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From Pixels and Minds to the Mathematical Knowledge in a Digital Library


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Title From Pixels and Minds to the Mathematical Knowledge in a Digital Library
Subtitle Learning from one project
Title of Series DML 2008 workshhop - Towards Digital Mathematics Library.
Part Number 2
Number of Parts 14
Author Sojka, Petr
Rákosník, Jirí
License CC Attribution 3.0 Unported:
You are free to use, adapt and copy, distribute and transmit the work or content in adapted or unchanged form for any legal purpose as long as the work is attributed to the author in the manner specified by the author or licensor.
DOI 10.5446/21269
Publisher River Valley TV
Release Date 2012
Language English

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Subject Area Mathematics
check the aim of my talk is to be fair brief killer fall 1 project which in digitization of some portion of the movement of the term when I say stated the PlayStation this is not really correct because of will and lost so a much wider alliance is wasn't is so to not only digitize the about to create a full-featured Digital mathematical library with all the features which would expect this is a big task and that actually example review not not according to the technical details of the of our work but there are other some steps which we have to do which in general has to be done in every such effort at 4th and to mention some whom conclusions which came out from from before what was our immigration motivation of course and also to fall
some initiatives which overdone worldwide for a couple of years but soon the that there are many such entreaties to reach our not by granting the approaches a variety of each initiated has different little operation from very simple to work companies complex life endowment similar projects the attitude is different presentations and what was surprising for us and the resources that surprised at that virtually big cooperation between these entreaties to revise the injuries all parties usually pressing release only so that was in fact all right too there is no detailed or the end of 2010 about it you know instruction manual on how to create a legitimate library so the question is of course altogether because you they will of course we are not because it's society are year we share the export experience but still I have the feeling that there may be a lot of work could not be done in the community will not be requirements for such a meant all this is the most
important of course expert a great many times this is very very important it's also surprising for us how much time place and money the In last 1 money and lost some the obstacles which prevented Our chicks at the table for a couple of years I'm starting this activity because we had no sources to do it and the Giants to take part in several activities which were prepared on the European level on the eve of the auspices of the the European and American society unfortunately several such attempts have failed the last 1 now no wonder evaluation so let us hope that it will work this time but after such several times we saw that there will be in the near future no funds from the from the EU from on-site so we looked for some possibilities in inside the Czech Republic and you are elongated in 2005 to the Academy of Sciences of research and development program information society in which such type I think so so we started in 2005 the project of the United States in the Czech the the library and the project will be finished next year and that's really exciting I'm I'm going to talk about this as I told you this is to create this possibly as much as possible full-featured user-friendly digital library which will contain more men part of Maryland chick mathematical equation of my State Jacqueline literature this is of course nonsense we need all the publications which were published on the air out of today's Czech Republic or former solicitor general selected public or former they may be part of the Austro-Hungarian Hungarian Empire what would you want to get into this and you didn't even really know original checked language Of course the continent Due to create an archive and source of information for possible stakeholders and that our estimates that the beginning of of the walls and it was quite realistic is that this will cover maybe 200 thousand pages by the end of the project and the have to big that maybe this would be a good contribution to the possible European Indiana law yeah it's all that will be we are working on the project a
project that they say is that there is a limited amount of money and it's time for the project there must be some some which we have to finish my ideas and this has also set of course some some weakness the best way would be to have some speaking from department which would be running for many years unlimited and to work on this task but this is not the case so sold are on the strength of this approach we have the funds we have and we are lucky that we could arrange a group of people who have the export prices of all all these most of the fields which are necessary for bringing in the Indian-held there for many young people a lot of very enthusiastic disorganized and VfL glad students who can be higher than work makes some some of student papers or just to work for money because of this approach is that all the time and capacity limitations the problem is that since we are working on a project basis most of us are employed on our own other tasks and so we don't have time to work at 8 hours a day on this on this libraries and sometimes we are really in difficulties because you sell it at each other according to the of people orientation and that if somebody has little time to work and maybe the others the opportunities are that he had the support of the Czech Mathematical Society and all publishers of the Church of mathematical journalist is 1 quarter if I say I support it doesn't mean financial support moral and technical support also important what without the
threat of this approach is that some of the future costs before the projected they finished the have to set up everything so that it will work further than the project and the funds so they'll finish so the sustainability of the library's report so that all stations from several other
initiatives remain on from from French British colleagues projects and on Saddam's intransigence of Bush then of course the German media digitization of the getting there and they have done a lot of work they help us to find good equipment for all standing Of course if all of the year combinations of the Committee for the the information and communication and summoned some of this will be final around the this full 5 groups in fact is the
map of the trip public and that the project is coordinated by the thinking that 6 of the Academy of Sciences and myself a mathematician and especially computer science not library and so I depends totally on my colleagues but I am trying to to coordinator and to look after the project from the point of view of the staple of the mathematician who will use the library then there is the computer science must University Faculty of environments from the same university but not considers in the sense of 200 kilometres from Brock when all of this would be an excellent time to the connections of the work altogether online for good evidence of physics Johnson was at the end of the last but not least the library of the consensus which is the the scanning of screening the facilities there they would due variations and the abilities of the Mental Class "quotation mark found in the Czech Republic and quite a lot of scientific literature also destroyed frozen and after was right and then we have to stand it because it's not looking more to possible Of course environmentalist accident in style created digit library that the question at the beginning must be what will be the contents so we started to discuss not only in the project but many in the the medical community the public what should be included in the library so decided of course 1st of all the rules should be all over along or important journalists myself and say on what the 1st of the 1st that the solid scientific research journals which are internationally recognized then maybe the the 2nd pro and some other genomes of local local meaning but our our own interest to include in the future library so journalists which which are important not only for its origins but also for teachers here several journalists published for high school teachers so we would you like to also surgeons and then of course maybe some Society contends and so on and that's at the beginning started the research journals I knew decided that he would like to include also some of his somber proceedings some pretty
serious of costs this might be very wary of white
range but we decided to just some very important thing that conferences and I we would like to continue some some monographs
and maybe maybe in the future as an ominous sign the yeah musical for construction the summit that's why section to the so the parties that individuals because there a sick
positions Dennis almost the convent libraries and you can get all the fracture is relatively clear and firm and unified world mostly operated in good quality of philosophy don't get we don't go too far in history and the generals
are covered by quietly databases and of the reviews of course there are some some of some differences slightly different the old version on of the volumes of journals are hour-by-hour printed the classical made after months beginning tonight he said most of the affected in fact electronically but is everything it's still quite quite rather like the symbol of the specialty of our journalists is that they are very very moved and what our generals cholera generalist 7 or 8 presidents of languages b site to include in the library altogether 49 complaints that the research division of the political violence through so the different
different inputs and we can get
for journalists are of course at beginning standing the old ones this what we started we could get also some of the some fires from getting an education center where they digitized some of the generals what they didn't create such such a Bible flavor in the media so only because he was ordered but that's obtained from from bidding for some points that another various is the general jails which are already granted to the other computers much of the past 2 Was states or regions because it was not reasonable to reconstruct the origins of and then the brand new journals
which are published novel the digital age because of system similar to what yeah Bush mentioned by no we hope to use this site to include semiautomatic and the inputs to the Labour conference for proceedings there is no need to
speak much about this history was similar to journalism only little more complicated brothers in monographs especially when you go to very old ones as the Chinese
and other things original and so tell this story complicated discussion about how to create and how to organizers of the there is of course much stronger than the size of the IPR issues that's why legal department old friends and surprise the court concerning the grassy knoll where conveyance about 20 the books written by the but
also to the management but that of was biologists just think of something we don't concerns more work for all I do not spend time it is because the recent years mentioned by
my colleague but the 2nd summit will also take this when start on pixel level that means scanning or
something he said bitterness the
decided that our son .period the Committee for publishing the recommendations somebody's 600 EDI the scandal the that because this enables the German law and public transformation images you using stock resource a supplier of material achieved after taking over from from getting in was sometimes sit on on 483 identical now which require some slightly different approaches but it is still possible but the thing that really made so that somebody in the final of the area there is a difference between the 600 and 400 and so the recommends to stand not below 600 dpi anyway and they defense the community the report I was use finally you're
restricted but it has been
working at the time I will ask the American women in the mountains and that's it way all of this this is
something that big guy this land the idea is complicated question and of course there too
originators of IPR questions that means the original work
and then the article itself this would constantly as the original work than the overcome the view publisher of the door on and the state of the idea is to declare independence of what kind of stuff it is generally agreed have the political influence because Europe is important in the chick Copyright Act it said that that in the newly
created digital copies
of existing work is a new origin isn't so we have to ask again he also the permission for this this very crazy so of course we don't we don't care too much because it defines Aurora Oregon effects are rather than theoretical so as our
overseas calls and journalism usually the publisher has the rights and it's his duty 2 do have the rights from the also that can publish it so we negotiated a publisher don't care if the publisher really has the rights to to get this right last but they mostly do it because can sort it out to stated otherwise will undermine of system more complicated if there are existing rights you have to get written permission from the author it is the arrives in less than that of course there is just the question who owns the digital copier and that's that's like a library or but savings that too political life you have right yes I'd like to what Our already used in our our aim is said to have open access as much as possible the life of the people no Gerald yes we have had just a very simple simple announcements at the beginning of each paper that the political privately with the owner of the digital images staff who is the owner of the copyright of the original work and they have to ask us if they want to copy or until 1 to to work with some Piney part of this and if they want to make a copy of this which is displayed they should attach the 1st page of this copyrights terms of the views this itself was part of the U the library now it looks like a licensing fees for the the use of developed by the icing very well may have called for a national version of the procedures had checked in with something and they they're really know what they're doing this month of the year idea along the lines of the world of the life of a meeting people like us who cares about the money probably the wouldn't this licenses will probably bring up from the answer to everything you wants and it's very likely to work it was the focus thinks the publisher has the authority of all of the rest of the week I have to say about it so they just close it
took a lot of this is the Saracens conclusions the changes and own necessary to repeat annually -dash around from 1998 last mentioning that the fact that it was already down line of work on the end of that from me about the size of the year and it's more about the use made of the new year I didn't
many homeless for you right now but right now I think it's almost 90 thousand pages which are displayed yes but about the use of course there is a lot of work to prepare for the it's the sale of
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