Ultra-fine-grain emulsions and the SilverCross project

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Ultra-fine-grain emulsions and the SilverCross project

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Ultra-fine-grain emulsions and the SilverCross project
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the where the morning everybody my name is London was merely I'm busy student in manually and symbol and that and they might is the unification of well-defined various most important focal of holography my supervisor so made for use in concert the idea and also members of the group I it a cross B and died in we decided to adopt this presentation so that you know what the other we have better this period there those about called
colorful filmography briefly and then discuss about submitted like another materials uh gotham emulsification and so you that is also discuss and hopefully there will be time to have some questions goal of a lot of it
is the most advanced thing that's technique known to science not only because the date but chemical caller quite accurately accurately enough the
the possibilities of colorful of and in the speckle holograph can be useful advertising deleting the transition from medical model applications conventional calligraphy itself Lagrange and the thing of the future of color holographic optical
elements 808 I have become increasingly important and it would be great advantage if we can have a full color version of displaced photographic lenses and mirrors color holographic it's
a very demanding imaging technique requires a very high resolution material side effects and efficiency if I give you this possible but there are quite a few materials out there that can be used for colorful events for the point was quite good but they have low sensitivity and then difficult to talk right state also decrement energy have low sensitivity I sometimes very difficult handle for those is that since it is a two-dimensional material and for the 5 K sources were cited losses due to their very expensive and very from 5
on the other hand cigarette highlight is the most promising material for from Color applications has high sensitivity analysis of the finding materials high diffraction efficiency resolving power of low cost and with that didn't work to recover from color although there are some flaws will here like the most important 1 is the scattering of the blue light and from the silver halide crystals limited municipal numerous response and the word processing the first one is the most significant 1 what happens when you light he's if the grains as in the case of some 5 months it was cut
and it will cause noise this example here the most air with few pieces the 1st thing to have on a glass plate the 2nd is to have a glass there would have a glass there was a fundamental tenet that and the last so that the final whatever the synonymy and with the help of scattering takes place when we illuminate with blue laser all his will be recorded this noise in the final quality and as we are not able to be called blue hologram's will not be able to go what color photographs as well it's a very significant problem it's the most important role of here to him
that have been used for the past 150 years for for the graphic applications and it is I don't think that at the moment that not available commercially available that will to find cases where here like material there are a few and the and celebrities but have some of the best by their virus by variations from but let's not make less ideas on designed to produce some very good plates and but then that produces bottom scale and there is then a distributed and colorful graphics on the other hand if we do produce 1 from what the where I thought I call that any for this is manufactured it another never produce with defined in Materials we had this goal of a lot
of it desperately needs and the flanking so the hell material that's going to be robust reproducible and the gross project aims so that they to tackle the problem she would have project as Nietzsche said it was that it seemed European political discourse about a couple of years ago and there so their partners V together with us and now the the components of from UK cluster but from the define intra-societal from general and I've government
publication as we make the mountains here in general we can now about it there must be Jason and 3 servers separate stages the precipitation states there wasn't states and the coating states universe at this
stage the 4 main ingredients are added together but the symbol might decide that that highlights and to the 1980 this also soon all of them for the graphical so that but
this this is this the most important states and you have to be very careful control should be very active as accurate but that's a chemical and mixed together in order to achieve the findings must a by the way this works certainly be tolerant of the taken from the beginning of the further the moment that we use bonds other time where using a specially created the funds where the where the space in the liquid in a certain way often a
precipitation states that we place the mountain into a the they called templates minus standard 554 hours and mustn't trees then we remove it from the low attendance and Willard related to fall for about 12 hours and that's essentially the miacin was itself in its own water vexes what strain out and he said my and coating and
necessary to liquid slowly uh think that for the degrees to and Africa and to discover the ripening and that once this will result in then treated spectral so is a sort of having takes place and we're going to
have few places at its but said we don't have that machines would do it manually and we dispense about a candidate must fall by 5 plate using changes stop word in a bubble and and then using gravity was spread the film on the plate and it said it's a difficult technique and the better the result depends on the extent of the person performing the coding cannot be used and of course but for the case for the masses of medicines alright and if I can
go through the discussion results this because it's a 2 year project at the moment I would have about 6 months ago and we keep on developing and testing of an hour bacteria and we have a very good progress of now Monnet to recorded photographs he assumed that the politicians and by the goal of tolerance and by the way if anybody's interested later on like in the states some samples of Pyramus and some tolerance yeah you some the
and spectrograms of to took were taken from some from time to time just stick with the grain size is within that they're not only the events that we're looking at it and all the columns themselves they can say that because they scattered free embedded right but as you can see that from the pieces of the crystals that denominator uh another thing we did was we sent samples of amounts into the mining process Lionel and he started according with his must for decrement editing and to see whether there are a monster can be I put at professional users must scenes that would be a very interesting kids want to scale up and going to industrial states and there is also a very promising they must encodes their on using those kinds of questions as
it's a project that still goes on and we're still working on that uh although we have right for the so that want of the moment would like you to beating the speed and working Thomas that direction yeah and also we are trying to come up with a plan uh about felt scale-out and going into the industrial and level but so the the fault of so they can
probably too fast and then the spread of the 4 questions to the end the without the rights of use in and will come from and right sure that this is thing to do is you in mind I also have 1 thing in the imaging is passed by this is the I was talking about the collective work of the group working on some of the most and everybody's contribution is to be properly registered and credited which the question I know that it is the prices she a missionary 1 time that you freeze the motion in what part of this 1st of all to begin with in order to produce findings mountains and we find that we to dilute the initial utility makes quite a lot and then afterward phase precipitation that commonsense not cannot be caught it's true that so we define the way to the end of the water from the mountains in the most efficient way to do it by freezing and thawing after all is what it will grow out its long with all the products and all the unwanted insults you want to also otherwise you can do other things like this was with whatever flat the and or other techniques but we found that 3 and following also was a mountain and get it it's a very accessible to have done you get the masses in so look at the data growth of the final stage before coating and and then we do there were 2 DM photographs were found distant animated it doesn't change through the process it was 1 of these to get it I during precipitation the rest of this stuff I said that the we use so 1 of the rules the moment yes but from what but is there something to entertain only those who think they criticize so the cannot properly recorded local around this is a true here is because holidays rejects feature fill yes because of the grain size which is of course units is that there is an intrinsic length sconces blue that is the main reason for a of having a panic independent motion using holograms it's all multiple things here this you all right you want would In summary of all of security is the fact that current system all the all the planets in then I we use it as standard photographic gelatin from my is that what you mean and what kind of generating where using mobile users don't have to go to and from work so that it works quite a few states have a lot of it so we need to look for other another silicon but but yes you can do research and that's where can take on a kind of generative gelatins another kind of experiment with different kinds of properties I can't remember out of my mind this small but I can let you know during the day this that has you all know what we is the of the targets is still just 2 million joules per square centimeter we're at about 9 disastrous crescent mutant but a so yeah we do and we we did some research with the called substances that wouldn't have that much success now but what that's what they're working on and we call for you know what I'm going to do and get the sensitivity of 2 for 3 new upstairs thank you very much think you think