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"Ultimate Holography" technologies for museum applications

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like report together with name is Michael shifts I'm from some to work and I looked in holographic land upon the leadership of Prof. Diniz shook pioneer of holography will more than 25 years so I want to to start from from the story because sort of display and started the Soviet Union after after discovery of
flight Michael reviewed by this this is 1 being a scheme of recording and then the scheme it was sold so sold simple it's demonstrated here so it's is easy to to record holograms of such type and then working in state political instituted initiative developed because of high resolution emotion sensitized to red light krypton and of hidden lasers and then you just a month later there's arrive to Russia from Spectra-Physics company immediately we started to recalled the size holograms was there was a big size that means Starting from 30 by 40 60 by 18 and 80 by removing 1 little 20 and many well organized immediately many holographic fixed positions mostly holograms of museum objects and even in 1985 we demonstrated 1 exhibition here the whole graph treasures of the USSR in London it was very great at its position and even well demonstrated the many many objects from different Museum of aside from from give meaning most gold means and secure and we're going the main exhibition all over the world at that time this provision is
to have a look at his 1st Union holograms and finally in 2005 when he was at it however is additionally he looked at his hologram late maybe 10 years ago it's 120 2 centimeters and said that when I invented the method of of my had even didn't think that I will see sometimes this in relative because of that time would have no lasers but now I see it books was a very good mood land and then but at that time and with a little bit we will develop for holography more and more and we started to to make holograms bigger brighter and possible grants etc. but the problem was that the sensitivity of materials we used in natural it was the materials of Russian materials you know solid materials and Lazarus usually used so and all so that we rather close country and but materials lost high-definition but low sensitive and they're mostly sensitized to red light so for museum obligations 2 along way needed to to the great too the emulsion sensitized to all the visible original spectra and so on and this work naturally started in the state optical institute
in in many many other laboratories and house behind did the same and for the time in the beginning of nineties next slide so we
started to our work together with them usual dates In in his holographic studio in Bordeaux and in 95 he visited our institute this preface this took we discussed all problems and I think he was very happy that have did we started this work and this work was rather cut in still didn't stop and the meaning of the results of that what is the creation of new emotions we called it alternate because most OK it's inventor of the motion event there will continue but this is where this our 1st step 2nd step and about the next steps you will explain I don't think that this is something not to the making this so you have to understand that make to make his scored of matter of yours was not a matter of millions of euros some companies or people try to get money to to develop system insisting kids money it was uh in fact more hardware elaborate the reworked because of the 1st 2 to get the reason that I demonstrated in 2 thousand you know and you know Austria was now and I made about 300 utterances and every and takes about 20 almost to be produced enough to electricity owes to be tested so 50 I was for 1 and now I am not number almost that number of 400 so if it means something like 20 thousand hours of where laboratory laboratory where on systematic you're so and the man is the main advantage of this material at ease is high sensitivity comparing it as a form of an even actually because no improvement since the 20 minute 20 years so this is the sensitivity of my mentor Europe is much more about 20 times it means instead to need merely we need Michael Jordan so as a result is the final result is design also in the next of
mobile system so no you can see I copied and so that again growing but I use so he's gigantic bench with very hyper well is there and this is a newcomer this wheel is the some inside and this is the founder mice summed up objects of cloud and we recalled is books with that we connect anywhere in some some symbols we construed as a two-by-four urograms exposure time always about 15 20 subgoals and the inside we have 3 Red rule is there but it's there's a whole not what but really what in fact surrealism 25 million what and we use this time around that we produce this is under the cloud of exactly the same and you see after the recording and processing you can see there's is a place we sonogram displayed and there's a life of these books simultaneously was a real object so now you can maybe at the end of ideal yes I'm just 1 by the just
reduces the this is this 1
year it's father by using the
on web this is my might you
seats of block that you can put many places is totally
transparent and this is a value of of 1 butterfly books which is displayed here means exhibitions by doing not so good but you can see what is
an image and you see it's a finely yeah of selecting survival is not grants of silver coated on a glass plate this spread no it's in in white light but usually it's enough whom of course you put this spread prosperity over object and you really mean it uses books there should be some symbols and after processing ICA the processing but if you replace of on so what you
can see a the lot ground simultaneously with object and here again identical to the original but made of flight on the you have an absolute do but also
this is some insects I recording a natural history museum in involved and this is a cloud and this is not the bible of of the objectives that survival of order and also those who don't
know the now and I boat I had 1 before providing this is a you the future of the main difference between my material in all their material it is you can get good saturated color you we compare weasels will will grant the old ways of pastel must equal 0 because instead of 2 to capture and there'll bond and and have efficiency like here is the result is not so impressive and you get noise and and and and the cost incurred here uses a quarter of hour are very sharp very bright and now I can show you another 1 the 1 week before the mean wisdom mobile system so these are not new the objects but demonstrate demonstrate that as an impossibility of these books now we have something we some museums of some projects this is and those of and those that object and you can see all the different kernels like being you have mainly what I I I but maybe 20 of them so after the conference if you want to see more just ask currency you can see this is clearly isn't usually not and hence was explaining the difficulty to catch capture all CoLaus it's true it's difficult to better that we can we can capture some of them even with screen readers errors what is uh this is this is all this new box fall regarding inside museum using you pick no
1 knows that the convergence of the words sort of in thing next we have been
next the next of there is that it is
so this is 1 of the problems with all this is related to the holding of the the of material of the whole thing is we we use a lot of possibly would have a lot of the rest of based on the energy in the and the and the reason is simple of because all this transmission losses in the conditions of using this 1 of the images that we use in this whole way in in in in and right for the rest of the transmission of the size of the by the end of the chemical and the use of graphical and even so you you don't know what kind
of small small already got around the agrees read that the left side of the and the the size of the I think you of the world and make your friends of style of all life of the rich some samples of programs in this section of initially when we we the reflection on the it was also used to be predictive of programming is the rest of his life what if you so the is this so that we we know just once the
ball back we not talk more
about that it because it's monochrome and now of course when we have clearly it's not so interesting to work with monochrome but I just want to say that this is a small by comparison well because on the last 1 on the on the right was done on on some popular identities of friends carried an I learned that where I went during fall months 1 winter there I didn't want to to spent in bold 0 cold winter so I decided to spend 1 window there on the carried idea an island that I went with my we my mobile studio tendai state of both formal and I make 200 trucks on the island and what is this is 1 of the of the for any object side recoded III to to eat you when I was still and and the most iPhone on the island I it uh some people roads and to to my studio and isotigs only modes but the society and it was to shoot the ball trees of of people what is the next so this
is that a the latest technology available on the on on the market so and computer generated images also failed the tool graphic matter your so idea was to develop a machine able to use this material so a lot of comparing all the company is adding millions of denials of object I was all dry obliged to use a more restricted reject but simultaneously trying to improve the the technologies and the result that conference had I've done already so I could analyze 1st what other people on the and and try to improve so finely my my my machine which is a very strong machine industry on machine is I would say a single generation because it corrects there's the defects of of the 1st images ISO so over the Web like making made by jewel of graph so in so in this technology we use a set of trees surrealism red blue and we print point after point i the image on on the matter you so I designs of observed complete matching thank you as a technician program reserve calculations and there he is able to to render images and and what from his and his OK and I designed the
Lagrangian itself is an optical head using the red green blue is they're able to print all going after all go you see on the right is there's the detail of every print 1 after 1 that when the machine was seen this time and that's the the to print on my material as a result there was nothing nothing at all because of this matter your designed for continuously there didn't with respect and so we we wanted to make extremely salt expose applied for each point and the material didn't react very well and fields of law uh the poorer we used to bring matter disease uh or a pretty well knowledge the same all we so Moabite continuously the system so for example a red was not recorded there was no red that so it looks several months even the 1 year to develop new material specialized for this kind of of of printing and this is some results so maybe the next theories but during the next slide for the next slide because
I want to have to talk about at museum application and this is 1 of the 1st news of application as we did with this machine is on the next this this kind of you all with no the next there knowledge
but in fact what it is this state use of a state you in the idea that the driver in in France and in each so would stick to that correlated to date no part that in the setting centuries the stitched stipules Web painted and scientists look in the inside the word and found a very small particles of the old paintings so they could findings these is guy uh in the same holds the lumen stick to walls as 600 of 7 of those years ago so someone came in so that right and standard for reasons that you and after a graphic designer had had uh what we call result we also got all the means of the original kernel of of the statutes and of course it could not read this state to which is the inside of the capital so they asked you to print is this 25 inquiry all so they would displace side by side the real that you as a quarter of so called also required or I could fit you so that's nice for you 1 print the OK this is a print the so this is on print and all the moving let's start the signal will be and you need after there is a single movie that explains a book will come around yes the the this is the
principle of the of did originally designed by MIT so I just for
those of the attractive yes
this is a board define provided by by that the right this
is the calculations and this is
a control screens of the
photo printer and it was a full
prophylaxis image hey hey don't this
is the printed image before lamination I think it
applies out because you can see that it's the theme for the
graphic this is another application and those of I and
this is is overprint print when
it's laminated and it's it's
a test on a graph 2 2
demonstrates the
possibility of of getting
course the matching
saturated and bright put off so I have here a big size but I could carry only smaller this is a small and you know if you can see that you can get the saturated color of the where the imbalance after the conference you can come and see you can see very very bright and saturated could so this material web so when that no we produce master depends says analog grammar able to be mass reproduce the we are very interesting no we new coming off the foot of 14 because we know that we can reproduce on the
for the billionaire for example is this kind of must therefore In
the quantities keeping the same
quantity so in fact we have here a mass new mastering machine wizard very well working matter that offers a new possibilities that for the friendship so we are open to build up now and then it's not true that that
my material is not offset by kilometer URI is not available it is available on but I don't I cannot 1 plate ready to produce this kind of program for 80 euros but if someone wants to have a pattern cheaply the museum project and this year project they come to see me and I did it already with several people in civil groups all of those the web and we we'll work together and I would probably I we live propose what I have as technology as much your we can work together this is finished and you will feel
Spiegelung <Mathematik>
Puls <Technik>
Formale Grammatik
Gesetz <Physik>
Metropolitan area network
Gruppe <Mathematik>
Mobiles Internet
Güte der Anpassung
Gleitendes Mittel
Motion Capturing
Generator <Informatik>
Einheit <Mathematik>
Rechter Winkel
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Virtuelle Maschine
Mobiles Internet
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Kartesische Koordinaten
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Vorzeichen <Mathematik>
Kinetische Energie
Arithmetisches Mittel
Projektive Ebene
Technische Optik
Wurm <Informatik>
Digitale Photographie
PERM <Computer>
Bildgebendes Verfahren
Elektronische Publikation
Matching <Graphentheorie>
Elektronischer Datenaustausch
Physikalisches System
Objekt <Kategorie>
Displacement Mapping
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Titel "Ultimate Holography" technologies for museum applications
Untertitel Denisyuk colour mobile camera, pulsed mobile camera, 3Dholoprint
Serientitel Holography In The Modern Museum (HIMM 2008)
Teil 09
Anzahl der Teile 10
Autor Gentet, Yves
Shevtsov, Michael
Lizenz CC-Namensnennung 3.0 Unported:
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DOI 10.5446/20939
Herausgeber River Valley TV
Erscheinungsjahr 2012
Sprache Englisch

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