Freedom of expression in the net

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Freedom of expression in the net
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"Freedom of expression is for most participants of the re:publica a completely natural right. In many other nations freedom of expression and information outlets are restricted from cititzens. The panel will discuss this situation: What is life like in nations with a strong net censorship and government control of news flow? Which experiences do bloggers make when they point out misdoings? Inspite of the control, how can one use the internet to express their opinions freely, to network and inform oneself?"
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but and OK sorry for the delay and this will be only in english this podium that we have now and and what I want I still working on the technique thank you OK now we come to very uh different political aspects of
the political blog and political Germanism journalism in countries where where they have a strong censorship and we have 3 speakers from China about crime in the US and this you know you are sitting in the middle volunteer to do the actual moderation so I'm only using her and I hope everyone has the panel and the ways in which start with a warm welcome to the moral and you have hi everyone is said to be here today thanks for attending this panelists can be have no doubt very interesting and really happy to be sitting here today with eye to amazing bloggers and I will introduce 1st and the around the scene as she is a colonies still senior editor and blogger from behind and is she had been working for a print media in since 1991 which is started blogging 2004 and into 2 thousand 60 joke she join a global was the line she is now the Middle East and nor set I forget an Arabic-language editor of Global Voices and 2 dozen HE S run voice is without votes a project that was commissioned by the righteous to track and summarize the reactions of citizens still is to the US presidential elections and foreign policy and so I mean I think you for being here with us today and now I would like to add to introduce if you really is an introduction again who Michael NT Michael is a Chinese blogger media researcher and the political columnist for Chinese and foreign media the he don't international reporting at a journalism school of shown to university and he worked as a researcher for The New York Times and The Washington Post and he's also publishes a fine white Jomo he served as uh a reporter in Baghdad also for the 21st Century World Herald in day she at EU he is so once popular political blog was removed by Microsoft in 2005 and that is something that has been widely publicized and said today he said on his Twitter accounts and the transfer should give to leave thinking acuity during the and is 1 of the last uh in few intial blogger microblogging in in the in China so as to think you both for being here today and I work for Reporters Without Border without an international precedent organization that fans a right to be informed and to be informed which means that as a it's not only at the thing about John least we're talking about everyone and we have been working this past use a lot on all nite free speech and today we seen
that the Internet censorship is a very hot topic in many countries in more and more countries around the world with the general trend being more oppression more cultural and on the way the and then it is as an bloggers being subjected to a different kind of sets so we can start with an era n and then ask you to share with us or experience them with blocking in the Arab world
what can of the as threats of bloggers coffin to to work in a censorship do they have to deal with will not in our world is not like walking in the park it if you write about things like norms and if you write about things like what you do every day or what you eat were the where you will hear acknowledge the near fine but if you're talking about more dense the topics like human rights lawyer chair freedom of expression and democracy or if you get involved until but we goes we have that was great what sex religion and politics then you collecting trouble you calling for trouble out of the world 10 online oppressors 5 higher in the Middle East and North Africa not worth are most at risk and Egypt Syria it on so the Arabia and Tunisia according to the Committee to Protect Journalists and it's report issued I think last year the year and water which was and I feel that time were places to be a blogger according to the same organization and 2008 the know for the 1st time in the world there were more online no there is in jail than the than journalists from from print media of the 125 journalists who were jailed 56 where 1 journalism or bloggers and I'll give you a short like historical overview and part of the world the TV stations radio and even newspapers are over government all all are totally government control so this idea like of people expressing themselves and talking about things without and inhibitions are any censorship is so foreign and you see that 5 years ago introduction everybody is on of there and online forums and talking freely so this created as that the government is like that and all of its control people can talk people can write people can upload videos of themselves and this created a system of well they cannot do that they're not allowed to do that so that cracked down on at and we all know how how how this happens without doing now is uh I'll give you a very brief outline of some of the censorship so we always some of harassment harassment as we will ruin and in the Arab world I come from the head but that there is a tiny country not many of you may have a lot of it has anyone here heard the button note that have looked at again so when when people started logging in logging became a popular what not like to expression for expressing and viewers what they did was they issued a ministerial decree saying that all bloggers have to register their not at the Ministry of Information right nobody didn't but it was that at all and it's the level which exists today so it was that we talked about it so we'll start with a hand but friends come through it actively sensors that Internet it use something like we have hundreds of thousands of sites which have been blocked for anything and everything like that of course all venography is not all the many religious sites like blogs many of and I think that the government doesn't want to see or know about is not including a lot of the local online correlation there on that many of
the local knowledge many of the sites for the political we're not enough to have political organizations the behind anyway so like there is they call themselves societies like in those societies their website by not block and that that working and then we'll have a lot not I block field and then that knocking is not just on the website but also on their Facebook accounts and but it goes on and on about 1 of the most popular online forums and the head is called a friend of mine but or weight it's because advanced and this tool has been lot and its administrators were jailed for around 2 weeks in 2005 because somebody both anti-government slogans on that website so it's been not ever since from 2005 until today and despite that this 1 of the most popular online forums and behind now we moved to southern Arabia some other areas
of this the name of an enemy of the Internet and active name sensors Internet and they don't market like they don't must get in any way like if you go and you try to access something that really this site is not it's not like it's an error compact since the page or anything of this would this site and it's been about there's been a lot of them right a value ever what's the way it was voted in a lot of stories which were very highly publicized about as South Arabian blogger is being arrested and 1 of them like icons like stories we can talk about this like but it the time was a subject note there but was arrested for
140 days because he something in support of performance the and then the and the loves right not I wouldn't feel and the our 1st shot period of time so the area block blogger . com as if there are no other platforms that not on what we call a is more open there is more political like freedom and openness and that's 1 of the 1st countries to embrace democracy and in this part of the world and despite got on and 2007 we had an incident where 1 blogger called this on a slide was arrested comments published on his blog by an anonymous commentator and this is really created the but it sends shock waves down but not sphere because you would think I cannot try and then you'd think twice before commenting on on what somebody else has written because there is evidence to jail involved the better of the tools like I haven't heard about a lot of censorship from the but they block social networking platforms like kind for instance this is not that the United paradigm filters that Internet as well there are a lot of sites that what not including flicker so you can't upload your pictures and every once in a while we hear stories about all you'd you could be blocked there with it could be not like it comes and goes Lydia a few weeks ago block until I have I to of remind also has a lot of was soul and a for our website which criticizes not just the government but of any of the government owned businesses could be shut down and its administrator is put on trial the are moving on Yemeni mn has a track record over the past 3 years of intimidating and targeting bloggers harassing them and and arresting them and putting them in jail as well not only that but the security apart this act to be threatened both smokers with that and but like that innovation is increasing at an alarming rate data on agent as an enemy of the Internet and it makes the most headlines because Egyptian the Internet users of very very very active like if somebody is arrested you hear about the immediately they're out there on the facebook on Twitter on their blogs on every single social networking platform telling the world what has happened about 2 years ago there was an American blogger who got arrested and hate weighted and immediately that I just all the rest of the whole world knew about that his name was James but and I'm also an agent like other bloggers are instead that we have a website that Global Voices called threaten voices and if you go there and click on agent you see the names of around 30 bloggers who arrested them made to their stories as well and moving on to the is also an enemy of the entities that we have that Eastern blog area Sami and he can tell us a lot more about that and the nature of the Internet cafes are state-controlled and I look at the slides later no they're went priors you to know that the mother country the 3rd case what what locked into these family on the the the what OK until the daily motion I have not I well OK where are we now not that I don't hear about it right now so that from the thing thank you it was an interesting overview of tuition in different countries from countries like 30 radio where indeed censorship is something completely and acclaimed by the authorities the thing they when you try to exist some would say that a blog they telling you this is not Bayes administering and you can also issue citizen you can denounced as some would say that you deem obscene or add that to just 1 be blocked so it's interesting to see this kind of censorship and that over countries like Tunisia where it's more pernicious with this censorship is as you know with the authorities pretending they're not censoring nor that and do not sense of political and content where this is actually the case and so I'm just gonna turn of the 2 and Michael and China has been a lot in the news recently regarding an internet censorship and because the Google case because of an all that has been said by hearing Kington element to the set and he said his streak of speech she made about uh the internet being at the core of the a US frame policy at tell and a little bit about an Internet censorship in China of course but as a whole but what do you uh Chinese netizens do when they are confronted to these problems you know I think China now has the largest censorship system in word and also it is the sum of all and for every other countries who want to follow he is only about is the country like Iran and all Arabic countries but also including various Austria right so the western countries all will also want to follow some part of experience that are already practiced in China a censorship is not only about censorship in China censorship totally is a mark you make layer system including censorship and self-censorship sometimes your fear services small series sensors sure it's there and this is this is not only about politics sometimes says this it is also about business you know in the past 1 year more and more cases show now the Chinese authorities in different to parliament and the Ministry's tried to utilize the censorship system as the we over you know fighting for the for the nicest market because give example if you want to have a start up it in the west fork you just that you know have your web and the domain name and the you have your host it's easy but in China you should do apply for licenses enough to several years ago you only 1 you only need 1 license so by ICP license and now you need many licenses for example if you on the page you give you have any link with the video you should have a video license to the bureau in charge of the movie and forecasting services of having almost
every hour I think of almost about a dozen ministries and and a gun and the government told the parliament want to control these slices business you know because it becomes sometimes when you look at the top leaders of the Internet is a factor of 4 years so the can utilize this is business and also about I mentioned so I let me 1st introduced there I called Marty layer censorship system to the area so we called China we define war it is in the in a in a in uh in the in the in the dates of the when the gaps that Chinese Internet to the American Internet all Japanese and the removal of 2 of the 6 the ocean OK cable the that we call to quit firewall there will be no great firewall we always because we have a chinese quit walk so we always so sort the Chinese grief I walk anything any you know politically sensitive awards and any even including either says the wall for for some pornographic all some website domain name they don't want to the people want to entice people to rate the have up or lists to bear so of resemble that also included in the most of the famous Web 2 . 0 services which are really blocked inside China like to have a car nite facebook . com like flicker . com like youtube . com that means where you enjoying the happened is of the Internet in the West most of the web site if you are in you are you the on you can't accessed inside China the half and Chinese do 2 2 facing in the situation of the chinese encouraged the Chinese company to do the Chinese Chinese copycat for example if you you you have to do with outcome we we have why do . com is our services at Chinese they're searching what website and also with the competition with the Google because the have due to the help of the censorship and a governmental sponsor by do did very cute compared to the Google Chinese company and also in the year 2002 but the censorship system blocked go without car not the whole Google site for 1 month just want to improve the market share of by do . com you have you to so in China China because the view the view is so hot for the China agreed to why war to says so the just the blocked due to Dakar CB encourages Chinese Internet users to log on beard copycats like to a good outcome and the you know you could com that's definitely is this is a very similar to you you you you to a you're youtube . com and also Facebook Facebook the was blocked after seeing John rights because the the clam that's the scene John untie government and the central government moment use facebook to build up a group to give over informative sits in this in the U. formations and same esoteric out that com is block just the last last July the when of course but Chinese also has this the largest the numbers of the Madison's we have 3 hung we have a 300 Armenian navvies insigne's China the same the population of the whole population the United States so people also need to talk to to to use things that have to do the social networking besides the we Chinese public and self-censorship we we also also know that this is such a citizen system is not only about we define war and often is also about surfaces so every website inside China these should have a kind of insider's says that means the sense of by themselves otherwise the website itself will be punished by the so the government is kind of rule punishments and the reward you can do it up your sense of the self censorship and is is a if it's not only by punishment is not only punitive sometimes you give you the way for example why it's most of Chinese companies volunteered to do the service of this because this only in this way you can get a sponsor parser sponsor form the central government by do just a few days and even more so in the year 2002 why part of the reason do with outcome was blocked inside China is because by . com company and to the government that the area some there were some sense of new political says the words on the google . com is a kind of of very dirty things because it is not punitive action made by the government sometimes the Chinese company thank services system can make you live where and also about people the because of the whole data education is about propaganda so give you you know your you practice some kind of you can do is not only doing where but also because China would then jumping open China in the 1970 8 so we have already over out the mean in the sense of personal life economy life the social life In this way compared to you our China is pretty free free country but not about politics so we in the past 30 years Chinese people have already spewed out some kind of a new social contract with the government that means you kill me the free personal freedom and economy the PolMine so I can get some mates handouts my political rights as as Chinese GDP is steered keeping that 8 per cent to 10 % as long as the Chinese miracle and as far as the chinese successful economy story going I think this is so sure so the social new social contact we do exist but of course you can use you can see because of the financial crisis which now the chinese government really facing the the different way so this is the basis of the surfaces have we also computed inside the system and also use a person even me for sample if evil really want to I killed a paroled and go back to the country easily and freely without questioning maybe our keep some kind of substances not directly to talk about talk of a very important with issues of the politics so error
on practice that is is is is the react reality of the Chinese senses of and serves as a but Chinese Internet always have already developed developing development it's our kind of a new way to to work come front that no censorship for example we use different awarding and also these kind of a trend become very popular for example we we we all we have a very funny funny and adding we call the grass in glass you do false glass worse move was mode of Western was mood house if a horse is so
basically so it's a kind of is but it is a anymore it's and with the mom it's not the yeah but it was the wish for that the reader and this number yes is to is not is the right is vir Vera wield animal but you we said is we said is the grass grass moved the the horse but why because the Chinese character for these 3 characters is the same sparing we mother fucker so why because the we think this is a city is really fucking system so we but will come it's also that you you just is very if you really is just you know occurs only Internet about against the system you are totally backed so we just the you to create a new animal even MTV and VU and as and the song to praising on that and also we we changed their their their hop Harmony Society the harmony on this is that we respond to what we said is surprise for the Harmony Society so harmony we also said that the we were a crack is the same varying Chinese so now become them these any molded the Horseman grassroots mood Hollis versus the the river crack this is a war right is that is is is is that not even the versus the Chinese Chinese come of censuses but why we we use this way because of the because of censorship and self-censorship of means threat also means fear when you use this very funny way to directly confront you know very out is the way against the system that means you do not fear that the way you very effectively change the situation thank you like the in sensor you but that I just want to leave a little bit of time for and the questions from the public for thank you for your introduction few yeah you want as questions or you can use standard if you don't mind and speak a little louder 0 you can borrow my microphone issue you would like to know on is using
that Google less China doesn't help or in other way the the question to other way around what would help China of people in China or even in Arabia is the same you of by I think it's in China to live more drastic for the systems with a lot more perfect so what would help what could other countries do and um yeah for example how do using wind will lead China's it helps Flores and light OK they gave up and that's it I should say when we say well we say Google pouring pulling out of the mean and China much because this year in China Hong Kong upon all time but will that actually is the chinese search in part out of China because we tried in China was fear K use the google . com to search everything sometimes the but but very important things we we why when chapter of Google announced only the epilog that's the report from China so you can see level people young people send flowers to Hera cordoned offices he shall hide wonder in Beijing you know In the past the cases when some headlines always state something vs China the Chinese were rally around the flag a supports the China novel something but this is the 1st time when something versus China with support Google why because Google is not only Armorican company no that's because this our property so Chinese is not only yes stand only if you do side we understand all our alongside but Google when Google pouring now China is only that dossiers of service is services are part of Google which I think it was a mistake when Google 1st met decisions to enter China have the services because if you get used to the surfaces why not just use the bible . com so for most of people really love their free information we have already used the go without comment that the comprehensive version of Google we met I never use it without saying and also went to importing now China when Chinese people to search Google finds the ever already stressful the website to the Hong Kong where what Hong Kong site and also where you type the keywords is not come out without all ranges so that all the reasons you know all the display will be you know we're being according to law it's you count on the result but now it coming just the Internet interconnection cut all so the a slave more and more Chinese that is we're no the existence of the sensors that where post meanings of a people to use the median to use the proxy to access the chinese but to the free internet because everyone I think the are not deserve it is a sense of the word because the information also means call what other teach in these commercial societies yeah thank you I think we have another question here you this morning there was a presentation from of the morals of who said basically that the Revolution thanks to it and that will never happen because the Internet is just as a powerful tool for the regions authority in regions of sort of freedom fighters to room watch them spy on them to entertain the masses and to recover propaganda and spin or do you think about that isn't and that's really interesting is are always it up to fight it I just say which have because I think different countries have different stories I just a China cases because by nature this communism or any other names is and doesn't match the nature of Internet Internet is about the centralized information and decentralized everything so all the of course Chinese garment Ken you know the big yellow only became high people to to know how to control not be false blocks the amount may be more and more into your electrons but is is by nature it doesn't match I don't think the such things called the census of 2 . 0 because is map and also to assert the column for guy just give 1 example about come the already blocked about come last July but because you'll have already block you that means you can't buy twice now because to has the API policy ever on computer out of the air flights only on web site to access the traitor right so China most of the Chinese in the between the years now we use the third-party applications to access treated so trader because of a blocking now tutor becomes the 1st that public public and national platform for Chinese for debating negotiating and the talking so that's the 1st rare chance which have people you the pass along here what I've said I can say Chinese people did good we deserve of and you know the big 5 a mirror the 1 step in the of for us and that is this like a double-edged sword because both are playing the same game and and we saw all this we saw this like in the Palestinians rate because this is a little like that where there was like information from both sides swamping the Internet over over at nite and for like where else like people on the outside with you don't know what what is being said and what the real story is it's the same with governments as well like they actually employed people will come through the internet for information otherwise that they are aware of everything that's being said 1 of the like the hey I know for a fact that the minister of information and this is too flattering have a whole lot of people
coming another word any subversive material of other countries employed those tactics as well we had a question but so I just wanted to know my friends in in Beijing and in the rank 2 and I know from those friends in in Beijing that it's not really a problem for them to use a proxy to use suppressed a censorship and and as far as I understood they're not even afraid of it I mean that it it's just like normal normal usage so would like to know how is it in brain and all this erratic countries or Middle East countries from is technical impossible possible to use a proxy and 2nd them all these people prosecuted Mr. any possibility to track them down a of of all that it creates a culture of fear and if something is not here automatically no all I'm not
supposed to see this with the police see me saying that you know it creates that culture among
people because people don't know what their rights
are and what the regulations on people will people people are afraid people they would say like all if I go to the online forum do you think all be arrested and and these are people who were educated and all proxies services are not and here's 1 product is 1 screenshot it says that the site is not the site has been blocked by the or the of the Ministry of Culture and Information based on Article 19 of Decree number 47 2002 oracle regarding the organization of the 1st printing and publishing in the Kingdom of Bahrain Due to the publication of prohibited content on the performance of like like and nonsensical sentence and and and of what there is and this is the message which pops out every time you try to access anything of a friend of mine from Global Voices Online designed the teacher as some major link to see if I if I like the design where some of the and I tried to open it and I couldn't access the site I gotta cite a lot at its like the shift side thank you likely 1 at something on the proxy in their the circumvention tools on is the chance that I think that the here and BP's is very popular inside China why you know Chinese government want to of course 1 2 bands and blocked the free VPN rise kind of competition fight but the set of blocked commercial region so if you buy the BP and that's fine because in China did not only leave the Chinese people leaving China was also many like a full Fulton 500 company staff and workers they walk there and they should come decay to reserve quarters Chinese economy is very crucial for China because China's success story in inarguable ization so that's why in Beijing them most the Metropolis it's the new case here use the commercial repeated to access the the free internet but of course you need money get in the back yeah if she Ginsburg otherwise I mean as you wish yeah it just scientists remembered something like and the had if you go on a search engine and you try to search for the the the weight proxy you get this filtering method as well the and years I come from Greece end on blogging is very big increase and then in December 2008 you remember we had big riots in Greece during 1 month and there and it was very um astonishing how important blogging was for these riots and for the protas movement there and there it's actually became the most Twitter and the blocks became the most and important medium for networking for activists and there on that blocking they made appointments of where to meet went to means they could distribute information they would never um show in the established media they actually forced the established media to show things disturbs me you would never have shot shown and they also for me the fresh thing about it was that they also somehow could also avoids and the more traditional left or that the more it was a symbolic of fresh movements like this surely in Greece we don't have censorship yes if the we don't have a sensor nets but we saw also this in Iran afterwords yes as some months after and riots in Greece I wanted to ask you if you could zum if there's something you think it's in common in your countries with this phenomenon to you 1st think to in China because just I mentioned areas was already blocked but you can't buy twice so now ironically to her becomes very open and the public and announces the platform just as same as Greece and S. all the western countries so the same situation we mentioned in your country were happened in our country so people are used treated at treetop to organize mobilize to social protest to complicate each other because China so big and we haven't expect it's accepted the people stayed this very party newspaper we have no market or entered national newspaper but trade are not good at the 1st uncensored the platform so you in EVI remote provinces you Rarey yup hasn't you know you you match the social injustice but when you get to eat all you call your friend to treat the Beijing media by or even orders in Beijing crisp in Beijing you can easily fall your news and retreating you so you is actually the Budai up very effective platform for activities for lawyers for liberal proffessors I think you yes because stands to the blocking right so we have to totally free because the 0 4 is back to 100 % freedom of speech on the block to treat about outcome so that is a good thing so that in the past well years almost every week on the Chinese trader community the have the the word the mobilize the 1 events I events so sometimes not only about China last December we have the hashtag called C and full year is the Chinese let users supporting the green revolutionary that you people and that become the number of fall of all the trending topics in the twitter . com orderly so in this the 1st time Chinese not only services self interest or nationalist we support the other country freedom your because not because of tutela comp we know freedom is not only about American freedom is about Iran's universe of freedom I um what is a general opinion about censoring the Internet is that so far it's like 0 we have more proxy is we're fine we don't use we don't we don't need anything or is that we need revolution but please everybody help us or is that of I'm so unhappy with all the free and that and I leaving a small country I can say please help me save us but I am leaving the country as big as Canada America and the Russian Chinese people only deep class only depend now serves to seek you know the Democrats say begot democracy being a big country just the means democracy weaving so for an EL speech of course I think we have censorship is our duty to push down the score which phi war but also that's the p people outside China but you should understand our fighting I want you know we have a situation inside China we can become friends in the same front just like we supported by the Hessian by the hashtag way to support the UID people we come out you why can't see come on come to our country deceive us no Chinese democracy only can be up by Chinese people but if you supports into freedom so stop censorship not only in China but also he every every country including Australia Britain right and you want
yeah I think we have time for 1 or 2 questions Mexico anyone else want to ask a question so yes and the small indirect to mirror farm something which did not I turn up enough tomorrow's talk today but which I think it should probably have so is well I think he pointed to in a recent blog post that there is a high probability that indeed in the internet as a communication tool of power of a liberal movements in the Arab world III especially pointed to the Muslim Brotherhood which is In fact the strongest uh the strongest opposition group in on in uh Egypt so my question is is um is what it can be this can can freak the don't do you think that of free communication tools well lead to move freer society world could be that frequent and communication tools which could lead to a change of a regime change without a change of a new to more freer society but all you're trying to get them into trouble secondly the list of brotherhood or higher order on on the results of our on
Twitter and there they have all the you know the the at the very there is about there any Egyptian blogger called my mood the that is an 1 which means I'm at 1 which means I'm from the Brotherhood and he puts all their information about what they're doing and they're in their statements with the but there's something in many of them are active on Twitter no there's more freedom for everybody to express themselves mn it means more freedom in real life it will take some time for that transpired but let people people can aspire for freedom and but freedom and I agreed on how to go about this right the state in a way where the because if if I say what I
want to say I'll get in trouble but I by don't say what I would say you the thing like what is still talking about and think it's it's by logically if you could do more throughout the OK I think the
OK so we have 1 last question over there that really a question of mates alone I think that the freedom of in Germany and Borland wherever expressed by the internet uh it comes with a certain responsibility and the thing is what people say is we want to take this responsibility we want to make our mistakes so whatever you think about Muslim Brotherhood and if this is a mistake or whatever you think that is a religion from middle-aged whatever that's your opinion but not the opinion of many other million people so if people today want to make mistakes they have to be allowed to make mistakes and if you can make mistakes and share mistakes than the learning goes mood quicker so I think that's the most important thing that of course there's a lot of cultural Miss uh 0 and cultural backgrounds which are maybe even less the heard for this freedom of the Internet as it is in the western society which is I think also not prepared for the freedom of the Internet in total and so I think that's the something we have to understand if we talk about a freedom
of expression in different from the in the in the net the presented in the physical world of different nations and cultures and and for but I think like Global Voices is a really good with the website to to see the reality of around the world and to think about them to reflect about it like in TV like in the world institutes are about another museum Fiji is also quite the repressive thing going on right now so that you would maybe expected from Fijian of maybe who Germany cares about the cheap but it's nice to see a to learn if you look in the mirror or so in the mirror of other nations and cultures and I think that is what we have to take the discussion on I don't know a lot of undelivered 2nd model I
know it's hard in China and I know it's hard override and we have also our fucked up political see blue politicians here we have no clue about the internet so I know it's hard but we have if we want to make this right we have to think about our culture and what does the need for that and then we can talk to the normal people who have no clue about what the website can do I think that's it has to be done was a just and once it hits about something about this you I really
think because that the information in the set for and use a new thing this life there is right you should compare to do
the ground right for example the freedom to reach all grant now so this is a
compilation but in China as their real because we lack of freedom of speech or the
ground we lack the press freedom on the ground so internet freedom ace the 1st freedom we practiced so we only observe the way we 1st the practice practice exam so now we don't we know OK we we we would now we all the the the the profit it's that we go to the political freedom so we would never in China state which before we said is that you know will always say some someone said benefit is some work democracy western democracy but now we never say is a miracle Internet freedom nor is in the value of arm all so that's the best thing for China we 1st practice this only them down the signal only the something like most of the people and and when
I say most of you will agree with me even people from a poor backgrounds who can't afford to have their own computers can access the internet on their Internet cafes and there widely available I'll tell you that example from the head because that's where I grew up in the but my life when the internet was 1st introduced and it's still it's at the estate costs like it will cost you like 30 of 40 euros a month or maybe more and that's money not everybody can afford so what they did was but I want house in the
neighborhood would happen to and then that would make makeshift connection and they allow 500 people using the same nite so if you go to any neighborhood will see 1 house and that all those wires dangling at through where they think like what's going on here and there all the energy and flyers so like access is better in and people are using it what that government that was they pressure the telecom providers when they saw how popular internet was and how people are expressing themselves and sharing information like all the riot police on here are you know like because there are a lot of demonstrations and rallies and that civil unrest which nobody hears about but they're all this information is on the internet minute-by-minute as it's happening they're uploading pictures uploading videos so what they did was they put the threshold on Internet use so like if I can be a house
I pay and I have only like 2 megabyte they're not and I can't have more or less I pay more so this restricted this freedom of the extent of information OK there were stealing the services but there were spreading more information so now they're curtailing and holding them from that on which more so if you want to have access to the internet 1st of all you need to bypass the proxy
and the and Michael has as much information as I go about that because I
have great thing is a a lot like
everything if you go to the normal side look proxy-fight they're all done and those people are so creative and all all the latest tools and gadgets and they exchange them between each other they can access anything that block the yeah just 1 edits and edges when add something and it's interesting to see that the different perspective we can have on this issue with their we are based in a country that's supposed to respect freedom of speech in and where you come in come from a country where uh you know the internet is censored of control
and we immunity should be the topic of another panel but as we've seen democratic regimes in the this past
monsignors years actually trying to regulate the even more at all in the name of the fight against child pornography or as theft of intellectual property and so they have tried under these excuses to set up some heating system and into something that uh is pretty worrying for is the future of of the internet of course we do 1 of the things that blocking a few websites dealing with total number of the uh is wrong but instant setting up the automatic filtering system is another is another issue because when the tools on here you can use them for all the purposes and that's what is really a worrying that and just to uh to finish here I just went to finger or L 2 panelists it was interesting to see in here which you which you had to say and I guess you can fool them on
Twitter to know more about what's happening thank you everyone for coming how
the all of I don't know if you if and the user