Improving the remarkable photosensitivity of dichromated gelatin for hologram recording in green laser light

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Improving the remarkable photosensitivity of dichromated gelatin for hologram recording in green laser light

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Improving the remarkable photosensitivity of dichromated gelatin for hologram recording in green laser light
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I structure but how back in 1988 and minus 2 of medical and improvements to the sensitivity of right censored time striped rated gelatin and it was quite successful in but in terms of the number of people that have referred to this paper and I just wondered hearing about this concept of the Symposium on whether I could do something for the green sensitivity all this situation and so I started to the experiments we adopted degree sensitivity now the I
assume it's that if you if you look at the spectrum of done rates in gelatine which is this pink line here on June the you the it so a the so very very slower where they fall 3 to green region so ridiculously small I I thought it was ridiculous to try and recall grants green light because look at it probably not so that have and however I've grown up with photographic died concept and what I hadn't realized was but with photographic dies you you certainly wouldn't consider anything down the bottom of the shoulder here but with dichromate which shoveling in concentrations that over 100 times greater I hadn't really tight metal ball however what I found was that when I started to make DEC trees Green sensitization my son is advisable hang on you better find out what actually happens without dies at all and I certainly not very surprised to find that that's with a
few modifications or I was getting extraordinary sensitivity now the picture on the right here is a policy 5 3 2 all it's nanoseconds and using a wave master carrier wave master pulse meets the actual energy it was right down to 12 million joules per square centimeter I could actually see something now it is underexposed most certainly I found I need twice as much energy is back to get but these should result in the picture on the left here is 1 seconds worth all 10 pulses planets gradually by not I was very surprised to find could get a visible image with only 12 million joules per square centimeter I have of the speed setting out to do with diet but I had made a modification to the established way of making DCJ so I figure that maybe I had almost inadvertently made an improvement on the established method so what this means is that I would be able to make a pulse portraits straight into DCG of people's pay a modest all right baby minus the whole assignment to do so I started to find out well what happens with 5 5 512 generators were nominated so I contacted John because use a very active DCG make on a common commenced website on lot the forum doctrine but don't hold Summary of informed of all and I asked him to try this formulation of and sure enough he was started to be able to bring down here is exposure times and he got full time small sensitivity that he had been getting before so have the produce of the bought little cost model for this symposium induced on grammar that surround yeah so
this was produced with only a quarter of the energy that you would normally have to use so sure enough it it really is quite extraordinary so someone else then did it on me a picture this formula of the data back to usual also active member on the block before don't all website the produced this
1 obviously these are only you know photographs and you can see that when he says here is that he was able to process with called alcohol which is a big advantage instead of using war alcohol so that was the safety factor which was very good and he's very impressed with it as well so what exactly did I do that has improved the sensitivity of the situation well what I did was I brought in
2 factors 1 was like watching a pulsar grammar glycerol and the other factor which is most important and I this 1 to 7 inches general on their website is instead of using the traditional Kodak wrapping effect system 5 features the exposed played just fall 2 2 groups subtle only very few metal plate in my other after exposure so I put it a book the plates altered explosion factor on a hot metal plates and it's 100 degrees in the other and uh with the glycerol makes a very important difference so the glycerol and that was true for this they initial process which is always being complained about a bit of a mystery the now what this formulation was applied to presented made gelatin so what I did was a pretty hot the gelatin with a little tiny bit of documents and the that was just left to halt either in sunlight and just coated several days before I didn't bother but I just had a little bit of pre hopping as was used originally by the pioneers of Bell telephone Laboratories they use of course the same document based on the amount of solid gelatin another method I used was to be supported on just a coke without any hard whatsoever curved plane gender too much simpler than I just draw to amend dip into rate did dip into this solution which contains Allah said Alan was used to the hot now the cost of jealousy this very delicate stage you need to have a children so it does take about a minute or 2 from the and to do its job when the home of majority now aluminium document can come out of solution if you have too much and so keeping the island down 2 . 3 of the grant in 100 mil is OK about other million document will go back up into solution by the way that's aluminum document for cross upon of now everybody is scratched prize solid religion to it that way so my dad is putting all of that is
just put you in this bit of glycerol heated up and how agrees to 2 minutes it
if you got a really thick glass plate needs to be 3 minutes and I've got this much increased sensitivity to know what's going on here could be it has been found to probably be due to the formation initially on the explosion of a complex between documents and gelatin than what we think that is but the oxidation all generative by documents is the real driving force that enables the slide reaction to take place and the French group restore the bolt at the end of the piece colleagues Michelle Bolton they have proved that after exposure to light Dr. for a long time retains form all what's called chromium far the chromium flies must be actually well and truly bolted to the gelatin structure because it wasn't like that it would be it would just disappear at when you start using water so the document for custody given time to convert itself to they primarily during form which crosslinks the gelatin nevertheless problem 5 must be strongly bonded to the gelatin before that happens but it's not just any cross-linking ability we will know that exposed I make needs to be left for some time on what I must say is I have been bypassing that period of and all requiring
it to be left by should be easier up to 100 and other factor that's important is that if you heat it up to 100 if you use a million documented that decomposes into ammonia and professors and probably just oxidizes anything inside so you must use the money and I make you must use protection that like to do this trick is the glittering just simply enabling this take place at a high temperature and I could just use any old hyponyms that was the glycol while the answer to that is well known actually it turns
out that if I take a series of Purex and exposed to that to equal amounts of white or green light it just same on the sphere that and various you've got here I've got which is definitely glycol ethylene glycol and gelatin on server you see that the generation of the pistol on its however with no gelatin present our after I mean at at the start of exposure when I could detect real green Calabi i in some of the that's what's interesting is that the glycerol produces most green color after this exposure which means most of the is being transformed to some other species problems so it is taken in 3 electrons or something like that would not get job so have when I just have gelatine and document without any glycol it is simply the it is not producing anything much at all with the American idol exposure so certainly this is something special about which you do not get with ethylene glycol all die Blanco if you see that there's something extra good about this some but you want dog and it is it seems to have enabled to produce a fold increase at
least in part part well this is the 1 and that was the the and that will be the rest of the
of world this of we the I will just say 1 point about the each level of Bell telephone Labs originally in to short few months often triangle came with pioneering paper it killers that it looks as well and they grabbed off the shelf that wrapping fixed and here's the following up
his colleague costs were and it works very well and it was obviously at a temporary ideas and that was nearly 40 years ago and as the French sharing goes nothing lost a lot temporary and what that means is that if you look at the color that so the issue you can see what they've gotten manpower that rapid and what I believe is the cases that actually always ammonium sulfate effects is not actually doing anything and this is the real sequences ammonium so sodium bisulfite sulfites the job enabling the thing to take place rapidly are and how much of a surprise it has been found that the problem is really of secondary importance and it is the sulfites I think that is the keys to the just or is it just consider diagrammatically these strangers they fringes if
the this study the green ones the group this which is the that was can I just shot this 1 down this 1 the structure of I would like to understand the meaning of what of the 1st because the just now and what you think of the brain this part of the there must be people who are you what was you don't have to be transferred to the many problems in the book in it's the and this often here here in the states with of of all the time it was just the last what would you use what the of the 1 at the same time it was hard to what you want it of to be like here to the end of this year you which I probably won't let me show you you will of the of used in the thank you