Colourholographic Ltd BBPan panchromatic emulsions for recording colour holograms

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Colourholographic Ltd BBPan panchromatic emulsions for recording colour holograms
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the thanks system instrument for you and condition of what I'm going to introduce you to the new and and baby gun ungrammatical motion from Colorado having now it was necessary for the Colorado over on for the used monochromatic emotions we actually produce green red and blue emotions following now have also been grammatical inference about these must be updated and we know this is like at the end of a very long process this ungrammatical motion was process was started 2 years ago and then they got some good results for some reason just the 1st just about and now we already have thing to introduce new in the market and and I'm going to talk about in this support it would be the OK was that those
with a background in this work how was there and then so I will ever been mentioned some emotion characteristics which is and then we work with same emotion as with the other place so it's not going to come as with the other really the download mention some results and applications and other than inclusions why is is the need of the color at and but you can
see it in the displayed this 1 regular 1 there is an equivalence with and without fee the beginning of the of the was black and white and people's this could take the narratives and then fall back on what part of the was the way of having a memory of something but when call for the 1st the emotions of all of the of the game begin by looking but people from this and more not all people but most people work uh start using color what of emotions the same
thing it's not it's going to happen with on the direct of breeding all of them are really only a single bond they compare very well with the black and 1 of them is just like a black and red mentioned is that the event is a three-dimensional object but there hasn't article so was my sociology and we are doing trying to do in the next step is just to go into modern calorimeter with that use the as it is really not only to three-dimensionality but also the colors that the Mr. that needs to have the the several ways
of making food France 1 of them is still using and with the James definitional all events variance as well and example what color reference and makes sense within a movie posters and some other companies to the study and she'll cholera is a very complex technique for at least single laser just to build up the colicin jadedness forces and end up with a pseudo columns not really call can be very close to be part that is that is not real real column and then the 3rd the 3rd method is just using multiple later recalled fall 1 what would you say that still called we go always monochromatic emotions and we can use a single laser and we connect the dots gonna effect but for the and that we from 1 to go over would later recall we need to have 3 different at least 3 different wavelengths and we need to have some bad chromatic emotion to come up with a monochromatic devoted to the proper
course of In our case we're working with our standard motion for making these bichromatic emotions since is the response of the symbols has been very very good for all the 3 where instead of for the police we produce uh of blue green and red plays out being given by results and it was not complain about them and not much of this and the mean grain size is between 15 and 20 and animators at the moment the thickness of the layer that we have an average of 6 microphones and we are glass plates with on the field at the moment we are just trying to address the that direction but was still in the some in the distance and that their solid curves for this curve for the of motion is
much slower than what would you sell it and as you see for you and then chairman of the word all for all the way there about 45 5 we have local that point for all the way and into that's what the probability that a flat response listen destined for this
emotion would not only producing into we also tried to this structure I will try to to find out which was a the director and competition for this emotion and so these with some distance but this this we used 3 lasers having guardian having and that and 1 5 2 deletion and then is you said that which is so in these photographs and again this is 1 of
the now that's OK that that once the direct eliminated by the red laser you see the yellow because the subject to being subject that law in its system which eliminates the get eliminated this that is evidence but white light and that's the only 1 of them we used which is monochromatic not saturated some into small figurines there's a mirror on the back use your reflections on the off of the table on that new and is and then you got that degree but the processing
we use as standard 1 is 1st we presented by the place seems to be an instance increases did a little bit of an effort to domain it's in the DDA Solutions trypsin and and and and after that since sound solution on
the surface of the plate we just lost it with some of the the the owners was suppose plate and then develop development for 1 minute that agrees with firearms but that was great and and basically EDTA once again and drive their
sensitivity and we have the which over this material is quite high and then we get as a as you as mentioned before he got start with you got start with them the rules partial list but we we made a lot of testing please we tree sponsor organs starting with the blue and the others all came be with radicals but in while the thing is that the group the blue light at the beginning was the 1st person accused of break yes gets all or almost all grains and and just a few art remains rules for it the green and and forth so and now we're starting with a green this attitude is is not bad safety and many of those present in them the right that seconds was 100 million sort of my pronounced for squares and that and then the blue is 90 and Michael us again that is in accordance with their foreign respect of sovereignty spectrum myself to you the response spectrum and which is but well balanced for auditory piece where and the so you some
results about take In consideration that don't they only for um so they won't the real image I got the the only ones with me so sounds interesting infinite them and to assess with sessions finished and I wouldn't have the 70 you that's that's I do it
all mate all so solitary college uses the service through its of yellow Red Green that's another excellent
example this recent 1 the goods going too those in the other trust me on that 1 this
it that's a green is the set of a lot of the screen that that the biases of various arguments what we have it's very low noise the not once suddenly going to think of something that was the lack of grain of its radius but it's a very good policy in the Europe In this model of things you can
see that that's the object itself and the that slide is for all the colors of those cooperated scope different goes in and grains on the background so I got
organs with me so if you wanted to do so and you later the applications for correla fear for most propagates and we can think of many much more than the ones of dimension 1 of them most museum so in a museum artifacts residents once we are a waste of space you do solutions hasn't got the space for showing that the during place in winds windows with sort sort windows to haploid having the jury in the window it's a display of any expensive artifact for security also mixing making 3 and 3 as part of this not complicated to force than using a single scene with a single laser or recording the logic of elements would because once and for coefficient of and many other and many other applications that probably you probably will think in future when sum the cell so the good if we have
a very nice to assume that superior quality and that can be used for traffic applications the it's not
that answers were very happy with it is below 100 million microdialysis present
and then we have a good reduction brightness and and clarity in very low scattering images
and the beta values at the base of the users don't need any special treatment apart from these patients the rest is just common common war b gene G thank without you and you all you wouldn't motion local from wanted who considered whereas which emotion you're motion salute but from what the course so you can we expected and who's going to multiply to comfortable with know all of you go to school view that it can be followed so your emotions and what about this so that from 1 the from what what 1 from 1 so here so I can see some new knowledge about the use of the plant and when you put a sensor model you you Soon amount you pull through future motion also be from what the commotion move on from 1 that is then that means we're wrong is not between 15 and 20 years probably between 10 15 and and this 1 thing we haven't done the problem Mr. degrades but I highlighted here is not like and most of the small of the from with and you can recall very good blue all eventually if you use them single recordings on this assumes that the more you know you don't probably reduced loop on from what the book or people you have this we call it by the way think we think it's programmatic to but and the you know well the what we need is we really need more scientific you need to think about this test on take a spectrophotometer nationally on the actually on each kind of tomorrow we will discuss all of the moral about this technique that we know exactly how accurately can be produced and sold like have this is something that needs to be done is the cost of all companies that all and you want to make sure all world a lot of talking about these coordinates on all the so these are the important things in the knowledge of now I'm working we're working with testing the place with the tree and and so did not seem dangers posed tree 1 that's why I've mentioned the other green red and then the once you have been what is a similar events going in and the the original and right said thank you very at in combination of color and texture and to get the right result was not included in the middle don't understand the individuals that actually prior to this end point the difference in the United States it's a national what's going on in humans and and the combination of the real and imaginary parts this is what you actually this is going that Ireland we add we just putting the market this this emotional and then but we know that although our 4 star here this room and many of us here that will make them better will we'll get better development and developers will get better for this and techniques will get better recall and ways so that's why I did with the very small and we need to be very much more and then we just try to get to right quality by not 15 they're not making any great in extreme case or any of and starting in late so we think that the accuracy of the reproduction is quite good and then we have this that we know we note that you will make must what we have done for once you have presented the plates following the last before this is the this is again for this once and for the experimental buildings with a is it not later in Section believes instrument accounted for balancing everything and it was 1 known is not along this is a short time this 1 month in 1 moment you need to % that's about abuses dies in a go away if you need to make the easiest try properly you lost and the excess of 58 you haven't played the essentially goes back to the same thing so you don't have any and Sweden's after processing all yet what the based on that basis that the just sensitivity for my son processes we still have we still don't know what that we know live it then after the debates are good for for you just need to put them in water water with the 388 solution and they work they work as good as new years of age wouldn't in water in deionized water that I was somewhat unique in that it is not so sensitive DA some sensitivity is based on like 1 point which I 1 . 5 times of hyacinths to just duty not so you can you can use water for force presented as for the it the there used that it is actually there's an 800 pound gorilla in the room we talking about this is extremely important to look at the nature of the light that's used for the reconstruction and the you get to talk about the reconstructed like this it's the influence of particularly if you ain't that right by the United States in a way 1 and the next talk about in the delivery theories and what we want no provision place we're not good lighting systems and from that I get rolling at this sprawling better ways by ideas uh was so was mentioned yesterday in 1 commissions and bodies many these for these that's where it's gonna very complicated because you need the right these for that units to be tuned with a peak of the web and you to solitary waves in interviews Forest more complicated unit exactly that interact with this is an island in life antibodies using that word or a plane 1st of all I can say in know world the date and you and if want to that's too much coming out to that reduces the effect expression and if there isn't enough of the that of course you know what happens if you want to optimize the efficiency of that what you hold you to think you you the little calculation shows that you have made because temperature is something that I think you tend to this and to hit the jackpot anybody General seriously threatened solutions should understand the role of the and that and get back to this notion of relative calculation of the 2nd mention that for example many people have started to use for monochrome or programs in the United States orange that you particularly on hold something sentences from the that use that the and that works extremely well and on 1st day I will talk more about this and I assume a network of all if you have the state of the art of kind of so we will discuss 2 thousand and 1 of the things that from