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New film technology for the display holographic market
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FUJIFILM — New film technology for the display holographic market
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the thinking about the morning everybody my Jackson and on the UK sales manager for Fiji hunts photographic chemicals here in the UK and but I'm also the business development manager for holography full feature film in Europe so today I'm just going to give you an overview of the new feature film of FHL products and give you a bit of an insight into feature films well so
well 1st of all let Fiji for the film in Japan of President Yusuf Mr. Komori in and the business was established back in 1934 with head office in Tokyo in manufacturing worldwide and there are 223 consolidated subsidiaries around the world employing in the region of about 75 thousand people and with the revenue of 23 . 2 billion dollars
of Fiji humps is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fuji Film and has been since 1989 and Fuji helps the
chemical manufacturing division of a feature film group although lacks we've diversified into handling and the large-format inkjet business Fuji Film
and business development all Fuji Film of technologies that don't fit into the mainstream of distribution and marketing of of imaging products so holography falls into that and of another project so long alarm system which is a late circulation marking system it doesn't fit neatly into the photographical imaging distribution channels that's where 3 Hunt get involved in in the market of
Fuji Film has a very strong philosophy on imaging and information that's its platform and its
goal so to constantly strive to develop superior technologies
and to continue creating an imaging in information culture we some Fujifilm
technologies of the basic technologies including anything from photographic film to optical design technology organic material design technology electronics and software and Fuji film has highly advanced technologies in the areas of city CCDs digital imaging nanotechnologies and lots of different areas filled with optical functionality but not just talking here about photographic film Fujii already a leader in the specialist films used for LCDs tivities personal display screens high-definition televisions polarizing plates optical playing and also classical plastic optical fibers is another area of highly advanced technology finally needed the other area is high density magnetic storage materials and more recently the year H. DV-Hop holographic data storage project which is color collaboration with a number of different companies so moving
on to Fiji so the holographic self naturally
Fujifilm is well known as a film company car and it has extensive technology and expertise and so when light in the areas of color graphic x ray of motion picture film but until recently not in the field of holographic so why
holographic so 38 have further analyzed the imaging sector but because it's obviously it's called business and it's looking to see where is the business moving where will again next and it's clearly identified that the next big move in imaging is in the 3 D markets and clearly feature-film want to be there uh there have been lots of technical technological barriers to getting 3 D imaging into the mainstream and lots of lots of hopes lots of restarts but we feel the which is still coming around the corner and before too long 3 D will be mainstream so once the
film itself it's a silver light film With the tri-state cellulose-based and fully panchromatic with a high sensitivity and as Fuji Film is is well known for its quality and its consistency the quality and consistency of the trademarks of 3 D film in its so what you get is repeatability from batch to batch you know what you're getting at every time we look
at the end of the film structure the
tri cellulose 205 micron and on that is coated motion of 8 microns and we have a back coating of 7 microns this isn't a 90 allocation backing the back coating is there to minimize the characteristics of
looking more closely at the film base if this is a very high performance of material and Fiji film will call will cost producer of the trusted cellulose and just put it into context of 2006 of producing coated 280 million meters squared in that year a map plan to grow to to 580 million by 2008 the main growth is in the field of of specialist screens for both the plasma screens which is a fast the growing market the film based is used quite important not only for its optical characteristics but the tri-state cellulose and doesn't like to stay flat it a kind of recalls the bubbles and to get the to stay flat requires a very special assistant treatment and and the characteristics of the feature film trusted cellulose is that it is very flat and its structure and looking at the grain
size we have a mean grain size of 30 to 40 nanometers which I think corresponds fairly well to the earlier papers uh and this gives the
good speed characteristics 100 to 200 might end up it's again born out in the testing and carried out by the previous
speaker I already indicated Fujifilm is renowned for its quality and consistency of of but we ain't deliver with the Fuji FHL so you know but every time you take out a piece of film you know how it's going to behave how it's can respond resolution that is greater than 3 thousand words per millimeter and if the diffraction efficiency is greater than 45 % of that's our policy W 2 based development diffraction efficiency will vary according to which development process used and we've
been testing the product so in the USA and in Europe in the last 9 months and we've been getting some very good feedback from many of you and other authors and we get
reports of excellent so response for always radical wavelengths producing very bright images with let noise similar speak characteristics the old act fulfill approximately 3 to 4 times faster than the salvage materials and
compatible with the Rockwell wide range of chemical processes we've
already said the film is panchromatic this is the
spectral sensitivity curve and the density of this exposure is fairly well match for the RGB In fact looking at that red line coming through again some bears out the work carried out by the previous speaker showing the the slightly reduced exposure from for red and the area
of 562 five-member 519 enemy so is the ideal safe field so for laser
suitability basically the film operates for any laser wavelength apart from 562 519 animated I FIL
use available in the number of different formats of 35 40 being sheets of a box of 10 sheets of 50 sheets 50 by 60 again in 10 and 50 sheets and roles for me to buy to reach roles
and the film is now available in Europe because all beginning of this model in terms of
film processing as already said it's compatible with most chemical formulations CWC to para o a school where the 19 another really hallucinating leave short bleach works well with all always combinations
typically processing no cats 3 to 4 minutes development time at 20 degrees C bleaching was standard bleach into a phone clears washing for 3 4 minutes Fujifilm
are in the process of developing a very specific processing kit for the film and this will be based on on ascorbic acid to develop a formulation and you recalculating bleach that's really dictated by the health and safety regulations and environmental regulations which we have to consider for worldwide markets in
terms of the resources that we have a new website which is www . 3 d handle complex holography and on their use of the shop information various links and for the Americas We also have another websites which is sort of sister company Fiji and USA and that's Fujifilm of don't call so there we have
Fujifilm FHL new holographic film particularly suitable for the display holographic market thank you this
anybody have any questions I without w and well as we as we discussed earlier yes with the grain size of 30 40 nanometres there is some scattering the blue so for making full-color holograms and there are limitations the reason for making a panchromatic material was we're not primarily for the benefit of of full-color holograms production but more to contain it's too warm product rather than having a sense to the greens and the blue sensitive material and this category suggested the right we and you would be expected to shape eventually going to do this very interesting point and actually the not try in morning should so the question that have a laughter locations we can use so which so long and in the world and should I mean in holographic film design is always a compromise and you've got to decide how what application you going to use it for a a means for particularly for display holography I think what a lot of people are looking for he's high-speed uh and the film which can produce very bright images and with relatively no low-noise and I think that's what we deliver we've FHL this and that will do our very best that in the yet there for not from nation the you spoke about that porting of limitations yes I know that a lot of following the best and the soft has no faculty because gettin can make a problem that for the recording of reflection on the ground uh what's the situation which the origin a I'm not aware of any problems so it in reflection hologram recording with bacteria as I said the the backtracing is is purely in a gelatin lying with no anti-inflation in that it was not far I know the problem with that but we have to respond to to use such reporting because it concerns situation it was really impossible to recall reflection of radicals we have gathering was that reflecting the light went back to india mentions so I don't see maybe you have a good bet quoting but I don't see how it that there is no problem with this the coating and is it completely transparent I guess it is completely transparent yeah I hear something like this I think of as the material um the exact material I don't know maybe my my colleague Mister Nicolaï can elucidate on on that missed in the car is from the research and development laboratory in in the feature film Japan uh and is responsible for holographic film the distance of the model for but according because of think that people the direction and the that on this problem and the use of the and that it was to use the word was out of the because of that and then if you do this you can do this in you want to use this book of according to do you so yeah is it says it's it's an antique kill I replication of all of this so down the demonstrate here on the left hand side of Eq halfway down in 1 of the reasons we have a number of display color grounds for to come and see to come and see if sometime during the symposium on which version 1 of the major advantages of the Russian you really what we would want to pursue their true you can use their their that's where the theory which he but long long tail right so the degree of the of the number of groups small version and it's better evidence what is going but my understanding is that is that so there is that the mean grain sizes that 14 animators is very close to and is very very few large brains very very few small grains it is optimized for that mean grain size I hope that answers your question is you know glass plates at this moment in time there is no intention to produce this emotional glass plates you of what which again at this stage because I'm not aware of any plans to do that was the 1st