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3D and education

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3D and education
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Odile Meulien was born in France, after studying sociology and doing research on the new form of artistic expression with the art Historian René Huyghe at IPPAC in Paris, she created and managed the Museum of Holography of the Art, Science and Technology Institute, ASTI in Washington DC. She published many papers on the Holographic arts and perception. She collaborated at the Launch of Digital Holography as a CEO of Syn4D in Germany, and now conducts her doctoral research in anthropology and Holography at the University of Strasbourg. Contact: om@artbridge.info – www.artbridge.info Today the industry offers a chain of 3D products. Learning to “read” and to “create in 3D” becomes an issue of education of primary importance. 25 years professional experience in France, the United States and Germany, Odile Meulien set up a personal method of initiation to 3D creation that entails the spatial/temporal experience of the holographic visual. She will present the different tools and techniques used for this learning, their advantages and disadvantages, programs and issues of educational policies, constraints and expectations related to the development of new techniques for 3D imaging. . Although the creation of display holograms is very much reduced compared to the creation of the 90ies, the holographic concept is spreading in all scientific, social, and artistic activities of our present time.