Saving the planet vs. Privacy

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Saving the planet vs. Privacy

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Saving the planet vs. Privacy
How to design "green" tech properly
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Smart Metering, GPS-based road taxes, Personal Carbon Credits – the next wave of “green” technology aims to reduce energy consumption and emissons, and ultimately save the planet by making personal behaviour transparent and quantifiable. While reducing everyones ressource footprint is unavoidable, the currently proposed methods to achieve that goal are highly questionable. This talk gives an overview on currently planned and proposed technologies and outlines alternatives to telling Google when you do your loundry and having every purchase tracked in a central carbon credit database. These technologies are designed and build now, by the people from our community. So here is the chance to built privacy and acvoidance of the next data scandals right into the foundation of a new industry.
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legal argument is that some of some kind of whom reside in the movement for this half of the was tightened this probably not biased as the that legal and that's the thing I've kind more than the status of the economic decent team of that important saving the planet versus privacy how to design green take property of the Dyson are physical whom I thank the half of cost computer the the good afternoon 1st question anyone really existing in me giving this talk the same to 1 of the things like the it but they let's start with some basic case that it has committed hacker organization and as such we have some musical guidelines 1 of these guidelines what to do about data and we distinguish between public data which we strive to use and make more public and get into public hands and make useful things with them and private data which needs to be protected and there is some talk and this morning we are about to be is the line between public data private data and what could be the benefits of making private a public or not and so my talk is a bit little more specific about what could be achieved and what are the risks of public and private data usage and forms of setting of planets we recognized recently only a few years ago that this planet is somehow or the need that there is no 2nd planet somewhere on the quantity could use so we have physical resources that are someone somewhat and in the foreseeable world and the bad news about that is that these physical resources and energy power wins water food but there are also the foundations for the future that we love so much so and if there is no energy than there is no Facebook which is kind of a
so the died here as has been coming up that these resources need to be divided somehow made properly
available and be used to seeing OK let's say water water is something that we have an abundance so that's enough what on this planet visited so there must be enough water for everyone but the reality novice and this is a very nice picture from Iceland but is looking more like that for most people on this planet only a few thousand kilometers solace Water is really something that is the topic of debate and that needs to be frightened and that needs to be properly segment of everyone of everybody can list in large parts of the standards for water at this and 1 truck preprocessing per day rule meaning that you can get an 1 gallon drum and go to the water pipe spring and for that only once a day and this is what you need to live with not just opening the show on the wrong because the phone and so and the mechanism used here to a distributed are discussed resource this social pressure if you using too much water and things are getting that for every once everyone is making sure that not using too much water and so on we having a tradition in Europe also for social pressure looking a bit more different and there have been people suggesting OK if using too much energy
using 2 models using too much water then there should be additional coloring where people are put up that are using too many resources and the made public so is this in real time this is something that we really want to have this is something like a society that we strive
for Office of of you should avoid note that we consider status is all far away in Africa yeah the problem of tomorrow's turns out this is not the case this is a picture from the 2nd largest water reservoir and California last summer and so the 7th largest economy in the world many California is now on the verge of a perpetual brought meaning water's not there anymore it's just gone because of climate change but the changes or whatever you believe in and it's not just what is gone there's also energy so they have a
perpetual McDonald's In this system so at some point of view mostly in some of and everybody's running at the climate control their conditions they need to switch off electricity for laughter looks once in a while so
everybody gets for over 2 hours so there's an emergency system of racial already implemented the next thing that we use those run out not in the sense that it's not there anymore but not enough anymore for everyone is of course oil the just last week and the use the published a report that they expect so the 0 point production for the the 1st time to meaning that by this time this is not to be enough oil on the market to fulfill demands which means that the normal system that the prices go straight up which in turn means that only rich people can afford to graph comes also we're seeing the being during situation in some areas where we cannot just say money should all and just who has money can afford resources especially because the water everybody would say OK everybody has the right to drink and agriculture for instance refusing to give some find someone was source water cultural friends is something that you just cannot do to and so we're coming back to social pressure doesn't work we have in this people driving
around with these and their stickers coming up 2 put these things in perspective but interestingly it doesn't really work to social pressure alone doesn't seem to make people buying smaller class if you
look at the line out of the current common if interest they're making it bigger and bigger and bigger unsourced yeah constant and they're just having 1 SUV that has some hybrid he attached so that looks a little bit more green or they can cover the blue take whatever they have so that they can say that it's yeah more energy frontier still 1 and a half tons of
metal is used to drive around I don't know it it's grams of human which does not fit the resources of anything
so these things are going on and public few people care can someone care about but it doesn't really affect them so
racially and office as allocating resources based on the per capita thing is gone back this
looks like this this assignment picture from that the direction of the desert and so the Africa and they had had some problems due to strike and has been several cases of this around the world like in on lexical and the system operation and has been
around for a long time we basically had crawled although Morrison and after the war walls we had rationing society not just for food the but also from design interestingly they used operation extends to put more for what did not to remind people why they don't get more which is maybe an alternative for all
resources that are really starts but suggesting to data an be put in gasoline rationing cause of political authority but if you look at the price development of Detroit it might at some point the other 1 there are areas however of putting it using money the sector drive people to behave more responsibly
there actually this is the curve of the electricity and
production from the book so that's the cultural conversion should look like to having the basic knowledge which is blue that is Lotus always there causal factories and also close 1 and stuff like that and you have to middle lobe which is people waking up sitting on the toaster taking a shower and the taking a shower actually reflects the yellow the yellow moment there at the top then you have the mid-eighteenth from the peoples of lots of people's from the microwave and even in the that the people switch on the TV This is theory and practice the problem that power networks encounter is that people are beginning truly not only it adhere to these projections anymore and that the power production does not adhere to these productions so if you look at the this is
the curve of the wind energy during free weeks in September last year and having the the blue curve which is what is actually producing wind energy and having the green curve which is the projection basically that's what the energy companies calculated from from other data and prognosis what didn't power the so you see there's a sudden get between this over and on empowering that this will wind and solar power of things is by definition versus to wind this period in the scene that's there is not there something is there was not there so you cannot really rely on them like the way that you can rely on and carbon emitting coal power plant so that means that power needs to be somehow shape either production for In convention and others to say nice little idea that's called it's not grids what this
says is that we have the elastic consumption on 1 hand which people consider there I switching on my my washing machine and porous cheese and plenty and I may just during the peak hours power was really
expensive not to use so much electricity like I'm not showering during peak or because because it is more expensive that requires that the information that power
is expensive knowledge needs to go down to a customer and because customer and other needs to decide or his whole there are things like washing machines include decide for him that poorest so basic ideas was dead the the basic premises hold that polar pricing is getting more flexible so currently we have harder to visit the paper to what or if you're lucky in having my data of but that's about it in future things will be much more and so the idea is not to use intelligence in the network network just to put bound and put these 2 things to give to a level knowledge demand so that it matches the production of
some of the data that being produced but smart meters can be fascinated that is we have in here to and
use of part of the from 1 process households and it is close to what kind of data so if you look at that data for week a month a year you can see how often the person shall well all the indices there from that you can probably did uses present hasn't seen as a monument put some and you can see often goes with which at nite when he's at home but also you wash it closes because washing machine learning often you cook all this kind of data can be seen from such a smart metering system so this is a and at the same time and data from a very advanced system that actually has each power pluck into each bounce declines and the households being metered separately and controlled separately so that you can which saying this appliances important enough that new needs to run at all times and supply and just 1 is when it's cheap August is the most advanced sparse monitoring so interesting questions now dust the matter of needs to
know doesn't matter actually have to know that I'm just of my French ordered and taking shots or isn't that just enough that might to my meter most and just controls the halls of appliances based on terror of data that is being pushed on from that of the the sun a perfect world my son would just get the data from the network telling OK into our so porous probably really cheap because the and is going and you should ensure before 6 in the morning because gets really expensive just nuclear power stations online much energy companies are of course wonders data the reason being that they see themselves as the next big data companies knowing a lot of what
customers something that the venture capitalists laughter review having lots of that unaccompanied and evaluation of so work if you look for instance in home what evaluation calculation for social network companies as that's quite interesting social media companies our soldiers but under capitalism based on number of views of time spent on platforms and volume of data shared the user and this departed the power companies think about getting into the same segment gathering more data and from that you can generate our 1st demand which is the the data to the people but cooperation if it is sufficient to reach the
goal of saving energy by just getting the data onto the people and having them make smart decisions or having their appliances make smart decisions for them if 2 people are too stupid and that it should be sufficient to do that and not push to data up to that there are plenty of other problems this monitoring 1 of them is that the 2 because money they have about 4 megabytes the know system that was running here and as you know operating systems are not getting much more secure but they they sit there and this money does our build to be there for 20 years and is
that ok then never just updated from natural for network means at this time 9 . 6 kilobits which is no less than it was then you have to a mobile phone is really but coverage of which means the smarmy doesn't ever get updated but it's a different problem and if it doesn't work out and we can play with the lights on what parts of the city the now the problem next we are
about we get to the next level of discussion is produced to this only some of the old and we cannot do much more and there are way too many costs for the world's the thickness and cities are contested people can really drive anymore in Germany it's more or less OK still but if you look in the neighboring countries like the netherlands on day you have basically the situation that they cannot get rolled all at once anymore because there's not enough altering the and sold the Netherlands was introducing and wrote text system that is based on GPS
based recordings system into every cop but in doing this they're saying OK medieval records by GPS all movements of all costs that all of which is something that shows interesting from data perspective a look at it individually what we have in here is
some there a meta data was superimposed GPS positions they can see very precisely what people do when they're doing stopping at a coffee shop there's something to supermarkets going narrow to prostitutes whatever they do but you can see very very detailed on based on the location of the and subsystems and but again it's not really necessary denoising that you want to do is limit midst brought use making people use less of Wisconsin resource that's the ultimate goal not collecting more data and that's that's the thing that needs to be rewritten remember of course the whole thing is also use money
driver answer people really want to want to make lots of money was the best-selling devices and that do we dubious stuff data but still again and analyzing the
data brought sufficient to achieve the goals so you could just aggregated data in the car and upload an aggregated usage yeah the amount and ability but once a month or something so the same thing with the you just paying a problem on the model doesn't to transfer more data than what you use during the months same thing for for so whenever the systems are installed you've seen perfection 1 of we want to have as much data as possible and the other is let's keep it the you and still achieve the goal the interesting problem the
privacy expectations of people seem to be getting vastly different when we're moving out of the little space to the physical space people are quite happy to disclose all kind of personal data in social environments putting up the photos were friends you will things but as soon as it comes to sharing for instance the physical position
prominently visiting needing to opt all they don't want to share the physical position but the services interesting don't get used as much if you look at all these the model uh location-aware startups most of them crumble because the user retention of getting lost of people are enthusiastic the 1st now and then they notice a kidney to think all the time if I want my position here to be disclosed during you wanted or do I just want all dolled disclose my position if I want to disclose my position like when I looking for a party so we see here
that there seems to be the relatively half-line that people don't like to use privacy controls if it affects their everyday real life so then they just expect I don't need to care about it and I don't want to complicate my life 4 of the soul as a some people once more control over the data in default it affects the physical real world lines
interestingly and Jeff Jarvis and in the morning and and very enthusiastic argument yeah let's hear all data because you get huge benefit from the interesting question is what benefits approach has so please can someone named the benefits not to say there will be lots of them the only benefit that I can see so far from most data collection efforts is prevalent in present is just more company this is not so much benefit for the user as a rule of some benefit for users can normally also be achieved this
anonymous data for instance if you want to know where to build new bicycle roads that is data that could be achieved by installing cameras and recording every bicycle describing by or you could just collect anonymous data from to pick a typical bicycle or of planning systems and see that people want to know what to it only present as that of the same thing for the for medical data so there there's no real need for the flowers to disclose his personal medical history it would have worked as on anonymous performed for sufferers often was that he had we also need to remember that storing private data
is not really so there's always this does that's from 1 data because it will be beneficial at some point and we need to come to a point where we we're between what benefit actually get from storing and using graph data versus what other resources universe and we noticed this of course a lot of freedom that you have from having more processing the energy consumption of data is not trivial so you can say as a rule of thumb for today that and to the Conservatives former a data center is using as much money as it crosses within 1 and a half years in energy costs and the costs are rising so if you buying server today the custody the conditions of energy is possibly higher during the left-handed demanded to pay for the service itself consumers break hottest great people across the money to
repair the stuff and keep it running on an office things in non-material cost you need to take into account is that unless they tell us what happened so we can conclude from last year so that scandals that there is no data that perfectly secure to all the companies have status channels all of them have lost data uh some of them have lost data that was very very important to the people of the affected and so we can conclude that you need to assume that any data store is data that will get lost the so the resulting in loss of reputation and trust it is also to be taken into account sorry and we need to ask is still In that benefits from storing certain data 2 and this is something that we need to do every time when we do new projects that we need to discuss the problems of the two-weight against them so there some ground rules that that seemed to evolve 1 it's automatically data about real world behavior should be by default private because people expected to be private even if they're driving on public promises that half this still expected movement to deprive to reason being that even if it's private if
it's public grant it a lot in the big cities you are having an expectation of anonymity in public it's like living in a big city so of course you don't have that feeling a little village everybody knows everybody but here you can just walk down the street or draft honestly and having a reasonable expectation of no 1 knowing you and that's the that's the key differentiator so if you incentivize people to give you data like giving into rates of and giving them or whatever if you incentivize them to give you data to be explicit you should say OK and if you just get should because it is is data and this is what I want to do what to do with the data and if you don't want to do this anymore and just the about and we need to consider that this is basically the situation of the
country discussing to be discussing the all theravada beautiful situation scenarios but the vault is gonna look more like this was in 10
years it's not like the free to assume that approach is that situations like these today we all have enough money enough energy enough food are sustainable for the wrong 1 so we need to discuss today what we're going to do 1 of the things that we describe hold little people
are really willing to use technology to save privacy today methods around to achieve the goal that we have for saving the planet and using those resources and having more colorful absence whatever without invading privacy so it's not really a problem adjusting to think about and use the existing technology so 1 of the things that the years there are technologies for unknown in the secure micropayment or there we can just use them so there is an open-source implementation just need to use that and you can build for instance the small Polynesia systems based on these technologies 1 thing that really strikes me
again and again when I read about it what do you think is the most successful business model in terms of number of users worldwide any guesses it's actually
prefetching prefetching is an has the largest number of users and any business model worldwide and 1 because it's anonymous when the user decides what he does for the control completely in the hands of the users and the same care much computing for want of securing the