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Maptivism: Maps for activism transparency and engagement
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It is estimated that as much as 80% of data contains geo-referenced information. Maps have a long history and since its early days maps have been used for many types of activism. Digital maps allow easy ways to present large amounts of data and reduce complexity. Activists around the world have found creative ways to use maps for advocacy. The session will showcase examples from around the world and highlight different approaches to maptivism.
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yeah I and my name is conceptualized for a machine just put this witness not sufficient and and the captain of this comes from the present that's invoices that nobody got commented on comes and and before I started what is money so far to the right you must met in 1 of the tumor and the fruitful knowledge notes accounting take leachability Internet on the field times this cannot be an internet site and block signed the ball while only feel and that's map out of flights other due experts for really OK efficient that OK and it's been put to and just don't understand the ways that we have found for them I have I didn't get maybe use mystic is speaking German I'm sorry at stage by digitization thing OK OK OK OK and I just had some I just ask or answer questions about mapping and and the review that but I'm sorry gets signal from now on the news and what you have to admit I'm from Frankfurt Frankfurt is famous for the other line which is the rest of Germany hates that there that for this I work in development aid for the past 6 years Over for German Technical operation and you do that and work for different now is an independent 4 different organizations and idea 3 is in Egypt and the Egyptians this for interesting because most I would say the most innovative digital activists come from each other only by their very amazing to Mr. and also work different projects and I always end up to over image uh and the difficulty in challenges in these countries especially because they're not as many daughter and not as many maximal use of possible information available as it is in Germany and I will come later to today thirdly on knowledge activist or in this regard I I joined this wonderful book project from the editors of ranking and she's also give your audience and I wrote a chapter about its and related projects so as to promote OK I have to say I'm not a geographic information expert ivory much all the deck the went into this topic and and of it because it is so much it's straightforward and everybody can go into it that's I have to say that right from the start so I might make mistakes it's very possible but I'm mapper and come to that later on when I presented OpenStreetMap I'm 1 of these guys who run along with GPS side of the iPhone or something else and look at the buildings and to document things and streets and construct maps it's a fantastic thing to do work and recommend it to everyone so
let's get going and I stole this sentence and that is worth a thousand words and because I think that is really the most interesting aspect about it there is so much about visualization and so much about um reducing complexity and I have a nice example of its own digital map it's the map of the world and the spanking spanking you know agile because it's fantastic 1 look at it and you can understand it you would see right away that don't seem to be many members we have Scandinavia with Germany and the bound ary cheating so why that's why that so interesting I mean they have very different opinions about in very different things I just wanna summerize for about I think they give orientation they're very different of text reading and trying to make sense out of that they're quite more concrete and begin orientation things they reduces it before complexity we are dealing with more more dots and now we have more data available and Mexican tacit to visualize challenges problems different courses they can represent brain different perspectives on issues and they have to but they can come later to that and that that helps us think very much to again at present complex issue and I think that bring things in context and they show how much I addressed by it all which I be part of the problem or not the problem of Babel is part of the problem I would show that in different examples so that's going to some 1st met the examples I mean you have seen probably many but I try to choose some interesting ones this 1 is the 1 that although it's a wonderful macro check I find what they're a petty theft its approach to weight with that feels across Germany for this a ceiling on getting fruits vegetables and
very nice initiative of find another company different 1 is the total divided etc. exceedingly it's the idea to yes collect a different possible locations for and there's also a rating system so the public libraries only 3 stars and all that has the toilet paper on but of course it's not new I
mean maps have always been used for different kinds of activism modification of the politics of all kinds of different means I want to present you 1 example it's very famous you might know what that is a wonderful Wikipedia page about it and that's John Snow's discovery
and expecting 1854 and there was a cholera disease and it wasn't reach a clear whether is cholera come from what it's say how does it spread within the city it was thought that it was about bad air all but it was very unclear Johnson I wanted to find out so he analyzed more in that and they walked around a different households in interviews and that's the magic short From this interviews did it and to which he find out found out that basically the cholera spreads among upon so it was very much about water contamination so I think it's a very impressive example comments can be used this is the typical
kind of way you probably used to match paper maps for a normal handing you and you can look at this is from preferences for no this is also sent francisco
there's a digital map and it's about a campaign office 1st thing for same sex marriages but he had quite controversial come onto that once again it's a whole was the people who do need against the same-sex marriage law as so it shows exactly in which we different people live and how much they donate to it so you see here Mr. pulley and no no we and what how much he donated I come later that I mean the privacy issues in each dimension you of course but I mean I remember last year to very Joyce assumed electors and she said like I think privacy is very different than dealt with in Germany and by the EU the US and on so I think it is very difficult but Maximian from
everybody maps enough to be digital that can be very very different this is 1 wonderful example this stock
or emotion that where um Christian knowledge chordates experiences stop orders in the UK where walked around the city it's kind of a diary and you can see in the far left me drunk lost Freddy anyway this we're now I make a bit of a jump but and I
want to before I come to activism and 2 different samples I want to describe the different dimensions of of getting these maps together and to make such a campaign and then I want to describe it back again and developing countries when a called moments and this is no
1 of the biggest slums or informal areas in Kenya and Nairobi it's called you there and there's a wonderful project going on and the Open Street Map initiative OpenStreetMap to to explain it for those who don't know it it said and like wikipedia but not for content basically it is therefore a map for free open the variable map the world and but does mean what the thousands available uh volunteers who contribute to it and this initiative
is about this very informal area the bearer and then what they did the past half year they and gathered they made a project down there in the system menu for malaria and engage the people at this from this area and ask them to map their own area to map and and show what's it all about but not only about streets it's about hospitals the health bar um symmetries all kind of places and it's going to be stuck just to start the gonna continue mapping it and it's very important that come to later on I think maps and often with very little about that and the wonderful thing about open the premise that it doesn't it isn't just but the usual things into maps you can go in all directions like it's open to everybody to map all kinds of different things and it's an interesting jump to Google this is what Google has offered from this informant area nothing I don't criticize them because will is 1 of the few companies have done a lot in Africa they've done very interesting and engagement but you can see open approach and the commercial interest so is very different what open signal also has done recently or and very nice initiative worldwide of volunteers is in the head doing the idea earthquake this is the map before the earthquake you can see here is basically almost nothing just a few streets I think it's very bright you don't use week and then after the earthquake happened lots of volunteers came together they were crisis camps called there non non in different places of the world and they tried to point you to make them that much better and the outcome is this that it is the best match available fighting no other matters this school at this precise it was very important for disaster response for emergency to have such a map that to react to many courses which i the Avery portability as a disaster narrative as well and just to
mention that you know that there the best country of OpenStreetMap discovered is German the most volunteers in this country went OK let's continue the travel 2 of them other means and possibilities
tool going to mapping and to get all the fuel you might think of what the heck is that now and it's and its and equipment for a kite preference 2 would put that with the gas to get basically high attitude photos spatial images and Jeffrey registering that it's a very nice and project it's called grassroots mapping and what he did he went to inform
their Islamic per rule and out of the sky you got this kind of photos but he again was those people that very attributed it's very very important gives a very strong policy of people to have a map from the area and there to discuss things planning politics is very important to have such and another
very nice nothingness crowdsourcing you can call very different means and a scholar crowdsourcing this we got to get the data for such campaigns and knowledge and back to
germany I saw this recent example which I think is very nice because you met or and it's by this of talent and I think it's a fantastic project where they basically 1 people to contribute to barrier-free map of Germany meaning putting indications uh where there's very barrier-free access like cafes and bars always not and that I think this is what I come also later on is that there is a great potential in everybody's contribute such that's an example you might know from the UK it's very
famous fix my street but is again this dimension at a it opens up some section initiative to citizens so what it is about is that citizen can and complain about issues such as a whole industry street or there's trash and things like that they can put on the website and they can also use them all was formed to document that issue and a nice thing is it's automatically uploaded to arts once it's uploaded to the website it's been shown on the map and there's an e-mail directly going on to make the public institution responsible and they show exactly which institution has reacted which not how fast things like that of course the mobile phone plays an increase increasing role in that and this is also a
crowdsourcing project it's driven by the shady technology and and here it is in Africa where there are laws that and pharmacies and and talked at all clients to have a certain and stock of medicines but then they don't necessarily have that and this is and this is an effort on an initiative to show transparently where they are not the stocks and where they are so people can withstand pharmacy and there the stocks are all that medicine unavailable can put that is to the mobile phone and it's been sent by a semester the map and transportation and think it's a very interesting projects and it is as many other means to work shows such as to use it for different other kind of projects MIT faster development so now I come to this
set up and open source intelligence I find it very interesting although there is that title as I understand it all research that there that the concept was finally um 1st coined by US military kind of their efforts to not only use their secret on it's a their their central challenge see this secret information but we trying to get more of more use out of the open all publicly available information I think it is a very important time that the citizens themselves used a lot more of this public information and this is the whole day we talked about open government and open that knowledge as citizen themselves take um you take the approach and that try to make more out of this area that and the fun example for instances by floating she uh they yeah they took the buoy location from the bias all of the US and that they had had a lot of this the you Betty of America so they show us what the where the most biased it's kind of funny and of course it's not very accurate but it's so and that
is this is especially interesting because it contains that is now estimated that about 80 % your reference information so we can use a lot of that available for maps of 4 different kind of services and a nice example recently made and and with
distance defined ICI and you're wonderful uh is this uh magnificent example from burden whole life in Spain not the right way you can see there's a shadow maps this condition over the map and there's a kind of clear area in the middle of the map and what it sees is basically it's the took public transport dada and from burden and you can see in this location the middle in the balloon or wherever you live and what you type in you can see what you can reach and within 15 minutes of public transport it's like a circle it has different thoughts and you basically if you move somebody uh to a new area you can directly or very easily see um which can which within 15 minutes the public transport so again it's an example which you can extend to many other topics so I said it made sense for what but we need more open that kind of thing this state was very often discussed front bring think is tell you what this discussion before would and representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and then she said which was asked to do more in this arena city anybody in kept constant is not there in place and then we're gonna have a mid-term report in 2011 and they're going to have full report in 2012 so the basically going to wait there for that and I think this is this is the dilemma I think of we we have to ourselves but this time more more together or force them oppression and put it out and 1
such way is open entrance almost like OpenStreetMap it's the same idea that you are gathered from different kind of out you what maybe wonder what why should we do that now is not available I can tell you know it's not available it's extremely difficult if you do such applications you it is very difficult to get such that out later presented front with the standards on my projects to get a street register all streets uh of Frankfurt just the list of the streets in 5 which I can use it's impossible I can't get it was it was a PDF file which was a nightmare to get all the data out of it it's really really difficult it's not available and I request that the the office in Frankfurt is we sure we can get it this will cost this and this and this all and you cannot use it that sort of tools and I just want to show you true its where you can use all start experimenting with that that's for important it's not difficult mixing maps and data is quite easy if you want to experiment with and you commons is 1 such an effective is very nice it has a lot of data available but you can upload any x suspect she whatever you want and can start itself it sounds with again but it's quite easy and I mean most of you probably have to deal with the nexus with excellent uh Richardson another 1 is called fusion which is very powerful you can read upload huge massive amounts of that and you can get make heat maps for instance in all kinds of nice visualizations of course with bows it's always important it's your doctor be careful what you upload of course so it's come to my activism map and
activism this is a nice project and it said
from New York City from the New York City and civil no civil liberties union not the right and it's about camera about surveillance so what they did then at all the cameras around your soul because actually assigned by activist with another man out this 1 way that the law log which again what we're not filmed so this is the last year and he let that out so that's the the only way you can walk to Manhattan but we often have another nice example again we think we can quickly with 1 look for quite a good understanding of that that this this issue it's by the West African trade have from using it they did a map about trading routes in western Africa and trade is extremely difficult by sea to the the seaport no problem but once he goes inside the country you would have tons of obstacles and you can see worst worse in all kinds of and the barriers in all kinds of stops for bribes and everything and I think this map uh presented problem brain nicely another issue on other where a nice example is this from the Cedar Grove Institute for Sustainable Communities and I am here what happened is that there was always a suspicion that there were as get their water was unequally distributed in the city but it wasn't very clear was it or not you know it was like some people said some not so this institute that went around to use different households asking about the water situation now these information that put them back together and you can see all the visible for you that basically the water park and between racial alliance you know order for Americans basically have no access over the Lexus and what Americans have the access and I think is also at this triggered the change in this community this map was that the key of pushing forward the decision the proper make the change possible OK now
I come to the present I'm doing for the past month and this is defined for this Saturn uh what we did here and basically is that we have and we use the data available from my local commodities altered by later and they discussing need just district all kinds of political topics it's not big politics it's about the walk it's about trust it's evolved into a tree and all these things but the thing is it's something local I think it's something what matters to people a lot because it's in their area this hyperlocal kind of approach which you have a lot in the UK but very few here and we read out so you have a map there and you also have a street the directed the data using basically can and this zoom down or come history we can see what happens in my neighborhood what's going on what's discussed they have available right now the city but it is a huge databases query complicated to axis and here you can e-mail you can get an e-mail subscription so you quirky can subscribe to it and get informed the minute something happens in the area and but is often what you mean by they did platforms Drupal which is an open source uh platform and the use of 2 20 minutes ago that the difficulties of course in in in the city or if they're in these initiatives that would provide data which is very easy to to genome very digest then you can easily put it never city the problems every city has a complete different maps out a complete different way of presenting that out of that is the most tricky thing and that makes the most work but a funny thing is and we finished with it after months I know what the information from somebody who knows that they're from the out of race in the data is still there the company did it and they said 0 yeah we have our association XML but we just don't turn it on you might know RSS examined means that this kind of data you can pretty distraught value can be used easily you know because it is specified we it ways nowadays HTML PDF and it's very difficult to read them out and to make sense of but we didn't want to leave it like that what we did is not we had once citizens
to themselves put initiatives it's for experimental we don't know whether it's going to go to war and but here you see 1 initiative from Richard and she just basically wants them that assume walk in the woods dominance faster and there is also referring to 1 already at the special kind of for document where this was discussed the wonders why hasn't changed what we offer there's also that people can use a mapping control in their initiative so they can exactly pinpoint where they want to have it in Parliament and that we hold that this will trigger engagement that we hope that we don't use only we don't give the information but we also have the people in the group with each other they find each other for different topics and after mixing up 2 months it's quite nice that we have some initiatives in coastal because of course it's a local-area only enter the thing is just like as you might know from the Internet studies that just not so many people online and they're not so many people and expecting something that is a Newton Germany it's just a slow development absolutely compared to other countries like the UK or the so it's something that's the year why I find I think maps and map to these men and these possibilities of visualization why they are so interesting is because it's recognition I can recognize all that's the place on top of all that's that's concrete it's something like it's going different other than reading a text and a feeling of connection it's around the corner like in the last example knowledge mean something to me or it matters of mutual edge connecting the dots the topics and complex issues I didn't put in many examples now not really examples of delays in complex view of things there's a lot of wonderful thing out there we have different kind of layers and you can basically you can look at the political side of an issue can look the environment society come outside and there's a lot happening and it's going to be very interesting and of course it's so I hope we trigger and I hope that is not think it they trigger engagement that that's really has to be changed and that these the helpfulness regard
and in the future I I put this slide up
from and return home which I like very much and makes it funny it's basically RSS feed icon's all over the place 11 to say with its mean augmented reality was already discussed the idea that you walk around with your mobile phone and then you can point on the building and you get information nice for tourists but mention you have and consumer interest started there so you go to the streets and you look at pinpoint you more was born at the supermarket and it's will be not any products so might tell you all of this supermarket is still selling the boycott products which all the others were don't but as a self uh we look at the the company and they haven't accepted I have replicated complains of social protection of labor in china so I think there's going to be your interesting stuff available that you basically don't have to go to the internet and it's in with you more often you can see information and the different courses around here but be good I mean I was ranges
estimate positive so I have to say some difficulties in of course as the big thing we had I
think with the San Francisco example is privacy I mean getting a lot of time that you have to be very careful and you know what kind of values you contains and how much to make a public and there's a of dialog which you better not make public and is huge discussion about obviously few uh showing these photos environments the interesting thing is that I don't know you know what discussion is only in Germany nowhere else so it's really interesting but it's also the fragmented process not discussed as much of the country propaganda
since maps are there there's propaganda maps doesn't mean that you necessarily you unnecessary transparent objective they're perfectly wonderful to its just described 1 of your thoughts of what interest especially the water is a wonderful example what just shown in the interest of 1 country but not the other ones that are good examples of community mapping but that is of course very
fast conflict in quite tricky to stand this regard and discrimination there is this truly it's called anti-social barometer no it's the 1 of the most talked iPhone apps in UK and what dust technically I find very interesting but what it does is that it took information out of the Open Data initiative and UK such as crime rates and other kind of indicators of an area out what the situation is very light and it gives the percentage so I'm I'm not saying somebody long gone and I can see OK 2 percentage of anti-socialist 60 % him so when you go to other variants 40 % and it's superfamily ballot funded thousands I think to 120 thousand people have downloaded so but I think it's it's it's tricky it's difficult because it shows the mean what did the tell me I mean if I'm 40 % uncommon by successive running by unknown so it's very side effects and of course further important thing is attention
um you can make the most fantastic maps and the most wonderful argument but you never need attention even audience to make it uh to make something happen and I was in the found subsidy at session I found they said it to interesting they offer fantastic that and it's a very openly they're frustrated that the guys let's use that once they pilot up and they called with a summary of press not suddenly people react and they want to put it to rest but the data itself on the map itself doesn't you kind of the reaction but then that was you remember that
thank questions with what and the and the other and you and I have yeah that that there is a lot happening I mean and that the question was about to whether there are tools to get for extracted geo-location that out of get you reference information about them they're not tools and the getting better and better but I still think General Magic tools is still a lot of work
and more freely I find that that's a problem but the more than that enrollment until you have the the chances are high up but I think they can win with that they offer quite impressive tools definitely other questions and the 2nd half of the time but that's the thing the the number of data in we think of you know part 1 of this in the face of the system so if anyone has seen all companies and how they relate to each other but they have been really into thinking here about Willie too many of them out of this because this is the space we hadn't really explored are as much as we have the physical yes transponder that and I just want all attention that models the open directory and we will have a duration of the and all of maps really a lot of and um I've some used there because the bulk of the work but only a developers but also by journalists and people can say well how to prevent them
out the in way that is not discriminating and her
attention to the topic yeah while
question and then there's the young 1
of the attributes of the but it was at the museum of the instance of human the
fj this new Newman positions so and that is the victim paid off at the time for it to provide a detailed enough for the trip in the reasons and get a mind of its mass and works on simple what's in common some open the novel to them is nonphysical uh once they're not by the canonical and then also we can understand the could service not by 2 years ago to learn so the puppet but this time with some of the you cultivar Dunstable party on the system of the yes


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