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Flattr - Social Micro Donations
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Flattr Social Micro Donations
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Flattr experiments with a new way on taking on the long lasting question - how will people make money on the internet? Theres always been a lot of talk on how people will make money on what they create on the internet. The focus of these discussions has always been how to compensate for previous losses that occurs in the paradigm shift to the Internet. Flattr tries to tackle this problem in another way why shouldnt everybody have the possibility to be compensated or paid for content? And why is everything easier on the internet than in the offline world, except payments? Previous spokes person for The Pirate Bay, Peter Sunde Kolmisoppi, gives his story on why he created Flattr and how he believes this experiment may benefit art and culture.
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OK so good morning everybody or something I wake up quite late it hasn't computer geek like everybody else and on my name is that the so the columns of the time Have you eaten finished living in moments reading which on the Danish border
and and have live as that in Berlin as well so I feel a whole thank you and I'm most famous for the party the and usually come and talk about the part based on gun actually start with that as usual the so you know what I'm talking about going to talk about Saturn the and a little bit of my background as a set of multinational like everybody else nowadays and but when I was about 9 years old by I got my 1st computer was an Amiga 500 and to In order to actually use a computer I had to have a software to use I had to have the games to play in all of that and when you 9 years old you don't have a lot of money so everybody just copies and we never thought about that as being something which could be bad or being wrong and known 31 and I realize that it's not bad it's good you should copy and everything I know about computers and everything I do it is because I copied something in the beginning per so I became a bit older as a said and and I wanted to help other people learn things decided and I realize that you need to share in order to actually uh I learned something so in Sweden there was an initiative called cannot be on that I joined and the background of tilting was actually that you had to they're on detail to be on which was Hollywood's different companies that are set up and lobby organization talking about the bad things of forestry but and the good people at copying actually take something which is bad make it better so people could almost took the name of onto cannot be on and remove down to to make it a bit better the and this is what we do all the time by we also did different projects in not besides just writing articles and things like that and we wonder when out on the 1st of May Sweden where everybody and once better wages and better salaries and stuff like that and we said we want a better society and in order to get that you actually have to have 100 megabit incidents and that was our paroled in from 1st of May to in Sweden most people have 100 negative Internet and that's only because of us but and nothing else we take pretty phonological things and 1 of the other project we started and was departing in which today's quite future it's 1 of the 90 because websites in the world and better tracking system off the part which is the system used fraction sharing information Torrance and so on and it is is close but when it was at this peak and is it took about 65 70 per cent of all torrents in the world actually passed on through this part tracker an interesting thing is that BitTorrent traffic on the Internet is about 80 per cent of all the traffic that means that part there was actually almost half of all of the Internet's traffic so part was running with 3 people have of things in it and the problem here is that we're not the average type of people so when Frederick was drunk or Gottfried was almost wrong what everyone call it's uh and the part they went down half of the Internet's traffic just vanished because nobody could fix the popping the the but but and like everybody else are is phase starts small no google had their lego blocks and we had a shoebox the this is the blue the server here is actually the the 1st survey we had it in a box that we actually couldn't afford so we got for free as well and but we have part in Mexico because got was working for the government somehow don't know the details and and uh we we found that running service in Mexico was quite that because if someone finds out that you're running an interesting system they we start the pressuring you for a bit more money so the electrical companies that we 1 thousand euros in Ohmic mixed this week otherwise was shut down the powerful company and they did so we moved to Sweden per and in Sweden where all those lived and how we started getting quite famous this thing with the pop in Sweden was that at the time we for the 1st time had enough bandwidth to actually in the bag and they bigger websites and all of the other torrent of fostering networks were being shut down the and the reason why there was being shut down was not because of you know legal issues it was more about legal pressure so people running Pfeiffer networks we usually 16 17 year old kids and got a letter from lawyers saying you need to shut down the website we're gonna sue you for all the money in the world the views of them by and we don't we never shut down anything we do accept that it it's broken we don't fix it to and we sent letters back to the American law saying things like well you have problems with corporate law in the US and blah-blah-blah was the picture of this small polar bear and said these are actually running around the streets of Sweden trying to eat us that's a problem for us that we are more interested in solving the the thank you and we sent maps showing is the as his Europe swing is part of europe it's not on your jurisdiction and the lawyers didn't really understand it from a joke not so that they became quite upset the and the boring thing was what we found this really really funny to reply to their letters in ways that didn't didn't really expect so I was quite sad when it stopped sending those letters to us and this is 1 of my favorite artist I just want you to brag about because this is actually a German company called types maybe you know that day uh make most of the fonts have your computers they own that kind of those they sent the threading letter saying we Thomas this torrent apart that allows users to download all of our fonts ended div very expensive so we don't want that to happen and they said this this letter and another contractor we had to sign saying and you will not allow anyone to download our uh Oratorians that refer to our fonts you will have to pay a 25 thousand euros or the west you know but for the test passing in all of this and we want to be near 0 with them so we sent back the same letter so change that they had to pay off 25 thousand Our for making for of them out of themselves so we just covered off the letter basically and of course we used all the fonts the the thanks so the problem with it being smart as we are being funny as we are is that when you're doing something this good you don't get a reply which sucks the our
so i'm gonna skip the it in story because you probably heard about the part they and the the grade you know on would companies went to the White House the White House forces we government to come over and they said on the I don't skip that all I just talk about the whole story there might on so the White House said that we're gonna put Sweden on the trade sanctions lists with Cuba so you can't actually trade with any of them within the US companies if you don't shut down the park politicians as we know not allowed to go into a single case and say that you have to do this and this to the police but they did anyhow and in the end of Part there was some down 6 weeks after the minister of justice would actually visited the US and so what happened is that the Pirate Party in Sweden that was founded just a couple months before got a lot of votes they got a lot of support supporters and then 1 of the biggest collective political power since we have right now the and they got 7 . 2 % of the European Union elections and votes so that 2 people in Parliament and they joined the Green group which I think is great because of my vote green as well i and force a green group to agree with them on all the issues surrounding copyright and so on in the European Union and the green group is quite big so that means that a lot of the European Union now votes pirates when it comes to the issues that we are concerned about privacy and so on the and at the same time the the I the us from Taipei we started going around speaking at events like this and and we remove that interfere in wired in all of these newspapers and but it is quite funny we met this is me in
Brazil alignment with a friend of mine he's he's the president of the still for a couple more months and was quite funny because I've never betting before and then I went to the same conference and he came to me and give me a big hug and the 1st thing he said is that Hey Peter Brussels does not have an extradition treaty with Sweden the which is quite a to know that I can never be extradited if I actually go to Brazil if actually end up losing Sweden stand on end the all of this is based on the notion that money needs to be transferred between parties are for someone to actually make a living and all these companies that wanted us to shut down only wanted because we kind of ruined their business models and they were saying the you know that needs to change we need to make money for like we did before we don't need to change anything in there is a change and at the same time we as users of the Internet and you know consumers creative scholar whatever you want we had too much information we so much information it was more a question for us like how can we actually sort all this information and make it interesting for us and we have so much music that we can never listened all of
the music at the same time as the record companies want us to pay like 1 euro for each song that we've we have and not even people from Norway which is a really rich country can afford that the the other companies other record companies started realizing the fracturing sexually something good so sweet and we have a large collection of small record companies they're really independent labels and so on that are really successful and they started selling things like that so this is a music box 1 of the oldest musical inventions and with hits from some of the artists she could buy this instead of a CD and you can played by just our manually and rotating dormant get some is it at the same time as
the music was free and they made more money from this than they ever made before on selling CDs so there's a lot of new thinking when it comes to business models on internet but and all of these issues are important not only because it's important to to have evolution of 1 call college but it's also that we have new things coming along that will change not only how we participating for instance music and movies it's easier for them to accompany the record companies and on say that we're just interested in things for free but which inventions like this this is the right graph which is a 3 D printer it can actually let you download physical objects and print them at home 1st is a friend of mine he was at a party and drank too much beer and you wanted to drink a glass of water the the day after and he couldn't find a glass so he actually pirated at last from the internet and printed it so you can have a glass of water the and this is might sound strange this is the way but it's probably going to be in the future this is the vision we have to make are as a place where you can actually do things like this legally because if their companies today they are trying to control the discourse in discussions surrounding intellectual property have their way that's going to be legal the so 1 of the things that we're that I came up with this latter which is 1 of my ideas on how to actually make people able to share money as customer interest and sharing concept to and money today like everything else digital information we don't give cash to each other that much anymore now the most of the governments want to ban that's because they want to look what to do but that's a different story the on flatter is of word of saturate and and and flattering someone which in English means to give some form but credits and the this isn't talking so much a Mexican show a video instead which and shows everything quite nice but
but on the internet you can create would take part of content when you create is not really a good way to get money for the content and when you find something like there's no good way to show love for this problem is universal for bloggers and their readers musicians and listeners photographers assume creators programmers and so on so we created flattered to solve its this is how it works every month the flatter user
pays a small seed let's compare it with birthday cake when and you have a cake you want to give slices to the people you like flatter helps you do that if you created something you can add a flatter button to your content or if you find something like this a flatter button besides the content you click each button is a counter so how many people are willing to do take over the counter at the end of the month you take a slice in as many pieces as you clicked flat buttons in each slice is then given to the correct content creators and if you click 10 but it's the 10 creators will get 10 the cage each if you click 100 buttons the 100 creators will get a hundreds of the case the slices might be small but everyone slices will all add up or as we say in Sweden molar back just law leads to both as a creator who would get money you've never got 4 as a consumer you can help creators out just a small click and if you haven't guessed that the latter is a word play of flatter and flat rate with a flat rate see you can let you do OK so the problem be here
today is that latter is still in a closed area of the video shows everything you need to know about a really so I could just go from here now I'm going to show you some of sneak peeks of how the system actually works 1st of all that is not only to share money when it comes to content I don't like the work that is to make a system in place for actually changes a bit of your behavior on the Internet and most of the infinite this binary we have 0 somewhere once and usually when you were interested in some sort of information you we evaluate how much it's worth to you so this song is worth 1 euro this information this blog articles were so so much with flatter we kind of remove the thinking because you pay once a month and that money will be divided and no matter how many buttons or a flat about this you click the so in essence this becomes binary we have the 1 I like it here this year I don't like it you don't have to put a price tag on any type of information 1 that is our goal and my talk about information I actually want people in the future to be able to walk into a gallery find nice cleaning and kind of flattery it's without a cell phone or something like that so we're interested in lots of more things than just blogs and stuff like that by another interesting concept tho what is also that within flatter everybody's the same type of user I come from Sweden and we have a socialist background and we don't like classes in Sweden I'm not talking my thousand school like talk about thousand sites and we don't like us a school year that's another story and but was actually happening is that as you search you also a receiver you're receiving you're given that sounds very gay but that's a different thing and but there is the concept is that no longer do you have to be a blogger writer to actually earn money from a blog it's totally possible that you as a blog reader could I get flattered for a common that you put so you know people don't like the blog entry they could like your comment you wrote about it and fire that and there's no um price tags it doesn't cost them more doesn't cost unless it's just another take it like it and its quality and this is actually a typical cited page on a Fatah this button is like dig most people probably know diggers are not going to details you can put 1 of these buttons on your website or whatever they were also an API you can use in order to make other things than just buttons are we looking forward to people implementing flatter MP3 files so you can actually play a song on iTunes or in the wind and 1 with a flat applauding and just give money to the crater may be body fire LastFM there would be a flatter bottom to the artist to give them money instead of of the record company and the as a user flatter you can go into the dashboard and here you can see how much money you have in your account for much money even spend each month and you can
see transaction history that you receive money you've given money and all of that that the typical stuff you consider from on a site like this and I know I have like half an hour and but I'm already finished thank you
so I'm opening up a questions and the it is lower in and we call for the 1st few mn and that I think that you the n this is actually not my shortest speech was in Brazil that was interview before and
I had a speech and I was prepared for it and then afterwards they said all you had your 2nd speech about technology and was not prepared for it but I managed to do 8 minutes uh and then after questions that ended up being 1 half hour so I hope there's gonna be a lot of questions is what OK and so they really really like consent boxed and what I don't like about it is that letters becoming like a bank said it is then possible way to decentralize this and also this they open the code will probably be open a and the end when we're it's like the part we don't that we never leave the part code because it was bad quality flattened probably be higher quality than and we're going to encourage people to do something similar Our but there's also security issues and that and yes there is a problem with this decentralized but we haven't found a better method to make this without being centralized but I will encourage people to do something similar but the problem is then if people do something similar is going to be there in our for having an crucial mass you no incentives for Internet money we use an open standard for everything in itself like I I I hate Facebook for the reason that they all your profile this is not really relevant but at the same time it is a friend of mine are added constants of Facebook that Facebook did like it was a picture of a meal uh genetalia and they were really upset about it and so they deleted it and he no longer get invited to parties and things like that because Facebook is where you invite people think so he's really lonely because yes no Facebook profile that is a real problem today the single probably go over and be a problem for flatter that if too many people started flatter and and start relying upon that needs to be some sort of open standard we can and shift the power back to the users Saint use how to get them and mites I have 20 whites Republican all of this is on a sunday out OK so I'm going to do as as small thing I made it very easy to sign up for public people today and made 20 Mbytes the name of the might of Republic and then 0 1 to 20 so I just go and use invited Republicans here wanted to and so on and that's when you might for you tho I will learn right now so I won't qualify it on the last slide you shows there was an interesting relations all the letter of the to the total the all flies euros letter the and the total balance of 17 euros that's quite an interesting racial that's going to be like that well and this is from there the better option and at the Fatah and the was actually what I decided that I wanted to give that much and it's not really feed because it's the monthly allowance did in the amount of money you wanna give to people we could take a small portion going to try to make it as small as possible and but the 5 years is actually the thing you give to other people so could give us an idea what the actual few years or much it'll cost for the use of force from our 2 p fatter over to the other people it what what the the the people who don't made or who spend money on all the people who receive the money you have to pay as you please OK so right now the thing is you have to put into euros a month as a minimum and we will take 10 % we trying to make that lower and but that depends also on on and what we see on the that area so and from our free will also do some sort of revenue sharing with content providers that distributors rather so if you have a blog network or something that you allow people to blog you can actually get for the finally another way than just adds to actually paid so I don't know if people use abundances in Germany it's a Swedish website reconnection stream videos for free from yourself up there need things like this in our sections to right and this is 1 method we think could actually give the money and that's 1 Michael payment service which is already out of the metaphase called catching the inner slowing um want to hear the difference between those 2 services except that they also have a monthly fee of 5 dollars and then you can decide how much you uh want to pay for the individual payment and you know I think there they take also small percentage you think it would be interesting to see when are you getting all that the face and opening up of the time so that that's so are the difference between each single flatter besides that we have a much better name and they have they and the typical Google thing again would continue live and we end with this clicker thing with the missing each so that's a big difference I'm just getting a problem with the continuous that's I think they can have a hard time to reach critical mass and I wish them the best at they did they started with saying we are copycats even though I've been talking about sigh for 3 years and they started last and which is kind of funny and also if you have the concept that everybody else is the copycat and you're upset with them you should really be to the business of helping people share things and but you know I think it's good that there's more competitive out there and I hope that we will find 1 solution that works quite well instead of having no solution but made maybe I that the 1st year have a time frame on when the edges those in to be in the young OK so right
now we're in this that this close data we go into the open data which is going to invite everybody has to be signed up about within a month or so and then 2 months hopefully we can open up to the public and then try to get as many people as possible to use the service this the have another question and Archie helping a friend by talking to a little late uh that's way and so sure if you already talked about it was some journalists use use a contradiction with your engagement with power they and the matter I could explain the idealogical connections are considerably ahead it's in the book and so I think it's it's the same apart flatter our and the same values we want to open up about for million without a middleman we don't want to be corporations controlling our content and 1 to part there was in a way that you could actually share information share content with people but without someone deciding what you should share what's that it actually has set up a system where you can send money between people without having a middleman to decide which content is good for you and so it's about an open platform and and we have never been against people actually earning money from uh being you making culture or something like that would be very sort of we don't want the corporations controlling the culture so in that way Saturn and part they are extension of each other and for me it's very important that everything I do is politically as value for me as a person so this is just an extension of my thinking but as we became to the slide over but I just have the question is there any other plants that you will extended away from just well money of course is if you get my back into something called a social class that you have a random a that you can somehow monetarised so the cost of flatter has a top list of the most interesting things the blogs and time like this and this and in each country and so on so we of course we do our site similar to date and but with extra added bonus of money and but to and with an open it up for a PIC can implement its initial people can brag off on Facebook or Twitter or whatever you just cited and how people get content like that and where really interested in helping people to get the word of very interesting material object so yes information spread spreading is going the Holy Hand is started so you storing data like a lot of things that have more you need the money out right now we have to set up the deletions systems were still still making the system but we are not the I'm putting my reputation flatter and I'm 1 of the people that are most concerned about privacy on the Internet probably so all of you know I run VPN services and so on so and we're very much for privacy and that wouldn't be very open with what we store how long restorative and try to minimize it as much as possible today hours if you don't want actually receive money if you just want to help people out and give money you don't have to give us anything else than an e-mail and you could if you want to use that 1 of our other services which is an anonymous e-mail and that you don't have to raster form and use that something else like that we don't really care as long as you help out and someone else has already has all of the information about the identity of the words can have a bank account and so on so if you send money to Fatah from paper they normally or so we don't care we don't wanna know but the primary motivation for users to design of simply good and Is there anything else how you motivates home users in the future to sign up for your Service book that is this thing that we want to come and we want to change the concept of who is receiving and creativity or who is a creative creative person so as I talked about before for instance if you could uh possibility on blogs to satisfy a common to not use of the blog post that will actually make it more interesting for everybody to participate because everything you do on the internet you everybody likes and everybody comments and things you have to be very bright so that you can really stupid to be very bright it doesn't matter if it's no uh it's a very low threshold before we actually start create on the internet so and we want to encourage that we want those people to also be able to benefit from it and get a sense of satisfaction and since this is kind of a classless system you all everybody has to participate to receive thank you yes thank you for I have no more questions i that a already out so are right on the uh on on Twitter with this factor hashtag and probably someone at the office I think they're still there they have to be some 60 and Sweden and we were quite traits uh they will probably make some more if if you're very nice or and I have a question for you when you said let's say I made my lined up and that's why I put
up 2 euros for monthly for my monthly cake so that they and only played once but is there a way that I can decide on the words that I don't want to say that 2 euros to 1 person now right thank you the have statistics to back up asserts from but it had the trying to he did not use its walls the unknown was usually seasonal something myth yet right now it's been very weird because I I got some 20 factors on my own blog in a blog post on my blog I received 9 euros for that so that's quite high and I don't think it's gonna be that high but that if it's that I am really happy that's the only uses the stuff I have written OK it's kinda like the
so thank you um