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OK so that was the rate that is always played about my fellow and global and it's good to see him again this is 1 like that replaces come and inspired and the people who are doing interesting things in the world and I get to the year and from all your and looking at forward to his afterward it to me all of so without further ado I'm going to talk about some to the life through the training and stuff like that but I have heard a lot of your bloggers so if I were the boss of you and I I 7 working doing added blogging for many years since the 2004 2005 getting paid to do it offer and of our organs 1 thing if you're going to a blogger Monica living out there is just do something interesting and then always percept forward the end of rant about board from so now we talk about it in
a machine that makes almost anything and we can see this and
instead so we were promised future growing
up that you know we were going to live on the moon if we wanted to do that was going to be a real option for us or a space colony or just you know maybe we be cryogenically frozen wake up 500 years later in foreign place and flying cars and all that kind of thing we were promised a machine that would make almost anything all I can do anything about flying cars and I can do it well yeah I can't do anything about it space stations although I do wonder based our release robots that them and but attendance enable a robot that can make almost anything T. Earl Grey hot to also this is about
and it moves around it goes like this be the the peak and this goes up and down In this material right here is ABS plastic and this is in table for the reaction material on a b and this is the center of
that light goes made out of and success durable this is a whale to from a natural history museum
that's just been scanned and uploaded to the Internet and I downloaded and printed out I like it because it's like to a durable stuff you can like you know you can do that kind of thing are once was telling somebody have story was a much can consistent on the we deal he put it down on the ground and they were like you have all the broke but yeah this is a pretty strong it's like stepping allegoric it's terrible all this picture of our dining out of of of Belgium name unfold standard facing uploaded to the Internet he's probably the most replicated human being on the planet and that he he shared his his himself literally and it's a great model to download and print out during make about download unfolds head and printed out the
it wasn't up to just a picture from an just to show you what it looks like and this is at the bottom of so
I'm from Brooklyn and we have a manufacturing facility where we have where we're takin chipmaker box and send them around the world it's been going really well we're doing it in here and just 2 days ago we shift our 1 thousand and 1 MIT about no and if I think about that too much it just blows my mind because that's not just like this uh just like people who bought something emperor together like people who bought some include together and then can make anything and share with the rest of them and they can make the same thing or improve it and move on so if there any of the any make about it doesn't matter you has access to make about I know there's a few of them here in Berlin stop ideas which is the insignia especially different but so make about came out of of the NYC resist arose blue was forced by in the friendships that were minimizes and analyzes use this thing I come that this as a community pledged together and basically I was in a group called heck about labs in Seattle and went to New York there was a hackerspace I came toward a bunch of hackerspaces in and Germany's C for aboard and 1 and and that allowed a bunch more and basically was like OK now the Germans event had hackerspaces Nelson's 1981 I think we can do this in New York so we went back to the start of this and we we have a lot of fun this is what this is bob up work and Bob what has a red but not in the least in the 1st incarnation this was a really bad idea that was like a random but and we pushed it made a drink for you and you can make all sorts of really nice trends Argentine ants and sazerac global our but there nobody can resist a red button very dangerous so it was red button you drink that's life she into Q and orange juice and tomato juice and like it's a it's out there is wrong but you have to drink it is the robot metaphor right but this is out of the diner things work so we have to choose a really into fashion and so she creates electronic projects that integrate with clothing and which is which is a pro in this is from a recently
and this is another this is so this is what till the twitching which is this it's really a robotics platform it's basically an Arduino optimized for service so this is a a little computer that can buy combined and hook up 2 little motors and then you attach where we want to in this case doll part this all it does is it which and it's got it's got a tilt sensor and so if you try to do it 1 way or another it gets agitated it's disturbing answers is
and history for this is Joyce's project and he wrote the up is very proud that this has been on the TSA is toward toward now that's a metric for good good project degrade metric for positive unit in and out there this is actually show up atomizers had he gives you can actually buy grenades pretty easily on you back and it's got the of course they don't have explosives in them but ship to NYC resister without a name so I think it was exactly opened it up was like great somebody singing grenades there's a new policy after that like no weapons were what sense space that a name on OK so let's get back to that later but so you wanna make something maybe want to make some some gears these are elliptical gears is a funny play with or whatever you just imagine something of RL so there's a few ways you can do on the 1st is actually not to medicine needed to browse all when made this
cycle thing sexual before when they make a about because we kept going around people and saying hey you're going to be able to download things just in the same way you pirate books and music and all these kind of other things here until the download things design files for objects you will like that's so cool we were going to do this in the light so we made things worse because we wanted and we were at the time we have that we've just done laser cutter which is probably best will ever you do and if you can get 20 people together to spend a thousand US dollars which is like 1 but then you can then you can do on a laser cutter and make all sorts of things the because things out a flat others in the body of this machine is not always case so we had always designs we up and we share them and and then people downloaded and then they made them and then make them better set it up to be like absurdly Creative Commons compliance so when you go to something you can actually click on a button that says I made 1 and it is such that to make to show you upload a picture and it says it's a copy or you upload a new designed it may be downloaded that thing improved it became re-upload the design and automatically attributes original person and sets that but so this is something that I make about and this is a bottle opener and the bottle cap from a broken model for In this talk is entirely plummeted part I just got off a plane but OK so this is cool this is actually an expensive 1 the z made this 1 is on my mind bodies and got much less expensive 1 in the pocket here this 1 is a quarter which is 25 cents and the
1 that made it although the next generation is 1 that has a penny which is like this this is only like 25 cents in material this is like half the cost but the not all sitting together otherwise I pass this around so all have things out and I'll be outside in the front and you can come up and touch the sense that it's more fun to tests and things and to look at them and if you see me and it's nite time I need we have fears will just open them with us on this this is a really good projector over here normally can't see this very well on a projector because it's a 1 teaspoon and a half a teaspoon and just because he could he made a 13 of 13 16 teaspoon if that might just be the perfect amount of sentiment for the ultimate you know captain of this is you could download this and
then print out you need some Lagos but this is a this is a walker Yeltsin Walker he makes his contractions walk over beaches and mark made wondered what all of your desktop this is OK this is so cool so
will need is a a camera let's say you want his brother needed 1 he had these 2 cameras and it turns out there was never I Yoshiko this is an old camera with like film out integrated technology now but he won a lens and they didn't exist you can get it on the day you couldn't there's just no way to get 1 so will spend about an hour and assignment out and did his brother is the ultimate present get nowhere else and then uploaded so that everybody could have a mystical instead of the 1 and 2 and if they want to print out the the designs of different this is 1 of the things in at that's important is to enjoy technologies and 1 really fun way to do that is by playing tennis ball and when he played them but if you 1 can was kind of old school it's hard to get replacement parts so 1 of the aims of machine is good for is making replacement parts this is a multiple dominate came up
to me at a conference in Seattle and was like and dominant and the guy who had a cat scan and then made the doctors give me the files because the mean and then I tell you that apparently with a cat scan or an MRI I'm not sure which 1 it was to be honest but you can go through the data and you can choose the density and you can you can isolate densities of stuff inside yourself and so he isolated the bone his skull and on his teeth actually weren't there were different densities they show up and then he up here uploaded to the Internet he didn't have a megabyte you and you just you just thought OK you know future replacement part or something right and so but so I mean mn is like the and the do uploaded his skull to the internet and unlike also were turning that out right now and I make a right in front of something about the size of an apple big apple will validate our out we call that the cupcake hesitant make something will the bigger a cupcake but it turns out that can only I love this picture because like to shows that you can see it's actually his skull we make a bigger machine in the future will be a yeah seriously print out replacement parts and actually we just got a material with stars a materialist Susan called up p l S poly lactic acid and this is a plastic that you've probably seen around the biodegradable plastic I might need some plastic cups and plastic forks from any of stuff what turns out on from we get it by the pellet and we send it to a place in Ohio where they take these
Nevins of PLA and Senator room-sized machine and we get this stuff and you can print it out actually comes out and it's really it's nice it's clear it's just begging for allergies I went to the cities
as here for a CCC where it was the the famous here be dragged himself I found a model of the dragon on the internet and I chop it often printed out yeah yet if you have a 3 D
printer and you can make an excellent fighter you have to
and this is the logo ever heard ranch is to the south of Germany whose also on is doing so many cool things this is 1 of the made this is like a referee whistles so To gonna make about you're kidding has to go to soccer practice and the referee is light of 2nd you're going to do it but you don't know a soul and you got 15 minutes if you can do it the and the cool thing is is it prints out a little ball inside and he just snapped off with a pair of tweezers or whatever you can stick and there's not enough the thing I love about this is he uploaded this something to get a set up so it's integrated with Twitter blah-blah-blah and of I was on the entrainment in New York going
into manhattan to do make about demo and I got the thing a lot which is if you if you are a follower Thingiverse on Twitter you get all on alert every time anybody uploads anything to think ours and I got a formula as its go as the trains going over a bridge and like whistle that's school so I get to the to the place I downloaded and I printed out like all he uploaded to the Internet I printed out half an hour it was the exact same whistle that he uploaded so you can get a whistle from the south of Germany to Manhattan in half an hour and was he like the missile which not that and that's we discover in that
as being the closest thing to teleportation in might i tripoli which is of absurdly conservative old-school kind of particular there the legacy but we're not going to let you out of business it takes about 10 or 15 minutes to make each Lego but the cool thing is is that this is some guys at Vienna were I was a 23 admirers can tell they're really into this kind of thing and a manuscript so that basically this is a dynamic object you can put in this is a two-by-four Legos where you can actually have a set of C put into variables like 3 and 17 and it generates an STL file that a Lego that is not made by the a 3 by 17 like a like Lego block doesn't exist unless you make yourself and they can sell they told that answers so this is diane sentences go to his handles make a block and you gonna make about to make like but it is that he wanted to kind of the he and a bunch of other folks decided that they would come up with a new system for player with a material I kind of configurable place system and and this is what they came up with the 7 different types of things magic and you can put them together in different ways and if you want you can download 1 and make a different you know this is like a circle 2 eyes at the top you could put your own head on their or whatever you want and then uploaded and then everybody who's in this kind of a thing could print out a new design and added onto the contraction all this is was a 23 of Austria
again he needed a replacement now the it is dead this
is a Dremel years this is the guy out of Ireland non-Catholic Garvey and he's a superstar and the make about world he made this thing called the drum authors and of centrifuges something that takes like got test tubes people like blood and and you spin it around it goes very fast and it separates out like the white cell red white and red blood cells and you can do other things with it too but this is like a contraction that usually cost about thousand US dollars and so on if you have a home the drama there is a that you can make 1 on your make and it costs about 25 cents in plastic plus a drama and you have a contraption that if you turn the Dremel if it if it if you're using glass stuff glass graph speakers and you turn up all the way to Glass shatters so it's actually like super ultra powerful you have to like the idea dangerous a good way but this is a good starting so this is indeed did not name thin
flat and who was going to Iceland on Saturday and it was Friday and he decided he would you want to pop the question to city and but there was no way to get a you go to the store and buy range so it printed 1 out and the good thing is he gave it to me that I have something for you and you open up until this sample is made out of a perfect perfect woman and and then he says that he said you know he's like all tell you all about it but I have a question for you 1st to suggest so 3 so
you can download all this stuff and this is just like I just showed you like 10 things there are a thousand things that you can download and print out and make about and there's more every single day it's like my favorite thing to do is wake up in the morning and see what is in the new is is in the library of downloadable and printable objects or anybody so but for modeling I also want to talk a little bit about the online lecture come back to this on the talk a little bit about just how powerful it is and there's a whole economy piece here of but I'm sure I get to this point thinking about an hour sometimes now so if you can't like the 1 the cool things about this is it all comes as a kid you put it together and it's little bit fussy every once in a while the extruder bright sniffed fix it but you know how to do it as you put it together yourself and
but the cool thing is once you have it you can make a bunch of things that use that doesn't it's very very cheap because the plastic is 10 dollars a pound and this is like a 3rd of a pound like
3 dollars or 4 dollars and plastic but because it's really cheap to make stuff you can just try things out and iterate if you if you don't do it looks you can make a bigger smaller put a hole whatever OK so can do this thing there's a bunch of really cool on software that's free can downward and actually see if I have on well maybe you don't have the internet but this is the case if you're on the internet right now you can go to open stat . or come with now my favorite name for a design program open as cad but it's the coolest design program out there right now if you go and if you are a programmer you know a programmer this is the 3 D modeling program for you or them because you get to you can basically program objects and their dynamic you can go back and change variables and that changes the whole object so you can say OK that x point x y z i want a sphere with a radius of the 5 units and at point x y z and I want to Our column and new at this location and then you can do a Boolean operation which is like a subtraction operation and then you have a whole year's sphere and you have to be an you can change all the variables and and that's absurdly cool and if you think like a programmer so this is the program for you open of if you don't think like a programmer probably the easiest place to start is a tool called Sketch of which is made by Google and they have a free version which is actually 3 a really powerful and there's a hack to get STL files out of it STL files a kind of file format that other make about race and so it's Callicott text file a doctor files very compatible but OK so open was pretty straightforward you that you can can get you can get the idea in terms of like it just it it's 1 of it's 1 of the ones that really makes sense and there's a bunch of other free ones and they're doing into this that's a great place to start actually a lot of people to stay with the free ones there's another program called blender which actually has a lot of people in Berlin working on it and they just this came out the new version of a new that like makes a lot easier to use OK so so what I've been here a picture for this but there's a lot of them that are free and there's a probably breeders AutoCAD which is the old school been around a long time for a powerful software inventor SolidWorks there's a lot of only can get and pay no new anywhere from 100 to 5 thousand US dollars but and there they can be very very powerful and of the recall I haven't played with them because I can't that just expenses so let's say you make something in and so you like I made a fake watched and so on then in the southern sketch of it looked like this and structure and then this is
what it looks like when you slice it because you make this digital objects and you know you can turn it around and look at it in any way you want and animators have been doing this for years and I can make physical objects and notice that you do it the same way and the literature because of animation it assess look real and it can be on the actual geometry of it doesn't have to actually be possible in life both physical models you have to make a so there's an inside and outside in that kind of thing anyway you take that model and you slice it up in a program which is open source called kind forage and scanned forge basically turns 3 D object into neutral path and it makes it into a lot of little or a lot of layers and you can actually if you run your your fingernail across an object you can hear there's will stretch scratch that's my finger going over the layers because this is built up of lots of letters and this is 1 the picture of 1 of the layers where you can see each color is a different time that it starts and stops and it does the outside 1st which is red and then it goes and then there you go then you
load up in a program called replicated and replicated is just like a really easy way that's that's you the purpose so when you slice it you end up with this
thing called the code and you cut super easy if you can see it here it's actually like x y
z coordinates and 14 audience what looks like that's the speed the machines going out so it says go to this location the speed is very simple straightforward Gecode life basically 1 of the 1st things people that on 1st things people that with computers they machines and of course they want to make Mills move from those something that cuts things this is an additive process build it up and Miller something we put a block metal or wood from and there a part of a like a high-speed drill and knowing that that goes around and takes everything away the same kind of deals this but the like that takes this sad that that takes away the same kind of code and they made this video used use paper tape and punched cards than they converge to the limit of period they converted all that and it's basis of the same so when you got that it just printed and you get moving and like I said this goes back and forth and 4 on that and then you have thing that I but so this is like this is a watch
it is made up for a fashion statement I never knew what the phone that that'd fun and so the guy from Ireland
I mentioned it the Dremel future on have a mouse problem please had a mouse in this house and the traditional traps when catcher but it was too smart a massive like this so we decided to put a bounty on a reward on the internet and he said OK anybody can build a better mousetrap that catches this now or give you 25 bucks and the next morning there were 8 designed something averse so now he's actually right now is in the process of printing them out and testing is printed at the first one and the but it's actually not this 1 but he played at the first one and and wouldn't work the mouse got it all the food and the state thank all over so he's going through each 1 1 at a time and if 1 of them works is concerned that person 25 25 bucks the cool thing is all these things a sharable so if you if you see 1 and it doesn't work you if you can download it and change it in and fix it the way you want and and you know you can you can get it's like modifying somebody else's blog post except it's physical some the cool things is that if you solve a problem and you share everybody in the community benefits so if you build a better mousetrap everybody was an outlier make about is going to build and make that mousetrap 0 and he specified that it wasn't killed traps this is much eliminated and guilt of telling a mouse but but built to catch myself take them to a country or whatever you do with them this is the plaster this is so I'm a total story about how a community can work it works together and shares and on so that that's the way
this works is there's electronics on there and the plants that comes into the top there's a motor here that you don't see them that's like but here and this is really not slow that high work motor and then it gets heated up and it comes out as like as a piece of spaghetti a very fine angel hair spaghetti at Princeton under the warmer and that the calyx like curly hair or something like that and the fact that this works is pretty amazing because most 3 D printers costs like a hundred thousand dollars and so on this on costs under a thousand dollars so that's kind of magic but but it's not perfect but there's still a bunch of things were working on to
improve were always improving and 1 of the things was that when we started we we we this nozzle to get to 220 degrees celsius which what
is hard and you want to stay that hard because it gets to where it gets too much harder is the heating element will burn out and it doesn't get hot enough but plastic doesn't so there was a we had a very in elegant like not elegant not pretty solution the based OK to 20 when it gets to 225 turn it off when it gets when it when it cools down 215 turn it back on it would just bounce back and forth it works but it was not it was not treated for somebody you gonna make about by a guy named 10 model he implemented PID which you don't even know what it means what you but what it means is that all you don't to know the idea but the idea is it's very elegant acceleration mass and so he went and because all of our software is open source he pulled out all the like 2 lines of business that OK bounce back and forth and he wrote that to be really pretty and put a nice chunk of code back in we of
uploaded to date have which is a way to share code and so on same e-mail to Adams who is the ah suffered about and amend had on his list to do it but it was at the top of his list to implement PID and so the community this sort of this out because they wanted it fast and then the next day every he released it so that everybody can make about could get it and it's just now goes up to 220 fact how the great to of so 1 cool things about this machine is that it's related to be absurdly hackable we wanted people to play with that we want people that push it who want people to do stupid things with and so on and this is 1 of the stupid things that we've done with we decided we would take this classic tool head out and stick a syringe in here strangers like kind of thing that you like projection but instead of injecting things into our bodies we decided to inject use use it to inject things onto this moving platform so we went to this hack day which is like a Hackathorn which were really like didn't sleep for 36 hours and we are came with this contraption that was just a prototype and we made on we turned it into something called the New York toast which is the idea that of 3 D printing on toast is a horrible idea a very tasty so it
turns out that we took an API for news and weather and converted it into breakfast that's Canadian-American to so you can get toward the resolution but is 12 TBI that's clear but his parents but this in
the eyes this is it's not that funny so the idea of like being able to print out the weather so you don't have a look at the window you can just go straight from bread to tell us Emergency Broadcast System tsunami
warning this is again another that on the cool thing is
that the other thing that words we finish prototype were doing the documentation and now instead of being able to print with plastic until the print with you know observed things like peanut butter and jelly and marshmallow and on a little story try this this year frosting rusting works related and but then you're also going to build a pre with other cool stuff is a bunch of other stuff you can stick in a syringe like light UV curable silicone which is like out of plastic that rubber things are made out of but you can print with Clay that's I can't wait to do our print out a teapot and a tea set and were until that do that very soon I'm very excited so OK so the idea of this is not just something that you get and it's not like a microgrid toaster where you get it and then it just does something for you you get it Manhattan and do other things with OK so some things to think about with this
kind of a contraction is this idea of abundance and you know we live in a world where what you wanna get something that there's only so many of them and with this kind of idea with with the machine like this you can have as many as you want this is based on how many how long it takes a robot to major and so if you can have it is if you have to buy things from a store and have them manufactured someplace probably very far away and then put on a boat and put on a train and put on trial and then you drive to a store and you
get it if you can bypass all that stuff and just download things and print them out by your house of very inexpensive plastic that's easily but acquirable then this whole idea of but the economy shift happens and I don't know exactly what will happen but I don't think it's going to destroy the any ideas can go in parallel with minimum old-school economy kind of stuff but I think there's something here that this can be a really interesting shift difficult thing about it is because all the file format because the file format is really easy to download and change of you could like to download you you could download this bottle opener and put your name on it or it may get giant verb giant bottles of beer to this kind of idea being able to make things the way you personally want them instead of what's available is very interesting there's a guy who is working in a 3 D printed clock but the actual like tick tock kind of grandfather clock kind of thing and I love the fact that right now if I want clock I want I have to like I probably don't Amazon or go to store and I find out what's available with this idea I have to just go down and look at what files are available and if I can use them or modify them 1st there's something really interested but interesting about you know only by like something and it's got a brand name on it but if you can download that thing and take their brand name often put your name on it is kind of interesting so this is the beginning of a word like I'm telling you about this and I'm super excited about it and it's happening like today but it's still the beginning there's still like so many possibilities for what could possibly happen and it's going to happen because people like you get excited about doing something whether it's practical absurd and decide to do it and so like this there's a frontier here where you get if you were 1 of things that happens when I'm talking to people as they say 0 0 0 can it do this and almost every single time I have to say no it can do this yet because someone like you haven't done so something that I really excited about that I just learned about recently is the open process that it's project and on this of project to major like right now if you do that don't have a land there's a whole process that I'm not an expert on prosthetics but there's a whole process it's kind of tricky to get 1 made for you and manufactured that castle of money the Open Prosthetics project is a project that anybody can participate in and they've taken a bunch of these kind of process that and made files so this is actually you can download there's 3 there's 3 parts here and you can download each 1 and you could print them out and you make about that these are probably not the last very long because they're made of plastic and this is something that takes a lot where but on but this is something that you could use them and make another 1 or maybe you wanna just try out a bunch of designs to see which 1 works the best and then detonated metal of something nobody's done here is taken the plastic and made moles from that and then casted in metal I would really love to do this but I don't have a forgery really know much about that I could figure it out but and building robots these days and somebody else is to figure out how to take plastic and make a mold and poor metal into but and they could be nobody's done it and if it's you during the 1st person do it and you can be a bad resinlike that's a data figured out how to turn plastic in the middle of the so with the whole syringe thing that study about with what we call the faster the weak and you stick things into a syringe and they come there's a group of people who were were printing out organs and the idea is you take liver cells and you create a liver and our universe and there's probably a bunch of different kinds of cells to the outside and inside I'm not expert on livers maybe you are and this is 1 another 1 the frontiers there's a whole DIY bio thing going on that if you're looking for something to blog about like it's 1 of the things can be coming up in the next it's been happening for like 10 years but it's kind of beginning mass of kind of mask world so this merely possible this feeling that there's things that are possible that haven't happened yet is this feeling that just like kind of
this sort of for me like there's things to do and all and then done and I am a I have like kind of obsessive compulsive book disorder that like when I start things it's really hard for me to not finish so the plate do things but I say that I have the other extreme of self-control like and not and actually there is asleep very but I there's so many things to do and I can do more so you're invited there's so many wonderful things to do and there's not nearly enough people working on them and you're invited on these as the pictures like the pictures this is a thing called make fair which happens in California every year and now this year it'll happen in Detroit and Newark City Engineer city you can and I make a fair something where people get together and share things that they and which call so this is a bunch of these are a bunch of young girls together make about what I like to think about the fact that it you know there's a bunch of of young people who are going to grow up around make about grow up around rapid you prototyping and then your personal manufacturing like instead of having to think about how where I'm going to be this thing made in a factory that they OK don't buy 1 of these things are going to make 1 of these things in my living and I love the idea that that's just an option for you that people young people specifically will have that option growing up and living rooms where there are new manufacturing equipment so all of this is that's me I'll take questions now and see if there's no questions will probably keep talking but I'd rather
questions a pleasure thank you very much uh
so I then gets Spitzer and cynical football team loses all state but for most of my it was like other kind of if you yeah you to the microphones and and Tech in of so we have there are also everybody weight and and and 1 question do you cooperate with the whole set of movement in the you know with from the MIT and then there's a misleading and so on and so forth and set at home and because they have bigger concept of you mentioned laser other and more machines OK so I have heard to repeat the question so basically out there is also a community of people besides my company whose creating all sorts of machines so you can have in your home and some of them are 3 D printers like make about there's a repr project which is we actually were really what was that and I all happen regret project for a long time these these electronic structure designed by for reparandum we modify them we are currently we love to produce yes so the answer is yes so but basically for everybody out there there's also to project not just hours that if you're interested in instead making things that it's true plastic and building them up a interest things that count things and there's all sorts of possibilities to participate in those 2 communities of communities as well really it's about finding your passion and jumping into it if your passion is crucial manufacturing there's all sorts of ways in German to imagine that at home which is at Cornell are properties or out of that England and as it is of very spread out project and make about where in New York but again is actually global communities that to have centers where the focus but yeah so you're invited to participate not just in this project but also it's of other fabrication projects it's happening it's exciting but do thank you for the question set of slides that we and so your commercial project and you cooperate with these open source some projects and what exactly is your relationship with the sole source projects and how did it come to these relationships between yeah it's interesting when open-source project where we are absurdly open source we you can download every single thing with this machine you can download the electronics and making yourself you can download the laser files and laser cut then you can't you and added that we've got a thousand machines 6 and a half phones and process that 6 people made their own and it's not but it's it's not necessarily cheaper it's not easier but people are like I'm doing it myself and the cool thing that we like about that and you know 1 of the reasons we open and all of it is I will 1st we get to build off of open source projects and the 2nd is that the people who do it themselves div such so much back to to the community but trying new things by experimenting and they know it better than both than anybody else so in terms of our relationship to open source projects were were an open source project and were friends with the uh other projects and are kind of saying is we would play well with others we if we if we see something that's open we give attribution and we we really we respect licenses because what we want that to be the world we live in where instead of having to worry about something about you know you know instead of having to worry about downloading something and being able to do something with that we want people to just feel absolutely free about being able to to work on this modified and make it better and hopefully share with everybody else will do that is that we would like question call but open-source physical but if you're not how many of you are involved in some sort of open source project in 1 way or another but the call yeah that it's if you mean open sources I OK I'm going resist going on around on around about education but well just too small and so basically if you know anything that you feel prouder or that has made a difference in the world or you pushed anything forward I would just encourage you to share but in any way possible you can whether it's on your blog or to share with the community or even to share ideas because where in a time right now where schools don't really work anymore people can get whatever they want and for me the friendship networks that are locally in real in real life or from the internet and this kind of and if we all share the infrastructure that we have that makes it a lot easier for young people and people in general 2 nd innovative and solve the problems are all to face together as a world total metal rant about
that and more questions the thing is not although there are good xt Holland does it take to come with this stuff together when you
buy the ticket from you how technical abilities and needed that's the question on I can do it in 4 hours but I don't like 20 times and it takes center but most people will the that's like a weekend with a friend and then because that those instructions and the wiki and because community project we actually we did it so that anybody could modify the wiki which turned out to be a lot if you've ever dealt with collaborative Wiki has its challenges but the benefit is that when people look at the instructions and they find ways that it could be done better than we've shown people they they they're like no note the instructions for the section stock do it this way and you have to decide whether it's the domain we go regularly we can answer OK that's crazy on or that's a good i that's 1 way to do it but it's we do there's anyway yes there is we we basically say like it's the same tools to put together ikea stuff but it's a little I would say like it's a little bit harder But we have better instructions he actually said that somebody in his like my mom has instructions for idea is kind of awkward you so yes eventually we're moving toward the our goal is to make it easier and so like we we are working on a new the the hardest part is the right now because it's just hard and we have another version of that coming out sometime this summer and were kind of obsessive making things reverse compatible like compatible with past future compatibles future compatible basically so like our when we came out of the build platform we made it so that you could just get the new part and put on your older make about so this kind stuff we do that to make it so that when you get it you don't have to worry about like going out of style he follows along the higher the president of the and here the question you mentioned the regret and project what I like about that is that they tried to make the machines that the machines can produce clones or their own and machine so that they really spread are you planning something with the make about that because you have no the wooden case and what's actually nice but told you can print it out yeah it's funny so we
start with the riprap project and that we that was the 1 that was 1 of our inspirations and with that of home that home actually was this really is a couple years as older but the cool thing about having a printer could self replicating is that it can make i to make parts for other printers the downside is is if you want a machine that can make copies of itself you have to have a machine that can make copies of itself so there's a recursion that there that you just it's like a chicken is a classic chicken-and-egg problem so like we literally get really frustrated that and that's 1 of the reasons why we need a chicken so on so hot and we think others probably about like some of the fat like there's probably you know an extra 500 repressed in the world because they're made on makerbot not that so little so far and what are the next things you like to improve on the on this machine like better resolution most speed yes yes on I wanna make it even more importantly I want to make it more and more and let I want to have it to break down last right now everyone's well breakdown and were fixing like the next extruders going to fix that but this is still a rock-solid and running for like 5 months and it hasn't broken not say that out loud so I'm sure lot if all go out there and the like but I'm making it easier to put together this and making it more reliable is number 1 on
in the future I would love to have a bigger machine everybody's always like no greater commitment is the size of what can I make things this and like I'd like to build pronounced samples and which we'll look for now because you can actually is a design and the numbers for printing out of eyeglass frames but you have to do it in parts include them together so I'd like to build it all in 1 so in terms of more accuracy that's going to happen and we wanted to microstepping which means that instead of like right now the x y resolution is about 300 dpi and with microstepping it'll be like 16 times that so the absurdly actors and the student comes out like a 3rd of a millimeter so there's only so much bacteria you can get with that like you can only be so accurate with the market the a certain resolution I guess a certain that on so you if you all that stuff is like that they would want to more questions OK OK yes hello and I'm interested what kind of companies make about industries and what is your take on the government organizational structure and with the Commission on 1 side and the open source of on the other or both of them mingling of some of of open source and commercial stuff it's actually there's a limit surprisingly good friends but or maybe I mean that's present media makes sense but for some people a lot all of and basically in the world of the internet if you have a company and you're not sharing that's what you get you're probably doing something wrong so on so but were an LLC which in this case means for business and that we have to pay lots of taxes and that we can pay rent in pairs of this year were like making up which is also in order to get health care really weird but the problem and we won't have to wait for our country dear and which so that's that I'm pretty excited that we have a business that can support us and let us you know devote our time fully kicking ass and pushing things forward can you can make a little bit more concrete how many people are making a living out of yes so we have exact Adam and I are co-founders and then we have another 6 employees 1 of them has babies and you know that they be to all that stuff but they that thank you fossils we use that to build a chicken and and not the plan was really have a self-replicating machine but as far as I understand some part of the make of what are actually printed on the make a plot and you have a special program for make about all don't you so this gives you yes so this part right here when you can see the the the the but later you can see these are printed on machine and you can print out of you know you can download and replacement parts over e-mail when we say we only did these parts we actually had a problem where we had to we had to make too many of them we had to make work and we don't have enough time like it takes 15 minutes to make each of these parts and things when you're making demonstrations and make 200 a month now and so that's like in this for these so that's like 800 parts times 15 minutes that's 200 that's a lot of like 200 hours of printing time and so we actually so what we did was we went for community in ways that had you have more lawmaker perhaps we do and we we take people to make parts for other make about which is really cool which since gone and made and we we it was too many and in our community ecology up so we had to go to a of amid manufactured part but these parts they're actually better than the manufacture part that we have so you get your make you can immediately print out an upgrade which of so OK I think that's the last question there's a URI much with that is to say
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Formale Metadaten

Titel MakerBot: The Robot that Sharing Built
Untertitel The Open Source Personal Fabrication Revolution
Serientitel re:publica 2010
Teil 41
Anzahl der Teile 60
Autor Pettis, Bre
Lizenz CC-Namensnennung - Weitergabe unter gleichen Bedingungen 3.0 Deutschland:
Sie dürfen das Werk bzw. den Inhalt zu jedem legalen Zweck nutzen, verändern und in unveränderter oder veränderter Form vervielfältigen, verbreiten und öffentlich zugänglich machen, sofern Sie den Namen des Autors/Rechteinhabers in der von ihm festgelegten Weise nennen und das Werk bzw. diesen Inhalt auch in veränderter Form nur unter den Bedingungen dieser Lizenz weitergeben.
DOI 10.5446/20937
Herausgeber re:publica
Erscheinungsjahr 2010
Sprache Englisch

Inhaltliche Metadaten

Fachgebiet Informatik
Abstract MakerBot Industries sells an affordable DIY 3D printer and are at the crossroads of open source web 2.0 culture and personalized manufacturing. In this talk, Bre Pettis will map pathways through the shifting landscape of community based research and production. This talk will offer serious commentary on the opportunities for collaboration in manufacturing and include evocative stories and anecdotes about rapidly manufactured engagement rings, body part replication, news printed on toast, object teleportation over ip, and automated cupcake decoration. The take-away will be real-world examples that showcase the power of open systems and shared development in a manufacturing context.

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