EuroPython 2015: Various speakers - Lightning Talks III

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EuroPython 2015: Various speakers - Lightning Talks III
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Various speakers - Lightning Talks Lightning talks, presented by Harry Percival
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and we will move on the front anyway there we go so and so what Americans not in the other covers internet although he do better than John and that was about the same but still to this was as much so as this without any further ado let somebody else told to us and about whatever you like yeah I feel like
a rock concert with this gun it's only in the hadronic ideally so
I don't like to do so pages and the max so I'm going gonna quickly my name is Miguel i.e. leaving Germany now and in the and I I wanna share a personal experience with you know through 1 have to try worry I minus how I i in January of this year my dear friend has got a job offer a million is you wanted to move there I was leaving immunity at the time and so we we started looking for a for a for a for a flat
like a normal person would billion so the 1st thing I did I went to the sort of web page look for others the look for a little places
believe normal like nothing millions of these opinions and it's in your money where where web search it with search but I want to search flat and then so we only had a requirement had job was in that like really solve our of like in the middle of nowhere so but we wanted to we believe in the in the city center so we sort of thing but let's get something central but at least you know you can reach a job in less than 15 minutes so OK what is the approach you take a look for some other apartments you take the year the address and then you will for goal and the
new search for them possibly together and then for example in this case is around 46 meaning now will mean I will have to
do this a lot and then
send assembling fluid you know how we call that that that super boring so I said well maybe there's a welcome for about 2 maybe in the the indian press my girlfriend and the same time you know that this and that and so finally I know anything about
straight extravagant thing edges only actually only have 1
you bromine by doing so it was in then see that's the tube you know let's check that the dollar will be a
little again and had something so I basically coded that's to stop at that takes all that but and the idea was to get all the information and then using the will the API to act to that information the and the distance of the time that it would take to go to that place and get them the best offer maybe maybe saying here and he made
or Lotus somehow and send of report that the strategy class that's great story but it's basically a lot of you have to feel in I called the spider and you you probably know what
it is abuse well basically super hot goes to the web page get all that all of these
I think you see here so if I get the the price the price of the of the media which is the the the rent prize the square
meters the number of room that's at the but scraping
provides you with a something called pipelines that once you have
once you have the already an item or something that you study them at any of the information or not more data so I do that
that basically it is a at the time of day day I can I use a geo-location did to the place where my dear friend gonna work in the play with that but the GraphLab listings and I'd so effectively base from in Englewood via the so far so good idea that I which how do we see sort of Jason with all the information I want to now call but I can extend this to my dear friend because I mean seriously so the so it's OK let's use like by like fighting words can
well this doing in my came up in the end
use IPython and Pandas and I everything out what good thing is you kind of should actually sort of like SQL-like queries and I think this is within the sample I get only something about hundred bolts and that the time to to get to her job was less than 40 minutes right and I get a list of these would be linked now I buy the house something good that you can actually see them round HTML and JavaScript that he can render them and so I can basically inside Python that will render a Google map we we build points actually and I won't go into the details here but basically if you use from IPython core display use
HTML industrial you have to write that down the street also there which is not nice in what I did was the right sort of like templated street so each of those is a marker inside it will not and you can see I replace the name of the and all the information they and then I sort of like compiled that cold and then I can run it in this case you can see the whole page sorry the whole HTML is there and I think this is a kind of gets that HTML the thing is that it doesn't that value so you have to be running the IPython notebooks and so in this case the generated it and put it in an I frame and all my webpage and this is the result of basically give me server can map with all their possible with only the flat I I want to do that they got that if I click 1 of them at once it would give me the link to to get out of the time she would take the book to the MPI had to the best that operative it is the fastest 1 the size and the price of a Germany's like cold ranks which is without any of the extra costs so
so a tree and we using this dual I get like my different that's super also cool is you start looking for a promise he was already Molina was in Munich so she went to all the ones you like it we got apartment and since April we're leaving 1 of the building place it without you I found something what so we have like that have
had the idea of time for a 45 minutes is up that they very much that was amazing I have
available reminder of the lightning talk rules which a good lightning talk mostly done 1st at the beginning of knowledge is the speakers not exactly 5 minutes as the problem of you very much it and
like that and so if the speaker is nearing the end on the problem 1 hand if I put up 1 hand you guys need to clap fingers like this we don't practice that for me so weird sound which if you know
expecting a speaker would be completely freaked out so it's sort of identified put up to and that must be allowed in the world and thanks very much next we have
been and i also would like to come up to the stage that we have these inactive you anywhere nearby star OK fine after that it's going to be
evaluating the they wanted anyway don't get the away from Austin thank you and so and on and so I know and you hire hosting that lightning talks applicant inappetency should come see us embraces will in here
and so yet another self-promoting like interaction and I'm language program and inner Wednesday inference in Francisco a place that cost twice as much for a lot less than in Berlin and so the till the year ramifications of Python and I'm referenceable mentation of grammar rules person's Bramall into pipeline objects to give some context so quickly what is ramble and ramble stands for REST API modeling language and builds on top of animal the thank time if you're a blueprint us very similar concepts and essentially is meant to describe your SEPI I a room of finally define an API endpoints and its secured by a lot if such Howard paginated etc. and so why would you use RAM or so your friend etc. and it gives you a single source of truth and free recipe an sentences in RAM the and and it's both human and machine readable form and that essentially gives you a a clear definition of your API what it expects to receive and how it responds from but why grammar specifically unlike swagger and you're not limited to on schemas and typing adjacent a bit of a pain in repetitive but you can use to his son in remote and if you
really want to have them allows you to define and maintain more than 1 version of your again and the as of well does as well but not and you can include a sample representations for
instance give example responses and 4 and points and the huge difference in between and grammar and the others and the main reason why Spotify chose of Bramall is the ability to refer in Poland and external files either from the local file system er rich if you and so when I answered
Spotify and I had to answer a lot of questions about the Web API and how we behave how to work with a lot of etc. and I get annoyed managerial can relate
and so I don't think I'm I made to build the consul we can test API behaves and how to get knowledge token have like getting real time responses to sample requests comments on a developer website if you check it out and that's essentially a flask and up
and that creates forms based off of our ramified file on the knows nothing about Spotify just takes in the grammar files incest super easy to maintain cell and being the good developer that I am I'm am open sourcing and and the 1st portion of which 1 is the person grammar and so what ramifications does again
is takes a remote file and gives you Python objects and it's best to see it in action however I am not a and David easily panicking and you live that well let's see here outward path it not so let's get this
online the in yeah so you can
kind of see it I'm sorry for the huge text of trying
to get and so you imported and personal ramifications and you defined and your remote file and in sparsity priors viruses have an API object and you can
actually pass another configured file them if you want a validator you want to and just add some more and things that are like legal in agreement and so you
have an API an object and this is how you would validated you adjust and for the value function and validate it returns nothing if everything's OK words as an error if something's wrong and even get some an API metadata and concedes called with the objects called root known and we can get the title and the Virginia base year I security schemes and a bunch of other metadata and this an actual
and points if you look at Spotify's like 1st and it's albums and has a display name and description and
responses that it expects some some great parameters to take a look at
those query parameters and the example and that's required
in the and API request and market is not required and in
string description it also
passes markdowns dancing in HTML and to command
line tools you can validate
on the command line and so you see a success and it also
gives a nice entry output of the real file and so back to the talk real quick and coming soon and
eventually and back in May and our last happily it as 1 of finding a small script that makes a percentage ramifications and creates and static documentation so expect and that to be
open source soon I'm and with that of class extensions things in Django and then and also and also saying to you finally clean REGI Council code so that can be open source as well and I could put this amount of free time so and it's really some generated carriers under a given on under Spotify conduct annotation on the dots and worried just go here for the for everything thank you
at place then as analyzing
that carrier at the bar last nite community and if you've been there I recommend not doing so but I I will go forces you as I myself singing and Toni Braxton is on break my heart was a song that I used to hate and then liked ironically and now basically just actually like what a wonderful things about carrier accuse people saying really badly which means that you know it's a safe space you know if you know your a singer you can still go and continue that little song based story in a moment of then it tells you that there was it has cataract accuracy hot
on him I like Copernicus structures and I don't think the tuples our preferred other structures and what is it you mean so ever had to work in your
PDB and know what it is so I'm of opinion that if you believe the i-th around to bolster going wrong a lot of people still do it I would like to have this
formula school so I won't have left classes would types attributes but if you want to have that you have to implement this line bundle methods and smallholders both for dramatically affect and in it wouldn't fit so on there are ways around it there are dictionaries which of court and a makeshift for structures like that of course everyone will that wanted to heckle me with name tuples and no dates back they behave intentionally like tuples source of future but I don't like them very useful because what example all we defined to name balls which have each 1 well you and let you talk all have different names and still if you put the same value into them yeah increase and equal with the what I want so I don't think this is a good structure this is the reason why has good people are making fun of us so also if you want to at
methods dead structure on you have to stop consonants tuples reach since composition over inheritance not I think
the deal earned your if you're on if you want to change instantiations instantiation of your all objects you have to play around with boundary new instead of thunder in that it is also kind of hit the magic and idiosyncratic so I like types and proper classes I don't like boilerplate of classes that tedious seen so and promoting and the project and called and it's false basically the problem was talking about it helps you to get rid of boilerplate when writing proper classes inverted ideas of what we did because the attributes are defined in the body no small subclassing decorated just adds the methods of original class nothing else and holiday behave exactly how you would expect so we had 2 different classes we instantiate then you get nights in a nice wrappers for free and of course those through in the instances are not equal all but if you compare to the same and are equal and since with the same type of the values are actually treated like tuples you can compare and so . 1 move 1 and 2 a small and point to 2 which is useful so now that some organized features like the full so again can have those gallery and you can define a
factory for mutable types like lists the beacuse dictionaries 1 not my favorite feature is as big which
everyone well was writing API some has 2 strands are generated dictionaries will love least I do all it invokes recursively if you define it so it's really nice to request and there's much much more the you you can switch on certain features against which them all subclassing it's just
the way you would expect that there's introspection built and so you can talk very what it should have been defined so you can write your own on own decorative on public and firms and will continue to any through restroom so institutional Michigan else letters of reader funky
dogs the oracle and thank you few
thank you for this very very is running up to the stage at the next locus of of that is added tomorrow on here and it's a good just wait here and so you have to give ready and will be great alright so as I said yeah something about seeing in and that from a reminder yesterday I did a little bit of a drum and bass and seeing a job agencies up people got nothing to say and it's still type of crowd and also reminded me of another a a hip all the remember from my youth but this was by actual hip-hop artists who do have some say that's likes to a little bit for for you now I OK and this is why Sultan that's a song called she thing and it goes like this now I to bring home the bacon from independent never lets you
forget that your meant Desama W. O. R. N. A. and that's what I
am doing what I k and the Committee mad crazy upset that a Bregman actors to get my respect go to work and get paid less than men and women do in the same damn thing is you can also when an aggressive the number which when I got attitude you call me a bit weaker sexier right that's don't have you ever been live and think so no have a genuine femininity developing Kenya hanging number they see fit in memory these things here also does wrapped by the way as I was saying how clever you are happening at the level of so particularly again again and
studious extraneous out in case you don't know the word is true it's an obscure English word that means get rid of don't like so during David Beasley's topic
come this year Python concurrency from the ground up like this was his 1st slide so that I would go with this is a construction on the slide that I don't like so to see what I mean let's talk about if statements so here's
a conventional if statement if the condition variables true we execute a then C if the conditional variable is false beliefs to the density we all understand that but consider what if we returned from inside of the if statement well that we decide to you that we never get to the Aussies and if we get there a Commissioner variables false needs to be then C C is only ever read if the conditional variables falls Vinciarelli kind of the same thing they should be in the same block 1 and in and and and the other 1 is and why is that because we have and if all we have an ELSE statement use it only takes a minute of considering this to realize you don't need this all states if you never know that Alice will I think that looks better every single time I do it so it's collected that's
of this is the law if you have an answer that ends with the return you don't need an the can use my
time you know you don't want to my time I only have 5
minutes so this is David useless
1st slide we'll do transformation out of it I think that that every time all interest
so and here's another example it
is also true for all 4 statements are any iterating construct if you have a continue or break if you've got this al for this L you don't need the elephant is being if you know the else them more readable every single time the final that example and if you have a function and you have of the else statement the returns but and if that doesn't use what the conditions but you so obvious else an if statement and you get the condition and the transformation is normal and it is improved
thank you know go forth and clean up your code and the I had a
well-grounded because we got
after that it didn't in 1494 Rados?aw rational tantric which is exactly how much pronounced therefore well there was already some when Friday here can you run to the end of the road the income of the front so you will typically that that does it was in the in the joke all right there was an inherent in here the beginning of a journal so that gives me no choice but to tell the whole of the beginning of a whole over again are well let's have a lightning talk the reactants are at that
event and a hell of a that time from mistakes next important and 1st of all thank you very much for inviting me here this yeah uh big man family and be congratulations for all
of you have already made a great job this yeah already uh I would like to invite you to go to Poland because not only because a beautiful country and officially I can say we have a seaside because everybody on that if we have this this idea we have quite beautiful seaside anything that and if you go slide we'll buffers you will have you'll like applied to because weather is pretty much the same especially in this inside there are that today I would like to share with you our best practices that practices Maricopa only about 170 people and 120 Python developers is like the biggest software prices of to have edges of the has around Europe and I'm not I'm here not because we are looking for about Lopez but we do it but also because I want to tell you how we do it how would build up in the grid is business and also the laws of the of our existing we encourage collaboration and synergy effects so that's why we don't send people on side there is no possibility that you will work remotely I mean we Maltese our company but we as the company will be multithreaded clients it means that we have 120 people sitting together and the whole knowledge stays in the house so even if you could even if you change accompanying everything what would walking together for a year as basic so this is the 1st of all we have and we have a break the 2nd 1 is that we really live in collaboration and synergy as for example it's like unwritten rule but it's
working in energy would have that 1 woman and of course is the best ever elements like developer they're all scrum master proxy predict on there and it's really hard especially with public aid guy guys you know would help right now about 20 per cent or even 25 per cent of women in our company and also support jungle there coming like that there is something which is like a really important for us maybe not very idea but really really as sentence like our own time recognizes them we rotifer ourselves like very often we don't know and giant like it's not really a deli it's true but it's working so not 100 % lifetime tracking system and our clients and lost every developer connected to system so on 1 side of the voting on the top and stuff like that but also on the other side everything is connected with Germans US 11 minutes of our work is is that it is a not technical person every minute of my work given discovery methods to reflect importance right understand ranking systems the next thing which is like also my guess is like the we are the involvement engage in cooperation with
my clients and we're looking for developer also who want to really build their community inside and doesn't mean that means that you really want to do software that matters and you're looking and now we are in a position that we can choose our clients basically so we're looking also for clients who want to build like long-term partnerships so mostly offering new story looking for people who are also able to commit engaged immediately the in the more than just involved to discuss with you so it's not nice looking mainly for good job maybe not the best paid by the severity of his you on if you want to understand that matters is the 1 really responsible for your life and you wanted to have a conformity or understand to as they flexible and because we have the thing to think about the uh
uh a greater than the development of
Germanic speaker and then after that we're going to have to Due to and this exciting Simon just you have very good and then after that we going have Victorian nearby excellent and go alright so what we have we have like a Russian watchmaker showing friends and the shot picking the best things 1 photos like Greg embrace that 1 so it was a value on the dial and watching what make himself to the back of the store and he said no I think it is all of the break and the 2nd hand and they're like arguing about it I know I know it's great progress and then an outsider down no no it's out of the 2nd hand like they're organ-organ arguing but and they can't come to a conclusion so what they decided that they need an independent third-party adjudicator to come decide for so they get Tina Turner anti-terror comes the shot so parents will take away OK hello my name for this event and also from the exact and the you know what he's FUD add that you can use that technique is used in a proper and then manipulations and when you are feature weights to fear uncertainty and doubt so that you don't even don't judge things that you know further where you Dutch things based on your fears and then
I'm going to talk about how we in how we appears in in IT projects and so maybe an example and that went by
and 3 appeared as there were lots of what people were were talking all he's going to to kill you is bad and so and spine shows that by countries really really good and and but the don't point into and people are slowly going from from 2 to 3 yeah but there was a time of some instantly doubt doubt I went in and we weren't sure that we want to see it that we really wanted the so what about IT projects that no IT project we were going to use the energy and the people were looking on this and where uncertain how we will look like and there was 1 personality in our experience in developing who took a look and and and said that's always going to send them to be overly it's we are going to regret this to at the at the end of our life and yet and all developers just without checking
just to his point of view so as so yeah so we we did
ourselves no one's come to us and and said that all reactions will we just invented the ourselves and that's it most of the and that's how it happened then yet because of the desire of course they only judging you browse through to 1st the 1st page of the tutorial and all it looks weird I don't know it's so I should take it yet afraid of losing conference on and because the realities introduces the of language with which which joins it in some way adjacent HTML you right that that and yes in the same time so it's and it's after utterance new language learn and the and that of course that the course was blind following 1 solution if you are really really had a past solutions is difficult to which the other 1 and treat it and you treat any other solution as an so the result of this was that instead of enjoying a new framework because reactants through opposing framework and I got to know this as a we had we had it is painful I don't know if you ever had a that's a moment in your life I hope not that you force yourself to cold and the it's just because is just because they're they're the the father just because someone told you going to suck and it's it's it's a very terrible and after after some time you get to know this tool and see while it's also like into impressive things with them and that but it's it's it's like you just spend a couple of weeks paid in your job the OK so how to prevent it will get you into the wood fire
and in fact stop stop and discussions uh if you if you will see that someone is a species stocking these things make sure he actually know what he's talking about but yet it's like
it's like a viral infection 1 person starts at the end you fit a he is he is a common respectively in the
other people with that will take his this point point of view uh the OK so what you want to uh going to do if you approach a new but not on the new technology new library new framework just give me the honest tried try to and don't here have because there's nothing to fear after all it's in your head thank you
alright so maybe I should just recap the whole of a joke again just to make sure there is totally on board with a what we think that the of again she moments you the
details OK so where were we we've got an independent third-party adjudicators going to help them to decide between grade liberation and you dark out and part of the 2nd hand and it's Tina Turner deuterostomes up in the shop and she's like what's going on in the like of which I decide what music beautiful objects in the shop is the 1st guys like ah well I think it's great although bracelets and the 2nd guy goes I well I think its value the dialog and and the watchmaker goes 0 I think it's the secondhand T it undergoes a last well that's all I've got to do get to do with it was that's that the the 2nd hand and motion and what the don't don't laugh about because I'll just do more with the purpose of this rewriting doing so everyone is all the rage about I think I also
you will also want to let this entailed by then you will look
into the to communication and is so complicated there's all these futuristic coroutines task and what not and you don't know how to start and then you go to the conference and everyone is like but I wanna show you how to make a 20 million user application would I think I all interstate all it's not for me because it's so hot so I'm gonna show you will as simple as short as the tutorial for zinc ions I won't be doing at 20 million years applications what I will be doing I will be telling Wildcats offline browsing where OK so there's a moment to look at how would read down alters some page with requests requested that great library it's a more confortable that and then you well and here we will we had the downloading from time time has a great API so we can get a day some that describes some blog like here if we want to turn this function into as in currently in we just do this that I almost the same API that request so we only give his decorate our we you from here and there and we use into the instead of requests so that is a quarantine that would take that information about their blogs from neural base and creative and uh after we get this information we can use some other technique that it's as accessible in a single we can delegate our task so we just take and the normal this then we can put some currently is
obviously if we ask you to do is download all the pages in with the also in this book and we use a single away to uh to make
annual a task that would run all these tasks simultaneously and to wait for all of them do the definitive in the same
fashion for every the page we uh we delegate the past 4 the all the all the uh and for the picture is the way we see where we can see that you're all the features are do we want to download some picture we don't have to use Ada they'll have
we can for example they use some external console the dual like w get and we can also communicate with our In
other processes with a single they're like this and with this 3 functions with get almost everything this would download all the pictures so it took me about it I don't know 3 minutes to do so you
all the functions that you that you need to know the diversity of uh simple task like this although that would be a little to good because this would try to simultaneously
download everything so babbler with think you are in the dose and get the the last thing
I can show you we can use a semaphore to limit the limit the tasks that come around is simultaneously and if you want you can and you can see the whole uh the whole script here and I think it's a very good to have a very good
point to start to take some simple task and try to achieve you will see that a single it's very simple a that called is it doesn't get in any into any kind of recall but has always something like this they called who
really this is as saying that it looks like a synchronous simple sequential called
and to it by 3 5 it would be even more even simpler because we will get all this the syntactic things OK and the last thing I would like to ask if there is
someone who who is plays bridge because the 3 of us already and we are looking for
for vessel so if someone would like the player of our recent go back there and and thank you for family and he
has some where from increments look at what the next and that was the most silent transition much of what the reason I show that eliminating
the yellow everybody's favorite topic right so how do you want to
buy country use the modernized to under 6 library or futurize in future and then you pretty much have to go through all your code and understand what it does which is the most hard part of all of this whole thing if you're stuck read
this book it's available online it's pretty good and you have no reason not to put your life on the if you on the other hand have a c extension there is also an easy way to do it reunited like
not or you see if if I if you have bindings to another library this well you also have to understand only code you also have to rewrite and on the language but you will thank me later because it good becomes much shorter much more maintainable and just over all that 0 I yeah it's easy right the problem is that you will have some people on your team saying have quite Python 3 why do you have this 6 library we don't have and we don't want another giant dependency in our project so sometimes by comes reporting for Python goes like this you introduce some small specific wrappers that that just the the ones you need for your project as small there's little magic involved but then your library grows because you need more and more and then you realize you have just reimplemented half of 6 very badly so if you introduce 6 Europe
compatibility layers strings into a tiny adaptation life library and the next time maybe we'll start with 6 from the beginning when he if
other people on your project I don't like site on and you have to convergency extension well there the situation is a bit worse because so you still can start with a with writing these these little compatibility macros and and you will realize that most of these are very simple you just need to you know the the dots and know what they do and
it would be really good if there was a you know collaboratively maintained collection of these macros meaning for reporting C extensions so if you're ever in that situation you're in like because open-source my collection and it's pretty complete and it also comes with the very extensive reporting guide so if you want to you know if you have a c extension to port and you for some reason can to psychology of affine then go to P 3 c . 3 the Dogs and follow the tutorial and that's it's explaining pretty nicely there I think if you find any bugs then send a pull request thanks
finally fantastic and you go
so we're almost at the end of our time find might be the last 1 like who by vote would like to have more lightning talks and carry on for an extra 10 15 minutes by applause of the of of by applause rather get out of here get out of there are going to the shower whatever is going to be I think that's about the extension that organizes all we actually allowed to hang around in here for any longer I mean there's democracy and then there's the overriding force of the US Government Palace of Congresses yes because they a are tense aspect so so we have to find all streamlined also like talk to dig at off of 6 to about 640 thing tree have like basically will work we have like a voting system and most of let's say corticospinal make another decision or don't do you I said what I did a joke about a pirate program walks into a ball where we really had that to the fact that you should provide more
rejecting the audience wants to tell 1 that the we could sing a little song
to tell the the politics of the the the only thing we have setting up his attitude isn't grains and we'll have on these sorts of things so I thought like with the whole attend another really long there's 1 about a guy who's really into tractors who knows this 1 and
it's red like they show you 1 element of a list of all this check it takes about 20 I I have no idea what I I have no idea why weights it reduced to that of
a year ago yeah uh and going to give it a go and say 0 I found 9 hairs uh so need
I have heard this conference really great inspiring talk about a wonderful and I thought that's hanging out jump on the bandwagon and have a very similar talk as as a lightning talk and maybe you will maybe recognize which you wish that I'm referring to so it's a story it's a story about
the the the forest of technology and and where the the beginning wisest make called for a meeting called all animals low to the meeting and terms but
also the little mouse wanted to go and when the mouse reached the the forest uh there
were all kind of badges are on lots and lots of pages actually all in in the last years there were more than a thousand pages around 2 and that is really a scary lot in itself but badges themselves are
scary what you don't see is that badges have a really huge brain they think know everything and whatever they say it's really smart and the mouse is completely intimidated by them but I like this girl the mouse can easily adapt and just put on some black stripes mingle with but with the badges and and they the only problem is that the mouse simply doesn't bear to talk to those badges so and this growth of SAT and it says that that he uh and the most look like to help but the thing is the most was never really good in talking to use crow's feet especially because the most things that's gross are a great with these these great fluffy tails you don't see that it's a so fluffy there and and so so the mouse rather high in in the little mouse hole as mouse to uh now the square of memos is very happy to see that this squirrels are uniting and they have become happy that makes us happy about that and but when the most looks around it sees only branches prejudices everywhere another thing about the mouse is that the mouse and is is too shy doesn't even want to to to build some group and and participate in the public groups so that that that simply wouldn't be a solution so so the thing is that in the end the mouse goes home again and is thinking about all the great talks all the great public talks that the most attended to but it really regrets the little
bit that the the person talks were a little bit on the low side uh so what's
the moral of the story we didn't have such a nice ending and at this phase I want to say that but I am 1 of these mice and when I'm outside in the in the coffee area or in the lunch uh at the lunch time I'm just standing there and I simply do not dare to to to to approach other people and I think this Chinese is something that technical people have in general and definitely not the only 1 and it's not a general thing so the so a if if I were to suggest a solution that let's play a game uh it would be a symbolized break again for example uh that the task is to to seek a person of certain characteristics so you have kind of an excuse to go around and talk to random people and of course it should be all although all very nice and low so if somebody doesn't want to participate in this this just doesn't want to play the game and you can just say no I am not participating in the form of 10 this much more efforts in this part of the whole of we can do better than that no no
no I'm not going to make dating agency of it's and that's not at all what I mean if it if it if it so but but the nice thing would be and that that's why I'm I'm calling out in this like talk it if lots of people would possibly participate because my stone there and and if it's the thing where where where you identify yourself as the most pleasant participating in this game then that defeats the purpose in way so I hope uh if I can get
some help I'm I'm not going to do this all alone but if I get some help um talk to me today if you will influence the future 1 to have an influence that the game plan is a little bit unripe still not not very mature so so come to me and and let's let's figure out what we're going to do then then tomorrow or maybe it's during breakfast some volunteers would come to me and say during the 1st coffee break and the last of the great we could we could have a shot of the game that would be really great and I think that's it uh the but if you want you
want people to come and try and find you and I give suggestions for the game where should they find you Mr.
philosophical after after the lightning talks I'll hang around in the in the front area on people will justify the engines OK cool thanks thanks very much all right I
think that the formal lighting talk whatever here 10 . 3 C pi content but you can find
so those ones this guy who is really really and subtracted who knows this joke are you in such trouble OK so he's really into tractors you extract is an attractive cool right and so he's got life lots of our pictures of tractors and he's got model tractors has got a Lego tractors he's got subscriptions to agricultural magazines he's got subscriptions to track specific magazines he writes to attract a company's against to send them brochure lost pretending to be a person lots of factors and so he's just January really and attractive it just so happens that the euro Python of tractor conferences comes to his hometown the take away I might yes excellent I think that was you like conferences conferences a
year maybe like Tyson and conferences because we have something that's called placement conference and will be humble Justin less than 2 months in September of so we are all
invited to come there so who of you knows what I'm conferences this is the group that I need to explain what conferences so let's among conference is similar conference to conference but we don't have like a preset schedule we have no uh no call for full talks and speaks in something that's not least
because it doesn't use that the talk on the day in the morning and just have to convince audiences that the probably good and then there will be some kind of voting for the course and then uh people can have the talks
directly these talks a little more casual than this official talks more discussions and some of them people we prefer this kind of stuff to the moment conference of a but it's very interesting so if you don't know what it is you're invited to try yourself and come from uh last year where the 1st hurdle in 2014 it more than the people and was a lot of discussions there and look like that and I think was a great outcomes of the conference and people 1 to have more so we have more this year
and this year we expect but probably the size of the conference and should be even better than last
year possible and it will be the biggest price he meant in 2015 injuries of if you ever wanna see humble common the 2nd biggest city in Germany so common symbols of the Knights city saw statement that the form that the program is very simple so that 1 day the 1st days that could the training open space spring so they have to train is already up and there's a lot of space to have open spaces into some and then over the weekend um something Sunday they have talks and I should mention very moderately priced the the presence very very moderate prices so pretty affordable and then the conference itself and talks are interesting to have keynotes so that the different units which are all set that the only thing that that the residents open so
everyone has a chance to talk the you can come as it in the but you also look for sponsors so if you want reach out to the the present
community of people that doubling and homework you can come and find some time and there's also be met some special equipment options so if you look
for people to comment you have a job off and the have interview from but it's a well and this will be as we believe that
website so you go there that's in the and unconference upside every single in English and in German so you can have these talks all German talks so that would prefer figure out
the next we have 3 Python tips and tricks by Mark Smith and also that is Jacob somewhere in the range of about laying yes very good to and you go all right where where we yeah the tractor conference the biggest tractor conference was coming to town and so on this diet is is really into the tractors is really excited about this like he gets is taking away early on the early these um
he's selling reading of about a conference to subscribe to the blog diesel tweeting at them like the conference days getting closer and closer is getting more more excited like he hears about what like exhibits a the what contractors again and the there this amazing fact is that he's always wanted to see and that he's always come up the conference day you ready to go mark different where
like about lower the Vandal you can see that the I and invited to 15 years I've and lots of
things so I threw a report on some 3 things that I know that you probably don't it or useful things that will serve a useful tip number 1 and this is something you did know this is nonsense and you're wondering why the governments Simpson on the screen and it's it's interesting because of commonsense and is also known as the arts and there was probably not immediately obvious is that's more Simpson ask you
about valid point compared so this is something that I know this is what your mind and then you can once users and all your code so I'm going to suggest
that we add this to this and the place of the input this we decided to minimize the let's just assume that someone useful tip
number to get back at his their regular
expressions so you're looking at this you thinking more about this in Python code that's not gonna work now this is better than point encode this is poker have this is the 2nd talk about Europe within which has involved slowly with help of the stream of myself fine warning and so what you like to say is that this is not love code here this is great define a variable called dollar a with the the uh mine keywords and all variables in the begin with the goal of all the known list of things anyway and that's that's most consistent so we know that is uh and then we we we all matching the contents of that string against the regular expression and what happens on in inside the estate he would printing this out as a back slash and at the end so the pole doesn't just stick 1 break when you print stuff out of which more explicit about PO more like following the place and this is not the inside this during the gun magic 1 variable that was just failed when we run regular expressions as 1 variable in southern scope but it was it was set by the regular expression is just just meant that and so the this is the would be equivalent in Python
you see this is terrible this is this is this is following lines of code and that's 3 lines code that makes the code meaning twice as good as the fact that that we've got an import statement at the top and I think we can all agree that namespaces of an experiment that never worked with additional and just extra code we don't want that and in the regular expression we we run the search with regular expression and string and we have to sign that a very
1st it's really annoying because is inside the if statement doesn't is magically create any variables and then we have to test with much is
known or not and if it is known then we can we can extract the Greek printed out of the whole point of the storing the and the large that's you would to uh so we have magic
search through the regular expression against a string and on the next 1 we have this magic magic variable could S 0 that's been created forest and I can call it the 0 because witnesses in so and prevent news and more than you do this unusually because its moment of
intellectual and I have a lot of whatsoever on a regular expression and and then we start going up stack frame so food and people who are quite experienced with me every time the function is called and the variables for the for the function that called for the other function is stored away in this in this fact but we have to go up static input variables we can modify that I found out to be quite a while to with the this there is a book in this code if I have enough time I'm going to show you how to fix this fix it if you want to call from function and so you're probably thinking like that's pretty
horrible code I heard people kind grown movement through the screen and but it's runs to that date this is pathetic it's
OK to use this includes the effect of a useful set number 3 they can't wait so
millions of their OK I mean types alright I quite like types and so the usage of a program quite experienced touch uh say that that's fine if you have a brilliant anyone's want to test this it's it's OK sometimes you don't have believe sometimes you got strain and patents quite good I mean this works so this is fine but unfortunately this also works so this is an ideal so it creates the library called H duties I so if we subtract this from a oblivion mothers drove and we can enter as obviously the standard cases welcoming you'd expect this to work be true false which also works with the strings to reinforce it
works with slang but they worked best friends and it was United
I think I think we can all agree that this really should people call Python on that MIT has for it and we will get an in school quite so I hope you find this useful and if you're interested in using this code of thing I am CDT get of itself and you can compare check out was repository of its goal was most often metasomatic processes or some time and the incident will request smaller groups of great
and theft
and the because of that it's all I was quite something almost as good as attractive so we also
got Brecht Matthews the difference that we might right vesicles at it and then go so attracted conferences comes down the track today's finally that but he's really excited all attracted he gets there by 3 hours before it's due to start to make sure he is the 1st in line to get into the conference venue before anybody else he gets his bad he gets in there it's amazing gas world of tractors is very much like a Python conference to a Python person and the for the purpose of the joke you have to square that'll something and stuff out so so so here is the hero attractors allow the amazing here's 1 here that 1 that once and nodes in the back of his mind but there's a particular track to these really looking forward to see that there's a known you John did gigantic modal that's as big as well as mining trucks it's got wheels that a higher than your your head up and sees wandering around through constants and we can hardly contain his excitement he gets to Osage understand the sees tractor and sure enough it is the most amazing tractor he's ever seen from and he's looking up and there's no 1 around just to kill glory of distractors there and you can reach out and almost touch it almost but not quite as as a little velvet ropes musical can't quite touch the tractor come all this way so I can just feel you know and nike's that you and is that there is no 1 looking and he may be things what if I just but on the the velvet rope they're just making quickly just justice 91 this anonymous inner city just on his the for he touches the tired tractor and my discussion of this through the cycle while and they notices I can easily so just majors just rubbing his hand over and he comes to the door of the tractor and he's like his hand is just resting on the on the on the door handle and sinking well this check the opens not locked doors coming from these like you just takes a step back is like I like I you know come on a provision but by this point you know you across the boundaries and is like what but I just artifacts feel would like to see in the cabinet distractor I of love all my life this is the most amazing factor just lost in the cabinet they look around climbs up the little steps of the tractor and it gets into cavernous feels like the Lord of the universe like distractors is amazing it's stupendous so it's Jacob he is he ready to give a talk here operating reading of
the active attitude so now we go from foster the mildly entertaining
Irish encountered the problem last week and
I work on a project where we installed point of sales service in stores all over the world and we do that from a data center in Finland where we have a server and last week we had a problem with the server when we were installing and stores in Great Britain because the server has about a viewers bytes of memory and this memory is all the eaten when we're running the install no this
is a rather simple processes we have a day
which reads a config file and then it loops forever waiting for Hello messages for from machines ready to install and then it's forms of the task doing the the actual installed very very simple why is it eating all the memory of my machine so I start the analyzing this problem and I found that might config file was not entirely small it was 165 thousand light i need about 200 of these lines so this seems to be at the start of the problem so
I started testing so I wrote a test script with
what's in fact there is actually what we're testing we're importing this files of conflict and then before we looked at the contents and how much memory I'm using up and then after we're looking at how much much memory amusing and the results there are other
interesting 1st of all this takes about half a minute to run and
after are my impose my system uses about 3 and a half gigabytes of memory and I have a data structure which is about the 32 megabytes the but what is the system still choked after on the input well it turns out Python processes do not to give back the memory to the system and this is a long running process so it keeps those 4 gigabytes of memory until we restart when it reads the commentary and and keeps for gigabytes of RAM memory and of course the task of installing a new machine does exactly the same it starts by reading the config file it uses
up for your bytes of memory and then he does the config again stock but it means I can install 1 machine at a time but otherwise I'm totally out of memory on the system and I think that learning to take home from this it is don't blindly trusts and your 3rd party software and once you are encountering problems like this they're actually easy to solve because we can split this config file into many and then the problem is gone but how many here
people here are actually new that there a Python process does not give back memory so all what not that only we might learn something else new under some circumstances it will do that under this circumstance stance in that it does not OK thank you the suffered
a idea go I love all of the atoms talks they are the
pace and delivery of the voice just makes you feel like you're in safe hands what are you going practices you go use and we have let me see 2 more lightning talks after breakfast so shall we finish them all by applause was Romeo and suppose that worthless go early the OK but again this is where the race away looks like it just never is desperate to find out about tractor what would happen if I didn't get to the end of the just before he and the lightning talks my that would be frustrating was given no no I give my time absolutely what I don't think anyone I give up rights I'm absolutely not all I attract a lowered everyone would like
to introduce running time it's a project that we're working on a possible here's uh actually I'm giving a talk about this and privately um but since it's on Friday there's perhaps a little time to receive some feedback on the and this a lightning talk that so it's not just a shameless way to promote my talk it's this and other purposes it so keep it short at
least 1 is running time it's said something that's very similar to allow taking used
so compiled documents in this case to uh it's written in pure python it's very few dependent the dependency so you can use it in all the projects so easily uh for people that's Arnold's familiar with the uh they should be in the description of a right at that comes this things builders that means you can create a PDF from your on arts things documentation projects it comes with a service users like style sheets of searching the easy to use for people think pretty much everyone was used to using is you can use document templates just like an outage to determine how the documents the life or what the document looks like Indian um and because of the simple fact that it's written by tend to be much easier to customize when you compare 2 texts Michael language current status cypher released the 1st version of a couple of weeks ago uh I call it it's a near near beta so it implements already a lot of the stuff that loutish provides including columns automatic table-of-contents generated footnotes floating tables and figures are also supported 1 major thing that is still missing are equations uh so if you were required that you should wait a little longer also it's selecting documentation however there is a readme included uh so if you want to try it out on what's refer to that 1 and I'm afraid I will to do lots of testing and but fixed also I will soon release new versions this 1 will have nearly complete things support for example it's kind the Sphinx source insists on documentation which seems to use most of the uh the stuff support things and it also comes with the prettiest I achieve that the 1 that is included in the
1st release so if you're interested in this project and like to invite you to come to my talk
on Friday of 13 and this room uh if you want to search for more information on the internet make sure you get a spelling corrector age it's not that in the location where you expect that and you can take a picture of these euros for future reference points or anyone that wants to
leave the room is desperate for the bathroom or whatever is be so great
walk out while I'm talking that's unnatural understandable reaction and but it's less embarrassing for the speaker them all that talking so it is a good moment to run off if you're desperate to do so but right now we would likely be he's a court browser by 1 yeah yeah you have that probably I'm sorry and ruin encode browser is is you find that as the after that I've got gender hands on why I love the data get to optimize things colonists on OK maybe at we might even have free will and some ways 1 is a bit controversial find so we're already everyone I think we're where an attractor right like he's climbed into the tractor is he's sitting in the driving seat it's the most thrilling thing that he's ever done and then he notices but the key is in the admissions and like he's already like cross Baroness crossed another barrier and so things come on just got started this is this is by how many times has that happened to me in my life so he reaches down they turns on the ignition attractive he just wants to have an outside sound the engine and the sound the engine is like the rumbling of vowels and the horses of thunder and he is he's going away by bias and he's thrilled the vibrations shaking him and he's at this point going back to our but from it's all become overwhelming for him is like getting into the gearshift he's putting in India and sorry and ready to give it to all of them were the so high
I'm writing a browser and that and pi so by now you probably think I'm crazy and not entirely wrong but actually have good reasons I believe so that so there are
3 big browsers at the moment well let's say something but I
want to win like a k minus in my browser and want to be
able to click links but people there are some projects for artists like a immune for Chrome but that is really integrated well so it doesn't it didn't feel like for me there are
also some Firefox things like and that to but maybe and imperator what 5 really got worse and worse in my opinion lately and now they're doing things like integration of third-party services to get some money which I don't really agree with so stopped using that as well and
then there are all those minimal browsers like DWT there be you look it's usable and some others which are also used for some months but most of them are due to maintain anymore and all of them use the
deprecated version of lecture 2 replicates due
so that was the usual experience them crashing
so yeah I did my grandmother Rosa at beginning think I take my
favorite tools that's Piketon shoots and currently and there is like a
1 and a half year earlier later on ever come on line
with a really nice about the completion I can click my
links with the keyboard like and want to and it works some pretty much
everything it's effects of a little bit the worse on their beyond and want to because the that those of ancient worsened questions of cute love interesting not anymore actually and it works very well on other operating systems with recent versions of them there are some things I learned it's like a very good idea to folks and clean coltan market userbox also easy because that will get you a lot of contributors and march to the hundreds of requests the recently and write tests because before it's too late because now I'm doing very much boring work of writing tests which had been done because it took off more than I really expected so that we can
find out more on q browser or there's an ISI channel on
freenode you can reach me at me and the component of the thank you
again next we have uh I show this only the the gym and where Jenna German coming
or and then you know that after that we have 1 final sideways told which is called debugging hot found a suspect that section and the thing thing that has become way to find out can you is that have time to finish the tractor joke in this session is again at the end of the all 1 that spills over to the next day this set so I wanted to give the debugging talk this somewhere in the interior case that the history of Europe's digital but if I have a seat during done and all right it's looking a lot like there is going be time for the individual or is there another 10 minutes left in the general let's find out after journalist talk of the students but only
because they were allowed hi I'm German
and I'm a developer and it's being don't 1 minute and 47 seconds which lost touch a line of code to have spent 7 months working on hacker websites and that there is about 140 days I got to enjoy about 3 of them there is danger that I
got to optimize I can and usually what the agencies short time scales we're going to work is the only thing that matters but programming isn't just a job for me it is across it's about problem-solving which I do enjoy it but it's also is about building something effect efficient well architected and B is the part of my brain that writes code is is the same part of my brain that prose as the rhythm of flow we even way to good candidate where take something that works slowly and they make it lightning-fast that is not only an enjoyable challenge it is the pinnacle of my skills and not just occur monkey mashing buttons when I'm optimizing I'm an engineer something I love doing what is right in this talk I came up with a few ideas for trying some problems that to to try for some problems of the working on and had to stop myself from implementing them there and then right to optimize later unless you living on the event horizon of a black hole time matters to you be users waiting for a website response or deep analysis across giant datasets time is
directly related to your AWS bill the I'd
like which of 2 jump difference so I'd like to introduce you to my latest and ongoing obsession table space program then if anybody has come across it if you have to have a if you haven't stayed away the less than Minecraft and telling you know when I got started I was experimentally around and I sent out coming into space but in the early design and he got stuck up there unfortunately is actually view of the orbit but he was in not too high but unfortunately he doesn't have any fuel get back home so being a little bit excessive I decided on the solvent undergo back up find way of getting back home again so I thought site design a ship to do it so 1st the 1st iteration walls this look at everything I did wrong the 1st crossed but in lots lots redundancies lots of all backup systems and this is what
came up with it's like overkill in the design because this ship doesn't care about auto
mechanics it left the Earth-Moon system without making any course corrections so I slightly overdid it but I thought what was the original problem all you need when you're this is bill was was just something so small low field to slowly the sorry so what I wanted to do was I wanted to fix that original problem but what I did was build a small probe that was also mated with a deceleration engine and if you look at the size to scale addition this is the optimized solution smaller so what is this 1 that was that has this relate coding I want to share just sort of like 3 Top Tips when you're getting around to optimizing your code at the
1st 1 surprisingly is don't optimize your code I have made this mistake in the past and I see it happening time and time again people get stock and trying to write efficient code 1st before of all they got it working and it doesn't work it would be what you will get stuck you get frustrated the 1st draft the 1st thing you right make it work then right then come back on optimising and over time as you get better and you get better what you 1st class or will be more more efficient natural what right now is probably more optimize over my 1st also probably more optimized the 1st brought the optimized versions of things as writing 5 6 years ago but still get it working for us next thing being evil what what this refers to it is when you're dealing with your whatever we're working on the what journey doing what generally this refers only dealing with a dataset can as the larger possible based as you can when I was I
1st of all of us during this talk I was talking about any our 6 page right 3rd what was using social media data so went out captured days worth of the top Twitter hashtags this kind of my original idea work quite well on small sets and used didn't work so well when you're dealing with hundreds and hundreds of thousands of the items deal with and the final thing technically speaking I just wanted to break things up here because it's actually break things apart always try and take what you tried it will always try and take the problem and break into a small individual pieces as possible so in wireless 6 page was running it was actually 20 different statistics I was generated and some of them were happening that so there's no point in wasting wasting your time doing that all so In conclusion um when tries to optimize them to optimize the evil and breaking the much so the standard edition on
the engine is going and he's just going completely crazy at this point it gets slammed
down accelerator these driven the tracked all fit standard across the purple barrier he smashed it through some other conference exhibits and stand these crashed into a knowledge factor these driven it through a wall of the conference center and like the police and the National Guard cold out to stop him on his murderous crazy tractor rampage movie dollars and no animals were harmed in the making this job and so he called by the police is given a massive of you know like a suspended sentence and he sent home and we get back from jail or whatever it is you just get we look at his life and he goes like that that's attractive I got a call an obsession that it goes to fall was overdone it I think I just have to contract is that 1 so kind of with a heavy heart that knowledge that this is what he has to do he goes and gets all of these pictures and posters attractors and he takes Sinatra's backyard he gets all his moral factors on reading OK moral tractors staggered get to a good way to break any tiles not in a big bonfire is God when you hear the rest of the story a little bit later little since this is the line until the final 1 is going to be smaller than I would like to arrive the surface of a cell and I want to give a talk about the body and self and I'm going to and from the embarrassing year I'm going to do it lies in moment so I'm going to be a millionaire In the tracing tool that dividing tool and because of and when the body shouldn't that no driver and stuff shouldn't guest see what's going on
Traceries quite useful so but but the set up here so 1 day a person comes in on 3 nodes on by being on the channel and asks a lot something that my package cannot build the we'll get the final funding and when the package and the manifest is OK is set up by by the period of the has going on so can actually check out this is a new project in London you
and 1 and he said no he said that the bill command so the boundaries and then this year down at all the following year on
the use of a given size we got want to be in OK so you see if you think this is the only what the hell is going on here so it seems that some the many libraries that are involved in in creating the wheel someone there is an exception and I that it gets discarded don't get the message you mean that that's not useful I mean you can't figure out what's wrong so what
and the connected with this tracing tool with the environment variable so this is contractor the libraries called hunter mother and her right
of the event so it's going trace everything and then and then the command here and then going is based here in in guessing at times of use the staff in any of the about the regular expressions right from the start this so and I had the and then if you look here I mean you can have filters with that with the call something here on command
line can always specify lend us and this is very bad and can this in the the finally at the current
of the the the the the that real had will of the I don't want the s we are in the in in the module and and the marginal we have all the move all along the the case and that's a problem with that with that there was a I knew it was
wrong with exists it's boring
right so all of you go home this and analysis will I'd say see the rest of the exceptions I mean it's like 10 seconds to go on and on and on the use case the fella let's look what's going on here OK because the the the exits stuff from this is gonna
be you don't OK some right confusing right but you
see here that we have some some exceptions here the allowing you what what's going on here on my lots of exceptions such what we we would we go we go and see it around here and that always there are there's something interesting here is that these we'll there is a subgraph is being called what always and view we'll we'll people was all this all on should you know we should you know just share I'm going to use the history in which it what would be the male gaze this something on environment and health care of the dead so I walk on my machine about what the end of the year and then a move said is known and then on the ontogenesis caring about when you look at that kind the of data that was all basically for feedback on this tool because they know that the API square
variants cancel so I mean if if you interested in some of the stuff I mean come talk to me all right online and I think that
the underlying intelligence around coming along and we please give another massive and all of us because and yourselves you view all your life you have to to you will have to the
reality is getting ready to go