Innovators by the fire

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Innovators by the fire
Communities from Scratch: A story of experiences in building a brand new open source community around a brand new project.
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Manik Surtani is the founder of Infinispan, a new open source data grid platform, as well as a co-founder on JClouds – a cloud-provider agnostic API layer for interacting with cloud services such as Amazon AWS. In this talk, Manik will share with you his experiences in growing community acceptance, momentum and participation around these two open source projects, including aspects such as generating and instilling a feeling of ownership and responsibility among the community, communal decision making, the effects of transparency in a software project, and leadership issues.
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the switching to English monarch is actually a colleague of mine we both work at that red heads and different positions of money you can always start doing open-source programming for a living right no open source is something I've been doing for a fair amount of time but only professions in the last 5 years prior to that of cold open source of the contributed to a lot of projects of all the way from from from the late nineties or literature right OK with the areas that do that with the intention of staying when a stock program and this program I might be picked up by a company recognizes me your religious belief what will that it's actually funny makes its it's not do with a long term goal you suggested to try to find a career in that field nor is it just a finite but in fact possible to talk about this talk about how communities where the source and what motivates them what drives but yes it's partly for fun this is an element of that but often also is getting what you need and sometimes this is the best way to achieve what we were trying to achieve in your own business their own company if there is a job or whatever that may be and then you fix it and use the operators to have other people that I would fix that you scratch my right absolutely absolutely and then the and that they do the same thing as well because they fix stuff that that you fixed as well and it really is about you know collaborative efforts to try and get to achieve a critical which is that a software company whether you're not really uh actually really gaining traction among the name unintelligible infinity then 1 1 of the problems that you really initiated uh really seems to be in an area of high scalability computing that is very much growing up in very good position the you when you started programming did you ever think of what be nice to be like a star program of solidarity with the just that role I think it just happens really just do considering it you have an idea you want to develop it of the see goes really cultures very hard to actually decide in advance so you have to have some some idea about vastly want take it up to you how going be accepted by the community how other people react to it this is something you can't guess before was hard for you to sell this being house later because I assume that you get the resources and time from the company to say yeah we think it's important that you have to work a lot of the on the marketing for it over the way always brother told which more but there was work to be done here people need to be convinced very often people like to just for from corporate standpoint of people control money you control finances tend to not want to change things intensity things alluding to the new stuff what he would do stuff for what's the point while licenses so it just means something good is that doesn't also will you really need to do it will need to convince people why we use of this tool convinced us that it would have been and have fun with money that had been the case of 1
of these the gonna talk about open source communities that slide says and and how to build them and other motivate people to to contribute to to open source
communities and how to work with the people to actually build could software as a result of why why what makes the qualified to do so might as as text mentions that I will operate at Linux company you jails before that I am always like to source always had stuff to do with open source contribution to various projects for a long long time ago justice to get things done because and stuff fixed or whatever but I have always been involved in so now for the 2 that have best expansion again I have got a couple of very interesting projects that started in the last the last 18 months or so 2 of the matching not just in this then interstellar that another 1 called J. clouds as well but usually what I would do public speaking and only speak about these 2 projects and 1 of the other and usually very technical told that is the 1st being non-technical talk about community behind it so so why open source in the 1st place right add them up and give the people what sources am assuming you're familiar with open source the concept of a source of but this is a very summary slide open source is a good thing the list of things up their economies of scale you tend to you we were able to build large and complex software very cheaply is because of all the people needed a lot of people are willing to contribute and share reference collaborate
and complex things it's good step of open source also improves quality and security the report of the whole thousand dollars things open source the source codes accessible to everybody developers around the world look at variable to comment on it they're able to find problems where they're able to help you tested in you of in proposed your together transparency is also very important for another reason and that's all the stability and security certain companies belong to use software that they can actually see the source code because they don't trust other stuff right if it's a security for example the Department of Defense study thing or whatever the companies use software that might compromise the security that might compromise their information of those the story that's quite common in the social world if human beings had to walk around naked you make sure that you go to the gym quite often so that that what open-source software like everyone can see yourself where everyone can see your source code but is not to cut cover divided that means that your yourself solver has got a very good you can't have that could have been complement the mass so with this community that is
open source community of the same things that does that open source project in the community we're not really in on the tree there are there are quite a few open-source projects out there's something very successful they don't really have much of a community that tend to have cooperation behind it but with the sponsor developers and things like that but not really community and then the still works but my opinion is that to really gain the advantages of open source software the stuff that is to the previous slide the whole crowdsourcing effect of having lots of developers developing knowledge of having lots of people looking at your code and improving quality and improving security things like that you need a community there 2 aspects to open source
software and I mean the same got hold of 1 part of open source software is free if it's free to use it's transparency the process of transferring the code is visible that you don't need a community for you can achieve that without community but all the other steps leverage softly softly tend to use from mutual you build the software helped you design the ideas around it that need a community for so this
is but of course that kind of repeats the same thing open source is not about saving money it's about doing more stuff being more stuff and getting incremental innovations with a finite but this this is crowdsourcing that's what is so why is it important for all this stuff
so that you want power people you want people in your community to feel like the people the stuff that we wanted to take pride in this way why is it important it means that this the the greater uptake if there is some guy contributing to your project and he likes it he likes to what he thinks that out of the we're running this project is good practice software freely it's good it's that it's an object and he's a valuable thing you're letting him make his own decisions within yourself that you give a little piece to live in it it means that any of the project that he moves on to after that when you become the means of 2 is more likely to use your project than any other competing project of product so there is increased up to William power people they have a sense of ownership they actually care about they will go out there which defended their out of their way to promote that supports stuff the other thing is decentralization with complex software it's very very difficult for a single person or a single t to be able to build everything it's a lotta work take minutes operating system was not open source of it was not centralized it would take a lot longer to get where it is today it could not have been so innovation also happens elsewhere famous quote from some now Oracle mentally that basically you can't expect again 1 man or 1 t 0 1 the people to have all the ideas all the time people outside in the entire world of ideas and by building a strong community by having a community that actually cares that is empowered you gonna get all these ideas into that 1 approach it's valuable stuff I've seen this happen time and time again is very very interesting so that
we talk about community you talked about empowering people in the community decentralizing stuff and people will write their own software and code was a result in sentence sounds like a a string of any project managers in a few hands and must be a nightmare and try to manage something like this what is it 1st but how do you get some time having an area you control roadmap only control when when you have cycles it's really got all bunch of people on the Internet put work for you were writing how do you coordinate things that it's not easy thing will basically need to give up a little
bit of control you need to say OK if I I need to be a little bit more flexible with things like roadmaps things like with cycles there's certain things that are critical find something to identify what is critical and make sure they get down but some of the features should be flexible you need to you need to allow the community to to read and expand and contract out so it becomes a living being and so on so of initial ratings like chances microsoft project and stuff in the open source basically very difficult to fit that kind of thing this paradigm and then he is still need to make some decisions decisions such as when you finally say OK find some things were release or so on and so forth or what what features can concluded the release what features don't know how to do that well there are a couple of major public very popular approaches in the Supplement in doing so states of design by committee so that in the photo voted with Apache here that's open-source group that quite a lot of very good software they tend to have a policy where it's very democratic is designed by committee you have you people who rights within the project because that stuff and then they had developed they have a voting system which is OK if I miss it releases coming up which go to the school of everyone votes and then the very democratic but they also have a mechanism where for every feature that needs to be incorporated into again everyone both sides so nice fuzzy feeling in the area of using those systems that it's good in practice it's actually a complete pain this is a complete failure because it's really hard to actually get stuff done I'm actually proponent of the 2nd approach the dictator approach that so that's the law was written at the is benign dictator limits he in the and decides what was going and what does not if there's any conflict of interest or of the individual developers have to become site and something or whatever and then it stops and then makes a decision that's really what sometimes that just the best and most efficient way to do this so that they have a lot of can
consider open source is going to convinced that open source needs community good open source you could create a great importance sorry of building 1 publicized and talk a lot we need to talk about the need to use social media use blocks used that to get your message out that this is what I'm doing this is why I think it's a good thing this is why I think advertising promote use all the tools you've got got you choose a virus even got meeting was set for most of this stuff is free on all this stuff is really really you got of social development sites like the top and things like that where you can actually attract developers to your project to decode use all the stuff and really get the message out that make sure people can access this stuff easily they can find yourself very easily they can find demos again the usage of documentation terrible of source because as everyone knows about it was done right don't like to write documentation right so this that's a problem of another develop right like quantum documentation either using wikis is a great way to do it because it's very using is low barriers to entry to writing so you don't need to at something in a particular style are to fit a document notes aliki press a button type of you've been so I figured this out click state that the world's cities in the world that can then help improve on it and this again crowdsourcing documentation we've done this very successfully with convinced that example because we've got a point where we finished the 1st release of the product of the project there was no documentation what we do well the bunch the according start together singular sustainable drink bear tonight at the height of much as we can take a few short notes about everything and then have a community look at it and provide feedback and so this this that's missing that that's missing OK good for them and they do and we use help them do this and this also goes back to empowerment as well and and to actually people have a sense of ownership we use actually popularize the people who are contributing because they get any money the world can see that they are the ones who actually this describe and the like so how do you
empower people right be very very open the very open every time he designed something when thinking of something new algorithm new classes you whatever you're rather complex often talk about those you had on board your office that your or you know there's around talk about use meaningless use IRC I mean when I'm developing software and sitting on about receiving to constantly Chattering well what do the world can see about to window constant talking about 0 yeah which I was suggest to this type of other people people want to people want to engage the actually do care and they will engage and when they do start engaging that so they start getting into your community about of course always be polite when you're doing this stuff because a couple of pretty famous mistakes where where people have actually told people often they quite realize that things like meaningless and stuff that we use the Sun and then is never a good catches the stuff that really gonna raise something was the center effect so you want be careful what you see is always be polite always be encouraging we don't call people don't even have the ideas of the of and feel free to ask for volunteers as well I do this all the time every time we got a new and complex feature coming up before I say OK if I have got too many things to do so despite 20 1st thing to happen this is usually done 8 months because sort stuff 1st not as the last thing I is the 1st thing I do is I put them in the community saying look you guys this feature wants to do it don't be shy to ask for volunteers because people will set up there a lot of people out there who want to contribute to projects is where to start the is with go don't want to do so if you help them you can see how that help you by saying look do this if you want if you wanna know what to do because we a good for the project etc. and of course the reward you want a reward them with our talking about talking about the fact that that person contribution to speech they like that they put in the CDs it helps injuries in their jobs and it's generally good for the community if you can afford it if you actually are a company that's developing as open source software and you have a budget of a small gift vouchers and stuff they don't vary along with the reading people the world would be practical to stop taking off from their the environment and that that's a good solution is right In fact of the thing that we do 0 we're just about starting to in London uh this from is lower than the standard clouds women have clouded hypercolumns columns where once a month with a meeting about with Wi-Fi and laptops and like balls everyone wants to country is allowed to turn up and they will you know we have got sponsorship for like the other 2 beers each or whatever you can stay as long as the 1 provided actually writing code and the chance to everyone is in the same room for all of this the project contributes to sit in the same room who have to live nearby of course talk about stuff like what's the general ideas and very very dynamic and collaboratively build software very quickly we also in the same thing things because of a fairly large group of there and the next time actually tried to link the 2 up by some sort of healing that and that's the way the times and everything the so I don't think is know that community members right you got a community of people who actually care about them how you grew in how to make a big deal with more people in would not have denounced or you have to start deleting the recruitment processes because the senior guys his you guys working really well guys were famous the guys sort of of really engaging in your community were writing good software get them to talk about what they're doing get them to use for desires Iousy Twitter Social media level of talk about it and try and get even more people coming in that's works that's the senior people get into public talks like that but I think there things like that forget that you knew from what union members mental then trained and teach that Jesus such as Socrates said about how they can help you should you want to help this stuff house and framework effort with the time that it isn't it is an investment in time to so
and the end what you gonna end up with is a community of people like what they are doing they usually would like each other for as well there will be a of social problems between each other by the project can take pride in their work and enable end endophytic software that's pretty much someone leave you with a link over there it's it's too it's it's a paper called the dual and desired it's pretty bold it's not written smin years ago by a chapel stream he's 1 of the chief proponents of open source software that's your homework could read that as a very very interesting the thank thank you very much as I just said that we have very short on time that we have to finish all the time so thank you very much for 14 years topic that we have I think we should still have at least 1 question for money
and maybe in the background we can really try to establish the state because after this we can have a whole round of this of the 5 people that we're talking today and similarly sitting there and from the school of that thinking about and we want to have some some time to talk so maybe you can only be organized background while someone asked money with requests from not very many so of who question the there's that's days that is the analysis that money so that it thank you very much for it and the images in the