Digitization of Mathematical Editions in Serbia

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Digitization of Mathematical Editions in Serbia
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OK I will try to to show you what are doing lasting injury police say almost 15 years now at the beginning there was no intimate that is not fast Internet so all will work was really oriented to competent beasts and so on to databases and Rockaway networks and so on I'm not so these presentations to the point that differs from the paper was that 2 of them in the book that proceeding with this conference I will try to to show you some of the Internet sites which are connected with the work so I would say that the whole world peace consists of several parts mathematics but we hear some projects and digitization .period is that it's it's not so easy to obtain money just for mathematics all digitization projects severely broader their although also with some other sciences like actual achieved and musicology and so on but they mathematician the court of the producer mathematicians so we're going there most of the order of the of the Union American American mathematics there and we are of course helping other people in this human sciences social sciences on you know who do the same things very scientist so the 1st thing is that we would be Shiite is to
digitize all books and they're all together put in the so-called agreed to a library what is the only people library Ohio we were at the scene several examples of their bosses sessions at the very close to that of the other projects said Our but there you can see what the jury in the history of this was the fault it was Liverpool video wary of doing so again we will stand in the way the system 1st really wanted to do is to find this book reading Serbian medics and the 2nd thing said is to digitized journals and there's a summary of his speech about the quality about it this agency the Maddox probably would be the most sectors of the kind itself and even there some books that I think that's very sensitive but you can find their also boasts of nature particularly those that are most important books are not in mathematics but most them are making astronomy mechanics and others say mathematics and science as most famous savior of the world with no alone said the plan have up to now there are about 4 candidate will send said there were rumors of Wembley will be digitized and date you go OK for to show some pictures here I
can't see how it looks like in the light of here some of the old books that he did for example this is the oldest who have been in this area the statement you can probably see this as a sign of success very very old 1 that even his difficult to read there will be a day because it's been beginning all Serbian language and this is the 2nd rookie from the standard that time said here in and a sense the card was not existed a constitute dollars 2 was a part of the Ottoman Empire in all so these books that predated just not because of those 2 criteria the belly of the safety people who live there but they have been this is 1 very interesting and at what point say there is only 1 popular is blast is the only 1 so we can't say what to do the place preserving and not only because they tend to show local people Island a lot of things for example it's an interesting thing renew a set of books for example you can find these groups and the other 1 will machinery and serious anomalies felt nothing important how are how come the signing of the debarkation it is very connected with the substantially for example it is not so well known probably among historians of the Maddox but that wasn't there for you when you tell them what they want to say you can you know and sometimes things from old
books so what else is
there here's some also very old books his rigid boss creature part of which it was considered is OK but I'm talking about saving saving but they said as they said 1st of all we wanted to digitized works which are connected somehow with these areas have been through over disease and the and that's from America and this is also 1
place and then no primarily the know their 1 is
that also some very old from the end extension
here you can see in danger albeit a library and very slowly in it it's to
show you how it works and so does 2nd part of the 3rd spot that was a very important even where use fork to mathematicians mathematical tumors now we can with 7 out of the apartment the state's journalists there probably the most important thing is that you know publication of the report
and that it is yeah the faces and it was founded in 1952 so it is altogether more than 100 warnings about more than 2 thousand articles and similarly there's another 1 until OK which is found in 1956 when more than a thousand articles that some of draw was not completely digitized books together with about 4 thousand articles and what is also important for the follow the main idea of the scattering of this conference that apparently should be opened itself up to date you use those those volumes Richard published at least in the amount of their open their open you can hold their and and use those articles this is
publication The Mathematical Institute the oldest III said they said all this said in the medical journal out there are a lot of mathematicians
well-known what mathematicians call wishes that he wanted from the beginning and this is done
at the Journal OK you can find it here of course there
was some programming building databases and all this
kind of facilities and its that's what that was very poor and also there's 1 interesting draw knowledge which is completely devoted to now that he did
it is not publishing the paper for a top physical abuse human international from beside the 2nd of 2 of which is connected with mathematics and son about what our ability to reason with the addition of geometry and he's them Ferguson some things and is also open and accessible up to now all the posts daily
published so this is a
short what we're really doing now I will try to enter some
of these database to show you how to call the walks severely
enough In life here so this is all real to a library it is divided into into several sections you you can get the books than you go scientific courses lectures speeches and solid then I don't of the station's 1st I would I like to show you the database which searchable so when you can
you can and and you Uganda for example of and to document types like Bhd for example for what was what does it mean it is
submitted to doing that and then you search and then you find here they're all go to a visitation featured database what we had signed these moments but this 1 of it's probably a good thing you just like Jessica and that we came out instead up to now there are about 5 scrambled to get the visitations defended in Serbia and what what we want to 2 and to digitize all to put their all the local visitation this is the beginning of March and we had on the colorful displays for last year's read digitized of more than 200 documentation stations for about seats almost half of them will want to hear that I know that there is serious about 17 thousand of his dissertation and that's about all I was also say as you probably know all the alone said there was a part of larger and Yugoslavia and that there was a personal all that that everything which was defending decided before abandoning the idea any other part of the former Yugoslavia was reduced value should be sent to the nationwide or in those little mathematical like so we really where nationalities three-digit that's all we all all of this is that you found in all libraries this program is about I'm really from on the matter life the funny thing is this still together more than 200 basis and that I know that there are 360 cases mathematical 160 this roster as is really funny 162 sources they want to find them so now it's trying to be give warning to the National Library University library to find those state so what the unity of the 1 who is going to be a very connected with some of the surrounding countries like Bulgaria Macedonia Montenegro was the accuracy will and Romania and the at sign to involve them in this project so what we are really doing now nowhere recent policies but also of the and we are now talking with them and we did really really there to put a date on intelligence from those counties also in these places as ready I think insisting that there's not so many many there open book releases that don't do enough predecessor places on the Internet you can take heart days from from Dr. dissertations OK and I'm in Hall usually get paid their wealth and but you're also signed as they said owes a lot to do "quotation mark the hazards from 1 of those things that the defendant or university but from old stadium people saving the mathematician a lot of them who work and live outside of Serbia who defended that there's there's money money money now baby denied because and this is the for example in the school at the end of the day when he found that you know here in England the that for example and people send them there and what we are also I to but because to do please the military something to do I who's probably a good about this mathematical genealogy project that this is a project who succeed of having them of mementos and of those people who wrote and these successes of gays and assets of ensuing 61 is project now prices almost 100 thousand about that and I think it would be very interesting not to see all it was your doctor or otherwise it but why not to connect you to look to clear days is over there but I think that the European initiative in about 2 years in about 2 years too late because of dissertation this is theory can you cannot open or you can download and thought not
that think that this probably she's here is OK cheers books since all you can say to him site here and so on In another think
what is probably very interesting is next year digitized Jordan lost mathematics or reading drew no
mathematics that is 1 so all articles
from you disposal you can grows and then we know
meant that that kind song for example we can go
to the 2 the 1st
lubrication where their published in 1930 tool and
you can see it all song here victory key alley that Tom really each and some of shipping is their guesses was that pleased we've already mentioned today so so global both of them at the fish who portray should there and OK let us to Albany
can be dealt with in the minutes he has
a very fast and gene and you can't really go you can if you want I will refuse to close to the right it's easier to
open once more then yeah the
what they way I want people open once more for
example you can but he had a name and then you can find all articles from the person we go meant that the demise of the political name OK it was very often you can find at a casino but the letter which some you what you were
new and publication and the area was not doing that thing you can say knowledge what do you like completely open and this is probably the most have the biggest value of of this is accessible to the anyone and what else to
say probably can probably be sure you want more Juno which of several fights drills but adults for
completely digital says said is set to resume on very
interesting 1 OK the 1st just before the predictions that
this very interesting it said the medical journal but completely devoted to freeze all aspects of
mathematics and that it
is not created by only but only let me ask you
where you can see a lot of nice things producers
usually by
mathematicians focusing on Williams on and also hit
display some pocket must
after extensive if you'd
like to go to to see some things
for example that states that any 1 of these
but the sugar using a lot of the matters .period thematic on to to to read demonstrating to the 1 in that probably only to these kind walked in something between semantics and found out about use of the foundation and the device mathematician Bulgaria finished lower than that in recent races this that substantive within a month you know you you can't yes the completion of the everything was they say that this is only decent safe and well being in the intermediate times some money for what play like they used to be paid by the government for quite some the uses of having got the onslaught we believe that he was not with the money directly to the people of the the idea is they can do much about technical things but also a lot of thinking the things going is not enough I was concentrated on technical results indicate that you can't see taking things how we did as I understand it so the buyer of the images so funded by by the government more likely to see more the time of the year In my answer yes sometimes you you've money from the minister of science but also from the minister of culture said that the event's from some foreign divisions that you are not limited by some real or not so don't give you a limited we've got the project that at last with 2 or 3 years and was the only a of the cellular beset with social sciences but 1 of the few I think you need