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DML-CZ (Czech Digital Mathematics Library) in DSpace System

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DML-CZ (Czech Digital Mathematics Library) in DSpace System
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Building the Czech Digital Mathematics Library upon DSpace System
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check out my name is in take this can be a factor serious . 2 for verizon during the latest because my presentation will be about what you can find it to you out of the amount of but operates about which you can fight here about how to do this under the station we are at the stage of all they talk all the information have prepared for the publisher so the metadata .period greatly all articles offered by the media files so what you can do you can do it all completely utilities library system from scratch it is good because there's no constraints and you can't do it as you want but this possibly of 4 all you can do it by customizing some of existing digital library systems which are already prepared to do this work is good because many features are already available or bound by someone else next thing this the future development is done by someone else so you can expect that many EU features we I will be prepared in the future and to don't need to do anything with that of the bad thing is that this note :colon at the Turin isn't unique we need to do some compromises for new building this system for some reason we decided to use the space to stand together with the Americans that is the systemic who else you to build the new user interface of the space for of what is the status this is a system for building "quotation mark considered to be the system for building institutional repository that means that if you have institutions and the employees all the signs that the institution produced some materials or documents or papers because they can stall the documents the space and present it to the other users we can share the humans and provided the public so why he had decided to choose the space at 1st because we have produce rich experiences in the space what I'm experienced user of the space a month later review it was part in my decision the good thing is that the future development of the game against expects rich future development of despair because many people all around the world of work we face also has chores the needed the want Digital automatic library the next reason was that I think this is a strong digital objects well I mentioned later in the present my presentation and the very strong reason was there may in this system for customizing space and I will mention and to be honest with the next reason Wallstreet as the the manicured system a large projects or 2 find the others of Marikina were you what can be done with the matter look at this is reasons are fine but the reverse of my paper as if they had a good point in the the space is considered to be an institutional repository so it doesn't seem to be good shows that spaces tied it on the institutions and the users are producing the contents of the the repository not that those the because is not interested ultimately could face my replies as he doesn't seem to be a good idea however I think the space is more powerful than is then it looks like why because if you go inside the space you can find that the default user interface in the space can get if you installed at the space you can do something's clearly this is quite low compared to the new architecture because I think that this is prepared to be better than it is right now is built and the classical freelancers architecture the 1st layer is some database under bed some but thinks about the databases manage end up on this a layer about the user interface and the things that is targets to users I made I think this business also good structures sites suitable for both the analysis of project means those structures like the journal can be represented by a journal or you will issue article and so on also there's a white insists uses system for the space so you need to customize it you can do it this way and also good management so what you can do with making those I think this is the strongest reason right to use the space in which to use it the difference is that what can you look at what you can do with American European troops change through of the final user interface and I think it can be combined I it's like scales in the fossils browser so that you can do even changed the rules of the the system and you can also add new features and it can be said of his life at all times and 5 browsers probably the very good on making is that this is dependent on the space agency you can see here at the picture I hope it works best something like distasteful and that the state's provides some functions To expectations the so the functions I created digital objects get due to Object Search and give me back the results so there's many applications like default user interface which is made enquiries the technological surveyed use there is always a way IBM made several edits but they said application that can be built his way is American so this good just simplified scheme of the migrant birds
just only for a reference is easy some job losses which communicates with the the space court then transforms this information including some of the command and together with links to sell 10 played by the likes of transformation is then made the final page reduced in HTML posse it Sasha so they spotted the job apart and accessible body begins a new features ends With the help of the preceding style sheets and partly the good Cecil star she's going into the design of its or the previously extended be as assumptions although the
reasons fight to use the space of 4 other experiences of to used having made his move to from doing customizations for building really good digital libraries including the new features so almost every changes or every features that is not presented in the space in the fall of the space and we need to develop them is done at mild-mannered there's only 2 slight changes to the the space cost so far is a really good because if you needs to upgrade the space for higher wages that there but the features of survival but the things it again just upgraded and use new features because the lady the user interface making it is still the same and the space is Quebec for compatibility so this is not necessary to Britain engineering assistance but there are some things that are not so good I think right now the the space on the Manakin quiet memory consuming made jobless people tonight but I'm not sure about that it is a bit slow although this may be because the the excessive transformations are it's all because sometimes the extent crewmen from each other producing or job rendering of the pages the extent of their use can be can be rather rather complicated or around world Uche sold his mind you go in excess of the transformations sold then but these things are are now discussing developers work this very very hard the next thing is not so good the method of 4 structures in institutions books and so on it's quite well the space because In this case the not really prepared for full things that to deliver on some just I don't know right now how to handle the local the late the next things is just is just my experience because I find that there exists a language mid-March took up there that means that you need to write a lot of code to its exact functionality that and think that is the design while skating style sheets if you want to had moved through it's the same in many provinces it is not easy and other thing is that it's not easy to handling the the bill you which examined commands and explore language so if you want to get Exec the content of some time and you need right sometimes very long past and it's very very easy to make a mistake then inspired easy to find a mistake to do this thing this snobs of development OK so there's many security implemented in manicured soul all those you get you can find many of them you can find and the the end of the season in the Beijing so for example is the Mathematics subjects schools free because the space doesn't provide this feature item comes by officers and not exemplary subject "quotation mark is means that there for every every subject will be had how many articles on the subject wasn't navigation issues the journal home page and many many many other features and all those fair implemented by and import from metadata editor of beach it was presented in the previous student presentations this is done In the space directly using the space the it is is good for 4 days purposes OK so we want to build in the offseason would you need to do you need to do some things over the most the announces its structures to duty space structure it is quite easy and we need to extend the mandate that metadata are registered this is the requirement that they got and I think that report is the were truly represents all the metadata that are used for the articles and an and so on so then you need to to import imports through the space means to create a structure during World War II when the issue then you normalizing such indexing means of diet critiques from the names of the article from the revivals of articles to import references and also to import also from bolstering the case in its good for for the search giant because the users can type the enabled all served many many ways so it's good to find the article for different versions of the losses also to build the this new mathematical some useful structures to reconquer item comes by mathematical subjects such what all then in the next faces you need to create the the page is a liar successful transformations and the final phase of creative design it is sometimes a nightmare for all but was 1st thing OK the future that the final digital library provides you can you can browse the the structure by volumes issues going browsing by also the title of masterminding subject gold and you can search you In a study guide and also in full text that those just on me general full-text search giant and nothing like such mathematics for losses that there's no such thing as right now I think this should OK so falls the and then she wanted to know if we can just take good the analysts is that of portal there's an behind the winner I hope
lower so is home page of
protecting people library as
you can see but as you can see there's Medoc legend fold not everything most work directly I hope it will be so at 1st you get browse in the home page you can see how what what kind of materials you can find the original products library and you get bounced into these materials so for example can browse into the applications of mathematics to Dutch but is not really confortable think to control the group that here you can see that the information about the bill but the journal and although volumes and issues then we have all on the behalf on behalf in the in the In the Journal the stylists the similar to gunmen were inspired by the endemic in many things the so again try browsed for you then again browse the quality issue and now we can see all the articles is presented in the issue again also navigate in always employ way so we can give to the next issue in the you go to the but the article so was conceived now find 1 that information about article the links to the
automatic subject it's related to the article brings to the mathematical center Bob To the PDF file of articles the list of references In the ball acting all the necessary information but this is interesting although for the machinations also we can see the full treat the meant that they all want more information about the but article then can valves all the
titles In the early in the
library despite the of bad then can browsing by all then they also you can see how many articles also had in the the NRC that right now then you can browse lineup demotic subject clothes you can control an into into the political into the cold and store the articles and you can also do some search and try to search for samples there and there's although although the articles about the attack on woman forgot to mention if you can do advanced
search if you will 1 2 7
years old in all those articles written by Britain's Got Soul contractor's and the give the results there's 4 articles written by the soul of this at all the was
"quotation mark support they right now do 1 Heisserer is running about their stormy unqualified to being caught so I think you've met to you were able to get on him that date of there's only identifier and number and you can guess what number it is if it is identified 4 cents a bottle of ultimate victory views I think there's there's some standards called to do it and it's not decided yet they will be featured another possibility is the space for whites default is to export it into demands for marked with fortified have been caught so it's an possibility poultry exports the time to get it the Dutch title but only the reference I'm not sure transliterated all the titles should be transliterated into the watching Washington including that translate OK but the references are in the origin of the was and so on but Washington the redesigned the site in my book that I did know the Indonesian government on Main St Francis of of later in the day I'm not going to tell the story of the and if you are able to type in the Russians offer but you should be able to searching for signs that then you don't have something like a few balls France's relations with Russian maintenance and you have a much in Canada you should finally all this should be followed sincere and displays use as something like the the clever clever research means it could go such as you did you mean there but this is not really implement yet so it will be in the future the new soldiers with dissertations In the few of international search valuable skill citing new changes in the surgeon dissertations on more involvement in the attack yet if if you do good general search and the name of such research in the investigations this week .period we wanted yes the remainder of the year the streets the thing island was of the 1st to constraints on the final stage in the result of state this will be the In home what there's a whole new aluminum and additional income the expectation and yet it will be a the station 1 of the few have another as it has hazardous some things right now because it is created from the extent its assaulted excessive transformation so it's easier to meet some exists and is the amount of it within each past