Yuri Denisyuk

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Yuri Denisyuk
Scientist, Colleague and Friend
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Yuri Denisyuk: Scientist, Colleague and Friend
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generated perfect presentation URI and I'll just make a short reference longtime friendship move touch much of scientific development we have been friends for a long time friend don't talk about science much analytical to the left and that's what we 1st time I met him in 1980 1972 when we we're attending the computers were conference and this incredible man was in very tight stuff on the scientific in his scientific attitude to whatever review report and it was interesting to see in Canada and have dreams sitting in a chair and all of a sudden the splash would you say can repeat this again so you have a point here is that he doesn't with all its detail that you're developing analysts and that he here these with tough question and is how you was whether his friend or not is very popular comes the science but what I wanted
to do I want to touch things that not very much known because the relative a gossips and rumors about inspiration that people from different sources where it came from how we consider this idea even say we know pretty well from how he moved gradually from rights are to holography it was not absolutely everything issue because he was not In a sorry he was in that space the related programs very military and security program this state optical Institute but definitely not as tight as they are in a book that heroes there is a reference to increases on the way from formation and you read that carefully you will see that word so that he could have been used for a better understanding of how that object is reproduced by the way and away from the is basically the colony it's unbelievable that was written in the 1st century BC and then used to to grab the pizza fortunately the time student education in Latin and probably best in sparking to some extent although he mentioned in a book in another article in my life and holography that a well known fiction writer you want a friend and you can see in here I gave him some insights element of holography to read this carefully and you will see that from this paragraph you see these from holography explanation remind it was written in 1944 even before the war although good war was absolutely unknown in the Soviet school and to late 50 years of the late sixties I'm sort 65 66 the field of holography was really unknown then who was working in obscure field and that is why he was so badly criticized because people have been specifically in optical Institute it seems to be logical and reasonable that people will believe in that particular institute that something new he created no no way they actually want to explore and see if he is these mandates mentally health you can imagine the pressure to use the word there will different species in the aspect of the nature of the country his father in law who was a Jewish man all that just really phoneme under very heavy pressure in addition to that much later when already he was well recognized in 1 of his papers he mentioned many and provide you with the Soviet economic regime we call this sort of pressure lending was not very well respected by academicians fortunately but they contribute to forgive him that when I talk to human and I we met many times and which spend long time involved in Colombia working together in several projects and asking whether believe linear and what was the reason you're not a political figure you're not a member of the party's why did you need to do so and he said that glutaric not as a good student and everybody had to do that I read Lenin's papers and 1 of them really came back to me with this idea so it's a combination you don't say states came from creases it came from a family or from linear it's a combination of strangely enough I like to come
back to little bit and see his vision where he came from because he was real upset when people call it to be and holography imagine you have a lens that in that light and all of the objects that we believe you need to create the image with only 1 sister Daisuke idea is much broader what he recorded what he as he
saw in these layers of the wavefront that he wanted to froze his explanation would be let me keep it in a frozen blocks Freeze the way from bringing into the work area and then release and this way front of road run again no matter which direction you take this way you will receive a reflection you will receive a transmission you will receive it got 1 so he was much broader and he fundamentally see much difference believe it or not his vision of holography was so deep that sometimes it was difficult to argue with him because he would do he would be true if you steps beyond and above he was really his his understanding was just remarkable and that is why
when you come back to that and you read again this small that's his portraits histogram you really see that phrase from you from and read it carefully you will see this enormous size this lesson of the eyes and he's in however so that's him that's his vision and replication of vision of others in the whole refuted so he became and thanks again I meant that the life is different in life is really strange I believe due to the strong arguments in United States who really initiated holography or ritualized it's a good initial became known for holography became extremely popular and I remember the war the joke that Winston coke once said know appears in Winter School of Philosophy we had a slight today from j when 1 the lady from Australia believed an exotic dancer In Russian holography color means new so we call it you go graffiti and that is why probably became so popular exegetical growth but yet many let's work it was it was easy material existed and 1 of the music
remained and this is a conference and the and that in nineteen eighty nine if you look carefully there's always because then used flash you don't see his face you don't see the emergence of bonds where both spoil the film and you will not see me it said it's the nature of my secret work they called me you said that that would be here you will see a lot of new faces years later I learned how to make it you need to have either glass of when you apply for a German woman works
well so you can see world did you use then there are k of where the nicest nicest them with any initial goal was guy think he was a man who will mostly concentrate around longer different fields he was so much excited about this field he couldn't he couldn't shift the any other he would do white holography on some area and it will be constantly whether it's not you would see him talking to to to to people who you would think in talking to for instance in this picture in the upper 1 or other conference chair still thinking about that and what they see you will see
the chain of the pictures of different time a different it's a rare 1 when we see Daisuke and Amit in the same quarter I believe it's too late for us it's only a portion yeah it's an opinion points here so we really enjoyed having been in touch with him and
he was for a long time he was a very good friend and I enjoyed his friendship and he remained very often this close to the future I had to talk last time I took the human we learned that mn faster when we were preparing a special issue of holography instead journals it's student preparation we discussed this what who put together because he would have a hard time to do it by himself he was not very well and that's the last time I don't think human next thing so there he got sick and then interim much