New on the map.

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New on the map.
Holography at Kun Shan University, Tainan Taiwan
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"New on the map", holography at Kun Shan University, Tainan Taiwan
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and yelling I'm from consent university which is the department of the joke fishing design and today I would like to share the experience of this kind of war we have done for this year's and this is very serious about design and all of the Media if the development of photography is a man and I would like to say we have a new 1 on the main and then the beginning I should introduce ourselves there's and the holograms three-dimensional imaging there is what you get is operation in October to solve y and this is the 1st call their individual competition designed high 1 and so I would have to affect the and the greatest students and have this editor you always give us a lot of support he let us know quite how to
use our creativity
to these media quite a lot of the joint Shiller regional communication design and muscle people and they'll be Joe convocation design tool called market design and what it is i its main tool with dimensional and the phrase the lines so we always as a question why or the design had to be afraid and only shows the best three-dimensional America were become the major image using in the future so that the 2 patient design show
growth solar imitation of corporate design that has some research in the library and the website we find answer then is a whole lot of coffee therefore I send the proposal to allow Kahneman and there's some project there's some budget from the government to establish that was a very big challenge to us because and no 1 no 1 of us know what is the problem of pyelography at the beginning so we spent almost 3 years to establish this and
also getting to know what these for log of the people always ask me why I work design I want which owing to the field log of the as always tell and why was started late and I think the advantage of this I naturally develop pyelography we understand
that image from the image thinking designer can create lots of fun from a lot of that will have some Hodges an idea to what was photography a solid line and I'm going to show you what the project we have and this is the 1st priority we down was our 1st time to open this net to public and we call this workshop is hologram and data design that was the 1st time to try all across the major design we spent 3 weeks to walk on school shop mussel stew there were so nervous about the new news media which they name and you hit the floor I have after the wave lots of bridges do
then have found with that and they start to think how they can use for like there Mr. project and professor the
time young have us to have to
hold this which and these are the war student down and this group of
students and make it
difficult for them and Chinese characters and take recall recall for that and this is the 2nd model with time to solve and and we know we had a hard time to understand how a lot of the beginning especially from beta communication tool a lot of the year therefore we think if we I want to show people of fun and the beauty of holography which start from some transport of some of the
restoration of these easier for people to us that this technology so we would make up turns book we call a T P is the venture and this book that they wrote this book is to kind of of which is Britain additional time because tenants that historical seeking time time but it historical city in Taiwan and we have to carry there's 1 is time the
point ninteen and his all his cost you can see later and we make a
model for the horse and take refreshing will offer a lot of the and we use a printer pyelography tool make the engine Chicano man and the this world the the
I know come
back a lot of free and the animation to give you we
show GP on the top of Chicano and seeing
the people on the street so it is in the can and we had as small as Bayesian at we finish the project the
time view of the top to follow
holograms in the end of 2004 of 4 so we have to spend some time tool to try this system and during this year with 2 without some Christmas car and going to skip this 1 the and the gradually dying to a standard states of so far we have to project the project 1 is the publication of local fea on elementary school geometry could lead to the 2nd part is we just finished a small and the current said about part of this project is the 1 kind of brought of rock is very popular to use spatial intelligence learning for young kids and we find many kids had a hard time to understand the to the dimension of instruction especially when the rock kind of hiding
behind the others so we can buy this book and how
young kid to
understand the film of rock the following the video
will show you the Council of this project having
however it is in Chinese
this shows that ideas about history of hard to
understand the storm
growth in the tool dimensional image
I In the teacher showing
the kids know for library face so my rock and the
kids can very easy to understand the that people in the community 1 of the but the other 2 you also
start from a story and combined with some other broke with some character which by total
dog share test and some basic cost
also marked broke we had station has to finish this project and lots of kids from preschool come to our it's species and try to re and criticism of rock and from of so we find kids can read lot image everywhere and finish the passage of time
and we had a small in this June
and this greatest students
start to walk on this
is stationed at the ones 1 semester training of lot
of the issues that had very
limited time to finish their work because they only had 2 ways so during the opening of this is the species
everyone follow were great
to finish this spatial machine the the colonists had
people of and and this is a very
interesting work we combine a cross this line and for a lot of it to and like cool books and application of a lot of in the future especially come the breach of holography and media communication design and the is very great chance for me to be here because I cannot lots of people who are still professionally in holography combining all of you at the and steering freshman label so I do in the Europe greatest device and support to help the future development thank you