International Symposium on Display Holography and it's beginnings, Lake Forest College, USA

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: International Symposium on Display Holography and it's beginnings, Lake Forest College, USA

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International Symposium on Display Holography and it's beginnings, Lake Forest College, USA
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now I have a show of hands of all those people who have been to the Lake Forest program
welcome home on the way here I thought I was home he just looked like the Midwest and what for doing all the work and well we can call the Soviet Union and welcome new members to the family notice the title the kinds made up beginning many beginnings and I will begin from the very beginning in 1960 to receive a Ph.D. in nuclear physics with a minor In mathematics of course but also in education I knew that whatever I may majored in and I want to teach and I chose Lake Forest because a friend of mine preceded me there and might be and my wife in 1962 the visit him right then we knew that's where you want to list I'm still there we are still there after 40 3 years but there's another reason for them to hire me I was interested in teaching and Lake Forest College has a national reputation in developing educational programs for signed to education so when we arrive in 1963 my 1st job beside teaching and commuting to old which national elected to nuclear physics was to write a proposal to the National Science Foundation to do a will show up in 1965 some on the development of modern physics for undergraduates so my job research subjects so that we can have something to contribute June that workshop among the list we made up and subsequently delivered we the meaningful experiments for undergraduates In nuclear-magnetic-resonance relativistic mass measurements FIL we did of population inversion because that was really new and many other experience but among them I found the papers by and and we said this is worthy of converting to something under the greatest to young landed a 2nd year before quantum mechanics we want them to do it and get excited and they want to look at that of the subject this philosophy so so I wrote a letter in 19 64 to Emily the other way as I said we got to grant so I told him about that and want to borrow a whole and seeing very quickly he not only responded to me he said the all of them before but five-inch hologram of chess step and he says can never do you mean that's my beginning in a lot the at beginning of a new life as a matter of fact having seen that program we immediately got 1 milliwatt laser 1 thousand dollars in 1964 warranty 3 months 1 meter long all afternoon so we wanted the liver that beginning the summer all 65 with the looks of it it could be diverse September by the way but long enough for us to develop a new idea on meaning selective holograms and published a paper as during did that will we show people how to make a simple hold them without the granite blocks that and at least used so that's another beginning made all foods that in 19 66 we've presented the paper on selected the whole them in Colombia bus or higher Optical Society meeting chaired by and that the my 1st meeting with him then introduced the mean and after the paper gobble higher my student so he was a freshman for summer will assist presence by someone here none of us knew holography women together that's that that's where the teacher the student for teaching me because they thought something I did not and none of us knew but we published a paper as only when you get a paper published you get grants from all so we developed more level the and by 1971 I decided policies for everyone matches physicists for children for artists so I read the 1st workshop in 1971 among the 1st participants were posted Jackson Jody burns remember that the following year a lot of people very liberal and and so forth and by 1971 we that's who workshops so this another beginning the workshop 1st with just for beginners how to make holograms and only talk by me the start and then I decided the log of some subjects were being a I start looking for experts in each field and start having special will show and in the from a to subsequently and come of times of course come and many others in this is and so forth if you want economy its own workshop series so I'm going to be I'm going to show you 170 slides 4 seconds each so that you will be in time for Coffee break all the slides will be put on the website holographers that all that work you can download any picture you alive you be see something embarrassing pictures of yourself OK I have to set of slides the prime I age and the IST it's the women before here and that leaves comes in again of he helped me find some of the experts whom I would not have been able to get to teach the let me start with the very 1st line of pre ious here is how how before all conference 2 years and we had workshops the at my 1st lecture on my the notice the 2nd put it on the last he had been taught for for some hours holographic interferometry along with news Abramson and frequency of each His name is Charles Vest and for some of you told him told me I didn't know how important he was he was a friend of and beliefs and to is is on the net and his notion the year is a next year and 1 of the president of MIT can come more as a trivial reasons it while he was president for MIT for 19 years the talk interferometry you and I know these are all too all that the man in the middle I must say I want that you get that the that man would afford it and you still probably he not 1 of the richest philosophers in the world is president of hologram industries with commentary in China he come to everyone took every go so I should mention contribute something but I did the
best before we had a beautiful beach in the forested with being old in away picnics above with very primitive the government is blowing to charcoal fit it to get things going up a rock on the
last piece converted the entire state of Montana every high school to so dissemination of here's
another 1 so did is all
before the best times cycle which this year he said he's using the formal graph directed place spend cold this our whole put hands of don't worry about and so now coast the 1980 to I get started in in a symposium here I'm stunned attribute to and these and you know the URI to now because I don't have time later anything I do know obviously I cannot not mention them at I decided to hold an international conference and he text funding esp constant about and you got funding and leaves role of land To whom it may concern and tell but you people must support this program on International Symposium myelography and I got a 45 thousand grant from McDonald's In this article and there Symposium McDonald's last every body in the symposium told Hamburger University and fat 1st order and cocktails no big Macs that allow us to regulate our our department to be they had come to light we change or the light or the curtains and his become a perfect place for art exhibitions thanks to and and he can't do everything every 1 of the simplest participated in all of so all the next 170 slice if this imposing in in what I have 45 thousand dollars to spend are hired a photographer but to these pictures I have never had time to look at it until 5 weeks ago I wanted a map and take it up and that digitized solve you you are you see a lot of yourself in and I want to be very clear it long enough for you to fight decide which 1 of them will only get it to in all of the force that work OK so once the odds of I
and finish this yet but this is looks to various as he to everything all I have 1 more
comment 1 of my intentions which did not what about I do sales alot of or the you you about and you know I had intended to teach a workshop on the radical pornography and stop this 1 equation that's the 4 space equation of mixedsource equation is Isabel direction of the force current density in solvents of stuff on that they want and derive FutureGrid everything in honor of mathematical 1 1 detector workshop while I take it that 1 student from make for 5 and adjusted the half year independent study and I would I learned a lot you know from all the couple ways theory and so forth it's a great intellectual exercise you will do that everything holography everything come from the question of what the 4 space vectors version of MeSH worshippers anyway that the didn't world this is not for about 1 year I just I don't even know I've got this picture is the study of from the archive in the college all anybody remember
this is clear that's my secret weapon without I would not have had any here and all of its single-handedly with 2 students as he still wouldn't be at our department cannot do without will get all the last now the 2nd step these are encountered
take about professional I think this is due in the 1985 Symposium during the grand opening of all exhibition on this my wife
call Lambrecht Michael Corrigan chairman of the department who so many of you know in how many of you know him like he moved to France you wanna shuttle that that's call member of a family business of digging natural crystal for objects my right hand
and for many years at the it starts at Wesley tool that
he could make he that followed up with his passport problem shall remain when you see people OK gentlemen and of course no into chapter meeting so as I go if you
see somebody and everybody on the notion of a man participant really quite and
a which of groups that are affected by that there are some of the users
generally the temple everything all the time attends every session of all possible
dialog she was the and what for the and subsequently the research French of this city of Sydney Densmore in the the 2nd from the
largest my 1st some element the units this is
our department we stand here and later always have a portrait as we would do today a similar structure of these that is
used to you will find lots of people with news and write and then the loss others
and always the Smith directed traffic heuristic the photograph made make student grants and going donate are in 19 94 studio where in 4 colors people waving and it is I cover all the proceedings published part that as the who's later the
government I want to talk now
that reminds me I I I don't claim that I witnessed with my own eyes he met his future wife right in my symposium he married he lived in less and all in that it is the the student or
long-term 2nd picture of all
of at but this is what we're doing increased again around Erickson you with my students in fact the material that another tweet beginning the year before I read my 1st Workshop which applies not at home and somebody else house right Erickson here my senior student and we run a whole lot of the workshop downtown Chicago and Columbia College which was the 1 who wouldn't how right now it's beautiful launched downturn consciousness and in that wouldn't have of every time somebody moles the whole building shakes so we found we had made a rule when it was somebody makes an exposure with blow a lot of course this everybody in the building freeze will not evidence for that did that but will the and they were so we start for next year our own will show up who's the guy next to you
terms I by using
duet something that from this is
inside exhibition is a beautiful building with wooden structures this is a
cohesive who is the lady on the right I think his was the from Australia as final later this is chris no this is not meant to embarrass her this is a very public factor she couldn't pay the registration fee and 2 afterwards and this is chris final departure was have a new dancing club in Chicago and you can see that you would perform well so we have every kind of talent among 1 good
parents by the the news
items and memorize news
is all replaced even stay and oneself he kept his when serving is still in my in my like house so if you have a government for its leaders only equipment that you
come to all of them madam in 1976 and in Beijing and that industries all
this is a significant picture teacher and pupil you some of you may not know how receive his PhD from use so sometimes I feel like I'm asking you after to you it news is my age
this just right now who is
this in the kimono written in them I remember she gets sick and had to go to hospital but she was OK but it is very colorful because we desire to have a formal opening and people something people just this much
a teacher in trouble area the reactive they're all looking at the
exhibition somehow my
photographers reaction to the cone member here as an office in Moscow so he's the 1 who introduced me to Moscow and some research projects that in his place Steve balancing sitting
and Michael Corrigan users of the whole holograms behind but is
looking back I'm gonna show you of another picture 1 of those
all I don't let a whole hologram table top the I think that this was a hologram of full of a three-dimensional chess so this model
move recovery oil who study with in Lancaster people often use agreement
to Smith and his from
prolific summary as
assessed this most prolific in you are in as my
students has a company are doing probabilistic but inspections greater than the greatest here
in this little in on what is such
speed in his instructions in his book is learn everything in those of all of the following meeting people there almost effect so is my wife the they my decide anything
else is also applied gotten well my sister in
law's doing you know she was what
about I have not look at the i th this function to be and as a let's show all there is
a relative money but did
you he come along with the idea of school of thought Institute for
cassette right memory under of
his appears at the story to tell we receive a lot for the exhibition and everything is was role to usual for 10 thousand of was we are in trouble will what it that these exhibition of broken windows by use of L so so it is a wind all the shot the flawed they're all GM window with them and was sick of awareness and this out I think is a very nice piece it was look at some of these couple of years
ago as answers to all current archive and the staff converted this does it for me I'm waiting
for 1 of my favorite assure you when it comes out some of
this work have different shots of the same thing structure goes
here further they have a good time this
this is my father in-law he died at age 97 some music over here also column in Chinese and published in the Toronto Chinese news about this exhibition and he wrote the book called pilgrimage joint photographed and hologram also market billions of time there so that's a Chinese newspaper with the
latest I know he's alive but he never show in so many words
if you were showing in the dormitory all remember not like to give some highlights you are locked in a little time and just like you know with nothing to do about tool mingle with is that's how we form the community the so this is the same concept but knowing what happened during the occupation there's a couple here are humans this is remind anyone adult then that in Lake Forest 15 usable and so that's number 2 on all of these I want to talk to you and I was meant the highlands we should declaration here to everyone any outcome of this meeting does not hold graphic any relationship you form is not our responsibility to do not to us all I have
another Google picture the show related neutralize there have other even more interesting pictures so I have gone through it
this round ones it were still
going on but if that duplicate more than once I have all the slides together but this is our cortex in a symphony orchestra and top these people in the plane for free it's area is a suitable fractional destructive joint since I've been in the forest and the
just a few that the projected more
than once but they're not all then
go to so we converted life drawing room also making curtains to follow the sunlight so we can have that those under not all
this and more Woman mixture the all because some of them can be
printed more than once the pieces
the this I could not get into the
objective again so I'm not wearing 1 major like he he
taught for many years embossing technology all all of
Altes this the picture I will show you this
is what I would call it was
later called Don don't of the uh look at who they are is that's a really good picture many of you should be in a but this whole group is very important to all of our review the use of the yuan
much of my life