Do censorship and repression kill content on the Web?

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Do censorship and repression kill content on the Web?

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Do censorship and repression kill content on the Web?
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What happen to websites and blogs after they get blocked? Do arrested and threatened bloggers and digital activists stop their online activities once they face a governmental threat?
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the idea everybody thank you for being here on the about the but if someone in recent area and from Tunisia and I am not a political refugees the Netherlands I'm also Global Voices Advocacy Director of the knowledge you know about Global Voices and our project defending alliances between lines so are I talk about the effects of some on the content of online we already know what sponsorship is doing to Internet users it's obviously that they cannot access to other web sites and and blocked and etc. but we don't know how blogger and webmaster who
have seen the their blogs or websites market how they are dealing with that scientists you how they making and finding work around to create our website and to make their content available so I'll goes to other kind of censorship that is available and we see from the like 5 major scenario consisted
the first one is fantastic and substitute is also a multi liars you have of keyword treating you have been blocking you have you are working and you have also hiking and videos died so when website is providing a dissident content and this content is available online even if the website is being blocked to as features to aggregators and different users can still access the content which supposedly is being blocked so the government like Tunisia China on uh and others as really involvement in parking website deleting them or carrying out videos of stock it the departed inspection is meant to monitor all kind of content online and will I would go through the gates of Tunisia how that using government is monitoring amazing and is moving every kind of political content and replacing that inside the made with this about how to large European is or how to use idea of accepted and the other kind of censorship is the self-censorship by creating an atmosphere of fear by addressing bloggers that kind of RS and that has to be impact on other bloggers who do not brought about quality who do not criticize this that you go all the regime they fear that a lot of them sort of blocking and the other 1 of the most dangerous 1 is the direct arrest and
jailing and send this thing off blogger and will go through the house we as Global Voices Advocacy where tracking set of online free speech so this is our last project which
college at voices and it is also a crowdsourcing project in a way that enables anyone to submit to us the part about bloggers online digital activists who have been
arrested jailed or threatened and sometimes killed because of their online activities so it's not a project to mark the hot spot is the word about places where and that user a broader than
diesel activists have been arrested or so that because of their online activities and the model is combined with a fine line which is very interactive so you can navigate to mark and navigate the timeline you can go to the
past and see where it went exactly brothers have been arrested and was the and if
you go to work the cancer profile at stake here on on the site but and and on the navigation menu you
have list of all countries that we are indexing and if you click on the on the country profile you would find a list of all bloggers that we know I'm sure that you have not indexing and covering or blogger that have been arrested but we are trying and doing our best with all those cases all lined and had NGO some traditional human rights organizations find very accurate information and help activists as case to freely those bloggers and online activists and you can see the list and you can see also the timeline that give you like the spike that you see in it on the let's
fight that is isn't the that the number of the blogger that have been arrested on during the last post election process itself by providing this kind of data view of visualizations we'll be enabling advocacy and human rights defenders to understand when and where exactly bloggers have been arrested and why I by and by doing so without giving advice actually 2 activities to be really carefully during the major events during election they need to be really and anonymous and they need to avoid any kind of of keeping some places like IP addresses all name or geo-location like when you they are using Twitter they need to disable location in order to not to give you the chance to government to identify them and others and may but the other thing on the side but you can see that submitted reports so anyone can click on that and send us information about a blogger so once we review the blogger
and we check all the facts and we go through the antenna to check all the information that basically we go to report that some from right what's Amnesty International and also all the information that Global Voices uh use team of blogger translator activated and that it was providing information globally so we publish that mind if we actually that the case is really true as a factor of 2 we published that would provide a link to to the blogger we provide the date of his her arrest and if he is and also the date of his and is available with the revival link to the blog on the website that is advocating for his Italy's so on the side you can see the companion website by clicking on the budget we go to feel their website in this example I'm talking about a single the brought father of the Iranian block the of the 1 who was translated the tool and made it on block C of so powerful he has not been J so that's an example simply to raise awareness now about his this case and then we are also providing some data view of his utilization and some graphs to help people especially journalist anymore I data and then when exactly but that have been arrested what what country are really oppressive against blogger and activities in the world and would provide like the top 10 countries in the world what really suppressive against the blogger and we see here like China around you Tunisia and Syria etc. among the top 10 countries uh work tracking down online free speech especially by arresting and threatening brothers and we also provide the class to understand if the bloggers how many brothers and release many bloggers are stealing data from any progress abstracted and how many bloggers are really diseases and we have in our database the case of brother who has been this season 1 of them was killed in jail during torture and the 2 others have been some possible way and they're both so and if you navigate to account page you see also the same graphs that give you insight when brothers went in which period of 2 years ago I get arrested and in Tunisia this is an example of Tunisia we've seen in 2009 2 bloggers have been arrested during the election in Tunisia but unfortunately the media the media the mainstream we generally focus on the on in China and are very high at 36 actually in the human rights fees but they never talk about what's happening in Tunisia or more at Mauritania where bloggers also have been arrested during the election itself and playing with the data we can really find out a lot of amazing stuff can discover that the Arab world is the most repressive region in the the world broader so like here 41 per cent of the bloggers that we are we have indexing on our website and from the Arab world and if we add to get on to the Arab world and we have talking now about the middle east in general we see that 57 55 per cent of the bloggers worldwide was being threatened from the Middle East so we can play with the data in
always and this is a funny way that our friends from Global Voices global and as species have compared to the years that Ben Ali of a set of and biotic have stayed in power and the number of broken web out the there and it's it's funny to see and to discover that the number of years for presidency power is almost equal to the number of models that have been addressed so it's funny way to play with that and we are about to release the API of these databases to enable all kind of websites especially journalists and human rights advocates to display the data and connect with our database and make it visible on their website as well so now we go back to to the such as the
founder of oppression of a really begin the content of the killing the content online what happened when the broader get arrested what happens to his book so and here I provide to our example of the the 1st 1 is from cellular idea of lower quality where the flesh and that arrested because of his support 1st with different Reformist Movement in cellular obvious and especially because of 1 of his most recent post before his arrest was about 10 personality in cellular obvious that he does not like and he doesn't to want to meet and among those 10 personality was the prince of saudi arabia and minister so after that loss for the 1st time I get the rest so that's a screenshot of his blog I got from the archive or because the blog as you can see on the right side is unavailable the 2nd screen shot is from the site of the Iranian border of human rights activist and seniors who was arrested because of her online activity and if you visit blog now you will see that the screenshot on the right side is only 2 examples and you can see doesn't doesn't if you navigate fittable voices and you click on the link to the blogs of those arrested and that voices you will discover that I can't give any percentage of how many blogs are dead but I can assure you that thousands and thousands of bloggers do not block anymore because of the impression that they faced this is what I
among network of the digital activities in Tunisia the model was done by and my friend from the Netherlands ticket Johnson studying the digital activism in the Arab world and it it goes the the the the kind of network that it exists in that country in the cyber space of that country and we can see the clusters and which websites and blogs are the the most important in that in that amount so like in the middle there is a big can adopt the white 1 word of God which which is providing all kind of the links to the to all the other cluster of cyber space the cyberspace in Tunisia and I should also point out that all those bonds broken Tunisia all the websites and blogs that are talking about politicking that that are critical to the government are brought but if we add the filter of dead website we see all the black dots that you see on the map are blogs and websites that when cannot not exist anymore so solve this kind of effect is sign-sensitive uh is having on the cyber space in Tunisia and other we cannot prove that such as is really Our killing content we need to make
a comparison of another study to see if the websites and blogs were not block it some sort of so really dead so we need to to go deeper in this study and the Digital Methods Initiative from the University of Amsterdam trying to provide the tools that we have passed and understand of let's say 200 links and analyze them and find out those blogs and websites are dead and by that I mean that they are not updated anymore that the Dana's does not exist anymore that the website is being hacked advice from and use it to
provide sponsored link etc. and we go through a few examples to to to to let you see how this phenomenon having a huge impact on
free speech online so from the example of the model that is activism in Tunisia that I displayed 54 per cent of dead website and these are an example
of the choosing website of Tunisian uh Latusi and they did that was long the screenshot is from the archives of art as well and now if you go to the think of that website we find out that it's begun its became in the Chinese website I don't know how it website which is providing the content in Arabic and French and in English is became a Chinese website it don't know how this kind of stuff is happening this is another example from the major human rights and you in Tunisia consenus Fernando lead to introduce the and if you visit his lane now you with the website providing a sponsored link and buying and selling stuff this is another example
from another human rights NGO in Tunisia as well this is screenshot from I can go and now if you visit that thing you would see that the DNS is deserve but there is no content on the web site this is another kind of killing
content online Tunisia China and Iran are using deep packet inspection unfortunately the software and the 2 is that they are using to do that keyword filtering are provided by Western companies with about Siemens and and not going on but we never heard about smart that secured computing marketing Tunisians cellular arguments than in the United Arab Emirates etc. and as I say the line and China are very sexy and high issues but the other part of the word really not phases as depressive Liam arise so if you could build users Google and tried to go to search
for the word like Tunisian Sanchez they will find those images but there is are there are few websites like no 1 or use use of and Global Voices of filtering of the images that are being posted on the course website and not to see on Google when you have on being on and on and on all the other on search engines where
this is another example of the deep pockets inspection and sees is a newsletter that is being censored data by the popular continues website uh if you can see this in the 1st screenshot is from itself and he made that you can really outside of cheese yeah but if you are inside the media you will see the other made and e-mail which is talking about out in a larger opinions so what that using government is doing is filtering of the images that are going through the network in Tunisia and once they found something which is politically engage at all or critical that content added basic respond to it so this is another kind of killing content to be made not on the web so in general the consequences of sanctions how do they affect online free speech and specially how do they affect bloggers and webmaster so far the share term is the blogger the gains some visibility they became popular but not all of them I mean the most popular brothers have the media coverage but if you are an unknown blogger if you have from country that are marginalized in the mainstream media no 1 we've talked about you to websites like Global Voices another initiative we talk about your case and try to raise awareness but in general big media was the boss CNN your times are even heating in Germany or in France all this together with they won't talk about that it's not and that and it's not see this information dancer so but on the long term bloggers will find themselves alone they need to deal with that sounds what to do next and the most important goal of something a blogger dissident writer on line is to either isolate him from his leadership from his native environment so once you get your blood is buckets you will lose your industry 1st and then you will use to convocation no 1 will come on 20 blog because they cannot access it from that country well if if if your fellow found or rather a living abroad they can still access the blogs and and and and go on with the conversation but the main leadership your main audiences of the the target group that is the goal of your blogging activity cannot access any more you so actually the conversation is dead the company is that if your blog and website has been about and then there is a shift from blocking to protesting I mean once you get to block and you will protest
censorship if you was focusing on social justice if you are brought he was loading about environment if you was blogging about human rights abuse you want talk about those issues anymore you will focus on censorship on your free speech and we try to get it back so bloggers we use their editorial freedom and the government will impose another editorial line which is protesting suggested which is not effective because your blood is not any more accessible from within your country and we see that a lot of bloggers became an activist once once they altogether get arrested and there is a theory of coin by by our colleague and friend he sums of money to fund of a global voices which is a cute gap unique and which means that once a bloggers and Internet users cannot access websites for fun they cannot go to freak out to see Q 2 and the picture of which can become access you due to see funny movie and less about the content if they cannot do that anymore a tiny percentage of those intimate users we became politically active against the government which is funny actually but it it is very bad because you are changing the nature of the Internet behavior from the free and normal behavior to a politically behavior and then the blood 1 what once their
look at a website that block and they doubt about the meaning of blogging if you lose your readership if no 1 will come to a broader website to to publish a command so why you are writing actually with your audience you still you you start doubting about blogging few bloggers stopped blogging few other will practice self-censorship they will be a sum of the and they will avoid talking about any kind of political or sensitive issues and now we go to the scenario of the technical scenario that our there available for others and webmaster to deal with censorship creating once you're domain name is body of the link to your blog spot blogger work present LogMap slide is bloggers the easiest way and the simplest solution is to create another brought which is very very easy I mean you can go to blogspot or to work with and in 5 minutes you set up a new blog about you will lose the Bayesian Ranking of your all brought you will lose all the incoming links from search engine from major blogs maybe from mainstream media that are linking to your block block you will lose them and then you can
regulate to another or I mean if you're are employing 1 block scores than your book book and it's very easy to make it work best because best have the gap capacity to to to import your XML files from blocks to work but if you are using the french uh CMS platforms if you are using by part of a few hours using any kind of local publishing software you can do it you can not anymore important that content from that platform to another platform and if you can you need some technical nodes so this kind of technique is is not accessible for anyone it is only accessible for people who have some technical skills but I redirected into to another domain name which is also very easy I mean if they lot your domain name same my block of on you can create another domain name you can buy at my 2nd blog . com and then with a simple tweaking of the DNA of another 5 uh on your server you can put a direct so all linked to the new link but also this is technically difficult for people who do not have any kind of technical knowledge and also it's impossible for people who do not have a lasting so if you have brought in a box plot of which you are blogging on not on blocks but you can't do that because blogspot profit you the possibility to edit complaint of blog and you can put a Javascript on the head of the complaint that we get reject automatically all these data
and all links from search engines and set it etc. that the new blog but if you if you are looking on the popular work because the gun you cannot do that because to address the gun does not offer this kind of editing uh options inside the platform setting up from your blog a lot of us that block it and then they create another broke and they mirror the content of the block at the blogs to add to the other blog which is very easy to do but only for people who has advanced technical loads as well it's not affordable for all bloggers I mean I think maybe only 5 or 10 per cent of global can do this by the rest cannot deal with this kind of techniques and that is another way of beginning excited about and we've seen the cellular BOC making to using in easier pushing it in all those can't engage in Internet censorship that once the block was a blogger got block at the start publishing his article on and another blocks so he's found his fellow bloggers will host its content but this is temporarily you want to give completely your blog to another brother it's very personal bloggers your blog so this kind of solution is only for sure period of time to and the other way is relying on major websites a lot of ones there but good block and they start publishing their content on Facebook they start publishing their photo on their feet you want you to on the character and they start tweeting but that is also very limited because there is a kind of censorship was targeting specific our pages on Facebook behind is doing this Tunisia is doing this I think China and other places are doing the same so if you are politically very active on facebook is very easy for the Government to block your base of there are various self-censorship you won't talk about any kind of political issues and the other is thought blocking and we've seen that a lot of blood and once they got a lot they stopped looking at but that is the micropipeline has been broken I mean system if you publish your staff but also this kind of technique is only available for people have something you can notice what following the sounds of the web so if you send an e-mail to posterity status will automatically publish that content and with some that automatically as well to you about Facebook and Twitter etc. which is very automated and easy and you will make the sunset crazy because he cannot understand anymore from whether you are publishing and whether you are publishing so a lot of activist in Tunisian other can they are using this technique and they're making mean this kind of mouse and customers game with the government OK you brought my blog Republican costs there ample just as we publish automatically my content to 10 other platform which is very very funny way but again this kind of technology does not work against keyword filtering I mean if Europe using let's say democracy tend to need it is fitting that word even if you publish the same content and then other the website the same content was still be blocked and a and accessible in Tunisia so that's why I say that this technique is very useful but it's also not working of all the time and everywhere this is an example of 1st posting of through workers Twitter and Facebook into other platforms used by the know at at all this is also another technique used by Norway org on who we are and who will you tube but publishing your video on you tube and by the you title those of you on you tube by giving a place uh location to those you by doing that actually you up cross publishing the same content on but thank Google Maps so if you go to the palace of the the finale in Tunisia to navigate and fly to that place
on without you would notice that the policy of the presidential palace is surrounded by a lot of you
that are talking about more rights of use in Tunisia but those icons of visible but once you click on them and you cannot watch because you tube is brought in Tunisia and their motion and fast to the so they're are using this kind of cross-posting from web site which is used to to another application of movement which is the we have trying to attract the attention of the media they know that they can much was the video but they would be curious to know what is there and there we've tried to use a proxy and they which axis you to by using tongs or using stifling or any kind of the conventions of this is also another kind of from sponsor rumblings us and blockable dissemination of content using but since they buy some some words from who believe a sense and then they put some political content to their so banana leaves a folk which meaning of Arabic enough is enough analogy if you google ascendancy which was the World Summit on Information Society in Tunisia in 2005 the 1st result will be the online demonstrations against the reason the 90 so it's funny way to play with the sunset in Tunisia OK you block the users of our website mystique can published about formation on pro-government and sites like to use it another website using the technique of without cells in other words so I think I don't have time anymore so if you have any questions about that is that the and so you don't think that there's something more but thank you very much for your