Mobile augmented reality

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Mobile augmented reality
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We are right at the dawn of this new experience medium called augmented reality. It`s so great beause of three things: It combines the real and the virtual, it`s interactive and realtime, and it`s 3D. These days augmented reality is finally going mobile. We can see augmented reality applications for handheld devices being created all over the planet. Mobile technology allows us to put information into it’s original context: location. We want to shed some light on mobile augmented reality technology and learn about best practices that have been created on top of the Layar mobile augmented reality platform.
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St but good afternoon but that's some many things that you often public very much for the invitation breaks the fact will my name is not that the I am the founder and CEO of popular probabilistic systems integration services provided with a focus on the integration of content into mobile government of space I am also see quality assurance that layer of Amsterdam later is the creator and providers of the world's largest and most popular mobile augmented reality that the today days wanna talk about mobile augmented reality we are at the beginning of something very new we're right in the of a new experience but we show you what EDS augmented reality and that's divergent magic there and see how mobile augmented reality technology what was I wanna share some insights from all daily work with you today and show you why augmented reality is way more than just assumption it's way more it just another feature on your hands augmented reality is a new means of expression and we will learn about some best practices some of of the most exciting experiences in mobile augmented reality space that traded and half of the labor movement that form already as of today so the trust to augmented reality sense the the old-fashioned corny there other means for the 1st time there are too many I mean it's not about the correctness of taking
Internet so it doesn't have to do with less something's not on the Internet no synthetic environment ball at some literature term if we don't go with that 1 they're on on what it is it's about implementing the reality is about objects it's about overlaying media streams with digital information
everybody knows where it is or if you think they know what it it's everybody element due to genes practically every computer game ever designed is that some kind of apartment in yeah some kind of long and you look at this look at all the extra items and other people's dreams and there and augmented reality its head
is already out there are probably been out there for the case since it was 1st invented in the early 19 1 time today and David Mizell calling the true augmented reality the applied to have surmounted digital displays the guided workers for assembling electrical wires aircraft Boeing this term as long history we have good reasons to stick the augmented reality so crazy
because of the things it combines the real and virtual it's interactive and real time In its radius it not right it looks semantic it looks matter it just happens there's
really accept some it is to keep the it doesn't really help people at so easy you will learn more more about that historic sites just point out that in which you can that and the information is right and there is no but the proceeding not in the learning curve children understand it a lot of people understand it the man and women understand it's the most exciting thing happening in the contemporary texts the 2010 almost 20 years later augmented reality is finally going more the latest evolution of mobile devices allows to finally apply augmented reality technologies to mobile handsets we needed just a few ingredients we needed a camera in a screen the location and direction and we need information that show you how mobile
augmented reality looks like on your hands using layer players is a browser it's the augmented reality browsing triphones an Android phones and it's free upon my world is 1 on the also what only like the the the magic is all
about location and direction we need to track users of Asian interaction president of the patients the system learns about the user's location using GPS that's what like navigation systems for for cars have been doing for where now we can also do this on the mobile phones additionally this might be due to wife ionization services also told trying 2nd direction this is to use additional in which direction the user actually pointing devices have considerable impact on the overlaid information we know about the direction it was modern devices integrated this sort of tracking of occasional direction was called check they are as large field we have later own approach to fostering usage of mobility we created the layer of fat no matter if you think about a brand awareness borrow if you concentrate intravital if you're a developer or user everybody can create its own augmented reality experiences on top of that the results of a 2008 800
developers from more than 770 countries registered are there are more than 500 various online already and more than 1 thousand 800 in development do as opposed to
using GPS and compass there is another way to help you device with orientation it's markets this is a simple model this is another and this is a more complex model of the so called Q of O which basically a two-dimensional bar this can even carry information it can be ready by tropical this 1 can also serve as a model this just street signs but as long as we don't teach our systems to identify it can easily servers among the interesting use case for model-based let me show you model-based tracking in action on a mobile device used to logic but only using this was done by Intel and this year shoulders but on the whole I don't know little opportunity while the that I can
think of of the of saying here is that the people in and and out of the and I would be American the never energy has frozen funds
markerless tracking on the 1 hand works almost everywhere I gps confidence just about everywhere marker-based tracking obviously does not work everywhere simply because their arms markets and everywhere marker-based of markerless tracking on the other hand only was outside this is simply because the device need you contacted via satellite marker-based tracking can easily be used indoors depending on the actual use case the ones will be the technology of choice the so there's still a lot to do
in moving there will almost certainly seen the different technologies emerge we will see image recognition capability being integrated together with existing genetic technology image recognition will allow much more precise occasionally correction factor it will actually allow to stick the overlay to the reality of you and therefore heavily improves the accuracy of the overlap could probably we may also see 1st steps into standardization of communication protocols and I think to share tool important insights with you the results from our data and the inside 1 and was taken over these bars show the number of hours announcers overlayer on iPhone and Android devices in relation to each other the 2nd last week you can very clearly see the impact of unusually large iPhone but only a week later employed it's already taken over again to I don't know my phone's of it can be the wrong on this but concluding from our experiences this is my statement invoices taking over number 2 they
are all is a new means of expression is more than just a function is way more than just a features the new means as opposed to the classical MAP and this accused is maps as well as so a R is about the experience numerous that experience is about interaction and multimedia maps serve a different use maps about awareness like 360 degree awareness and there about orientation the today
April 7 best practices to show you some of the most exciting news experiences in mobile Augmented Reality space that have been created on top of the layer of fat see the things that
you can't see there is a 3 D model of the future rather than market this building does not yet exist but if you go there we will need to find a huge construction site but simply hold up the handset and you can experience how this market will will look like in this specific location at some point in the future to go around it believing what throw an experience future already today have to think
in of entertainment this is the people who with a couple dozen points of interest in London and Liverpool several videos and audio along the road there are many 3 D objects including the yellow submarine model of the jewels Cross in every wrote repeating most with the band picture the
number 3 the virtual public art projects let me quote the artists Christmas viewing that P element of all data it is that the objects of site specific this is different than most other digital media that can easily be transferred and share this requires the use of presence of an interaction with a site that sells what changes it is what a lot about putting information instead of Bayesian context to the number 4 you mobile AR are
grateful games resemblance scavenger and some that for the 1st time a major game developer that you set you used layer and latent dimensions and fired both the the fact but I
was 1 of the 1st 50 developers worldwide granted access to the layer of fat forms even before it went public during the development program we created list region investors so good region classes visualizes various industry services through mobile layer it's a great tool used for regional marketing purposes it was developed in close cooperation was that region economic development directions the number
6 the social but I don't history is the worldwide to greetings from built for later but that's a place these threats around the world and these messages with it leverages the capabilities of this new medium it combines the real and the virtual in because in this case x at different places it's just that the wrong it's interactive and real time in to could face the X right from your phone right where you are and they're instantly there and you can just as easily walk around this beautifully designed exons more will augmented reality in the the talking about patient context
I mean yeah in the land nothing coming here regularly since the early nineties this is such this tutorial played I mean there are so many stories to tell there's so many people to learn about so many interesting places in Berlin trees everywhere that's what I love this place and that's why I'm very happy to announce today's lounge of great new more experience the Berlin Wall it was created by a half an hour and a half superimposed on this is you can follow the home of borderline from random periods 2 years exclusively designed for you all you need consider watch towers that were located on the eastern side of the war in order to survive the formal models so we you got later today but tomorrow user handset use later to follow the Berlin Wall and enjoy this extraordinary Oakmont reading experience and there are some of the features of that and this 1 to enjoy thank you very much it