that projects would already running From rather successful and so people began to see that readings for the Dutch carrier was the promise something do something has in order to support the current pollution in effect is that I think there are lots of very important scientific instruments which are completely independent there are very very low resource that both technically status for so we as there is in France this that the students small that supports generally documentation methods was asked to think about providing support for him production and bringing the production of independent at 11 whether to continue with the commercials and we added the requirement that it should be compatible with the demands of the back-end so that's the way it did believe that the number of bottles the exterior wall technical staff will definitions and of course the warm
soda 1 of the the it's just to put them into these human workshop that there is a realization that the idea that we about the way envisioned in the sense that it's only because they did To publish the original text results area investment it's uh which are cited it's not tomorrow he will unions so there is there should be at least 1 person 1 mathematicians that is thinking that the condemned the responsible for the initial next to become so once published the mathematical content changed its thing is we accept the joining greenery such so once again the new edition of a collection freedom of the press share the police that you want to the content of the most visible Texas students from outside the access to the published articles is subject to reasonable moving this 1 of the the gray area between these 2 things but 1 of the things that is monitoring the concept of movie on at least in the projects where I am that there is 1 point and that were contention for text should be free freely accessible so guarantees of O'Donnell's we host we have to work on a level that is just the concept of the rule articles and you want which was created in this project this sitting out students and to look the maximum is granted value and the articles about consultation and states I consider them as urgent component so it's the way it should work together in the general hosted by surprise are transferred to In the end there should be some long-term preservation of the he some
Godzilla is very young and the sun is this common portal which is not you know there is a common that visitor into such a law on the object of the surveillance on some common services and electronic publication that from from its sales of different things we should be able to see 1 of
the new the settlement
opportunities to but export to that which is 1 of these is the key to the emotional volatility collections will slide which is mostly under development we have said that this is is
is the case training In the years
1 so those settlements that is and that was just a
portal where your so in love
she mostly 3 1 is an internal something similar to his chair had been president John which is an open-source software but not soon McEachern distributed differently than he did which is that this sofa that use by example that thing and that to tonight user interface and the many pages and websites which has been adapted to this project will help formats and several instances of generic name going all the way the production so just to be related the way things should work out the way we getting to the production of the His amendment you can almost so which I like to review residents prints business units you would get input which are mostly instructions on how to format the biggest enemy from which is usually the workers take things in there that we from event to some extent from the 24 months right evicted from there to it's just we just sent to electric and but there are also a drinking description with them except to say nothing of disseminating builders and also excellent fires which are used to to that I expected from opponents who right and there it's just me and stop any higher than actual treatment to it now we have a variety of publishing proposed so nominees we could Justice that's where we are right in the sense that I was usually publishing process for the printer then there is the sanctity work before which is owned by little more responsibility and I think that that's when everything is fixed at the end of June the city dwellers we all know that the required in some formats which most likely the Senate to us we run all system that she's usually part of our world and we we get them like everything to prove that approved for all production so that you have a kid from war to ensure that beautiful Grover of .period everything that can be produced automatically from the identities of the PCs for chartered the profits so that they can check the woman there is of course the construction that's when it started Everything is produced and sent to the public and later on when the Peru's computed me everything 6 Fatah and principal and transferred to the new it's 1 is so that's the value of where we are are reducing so there
were 2 other challenges we have to meet to do this of course in the review all of the problems I'm talking about are sold in every provision is big business obvious that there are lots of stuff world and also not open source that there lots of solutions to the challenges well that we didn't win totals with very very loud whistles solution and we really have to do try to be as open as possible so that they can really control what they do so in the I have a technical activity in the region everything they they can control the content and so they must be able to control the input from this is our big chance because all these politicians have called the 1st thing people do when they have high expectations about the quality of their local the format the the question is for the testing performance so that can do what they want and that it doesn't work in the sense that had no 1 can write using the promise of the generated numerous meetings of things and there some things have changed and it's working in but if you think about results at the end of the year in mathematics that affected the petition candidates anything of course it's not previously former Michigan the new structure of the city and most of the time in the mathematicians man if he is able to just find a way to put it on paper with to see you want to punish the difference involved except it changed that improves you argue that Drogba option as long as it doesn't get better than than this good news that he speculates so my view this is that I don't think there is no formal there is no widespread easy-to-use format but its provisions from the feasibility of trucks activity dramatic letter keys and continue to be focused on and always asking for big banks sources would be a challenge and he gave up I wanted stripped of their work is that the effect would be there because it was too costly for the journalist and too restrictive and was not meant to begin upon the face to flights and so we accept anything that is not on that day and that we can manage later on in the then we waste you want everything that is said to be wild high and the traditions that we want to see the extent to which we want you you didn't want fact but we wanted something that you be the most to publish since then the wording in a satisfactory manner so finally the 2 provisions we also of course we wanted to get rid of all the things that Publishers Norwell and which of the fact that the lasting change and as soon as you produce something and especially friends and you can't you just have finished initially ascended to the phone call from 1 of the things that matter to transform its had surgery the or and other forms of you this is changes but it never goes to everything and there you have a word edition of this team references Big Brother between authorities in all things that said thickness of the book he tried that fact me we succeeded to meet a very simple solutions to that in the form of condition of but we to to have everything having has recently sold the idea that we put Wednesday once and then it should be that input that could be used in any place so I had time to fix the open to all almost which already existing they have house style that is granted to comply with me that you didn't want to impose anything on their industries say they don't bury the provisions systems the very satisfactory for us more demanding of them completely lost in the London and we wanted them to me and to keep busy boat to introduce the idea really will not creating a new French has been very big but it's more than we wanted to just simple jails indeed so but yet because the security on level which is consistent and most the use of funds and the usually used in them future with be the Russians means that the firm would have the same level so we impose a minimum level of future so it's always the idiot society how did we again and that Trenton Fessenden further and further down in that we get bands of fighters from the division of body usually 1 secretary used in the different that the worlds usually when editorial committee meeting where referees it's clear that the article to which we is that the Secretary that give the I think flights from the from the Oval and sometimes there is somebody who has been following the incident in which no nothing about what we do that later on you know a thing about the same as that of the viewing the concept of me that that isn't just that and so that it's that we get all input from that so we asked some structure of the input which falls in system and then we put the curious and the persnickety kinetics the Latics also called the transfer From slated to anaphylactic structure isolated in the middle of the then that I think we didn't based transformed into XML fans to travel with the Cellucci at TI structure is simply that the value of of the mostly come from we want to and much of the proceeds that is acceptable to you so that we don't have to worry because that is not so well right that now so it on that everything in every match fitting that conducted by critics In the nation and on 1 end of the cold in something that is that there appears to be difficult when you see it in a way that it's not pure truth it's the statement that then there is the same as far as understanding and unity to generate the principal there is a technical and scientific name both you can to get past the post arising in the process of funds very often they forget about that and not printed and indicated that there was a check that but when they see the words I discover that what is it monitoring the situation and it's the only way to get the free and the truce unit tools and technical checks they would never see sum that is missing in this this season which states have proof for that and then we put everything in the world so difficult this we are told that the president of the mental which most important posts in the and version that will be it was very Harry Denton's mean will from . 1 square when we started and now it's up to the at this stage it's tough to know who they are always in assumed that but the issue so it can be done to monitor this Saturday in the morning and sent to the printer what we need volume being in 10 to 15
tables and 318 so I don't think that I insisted that the project production was that process it added that should be put at most once the system and of the relevant please when I started this actually look wrongly those things how things work out with the idea to just take 1 of 1 of the 2 existing systems and that to me and I found mold because that the story 1st I don't know that the first one that work to illegally people are built into the attitude that you get the logic that followed offers they just check data that the video to the and they told me that I can commit to that of India for instance worked for you it is published without a page and this is wrong because of last last-minute June he should put that in the side of the 1st the 1st change something everything gets 1 you have created a collection of victory you just the 1st of value of all the other articles and changed saloons but in the winter in history I think we could get rid of it really but to my knowledge rather than ones it's good to to have back the burn and that some of this is the 2nd going itself during the volume about doesn't belong to the object the fact that the article was published in 1 so long as you don't do that because of the delay elections been changes that you cannot make enough to get it don't know where it is produced in dismissing Simpson's script but you can bet that many think that talented people wanting to know that that should not do you have to find the figure about it and find the relevant evidence and would have cases where each level is that with and that communication between these 2 everything gets together so another point is that sort of course that the beginnings of stationed in Beijing is something that should never be put in the system except that the we I would have liked to have everything working in kingdom it's true that people you could not have had to security and making things so it's masterful performance will you used mostly existed the but then we did want you had in future so the concept of this had happened this very simple he kept
but alone the set of physical Britain's article that in stupid but if you think about it it's a useful exchange noted that with the venues and you have 3 levels of religion is usually the governing is not what the problem was because if you don't use the euro which annually which is on the physical Louisiana usually issue because generation but so that the annual volume it the logical the thing but it's not going to produce original of all the government a lot of the savings and loan she an article of the a inside and then can be all the things which are mostly uninterested so this overture to the village 1st and that with no politician and general is simply just like Latics less violence it's not that we are in a high-tech corrections should give communities have led Of the huge acknowledged that the predictions is that in the course of the conditions that it is a fact which is based entirely it's a computer and Amos Oz test article by the AMS which has a very good support from most thing that limitations on and the way down the line the difference the input from outside compared to this part the mostly pretty but with some refinements and something that are meant for the protection of laws of former months we had things but mostly what was already there was just kept unchanged ability the argument we introduced during the the Russian Mission on hearing the schools of what article we did the notion of renewal and special region by some kind of articles from the development and saw the industry levels at the
side that the John he said fact class of that takes exception which defines what always admitted that and then there was the only don't almost specifics of something you have to believe that the history of the continued support Everything everything relevant and that and you have to do this physical volume How which is
available at the time the sorry and the bitch science of everything that is relevant the willingness of Member of the normal you can the only way out of the room this page number you can't compute most most of the Ukrainian admitted that but I didn't inside there because of the regional malls have page number running Danish numbers over year so if you would like to have been computed you could say that the 1st human of course that's number 1 and then just to prove that you have to use this review level which would be the only that and then you often have pages that he had it's not even the ways move to move left it the you have said that in all of this stuff of defiance the content than anything it is that people want print the or contending with and then you get
to the article which is a directorates notified the Nantucket and many of the things that have been domestic science which studies which can Newfoundland overflights but in principle it's it's not article where there is always relevant and the article 11 softball pollution from other leaders should not get out of there and you can have a look of the say this solves 1 of the things you go
to 10 also partnered with them and so wanted to make recently
submitted to the just solely
because those you just to give you an
example so of this is 1 this is
1 generation you have this this is the this is the value of this is
not the kind of the its side of the French and and ,comma between January cover of this issue it's a volume of that in general you have the human soul the page make full makes the all different regions in the back of the enactment of the critical thinking that there is progress in the city center and everything back so I won't it because the the 2nd it's too long you by this it's generates everything and so it now you folly articles
you have the other to get is just
for assistance in the recovery it's it's no it's not a the
incident so but you're not as tight as it given that the university student debt and so this will generate more
than just the decision generally
the yield on the mainland and then the article with the out of the
references since then the
ways things up to 2 days
that year the year of China it's the
began of this case this was the case with
his work against you so this is
very the best in the world From so
you see you also generate this by combining the William fast generate this which is the basis
for the purpose of the trip the group and of course there is the matter of contains which
included the governor has been generated May the computation of the suggested we I have to go into the
effects of a major on each floor has it's usually and it's all of it so this is an example of where you have the same pixels with options options installment adults to to use United Cities this 1 Of course you see that it's that they believe
that this the was same text message was
we have taken from people who have fled their homes and that you have the information from the of the abstracts the defendant In here and the address of that year
and everything is as usual at the end of the road for instance if
you look at that 1 dose of
course yet fights here but the
here you said that maybe it was if you just to get an
idea of the origin of education is the provision frozen out but for
Russian what we think is also
considers thanks to remote areas such as it's not that the
Bottom of the page you and the authorities here considered so
just to give you an idea that
we do not impose any restrictions on the media this so
donations debut 1 of the things that so where trucks is is that everything that was canceled and the has said that patient has hinted insisted that they have
managed that borders of everything seemed and there are competing in the system exerted solely as a so infallible the 1st page of the 1st article PageMaker many have that can show you another example of interest in the world and we achieved that with onions so
certainly can show you for so what he should it's what
produces the computation both should be
ready the road what's actually
in the is produced by the
globalization of the backside of the four-year-old general feeling also instructions and procure
stage to track the summary the
2 summaries learning French
friendlies with drills that transcends even start to think about this
will mean that from the beginning and then there are the articles in
using this summer is about Roma so the 1st pick in the
natural frustration is that of In the streets and everything
that is computed from that everything somebody insurance
the 1st stage then when the cleanliness that they comprise the voting page bill
during Hu's to make calls that ejects all although 1st stages of cold debated that they would come with the park and it's the ecological whether there is a trend that is saying OK this article with Saturday at the end continuing address to a constant fight we so you they it but this is the the 1st this work
is which ran into the way to communicate with other information for them with when it is on the spot by winning the support of Laos from the completion of the review of sometime in the center of the Trinidad town in its last stage of the game there working here so know that less than a minute known as a major piece of reportage and thought that activities communicates once again that way and that's OK so you so no it
is the relation was tried experiences of the software will let itself will the status with the current particularly the status of the movement but it is not just to make its selection is best interests in northern part of the mathematics it's not exactly the same concept as they become available for technical and equipment wonderful for that mostly not going to itself and the relation of the 2 rewrite the spirit of team .period which states that the Senate and it's going that's the concept of In 2 where the police are he said the he didn't think the Internet for work it's not so it's not so "quotation mark Dutch striker it's meant from the beginning to understand that the that's into our products signals about the feelings of others and you didn't know that much about many things because we have a real discussions so that now we can use it as an island just want you to show something so we used it extensively so that the fact that we're right in the middle of his returned Sunday at the state which is set to France its which is questioning specific Michael Regan data eccentrics for critics and this generates excitement and this and that is what you under under Saddam said the find something to show you this this is done
with care we get from 1 or more of the
same as the information and we absolutely need that it's not it's much less nice to see that we have they could
because of some provisions of some useful he works at the top end of the and is very it's not very supported and guaranteed that the way we do with the fact that the opening of animal is that they have the votes with Russian rather high which he or she added that it will the name of the Russians to listen and that sort of thing and other consumer loans and the things that we had to switch to the new job Gold issue will try and Americans are educational choice because we want people to see if he's so that you
can if you have friends in the person of notes to post in that you have
a general like him so he was an example of what not but the fact is that where he began to
work foster the discovered that work for not many many more things and we used it to generate more than that for stand together we used to generate the 4 in the yes yesterday for instance well this is not the just I would think that it has been in the past because of some sort of neutral about its own members include some of it is that they and the other people from that is so then examined reaction to what they want to show you that before and in control Burns said and some the sweat and decided he would you look at the
some husband so money was not known and that the fact that there were around the window you'll have to deal with produced from the Bill of Rights of the will of the people and the fact that the technically this disappeared for much of that is that and using the fact that didn't understand the past is the closing of 2 units and indications that the investment thing and get the stuff in the end they year to supporting materials specific projects and then we could just absorb this week that the only thing that I you just read the text file was sitting beside the University of so that of course just after that gentleman and what things we can explain that's thank he and the rest had concluded that the this
is just a which in the past and the
President of the Romanian where it is if you have to the idea to produce in fuel didn't want it to go through all generic competition at the start from standard together from bits and pieces that heralds the that's the problem new production you will become the different strategies in front 2 1 loss decision June 2 and even the option year of incidents where is doing things so just to get on with it on website the the provisions of the whole story while we have to Europe through of the foods and food the lives and thank you for the floor tensions had signed for 2 of he was I don't know of course it was my 1st try again very 1 that I
I must say that I tried to photos to I'm sure I didn't write the default version of it on the victory stand which many very very much and from people I wanted to get rid of that as soon as this but added I know that it's not a good trip but because I wanted to do know what I wanted to win did with the mathematical knowledge stressed the need to images of the village as fast as that the Bickford was not manageable at this for me I couldn't pertaining by the fact that Japanese X X X and that of of course is that for each to the configuration of the village is not you don't just write the version 1 of its own students from the University of Oregon to manage that when it's not something that is already committed supporting the system the but there are over a constructive solid medical director to the cement will effect when what I can say that that that might make striding off Caltech which was very much aware that there was more interest I thought the idea of having informed that changes would be good but of course before taking gene used Houston Idei style and then you have to use your estates to go about this in itself so maybe it's not sold statements and I just got traits I truly don't really what to do I have half of the future of the country and I don't actually think that performance and I sent him to the track and 1 we just felt we had pro-Tibet working systems program at a June tried everything else that's what I say is this that level that is that it was 1 of the I wanted to talk about the the this is the next step is the neck and in in exchange of course and I try to have a look on the completely should be the fact that currently set on production is striking because it is a strange thing in your you just corrected by the government and because someone has put the microbe has been notes and don't buy you just during that final went to express the and because of course because we do have to those upstarts and universities have before next year so many that and we want so yes there till the end of the full text of the tend to think you can be with the values of searching all of which can also be mathematically format and as we have
provisions restaurants because that I think there really any formal shoes for actual provision should be trusted and so currently it's much too much snow on the examined on the left side from making it clear it is reasonable if you need to make some of its French unit Friday at them and beginning to them away and that can be used as a identities trusted reference is made to customers making it something that is better than or just text extracted from the US but not as accurate as the nature of this is possible but then you get into a program that reflect the composition of the work of getting to consolidate that it's good to see that process and so that's why I think of that the aim of the internal references reference in section of so that the electric system but not at the bottom of the work of the printed within the company and the 1 inside the other because they have everything to gain from the sale of the but that's not working outside also not problems of its it's still lower than in the it's the issue objective of having the exchange so it's not found that in the end we we do so as long as we have been living it the results of the meeting and the nothing in something that is not what you would call a precise sex you know we could the problem was formed was the last from the outside some knowledgeable on either side of the world that is not the kind of humor that they will have to prove the existence of the riots that began death of action the rest you know what would you do with that of the existing of the the head of the union of the quality of life of the text of the proposed by what's it all in .period transportation they in Britain archive ministerial music something that makes sources is that not all of them the the licensees that up the alleged instances of what the U.S. sources that's also have helped my has heightened threat like that you want to I just ahead of the release of the soldier who was whether instead many of the men and the the identity of the source of his book is not a lot to do with the people and that the problem is is people with money not the technical stuff because doesn't think the last place you don't think of ourselves as the problems like politics that was the site of the 1st things on the wall policies in the middle of last year and the division but in so doing most there is no different than in the hands of the most of the rest of know you can't do that most of other all of the most of the programs of this is a list of that kind of information on how the land of the dead were farms to have problems
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