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Should I build a Facebook page? How do I raise money online? What is the best way to build an engage a community of supporters? What is the best investment of my online budget and staff time? Since 1998, Care2 has worked with over 500 nonprofit organisations to help them recruit millions of advocates and donors online from around the world. Join Justin Perkins of Care2 as he shares best practices learned from working with some of the top campaigning organisations in the world, and from’s management of its own global online social network of 13 million conscious consumers.
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yeah and do you want to know what this is and you and all that you know how of and and I would like to is use
the excuse they have no thank you very much good I would like to introduce our next speaker here his name is just broken the words that appeared to very big and 1 of the
largest global social network of a mid
dividing this the US has a lot of Members hidden Markov of them and you you'd probably I can hear myself double up here I can't use been around for a time for roughly 10 years and just have the involved for
about 4 he's gonna talk about common strategies for and know them as you see here the very provocative title I you're ready to reach 100 thousand people tomorrow morning so let's see you how well you can do that the few good morning thank you and thanks for having me all the way over here Germany and I live in Colorado and I have been in the EU for about 3 weeks fascinating to see the differences in terms of where the industry the nonprofit sector is in terms of online campaigning and fund-raising so this is a question that I often ask my clients when I work with
and years and more often than not the answer to this question is a resounding no and this is really what the potential is for online campaigning this is becoming more and more easy to do nowadays and so to them to talk about different things around this question is how to make this happen and the give you some very interesting things to think about the
strategy for how to achieve this goal and so that gives you had the opportunity to actually reach 600 thousand people in a day and we don't quite a bit of a quite a bit of work over a number of years to grow very large factor this list of animal rights activists and the group consumers some you may remember Hurricane Katrina which hit the US about 4 years ago and during that hurricane disaster was thousands of pets that were stranded and left without homes of the the the owners said but the lights and abandon them so there was an organization in the US called American Humane and it is a lot of animals animal relief work of and they hired us because we had the biggest animals less to be able to reach out and fund-raising campaign and within just about
48 hours he it raised to 100 thousand dollars and repeat that within 48 hours we had raised to 100 thousand dollars so not very short time period and that 1 campaign we'd actually recruits recoups probably all of the investment in all the work that character you had done you build this army of activists over a couple of years and and so that's really the potential here this is that the message I would like to be with today but there's a huge potential in Germany that's still untapped for reaching this kind of success and I will talk a little bit about how to do that once the 3 things that are already
discussed that people can be prepared to be unlucky and that's where my my models in life I've seen so many successful people in so many organizations that excessive successful because they do the hard work that's necessary to make smart choices to be prepared for opportunity there is prepared to be lucky and secondly you need to choose the right tool for the right purpose and the more at that and there needs to meet the needs of your supporters this is not about you this is about the people the grassroots supporters your campaigning for to reach a mission it's not about you know about your organization to buy your supporters in your customers there will be about character you have been around since
1998 and had sort of grown under the radar to be largest online social network for activists and people I care about health and green living and and the environment and social justice and and this is our nice little stock photo version of character you audiences have heavily female about 70 % you know and then it was a kind of fun story when I arrived in Berlin last
week and I can stay with my wife's sister when she lived in Germany many years ago and I formerly from the GDR and she's now a documentary filmmaker opinions on the shoes in Berlin and she was she made the film football under cover the various it is about said soccer soccer match in on the and in UAI that she was a member of carrots you coincidentally I think so kind funds to come to Germany fighter subjectively subtracted and it's actually written character you uses the website and and so just
briefly what I've used here to use our help non-profits and use of recruits thousands or hundreds of thousands of people every year on the past 4 years of doing this work is about 100 50 different nonprofits and help to create a bunch of over 1 million supporters that have become strong activists and donors for a number of organizations and that it looked at our membership based in Germany before I came over here we have about 60 thousand I actually grabbers as well as 30 thousand active subscribers to sectional it's and that's without doing any campaigns in Germany so this is all that every word of mouth phenomenon of people who found issues that they care about and then they will receive e-mails signed up for newsletters an action alerts or become active with the social networking tools and and tell their friends about it and and spread the word violence we've done 0 0 marketing it's all happened word of mouth will tell you a little bit about why that's happened in this in this presentation how that happened and and as a result of that we felt NGO is primarily in the US were started to work or internationally we've really driven by the growth of the online fund-raising
activism in in the NGO sector in US so be prepared to be lucky and it sounds kind of funny but and this is something that goes back to quotes from as far back as Thomas Jefferson who was 1 of the founders of the the United States and this you know if look across the world of famous people including Oprah Winfrey has anybody heard of breath so look happens and when preparation meets opportunity and that I can't tell you how important this is think there's a very strong very strong calling that all you have here as the organizers fund-raisers campaigners I'm very very important you were so that the key link to your organization and the future of the organization and the a chance for your organization's actually achieve their emissions but so but on the tell you very sad story
of what's didn't happen and so this is we this these events OK think you Muhammad Yunus he won the Nobel Prize in 2006 for his amazing work in uh Bangladesh and developing was called the Grameen Bank and that essentially flipped the the whole financial model on its on its head and enabled MicroLogic small entrepreneurs to be able to make livelihoods and it completely a revitalized the the possibilities for the developing world so naturally won the Nobel Prize in 2006 and so here's the sad story and there is a a and you know that it had a beautiful opportunity to capitalize on this moment for him a prize in the news of Muhammad Yunus is all over the all over the media in terms of his interviews for winning the Nobel Prize but this organization was not ready to capitalize on that lucky opportunity and they only had about 10 thousand people on the e-mail list despite having a very full marketing team had VP of Marketing Director Marketing and to you online campaigners dedicated online marketing and they're thinking very small they were scared to invest money they're scared last time and they were following sort of the latest so high like 0 we should just build a Facebook page in the world would be a better place and so they missed this opportunity happen to know so the inside story because I was trying to convince them to not miss opportunities and they didn't listen to me as a result they still only have 10 thousand of the about 20 thousand people in the UMLS now that's the 3 years later 4 years later and they did not raise 100 thousand dollars in a week online which they could have done if they ready they did not further you know list well over 100 thousand people a year which they could have been ready they did not prepare the organization to make recurring revenue of 100 thousand 400 thousand dollars if they had been ready and so more importantly they
missed out on helping thousands and thousands of partners who could have benefited from them doing their jobs just a little bit better with the random sites all they needed to do was follow the practices which have been proven out the last 10 years in the US the information is there the tools are there the data is there the case studies there the benchmark to there and it follow so this is the sad story they're happier stories come I want
emphasize that keep at the center of whatever you're doing online in your mission your goal he these people the faces of people you trying to help in mind and this is a picture of the street kids that i i snaps at present a study was that it brought in Brazil and back in 1998 and I keep I keep these photos with me to remember why do you kind
so whatever your mission is whether the animal rights or the environment so this is still a beautiful moment
had in Costa Rica where I got to see the sea turtles common and lay their eggs and keep keep these stories in these images in your mind as you do your work on this so when you get frustrated with your boss is to say well you know we should shouldn't grow analysis that we should build a Facebook page but you know keep these people inspiring stories and in your back pocket to remember why you do and help fight so here's the huge
potential growth that's possible in for Germany as starting with Robert from Oxfam last interesting some quick back to the of world comparisons to kind of get a sense of where Germany is in terms of the NGO sector and capacity for fund-raising so I Robert shortly that the Oxfam and Greenpeace are are are to be lots and Greenpeace Anadolu interview we have our for the for the largest organizations here so we guess that Oxfam has about 20 thousand people on the you know last which is about point 0 2 per cent of the population of Germany which is about a million ends I mean pieces you can see has about 100 thousand people in the analysis of the gas in body is you these you feel free me I so that's about point 1 per cent of Germany's population so contrast that with the counterparts in the US that have been you know doing this for the last 5 years and Boston stimulus we don't want to work with as over 500 thousand people in the analysis here getting getting to the point of raising a million dollars a year and they've acquired Oct . 2 % of the entire US population and so you can kind of read through the rest and get the point is that the relative to size of population you have barely scratched the the surface barely even started on and that's amazing that's a huge potential in you lucky and jealous because you now have 10 years of proven proven data driven case studies tool development all this investment that's happened over where I come from so you have to reinvent the wheel all you have to do is steal tactics simple but you can be you up and running and probably about a week if if you needed to you all you have to do is just follow the best practices and so forth and this is the this
is what we all dream of ice floes campaigners maybe not as much as you fund-raisers but I you have
this is this is what's possible really is is proven business model here and what's great is that the campaigners a very very key to this particular goal the other is is money online and we're seeing that there's anybody in the making a huge overlap between campaigners and fundraisers and if you are cultivating your you know less your Facebook groups in year your supporters through campaigning through activism there about 3 times more likely to donate so there is a great tag for your bosses right there if you find their campaigns those campaigners will 3 times more likely that don't so popular budget and so when you go bacteria
zations used is 1 very simple thing for you to do make this actionable I do this sort of a doing exercise with deuterium by yourself you work on your own and think of an opportunity for a crisis that the user has happened your organization or will happen so perfect example Haiti the 1st groups out during Haiti the 1st groups to get the message out raise the most money is simple we saw what happened on here to and we saw happen with probably about a dozen of our partners from experiment and care units that all these massive relief groups those groups that are the biggest lists ready to pull the trigger they're the ones that capitalize most quickly and often that the entire rest investment over a year to be paid back in 1 moment of and so go back and do this start exercise you get when you get home really side for the throughout the rest day I think of a crisis or an opportunity that your organization is likely to have and I can probably come up with an example for every single organization don't just say a big deal making excuses and say well when out of the group while knew there was it was the he NGO that works on microfinance them very boring issue actually but the window of opportunity was a massive new story so that's that's a that's a good chance or and it could be that somebody a matching donor and says OK we have 100 thousand euros and if you get some 100 thousand euros from your grassroots campaigners but we will match that you can easily double your money or maybe there's a like a social network context that you need to win so all these opportunities when they come up too late to build US gonna start year 2nd point right tool for a purpose the various mass hierarchy of needs of psychologist from US 19 fifties I suppose it is tempting if the only tool you have is a hammer to treat everything as if it were a male and so when I'm working with hundreds of NGO as I can't tell you how frustrating it is to see the same the same mistakes repeated over and over and over and it comes down to a very simple question why why do you need a Facebook page why do you need a Twitter account what's the purpose what's the objective and then what's the tool that would most effectively meet the objectives and what's the total is the important part was the tool that has been proven already to meet that objective unless you have time unless you have a huge budget unless you have time to experiment so I this poor fellow was trying to make this tree
grow by playing bagpipes and then only needed to do was add water so here's here's the toolbox right this
is the the tools that organizations and years have at their disposal so direct mail action alerts petitions newsletters social networks Twitter and MySpace you to Facebook blogs press releases and press releases videos and it's kind of mind-boggling actually but not all of these tools are created equally and not all of them are going to work for the same purpose and cell and shake it very stark example of this and and this is the
important question to ask if investment does not have a positive return on investment or if there's a better opportunity with a higher return on investment then the investment should not be undertaken biological but that was still as the problem of n and for those of you like math there's actually a formula called return on investment and would this is 1 of the most important slides in this presentation because nobody does this and what he thinks about this at a time but think about campaign look at case studies are out there look at benchmark reports there some published say OK what is possible for this campaign for the size of the list that I have how much money is gonna cost compared to other organizations have already done this and what's the potential for a return and so anyway it's very easy to look up this this term online you'll find a very quickly and the formula and then this is a very concrete example of
return investment and so what is this again so on the y axis you have total cost members on Facebook Causes can Severino if it comprises so a tool that was created for peer-to-peer fund-raising on Facebook OK and then on the X axis you have the number of groups in the data sample but this is a study I did about a year ago I was a follow-up to study a . 6 months after Facebook Causes wanted wanted to see what was possible so I want to see which organizations that had the most followers most cast members only see how much money there is because the stimuli non-obvious correlation between the size of the size of your following size unless you have money the curious so usually found I there were only 500 groups out of about 180 thousand that had more than 20 thousand cars members carry on there were only 2 groups that it conceals little red let's talk on x axis there are only 2 groups that had raised more than 1 thousand dollars the case of those groups and the majority more than 50 per cent of that money had come from 2 people 1 of those people was part of the organization so SOS totally inflated and then that the other person may have been a from the organization a random so and so this is the rapid reality of they totally shocked because is like and watching hundreds of poly thousands of organize it well 180 thousand causes that means somewhere in the order of 10 thousand 20 thousand organizations are added maybe more because organizations that multiple causes as watching this phenomenon happens where all these organizations rushing have phase because nobody asked this question so OK so this blogger a foundation happened foundation he did some back in of love Mahoney said OK he tried billion causing treasuries money on it and he said OK K that that was roughly of a
1 to 100 ratios in other words I spent 100 dollars and get 1 dollar back 100 dollars with the timing of 1 dollar back so that's not rocket science math that's really really low return I have said so multiply that across the entire non-profit sector and those that he used to waste of time as you mistrust of your of supporters of funds and efforts and a huge huge villa and this is still being replicated right now the result of a Russian 1 2 1 1 so the point is that use using the right tool for the right purpose but was very proven model with e-mail fund-raising and it's driving most of the fund-raising online in US at least and there's no reason that shouldn't happen here and the fact of more people are online in Germany than in the US provide percentage basis these 80 per cent of the population here is connected the paper so we didn't look at the contrast in numbers and over 1 million e-mail subscribers the answer is less than spending a year and a half years building up this list through lots of paid advertising to lots of campaigning petitions using all the tools in the book in a matter of 73 e-mails in 1 week they raised over 450 15 thousand dollars 1 week from an equal number of people on Facebook causes it took them over 1 year to raise 28 thousand dollars and again that was probably from the top 6 donors was the majority that 20 thousand dollars cell right tool for the right strategies and you can raise 52 times
more money you know clinical and social network last thing about that but if your organization right now spending more time playing with social networks the building and you know and that's and this of company resources and time and so it's not it's not doing justice to the children you're trying to save for the animals you're trying to say everyone so social networks have an awesome awesome place in this whole equations will water that and that dissing social networks right tool for a purpose social networks a great for branding and learning about your audience connecting and connecting with younger audiences set
and so just to give you a little more data about you know fund-raising this is from a benchmark study was released in 2008 and by a company called can feel there at the CRM provided and 4 probably a thousand different major NGO they have a lot of data to look at the groups with just 10 thousand
people on the lists were able to raise about 47 thousand dollars on average if you looked at Facebook causes a Twitter groups wouldn't even scratch that there's probably 1 or 2 cases of you know really interesting examples of social networks where like during the pitch like Katrina during Haiti where the Red Cross raised the total money to Twitter and so you know that like this people charity water in the US raised much money through possibles using Twitter was a very very very rare examples it's about is that the chances of that happening is about as good as becoming a rock star or probably even worse so just think about the right tool for the right strategy and if you wanna raise money online if you want engage activists where they are it's actually you know and then you can start leveraging on 3 social networks is some really interesting strategies and campaigns happening with data pending and and find people through leveraging realists and so that it disagrees
strongly with the last speakers comment about name and I've seen several groups over all the clients have work if you tried to build their own social networks and the reason they fail the probably 99 times out of 100 is because they don't have a critical mass and so that's the opportunity that these larger social networks have is that people are there so it's a matter of segmenting and then doing what you do on the internet anyway the interesting tell stories attract people on and you're going to find people more readily than trying to them on your website that's very 1 . 0 that's very like 1998 to try and bring all the traffic to website just doesn't work unless you like Greenpeace International and you have a massive following so that's my 1 1 point that really strongly make is that an accident Greenpeace's doing a case that in his later I heard something interesting to hear what they're what they're taken from that just from from what I've seen in a very difficult to you to create a critical mass of social network and the church is actually social now a question that with our side was until we got about a million people that have the social networks are to become fairly robust and even at that it's looking at the 1991 role so that you know maybe 1 % of the 1 per cent of the entire audience space will actually do something on the social network there might be some workers like 10 % lurking kind will sign up what they will do anything so it's really that 1 per cent so think you know back into that number and the people do you need to actually do something interesting it's probably to be more than 10 people and so don't be lending think really carefully about the important role you have in your organization you work out of the you're like the gatekeepers to the future and that I'm tired of money being thrown away because they're all these because they're they're not realizing the potential you have you have the potential tensions room this marks the knowledge the tools the skills to actually pull off some really massive campaigns and it's not rocket science and you all have the tools to do it and it's just gonna take thinking a little bit bigger and not listening to people tell you can't do it and so then this is not of the Holy
Grail of tools right here and this is what I'm seeing organizations in the US who've been at this for 5 or 10 years getting to the point where they have these these massive campaigning and fund-raising machines and to be honest citizen numbers game and if you really want have impact sometimes are are certain natural instinct to be really sincere about campaigning actually works against our article so think about it is in terms of you know how limiting your campaign by your beliefs in terms of well this must be true in Quran well campaigning can also be a tactic to get your organization to of further points so that the next campaign you have a much bigger impact and that's been achieved remission so don't limit yourself by being too purist about this user tools and tactics the not perceive any single 1 of them is that the world in 1 shot it's it's all steps sort of bigger ball so getting to this point where you integrate all the different mediums is really what's starting to you have the biggest impact think about it but you know we're all ingesting of different types of media now at a rate never before seen in history so we have to use all these different tactics to really reach people in the medium that they prefer and but know actually most of it is the easiest way to integrate all this because most people spend all their days sitting in front of a computer these working people have money that donate and so most people of cell phones are so and you can find a cell phone numbers by appending data to you you know not going to get into the ethics of that because of the past discussions it's possible and the smaller organizations that are making money in achieving emissions attending to do more more these tactics that that so what to do when you get back later today right now a your goal then think really carefully about the the tools their best t to reach this goal so if you just trying to be campaigning think about the best tools for that mediate social networks if you have a critical mass of people its e-mail and using an easier and tool that has a like a petition to built into it whatever that 2 you need to think through and look at you don't have to reinvent there's a lot case studies on this blog that want Strickert about 4 years ago it has a ton of best practices and case studies from guest experts across the sector and then we we try to capture all the published benchmark studies and then you alright there probably that come such benchmarks that
so dates will now maybe the most important part of the speech is a function of messaging is you get all the tools you want and you know most brilliant strategy but if you messaging stocks forget about and so this may be laughter side because that is given to the the the sir this culture and more and more of a union the cities you know like that these message boards of people post job there like a flat so that to right the right message at the right time and you don't want people to think they're signing up for your analysis did some really boring the message with a blank piece of paper and meet
the needs of your supporters and I'll help you to meet your needs for your customers first-butcher campaigners 1st tractors 1st so Karen collection quotes but motivations are getting people to do what you want them to you because they want to do it so that's really the key here is that you are not so century this story of this factor this story that's happening story 1 happens with every campaign it's really the the campaigners the grassroots activists that at the center and so it's thinking about ways to motivate them and by figure out what they want to be a wider doing it and so 3 human needs that usually this is actually the sum is really more a bit more about that Maslow's hierarchy of needs and that is a shame these needs me because the level 3 level 4 needs of self toward self-actualization and finding meeting so most of the people you by trying to reach our mind body figured out how to eat and and 18 other not worried about the next meal their basic needs are met so there's more looking for ways to be part of groups looking for self-actualization way to have a voice you heard in a way that the creative so that's key the this is like here grown 13 million people because we figured out how to do this and this is the key
the then is of and trying to figure out for like 3 years anyone please the kernel defined something windows please please e-mail address so the need to be part of a group rock musicians have totally figured this out but the thing about the rock cut been to you know the creating an experience where you're part of this movement and it's actually trick is the the song about you the person that goes the constants not about positions the emotions and experiences the memories in the stories that are built from that experience of connecting with a group of people around music a very very basic visceral thing and that's something that we can recreate online as well and anybody familiar this campaign
my dear about it today from Greenpeace of so they need to be creative rate Greenpeace's brilliant I had that in enabling and empowering the activists to do you really cool stuff and don't you know this is a brilliant campaign that just went gangbusters the last couple weeks and and that you know this huge amounts of creativity that users in their campaigns and as a result of campus through a lot and then and this is my favorite stories
about the need to use to raise your voice but also is about it's also about being creative and also about and you know being part of a group and this works and for example because all the petitions which have the largest petitions site in the world and all the petitions of people sign you have an opportunity to leave a comment so that everybody else I'm petition to your comments very very important
point because people want to be raise your voice not just not just sanitation but they actually have their particular view on the world scene by others and so the nodes and Netherlands sort of the Netherlands version of 1 campaign did this brilliant campaign a couple of years ago you can read about it on friday we just search for 14 and up and what they did is they took on all these online activists they created real life Avataras for these online activists find up and then they are transported have a Avataras to Washington DC and this massive online offline protests and from the world bank brilliant and I think that the numbers in all Member top my head it's on the blog properly but the they were really impressive is in the hundreds of thousands of people who would connected to hire someone different mediums and online and then is translated into a really cool off when protests so again it's not really 3 needs its it's also not telling stories so being
part of a group the being part of a group you need to be creative and needed to have your voice heard all those things words and stories and campaigns are perfect for for evoking all those things because you're essentially storytellers as containers you have some sort of evil that your campaign is trying to fight back now we're most and you get this wrong is that they put themselves as the year and the key is the point that this is here year and heroes
and so you need to think about writing your stories so that at the at the rock concert and it's all about me it's all about the consuming the media that's that's all about the activists reading your e-mails or senior Twitter posts senior Facebook posts so and that's the key here and they're the ones who need to be inspired you need to feel good and you have guilt relieved of whatever it is you figure out what those needs are that need to be met so very specific
example and the this is our standard format for actual at the reasons and probably catch only about 3 million activists and actually it's so send maybe a couple hundred thousand e-mails every single day to for about 60 different nonprofit organizations were doing campaigns for them so this is an example that I just real quick to walk through some very specific so and this is for a contest we're promoting for animal shelters and you can see this is the overall format of you e-mails that we use there's a very personal message photo campaigner and an image that will evoke some sort of emotional 2 puppies always work children always work and so on if you have them right so the consumer is the
hero of it's up to it's up to you to help the shelter went up 10 thousand dollars that so we try to position is that it's up to the consumer to really make this happen values such
and your vote in our view contest counts in more ways than you can imagine every person who votes is making a public statement in support of rescue and adoption not public mills and overbreeding so there's the there's the framing the story there good versus evil here the hero everyone tells a friend thinking about the contest is spreading the word about amazing work animal rescue groups and shelters do every day to house homeless animals so animal shelters Bengio is sort that means they're sort of the the guardian the mental or for making this happen when you're hear you're the 1 that kind of facilitates the actual action you can alter the vote in our contest to help a group with a much-needed donations then spread the word very clear called action it's not you 10 things to think post groups contests on Facebook MySpace tweets you networks and e-mail suggestions reinforcing the 2 very simple actions and then the
person also all campaigners signed e-mails from a personal e-mail address like this and has a picture of this invested probably millions of dollars and tens of thousands of hours of testing this the skill and
then again fulfill consumer's need but this you about me open it received thousands of e-mails from character reject because it it's they had to get my name subject line that said do you have a pet you don't have a special little someone who's always there when you come home just lost to be love and be loved totally got because that's where the idea of so the and that it was
specific it was timely and it was local so there's an urgency to it it was local to my hometown to Boulder Colorado and that it was a very specific single called action but
then there is urgency so can also build the question this is really important story telling you think about some of the best movies they watch or the best teachers we might like and the ones that always gets you sort of leave you hanging at the end of the current cell your honest you don't you still all of your story in in 1 single you know you stretched out want people to stay engaged and when he's every single instance you can think of the each other people so this was sort of you know a deadline and it also holds question what happens next so long as there was application point this will result was we had like
500 thousand component count and and at the word tens of thousands of in will shelters that ended up being helped and Gradus database got exposure and so care to use result also grew the you know by about 200 thousand people so you're back later on today think about campaigns think about the last campaign that you ran sensitivity these things did did you type where you are the your supporters needs the part of to be created and have their voices heard and did you tell a story simple before you look back last campaign figure out who did this in
itself were you know about this is imagine you have a huge potential here just based on the data and that we look at so when you go back on the way to think about uh 1 simple thing you can do you start to reach the potential of your organization to you know have tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of supporters of this is a shot that took at saved therefore rally in Washington this year about 100 thousand people that showed up the reason there are 100 thousand people should that showed up because say therefore had spent lots of time building an e-mail list and as a result there also in the media in a big way and to leverage all the tools in the right way at the right time come on this ECM saved our yet but from campaign perspective it's it's were 1 was present examples of seeing so 3 pieces of
online campaign be prepared lucky right tool for the right purpose and meet the needs of your supporters and all these things addition important to it's very basic sounds very basic but we often forget the basics and we just use the tools and the trans but all these things have been sort of true about the type of communications throughout history it's it's really about meeting human needs and then taking advantage of these opportunities and being ready for them so come of might be appropriate to end with a quote from 1 of the most horrible capitalist ever and only Donald Trump of state is linear and so but I like this sort of the books that looks kind of this edge that neglect my campaigners have change in the world and he wasn't just satisfied with the new living you want to make a statement and it's making it seem living and so let's think about that in terms of ah know lists in our ability to you know achieve emissions we have a really huge potential here to to to make a statement and then you know this is the beginning of this and don't forget
to keep the people that benefit mind that's why do you it's not about you it's about them
FIL the but thank you very much for small it's a completely different approach to the 1st and then I'd be happy to take questions but roughly 15 minutes so whatever fields from the ones just ask something go ahead of them what to say something developing them I got a question
number 1 of the things people presentation it and issues you have to but can you touch to points that are very important for Germany on the 1 hand side the human move 1 which we always have and you probably will keep on having that and the 2nd 1 is the view on the strategy that with thing German journals and those learn a lot from American the British and jails of some and I think it's probably cause because it's not soul and obtaining excluding nice activism on the streets and to sit down and just together a 1 a 2 months of just looking at target groups and stuff like that but what I'm wondering they're not so sure whether the United States and much better than we and this way some comparing the vast of about 2 weeks ago was where they wanted to abolish prostitution most gold and to and there is a form of thousand euros in exactly 2 days and to and I was quite angry about their complaining and road the and then meanings that was a nice target but all you going to abolish the oldest job 1 of them with on opposing euros unless you have some kind of so many e-mails but what are going to do against the on some that question and then I say well and if I understood you a message right from get more money to get what have and you will succeed with the goal but i'm really wondering how is of last going to do anything with such a big amount of money and I'm quite sure the public organizations the momentum and this international would of distributed components like that of starting up so successful because probably harming more of the part of the political issue on prostitution than we think yeah sort of my questions about heuristics that yeah I mean it's it's an interesting debates my take on that is I disagree slightly and look at the the longer term because none of these issues and many of these issues have been used throughout history was poverty of prostitution of any sort of oppression and they're not going to change overnight but I think about benefit that campaign was that now they're probably the never cease to be amazed how an uninformed most of the world is about these issues and if you think about the flip side of that they just reached how many people around me people signed the petition whatever million whatever and whatever was there's potentially that many more people that are now aware that issue so you think about so this cycle of engagement or the you know the latter engagement in whether it's convincing people the product or making change happen if there's cycle to it and there's a stage of progression so and we seen care to another so oftentimes this term generally like because of the gets accurate and slacktivism and where it's you know making it too easy to be enacted splitting that's wrong because but most people don't have time to be activists they're not aware of the issues that is busy getting out of life right so the Internet offers officers opportunity to educate massive massive amounts of people and that's really the 1st part of this is getting people to understand their problems on the outside of the universe of going to the grocery store going to work eating taking care of the kids right so that's a potential it online it is having is it makes it easier for people to be engaged and start to learn about things that we've seen people go on caractère from never knowing about my own experience personally spend from you know a relative I grew up in a relatively conservative family in a conservative town was just not quite as aware that should have been about global issues until I really started to travel and now you know I'm at the point where I started an NGO Human Rights in Africa but not not all start with education so I think that's the missing part of this and it is 1 is years added why not make money that's going to help educate more people in the process and eventually solve these problems and it is anything wrong that question what and homonyms Rosalie and I consists of the land and then I come here is online communication manager for Swiss NGO but I'm also an activist for a foreign NGO this working exactly on this subject and I'm very very angry about this and a also contained and it's not puts prostitution is about trafficking and so could I don't know whether they are raising money and not talking to roots of NGO slightly and um I mean I don't know what they're doing with the money this is not an efficient way to find political solutions for the problem of trafficking and they should be speaking with us 1st before they start campaign like that I don't think that's the right way to do it as OK to raise money that's OK to raise money to to fulfill your political and objects that it's them not OK to do it and around without speaking with the people that have been working for a lot of years for decades and that sort of thing because I guess I was more of a comment than a question and do you have a question the My
comment was called presentation select formidable motivation to show that the guy and uniform of modulation from the our American sorry sergeant going for the of formula for motivation or motivation could so that again because of 1st that the did you have a specific questions around thousands of just want to see it again OK maybe we have some questions boring of How much less of a question that will cause there was actually that was something that really is a started me anything I know this quote but I
do have a problem right there because I think I'm really happy you talk about education in educating people because I mean you will raise money but I totally don't believe they can still solve problems with money because many summonses Tolley discussing for people in the 2 you know where you're from get the money like nobody interested in my problem that's way more important right but if you say motivation of this kind of that's manipulation that's the motivation Motivation is way genuine and I think that's I mean I'm I'm a massive of fake myself you know all the that stuff that you were talking about I mean we get that in like 95 96 . from a marketing and shot marketing on that it's all right but I think that's that's over the top and it's really it's hindering and it's really a great problems and I mean there is an edge of plus didn't think if coming from America in doing stuff in Europe he can choose it's not 2 sides of the same point known as and when there is less than what was the same Americans better than no I didn't come across something that was not to that of the rest of you know what is tax-deductible there might is and made a major factor in you know people actually spend money and so it's just a bit more complex than I am and you make a change happen was not really successful in the states at all you know it's that's bullshit I'm sorry you know the rest I laughter presentation very motivating but in all who with bullshit and what are the rules of the you where we know nothing about the only thing that I told to leave a number is thankful for you saying that you better be ready because there's a lot of people told failed and it's really really sad but you know the change things among the blood L disagree slightly amid there have been some very massive political changes whether it's here or in the US and and all that happens through lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of mobilization in small actions of organizing and all those principles whether you're starting a business and watching a product and trying to get the word out or trying to convince people to do something differently that takes lots and lots of repetition and lots and lots of campaigning images that doesn't just happen miraculously this there's a lot of sweat work and that doesn't happen without money and there's there's gotta be money is part of it and there 2nd there well you questions I'm not into question the man mean I think it's really interesting genetics everybody's they of maybe we can then take just 2 more questions and the rest just as the around 4 and for that I thank you for for this and numbers of of questions and we we talked very picks goes far get talked about in the whole social with 1st then at social media to care to exert success big already lost the karate but I guess with few people in who are more likely social start on locally focused tissue so what we say on how start off or hollow leverage social media and beach property which is not like climate change or whatever but again and I want a house working that's a that's a great question that's and it's probably more the more common than having the bigger the bigger campaigns in that it's difficult to build excuse me for a grassroots perspective it's very difficult to build a critical mass on a local level so I think 1 way to think about it terms the backing into the numbers look at sort of the the potential size of the population you would like to reach and then they'd be realistic about and what percentage of population you can reach so there's some advantages to local organizing that we don't have a national scale that that's the connection the people face-to-face once you can probably get a bigger percentage of a local a following you know local being like city marinists word elegant so the density of states US I guess the region here so that's that's 1 thing and in looking at what's possible with the potential universe and if there are only 10 people would care about the issue you know the right so yeah so that's that's what the other thing I think there is a huge advantage to leveraging like tools like need up and so on you know Facebook events for local organizing think that's a tool it's really underused because you can reinforce forces with that face to face but uh more personal interaction and then use the online piece to kind of of follow up with people and keep them engaged when they're not face to face and so there's a couple tips ideas from or local organizing but I think it's very difficult to have enough critical mass to like racist if money for local organization and so you can't better off dynamic nature against you tighten major donors grant money if you do that that's what it seems the think you have 1 last question right of Figure the kind of things however it looked very American to me and I am not going to to get have occurred but
have and traditional of the American model and in all of the complaints could be translated into Europe effectively as for example the media is in the same in Europe relationship among those of the same and political activism is not the same so what so
1st what do you think of the main differences between the effective compete European company in America and similarly on what to do about how to fix this difference is to make effective company in Europe yes so I don't know enough about this European campaigning as you know elastic and share what we what's happened in America just to give you a glimpse of sort of what's working there and it's natural that not everything I said here is this going to work 4 different specific cultures and but I think the principles can still probably apply because what it boils down to really it's human nature and I don't think it's humans were super different what I'm talking about here is really more about how we behave as a species versus cultures and there's obviously some of these so that but I think if you if you start to think about these things in your campaigns have pointed to the more growth question and so you and your thank B. on and I spent those whose don't wanna discuss was just these little available in and around so just go


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