EuroPython 2015: Various speakers - Lightning Talks, conference closing

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EuroPython 2015: Various speakers - Lightning Talks, conference closing
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Bilbao, Euskadi, Spain

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Various speakers - Lightning Talks, conference closing Lightning talks, presented by Harry Percival
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and something on this 1 corner breaks
still MIT Cooper and it's a library that I made to try to make this of problem year and there it is that in the year by them 2004 15 so the weight come and this every
word states of the greatest library and it also has some other class that is injected he hinting from properties of and when we use a cooperate uh the greater is make sure that the method is going to over its properties so it's actually going to go super for wedding awarding all the keyword arguments and and it's also who going to objects like for example make sure that our signature is on this and you were arguments of I also they another glass right this method you would get an error it also support abstract methods and so forth
column so this is an example where we can see that if a widening of arguments work and so I have a text last now we boarded class that that's what it's really like a mixing that pool of water to a text when I moved to being heard from it I could pass the explicitly many documents the arguments to the right process of the huge actually this mentioned buttons for
useful so but and this is functional group groups that is provided by the library that allows you to create actually this class that combines the other 2 classes dynamically in the context where you need so you need to explode on your securities that there more features the most important and needed to go under the will of the approaches the fertility with that so I
had to go further with that to
fantastic during the time yeah OK if you think that that is that is what we wait for a 2nd time was the which might tell us a story 1 the thing to gum I run out of stories to there could have some time want at at at at this we could do that will it's go we might have a little bit more alright and then is a very quickly and we've had a lot about it but I've worked with a giant goes project has made a huge difference in my personal life you might make life easier for women from against programming which is a wonderful thing will tell you what being involved with that organization change the way that I think about programming and I interact with programs around so that whole diversity thing and it doesn't necessarily just about you know helping out 1 group to become part of a larger group but it actually does benefit individuals in that group as well so they've made a huge difference to monitor the way I think about programming and so I just hope that some of that rubs out on on rubs off on everybody in this room so if you don't want to much this is give them a wonderful around because that really so you're not forced to use emergy everywhere but now you feel like you have the option of human the so this guy walks into a bar and the bar empty apart from the bombing and a man was an orange for ahead so what have to tell us to do so here to
talk to you about API is and where did they have that studies like satisfied by
the the difference with the definition of an API which is an application programming interface which can be considered a set of routines particles and tools for building software applications which is kind of a because everything problem it interacts with the thank you so the
purpose of an API would be making things talking to each other in 2011
ProgrammableWeb did didn't the surface and some of the big names got the what can
go wrong with your rapier firstly your recommendation
can be very very wrong
instead of a better conditions are missing inaccurate out of date incomplete unprofessional difficult the browse and the worst board fucking fix this
using 2 simple principles keeping it short and thinking long-term my 2 cents about
anything I would be offering a structured overview with simple access the different components of the recommendation is the access to find something on your documentation yeah description very simple but enlightened enough samples and and the communication between your clients and then type act number 2 reason would be that
communication and work in this book what between
developers between developers and management between developers and QA How can you
fix this what you can implement good communication channels like during the term you can have a application change also like get help Jenkins can give a product roadmap that changes the change less and the block or knowledge base reason number 3 will
be embedded in that began to experience How can you figure this
all copper-based examples are always good at defining finding a sufficiently small and comprehensive gaze better with the gravity bends over line also good and offering us sandbox that environment would be the best option reason number
4 would be that your API
is unreliable and a sense of reliably would be outages
and announced EPA changes throttling or models that
don't have an API is serving growth of there it's not elegant helpful or serving sectaries is which is a security problem How can you fix
all of this it could help build
automation can it continues integration continues mind
and of assistance we should inform your customers of cottages and you should implement user-friendly their designs
and you may ask what the D is error messages and the design for you should keep your
error message is simple and clear they should have ever codes they should be wrapped in data structures given as much information as possible but still then be verbose and use it could be is building capabilities that they implement all of this is the expected plant
behavior reason number 5
would be that everything is too too complicated within your
API and at the centers for over complicating your API would be a complexity that workflow arguably or
not using different that they got presentations and ignoring all HTTP rules within most likely I must
suggestions for fixing all of this because principles being
practical and of much as you can afford it some he thank you for
listening if we still don't have the
author of the engine 7 Madrid course in Python nope
then but we would like please webcam 2015 with data estimates to and in the end of the yourselves everyone and radio the so my name is then in and 1
of the organizers of the conference in Croatia in the city of Zagreb and it's called webcam this is the 4th year of auditory doing it on and it's organized by the local communities and the local native communities that is and and
it's a sort of pull Conference in the sense that we have charts in different technologies so it's not just by Python's Python PHP jealous create some functional programming languages and we also have sign talks and last year we
had around 800 people and what you should you should you should visit to get a possibly different perspectives of Alltel your colleagues in in the different programming languages are are are using a Web technologies all this this see if these clothes but you should submit a talk about anyway if it's very good will will will be sure to squeeze it in tickets are available on the website listed above but I also have a flight tickets and that you're giving out so just and treat it as
just will handle and you know the 1st 5 which we to me I'll
send your culture can get a free ticket things were getting up nodes what
1 mole told that some of this is that the centers for my facts of life and what concerns that we're not going to have to joke about the man with an orange red and that 1 takes forever and it's wonderful that the only way that would happen is I would tell you hostage OK and then you have to wait a year today the punch line we can't have actually tell you a different judge which is very sure that somebody else told me yesterday which a different job of different styles and this is about a man who is when it's it's a woman is walking down the street and you should choose women is of the full examples and documentation or injects I had recently the jokes about program that a program lady walking down the road and she sports a whole shoes on the ground and she's like 0 or 1 what's on the other side that bullshit that he bends over picks up on the other hand on the other side as a whole so that that and the trapezoidal 1 I just just like laughter half of the which gosh so that was show that in the extracted from 1 of the reasons that you know the 1 and
this the largest and you want to share
Kabal starts with you it may be helpful for life uh
in bible of course the 1st thing is you should get enough sleep we have essentially all the blocks that can take and would sleep many sometimes you really like Fox thing about the problem then you got better then the day after it just so happens that this solution consume so this fixed-rank salaries the sleep at the end of the day
using cheap then you have this I have a life table for they should and
what of flip and analysis rates thank it's a same as synchronously asleep in yeah the
next 1 is find out about 2 because the sections and get rid of them this is mine which 1 is used there
also for instance in my team I try to get morning morning nothing no meetings it's a nice role but again they have a lot of and left them all the and basically
doesn't local content the
so you're not the but there is included sometimes descriptive get out of the computer you know there are things that that
more important than the the so that
you priorities In this social call a lot of respect in these tests getting indulge with me and maybe we can organize this waste by the other is a welcome but the main you the study of
ready what's more time yeah here we
got the most tries to presented its final presentation the more likely to forget has led to a huge when take a time I take it answering the would be on next we've got an the announcement about something call PY S 15 by someone called Alexandria I don't know how much pronounced but I suggest they should be pronounced higher sets this a put that out there is a possibility it depends on the joke the 20 injured do you may just writing letters you have a lot of
animals who couldn't play and while I'm here to
present the don't cite of helps the guess organizing this conference whatever will probably told and also you have to present the a conference we're organizing in October and this year and so who we are our whole were really read the sufficient of
Python socialist and some people say bias as I we like calling it this no sorry no no plans in this so who the members of some people you will you have seen with a green T-shirt some people you haven't seen here so and some helpers grammars people so resource so where are we we're kind since it
was done which is a small tone don't the cost of 1 hour from here and so what I came at which words so this
is so was done where engineers have them also the highest consideration of missions stars of the you know want over
I on October the
the weather's good you and no no
reasonable so what are we doing you can that we are mostly organising meetings and conferences of unless the reorganized this 40 this is the 1st this when we write that we write to the next item is because of go when from Rosalyn financiers and is little most the scientific but them those we had a lot of injuries but the good ones that a year and we cannot make those 4 so many people so they have a lot of fun out of the uh well we also organizing Software Carpentry is returned to do that every year in the interest of both countries and we also doing indication meetings of bringing schools to talk about over what the of training them on drone of flying the was fun and then we organized this conference very big conference for those of you version blind all and now
I'm announcing this 15 it's so yes I'm sorry this was a subtle argument on if the thank you going to most the people were full of 2 and this is our website thank you now it's view that a man
small I only gets wider more nervous and stressed to use which is what might be the terrible whatever around like that that 1 in helps them relax and from invites so it makes this fabulous the next round is another lightning talk again I have a little round maybe to talk about this conference its organizer and say thanks so I'm I'm really expecting some sort of overwhelming tools from you guys like and see how the presentation flows out for you and me we can have like 1 more us of man with an orange for storing thank about it so we'll be hurting all hands anyway during things that would you like to my start with gentleman who was befriended waterloo at
welcome everybody to this
closing is going to be a sort of extended lightning talk it's going to be we don't much pictures so warning try to make it not boring yeah but in 2015 is only 2 that so far the will you have a good time we had very difficult year really difficult we and the future was of nearby by the was
variants of many different opinions but it's always very hard to build a community is always very about to deal with the tension but life this year think we prove that everyone is very
committed if we try to not look into the mistakes or things that they did wrong but look at their skills and how they can how they would like to I have the community but we can extend this to have growing and very welcoming in good community so I I would like to shows that's some of this year so 1st number of
attendees and this is vital
trying to be more open be more transparent make understanding what what means make it to make such an event endocrine try to get the community involved so know there them the numbers of our country's attendees so Germany Spain great Britain he and the last country so if you have do self-reliance actually had quite a few people from outside from the west the I am going to list all those this is the 2nd slice of the table accuses next had people from very far the fact is that in Mexico the of Japan in many goods that I forgot I told that I I I swear search for all those are remembered by now and again a when officially 1904 when he's
thank thank which is
around line 8 9 per cent less than last year but I wanted to search for and the number of flights and connects us to get here and compared to Berlin which would be good relation about wholehearted arteries there is and on the walls some of the world so it was time to get but this is a chart about the number
of tickets sold during that time we are very late this year and started uh and selling them the website was found in March so it's quite nice to see the 1st week where we actually sold around 300 and something to get then we have constant rolling here we really is the scheduled so we and I'm wrong here we started to we've changed the higher than the rate 2 all on its own distinctive uh and this is the social event something I also it's
just a variety of from the so that a point of view it's quite
hard to predict a the number of of used having especially if you see here some time at some point things start to get out of the of the depressing you have a lot of requests for financial aid in the we really wanted to have a low-priced tickets especially for students and we actually take took a big risk on this because the the venue is very nice and we you had the capturing immigrants but all those nice this comes with a price so that and we gave them around nearly 2
thousand euros 20 thousand new of financial and we really hope that this can increase a lot that's use this this we aim to do that very well hopefully we'll get some money from this year to have on the budget uh and also we will study and once once per year and communicated things so we're talking is also little bit of that we have a well unfortunately we had 2 cases of code of conduct this is something that can happen on the conference like this I would like to remember that uh could have done that is there for a reason it's not only about gender I would like to invite everyone that doesn't few golf ball with something to
come to the part of talk on the try to explain that's the kind of of conducting we'll try to get to the person that did something we drive the title of the topic and speak with people many times most of the times those things that did not happen by intonation so this is a very difficult task and never and there is the very difficult for everyone involved any again the I invite everyone to not feel in the afraid to because we we really want to welcome community community we really want everybody to to be to feel that they are safe they're having a good time so to everyone just remember that you are we the 1903 people person year everybody that have their own feelings of their own in a culture so text messages like to pass life
everything was different in 6 months in around October last year which you didn't know anything I've received and didn't know if we
would have a conference this year then we didn't really the data by the society in the region really hard job looking for teams to try to learn to organize in like in many cases many things in life did the just by out of nowhere by the friends shared friends sending a message of unknown and ideology with other friends saying the silent also actually saying so what what about having the right instance of us uh in light after a 1 and a half 2nd yeah so if you have no we actually
didn't manage to have a sense of Boston because of prices especially for the hotels that in general you started preparations started working on many things in the meanwhile the part of society started working on the groups concepts to try and remove some of the efforts of some some of the the weight on the local organizers social there's it didn't work as we
expected but we also the minister there's some work on March where we will be launched a website and with many difficulties in June we release
gradual which is quite late in the conference findings last series of sprints we had 117 talks of some 25 trainings also sessions OpenSearch lightning talks there there are no from more or less serious that statistics we had 1 thousand 500 litres of profit at the end of the 3 thousand trees were there could 40 for value thousand like expresses next it we had to to much food for hundreds of years of the so we try to reduce the number that were not part of the world actually we also tried before it had we actually tried also to the and a function to for the best memories of the the body but the the reason they're really um we had 300 missing data is the realization we actually on here some of movement the long queue at the registration and yeah that that they're going to have to raise your hands I we have our
own 150 under scientific so we actually more or less water who was 1 than assigned but it's also because it means that the website was not clear so we're trying to fix that for the next year if we are not involved in this yeah well this appears for the blue skies not in
general the body strength there's
our blood people we have 0 0 because of the that about the OK so I don't know if it's less years a more serious so but we had 6 are correlated in that it's really long years thank you
without and only around and the other
An and from those version the courts in for so out of the 33 volunteers just for active really active so again and all that was really appreciated the call for volunteers from the word groups vector statistics we had around those there the 10 people did around 1 11 thousand 200 hours working on the conference in 6 months it's around a lot the data taken from their spirit this time from their friends the family so if the In the future we can really that only 100 volunteers and that would be awesome the this of this 1 of us had this counter I am not hopeful measured like from Sunday he walked around 100 100 and I don't think thank you thank Phil the big question well what we're the next year and it would be made by well they they would
just want to close to being really really think it through all the volunteers the people that really really really with
themselves so hard to organize this on the spot of think the sponsors thank you for being here for understanding the problems the very very good and samples here and I hope you enjoy it as much as we did thank you for coming to see you sociolects year thanks again everyone that is that that that will likely with a guy
wanted to enable the organizer many volunteers up on stage we want you to remember what life is like right he says the don't have having the 5th among the fluidity of the set of his fellow you and what is evolving into a larger home and
variance if you want to have faith in and alone elements of the level of the tree that was my point of view of all this level of the circle another philosophers have only of the document and a video film it you would think a sample of the and was the 1 stage in the 2nd of the about just that was the my my 1st of and I think you guys if you want to finish up a little light into also got this room until about 10 to 7 and but if you would like to go along with this time period for a bit is a good time to leave the room otherwise it's 1 of 4 5 6 more latent sources to finish off the of course it doesn't theories of the Conference of his friends tomorrow
we got this phrase the video that we've got IOC an e-mail and mailing lists and get more of them than bucket and other excellent code sharing websites that we'll use just as much as the main 1 after they got get them wonderful but then
organize the organize the whole volunteering book on the top of the that it would yeah
yeah yeah and