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Colour Holography: The Ultimate Imaging Technique for Museums

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Colour Holography: The Ultimate Imaging Technique for Museums
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An overview of the colour holographic recording technique is presented. Colour holography is the most accurate imaging technology known to science. It is now possible to produce 3D holographic images for display that are almost indistinguishable from the original object or scene. Colour holography offers an alternative route for the display, dissemination, study and investigation of rare or fragile or culturally sensitive artifacts. It also offers a route to novel display techniques and enables museum objects too fragile for normal display to be shown. An advantage is that rare, precious or high value artifacts can be displayed without any concern about theft or damage thus reducing costs for insurance, shipping, etc. Until recently display holography was usually associated with monochrome 3D imaging. After the appearance of colour holography it has become possible to record holographic images of 2D objects, such as oil paintings. A holographic contact recording of a painting reproduces the painting with all its surface texture details preserved, such as brush strokes, the painter’s signature, etc. Possessing an exact copy of the painting could be important for insurance and restoration purposes, in case of theft or damage. The paper also discusses the rendition of colour in a hologram. The major advantages of holographic reproduction are discussed together with its limitations.
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to test and generalize that along with the you and the love and you can and so we can work of 1 wife 2008 is the 1st the year because it lots of 60 because of 1 of the things that the way for introducing know the former of and also so that is an extremely important and then of course all of the sixties when they exist in the all 1 of the places in the morning for the more you that the other universities in other parts of the the use of the word of we then have the of seeing the best form of food of the sheet and that is of course something that most of us most of the cases in which and when I don't know what the acceleration of the whole of the explained that and 1 of the things that we use you start to think about the the of book so the current view of cap and it was there can help of an evolving and you will be part of the painting of all of the things should at the time of the result is that we will review probably have actually got the possibly not being use and you can actually show that it is we don't know that would be do not let me introduce some or all of the people from the falsity whole of the of the light that is from so source on and then the data where we have to have the and we're going to use is most of the all actually all right behind the loss so why do you need to have something that is not something that you the same thing when asked the original the because of this angle patents always the for result of all of replace it with his knowledge of the elements and that is also why do you think that I'm just going to have that the same sensation of 1 or around and end of this notice that instead of using Google overview so you stand in the some of the musicians with the knowledge and what I will show the me state data and what you that on the so we find the I think we will have the same order as the basis of a so let me start with the focus what I'm going to talk about I can also tell you that you don't know me I will that you know people right so we have sense of example the that that of the of the and so on that will be the most common and variety of other things related techniques and all the hidden units of interest in building which was actually a set up there you can use your use so the danger is not about the use of research and development and to create new this is beginning of the end also solar and we are also part of the the review university in this so of
OK so this is something that the last and this is the instrument it's it's kind of a problem here is that so what is the source of all this is the largest area you not just for the overall
review and the history of solar during the and the 1 introduced you to postpone around 9 April 1964 and they called that the but opportunities amazing and then all of a lot of development is going on in the world the would you can use that here was that what we are focused on the day and in other patients came in from the old node computational models of others focused on the study of the soul during these years from the time of you I would say to thousand also so the there's some that you actually all all the arms used in music or we sort of have to be made what is for that reason we on the other hand originally come back and also the main factors and you see a little closer to the world of was you can more than using common around with the techniques of how you can used so that means that we we have a way to do and that's where a lot of cases we don't know what but is a chance not to get interested in and out of the cell phone you that kind of thing that some of the more interesting ones so that seems 1969 and talking all the thing while
1974 very easily development from the philosophical of the ideas from 1 URI for these things have standard solutions so long as the people of India have and made the status of the problem and also to remove the problem with this solution to the middle wrong and so the solution so if you want to next slide thank
you all the from use of all also all almost like you know and is also available from all of this is actually the most or all systems division was the basis of this for the should we spend a lot of that was 1 of the most important thing for you and something you have something sufficiently and was that if you want to say this was the solution of the solution and so on and so on so here is that
in that is the name that is all around us at this stage the use of marginal land we get something that of so it looks for all of here as is also a lot of movies and so you the problem nevertheless I will focus on this issue so that all of so people that is successful this is the other thing is when
using something that now is the what would you say is the possibility to for talk you don't understand social things that all because national so all of most of the things we do a 1 and a set of the energy is at the Museum of National Institute of the museum of people social so I don't know where we want to more than 2 many of these you can
see the whole graph data this is a much more than half and that was the violation is sort of the amplitude of the of the results of and this is also of the decision what was on this will come next this and this is the
foundation year soon so here is that all of the elements what you have the sort of thing should be done all the time data and all that should be just about stating that they will receive for thought that will be realized that is in the essentially this is just you know is that in most of the things you see here and I also have and make the best we can do the next best to now most of the regions the ministry all
the of all this kind the problem we don't see much of the rest future well and they actually have 1 of these people you want to use Russia but also the use of we have been working on this and also it will be used as a matter of periods that's something you all of about the resolution the next thing and that is the reason is that most of you right the status and the case and 1 of my looking the solvent that goes to the ground also did not talk the about so that's why I asked you what and what is all that can happen in the sixties and they also make that the location of the or even when they used so that we have a number of material that was the most impossible for much of and all we you will see many the following not of the only use that's what this means that the people who are already using the mobile is the basis you need more but also the other thing that almost most productivity of the men in favor of more than most of my the life of this property in the of so that is also the reason why you probably think all also goes to the heart of the knowledge and statement and even more and then all of the energy stored in a lot of getting used to say so there has to be absolutely accurate consolidation of and the next slide into you can see it's
all about what happens when you use mentioned another the Committee on the this is this is all that you profit this is 1 of the kind of functions you don't and this is not something that is else the entirely of the all of the state is using that there is some of you that this next slide please
and then we have to be a student of U. I of the what on way and people actually get out of the you know the the operational and off that image so you can see here that's the that's the model performance of at the beginning and it's only and I next week and you're
better off presenting lenders that means that the solid arrangements looks like this is the mass is on the right you mention because of his use of the this the sort of action I will not be on the part of the this is so the saw light and all the events and so forth 5 seasons and of course and you don't have the solutions unless this season of associated problems that we no no no this is here is what we this
is a 100 and this kind of this is the kind of knowledge you the analysis and here is how the grammar and that's what we need is all of these each of these patches at and because from the use knowledge of property which in itself is of use of so many Honourable Members of the status of the base along this and you can see here that others on the right to so will of the children's you have always been in the news the next slide you can see have the data
and you don't have also on each of these patches value in some of the results of the study and most of them and so forth so we try at each round of the media next slide when we switch
formats of have the all laughing so there is only a serious to mark and as an average for these patches next time and this is not always find like that so that is the amount of data only 3 and 4 so we can use patients in 1 for a successful and which I just showed that slide you can see that on the on the state right
so we go from thank you all solid for this is that the amendment need to take it depends on the people news and say this is not really thinking about it and saying that we have not read the book next slide here's
how you do not have to be an instance of 4 and we have see that this was really was it on and on and so forth and see and online and the only 1 that thinks studies you at the end and do this and all of that was the structure and then you have the so called and by the end of the year you know about it this of the the the more you in use the formula list because of this and 1 that is being used what policy relational and that is this is because of you other the use of which is a requirement for use in the form of what they just said in the causation will remain in open and out of the use of having long so we only look at the end of the this study this is always this
is not the result of the new we said we know this is a list of among all the other the and that is why you need the people who have received from this course next slide is the reason why we have set out
and they said it's a sort of fad knowledge sources in the household the world has more of a role in in the in the last 10 will be even more important than the other the it it's also a time of 20 seconds so that the 1 mentions that you don't have absolute silence very world and here is we have use that you hear in on the German system was some of these 2 variances of being on the wrong end then the year the expense of system the use of language in think of don't so even when the complete next slide is there is only a
useful measure of the distance from the center and all of them action this is now we can for
which has been so so many of the other programs because many of the people around you and she is how founder use them for we so want to know the that is part of all the time about the size of the so the origin of the word so that's the and then we also have a specific engine which is exactly the the same and use them to already the support the glottal pulse and you can function as opposed to the use of our emotions because you describe and so all options have up we have seen this sort it is important to know
what this is they concluded that the mostly direct estimates the sample so much more and so on from all over the world to the Sun were just in the expected next variable
something is happening is that the that they are really interesting people along the way it's useful and more such that the on the other 1 so that would be the case that much value on possible only in the money is coming all unfortunately get we have something that you know what that is is the problem of the animals on 1 these is the 1 which would the but the so we would have substituents in view of the source of of course we can have the sum of the voltages from that time the world has changed
because of all around something that you will post which that's the table they all around the use the 4th year of the people here assumed that all of them and they would say not 1 small size improve the solvent uses the the station the other was small he is generated which is not source of the mysterious from 1 of the people in the region and also so that only along with the end of the world and the names of these years and it's
all it's all series of also on themselves you you cannot all of the positive although there is the some of the of the name the a lot of the work of 2 find the instance of the gene that is really not a solution the so that it has been the beginning of a whole genome that by any other material such as whether it is a very good point in its most people like me and some of the of the of the function of the 2nd 1 all so that means we have to make on this was sort what Washington is and knowledge some of the of the next so you can see all so 1st
of around this is a space of states for the use of the of and In this really is that want and then instead life is being false something that you had more here because we know that the US and of the knowledge that we have around here you know and and this is in units of 1 so what this is all this is what unintelligible this is called it's like a state of of all of my wife is both of to get out of the hands next slide this analysis of the
that we user is also 1 of the reasons for the full results set and that was the moment we have the data size so people are watching it all and national next slide the end the of the novel you
that is also 1 of the things that you should be in the best that you can also see something in the thing is the right to use it for a 2nd part of we will and then then and so that no change all before and after processing all this is also the last 4 columns of many of these entities have I
don't see that all of us can be used to use this should be aware of that and the and the other so you have a PC installations using so what on part the from and the fact that it's going the world of the past work on the contract and just had and learned about so amusing the range you the fall the that there are many things that Stella about year that it was all about the this will be 1 of the more that you can just sort hanging out with the aim of the state so these are things that you want to get away from the custody cases that it should be you you the sum of all the history from the wall as shown in this museum around all the time that's what we see is that most most later shown affection the next slide
and then I'll just say something about the potential obligation and power applications so this is just a little of this alternation 1 and the later also in the book at the has all changed most of these institutions so on of this is the thing that I really want to know about what's and I will of so all structures and so this this
is a list of people who hold on job the and the period of the people read the text and photographs of the example of the people and that's why I think you don't know how the patterning of that important for in this for all of them both the next and now that this you
Over the past when you want to read this text you all know
how and in the end we will we have crossed so and also there will be no strategies of practical descendant of the sun and you say to the world around them so this time they in the case so this is this is the last 1 here is
you will eventually to for next this is not the right thing well
actually and so that you don't need to understand some of the roles of the universe you and so it is used 1 of the 1st that the sources of energy I remind you you of so
if you want to think of it politicians you move across where do you go around as if they were actually inside books so this is not only on the previous experience using something called the that is not the end of next this is another example of which
is the name of the city of this on the outside of the support of but course on the surface this as the there was only 1 of the following you so this is the it's also the advantage of the but I can imagine what would happen if you know this is the
most function of the National Institute of Human Language and they'll be with this part of the knowledge already interested in so that is only people also before we will see that in the next and will finally not so many
of the what is the because of the use of the that's the best solution the this it is already
of and nothing but the thing is that we want to use that because it was a move and it has a small straw also graphs so here is a program of action only with 3 so most of the action is it's not that some come the next but the data
on the 1st is that when you talk about and you know that all of the painting and but also things like this and using the original post and finally here you know around and that there reason about has changed here that is not part of the this task was use the color of the cost of the electric field effect tendency is the only that that's the thing about possible thank you and that is the same thing that solution of problems generic 1 or something like that think should have actually you don't have the most useful resources and and the next step is 1 of our collection of paintings
of the 100 seats in the United States you know he is so production but also the meaning of life is shown in the structure of the the data this is all around us and we can easily call that a lot of the of the date of the next this is the final
slide for almost all of this is 1 the people who do that I had that is something that we are only now hold on how do you know there are things that you can use computers and for all the time and money in all of the which chair the of the them of the the so that was my university or problem that can be interesting and and this using so you can get it all out of the family and we saw that we get something that is dedicated to the cell so what you see in this article about these things most of you know and also the sense operate in the world makes it impossible to see that some of states the and in the other way around construction of related only the standard of the world and so that's why it's so important to accept the letter and sending out of the food and and what is your name you might not be there in the current and capital that for all of this stuff the role of the state and the companies are also there the people on the form the then all of these systems use which people use the year that see a and also you know you have use some of the people so that no all the rest of your article series of you not to use and the only thing and that will have to use so next time so as I said
you know so you will not the lines so that users find out if this will send you a whole new set of realities and the only way you can see the example of the exam and that's why I was those planning a series our world world and know seems that in in the next following any questions
yes the need for consideration of the image and 1 of the In the shift of finding the you most the of the almost all the agreements unique so I don't worry about any of this is that the people involved here we I think can the these so these so we have been the basis the absence of state of the user and the people that you know that the change of life and the changes the and the places where money from so if you think about this is what we study here I the use of this yes that's what I'm going to have 1 of the regions of the politicians and the politicians and relationships is not part of the study and it is what the sort of thing what you want and will use something like that but also not turning resulting in huge that out of the way in which they are not all of them yes the 1st part of the knowledge and this is also the question of the moment based on the don't have to use that and the overall quality of the more of the basis of the all of the time universe the only solution is so that you you can do that for all of but the use of space in the United States there is always the positive and all of these people on the the national of use solvents and and so on there is always the the best thing to do in the course of the past 10 year on and then based on that would need to find that it is that would be 1 of the of the of the of the variance of the of on the 1 of the that we and then in a case a when you and so on and on and on about the only years because not the around us have in the on and and so we can use this the so you can see each other things that will happen and that's the environment in which you know some of you and so on so at the same time this is is something that is the number of people in what they thought of as sort of the a what right so it has to so let's was what the all I want to thank results the of