"Pseudo crystal beginning"

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"Pseudo crystal beginning"
Optical properties of ethiopian opal
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Pseudo crystal beginning: surprising optical behaviour of a recently discovered gem opal
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good afternoon ladies and um Pascal go had to leave Tuesday and we're up to to do is that they provide to because English is very good so I apologize right now and he said this kind kind regardless of book OK so I will be bring your what look at molecules I will bring you were far away from labs and clean standardized we go on to act soon In each of random the talk is about open which Stolojan natural but it can be said also it's colloidal crystals of foot interests and in Ontario
each writing so it's where we name was passed out on this pseudo crystal beginning and of course it's dedicated to adjust student on most of you would use a PC but everyone could see that piece yesterday evening as a customer OK which was a famous piece in 77
OK so the trick is you take
a plane and you go 27 by I don't about about the senior to
begin view of 1st treaty 97 analysis is that the
bus station to what's normal to the street where going to take the only thing that we have is a I would think that
this we have of so and this is best capitalists here and you know and you know certainly that it you can is a place of divided families with ancestry which Gulf for modern Institute generate but a joke and drift given opened completely I didn't give a see but it's a big depression but you can find it lakes yeah and this idea of high mountains going into false thousand 672 sits means that even close to a quarter of you are in a suit and tie inclement cold if that's the case here well you have hundred meters above being is the level of the and we take this also and we go here and it's a Peterson Mesozoic
stranger Mesozoic itself 3 cells in to higher in some of actually we see my 2 friends Gable and yes it is a big 1 is just beginning my friend and partner and he has a least of new 200
kilometers square when I can't prospects that takes the open so this is a arriving this is all the videos working with circuit this village among the other like
shouldn't India obviates In this is a quarter of term of opened it was it so here we are
right to cells and 200 meters and you can see the case going down to the and places
like this we can find the open so
that I was landscape is really
fantastic that people live there like 2 cells in Europe always dreamed of the laughter a
series which surviving is hiding attitude the only way you can get behind the idea was to you only 1 CD in the current was but lovely but remember you know that the rest of Rastafarian is coming because I listed last year which means the power of the Trinity 1st name when he was young he was go about all and government was socities
interface so it it was given rest affairs you so the whole point of for mostly by the shipper the
hands of people living in the mountains there is no more and no machine for
the moment new so about cannot begin to existence and that of the senior is full of very strange since a citizen and amygdala so perhaps timing and so different spices and this 1 is bigger than you would like crawl in shadow he's black but he went he goes into 7 his wonderful blue-collar workers and discover Of course interference corals
physical coral is that the pigment and just get different it is Bruce Sons from all these
part of the node yours and ways in the open so we will see later
and but it's not really a rainbow each column is linked to auspicious size of sphere in all parts here are parking and arranging region perfectly and you need the maybe 2 1 micrometres
haemochromatosis feels for to having bright colors and is
right long history was to explain this likelihood of and when Rossi when you are c and giving the diameter of the cell and often it micrometre units and there is this using the 2nd of us OK and by the way when we describe a she's fuzzy she has a very pure cut off use noisy it's like over there and that and this so this is the end after all so the whole my friend you go to the infrared but infrared all but it
can be very bright but you don't see them you need that the detector we go to the structure of these photos were taken in France in labs in the US and the in in the not professor Fritsch professor but as and supplies and following now all 60 of those sentences OK and you can see the structure which is very close to where French
against the 100 grams of this sea of words perfectly
recorded to see know we have 1
micrometer him wish to go down policy and this was very interesting to holds is because of because we we take over to do very thin slices for the mayor of the city down was taken over by by the purity acid gives and it's like to be you can't see a part of the city but this sphere in open from each OK I'm not Simplicio so then by the 2 sphere as you can see
like recibieron no it's a recently peaceful from I
have my support the revision of photography because of the structure you notice the lines agreement that the structure like this on of the most is eastern can become a green light in crystallography in fact all but introduce everything you can find in Chris every
atoms but it's another on level not nanometer but my committee this you very well the
brains and you see all these lines perfectly parallel is the 1st steps you can
see the steps and the it is only sphere the fraction cases linked so this is that you can
be very big and you can find all kind of inside white of 5 per cent of the Black said wrong but the most interesting case is kind of open forests because it has a very strange microstructure related when it comes and in fact we must so you see that actually what disease and when it comes structure our cut of Obama's site but correspond students opened from perfectly by the way and this is interesting space I take from Paris before coming here because we needed for our friends as you undertake for now right now in France and 20 juin out of doing creative piece open open but that only chooses to work makes progress and and part so she she then you can speak a little but not too much OK because just to to accrue to creation in way so imagine during the dollar was nice flower learning goal is Diamond and crowned with moral and in surprise you have seasonal patterns then horrible and then they Pascal she's a and requests of top to finish
so it's not and if we look closer and this is interesting very strange properties that I spoke was tutor can be very little and when you look at the result but you have let's start using words that you could be goes a grain you can't clearly seen on the surface you know it's big but some pieces somewhat part of the whole policies and 1 monocrystal just means that will also part since the metric to see are perfectly arranged and this is due to a very strong properties and this piece of metal is polished and prepare for McRUM microscopic but this this is rough and you can see that only by 15 the stalled until hydrogen that serve serves as a measure of the points of the source is traveling from From here to the middle here just by taking and if a polished these this is very interesting because the Polish is giving an mirror image but you can see here a very nice image given by the open to like like and it's just like a reflection where 1 person which directories like Alonso and if I go under of which is aligned with another continuous spectra but with some right you can see the green the other so arrangement is black because missing is not the case under the sky where all the elements of the spectrum is continuous so this so it can be used like a spectrum analyzer and the state I just want my my hand under the sky and it's a new measure
of my hand some of the these experiences as a base during lunch so this is so
uh in the image of the
stone natural giving measure of the points as you see well you no
doubt image of the facets
of hands and but enlightened
among we go to seize place to geology when we are at this level we are up above 42 matters of laughter coming from the activity of the refined and so in some states some of however reaching city can as you see the brought system performs open which is a a C O 2 was a combination of the molecular link to what can and some others households lexical points that another way used and after was all bind the sorting city can begin to form what to begin to form opens a whole and so as a ring is throwing away is lab and you has a juries open and this is mind so I said no machine missing among the so this is where
you can find but for being here
so this was giving would open and you conceived perhaps here but
but after that rocks full of full
of holes as a whole differences among you see here in a very you where the
ground is the the natural selection and eclampsia the new and the all part of what 1 can take this piece here and so the ground it is a good open he was the column and I often said so as to use other data I'm sure that means that in the past 4 thousand years ago a ship with data set should not you break it and see a contrast and even notice you measure of clouds in controlling insist it but it was only a few years ago but it was bring to the knowledge in fact there are some historical point knowledge history and strangers linked with reading um you all know adopt who was a very famous anthropologist searching for all the human life in the in Africa and she found in cave Kenya what he calls the 1st open artifacts that you've all this seems to me nearer yearbook in 1990 sucking 90 New York and he said this all part of but she dates occasions activity of the human was stolen from its cells in the air from now and he says open was coming from each of then it said in it when you in some books now g of gemmology also into so and you can read about it you apart because it's coming out very seriously uh but it's still sets the 1st appearance of the market was 400 runs on the Jensen market in there will be in the nineties and industry but recently in Paris give a conference dataset not engine which is the same as the discovery of review mining towns and Africa from the a from each object came to him and in 72 and brought to this kind of stuff and answer but was like what you show me now at that Jesus stone to the
British Museum so we just stones from 72 2 in
London so you see here energy are
but sometimes or body is not feeling completely the logic and is used is very strange structure the surface and this now is going to interest us because it's the beginning of the structure is that when you do worse on Sunday and you put in the fridge from 1 that is fact freezing of the talk the 2 notices and giving some violating mountains this is the same thing but not in the Sunday
nite but over cells in the
idea of you perhaps so the color
of the past amazing this is a convolution this meaning that when you take the storm of light top you know you're not going when you put in foster like likely can be transmitted to the we don't really know why perhaps because the outdated and it's infrared so we have diffraction by transmission but not by
reflection but we didn't we have
up to do the case of of the start the conference some
strange patterns sometimes like the dumbest window the I open sometimes so the pollens transparent which trace of irony and so you know we all orange as the value of this name for the the final part and not to be misunderstood so files or part is not final but this is the final
product and with green fire the
screen fire in it what kind
of course this 1 some of the printers when so it is the world's annual and this and that is from OK so the the unit was not completely full of open and I we discover In the I did not find all these pieces of course the people of the mountain that goes in that brings me to store and reference
to potential when this while it's a painting but when you reverse the storm sewer system was that we see
working this wasn't a patrol and it was kind of separation and when I turn it I had this and these are like I am sure of what I'm saying such be worth to In investigates but this level these are like the Baltics OK radical robotics presenting as the formation of the true which are going to have this optical properties but what can be what's fascinating is this structure can perhaps they don't take themselves and you have to be done and it's revealing the force is doing your part because once here are going to pop preferences linking OK but this is happening In a perfect sphere Europe and the this bring also some processing and the result is sustainable of part can help us understand is the latest thing I have it here and if we for the uh microscopic electronic
electronic microscopic we can find something of course and of
course is natural so again shows the structure and also sometimes when the file is
not completely full we have obtained when it's trying it kind of depression 10 promising
have had been its OK so I do so
users depression and the usual from this 1 also and yet the tubes radically scene and the attitude to work attract but with the depression is a particle 1st year which was a radical plane can bend and you will have perhaps full-year
microphone instructions for you and a friend structure OK and this Giddings optical
properties here you can see in a crystal but transfer you've seen by the top and he was site and was the spheres of exists like this you will have value if you if you get a piece in the tube then you can have a really much he's playing you can have a profound namely how
and if it's in the states so you can have a really image and really
we can see that I floating above makes this 1 you know when
you your juror of it because it was extraordinary vicissitudes of points are floating on sentiment of the story and you have dozens of pointing legacies of
kernels above the stone really
makes you measure of hydrogen and get look at this i great but this is like when you reach the hollow-gram with in a very bad manner and you have to to work to the length of fringe between so it's the fraction like green
and red and at the same time all
happening in the getting and
chromatin jet into the and so
you're fantastic bottles I took
which sees the tubes but the white upon can see when you wrote this lakes stock this 1
giving a very well you know about you know it's very difficult to see another like interacting with you think because of some reasons
went on show us 1 of society from I say well remember it's so remember that even in rough pieces you can see is optical effects which of these before polishing cutting and polishing after and now finish
we go back to this piece against see the centers here are very well
done I was lucky I saw
myself the species of flux so a very thin diamonds so I open my soul very pure color
wanted to John careful arguments hostile mycota
Polish police and I go to here to introduce the stone
tools that he knew laser ontogen laser and a concentrate on this so this graph which is this 1 here excuse me this 1 or the other this
is the result and so coming from the from the right of this could be reflections on the place of the story that have been coming toward is affected by these open and it the diversity of the rationalists would agree so this is amazing because he's are acting like a very very good optical Christian so
it's time to take a look at her and uh and vaults that discussion you can go to very
famous tree between X but we can uh person discussed with the glass of something b and without and with the world that thinking