The German Paradox


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The German Paradox
Privacy, publicness, and penises
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Jarvis, Jeff
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"When we worry too much about protecting privacy, we risk losing the benefits of publicness that the internet brings us. Ill argue that we, the public, must protect whats public."
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when does Deutsche paradox that this good I and this denizens nets supplements in some corners does will also be an advantage so long as their guns guns Monday at new system filters we would like to go this is removed to mind you didn't and watch
the enrolled isms on list isn't always a little bullheadedness leaving What would Google do positive and cited you both nets median by bus machine . com and had you guys I increase the amount of assistive all critical yeah from the disputed it's with this this test of a set of slides and it's with that is that when Venetan what that's who had design iPad of Bruno Jimi Hendrix and the other 1 is therefore this financial industry OK delivery Uribe what had with you know answer OK has as its goal I will define this amount of dollars that is a provision the probability of on the rest of society and us so as to be a lot of my which session there's actually a holiday periods of the of a gas and it is superior also like was equator English reckoned so I hope that you will tolerate that so I would
talk today but what I called the German paradox or as I was taught does storage paradoxes a lot about privacy and public use and for that to illustrate that I will use Peterson after all the so I married into a German family and minus the part my wife's grandfather are used to say it was all the time city all the time you shouldn't tell people that no 1 needs to know that Z. Sun like Europe that I think part of the German culture and you will tell me in a few minutes where I'm along but I think this this is linked to privacy in somehow we meet in the German culture and I don't think it's just because of the stars the and the Nazis by German all upon left in 1943 and was in his soul was a German and so I think that we find in this some really interesting ways to view the current discussions about privacy and I think we talked about privacy too much and I wanna talk about the benefits of publicness to so Germans and privacy street view has caused great
controversy here have you all seen this video of Google home view OK so show it to you and for those of you especially my American friends who have not seen at all even if you don't speak German you'll get the job go look for the for the Google real of home view video so street view is a very controversial here in Germany so much so that the Google Street View car was sabotage title that was just a random crimes German privacy laws are and and privacy discussion is coming into play with both Google and Facebook of a German minister sent a letter
to Facebook recently complained about the privacy policies rules under constant fire so I see this constant discussions about privacy here but there I went to a
sauna in Germany and and as an American I was a bit surprised it is for my American friends is next yes of course it makes it is men and women together they can in this song what's the big
deal right and I learned from that the Germans care
deeply about the privacy of everything except their private parts
and last nite as I was down on of religious I found a better illustration that I answered this morning that's but whereas song I had this
great contrast in media worlds in Germany yesterday I went to visit tidy when I know that I want afterwards to the tops where this is of he's quite proud of this kind some but so I'm not making fun of this in Germany I'm quite the contrary saying that I think there is a lesson to be learned for the rest of the world about this German attitude and I wanna try to dig into that so what makes us ask is why is the private private what should be private but so if you go into a German song I've got that you've got this big deal right that's not private to American that is shocking I was that doubles and the death of sorry I just did play strutting never that doubles and I went to a summit there and other a bunch of swear the Russians in there with me all naked and the door opened as I was standing there naked getting out of the of the duration the end up this moment over the Sami shrinkage and close the door I have wasn't just be because this and I heard her husband the Americans obviously there's a little like it's supposed to be like that yes it and she came and wrapped her towel so tightly she could not breathe and and look up the whole time and so and and I think they have problems with so each of our cultures has something different we consider private and the Scandinavians have what we
Americans think is this not a attitude where they publish what everyone makes and what they pay in tax they are transparent to that effect that amazes me the Dutch our famous for
leaving the curtains open on their windows right the funny thing about this is that I went to Google Street View to try to find an image for this slide I couldn't find a single Dutch house had the window that the rate of every 1 of them was close maybe it's because of bolstering I don't know we in America make crimes and criminals public right in in the UK
and Europe that's often protected that of course there's
Twitter and all this sharing what we had for breakfast we share and share and share to the point that when I what reduced sound checks now like for this they always ask you to say what you for breakfast and I now say that I refuse to because you're not going to catch me as a Twitter users saying what I have breakfast ever again I won't do it and that led to a question that I have every time I'm in
Germany about Germans and their blogs have any of you want but then are you pretty much the entire population of waters in Germany I now the enjoy locked in Deutschland or your 50 % yes right so I every time I'm here I ask Germans why blogging has not taken off here the way it has in other parts of the world especially American warrior theories why someone is body not as as huge here as it is an American it is it is the good race is blogging as they did in Germany as it is in America I have to be alignments right to their friends there on I'm sorry you Jeremiah's don't hold together I hear all kinds of theories right 1 theory that I hear is the Germans don't like to share their opinions while I watch your boring TTV at nite when you sit around with glasses of water me every with your opinions so that that theory is bullshit dramas like to share their opinions right not I hope you will soon against me I heard a theory on work for the voluntarily broader who said that but and and try this without the Germans have never liberated themselves have only been liberated they're not blogging and I don't get that is theory but I also think it's wrong because of the 60 years right and I've never holding her a good reason why it has really taken off here so I wrote my blog post about the stage of paradoxes I there was a commenter in there who gave me the best thing I've heard yet long that was the only thing he left said
that the Germans like a culture of sharing their
knowledge and mistrust the fools for a given away for free which is set it's fairly trujamán culture or not how many would say that's true German culture the reason OK yes is when well I don't know whether that's true or not but I again I'm trying to just dig into this idea that I see through your lands as best I can of privacy the last nite after I so I think but I want to talk there happen to be an event there on privacy in Germany and I listened as best I could with my horrible Germany and and and it's a constant constant discussion here and so I begin that so let's talk 1st about privacy because that's what
everyone does privacy Privacy Privacy every time it happens we talk about privacy now let me be very clear here at the beginning that I don't think privacy is the issue I think that control areas we must have control of our
information are data this involves a few things but I saw a blog post just this morning or someone said I I told this too young for a few minutes ago was too young to get this a problem most of you will get to see the that privacy controls or the new programming your VCR how many of you here know what a V. C. R it's got to come right out and get the old farts right in the old days my children you got a VCR you plug it in and link to 12 at you and you never figured out how to program right the whole times 10 years was that there making for all that you you never figured out a programming and then you got to go in the US of so the point about this is the privacy regulations privacy controls are hard to use so we don't use them so the default that is service puts in there is what matters most all that is true there are issues of privacy but I think the issues of privacy and control we
want control of our data we want to be able to say what happens to our data where it goes who uses of for what yes I agree with all that we want controls our creation our stuff is there wherever George George Carlin you
heard the assuming this is it probably won't work but I know how
you feel I share your pain to the afterlife 10 or I this is a great way routine by George Carlin A. American comedian died recently who talked about how all we need is a place for stuff and we go from birth to death of him our stuff we want control our stuff but each 1 of these questions brings an opposite side if you control your creation absolutely well then do you believe in DR and for other the you believe in it will happen so control for you gives control to other where a lot of control go with here but I still think controls the issue we want controlled our
identities and note that I did that for because we all have multiple identities even if it's under 1 name we have our work identity blog identity or school identity our family identity and we may have other identities as well and so we want control or identities so our data are creations our stuff and our identities that's our privacy to me is really about is being able control those things
there in the US there's been a discussion lately about comments on news stories that we put out news stories into news sites that the comets come in and they're all just awful and evil and nasty and horrible right is a problem here that is a problem of other blogs people get get nasty now it occurred to me recently that that the issue there isn't really identity there are some who say that if we just require your real name everyone act in a civil manner that identity would equal stability but I don't think that's really true because I can name some people who are assholes but just because they have a name doesn't make them not an asshole so that is really taken away but I can maybe people need their methods the medication and really should be talking right so that a that does really fits that way and and I think that in media it's the wrong question this is a bit of a of a d d cost pardon but the but the problem is that we in media allow the public to comment on what we have finished after we're done what an and insult that is to our problem right after completely done we throw it over the brick wall we said no you can't you you're allowed to comment on it but another about you what about us knowing and the people stand a brick wall and it'll here respectively they get mad shout this spray paint the break windows the issue
is that we don't enable people to collaborate much earlier in the
process I'm talking with an American is they probably where trying to publish an entire newspaper the a blog software at every step along the way and print becomes the end of the process so I don't think identity in these key to stability as people wished common tested illustration while on the other
hand there those anonymity really mean you're going to have a lack of civility but there's a reason to have an anonymity in this world the few reasons why China what is 1 is missiles lowers anywhere in the world whether government of a companies so anonymity has its place on the Internet identity to me has more value that anonymity I tell my colleges on my blog that if they don't have the balls to stand behind what they said as I do that I'm going to respect the opinions and listen to the last is a traditional maybe but they have the opportunity to make that happen you know the flight so that
disadvantaged people shape that is a great site rate of Facebook group yeah I was brought to light is the picture but and there are lots of pictures so this idea that if we do something to be ashamed of what will never recover online and as part of the sphere of this whole world with young people I'm reminded of my my dear sister I I'm sure but which is not what you write our appearance but when she was in college she world horrors stayed in a motel room with her boyfriend and before are that there would be didn't get married of the stupid thing and that was like my parents I don't know why she did that to this day in the in the kerfuffle that followed the IRA my mother saying about the boyfriend till never get a government job the but he was ruined like let alone by by by father also has to say about white at the wedding but without a son well in fact her boyfriend did get a government job and my sister is now a Presbyterian minister in Philadelphia Pennsylvania so everything turned out OK so you know if we do 1 thing wrong or embarrassing in life is that it's I don't know I Eric Schmidt said that by the age of 21 we should be able to give up
our deviance and start over but obviously was joking other people that picked an older age of right that's 1 way to look at but Michael Arrington on TechCrunch said that reputation is just dead
forget about it is time to overlook or indiscretion
I have what I call that the doctrine of mutually assured humiliation when you have your embarrassing pictures I have my embarrassing pictures so what or the same jersey got a problem that but so we all have these moments of embarrassment and why are they embarrassed is like asking why is private private why is embarrassing embarrassingly it's because we said the structures and rules in our society that says that that's the problem they say that these rules are there to make us behave better for that's true too we all know what those rules are we have stupid so within rules that people very God should never get the job select some enough about privacy right I want to
acknowledge the issue of privacy the issues of privacy at all complex but what I really wanna talk about today is the value of publicness because I think that in all this talk about privacy we risk giving up incredible value in being public so there is you've heard about it tied equals
and no and I had prostate cancer and I had taken out in September and I wrote about this on my blog In excruciatingly open detail now if you know about privacy there's nothing more private than your health data and among that there's nothing more private then your payments but I wrote about even under the headline the penis coast where I talk in some detail about my incontinence and impotence that comes from this operation there has said but why the hell would I do that what
I got incredible value from that incredible value I got people who obviously came on and gave his support and well wishes to give me support but I also got links to information connections to information that was very I help me make my decision that you have to make we have this operation because you have many choices but more than anything else I got people who shared with me what I was going to go through because they had gone through it and I could they can only do that because I had announced that I had prostate cancer was a friend of mine who had the operation we was 45 I had no idea he had been 10 years before he sent me the e-mail describing in great detail what I was going to go through in a way that no medical pamphlet from the doctor's office could or would ever do that was incredibly valuable and so when blogged about this and I said I was doing it so the people who search Google for prostate cancer could find other people who had this friend came and said you know since you've done that I should do that to be repeated everything and more from his e-mail to me in the post In the common under his name he talked about what it's like they have orgasms when you get get hard and how you make love all kinds of things and and I did they can do that he chose to do that because he saw value for people in doing that is a credible another guy came in and left equally detailed post but under a pseudonym and I understood why with the next day he came back and said if you guys are doing this on your name so will I use when a woman came in and said I wish this had been here before I got married late in life to my husband and he had a diagnosis of prostate cancer before we got married and he did not want to have the operation because he wanted to be a full husband to me and I kept telling him no that doesn't matter most but he's dead now I people came and said that they got the PSA test because of this 5 years times women in the audience how many of you by the mammograms or FIL examinations tests have have been tested somewhere other for breast cancer at all now on the German health system is not what I thought how many men have been tested for prostate not many to get done there were 45 get done I don't care what they say about stats knowledge is going so far the value that came to me from talking about this extremely private thing and it's hard enough to talk about appears in the worst part about it but it doesn't work but I got value of you that so it made me think that we have to
default to public the problem in this discussion of privacy were defaulting now to private in a public medium of the Internet were trying to lock down everything when flicker started Caterina Fake said that they kind of accidentally came across the following the public every other Forest Service before that as the default deprived because they assume these are your photos you know what the role the state of and they existed and they never were and flicker by chance of Figure public warning right things happened amazing things happen and you know what they are people share photos like raising the tagging structure of flicker enable people to share information about photos if you look at the funny tag on with it's great flicker has this wonderful the interestingness whereby every action we take on photos of other the social relationships we have defined the photos that we think are interesting that's our general knowledge wisdom of the crowds they feed back to a Google because by defaulting to public by making it public value came out of there is used in the
crowd the problem with me doing what I'm doing right now is that I am going against that you know a whole lot more than I do so what the fuck might standing here you talking in there but will percentages every crowd is what every crowd has wisdom has knowledge and how do you get that the key insight that approval had was that yeah saw the internet and fonts like a library and said let's catalog this whole thing you think about it now it's kind of silly and cute they did that but how impossible it who will came along and said no that that was scale the only way to figure out the Internet is to listen to the crowds clicks and links and Google then analyzes that and gives it back to and that is the value that Google have there is wisdom in every crowd right in my book will do but the idea of a restaurant toward open up to her crowded in the room to listen to what people say variety and it's still a responsibility to put my data I don't want that the by the crowd God knows nor I would do it is like a cook as well as I speak German but I do want to here the smart ideas but are in the crowd and we have to open up to do that In fact media organizations are so wrong they don't that's the problem they have this whole idea of comments they're not respecting the public to realize knows stuff but the issue that comes up is who owns that wisdom that that's a
lot of what I was here I think last nite as best I can understand attacked who owns this wisdom and what can you do with it is it right to make money off the was the crap well if it was in the crowd just sits there we can't get it and you brought together you've added value to a you analyze it you that that was a usable form I think yeah that's so that we can discuss the point is that the Internet is
not what we think it is we don't even know what it is yet we immediate tend to look at the world in our own image God like we think the Internet as a medium and it's not that Searle's was 1 of the authors co-authors of The Cluetrain Manifesto and I read that book was ready trend yeah I grabbed by its 10th anniversary edition of right now I recommend highly the reeve free as well from trained on a word is the seminal work of Web culture 10 years ago doctors the 170 Jarvis the Internet is not a medium effect if you try to call it a medium you bring danger with that because you bring things like government regulation here in Europe and in China censorship you bring in the sense that many people have they should and can control centralized and package the world for us know the internet he says it is not a medium is a place it is a place where we connect with each other with information with action with transaction the Internet 1 way or the other is the connection machine but for that to work you got to say something you've got to be public
when that works it enables a lot of things now you just have a great talk but before this all and there's a lot of debate
about whether or not was in fact a Twitter revolution or not there's a lot of debate about the ecstasy of that only that you're getting but not me he's far better than I am talking to those issues raises questions but the point is Glacier he says that we can now organize about organizations and that is true but again the only way we can do that severe public in some cases we do that at rest but people choose to do it it also connects us
and individual levels this is my new charter schools of friends from Facebook can I mean but this book is a wonderful thing I I I I often ask this question memory groups of people then you are so again should be different how many areas without some residual be relevant for the reason but to be clear about how many of you have ever search Google Facebook age 1 line to find an old lost high school or college girlfriend or boyfriend right the usually when I ask that really brave hands go up the old farts right and I can I compliment that never really on from the rooms of course several aspects of course now I was searching for my high school friends I couldn't find a she had no google shadow she lived absent in private no no public a she however found me because I have a shadow the size of you talk and and and and the ego to match the so we got together my wife knows about it it's okay believing that map but because of their a few things happen by 1 was that we got to find out what happened to each other a mystery that without without the internet could never have been solved we would have gone to war debts never knowing 2nd is I have to apologize to her for being an asshole at age 17 and stopping college but like I should update that that that's the phrasing or my generation is I didn't call I guess the the updated version of that would be I stopped as a in I and to on the other 1 is but I think it is that in the current generation which I ridiculously call generation Google my my book is what the hell we gonna name every generation we medium that that will happen because people will be connected in some way through a web of people for ever and I think that means that we will treat each other better that's the idea of the of the doctrine of mutually assured humiliation we become more tolerant of each other's levels we stay connected we know we can't run away from each other we become more connected and more of a society but I'm laughter by the guess what happens Marx ever gotten a lot of
heat and I heard you quoted 5 times it talks last nite about saying the Privacy is dead well what usually really set I think which is that we are just sharing more and more information all the time but I I mean this sucks loss the we share twice as much last years we share for water twice as much lectures we this year were just sharing more information that's just reality folks that's the way we operate now they were not doing it because we're saying were doing it for a reason we're doing it because we have a value it's not the wrong thing we had to investigate what that value is so here's my big
argument to you instead of just talking about privacy Privacy Privacy following agreed control agreed to move along we now must defend the public because of what is public is owned by the public and we are the public so when you cut down what is public you steal from all of us back to the doctor I wanna talk about today there is a defense but I wanna see of the public so the
where your precedents my friend when you go and stop on Google Street View from taking a picture of of a person in public in front of a public buildings you also potentially stop a journalist from doing that we stop you from doing that if you see a politician speaking that opium den and you want a that picture what is stop Google's review the kinetochore why should you take the picture you create a control over what is in the public Eric Schmidt also got in trouble like other word for saying that well if you don't want people to know about it maybe you shouldn't do it in public that's true it's another matter if you do a private parties with it's a picture up yes I agree with but in public that is the very definition of public we the public only once public mess with that your parents we want government to be transparent and
public we want companies to be transparent and public that has to come out of the principle of
public but go back to this question about Germans the
privacy and I know I'm oversimplifying your views tremendously but thank you to me a for me for my argument but this idea that the fear of violations of privacy comes out of the political history of Germany I will also argue that 1 should be afraid of the ability of tyrants to use the cloak of privacy to kill publicness and hide their deeds publicness and transparency matters to all of us it belongs to all of us is a value to society and we're not talking about it and we're not fight about it and that worries me when you put up data from public we all become
journals to the extent that we can find something and brought to public attention we had to a journalist doing a report the story but we can raise it because free who is here because we can think tomorrow I was doing a lot of work on transparency in US government by putting data in the UK is to have a lot of data happen here the more data we have life more government the more we can all watch our government that I think it gets a little negative by the way we're always trying to catch the bastard and there are best used to catch just like comments in media we have to make government more collaborative not all about negativity but even so it's our government it's our money it's our data it's our actions it's our society to more public it is the more we can all watch it and safeguarded when you try to cut that down the where so transparency is the default we want to
from our public institutions and if we do that but I think it affects our private lives as well that we see this benefit to public we see in Africa publicness is the other morally rate measure of my blog but there's a benefit to it but I revealed all lot the about page of my blog it's obnoxious in its detail just to make this point but I reveal what stockpile what would consultancies idea where I speak of a war relationships I have by come go religion my vote for all these things because I think it is it is beneficial to be transparent by default public by default versus the discussion we have on the internet now this from everything private almost by default we give up value that so the
internet is a public place to 1st talk about the idea of not public and also in the public will the Internet itself is the public is our new public eLearning public place on a public square and I say that we have defended that against those who will try to shut down parts of and had to be smart enough not to do it ourselves to ourselves so we come to a
world of Wall verses open in all kinds of things so and I think that every time we looked at the architecture of our new world we have to ask for what was this question of how it operates better now we can argue
about the I've had versus the we pad but by the way I returned by but I've had last week so there was no need for this I I did a of a reboxetine video but now Apple fanboys this normal about that that was just a publicity stunt of of because I was insufficiently loyal to happen but notice if you will the brand of the notice if you will the brand of those I remain apple fanboy though they would run me out the course and there's a discussion right now about what's better apple or and right that somebody ridiculous security for that reason we're actually by the Apple AppStore in fact better now and the brand brings something those value but there's something to this openness that matter whether the we pad here in Germany is going to be you know a big better the the idea that I have no idea but uh the fact that it has USB ports and the camera and and right it is a benefit but but we'll see how this works out but like I I don't think the issue about the idea of an old problem the idea was not anything really religious it was that I couldn't see it used for sorry to disappoint you before you all get the here the month but is also the but I sat there on the couch watching a TV show a wireless goal that of my huge TV as 1 this I sat there going to the website for all this is nice but then I tried to to leave a comment a 17 year old period the like from by religious problem with the iPad as formally this that I see a problem coming on the Web 2 things 1 would be recognized by the idea that people say you get Jarvis it's not about the
creation is about consumption what scares me that we moved back to a world where we the people formerly known as the audience become an audience again you are all creators reactant consumption is that the creation what do you consume and how we know about that that would be awarded the Walter darkened some from the web in the creation of our index that the web public so perhaps are acts of creation and I fear that this cut off the other fear I have is that we move I thought they were moving on the web from a page based Web to something new what I thought I was up to a few weeks ago was a stream but never there with the web not given the browser but warm water streams to our Twitter feed RSS feeds on this figure that feed of a young woman said to research area have reported the New York Times if the news is that important it will find me to a stream based on the other hand I now seen act based world where content goes back in behind the wall this is the reason publishers love it because they think it gives them back the control the web and links stole from them sorry bodies it's over you no longer have control that's the point you no longer have controlled that fight about now so open versus closed matter private versus
public opaque forces transparent clothes forces open control versus free is a continuum so you talk just about privacy you you you have an impact on what I think is a continuum of an open world I have the hubris to 10 a bill of
rights for cyberspace for those of you haven't done it I highly highly recommend that when you're back on the internet you google john perry barlow declaration of independence in cyberspace written in 1996 is brilliantly done and it says to government institutions we did invite you here you don't belong here we don't you don't govern last stay out then Google left-right I was critical of Google for being in China 1 of the leading China but it occurred to me that no 1 else is sitting up besides Google to defend the free speech and civil and digital rights the Chinese people not the other companies are helping build a firewall they're not the governments of the US Germany in Europe no 1 well as much as I know will stand away to hell I wrote a book about the I don't think it's necessarily good position the Google as our sole defender of rights on the Internet the goal was 1 of the that there would be a company and I thought about this I said well why haven't other coverage of that what big market the greedy but more than that why haven't we stood up in defense of the speech of our brothers and sisters in countries where the situation why do not we stand up in defense of the parents and the public this and openness of the Internet it's ours to lose people but the a the I just a character differences unite of courage these methods right so I thought back to South Africa and I do not for a moment mean to compare this turing physical economic racial tyranny apartheid to that of century YouTube videos but I not saying that but when it came time for people to say companies you must leave South African you must not support this regime anymore how did that happen it didn't happen because people stop it should it happened because there was the creation of work called solvent principles which said the company's if you operate in South Africa you must everybody's principles or you must leave and if you don't do either then we will stop supporting you and we will demand the best and what happened was those principles and gave a rallying cry of flag stand behind so the students around the world demonstrated the universities to divest the best in South Africa and all this happened but well I think we need principles beyond rules alone so I proposed the this bill of rights which is really a lot about public so we have a right to connect and speak and assemble and act yes we have a right to control our day-to-day that our identity we also must acknowledge that was public is a public good the Internet was the operator openly No. 9 and there's no call for the neutrality
when Friday at at the site of final line translated that of you will be will translate to the president of the languages in any the language of words I don't mean to say for a 2nd of regular rights but I do want use have this discussion and so I think there's a continuum here in this discussion about public public this the has individual value public this it has value to a society of all public this have value to me my prostate cancer individually but I also think that we can share our aggregate data and knowledge perhaps we can find cures for diseases and if you don't share that knowledge that you're being antisocial you're on generously stealing from knowledge from your fellow man you could help your knowledge has value your actions have value when you do them in public you share that value it becomes a society of I do it so that word again I think there's a
lesson to be learned from Germans attitudes for the general I disability learned also here that we
move past this to look at a free culture and that's where we are and we consider this on the internet In the
covering no one's naked were all the same all out the world public that's where we're going to is to engage the world and I say that we can learn from Germany in your all of us so where discuss this
right now this afternoon I will be next door at the baseball discussing this in a public sort of make it own let's discuss this time people always say questions bullshitter questions argue with me review points whatever and come around and and act like a damn fool right there there's always the 1st moment nobody has claimed for inverse and thank for the sorry I want to look at I just Peterson has evolved I have a problem with the American paradox I live in the US and I see there's a big difference in public as as you feel it in the US and we feel it here because the Americans are afraid of the government while the European are afraid of private companies and in the US the government is not allowed to collect any data about me memes while you're private companies are not allowed to collect any that are on the danger if maybe that regulation could keep the private companies in the corner and in the US he always try to keep the government in its corner you writing about the prospect cancer in the US might not give you health insurance for the next 10 years here we have a government that regulates that you can write about the consequences you still gonna get health insurance that's my 1st question how well the paradox in the USA levels because because that is interesting that you tried on the German question saying the reason we're so concerned about privacy is past governments but indeed you're right I think anyone was here please do so I lead to the loss of letters that you use a very well known the idea was both ways I don't have the answer to that is very well said that that we do have to remember about this but I by probably trust the market northern Europeans to right why do mistrust government we suppose we have such a good for so long I have no idea to keep going and then there's the other question I have an interesting discussion with fellow blogger a couple months ago we said right now it might be a problem for you to be true public to be too open to tell embarrassing stories about itself than years from now it might be a problem if there's nothing about you in the internet so what time do you think this is gonna happen additives today I often worry about the notion was that on a lot of horrible outcome you can see you're coming to me I can do that so I just like the accuracy of the material world that jointly recently to the American Society was old folks homes and I have a model like this forgot and some the audience we have a place for you a lot of what what you use that you'll Macintosh was the the guardian without loss of Europe says that won't hire the law because they're not trying it out of the public and we have people public like you and it and it gets to the point where you wonder wired Heidi where are we think about the companies why are you hiding something about us to to thank you I'm Germans and Co-funded spokesperson for local children that I do care about civilian I mostly agree with your analysis and not no and that's a very very small and look at what I do strongly believe in privacy and the need for protecting it what I think is that there is a boundary between the private sphere and the public sphere and that 1st of all people have to learn about that for what is the difference between the 2 and how and when you move the data from within the private sphere 2 with in the public sphere and my point here how can we do this if some companies have an incentive to get more data in the public sphere 1 day Brouard aligned at some point so can we do it with Google Facebook and so on all is the the only way to do it to use software and platforms that we control that is free software and open platforms such as identical or whatever other peer-to-peer search engine so we control when the data going from private to public sector of this is the question of the 2 Russian media competence right of media literacy we say nothing of what was discussed last nite starts at like understandably so items that you competence and I think we do have to educate young people especially that the the idea of media literacy is not just about consuming media is about creating the year and in fact you have from that your responsibilities but that goes beyond the embarrassed because things like the ethic of the link the leak says to everyone don't take my word for it here is the source so here is my work to go to that but so the media companies means many things that 1 the but the best way to control what we've got is an open system I think you I think you're looking for a lot of looking for some easy losses to the solvent no it's gonna be a mess but at some point you will know if they violate our trust there is a perfectly good alternatives for everything you will this different action facebook is becoming much the network of our identity and that may be somewhat more conservative but at some point to if they mess it up too much we will lead and that's the power we have the power of our feature if we don't use that power you can which people use of power they say they don't bother me then if the retina exactly most of that my driving campus increases that's my and that's widely suggestive you or your rates over the but they are open during the day and closed and that's what we want to thank you yeah that's very got the idea that it's so I agree with that of other guys just set something and I just think right now but at least the Netherlands there's a problem where you know people like us we respect that that public and we have like an intrinsic surface respect because we grew up or we studied this stuff but it seems like government and private companies Cadillac perspective our or stories like you'll get fired because that stuff on Facebook or even just a few things that that the employers final approval they get fired for or even people get arrested and stuff like that to this seems like but there's can the disrespect from the of organizations there are top-down organized where's all the internet stuff is bottom up right and so actually but he just said the the education is really important but for older people like over 35 I think it's really hard to that said so I had to moved on to me over the all of the joining the radius of the of the aggregate what you but yes of that helped us I think to some extent that we find out someone got
fired because they have 1 picture of which them we should say but that is for sure right where transition to the whole world a huge transitions were moving from a digital from an industrial economy to something the follows we don't know what it is yeah it's hitting media right now because they had every other sector of society is going in advertising retail finance education government what's happening to me is just a preview for the change across the world and it's going to be messy this change very messy but that's like next we defined as Lasso that no matter they didn't found quite interested in in the you he had some good arguments for the for for doing things in public and I'm interested in the other side what do you think which says stuff should save stay private is there room for privacy anymore as long right absolutely the Americans and the problem will tell you exactly what I make the way do share our
1 from Google words last year I think was about 3 thousand dollars a should provide a job of I did my rule is that I don't wanna bring other people into my glass house try to be careful about my wife and children I I don't violate their privacy switches children understand no-fly embarrassed internet you know but but but but I think it's a very individual choice this idea of should be private is really you say I don't wanna know that woman don't look so someone was I was here yesterday somebody was talking about about it is the about an invention of where the Americans drive by people making over anything that should be fine and they shouldn't do that at that point it's not up everybody else to say what I should have a private interview with the next get out of the the the bell and the whole what document but I couldn't trouble all the time panels in so speak up since you have been comparing their in the US in the US you have many more on an analogous and Walt communities than we have here what do you think about the phenomenon of the wall community within the internet I that that's great yes I think that we we are more paradoxical in that because we are we on 1 hand you look at Americans images shut up by yourself this talk by use of all the time I don't care about you that much yet we live in is the product of communities and I think that's what I want to avoid on the internet but this is that was happening next by and when the new question and you have an x spoken and much that the mixture of American the American mixtures of public and private and the German mixture of public and private but after general 1 this is knowledge and that is a little more tense balancing of automatically generated much less I to this because the problem is that I think that all we hear is pessimism now we the too often will be here's customers all I got that could go wrong that could go wrong you write everything could go wrong so what did you spend all the shell not right so we will not learn this world and make this new world if we don't take risks and try ship so we got it tries thought and they can go wrong will make mistakes that's the beauty of I think the bayesian view the beta view of of technology and the Internet is that when you try this when you when you open up your process you become collaborative necessary when you don't when you think I have the best part of the world you're not however you have listened to the the and here you spoke about in Internet censorship and I think that's an issue which is going up in every country and they tried to build fences around the country and a German professor said that it's about the localization of Internet to special countries so we have the german internet the French Internet and all that stuff and you just said that you want to encourage off and maybe or other countries to fight and called the right best of all natural but but again we don't start if we just sit back and watch what happens with the value the very peak view of modern podcast called this week and Google blood of N N G is finding this is wonderful developer divided Lifehacker and and we'll look uniporters technology that talked about this is and and the observer in this world and the key culture I think is you will find a way around it right will always find a way around that focus on the problem so sometimes we have to look at it in the face but who will stop find a way around regular internal and no they had sterically couldn't ignore so I think we have to look at whether we have a the ability to create a movement here you already have the when you are right well when you say about the stuff we talk about this but I hate it when people tell me I should write this without blog but he that's about until you want right but I think we have to recognize our responsibilities and the internet to protect was the internet and open up to new world it is common at harvard wonderful brilliant kind of founded Global Voices of is very happy that we have many languages of the Internet people speak their own time on the internet but it risks that to risk closed world of the internet as a connection machine the more it can be just fine with the fact that they have when I started blogging type of by the time I was amazed connections to be made and I remember starting role to because my knowledge is socially but
always trying to make it better and you can hear I fail 1 of the ways of God that is really fun read newspapers and magazines and the blogs stimulus that many readers blogs and I read German wants I translated as best I could some interesting things I linked to them like the 1st like it was to get shot writer yeah and last question is that of the so so I like to right I I think you look back at the whole analysis by linking to make the strength from a connection was made government that ready for years have understood over the use of a ready for years so that connection was made that's the how about this thing does is we could never ever in a million years have that before I could never heard the beginning you said just set in the public because of their connection to make that's the moral of the story of the internet that's not looms that value you if you don't fit those cannot provide


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