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Conference opening speech
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the yes or I'm not going to talk so much about
what is going to happen on the level of local things and everything will be an discussed every day with the chairman and so so 1st of all I just want to work on everybody's Larry welcome to come to pick and to waves and uh also called people that we know from long time ago has managed to get here from people the city of the 1st International Symposium on display orthography 1982 under Dr. Young's chairmanship and he's going to tell you more about how it all started very soon
and then when we planned this conference we already had it both committees and you history as honorary chairman of this conference both of them had told me that they would be here for sure and enmity these from Scotland and he planned to take an extra week to visit family and so after the conference call to Scotland and is you except for sure I would be here provocative and as you know in December tragic things happen in Middle East Side and professor Dennis you could went to hospital and he stayed there for 6 months and he died in so it's very sad to have these things happening to such a short time and also a few years see Bentham died and we so these 3 people or have been doing these International Symposium many times are not able to be here to so ended because of that conference program change slightly before I come to they just want to announce the team who has
been behind this conference it's me of course and but also very much professor Yong who it is Michael Chapman and also professor Phillips is sitting in the back then who has helped me with this and that when we come to the heart of what I have to thank Martin reaches from from where he's extensive book on that and conference proceedings of course you already know that given by a 2nd happen on a fantastic you're born and you're not on has contributed to this exhibition and on a fantastic job setting it up in the nearby concept here and you already got the introduction of the team and any particular the 3 people who have been most heavily involved in in Cape Breton uh and the and that's you will make that so thanks to them this thing could take place
the symposium will cover the following areas as you will see in the program is this is very much in the tradition of what started at Lake Forest material are called display orography computer-generated orography electronic myelography here and also it's always was a large part of it was all so Wednesday is completely devoted to alter orography and we also have other type of displays for medical and scientific well which is would be mentioned during the week and then of course also the business of pornography in particular optical security applications on the law there are many conference particularly only devoted to that so we are not really gone into a and has a high although there are some interesting papers on Friday on that topic so
if we look at today's program larvae have these introduction which is just we would have the reports from the nation's and uh we would have the especially at least and then it's you Memorial thanks to Professor Jones who has prepared some review of all that work and so and then they would be will also get some contribution from the audience who want to say a few words about the Denny's joke and keys and I know what March of it has prepared something in addition to a professor of nonstop lecture and on Tuesday we will have a recording materials
and processing and electronic and digital mammography as I already mentioned Wednesday would be devoted to all of you with also not full remained the evening here after and then on
firstly we have polarography and scientific and sessions and on Friday the final day we have the business of orthography and also the and and OR in ways that was so that's more or less a program and as I mentioned the next point here would be you the my chairman and the founder of these conferences professor always known as and in most of you know him very well some of the newcomers may not know him and he is going not to give you a review of how of these conferences started and it and it's a lot of what is going so I'm very glad that we have the honor to have a TJ here so please come to the podium