Emmett Leith and Yuri Denisyuk memorial

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Emmett Leith and Yuri Denisyuk memorial
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my tribute to them at and then on to the definition of the pictures but I I won the 1st tell you something that I would not say In publicly is eminently for was alive because if you hear me tell you you would get very angry at me when we start holding all conferences the symposium in the forests of course he was the honorary chairman and we don't want him to have to pay a registration phase so he's he said a check to us and we send it right back then isn't it right back to us year he said I don't make this to your context support from and he did that for each and every symposium this is the 1st time publicly tell you this fact he's that kind of a person the now at this the pictures i'm showing and she was this series of pictures is due to 1 other participants is a photographer and so it took a lot of pictures in 19 7 and 91 His name is Carlos 2 recognition from Argentina page 1 everywhere but the group when during that time in 1991 in the forest I took this picture it and I got them because I was lecturing in South America and he gave me these pictures so about 10 per cent of them come from my collection at the college uh because when then issue 1st kid on America in nineteen eighty nine his 1st stop was the forest and the President of the forest college stadium at the reception in our guest house attended by trustees very important people and all that it was not during conventions although there is a lot of is that during welcome presidential started so I have pictures of that so In in random order of these pictures taken by nation you it is give you the flavor of the kind of our program some more about lot of pictures of the big 3 then energies and Benton so I probabilities quickly but so
to make sure you remember the temperature that we want to know the the length of the gathering place
beautiful like for speech that many million dollars complex is scientifically designed and created picnic area which
fireplace now look at the library and the solutions or books to read this is
sign not from Bulgaria now here going mention the
first one the initial participation there were cultures of the conventions
Emily join in a and over here is that the middle is the man Carlos who to August pictures usually after the
engines over invite them to a Chinese dinner some to Chinatown and you so-called web and the then at 10 costs all unit but is a gene that is why and number and you then it from upstairs this step and rules on the on the plane and now I want to do something about but you should use used to go everywhere with an so on elements is in we're going to all the sessions with the students good how does she goes to the and then local libraries she studying genealogy of the family 1 some even 1 to Wisconsin in which she located a distant relative in grave In the next state by doing research all the time we have these so not doing nothing here is
the standing next to all of 36 and I can't stand camera producing holograms offer protection I have an extra few and going do you want to talk about here 2 Monday collection and maybe to work out story is that we we met for cognitive stereo holograms and solar he was very interested the field here he's doing
the lectures again this time always you papers the looking at my collection in the
hallway in college here's
a share in common the professional wins over in and I give gathering of here is a
picnic on the beach take a camera angle is to work the landside his wife and they're very relaxed
that's in my summary of the I am very famous for for cooking states everybody laughed my statement usually
while these mixed form will come back to the state and the story on gender and this is Audio so guess who really sequential the generated that particular show but there is
another story in the 1st session Monday morning we are in the auditorium started in that that of the thunderstorm and Apollo who is a dark room you can see in about so immediately we had our solution we moved to the College Chapel which has staying windows with the normalized necessary and we need learn like that he has been the day after an hour of the day introductory to everyone the sunshine not following the stuff so that's a positive place
to take group pictures the later on June the art exhibition that's when we do the chemistry and and call the exterior and which is in the inside cover of every issue of as the publication and after all symposium we might best idea to publish it is too much work for is Cris here's more
pictures in new and another exhibition that is still there and
participated of course here is
my summary house and you if every picture you see him holding about wise they did not sponsor and even a 0 photos
system go ahead of Professor leave and the like will be behind and you should see URI water steam is a bit of a man little but still but you'll be amazed how strong there is a with these are solid and there are in another location itself get on to an item only managers and nearly get around on and 2 and the black rule of by this and make sure that a little side like
and during the exhibition again with and here it is the
familiar with a Russian partner his job by the way during his 1st visit how In all the year all from 89 and he did give a public lecture in which we get all local all over and other people then this is the 1st time the topic told about how he thought all of the s described more in detail by the story sometimes he told and I assume the right enough so that story was published in the proceedings in 91 the
more pictures of the just a group photograph here is a my
winners of anybody here such a lot he stated month in the summer of my wife couldn't take him out this is not the assumptions and we'll will go annotation she does not always an idea mind when several we have we have races all around the time of this is in the forest
this a repeat the pictures color to in in include the environment that they forest Lake Forest College so this will add to the delineate of experience for you here of of previous beach books on
this is the building of the
physics building and that we have conferences across the terrorists morning
college like for cities and
here the easier it will show up afterwards everybody gets around come around here is
me was you know what he's doing he the grew and here on the wall and use it as 1 of neuron in in the front and he wouldn't push against the wall and you will hear this squeaking sound from that it from the shifting fringes and know how much the walls that's the kind of guy I learned a lot from I use this all the time To demonstrate interferometry
news that is in the front of the right 1 of the news on Wall it is used to play all the here's
Professor leave from Korea which is the idea and my secret for running conferences and look how hungry recently well the
make Phillips and independence guess who this
was calculated as everyone knows it lies flat on his back into the 360 degree for the work with the a plow lands OK and here's a richer
Robinson the teachers there we will show I just panoramic
view of the classroom lot us who
teach their kids tried and every 1 of those in learn something else besides our own
specialties this question right chief assistant all this is
repeated before but he's really
started the system what is
generally buttons wire walking the beach the optimal
during lectures hold new
here model that various you I I hear that every morning and then this you get up really early what in swear before everything you know and I want to see a closer up
this volleyball on the beach and so forth all that these were
the most famous that everybody will this because most especially music from so he liked it would call then you on the other hand I would give it back to me as a whole don't do much that is highlighted by really is these things I have done it before he can you will have in the last state by if still solve you 1 lots of spectral data is
not all the here and using
objects all with a role and a stroke like to demonstrate interference in making of all of standing waves now we're light
again just like in the previous symbols in in front of the art gallery to make more but also
the student did this is a program that I'm still looking is all them made with the you powerful economists supplied to me by in liquid form by Dr. Bruce both and I just pour it would take surrounding of at least 50 microns thick program an amazingly this transmission all can be seen very shortly with quite because they think right angle salt somebody's please in is again because we should have full column refute the transmission of but here again
the the closest resolution but where he's having a traveling full-time whether executions or South and everywhere the benefits needed somebody that really interested in mind that selected about so I get a nice trip that here I'm
showing hologram that then should KB right now in retrospect being valuable and useful man he said the and in late last containing holograms of the churches of with ahead because last time I showed it my conference before and this is a during in bold profit for using the so that emotion emotional
involvement to to each other will that's after teach people when
in on the beach that must use the much better than me but you could
not handle my sales myself with to elementary when she says that in the role only in the high winds of the wind blows the set and pulling yourself about what called water start we don't do that in the Midwest not enough with now the 2nd story filter
what is this this is taken during the presidential a reception for him in my lab we picked up this danger laser signed with against himself but before I tell you the punch line let me but I ran into him of course in the band and should we arrive to celebrate his living unit attribute but then I will write about so that you could become moral and hot more than 100 people showed up from all around the world as I want went and tell I said during yeah that had been was married to a young Italian woman fire so that during which sequence he was 1 of them might you eat lots of pepper I know it was a joke isn't urea and tried that it doesn't work now this world he's holding decide chapters from my lab I took a picture what it is that he said that maybe this will make me look dangerous and could uris we would notice the mall and guess what it was right
away the time this is the director of Russian studies in the forest Fire but he said can vary humorous and very serious of languages relaxing in the summer house just when I reading these will was reading the Russian translation of my favorite Chinese novel do you the that Chambers is why sure worms
so that it to give you another then you of experience and the to make me thank you the