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Scatterplots of Function M vs sPV during 2016 Arctic major final warming


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Title Scatterplots of Function M vs sPV during 2016 Arctic major final warming
Author Lawrence, Zachary D.
License CC Attribution - NonCommercial - ShareAlike 3.0 Germany:
You are free to use, adapt and copy, distribute and transmit the work or content in adapted or unchanged form for any legal and non-commercial purpose as long as the work is attributed to the author in the manner specified by the author or licensor and the work or content is shared also in adapted form only under the conditions of this license.
DOI 10.5446/20954
Publisher Copernicus Publications
Release Date 2016
Language Silent film

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Subject Area Earth Sciences
Abstract Supplementary animation for: "The major stratospheric final warming in 2016: Dispersal of vortex air and termination of Arctic chemical ozone loss" Authors: Gloria L. Manney, and Zachary D. Lawrence Journal: Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics (ACP) This animation shows the evolution of the “horseshoe” patterns seen in scatterplots of function M versus scaled potential vorticity (sPV) that are shown for a few days in the main text (Figs 9-11) during the major final warming period from 24 February to 15 April at 490 (left), 550 (middle), and 850 K (right). The vertical red lines plotted are the sPV values used to define the vortex edge in CAVE-ART, which correspond to 1.4 x 10^-4 s^-1 for 490 K, 1.62 x 10^-4 s^-1 for 550 K, and 1.94 x 10^-4 s^-1 for 850 K. Note that the units for the function M (y-axes) are distances in megameters (Mm, 10^6 m), and that the limits of the x and y axes are different for each isentropic surface.
Keywords Arctic
Polar vortex
Final warming
Ozone loss

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