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Synfograms™, Inscribe Space/time information for museum
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In these past 30 years, Holography has been mainly used in museum for exhibitions itself. Now, in our digital world, Space – time coordinates can be printed as digital Holograms, giving a new educational tool to museum. Digital 4–dimensional files are available as DICOM in medicine, CAD in Engineering and Architecture, and as 3–D scan format in Geography and digital Archaeology. Our experience with museums shows the interest of digital holography especially for its visual, educational and attractive capacity of presentation. Presentations in museums required from curators almost a scientific approached of what is possible with what they dreams to use for their exhibitions. Syn4D™ is offering a full service of imaging creation and display of synthetic 4dimensional information called Synfograms. The main advantage to use digital holograms lay in the capacity to create, not just reproduce content in time and space, showing what otherwise would not be possible to explain and visualised. The price, the additional lightning, and limited mass production still make the media a luxury. XYZ imaging and Geola uab Zebra or HoloPrint made this wonderful technology available on the market. We provide the interface between the conceptual ideas, printable file, and final display which communicate the museums need, and the technology. According to the museums, we have been working on different applications and presentations types, which will be illustrated in this lecture.
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so I'm the acknowledgment and artists of the no some of maybe some of you know me already for my study here I've done my study of art in Liverpool England for the College of Art and I've been pounding operation and the museum and and on and on and it's interesting it's a company which is doing special product development for of of the next 50 I'm working together
with my wife within she's been running as the been pounding and aligning them with the more photocopy in Washington for while and he often neuroscientist having 2 separate places to see since the 15 years they are living in Germany and finding holographic let them it takes place you know we you have
the job of the quality of a connection this not the date of the museum and the exhibition of foreign governments are previously made in the quality of the when was the only that it was more the whole acoptic collection it said we have used it for for that because of objects all to show just the phenomenon of light it's in in the modern world of the next slide the coming
along and more into the in a kind of use because that was the only ones to be not anymore yes having some kind of all that stuff laying on initiatives and making the scientific research that 1 of of them was it wants to educate the public and want to communicate sold by being communicative they want to be fun indication I think fascination information copy the sense of imagination and have a new tool for presentation and the coffee is In form it's will come up in the next few years the perfect would follow presentation of Fremont images and with to us when is something where continue next slide I
worked together with the x y z imaging in Canada and get 1 and in in the town but you have us with the blind world Fame and they all have to give work indicative will copy and up new technology which is available now well of altered what color prints statuses with the lecture after me will explain deeper into these new kind of party uh Symphony provides the interface between concepts and ideas printed butterflies and Pinar display what does it mean I will this will be a bit more clear in in this discussion if you see the behind his Holodomor there's a small how it's being used in in the past in conventional you show a short at I catch up at point of sale and a fast effect and we never makes but when the
null and void somebody's previous can comes now this is so we have a project report data from the data the shows most lunchtime it it's a beautiful song you inordinate 1st most 1 sends a beautiful and the trust with we 1st with lot of the the power losses looks a bit like this what is then 1 and that the year have all heard of 3 dimensions scares which is is is done in 3 dimensions from a daily average of 3 D scanner and so there were fire it's it's it's in in 1 bit say us a cloud of dark so how to make it possible for an exhibition because it's becoming in above unity on a kind of was the only you have to take as well all illustration of the slides and you have to bring this left slide this is three-dimensional and the beautiful pictures together they do not exist together you have to bring them together to make some more use and we call in the next 1 and then in 3 D
physical education all gone as you see it becomes more and more and absolute perfect replica are often illustration of this on so by using not as straightforward Holodomor as I learned while studying it now with the new technology we can make every lecture that the car which looks more tools than the reality itself this is the way this is the way we are working at the moment so this is why we called it the product development using technology part of science and have request was for example and you think this people together and
1 of those beautiful project is the ponds on you see the whole perspective on a light the heart of it is a very famous article which data as well and was the only also in minute of and amend the the door and tenement Tom was you more for office chains well uh of a new way of science whether the domain of the nature of its more touchable and knowledge about you you're learning that technique of of the scientific reasoning in a lot of experiments and you can do with experiments you said any quoted makes 1
so that if you know what on if you know this is what I wanted to but do we get this text to you because it's fun might take crystal bone make this text that the normal economies like like on a work of art and we use it to highlight the entrance of the optical area therefore the whole economy's position at the White visibility place here is the picture you see the opening although the technology behind the hurricane because of its complexity not described in total this does get an impression of what amazing creative possibilities was abilities are opened by the technology the whole economy used as an what would you beta it makes the visit all increase achieved on basic effects gnostic pop led us to the defection in different I think I had some complement communication may be of some of a order covers like throwing some which make a lecture us with shared on and you will see in the end of my talk this kind of new perception that's great so to bring holographic as well into the mind of shared on and this is the best way to bring it does well into the museum was the only needs to be effective for all his generation and quality of the is this is a very interesting side and very interesting technique to come to optical phenomena 2 were known what of physical pami telephone optics and you see that it says would find and you come and rely on more about in in a teaching we had some experimentation make this school it's classes and their then all chose the period it has been a repeating after seeing this holographic exhibitions there was much more open that he is much more about what this opinion phenomena like what is spending what is fraction what is the hallways of the acting what's the nature of light and this is quite clear that this was the reason the list of well also of the these the exhibition and fate of this in the and his team and there was very happy to use this medium in constant plays an exhibition continues thank you for
you see this is the the to have this that this asked in in space this spending coming they we had to make the entire construction of data the use to work of all of the months to redesign it you have when aspects design a building on measurements are important and the mistake if something doesn't fit you 250 there's so most of have been developed constructed world making everything the construct regret matching out the mistakes the before but if you have a holiday on you see all a kind of of all force for example you see a priest of floating a bit over the space and all these things what in pretty illustration is not important becomes visible in the 1 on so all plans to because of the has to be and that and then the from work and to work to have it without any distortion we have to that end they come our president that perspective 5 times y then the norm 1 so you can have a distortion-free come on come on movement this is about a technique that may be of next the internet as
museum they use the the maiden exhibition also long spike of two-photon all because plants like was the city of the for life and and you have a lot of development in income from making and so we had to be at quite a history of people that come in in in order to come are making and producing entered the war I so again a little image and often newspaper where all opening of all company was published on was when what I'm part of a little phenolic efficient when less land this museum so there is historical museum so I'm always bit of the past and so they get it and then they came later to me and explain me and so what they wanted they wanted to secede partial the past and the future and that Paul was thinking the most interesting part is because what I was used a lot of efficient quality about and here's my son he was the 1st of these was the 1st test of the come which which you allow was building and so you make this kind of for the Porter chance when he was exhibiting this 1 and initially here in Albany
it's a special attention but this is not my deal with with the uh so it's it's a it's a it's a and they use it to the provinces supplied these people discover the secret of phenomena and it's it's it's a joy to contact victory at family the whole 1 of the 1st input the village of great art works of the son of invented us in all collections and signed by adding on media connect the local and international who histogram is organize all the is always exhibition in the land as museums again in the novel view was that we have already known to use of 2 independent the person of Kuwait or how they use it and as you see and each 1 using a lot what more less as 1st of all if domain to impress but as a 2nd us where given a of a target to use this kind of in-domain now there to close the on to compared to select and putting it into what's teaching and it does work more interested to bold back in the past and looking at them all come across where all it of origin was because the invention of for the coffee where would put it up and mean would
next page and the last 1 here is the pitch of the these next problem was the only 1 is ending ending this prudent plan for what to it's a tool big with illnesses of a statistical BIC connections it's Steve rewards of for the love of fall the middle and then 40 images so when he made enough millions of are supported offered was a time when for the gulf be was able to become rich and then he wanted to do something what is found in this is as well gain into children not about the showing them come across but using them still the found and how this intuition of still comedies there is still a lot of what it's like if you may not of predi stable coffee and 2 years as well uh already a big collection of all of the runs by an of a negative way for me by the bankruptcy of a lot of of of the business being we had as well as a lot of museums in Germany which all it was not anymore able to solar survive in this world can creep in Bombay back for example total would then I still exist on the internet but not anymore as a living in nature of all of the evidence was good and is quite active of of of things he wanted to have 2 lectures incoming not know but the in Germany says holographic collection of is to not so much anymore sure we have in other words the only for example as William believe it's just the and mention belly in the retina science was small from Shaun and it's it's a shortage just us optical effect it's not shown us in demonstration of what you can do what are the new way of communication as for example penal right in 1
too fast here is a the and and pompom fantastic application for the guitar the is a computer company which is which makes Azuaje from the past you see that the war so the actually this 1 when all 4 of 1 or 2 or more and religious which found and you and that there was the construction of the food and all fundamental waters found debating it so if this is this is a new way of of I showed you you you you will be constructing of from what you know how we would have to look like and this is all in a computer friend they find find is major very interesting to use in in degree and I assure chick was the only by the way you you can have an animation because 2 afforded by walking in your normal speed and this is important by looking at simple comes on this 4 dimensional holograms if you have as well 1 of before you can sure was the three-dimensional 5 and movement of your body this is that the effect this is you can stay here you see all the food demand and orders for which no place as as other what what they found and by walking next to the that you going from 1 tho in the past and seeing what kind of buildings has been on this Wonderment and this is certainly a a different view of the this makes it visible and you can show all the the as well but what is a video of videos and machines it can put the machine that the much control what I'm looking this is another part of the form of perception I let's see the unknown normally when the going wouldn't shouldn't playing the goal touching something or if who but they're not the day data and they're not going and just sitting there but they are not watching a video here with all of as an and QinetiQ photo that thinking goal and passed on and looking at this thing and convince uh and this kind
of animation nature cost part 1 of the earliest almost all the action now what's from nature recurrent cost the hot date 1 they using time to see you shoulder the destruction of of of our nature because of this is that to snow and nature cost part and and and the outpacing that even in Germany and the woods so again flooding they did did did they generate more and more on the news for example there to make it on 1 case each time 1 shot and then other day in the same time 1 shot and we didn't want some of this but you see the difficulties of the Holodomor game because you have a sunny day you will you have this mole is pressing down and so is it you don't have an orientation point and you have you have share cloudy but they and what you have is this is clearly if you have a fully animated hundred but you have all that kind of indifference and places because you have so much information overlaying over each of our that you don't have to a sharp image but already in nature parts that they enjoyed it very much and use it in their in for them was ilmenite exhibition because the set this is wholly nature is it not there is always something that it's it's a smear of time and so they use it very constructive is was very impressive for me to judgment much working with them not yet
no clue you from museum you know all in all of here of Madonna before will with us in in the the of water uh that day so there you have just comics because floating in space and when you are moving all you choose the 400 on your all this an amazing the use of what what exactly what it promises to do fueled you hit taking you hang arts and and now I show it to you would hear the hurricane comes out and so would you if you're giving half part of the lecture we actually speaking to you know this is this this is just the quality come takes what is made but what is quite interesting and this that will coming on the on the stage and they call it as well can be go to the next 1 and we
have as well as a lot of congruence from 1 of the 4 December there's which show takes which has which use so it's only made up the papers and cost-effectiveness of your meat and but it's you can't read just 1 very large and you put it in a fashion show and you have people a floating in space and so I had the dutch and was you their want the matter might take exhibition except different holographically action space so they are here we have this on place and Einstein and another much of their own free of amount a moment of mathematician was discussing of what kind of model muttered may not and each 1 has another direction and then you have a doll you goal and walk in an x direction in so we had a wonderful project but then in the end she said I I'm not allowed to say that it's finished because we have to live with them you have to find a way to do it but but 1st of all 6 present time I had to say no or press feasibility In its needs to be feasible 2nd have you have to think about it you have full this 1 what's in the dark if you go on the beginning here in dark and you have people visit us going in this direction this direction this direction this did you need to light up this black replaced because this is the the safety manager of the museums they know what you cannot have a place where for for or dark so then you have always this kind of problem of exhibition and uh in in a museum like but the bottom William has a lot of woods like relations so we needed so as to provide a novel way and so this this thing had to come again on the water and this is not really satisfying to all of us but in in the end this 1 is an on-going project this is 1 the of the of finding a solution holy can make it stand on in in in in the right place and this is known as well as an ongoing project for was the only modification from and the people he
is the 1 which is using this kind of holographic projection is in Germany via the company's that being uh you see this here in and in his time of the incident salad it it was the only 1st was the of us in public or think they likely actions screen now and it's a it's it's spider then have the have positive last but you can even that make it so that you can for yeah feeding on it it's a unit so you have to be the projection on on it and intensify and they here plus you see it's a it's they in fact if you can switch the information this is that sponsors what their political will voter copy screenful projection has Colombia to photograms where that information is always need to and some
always search about application of the was the only done by have been blocked as he's making to force in 5 this kind of search for combining 100 comes if that computer animated graphic can be maybe too so this is in a station what how
it should looks in the future and this is all the experimentation QCA DaimlerChrysler and on university you you see idea all I wanna visit where the body was working in this project and it's it's used a juror G all for 4 navigation systems was whether to have the a pre dimensions the on in in a car the so then I how
I'm going to say about that so if India the US include the living the using technical applications so making also but complements uh you taking as well 3 D television in all of the Macon solution will be the displays using the morning toss their doubt retracing again another problems because the content to put a final exam is not a picky full content for developing a for for the displayed on integral at each time you have to use a different kind of system enough of recording astonished at the time it's easy it is not a good time then you have to think before you take the pitch us that you really make you shot for all applications so you customer does not need to make another in 1 another lab all played that day all being a game this symbol so it's better to use the full come as system by the recording this would be doing people always to all of them was on we have done to yes no origami if you do it needs as well must production so do was willing to ecological or do we want to be doing as well as some kind of movies do you have as well as something Paul interview you choose for your advertising yeah I idea what I wanted to say says well you enjoy many of you have as well be talking about political of the of the universe will research you it's some that's 500 thousand of the new gene from some millions in the inter-class of Michael ends the about base so what is the possibility to use quality to print in Michael lens 4 . 4 it's it's it's it's it's still very small it's not a it's it's it's not it's still in development but there is a kind of development in a new technology and new possibility to use did to you know not to use just dig a tunnel Holodomor now as possible presentation but as well using a lenticular things which has as much easier because you can use it and also in yup Christian
Monson CIA wanted to bring as well as a bit creation outside of full of coffee they give quite similar and I asked OK this is dishes that this cannot lead to adapt without poems in inside media uh he's selling all kind of uh in america why hardcopy does not appear in any of you've newsletter and pretty conferences and he said very easy there's no market big enough to talk a lot but if you a of company you knew dealing before and was you can think about incest free days to to make an idea so if you don't have and jumped next to you for example if it's very hard to make your living but you'll because but it's time-consuming it takes 1 and some projects so to talk to him was able to bring to bring it all at the origin of buying a new vision of what is really very interesting and very artistic but it takes as well all like all of art works more than 1 year in the composition of any of the laboratory he's wasteful form of Institute in building and he said that all I was when asking him who was buying you of ridiculous it's and GIS system where you stay in front of the there's no eye-tracking system returns a pretty objects just space you can have his share this Johnson before takes in all directions for inductive and this is not open was young maybe he said maybe it's too expensive because it's just industry which is using it for demonstration but not in in in was and child period was as well of James Hampstead from a point measure components holy can avoid the development of 3 D portals more than a technical problem they've pollution of the market is defending of social with culturally constraint that's why I said what in the beginning again becoming to this point we need to educate not just a shared on the needles would that is indicated design on how to use it this new media objects and their environment and and congestion avoid distribution manager conservation of you there's no investment will and this is why the market does not pick up so fast so freaky as well as the quality of the and of in was imported coffee is just very very view to see and we have from every individual begin and
that's the conclusion the How can
implement with no vector the
conclusion is as I would like to bring the conclusion of for President Hunter copies used by museum full fascination it operates on the public defender fascination is understood as a that I felt for Resia who use the mine starting opening and you take taken the technical possibilities source of inspiration and finally and that captive education patient would dig a tunnel a testing for its capacity to work out the creative content of images while using combining the many dig it out formats are available in document of was it was the they get up can be easily combined with other freed put on the market and resumed school just like to work with overstress likes and for the 2 solve the dilemma between technical feasibility at captive but pooled but there will be presentations can I get a school the uh just full
relaxation you it is possible
I wonder just to show it's it's as well this shot he
mitigated that this
someone of to take and and you
discover something that so so this is a new CD this is holder come on walls and unique auxin and why come arise moving next you
have 3 D and for the this is the doctor who was making the
opening this argument he
needs to be done of this
exhibition in and here's the
reaction Richard was
model has been or need a born in compounds for
organizing this big thing happening and using politician enjoy seeing shared honors so so
freely where and his work is being
would white already exhibited he says more than 2 means so this is just like any questions thank you thank