re:publica 2016 - Opening Keynote

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re:publica 2016 - Opening Keynote
The last kilometer, the last chance
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During the period from 2016 – 2025, the "other half" of the human race will be connected to the Net. Providing connection to the world's poor is the greatest act of social justice, educational opportunity and economic equalization within our power.
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a and
B it's my really really
great pleasure to announce the opening keynote of this year's Republican In the programs even when we were thinking about how to open I 10th anniversary who should speak us we thought maybe it's a
good idea to have somebody who spoken the past I can help us what with the motto and reflects on the last 10 years but also look ahead so we started going through all the speakers on that we had on this amazing stage and on of course the the subgraph states in the last 10 years the and we started 2012 2012 was a really important year for Republican and it was a year where we transitions into this wonderful location to the station and really make that jump from having our at location that allowed us to have back campus feeling to come together more strongly as a community and build this event 2012 was also a very very important opening keynote for us we decided that we wanted to have a very strong political keynote after having ventured out into other topic areas in the past years so invited even and the inventor of the freedom box until he was the Pof choice for this opening keynotes and he was in his keynote in 2012 included such legendary sentences as the day Steve Jobs died was a good day at which point at least have through job diphones yeah even have been fighting for free and open software for over 20 years the instance by defending free software developers such
as Richard Stallman and for that Zimmerman inventive PGP in is also the
founder of the Software Freedom Law Center that offers licensing and legal support for free and open source projects but when we're thinking about this keynote we thought OK we shouldn't
be alone and we feel that this is the asymptotic combination he will be joined today and at the Veterans by and Republican new somebody is never thought last days before the most wonderful mystical ordering she's the technology 9 and an online civil liberty activists is also working at the Software Freedom Law Center together with even misuse originate from India the country the managed to take a really strong stance the net neutrality and 7 settled against the wall last year and together they are needed to examine the state of Internet freedom in the world today please give a really really warm welcome and huge opposed to even low then and mystical drive the last kilometer the last chance hey
and so were going in and solutions the it it's a great pleasure to be back at public I can't thank the organisers enough for the honor of starting out this 10th anniversary conference I want also to cite the German Foreign Ministry for
agreeing to give my law partner of 4 to enter Germany after demanding real-time access to her bank accounts
in order to allow us to be here together today so thank you to the government of this very Democratic Republic of Germany
that by 2025 we will
have wired up or wireless of the remaining half of the human race this should be the greatest moment of educational liberation the greatest moment of social justice making the greatest economic opportunity in the history of humankind but it won't be because the nets we are making is a net that we don't want a net of surveillance data mining and despotism when you go out in India there are a few things you cannot
avoid to forget Bollywood and some very good poetry going up there and as long where the mind is about fear of the head is held by there none of this the rhythm was has not been broken into fragments by narrow domestic walls that the words come from the depth up to it where time is striving stretches its arms to its perfection where the gear stream of reasons has not lost its way into the jury desert of dead habit with the mind is forward by the into ever widening pot and actions into that 7 of freedom my father let my country of it the yeah Over the
inventors of Internet leading tagora is what I thought but I was only
naive and young and to find a cure I just started hanging out smarter people like the 1 at this stage yeah the net that we are building now the 1 that the rest of the human race will soon be
caught in is net which watches us more than we watch it everything we do everything we say everything we buy everything we search for is remembered forever and we are becoming the objects of experimentation we are becoming the subject of the net to which we are drawing our net now experiments with human behavior giving up a new way of thinking about the human race adjuncts to a machine which experiments with us stimulus and response stimulus and response billions of times a day and experiment is conducted on a human being show us something slightly less slight right
click don't click by
don't buy the machine is a behaviorist like B F Skinner and the 20th century psychologists who followed him the machine has no need for a concept of human mind only correlation only mathematics or only the modeling and prediction of our behavior everything we do teachers the machine by 2025 it when we
started 272 taking your orders but your favorite voice in your language your personal customized to check box which not inspect renting data the youths they need to this would have a alongside tones leaving the greatest opportunity for humankind but not the UN Parallel at tones of data you get elected to understand To make farming more productive and control the temperature in your living room vital of rich refuses to put in an order for a pizza patch of rich ice cream C or Cortana village sure that you never have to look up and engage in that awkward activities talk to another human being who all they say it acts as my augmented-reality will have more dichas I a developing country passport that's my site
right cyclist did or some of you anticipate all our needs and also the other shrink but I might find everything that is deemed to basic by Silicon Valley would have been offered for free my written down and fingerprints will
ensure that gas less but also make the cost less and might were removed can have more people of bent always speeds as the driver's seat is empty the political economy of networking
now dictates that it is cheap for the platform companies to move your packets for you
in return for the ability to surveil them therefore suddenly it is in the interests of the machine to give it access to everyone which really means to have
access to every minor building out the net to embrace the other half of the human race poses itself as charity but it's actually the perfection of spying access to the net belongs to everyone means we belong to everyone's mind and we are calculating everybody to add another billion miles to experiment with 4 Facebook is cheaper than leaving them along and so suddenly the net we do not want is the net we are supposed to wish on the other half of the world a poor net for poor people but I think that around 70 per
cent of the bottom 5th of the population in developing countries has a feature phone that feature phone assume going to become the smartphone because right now it is very profitable to get those packets the
very create an enormous system off consumption there we all the time to go into nodes for further consumption In exchange of my boring data and can get
security convenience and at time of services bad hair good here don't care about perfect fit there is prime time delivery and also the fund to ask theory what did you think of the World art under a Euler commitment enough but I don't need a partner in my life all this I brought to you next door in your developing country Freebase or basics all that are free so the network we are building the
network we don't want the network we struggled against the 1 that deprives us of freedom of thought by operating on us while giving us the impression we operate on it that network now controls the pace of the human mind our space use small our moon is little and our time is non existence the greatest word of importance to the greatest of the platform companies nowadays as
1 of its executives was telling me last year is latency but the latest thing they're talking about is not the time it takes for a human being
to learn after the presentation of an idea the latency they're talking about is not the years we spend growing up becoming something we've invented out of the machinery of freedom and the opportunity to learn the latency they're talking about is the MS it takes for a smartphone to display an advertisement stimulus and response calculation of human possibility not by humans but by the machine that calculating our computers do is not our thinking that calculating our computers do is the prediction of us this network the tree talking about this network is getting and giving what Silicon Valley designs that for but it is and delivering the promised
because it is a promising honestly and the big problem with all this atomistic stock to get the next billion online at 3 billion online is an honesty problem this is the mean any time there about it anywhere and then the states you up and it certainly did not expect any kind of from them this network is not delivering what it promises and it could just get lost by me nationalism in time where are just laziness it doesn't mean that fishermen's incomes go up just because it exhibits it does not mean that you really healthcare is better delivered or develop just because it's there that's not a guaranteed what is guaranteed to aka is the rendering of ads on smartphones which get quicker sister smarter and you all the time to this network which we don't understand the purpose on or the b here all of what is happening with us is not what we want to the problems to be delivered to us they would take this machine or it imitates us remember that T a a I've got to by Microsoft it recently got a crash course in racism Holocaust denial sexism can't see the Twitter users and that's what we are getting from the network as we talk about it 4 years ago I
said here that freedom of the mind depends on freedom of
the media which depends on free technology which depends on free hardware free software and free bandwidth here today 10 years into Republika I tell you before we get to 20 time will have run out we are no longer capable of building the net we want we are only capable of resisting the net we do not want now we lost our chance to do it right the 1st time now we are in the place where we must decide instead to hold off to resist to fight against the machine on behalf of the machine we need to struggle against the system that predicts us to become unpredictable enough that we can we leave the room for freedom of the mind or we lose our struggle for ever and that is pretty at countries Facebook wants to provide
free Internet how do they want provided is by buying the packet movements from the telecom service providers and put them into their own
proxy servers they can offer at this they were match to the world's poor to I on them actually acquired quite apart case of white man's burden as the tell us
this in their own words we stop them in India be stopped them by telling the telecom regulator of India that breaking the security off the van and emanating append occasion for poor people turning untrusted potentially dangerous that into test us because we know it and the only here to help you could be against it is not their out to universal connection to the indian society but nobody's receding from here the there's Facebook Nora other not companies some of it is only a desire by a CEO wants to do this but most of it is just this draw energy of the business right now right now let's get all of these people online because their data is white votes for us and
then and then what happens to it once they've gathered in 1 school AI has the data of tens of millions of people from the UK National Health Service what happens to it once we have taken our system of money and turned it into other people's bitstreams what happens to it the mystery of the back end is becoming the mystery of human freedom have we lost it where is it where does it go instead of storing it ourselves we're allowing other people to store for us and to whom do they give it everyone is so struck with the convenience of the front with the beauty of the top with that which lies above the waterline and of course there's
nothing to see before will the waterline move along nothing to see nothing to know nothing to guess because below the waterline it's all guessing about you did phase
all get told that this
is going to increase democracy but we've also discovered that democratization of technology does not necessarily mean democratic tracing of the society itself what the net democratize is the ability to self-promote to Twitter to Instagram to snatch or any other new big because the vault is run by apps what has happened is that democratization offbeat ability to be surveyed war survey but at the end effect what we have delivered is the advertisments to eyeballs but not a time to the society in the process of all this free speech and expression have also now I met with an outpouring off the harassment and portion of which the platform companies themselves are scared there on our rushing to study this find out forties this online harassment and also find a solution to a technical solutions but very what it means is that we've empowered people to be ill-tempered were constantly engaging in now making an actual opposition to the ratings are so what we find is a lot of sentiments in but that none of the opposition People good are using this forum off social mobilization which is harassment of and that was the for reaction purposes look what the Turkish mafia added to the university professors or did religious fanatics who are reuniting or trying to read I tend to say would talk about the history in my country you have everybody everybody beating against them and are the their video game players or their sports or feminists activates every there this month claiming everyone is talking about being a jerk about rape and murder adoxae all the time that's not exactly an increase in democracy this is just some leashing offered to with that enables many to 1 of these of communication as a way of course particle and opinions this is democratizing totalitarianism what we call social media
these days has a single emotion it's designed to elicit
and that emotion is in the poster segment of your life the best part make other people envy your vacations your beautiful children your accomplishments leave out all the struggle the doubts all the negative all the pain and heard let other people in the EU and the social media that building energy in order to increase desire in order to make an advertisement suitable for you to receive I want that life here clicks like Don that intervene breeds resentment which breeds anger which reads that resentment of the street which is now in everybody's balls and eardrums all the time so as we build this that we do not want as we saw little people to the platforms offering the poor discount come being measured will help you to have access to what we get from you as we do that everyone gets interested suddenly in privacy because the markets so let us think a moment about what we mean by the privacy we want to have in this match we do not want privacy is 3 things it's secrecy that is our ability to speak and think only in partnership with those we actually trust it's anonymity that is our ability to use the public space to think and act and experiment and try out without association of identity with what we try and its autonomy that is the ability to make our decisions and effectuate our alliance without the interference with our secrecy and our anonymity and this our autonomy this route of our democracy is what is attacked by the net that constantly measures tracks and experiments with us all this and you might add another 3 and a half billion
people to the surveillance organisms and then and then the states show up when we
moved to this is that we do not want this monitor
net this surveillance system we empower social control in this state like never ever ever before I stood here 4 years ago and spoke about the possibility of the end of freedom of the mind in 2012 and somewhere in Fort Meade Maryland there is a secure there's an intelligence analyst asking at which date and time a young man in Hawaii named Edward Snowden's watched my speech because of course by the summer of 2013 what I had said here in 2012 had gained some news thanks to Mr. snowed when he told us was what we all feared and he substantiated that states had moved inside this data mining tracking surveilling net we do not want of course they you know how could they not from the middle of the 20th century the most powerful societies on earth ass so that signals intelligence was the true secret of social power in the world they spied on every 1 another's military's and every government and eventually they began spying on all international commerce that they could reach because what they knew the Soviet Union and the United States the People's Republic of China and all their satellites what they knew was access to information is power but when they have a net that measures everybody and great big piles of everybody's behavior taken from the machine which is experimenting always with everyone what they gain is power to run totalitarianism on the cheap 20th century totalitarianism didn't scale very well it needed lots and lots of people and needed lots and lots of fear which could only be produced by episodes of serious violence people had this here that had to be broken people had to be afraid 21st century totalitarianism solves those problem so you don't need so many people anymore because the platforms do the work for you you don't need to create so much fear because in the work so much better because everybody informs on everybody so they can watch everybody else and the next thing you know power has led to higher than power could ever be before with an increasing power naturally comes an increasing ambition the state decides that what it needs is a guy working in the White House told me only a few weeks after the last time I was here in the summer of 2012 says the man in the white house you know we've decided that we need a robust social graph of the united state that meant the United States Government wishes to keep a list of everybody every American know it's the robust social graph of the society you government has now become the 1st level of ambition of the states and you can get it if you deal with the platform companies particularly if you help them wire up the rest of on your society bring the poor to the poor people's meant thus generating the robust social graph of everywhere I don't expect the largest states to be contained to leave that information in the hands of the smallest ones no no it's a robust social graph of the human race now what does 1 do with such a graph what does 1 make of the power 1 requires when 1 carries an entry to every subjects mind of course it will depend upon the nature of the political ideology of the state each forming the net to suit itself each using the information provided by the surveillance of everyone all the time everywhere for its own purposes of course as
the we were shown by Mr. Steven Spielberg in minority report last decade a beautifully imaginative and location of how this works commercial surveillance is the basis upon which this new experience of state power rests we accept the
commercial surveillance because it is fundamentally only being carried out for profit which is such a sin in motive so lacking in malevolence that we can accept that we should go along with it after all they're like us they're only trying to make a living the of course Mr. Zuckerberg spends 30 million dollars buying all the houses around his own because he needs more privacy of course he says he's not going to allow his precious child to use Facebook in child of course Mr. Jobs didn't allow iPads in his family
yeah but we think that that motive of profit is a sufficient reason to allow what we would never have
allowed the states if they had come to us and said in the 1st place we wish to build these thing we would have said it is without on any questions the evil that we fought in the 20th century that for which we died or suffered or save millions of others to die to prevent that from happening but to piggyback that on top of an advertising business what a beautiful form of camouflage that is so so now we have the states in the position to benefit at the Business Intelligence layer from the data warehouses assembled by the platform company Facebook contains information about the human race a 6th wide or maybe a 3rd Facebook contains experiments with everyone's behavior generates a
social graph of who everyone knows and why they know them and then from there and the state begins to put some code in those terms of service
that you sign without reading they say of course that Facebook or any similar company may run any code he wants to improve the experience yeah it isn't that data comes out of those businesses it's that code goes in and when that code goes in you have no idea what it is or what it does that's the whole point you're not supposed to what Mr. shut so showed us was that the government's the most powerful governments my own 1st among equals what Mr. Snow showed us is that those government will push their way into those platforms will they nailed it by begs steel hack tap it doesn't matter in they'll go and once they're there how will you get them out yeah what will you do I don't need to explain of course to anyone in Germany the got of people all around the world under pressure France insulting the little salt from I don't need to explain that a disposition to insult the little salt ponds can get you in great trouble the Turkish state doesn't have to use its own police they can use you awards the the Turkish state doesn't have to predict that professor Chomsky or I might say something bad about the little salt on they can just wait and then reach out preemptively or not as local law permits we are building a perfect despotism and we think we're only improving the efficiency of advertising reduce oil over
démocratique or authoritarian 1 want a kind of a legislative
history of manufactured image of the past purifying certain aspects which appealed to them while hiding others but all this is going on we Europeans have actually not forgotten their absurd demand for a right to be forgotten beginning the very for others to the nite history and here again naively I that the only forgetting that happens on Internet is that it feels like perpetually going into a room and forgetting what you came in for but as again I was naive about all of this so something and predicting human behavior is then that of the New Economy or economy of the new to some state-supported their look and data miners I'm talking about by 2 neighbor to try to regulate the net and 2 other tried to legislate intermediaries for other people to express their own values and everyone spies predicts and resist medicalization states get their pushing it out now by the EC heads on Twitter and not people in uniform they can turn civil society against itself help from telecommunications service providers were devoted to scrutinizing and memorizing the behavior of customers governments are building these robust social graphs everywhere this is for the purpose af perfect social control it can mean better subsidy better payment better social welfare programs no corruption and also means more effective tyranny and increasingly in escape the by prison for the human race look at the last day you down there big deal of time Big brother have become uneasy neighbors on this perfect strong of the terrible administered by the barber and 10 cent in China there is the universe of reputation score it's tied to the national ID of each person in the country and is based on factors like political compliance hobbies shopping and whether you play video games it's also generated not just by your your activities but by the activities of the friends in your social graph so you can imagine there is negative points for mentioning Tiananmen Square or speculating on official corruption or participating in activities from which state wants to very like playing video games I decided the digital identity this biometric-based unique identification number in my country to provide public distribution services and did a centralized database of over a billion human beings what could go around there after versus FBI the are guys far from over all the policy makers and the governments around the world are watching what's going to come out of it because everybody wants to find a very doomed magically great mathematics so that map works differently for good guys and the bad guys all this solves the problem which we had in earlier centuries despotism was hard difficult to scale now there is a solution for all of the it now everything so this is just it it just tells us so everything that and that can give the states can just stick of it from rocket negativity itself to freedom off the market then cast arrives when we go cashless we make the
free market obsolete in every season everything we buy everything we sell everything that moves becomes subject to Bitstream's signed by trust which can be blocked at the point of transactions in real time do you want to buy a train ticket that's very nice but we might not make you buy 1 there's no
cash under the mattress because there is no cash there's no money in a safe deposit box just in case because there is no money
everything has become a transaction at the will of a 3rd party who can withhold approval anytime when we go cashless the day after tomorrow as societies rates to eliminate the money that makes freedom in my neighborhood announced on the best grocer and the best they could no longer take money you have to use your pin card in the United States it's a little harder because we have legal tender laws that say that money is good for buying the India is rushing for cashless must faster than any society on Earth
and when cashless national
what we called love free market has disappeared forever it what happens to
quantify that this is happening and that's what we do is we internalize this totalitarianism we organize our entire cells so that we can fit into the score the games actually becomes a reality we internalize the lipidic saints war is these freedom is slavery ignorance is the government have also got out very those social media platforms being all how effective usage of this can change their own fate they invest very heavily in their VEP-based propaganda infrastructure in of the box are created by the minute spamming vêtements including armies after also now John out gender online discourse common section or to a news feed to where you going you want to use your faith in humanity now our crowded by propaganda as some people are more sophisticated than the others the Chinese political rather men as this hobbits study shows comics which are critical of the leadership of their lab and what is not tolerated are posts that means fire elective action bill was ob not completely blacked out now is becoming a common practice during elections many African Union member governments have recently adopted look at Burundi look at Egypt in February of this year as many people in your garden headed to the poles of the presidential election common kind of Internet services no Facebook no Twitter but this is because that is attached to public order and safety and then had a total is big croc 18 January of this year at this lot set down access to Internet services in it just before in Morocco did not quite services in 20 16 since it started find states in India have seen a complete mobile Internet shut down every parent part the government's i'd exhaustively destroying all forms of privacy and today unfortunately most of them believe that the time were followers of religion office not have known rights to keep secrets anymore quite honestly that's disgusting whatever free speech they're trying to prohibit by prohibiting secrecy then that and prohibiting freedom for all of us and there is no government on earth back to any longer it considers itself bound by principle to respects secrecy of its own citizens
all that is left is our ability to incorrect if we use that to be even not longer live in a free society anywhere on Earth so what we
do and we deal we are no longer in a place where we can construct the net we want we can only resist the net that we don't want we can no longer access that network neutrality we are compelled to resist network hostility In such a world that we must concentrate ourselves no on the piece of the network closest to us in that last kilometres that last mile that
last hop so wires the barricade that we must be wrecked if we mean to keep a zone of freedom around ourselves the telecommunications service providers of the world are
the entry point and 1st locale for all that tracking surveillance and spying in that anonymous beige about the corner of your sweet is deep packet inspection running its way for the maximization of telecommunications service provider profit a little supercomputer on a street corner measuring everything you're doing in order to figure out how the tell TSP could make more profit slowing down that which is profitable to it is speeding up the special services that all are but that cube on the corner that little piece of the entering wedge of surveillance that business of retailing by the telecommunications service provider is where our barricade must go to where you want to do you want us dependent on cannot
sounds are from maintenance and just not use any of these services and fit in a small corner never using maintenance now we're going to have to build a net that
begins in privacy for
us imagine at the top of a pole in every village every hamlet of reforms that every rural community every city neighborhood a little box whose job is to out for everyone with privacy you could call it of freedom box but you don't have it should makes everybody's packets up masquerading as we say about routers so that everybody's packets in the village are indistinguishable upstream encrypted made private linked only to the places that they need to go if we were out in common everywhere if we crypt everything all the time if we carry for 1 another and keep them from seeing anything we make the telecommunications service providers mere wholesalers of transport services and they just move our packets and that's all but if we if we do
that how do we actually get any security be terrorism various things so ices you don't want us to be secure in only talk about privacy
everywhere we fear we fear the loss of which we
ought to be afraid but everywhere we figure we failed to fear of the things we should fear most of which are the things we cannot see when we have made our technologies long enough to defend us from the strongest then we can start to worry about how to defend ourselves against weaker Crimmins but if we leave the largest powers uncontrolled their effort to protect us against the smallest evils will do us little good well it's not a great to
see this bird to forties attorney going to do is not into it as much but what has really changed everything has become legally now the
government's know how to go around there's nothing really changes everything goes
on and of even if we do 1 of these waka are going to get out of an act of candies are not going to crash themselves and we keep up with the card that since the the need all this thing about education and everything we just Plessis use the that I'm gone going out
of business the VB doing it's true of course that what Mr. Snowden did in the 1st instance was to bring us
knowledge and the most organized parties in response with the sequent worlds in every country and it's true that what they did was they went to their legislatures and they said please analyzes for everything we did wrong in the past and let us move directly to what we really want Mr. so proved that the strongest governments honor for scraping everything listening to everything analyzing it later after taking it now and what the government did whether the military platforms bill in France or the at snoopers charter in the United Kingdom what they did was to say OK let's go straight to the real-time monitoring of everybody which is what we really want to and every act of public violence only reinforces them and they're certainly this is true on the other hand while we were on our way over here thanks to the German Foreign Ministry's willingness to give a review so if they gave
a retired she gave them real-time access to a bank account while we were on our way here the US House of Representatives voted unanimously to strengthen the privacy of e-mail in the United States politics is working to ways now but we can't
wait for politics and law we need technology 1st it's time for us to create facts on the ground Marsh always so it's the young people of the planet who must
save us now they have to write for the code they have to use cheap free hardware they have to make the routing of privacy work we can do it we spent 30 years making the code we need we've spent decades
pushing for freer hardware we have unlicensed spectrum we can all you use the Internet of things should be the Internet of People 1st and we can do that the choices that we make and the technology we use will affect the politics is everybody going to keep up with the Kurdish pedestrians well I don't know I don't know enough God of whom will I do your a Facebook account and never use Twitter I live a life in the net it works pretty well you can do with 2 we have to get off the platforms yes yeah but I still want to share my pictures every man
and also want to talk to eliminate everyone it's funny you don't share them with me I think you
mean you wanna share your pictures with your friends and what that means is we
need sharing that works without a super friend in the middle we can do that surely we can do that in fact we've done it many times we just haven't promoted the way they promoted and we want to make the net free and accessible to everybody to but we want to do it in a different way I wouldn't push you about this I wouldn't be confronting your desire for convenience in you need for security if there were time but
there is torque by 2025 it will be
over technology path
dependent we can't reverse right her we made a grave mistake when we made the TCP IP stack in the middle 19 seventies we didn't engineer anonymity in then and to engineer anonymity in afterwards men making tool which is terrific but it's cumbersome and awkward and it's vulnerable and you can fail we need to architect the net we want and layered on top of the net we do not want so that there is a choice if we don't give
people a choice we will run out of choices 1 of the most important engineers in the making of the Internet in
that 19 seventies period of immense scientific optimism a man who now works at the fringes of the secret world in the United States he says and I agree with him this is the last generation in which the human race gets a choice most of the human race doesn't know what the choice is and if we hear from doing all don't help them to understand if we don't give them proof of concept plus 1 encode the revolution becomes impossible time is running out I'm glad you're here thank you very few
Victoria and if this is the
last generation that gets to make that choice but this is the decade for that choice to be made in the complements of our technology to freedom in there it's free software free hardware or feedback loop their differently constituted of constituted people wishing for them have to get together 1 single concerted effort the free software movement the movement for free hardware the make a power that people outside the inside patterns every they're the ones who are individuals who actually impart technology or improve the funds campaign for the unlicensed spectrum to stay if we feed these are all in different corners of the world but the on have to come together in a single movement quickly for them that we want to for a system of technological relations that does not study yes but does not surveyed us data mining tasks thus prohibiting of secrecy and other anonymity bus and aiding other economy the are all separate strands of this technical and social plants your income from different geographies have different colors of skin and other things different fields Different Voros suffer makers access campaigners always is now telecom engineers moderate engine is always you always you if you are my age or younger you all you know and understand this technology and you know what you're talking about you cannot afford to spend your you to any other variant of word in which your children live with other vise be enough frivolity it's very easy to mobilize citizens if it's more you would adopt propaganda machine you put up recruiting sector and then you just tell what we do need is a more equivelent off of or but a moral meant not anymore and once it's not about violence but it is about technologies of freedom and the need to enlist everyone everybody so I hope all of the us here thank you thank you so much
this thank you so it's even the list public opening and called action in some we have time for 1 or 2 questions and as German going up right
then and as a microphone coming to you
yeah thank you for a wonderful time and I have a question for Mr. American the science encryption but other solution is there to move packets freely across the infrastructure of the telecommunications providers may use encryption you only under only possibility do thinkers like
became friends and or something else and kids imposes the free movement of mass greeted packages across the infrastructure that is being doomed and dominance according to the surveillance and dynamics and use just counts so what is the
science encryption who and we are completely dependent upon encryption the way we are completely dependent upon electricity we are not talking in this case is about of the of the final product of our technology but a component which is indispensable to it everything is made of packets in our network those packets can be taken by anyone with infinite money and all the computing power they need and there are enough such parties that we cannot assume that any legal regulation or any form of technological design which leaves those packets open to the red is safe for humans thought encryption is simply part of the way that we make it possible for to hear ourselves think without being overheard encryption is what creates the space within which we all range to do our own thinking and save our souls encryption is to the 21st century what literacy was the 16 without the written word Reformation without all Reformation no freedom of thought in the European world without encryption no human autonomy by century 22 and we have 1 more question up here in the front row thank you for the 2 of you
for this wonderful speech and I have a question is there something else but introduction like legal and possibilities and for example that you must not
depend on predictive technologies when you get health insurance that you have a loss that these predictive technologies should not be used them to get a certain government service or a public
service or a service which is really necessary for your life some well
international covenant on civil and political rights does say something about right to privacy but each national jurisdiction is now using it to perhaps order a return the existing rights some other jurisdictions actually are not even certain whether they
want to give a right to privacy to their citizens or not but he has a lot of lawyers are and understand sensitive to the fact that the instruments are really have to work in tandem with technology to get those civil liberties back and to enforce such tracts so various such efforts are going on the UN has appointed a repertoire study right to privacy but yes there are much slower been moved much them they move it so many compliments along and national security or other people order is wanted you must or presenting it into binary forms you either get privacy or you get security that neurons conversation is definitely happening there you people or the legal forces 6 but I did not say that it's gonna be that fast and people actually get together and make it a public movement is happening small at but it's at a much slower pace me time in India you cannot get a propane cylinder to light or heat your
house without an outlier number which is referenced to your retinal
pattern so your Gmail sure we can say that there may be legal restrictions in 1 direction against the use of predictive technology for what government than that but all the government benefits and most of the operation of economic life will soon be subject to precisely the predictive activity in the social graph to which you would reject the kinds of legal regulations you're talking about and that are more exceptions than they are the rule and always will be once we've made a change we cannot readily on thank you so much to both of
you can we have another really big round of applause and will elicit a
so I'm now we're going to kick off the program and all the rest of us stages as you that there are many we
spend many many hours putting it together so we really hope you enjoy the program of course many of you will also be the in a play an active role in that I see many faces in war 1 here we're going to be speaking throughout the 3 calls the days so thanks so much for handing assesses to the call for papers thank you so much for coming in and being a part of the show and just to highlight a couple of things that are happening today the track really and so the track that focuses on education educational initiatives is going to be happening all day on stage 8 today Danes were about to kick off on music day on the stage l in the laboratory you hide Andreas introduce an opening a new location that we've expanded to this year Republican and on and today's the focus on music but there's going to be a focus on the creative industry I start every day tomorrow focus on a massive odds and on Wednesday on past attack we have 1 of our annual returning highlights the sketch note sessions happening in after the break so if you want to learn how to do along to conferences and develop your practical skills that way I recommend you visit that and of course we also have the media convention program starting in a couple of minutes I really look forward to seeing you back here at 12 59 next speaker is going to be our very own Markus Becker done thank you very much better I'm