Netzkulturen und Gegenöffentlichkeit


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Netzkulturen und Gegenöffentlichkeit
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Lovink, Geert
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What is Web 2.0 anyway? Is it useful to run after the latest hypes of Facebook and Twitter? Are there alternatives? What forms of ‘networking’ could grass roots campaigns and social movements use in oder to broaden and strenghen their political work?
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Hey them when there's a good model in the the I'm going to stay here when there was we performed in the point here is that there republican you know it has become the new the and 20 that that uh you but I'm at every campaign and his call for that 1 thing that I that is fundamental here not by the end of the recommencement latest environment on the complete set of this this is right there is concept as this year and I find set of because as we envision a team uh commits to Madison Winter Conference in advance and in a if you figure funds available because . 1 does office noise model as you recombine some as model here what is needed for cannons and you can already the protocol also cost as or a the fine of 185 and on the time and have them over and find the other 3 elective courses was that I lost so that it can bind to Madison TREC for your nonprofit organization going and we also devoted to the ideas you only to find that some of the you best median of most oceans it is but you won't this thing here I did that you can score of some of the movies you tighter point along the line of response of Morgan and them workshops unpopular ones a the best the few and yeah and momentum conform campaign to you with and it's not about s always distant talking to the other and the quotation on others did not considered unlike the condition of the 1 on the continent vitamins and under the door to the ultimate goal of modern of did we compared must so if I don't understand the necessity tied to the river because I'm not reinvent renders them onto the Republic of the tumor and the feeding constant the utterances model is that's the best companion nets and the year and this is notion of means and possibilistic feel about food from other and indeed of the problem can now start refining best practice by students and and his life would be measured in inches Mason's by time at always young biggies if you 13 movies that we just mentioned what would it have a beach at all for NGO of votes but must have NEM and yield moves the other that's the guns into that undermine visible corporate set up making a standards on these non even-even taken women's released evolving and about us can pianist could and of the dice so immunogold it's land then the Anderson of language I'm on some quand of deaths of candy and then it of ministers defendant the does applies only marginal of inspectors and will not segments it up with can be different from that of phones you um point of time and it's scale alignment was the finding that meant that it is most of the which went on and study you I'm numbers hundreds and can cater and work decades form and they designed to be in the seventies on offline and major that's like that of a few wrong doesn't fund-raising them and at least you seem adventure with about community management of polished as of most them as you or moment under their cells and the imminent but can based on that but on the other hand on inductees under that you find file this is also broader sense Seaetary campaign that 1 and let's antigen often about a subgroup of the bunch of often all stars on the other side you become a muslim tightest eyes must make financed always by the European but at another and another thing we must then come out as an an as the every command of agenda by the end of cold enough popular to toast also does this shouldn't man dual sometimes that's lightheaded 290 did Mohammadioun would that no that for the tips become of media doesn't like combining a button that's income is again done I don't mind what event with an ominous invest all the musical should be out of your nurturing marginal Serdolect sessions of of of what the true and fair life of a smile and each chaplain 1 of off for you because they must because the knowledge of jobless
all comes from a lot of journalists and publishing work with Einstein at in the book about the onto the public and the other effort the understatement the other but it does favorable will be allies in the downtown of of that about of us that since people mentioned it was the end of the title went down and published a difference if lectures entity to double its own in the finals of sort of medium this let's define medium minus dimensions in corn to battalion and this give the woman these social media to at of state of the heart of her and for the business decided keenest leave I video on fewer and team for the model to that would kilometers something illegals needed anyone can often and if I wanted to know what a lot of them must have put down here at the Cantonese and you got something that was the other doesn't so that and he's also that's who for tidying gives garbage but intima OK and a hundred and technical because part of the decision last year that a minus here signed during that and find and point got the thing of a bunch of candy of the of the re compared action at a kind of the long arm of the this program the had this win hands of much Sherene all screwed walked in on Internet would not in 4 point in the lounge a heightened that it is the largest development the point is that the influenced line expert social media Clyde father based explosives and choice and standard his income of the company and wouldn't an unlimited number median problem uh economics work before we got quite a bit of highly and you have new let's cytokinin s Mwanza visits and once Physalis sitting tenants of iron funds from you know so that wouldn't and then out of 70 thousand and it's of the pilots who when exact models along because our was not a necessary not we're and providing was the standard and others and you but in most other of we and as part here for the is all that's 100 and off and I netted suffered is you having 1 find history about its safety it's from Altes and internet you miss the effect of the mother 5 I'm out of fear Maidenheads take a guess at the and and her Sagree campaign committee of alignment
on the monkeys in upon the way we want to hear fuel much time span of a flea argued the Stifler a
negative sign uh climate of the non set the scene that distinguish high dose office that information is going to do for the blue but not as many of us kids made by the command of fuel and air by you Tupolev flicker in the schlock water recombine among TI despreading domestic highlights to be 2 of the events that we can think we could the other that is a lot of them have reached my entitled important that become controls and get or the opinions of the on the on the other ones that would India becoming organs he'd fallen of Humbert's not that into an nest defines atoms they social bonds I in some stream them that's the need of additional money rules such that you want to see our system that would fit into a and making sense not only did not for the consumption the continents and the hermits slide of which another thing that a whole nothing of each other in the block reset tool sub-blocks thanks to the minus online and it's here is that true and one's political comic that's all of dialog because our of Scott would also visit to non-violence was you have to go the it's something that that man with you to a lot the best optional idle and they get moving it's you a head and the answer key nodes i that use next could wounding of the types of and does stunning 7 because that gets you speak English as well stuff like that in most of the mice for the the gorge I was an English fans in the density my the on housing and computer games kind of a that's I think that's behind traffic on human the inductance of line life not by the presence of the chapters of I was let's then made standards good as I Latent now Facebook want want to data that gets the country out of its and the key to go out there and that's going to work of and opt is the son of the guy the readings and the with you about Frenchy also a income that would have that seconds it's out of the way of encoding for Bessie of which of 2 prominent and as Professor phenomenon and only onset and when this incident of network I just as if you with sign through of them by the and with my median of none of that also then habits bidding flock for tactical media this model form factor was can be recognized by its use of current technology and it's hit and run tactics media campaigns which often short lived in nature and Wikipedia exact that surrounds most of the yes men do and what other can't possibly was it land on activities good as or better and more fun because the party but even for Thailand will reduce shorts and fully in a few years and uh 0 come of which we have with us of from current ball hits the problem gets moving fj yeah I wouldn't have minded downtown and these Infotech that that of English and vital biases of your of would the sum in like so far but um Mrs. a guys of owned by by this so this is the 1st call it is a radical business should serve as a set of basis from the US MIT putting between the order it In needs a truck with this and this and as and good morning everyone in this lecture will be in English and I'm very grateful I to be the 1st speaker at this event and I do have a lot of personal ties historical ties to to this topic of been working on on the relation between activism and the media for at least 30 years and been involved in a lot of them movements social movements still out our there and of course have have been doing a lot of paint and and uh radio radio is 1 of my passions and still involved in that and and of course since the late 1980's also in 1st Billiton both systems on the Internet and then uh from 90 to 93 on it really started with the you know the opening up of the World Wide Web and so on and so on appearing and this is the this is Miami and my current position since 2004 when I came back from Estonia and I have the unique opportunity to have my own research institute and it's it's rather small generally choose to people but nonetheless I would try to to do a lot with so little money and coming from the squatters movement and I know that exactly how to do that so and uh so with a little money we we can do quite quite a lot of of projects that over there and most of them are the kind of related to the to the idea that that's an idea of uh
formulated together with a lot of others in the in the early nineties about this concept of tactical media started around 96 readers after the fall of the Berlin wall are in the midst of the Balkan wars in a lot of a lot of changes in society the 2 what's globalization new liberal policies privatization unit it was a time of big changes I think also form of social movements I think also of all the at and we thought that this system the concept of tactical media I was sitting quite well in terms of the idea of tactical media this of course that you look for the most appropriate in media that in your social struggle in whatever you are doing and uh that's it by trial and error you kind of find out what works and what doesn't work and think now in the age of Web 2 . 0 I think we are at there uh again that we have to find out through trial and error but you know what is actually shooting out purposes and what is not as the idea of tactical media I think there is a also very much related to the awareness of the of the of visual tactile audio nature of the media it means that uh it is no longer maybe like in the seventies and eighties uh just a tool that we use now we have to be very very aware of the specifics of all these tools we have 2 moles very specifics of them and how they work best and and so what this means is that we have in this concept and with a lot
of the projects and we do emphasize that for social movements and he also it is best to think of the media in terms of temporary correlations between activists and artists and researchers and
that uh and this is kind of the nature of tactical media and that we should be very very aware of the esthetic qualities of the work that we made there is an increasing awareness of the importance of design and visual communication it is not enough anymore just to have a disturbing message disturbing disturbing image and agent campaign right and lucky are the tools and you know have become more and more of a cheap and available for many many people to to work up on these issues and the of I I think you know 1 in the late nineties then that after we have discussed a lot of the things of course in the media came along and that was the kind of an important moment in time for all of us in 99 when a a lot of the kind of groups and coalitions and you know that we were talking about and and we were experimenting with kind of entered the the global the global stage and 2 in the Seattle riots were a manifestation of that but even before in the months before a lot of us work on the preparation of this of this website and of the related that events and so on yeah uh but uh of course as we all know where we're now a decade showed and uh you know there are a lot of of slots the weights and the variance is concept of media that not only did they did develop it has not it now has a history also here in Germany that in many countries Not older not only and uh the stories are are the same but still we could we can say that did this type of uh all the time of of the year of using uh the media especially in the beginning out what's very excited exciting but somehow a you know ready to a lot of a lot of endemic problems that it that has for instance in within new media it was always unclear whether this tool was actually mates to mobilize activists and Duisburg the infernal discussion amongst the activists or whether it was really a tool to inform of the broader audience and to evolve and to evolve and to speak with let's say the main stream media and you can see that ambivalence in a lot of word of a web sites and you know and and I think that that was 1 of the reasons why the intermediate Indian could not really for the developed the concept of the Independent Media Center at this with was developed in which you kind of was attached to major US prevents and protesters our worked very well it worked very well on a temporary basis when when there would be a mobilization said going on and these mobilizations uh you know really needed to know about and their internal communication and so but in that in those instances of the in media worked quite well but in between as a kind of independent or alternative press agency or whatever but it never really I think to but took off and and also the it's so unfortunately and did not put a lot of efforts in the broader international coordination and so this is a this is a global website what is immediately fails to do that is to benefit from its own and diversity and its kind of got stuck on their thing in a way I maybe you you work on listening to my speech yesterday that I gave them of a new building where I spoke about the rise of the so-called National and I think media somehow but also embodied this because of language barriers and that there were a lot of troubles in fact to to bring together uh the rich diversity of all the different web sites around the world and that was just not fair enough money or not enough enough emphasis on uh and in the International Code of coordination and of course from that whole wave of some of tactical media a lot came out of it and so that's a 10 years later uh we use the celebrated the release of the the 2nd uh yes film and and they are certainly you know they become the ideal tactical media activists less artists and there is there really further refining the concept of of tactical media in the sense that you know they dress up and uh and uh well you'll know what they were doing probably around anyway this this kind of uh short very pointed very effective interventions no it remained quite a quite successful and the quite a quite a disturbing in index also that they really transcend of let's say the at the activities in the community that they they go beyond the let's say there's the traditional constituencies of the social movements and read through these very critical interventions of reach of really broad so uh the broad audience yeah what we have also seen in the field what is it that they're aligned activism activism in general media activism practical media given the name file has become a subject of academic research Of course this already started in the 19 eighties and nineties with people studying the the kind of the social dynamics of new social the so-called new social movements but certainly over the last few years or so we have seen the a real rise and also kind of uh you know more detailed at academic and research in the 2 of you know what will but talking about human with them you with over the next 2 days and I think it is which the 2 of them what have is where that this is that this is going on and always a little bit from the from my activist perspective I'm always a little skeptical about you know what's what's really active and academics and really contribute but then I'm also an activist myself at
least recently on uh at least you know this is something that to to look at do you really want to be involves this you think that term academic research research and you know uh will help us any further and well that's that's if the the uh what terms of what we can get out of it I would certainly like to see a much closer collaboration between these media scholars and and you are out here I think that's really important and I think it's not too good to you to decide somewhere in in a room in some departments to do some studies and and published a paper this is in my view but not the way to go this is not the way to the roof research and I'm going to be honest quite skeptical about that I think there are much much better and much more involved ways of academics and how they tend to actively contribute and maybe also reflected in a critique of you want what you are doing but there
is a of 1 in its a 1 subsection of online activism 1 uh 1 other form of activism and that we should of course and talk about and that we should involved in our discussions and that they certainly hacktivism activism as it was the defined in the nineties as an active approach to disturb the online in Communications of the corporations of of states ends of some of the bodies that tried to sense the rest of the track to crack down here this is a much more active way of of disturbance and the Critical Art Ensemble has has called it as practiced it and there's the struggled in front of disturbance theater that has developed a certain tools and suddenly you know uh we should all realize that the room especially over the next few days I would like to emphasize you know that that we should actively builds the regions 2 words that free software and open source community this is really really vital uh if we cannot just reduce in this topic to where they were the how and how you are using their Facebook and you know of a few other of these at the moment but quite successful corporates the communication platforms and and uh and it is really important for me and I'm going to speak about this in a more in this presentation that you are playing an active role in the in the further development of the the free software and open source alternatives that are out there we have to use the test them and we have to critique them and uh you know this is really a unique opportunity to to bring the people together good this is a we domain this but he is being actively involved in a lot of that stuff and once they she was also a member of the Critical Art Ensemble and the year became a staff member at teaching at the University of San Diego on the on the Mexican border and uh maybe you have heard about this maybe not the habits and the like to draw your attention to this kind of scandal on this this case that is building up right now as we speak a lot of stuff has been happening over the last few weeks so and together with his group for the has developed this tool the
transborder that immigrant tool and and uh and it's been it's been covered already a little
bit but I think not enough because recently and he's been running into a lot of legal not trouble with this employee at the University of California time uh and uh we don't know as get uh you know how this is gonna be played out and and what what exactly is going to happen and in this case but certainly of the next few months of so we're going to see a lot of media attention drawn to this case much in a similar way as happened a few years ago I with Critical Art Ensemble member Steve quotes was arrested because he was himself experimenting with uh a few of these biotech tools that all these big corporations are using which we as private citizens of are not allowed to move freely tension and it's called the transfer of of all the migration tool but it's quite simple
the tool this helps you know with GPS helps people to point them at a temporary flaws in in the US Mexican border there it points the people that are on the move on to the places where they can find water rights in the middle of the desert it's very hot there are there are lots of people out there that assist migrants and in their moved some people might even make his move on a daily basis because they work in the US and live in Kleiner and on the other side that so I this is a very very critical and all of tool you could also say it's a very symbolic actions I mean it's really a with a lot of detector tactical media examples we can really ask is this really effective or not is is just symbolic politics or is there more to its yeah but how symbolic our our our actions anyway and so it goes back to the answer to the question of what is a real action and what is the symbolic action the discussion we of course had extensively since the 19 seventies or eighties but this of course uh again touches on this is this to really meant I have for migrants or is it just meant to this style uh the
the the mainstream media which it has done of course people are very upset that American citizens on assisting and you know some Mexican and Central American migrants to not across the board this is something that you know and so it is it's quite it's quite the touches and of course in society OK now I would like to go to a you know where we are at and what is the topic of today's and conversation here and that is the Web 2 . 0 you see all the all the signs in remote world of you know are you aware of them and and uh yesterday I touched briefly on my definition of Web 2 . 0 it certainly wouldn't be this kind of collection of corporate websites for me I went wept of 0 that simply means our you know the phase of reconstruction of the Internet after the dot com crisis of the rise of popular of software that finally finally works where you don't need to do a lot of coding but where you can actually start to work with the actual tools even if you are not a programmer as so it's all got to do with the democratization of media which also is related to the rise all of Broadbent always on connection and the growing around rise of multimedia content moving images and so on and at the the general and uh kind of rise of high-speed computers and connections and on top of that the the kind of the you know the the mobile applications that said that so this this uh means that there is an opening up of of the Internet that is now mainstream I would say even here in Germany is now that the mainstream media and the problem is of course that our print and broadcast media have a lot of difficult time accepting that did that this is the case that the actual population the vast majority of the population is using this medium and that we are in fact should no longer speak about new media and that's nonsense and it's been with us for quite some time but not only that but you know that that the vast majority of people are using it in 1 way or the other and and yes that that is disturbing
have what the SE and then there is of course that uh ever since in the nineties there's there's a big big kind of influence of coming from the United States uh and and and in which you know certain ideologies certain discourses kind of are spread uh but they are also a chat translated into gold and translated it into network architecture and so if we are talking about let's say that you know the Californian ideology or techno-libertarian deserve or if we're talking about the kind of the the very conservative point of view of Lawrence Lessig and so on yet we talking about all these kind of very specific it it is more than just an opinion so this opinions and you look at the Henry Jenkins sees the big fan of Web 2 . 0 all the promoter of the not so much political activism but these particularly interested in knowing fan cultures as these problems and the most well known of time varying that in that particular field we always have to be quite kind of aware you know that this is a very specific all rather conservative political agenda that comes with that there's almost no all of you know really an interesting kind of progressive or emancipatory at agenda but text to up to this and you from the perspective of flow of social movements this is really something you know you you need to be very aware of and that then we we should maybe try to disconnect that set of various specific ideology and that in the nineties of course will cause the whole block con woman of compression and then reconstructed itself have over the past few years in into the so called Web 2 . 0 that this agenda know should be disconnected from the actual applications that we use in this is of course was a lot of active this kind of struggle with I like the functionalities of Facebook but I don't like fight Facebook the company right this kind of sums it up yet but how how can we how can we do it so how can we do that and and and move it start it starts probably at know with that with just a growing awareness of the very very specific political agenda of the so called Technical techno uh evangelists and Jeff job is of course is 1 of the main uh evangelists uh these days and you you've heard him speak uh maybe on on on wednesday or yesterday and uh it's a very specific agenda and and the yeah I would say that it we need to kind of you know the former laid out of our own agenda and this is how what I hope you know that will be I 1 of the 1 of the outcomes of the of of this of this some where uh where you come together and maybe also you know in these initial meetings of say OK let's let's not only the design clever campaigns but let's call out beyond beyond that let's create there are some some tools that a lot of people will be able to learn to use over over time yeah now this is for me is a is a very inspiring website and if you are in 1 of really engaged into this topic how do activists deal with this or not deal with or relate to elected of 0 this is a for me at least the best the best side very recent ones on the side of the island of 1 2 years ago and the active a world of digital activism so and on yeah it's 1 of the 1 of the society that you know it's some something or you could also say well this is something that intermediate should have done that is not it's not really doing uh you know to have that kind
of an explicit the clash
of cultures you know yes we wanna use it how do we use of Twitter and so on but also you know what are the downsides of lower work it at what point do we bring activists in danger uh and this is something we need to talk about this is kind of
how the according to the and and the gehe active a kind of the the world of digital activists looks like I really like it because it comes in fact quite close to what I mentioned earlier about the correlation between artists activists and researchers here you can you can kind of see something similar where people the programmers are also very much involved as well as the builders build a sort of websites and the people that do get probably more the traditional activists and and the thing goes there and would probably most of you know maybe are and think could thinkers are or I don't know of the of that would be I would be curious to find out if that's if that's the case is probably a lot of you will I will kind of bring bring home new ideas from Mom From this this conference and so you probably a lot the political somewhere it's also interesting that they mention enterpreneurs there I think there is also a site a site is to that of which To be honest I don't really mind I think that's it in theory that's that's a good a good thing and so if you were around yesterday at my talk you you might remember that I'm really emphasizing uh that in this world we should also think about how to maintain so levels of professionalism that we should be skeptical about the appraisal of the amateurs and that we should at least think you know how uh programmers activists uh and designers and a lot of other people in this field can somehow make a living over the long term and this is of course how and yours came into being the and also might in my in my uh understanding in my experience of the arm uh organizational leftovers of social struggles but as they uh they they the social struggle is happening and the old and the NGO always kind of about the organizational residue of it that they don't they don't come into being out of the blue they don't use just presented themselves that knowledge these these are people who are or have been doing a lot of stuff they come together and this I know we want to really go for it if we want to do it in a much more structural better that way and this is how it of course and you also come into being and this is something I think would that we should I will pay a lot of attention to because at least in my understanding and this might be my personal conviction or might be a theoretical statement but it is very important when we're talking about directed at 0 to keep in mind that the that the struggles of the movements are coming 1st we I we don't have a kind of a organizational question of OK however in G 0 doing now in my perspective there is a primacy of the social movement and all the rest follows after that if there is no social movements around an emerging topic urgent topic is very very hard to uh to uh to organize and it also becomes a little bit questionable and this would be my thesis of today my central uh thesis of this lecture that it is of no use to utilize uh uh as a Web 2 . 0 and if there is no active so social movement behind the topic yeah so you cannot resolve that that's lack of involvement by utilizing these tools in the tools in my understanding that's my mind in a central debate here my contribution of food and this conference is that in the Web 2 . 0 comes at the very end of the trajectory and not at the beginning so around and it's is very interesting I find that we can't see a thing in in this in this website but of bijective that that there is there's a real movement and a discussion of this particular generation generational of them my young and very involved mainly in climate change but also in a lot of other stuff but there are kind of rethinking this on a the moment you know where In a 2nd struggle web 2 . 0 tools become really productive and really amplify something that is happening what and where it just remains some kind of you know media activity social awareness yes but for how long micro awareness what is it that you can you develop a lot of kind of the tools of the history of the concepts for that how that micro and the macro of activism and is here should be judged and some people are really have a negative uh about such a development and
while you we can see some of the the the the 2 examples that ejected from a website and and and there's 2 in Handbook book of for Facebook activism in deals with that there are a few of them really the influential and examples this is 1 of the 1 of these days there are many many more and 1 was just mentioned that the the Greenpeace nest campaign which I think is is really reaching a new level I think in in in online activism so I think that's that's a good sign a lot of a lot of it maybe has been learnt also over the last few months or so but the environment itself is also changed that and and uh and uh here we see that you know what they say about that's the changing of privacy policies of of of Facebook and in fact the the the the website the active and warns Adam activists you know for the making all too clear that you know what what they stand for and particularly what their network it's about and this becomes quite difficult if you want to use it as a tool to reach a lot of new people at the same time but you don't want to expose you know you lost your own social network or at least not too much that depends of course a little bit whether you want to what we want to do anything subversive for a surprising on but there's always a surprise element in a lot of the actions that still even even if they're not in the illegal uh uh yeah you had you have to be aware that a lot of people on the other side our following uh you know what you're doing and you can be entirely mapped out who you are what you strings somewhat the weaknesses are and so on uh and um I think this is this is something that you all need to you need to talk about maybe also find out of by by doing a lot of what what you can find out about others and if you see what you can find about others you also know what others can find out about you that this is really what what you want yeah on the general yes
yeah that but of course there is always the Web 2 . 0 suicide machine as as it was recently it was submitting and track down there was developed by the warm and new media are initiatives in a in Rotterdam in the Netherlands and the uh facebook astride site this is not trying to you know and make sure that none of the activities of the suicide machine services can no longer a kind of influence the Facebook it is you have to be aware of that it is becoming increasingly difficult to erase uh watch what you are doing the kind that cannot say OK would do a campaign and we close it and in the and then what all the information there will will will remain so and the particularly Facebook is is making it very very hard for individual users have to um deletes tracks or even to delete their uh their it's next to impossible and this this machine of course has helped a few people in that it claimed at least originally that it was that was really far that was doing a really good job but we also know that this is not really in
time through the there are a lot of traces of and now I would like to also say something about the this wonderful managing the morals of which I think is really is this approach the kind of next critic uh may I mentioned a few yesterday in my talk um Nicholas Carr and the writings of gender near long but that he's the 1 that originally from Belarus now in the United States who I was kind of a really good uh kind of nets activism critic the and of now I can highly recommend this his website and his writings because you really shows our our weak spots and you know and and you see is not some kind of a cynical guys uh so yeah uh I think he's doing it really uh with uh the best of intentions but nonetheless these are people that that we need we need our own let's say critics that that I would ask
this is a rather difficult question but you know has this Twitter for instance being really effective are in year-round is no has it can't uh people the people go to jail or even got the best sentences because they use twitter or has it indeed have played a productive and active role in the mobilization and the internal and communication and now I'm home with Morris often with others are quite skeptical about this I think so we should to be very very careful using that the differences in the streets that are you know during actions it's it's a pretty dangerous uh to because it can be traced immediately and that's of course 1 of its strengths but also you make yourself very very vulnerable and a
VGA so he has a little note of a lot also about different cases and the the the cases of coupled with the revolution in Moldova is is there is 1 of them and that while the
around case I think is still an unresolved it uh haven't really really like to reach a more detailed and studies about this because when it happened I had written this kind of suspicion that particularly because of the American foreign policy it was very much pushed up pushed as a as a hyped up the item in the news and served there's certain political agendas and not exactly the people in Iran not exactly the people who are in great danger out on the streets of Tehran and elsewhere so it of from an actor this perspective it was there uh not listed the the thing it was the least that said we put a lot of uh doesn't this I like this picture a lot because I know you can see that the she's helping her a mobile phone in left hand and this is certainly a lot of you know a lot of strength uh that comes out of these sudden outbursts uh that we see happening around the world there are often quite brief as social protease these days are often I in very quite violent
very big but very brief and discuss together of course with a tendency to what's real time uh media that I spoke about yesterday and that means conference speaking about social unrest is becoming shorter but also uh you know will get will mobilize the support
uh um more and more of a quick in a shorter period of time so maybe this is also something that you need to be aware of and we all know about that in in kind of in campaign design and we need a lot of time to develop the
campaigns the campaigns will roll out and will happen in global short amount of time when they are picked up there really blossom and can blossoming analysis now the little uh and uh and uh that's kind of compression of of time is is a is a real as a real concern of special flock to this because it is you got less time to raise your concerns to communicate your arguments and more and more emphasis will go into the kind of the symbolic politics of media including images and the I don't know if I have time um to show uh the idea of OK but this is so this is a really really inspiring a video that you should really try to get your hands on and show show to your arm to your group or your your own constituency and it's called 10 tactics is been developed by tactical textbooks all you can find it on the internet of the Sudan and the URL called information activism that all and the the these people have been doing this kind of stuff also for the last 10 15 years and they make a beautiful 1 hour the video and that kind of
summarize their uh their tactics and their advisors to you all because it's primarily follow the targeted at this all these like this is
this is a video that is particularly for you and it's
it's called 10 10 tactics and they're of of listed them here mobilized people witness and record visualize humanity message talked about that the rising importance of esthetics and amplify personal stories add humor and that's a really kind of tactical media uh of yes men and 1 investigate
and expose well that's what WikiLeaks the we could say that uh which was prominently dealt with yesterday how to use complex data and this is the whole issue that I said also about in-fall visualizations you got less time to communicate more complex topics and 1 way that there are ways of dealing with this it use collective intelligence let people ask the questions confidence get and the idea of I wanted to just briefly I look at the on the look at the the intro just to give you an
idea of of this but it
sounds of good yeah but if
value of using interfaces that are out of the Internet and you can in general on the technology they're thinking on the other hand on my not constitute was
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you have all the space and you can do all that kind of it
thank you all so you can then
have come back to the Tactical Tech in debt and the you from from them and um about here yeah and and
of course this set of us is quite well known that it's it's the most successful website for 2 for online petitions and there are the local and national on-line petition sites and not aware of the 1 that is mostly used in Germany but the you know uh if he says something about you know that I have now my a bit ambivalent about about it I think it works quite well once their campaign is really on the war on the on its way and and it it is uh but to to deal with difficult issues in the beginning of certainly dolomite petition universe in this work and in the it's it so it's really something I know that if you wanna sit in new products you should do at the very end of the height of the campaign and when you've already got a lot of media attention and and then you know this is this could work
but uh I would like to have a point here at what I see as the future and the future for me is a move away from the corporate platforms like Twitter and Facebook towards seeing social media as a tool and this is I think what they originally are at the moment in the in the development and they are temporarily they argued should platforms on which kind of introduce us to to the social logic and the possibilities that are out there but uh you know eventually Facebook like many many other of these sites will crumble they will fragment it will fall apart have for the simple reason that people prefer to install their own tools on their own websites have to reach their specific audiences because in that way they are couldn't be in control about uh you know all the settings the privacy issues and so on and I mean this is a very good example of where this is going to the meaning is a kind of a hybrid at the moment I was created by the the Netscape founder Marc Andreessen he is still very much involved in it that's the successful and it's a kind of shows us uh where social media are going as it as a tool where people have much much more control over these sensitive issues as you can find out what we're doing uh who do we allow in either we communicate yeah and I think that this is a good uh if you want just experiments with it with it please do so because it tells you something you know where it's going but this is in my view is where it's really going crabgrass it's an initiative of by rise up government and American grassroots organization and the grant mass claims that it's you know it's fully or open as free so far open source and you can install it on your own uh the server and you will have the full kind of Twitter and Facebook functionality but you are in control of the cell that at the moment it's still in bed that it is coming so keep an eye on this because I think for a lot of as the social movements this is really the ideal on tool and this is the direction where it's going anyway much in the same way we as with blogging we have seen the move from away from that said blogger . com Blogspot performance 1 2 words would press as a tool that you install yourself this is eventually also what's going to happen with social media from my perspective perspective of what we've been doing over the last few years is that we've developed further developed this concept of organized networks I been shying away a little bits to well organized yet another kind of tactical media reunion events of my specific generation and that's interested in that kind of make 5 minutes was influential in with the for huge events that happened but I think it's better to move on and that the concept of organized networks I think is much more promising in that way because it tells us something about you know how people prefer to do activism he states that we are not in office is something new each kind of NGO structures but natural but the problem is of course with network is that we face the problem of the so called weak ties that people have not enough commitment and this is not because they are lazy or because they don't like you or not but also because the technical infrastructure is such that all these social media that are around are in fact promoting weak ties they are not promoting for you to get better organized this a whole you reason why that is the case in the in the talk about that so much in the history of ties but OK and this is kind of where we are at last year we organized a big event in arms and cold winter camp where you we invited 150 artist and activists who work with 1 in 1 week for us so if you want to know more about this whole issue you can know just look for a winter camp and I would like to close this presentation I with the with this to me you know very moving and inspiring and again you know I think it tactical media project is called a fragment Congo developed by the media activists the bora Kelly and it said it what it does
is that it's a it's it has mobilized activists and artists around the world a tool to dance what she called the Tank man tangle and so it you as you remember that there's the there's the that's the here this new
conditions the the website yeah
it's called the projects itself is gold forgets to forget and uh it's kind of explains yeah yeah if you you remember you'll see
that the million 189 thinks that led to some of the major themes can screw
began of that he intended to have a way to learn the problem to for change to be norms Petition Against Corruption calls for free spillage for collective responsibility of pro-democracy taken well yeah mandolin governments have contagious clan buried central this people taking course into it must managing time when the 10 again of other defeated candidates and also the penetration of max started telling sometimes heated content the meta
tag and as a tax collector like he defined to he doesn't he was accepted he's actions like for the use of dance intendment hand which places steps with the true the Continental 140 thousand grew forget again tell intend democracy is not completely 1 that must be constantly aware can some reactions would thank you very much and and without
it be yeah


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