Free Press & Save the Internet

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Free Press & Save the Internet
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The fight on net neutrality in the USA
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and this summer and final in next and what not and I and I think I will later this introduction in English but 1st just have them it's not in a mall the Austin with so this'll the idea that given really West about as with and without this the the bottom it says that it is fun beyond chance to implant and have to site side of the Indian who opponent on that damage banana funding the more cognitive about will buy lots of things you can see that by the whole sky 1 good that the thought all existing is the disease and identifying the title track from this mob anomalies we have our we by free press of press snow or any that's on the order number say the Internet but come of this is that the columns I the best the combined if in its entirety because is the you know the answer this afternoon was uh I think 1 that I wasn't mentioned polite about binomial inventions would you the only about pattern and to contact you and the minus so quality only comes in that community and other graph terms from the predictability and into that of all involve came from there to be done by Compton among practicable and then and then if we take this man miss active then going to the island um so that's uh yeah the a lot of fun modern of Nelson here the lets you want on the part that's the 1 that got the sign of a good distance I don't mean was i inspired what there and would you be again the mayor US legal yields but SCC in provider Comcast and that's that's and of Comcast pattern and this is just 1 side of the CSI doesn't seem and the tolerance of constant as a peer-to-peer to this communion with that's installed on the model our independence in some regions of on being Comcast bamides with title on the yeah gets a stock contours of its of Anderson she always component was Mumbai sometimes an obvious it's by Bidegain but it will you know there's lots recent I missed benefits which in the 2 William in yeah I know more about it in and get want to the user OK in our 1st a short introduction in the stairwell come back and the modern Emily from formally formerly from the press and now professor of from the United States about trilogy movement in the United States states and learn from it and do it better in Europe since high I think you're right thank you for being here so and talk about the American experiences with network neutrality and in general the sort of media reform open Internet movement and the movement for Internet for all in the US and the so I was a lawyer for a group called free press free process is 1 of the leading advocacy groups in Washington DC working on an the open Internet issues and fighting for more than a democratic media so the chairman of free press is a guy
named Tim Wu he invented the term net neutrality of law professor in your what
1 of our board members is a guy named Larry lasted he created creative commons and free culture and he works out changing Congress in the US to study the background this is done so that user
brilliant policy director in the and and in
general we've been able to assemble good friends with then that organization and outside the organization based mainly on people wanting to work with other people who were who were doing and since since we're in in Germany as possible 1 of our most
friends this is 1 of my heroes is German woman who was a professor at Stanford who's been 1 of my key advisers for years Barbara from this and any try to to ultimately forget this reference she's like
Lafayette is the great French nobleman who volunteered in the American Revolution that's far
and set it is on the Lafayette because many so what we press was born out in Kingston the
concern that if too few people control what we see what we're reading where we get our news from this too few people control how we can communicate with 1 another that affects our and that affects our ability to communicate with 1 another and the Government that but there is
a threat from media consolidation from control from a few people in here's a graphic of in the
US just a few companies in a few years ago this city companies controlled a lot of what people saw and will in and then we have the
new media the Internet and there was a sphere that that the model of a few people controlling the media the old model could have been ported the new media and so professors and ionization of works in both the old media space and the new media space the so I don't know if you've
seen this picture before this is a graphic representation of the Internet in place where you can communicate with each other without having to get permission job from a broadcaster cable company phone company General so that's people so
the the Internet was a group a coalition of organizations that free press organized around the neutrality and then we will get back to the the idea behind free press and a lot of what we've been doing is essentially just decide what we will refer to as a movement in the US
will talk about movements like people coming together on the same cause lots of different organizations lots of different people and 1 of the classic movements is that in the US the civil rights movement of the Martin Luther King and there was a whole movement of political movement illegal movements and organizational movement to organize people around the cause and energy change the line society so that the goal of say free press was not just the illegal organization with lawyers like me suing people it wasn't just to be campaign of media organizes this was the integrated movement of lawyers advocates and people organizing public around these causes informed about what matters and for many years people didn't realize the importance of mediation is because the media didn't cover very well to the Internet through was organized people around the another movements
environmental movement In strategy as I mentioned
was sort of an inside outside strategy these all-American references also like Thurgood Marshall was the great lawyer of the civil rights movement and so he was sort of the inside of the outside was the organizing people organizing terms and boycott different segregationist establishments in the cell so that kind of all of you know but in the US we used to have something like apartheid in the south and then this movement that so in order to explain to the public why they should care about media and Internet issues the issues a a lot of us care about we often talk about if if you care about the
war that Iraq war you should care about media because media facts whether or not we go to war what what information people get about war and if you care about the US health
care you guys have a good health care system but if you care about that we should care about the media and how its covered if you
care about the environment of poverty on
Tuesday I think there are lots of you also you should care about the media sites that are you know sort of the the 2nd issue of people's what was on so when it's 1 of the 1st began free press began to search traditionally with Media Ownership flight and the lessons we learned in this fight could be helpful as Marcus said in in Europe and this was certainly helpful for the next slides we had on network neutrality so media ownership begins with
these 2 guys so George Bush president for a little while 3 years and the other guy was Michael Powell His 1st chairman of the FCC the FCC regulates technologies in the US broadcast cable and so Michael power and 1 class were very similar love the regulation not regulating the company they had to be in his father's
so George Bush his famous father that Michael calls his father's school and power that he was the biggest
fight in our 2 thousand and 3 there rules that restrict in the U. S. whether or not a TV company can own a newspaper in the same city and the Bush administration wanted to change that they want the lights somebody on both of them in the sense and we present a lot of other people and organizations didn't like that rule that rule change they thought would be bad for democracy if 1 person and both of them TV station and the newspaper and so free president position was born out of despite the idea that local news should be controlled them more than 1 person so we we can convince Michael Powell that he was doing a bad idea so he adopted in order of FCC we I went to court
and we ended up winning and stopping Michael power and these are the 2 lawyers went to court and these 2
lawyers that had spent years and years doing media reform losing over and over and over and they finally won 1 right and so kind of like
Sisyphus the years of losing his categories and 1 of the reasons why these 2 people
finally 1 is because we will
variable to be part of a movement is an organization that is able to put pressure on Congress and the court notice there is lots of public dissatisfaction with school so that if conferences across the country thousands of people start with media for they
organized the National Rifle Association was a very conservative group in the US in favor of gun right and there are a lot of liberal groups so here's 1 United Church of Christ this is Obama's church it's a liberal church and in other churches were also involved there is essentially right left coalitions in what we have as well and this article was very important were
validators in the government people and the government were willing to say we think that these media consolidation rules about and so here you have 2 of the 5 commissioners commissioner cops and Adelson 2 Democrats they said this is such an important role for democracy that we should go out and here the public because in the US if if the decision is made in Washington DC it usually made by a few corporate lobbyists paid a lot of money by big companies and have really expensive suit but if you want to get you want if you want to do anything for the public you really need to inform the public at the minus side get a public outcry right transparency the organization is really important so these 2 Democrats along with the help of the press would go across the country the hearings and they would begin by saying where's Michael Powell where's Michael Powell 0 Michael policies in DC surrounded by lobbyists setting a cigar in a smoke-filled room eating a steak we're here with the people and that was the fact that the and so on In order to organize the
public right you can organize these hearings by taking out ads in the newspaper or TV stations beaten wanna cover this because they wanted the favored Michael calls what they wanted to make more money by projection so the way we organize and this changed everything that we was through the internet and we
use the Internet to organize people inform them about the threat to democracy that is with and this is changed everything for for there were years of being Sisyphus pushing the rock up and falling but having the internet having having these people really helped really helps that insiders in the having these
people by liberty weights your fingers bloggers theory of so that was 1st success organizing people getting some action in Congress and then winning in court that was with a free press was 1 the next big
fight was network neutrality now back in the early 2000 there was a lot of bad stuff going on at user's presently hadn't making bad decisions that got us into this war in Iraq the wars and you know deregulated the financial sector which led to economic collapse so there is more to blame than that we also living regulators are obvious policies we get back to Michael Powell
FCC Chairman FCC Chairman has a big decision to make how do we regulate Internet in the US what should we do so here is the legal question what
is the other 1 is the Internet like that telephone networks where is the internet like Earth so it is providing access to the internet like Comcast 18 t in these phone and cable companies selling you access to the internet is that like the of phone network or is that like Twitter and if it's like Twitter were not going to regulate and if it's like the phone network that has the regulated under the Communications Act under faculty and so if you don't believe in regulation like Michael Pollan you said shirt providing access to the internet is just like Twitter we don't have to regulate anything the phone and cable companies here it's fine it's just it's on regular and and we see you in law as well as a lawyer you see this all the time to different categories and some new thing comes along which category doesn't fall into the interval that was to be regulated 1 would not but in the US there were these new financial products called CEO's looked like insurance and if they'd been insurance that have been regulated and our economy whenever collapsed that we we thought they were not I imagine I imagine 2 categories of new torture and not torture but and the EU trying to find some action the US government is doing is torture regulated not torture and that it so that's what happened you have is it no network which was the only 1 of its so it
was destruction by definition by defining something to do with isn't so what was eliminated was
open access so open access is a term used in the US to mean having your choice of internet service provider and at the end so in the US but there was a time there was a time when you could choose your own internet service provider you have a phone company maybe 18 t but then you could choose an internet service provider like AOL earthlink June of some other company that provide Internet access now because of this ruling the phone companies require you to use their highest so there's no there's no choice of Internet service right you you use your phone companies as or your cable company that you want to achieve yeah so once the phone and cable company had this market what and you couldn't use any other they said OK now we're going to take over the internet now we're going to decide what to do with the internet so immediately there was there were sort of the west side effect the way we explain that neutrality people was using 1 of several metaphors so 1 the phone companies especially wanted to
have a new 2 different lanes on the internet a fast lane for websites that paid 18th year contrast money and then and then right so this is thinking and it is and this is the slow lane thank
that you get if you will use the bloggers an average person and don't have the money to negotiate yields of every phone companies and cable companies across the country across the world right now the Internet you make a you make something like Twitter and it's available everywhere you don't have to make deals with every phone and cable companies and pay them off and so forth so the idea is that the
Internet the more so that the medium where you get with the provider chooses to be that so here's another metaphor
reviews which was the internet as cable TV you get to choose your channels for 29 99 a month you get these channels 13 loss of these channels and 449 among the premium channels so that's sort of the model that they'd be happy with another model is the
AppStore so the way the AppStore works is that if you want be an act on it and know in the US on the Verizon network you go to Verizon you to whatever device makers and you get your app approved for that network and you do that every network you notice that your app available across the world like the the Internet and when you get your app approved by every single carrier you have to give them a cut usually a so this is what they want to whatever enough to to get approval to be on the internet and then give them a 3rd of whatever you make which is really stifle innovation and a lot of technologies on the Internet that you use the sort of accidents they they didn't get funded until after the successful EPA was a weekend project Google was a thesis projects Yahoo was of bibliographical projects Twitter was an accident that wasn't sky side project what is working on this 1 company that failed right so a lot of companies that they provide a lot of value to like Facebook was apparently away for the set the women right so and had yet to give a 3rd we would never have faced the 1 final metaphor is very often
talk about congestion by the internet is so congested that we need phone and cable companies after manage who uses the Internet when and to do that we have to start charging people because we've got a man all these people trying to use the internet it turns out from from my reading learned in this fight that generally it's cheaper to just build more capacity and think of your computer your computers get twice as fast every 2 years that people with the right that all these new fast things you 1 uses a new computer your computer doesn't decided you approved applications in charge people we will use them but they just make it fast because that's cheaper as high-technology works and it comes to the Internet to be the same exact thing you just make it cheaper and new this faster every year but they don't want to sleep last year because they
want scarcity we want we want have few slots we became an auction off to the highest bidder and make as much money as they can so my much example of scarcity is a handful of dimes why is that because but there are a lot of time in the world apparently like so many diamonds that if you sold them all they'd be very cheap but there's a company that controls all those diamonds and they sell only a few years of really expensive they make money from scarcity because it's only the diamonds it can celebrate thousands and thousands and that's what the phone and cable companies in the US wanna do you wanna profit from scarcity not from abundance in the past so so in the
US that's the biggest cable company has like of the of the of the broadband subscribers I think of a huge number of in 18 is another the biggest phone company and so decisions decisions means in the US have a choice of QIC from company and both of them want to blood urine and so in 2006 was witnessed by began in the USA and that was when free press organizers recalled the Internet well the 100 uh small the 100 groups is all nonprofits small businesses there is another coalition that included corporations like Google and eBay Amazon a note about the press the press takes no corporate money repressors just you know by the people for the people it's foundation money and that an individual contributions so here was the example of strange bed fellows and so the Christian Coalition and if you've heard of them the Christian Coalition is very conservative very religious views of the republican move on it is a very liberal refractive level of uh right the fact that these to agree on anything is in the US in know this look like people's heads would explode and this was a major reason your times at which are on the simplest way answer answering that people across the spectrum care about an open Internet because mainly pro-democracy reasons the ability to communicate and spread the message so another thing that benefited from in proceedings always bloggers and the weird thing is this
guy here that solar was logic you organize all the other blogs and here was essentially amazing that 1 person could do so much for us and and so every Sunday he's organize a group of people and bloggers in general not a different issues and he was he had credibility among the community and a lot of them I would follow what you do on the neutrality in your organize people but in in Congress and in the body so during the 2006 campaign what happened was there was almost a lot in the US against net neutrality to to organize people to stop that what we did that with organizing save the Internet organizing groups organizing companies are organizing a blog community and then we had an opportunity and usually opportunity is used to come along all the time but we don't have an apparatus take advantage of the opportunity was that this
guy named Ted Stevens said something kind of crazy Ted Stevens was about senator who was in charge of the canadian Congress that regulate the internet and he said that the Internet is not just something you don't you dump something on it's not a big truck it's a series of 2 and he said that if you if you ever seen or heard them to spread to he said that after the net neutrality amendment that we of we propose this is destroyed his that it was during this long 10 minute ranch where say crazy stuff and and everyone else in the room who is a reporter and then in the DC longtime thought he didn't say anything exceptional this is just the usual centers saying crazy things for 10 minutes and then that what's the big deal and then 1 of our allies put it on the internet and then other people in the country could see that this is the crazy person in charge of regulating the Internet is crazy and this was all over the place people as people were people were realizing based on this speech and this is on the daily show John Stuart who were realizing often the eclipse and that usually find that like something is going on in real to jump on that show the enemies dimensionality for not knowing what they're talking about so at the end of the at the end of this flight New York millions of people around and if we had hearings in Congress and it was really an amazing laughter right organizational coalition of corporate non-corporate coalition we have to get the most all the power we could from every source possible past bloggers in order to stop this bill right and this is the height of the power of corporations in the US and then from August 2007 this all this
2006 August 2007 not much happens with the research crickets not much happening neutrality ever was watching and wondering at the phone and cable companies started the started violating the Neutrality along that and we knew we can get a lot posthumously did something that and several sort of waiting and then there's the famous fantasies begins and it begins with this guy named Robert
Sapolsky the rod is the guy and my right with the red hair and India and there's and Robert Sapolsky loves barbershop quartet what if you seen barbershop quartet it's like 4 guys singing in these got us and this is closed and rather happened to be that love barbershop quartet she happened to be a brilliant network engineer who like understood contested networks she also was was dying of cancer so he had a cancer in his thing stomach was the size of a small American football and because he was set and couldn't couldn't work this brilliant network engineer was out of a job and nothing to do and he was on medication so he was never sleeping OK so British-American era dying of cancer nervously but he had had served surgery is still alive by but otherwise it and so the gradients uploaded barbershop quartet it doesn't work the wonders what's going on but he's using of BitTorrent another peer-to-peer
technologies but it doesn't work and so the torrent what happens is he's trying to upload to the network and then other people could get his barbershop protect user and the these that were from the 18 nineties so there totally legitimate in terms of copyright and so as it turned
out that Comcast was blocking his ability to upload upload the songs and the only reason we found out is because magically this amazing network engineer was trying and it was out of work and had nothing better to do and was up all nite could test this connection all the time to figure out why is this work and turned was Congress by and if were and the funny thing is later people said don't worry if the phone and cable companies block you guys figured out this is the only reason we figured out was because of a miracle of this 1 guy who happened to be there and I have a job using job so this not so complex turns out was blocking disconnected and the associated press that study they did this study with the King James Bible and so we would always say Comcast blocks the Bible as so that's what I can write and so I happened to be of
young lawyer because the and I had a professorship lined up and deferred the professorship for a year and someone called me and said hey I can't write about components of
our complaint against Comcast we should see if we can get this to do anything I'm going on break can you write this so instead of a alright has out again and so some of we actually we won this case and it's kind of another miracle that we won this case in the US system at the cell and considering the political power of the cable and phone companies that we want so so how did we where did we win because I have a big brain now did do win because I
studied really well for this is what I professors I have
either big degree right just like everyone else in Washington DC where no 1 cares about that I have an idea of professor knowing MIT and even I'm not that smart we have
a different people but still it doesn't matter that we have all these
people even Barbara lines Seleucus Modestia's is not enough to but although this helps where we were able to convince the FCC Chairman Republican based on image of Barbara hat is an engineer and economics expert and the voice based on engineering legal analysis economic analysis the sensor immediately argued that hey if you wanna be the person who destroys the Internet who undermines innovation and competition in the US who who does the Internet sector what your friends did to the economic and banking sector sure but here's what we think will you know we think this is a better idea to enable us to convince the Republican chairman that he should go with us and was a contest that was wrong but there's no way we could actually 1 without having more than just good idea and so in the city right we have these big
powerful companies that take Invasion of the Body Snatchers they'd be me things that the politicians and the politicians do what they want and so the only way to win it was sort of this inside outside
idea but these people made possible by the week we
had to convince the Chairman that we were doing the right thing without the best analysis we had but he could not have stood up to those companies and his party right without having the public standing with he needed lots of political pressure you need to be able to say the only look I've got a real against contest because those people willing to look at what a big political problem have and if we didn't have these people would have never been able to get you to have a political cover for even the democrats you write thing against powerful so let me explain what we had
this kind of helpful and this this campaign as well as an example right and and hopefully in the Europeans will have a lot more but we we really had to step 5 or 6 people doing all the work on this case against you know dozens of lobbyists dozens of lawyers these think tanks that the phone and cable companies by the by think tanks and put people they're the only job is to attack me and my friends and they go to my friends blog about blogs and say mean things in the comments you know I have a friend said Marvin Maurice speaking at lot at Republika these people would go into the comments as a weapon war is a terrible person is evil he works for Google is not really about the consumer advocate and and so you know there's all these people on and we use that if you so here's the 1st respect by from the translator so that he was able to organize lots of people also to messages in a way that people could understand so I write and just a geeky lawyer but I don't know how to explain things to know people and so I needed him and so I remember we had a blogger calling on the blog recall was media Barbara bunch of who it is I was cultivate German which is very thorough and very very very precise and and you very like the the 2 of us and so there was a point where I said 0 I'm I'm deeply troubled by what Congress is doing and she said wait a minute when translate this Reverend you keep of they're lying they're lying in the blocking your speech they're bad people they should be punished and I said that's great but if it's something that is very all we had a press secretary who was exceptional she's now the
press secretary of the chairman of the FCC and the last 1 and she's just unstoppable she was working on all the time just brilliant reading every piece of news late at nite watching over the trends were working with me to try to masses just really important that we were able to tell a story and I am not in a lot of you are probably really good at quotes like saying in quotes I go in the press I I wasn't quotes that I could help explain things to the story usually was effect and and she was in and we needed a press operation to get the public involved and the way it works in the US is that the congressman in the Federal Communications Commission they don't talk to each other they read the news and figure out what the other ones doing so we have to make sure the news was capturing also
had a researcher this 24 year kid who is also a fanatic who adjusts research everything I know anything about the internet I was 1st and then I knew about the about was the 1st Amendment democracy process and a lot of these technologies and the business practices I don't know if they need a researcher was always like letting me know how facts work the what was actually going he had the political back right and this is very helpful because
when about blogger and press person is out there trying to figure out what to do indeed public it's helpful to have the political diagnosed look these are the 10 people on the committee don't worry about all the other centers these 10 people and then on the committee that these were people who were good with us these 3 your on the fence these 3 will never get so let's try to have ah at rates to have arguments that'll kill to these 3 and also in their communities so we're able to target our limited resources based on the fact that there are new where we can be most effective so it this the benefit of the inside outside people talking to each other of me spending every Sunday with the waters and every day with that and so so essentially there were 5 of us doing this plus all that
which really helps because sometimes people call me and say hey I used to work with Congress let me tell you some more you don't know that was that as of OK so here's a minutes you know Miller
and saving the loss so we made legal arguments made economic variously policy arguments and then I can give you examples but I'm going to skip that because they're the most interesting part was how do we actually get that have succeeded do the right thing based on the summer summer-long and that in the face of the face of these people and I just explained mainly how we
did it was press blogging organizing people as much as we can write people don't listen to me because they think I'm smart lots of people listening because I was speaking for millions of people who care and then people do so let me give you an example
of how we were able to organize the SEC learning from the years of that the media form movement around media ownership decided to have a hearing and the hearing that 2 variants and this 1 is getting ahead at Harvard there was a problem lost will only they had a hearing and invited all the all the engineers from MIT who helped invent the Internet and they invited some policy experts and they want to get testimony to learn about the issues and they also wanted to there's lot to it
by David Reed chief IPR architects father reads Law of you know she wrote so the movement and here's in explaining how Internet tactics work right son and on I think that is already there so
here's some pairs some of the people who testified that day that means sort the witness in the opposition they include the chief adviser for a contrast to the rise of the Verizon the phone company 10 Wu on time and Chris professor for the the frontier companies and so get all these experts will also and get the public involved
so here's the public all these people showed up to the hearing hundreds of people came to be shared like all the students from MIT and Harvard Law School couldn't get into the hearing testimony people had showed up to the hearing so crowded that part of the heart so many people show up along the sleep what turns out Comcast
paid that so here's the picture of that woman like paying these people who who was sitting in the crowd and so this was really related to Harvard and so the way the way the process works the newspapers work in the US is which is your report 1 side and you put the
other side and even if 1 side is clearly wrong involves you've done your down and so they reported 1 side of a free press as they pay people to use it in the crowd and was really rude to Harvard and an insult to the FCC at 1st there blocking the internet now the blocking the public on the other side Congress said no no no those were employees and they were just on a bus 70 and then fell asleep right and so finally the Harvard people this broke the tide and said no no no those people were not found in some ways the paid people died and wasn't so that point we took this story and we knew that a lot of people and then Congress didn't understand that neutrality understand the internet community did understand that company doing this was the done something wrong so you set this all over the place actually we had another opportunity John and so another thing we did is
we use road contest as hard as we can every day we would attach every day would be isolate them would fact never was a constant drumbeat users on the annotation of the topical of all the time you try something if they punched doesn't someone has cycle times and that the media and and that's process because we do we understand that somebody in the story later said that we were writing them like that but like press you needed a appears structure needs to be done you were not going so it's a lot of freedom and then at the size will not let up you'll get away so 0 and then the you know free press doing this the public was helping and then randomly right out of the blue people
started doing interesting innovative stuff right someone if you some of made this call kind of class I'll make loves every Virginia defensive Internet not true but still kind of funny and in related to their friends and so it's this contest In this elaborate robustus
just some to the user some dude in Oregon it was raining a lot and he was sick so he published the fact is what people then he testified at Stanford then he became 1 of my chief advisers like almost you know 1 of them that is in a way that I know and you tell me right so and then the US was important was right the
Republicans at the time the chairman of the FCC Kevin Martin that he had to do the right thing and in the face of tons of political pressure he did the right thing and that's something that you can't always control that sometimes in the face of political pressure they do the wrong thing you gotta do everything you can to make it clear to them that they will hurt the country and they will go down in history as people for the country and without political support right now we you got enough political support from the public that you can stand up to the company was so we have to see ruled in our
favor all they did is this whole contest stop it and find them this minute in a legal ruling essentially saying we right and the Internet should be open and people really excited this is outside and I was like this is that the
data is the decision for the 1st time we have another
person mattered was Obama Obama was on the net neutrality well supported neutrality very early on and this is actually an interesting lesson very early on about most prominent challenge you realize that the Internet was important for him to organize you do a lot of online organizing he thought mattered for democracy we got a man rapid early was a co-sponsor and the other the blogger Internet that he got all of I think incoming Democratic senators to agreed and neutrality while they were campaigning so once somebody gets elected they don't need you as much women there running for for office for the 1st time especially you get the money after you say you you support neutrality high on blogger recalling I have lots of friends who raise money on the Internet and you and created on internet we love the Internet do you and so getting those people on record early and alarming with doesn't have the bomb allowance has always been a big meningitis words but having him but having him spring I was very helpful as a so recently on April 6 there was a cortices income tests of the SEC court over there over the case and what they said was K-SEC don't you remember what Michael Powell did Michael Powell had 2 categories 1 category was phone network 1 category was Twitter and he said we like Twitter therefore you can't regulate at some time and so the court said yeah that's right Michael Powell
of studio essentially and what happened is if you're regulating the internet like it's Twitter you can regulate 20 are often let you start regulating Comcast and then Facebook and Twitter the right you don't have to change your framework and read you what Michael politics you have to undo all that matters in order to regulate child so that it happened recently essentially the FCC has to reverse what called which means there is a picture of the DC
Circuit the DC circuit is a very biological right wing conservative I knew we were going to lose right when we had to go to that court so so what does this mean
that we lost that all that means is that we have to educate the public on neutrality we had a big fight that was but it was helpful and here here's 1 1 thing I learned which was fights are going to fight so good for public because 1 if that my group is fighting and bloggers are fighting something the public knows that you're on their side your fighting the cable and phone companies they know that the pope on cable companies they know the expression what's in the US they know that from the
curriculum is on a block the speech and you're on their side and the only way to get a lot of coverage and get people interested is for the being fight a lot and part and so a lot of times people think 0 no no let's not fight big companies on that strategy go see if that you're not going to negotiate with them without the public side can so what you want you want a big fight against the beginning to get the public and also to give you that but whites are good for you it's all alternate benevolent have another 5 this flight is going to be about reversing the call decisions that we can do now neutrality so this is this guy's going to be sources of the
decision he's the FCC Chairman now he's 1 of Obama's friends from Moscow used to play basketball together he's very prone and neutrality supposedly he's not super aggressive he is not in favor
of reversing Powell's elimination of open access letting computing fight he is in the for the pressure
of these guys or arguments you know that the
next 1 the proposed something panettone trality
was had a lot of loopholes in that right so so essentially right we're going to have to make space that is that if the right thing and only in this example
of an argument we here in the US all the time so right now in the US you this argument which is don't do net neutrality because if you do not neutrality our economies already bad for economies that already you wanna make it worse companies will invest so this is the fondue and make more money because the merger but that when the economy was doing well what you heard was don't mess of the economy it's going so well by so no matter what we can is going well enough that don't regularly but we have the same arguments but tax cuts but we have a surplus to people their money back or we have a budget deficit and we should cut
more taxes right there on the families gather attacks
or on the sea generally when despite me not only
the in this this need organize through this and other
way is that these people can do that these people so you use
the Internet to save the Internet so how much time you have left but with hundreds of sentences that are that's all the all the questions now I was only gives some some of the
benefits of the flight right all of us to create remaining
balance an interesting challenge many of these are
behaving in this style to that that these people so it's
interesting the formula if we had a lot of fun so
right questions what yes reason on so the FCC decision in 2008 said Comcast could not interfere with peer-to-peer protocols the way they have been doing it and told him to stop the 2010 decision said the FCC doesn't have the authority to regulate Comcast if the FCC regulates contest as though it's twitter so it's it overruled the case that we want the FCC last and appeal yes we lost so so that the end we lost an appeal right and I was a few weeks ago about what this shows is that will be another fight and the next fight will be the change the Powell definitions from Twitter to a network and then do not neutrality so another fighters beginning again the FCC this the OK well the the highest court decision what they said was because Michael Powell defined the Internet to be like Twitter and not like the phone network you can't impose net neutrality on on something like Twitter so go back and change the initial decision by Powell saying that the Internet is like Twitter another phone network so BSC goes back and changes that is that all decision making them probably do not good that and it there's a lot of work in the Hollywood extraction pressure notion thinking actions in the world if you not hold of a local you know you need in the context of the meaning of so you know the precise is that all of you who are using it based is on so that who called the Hollywood exception the Hollywood exception is the idea that net neutrality you as a rule would require the phone and cable companies in the
ICT is to not discriminate against a for any content accepts windows unlawful content like copyrighted material so in the US the reason why politically there's that exception I think it's because the Democrats tend to be close to to Hollywood and Hollywood seems to think that it's a good idea to have the phone and cable companies policing copyright for them and we have tried in the US to convince the Hollywood companies that it's a bad idea and I would do anything what's going to happen in several start using Tor and encryption and avoid those blocks with copyright which will make it harder for for you know security things like that and so we we haven't had much traction and so the Hollywood exception could do 1 of 2 things 1 it could actually reduce piracy regular probably what what it will do was able to encourage people to use encryption probably require people to the funky cable spying through the result in more blocking us like so it's an issue and why is such an important interest as a in the US we happen to be net copyright exporters I think and and not the political argument has been winning entry was my advice for harder harder to win that would and I think you need other politically powerful allies you need the technology companies that think operates like before you needed in the US some phone companies seem to believe that they should become copyright police Verizon doesn't want be the
copyright police and they get all these exceptions and and benefits from not being liable for copyright they don't have to start policing so mainly you need other politically powerful people and you need a movement of people of individuals so I'm guessing
right of time-varying legitimate question taken otherwise you've got operative here the whole
time and it's more than that of Moria Gmail Mobile walls remember that the fj this is due to the the