After one year of flattr

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After one year of flattr
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Flattr was made public at Re:publica last year. This year Peter Sunde will show you what has been going on the past year, what's going on right now and announce some new features that changes everything. Again.
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Boulogne can then all of the those they it is all 0 so I'm going to start with
taking a picture of all of you step to smile I think it's a bit
unfair that you take pictures of people on stage we can take pictures of you so all and data I've been here I think this is my 3rd or 4th time and I'm not I'm happy that that it took some of my time because I don't think I have to much talk about this time I'm speaking less than that all the time and the distressed so I'm not going take too
much of a role you know your lunch time and I'm going to try to be very brief so I've got someone going to show you some videos hopefully you know what satirist but if you don't know I'm just going to show up 1 minute long video that explains the concept is important hopefully this works the room this
on the internet you can create would take part of content when you create is not really a good way to get money for the contact and when you find something like this no good way to show love for this problem is universal for bloggers and their readers musicians and listeners photographers film creators program and so on so we created flatter to solve this this is how it works every month the flatter user pays a small let's compare it with birthday and you have a teaching quantity slices to the people you like the latter helps you do that if you've created something you can add a flatter button to your content which you find something like this it's not about the size of the content you click it each button is a counter showing how many people are willing to do take over the counter at the end of the month you take a slice in as many pieces as you click that 1 each slice is then given to the correct content creators if you click 10 buttons that can create will give time the case each if you click 100 buttons the 100 creators will get a 100 of the case the places might be small but everyone slices will all add up or as we say in Sweden Mona back of small little as a creator you will get money you never got as a consumer can help creators out just a small click if you haven't guessed it the latter is a word play of Latin and flat rate with a flat rate the In the latter the OK so now you know if you didn't know but it's
been a really weird year because we started with latter I think almost exactly 1 year ago and we 1st told people about it here in the public action and it kind of exploded Germany's so that's why that would be great waiting actually to release some new things with Fatah and so we're here so it can give something back and they don't flatter for me has always been that I wanted to do something to help people that creates get money from people want to pay for it or get your money back to people that they want to support because it was always these discussions in kind of the
Copyfight that was part of talking about copper and all of that are about how to do that my view of course was that we are creating so much material on sites like these lexica and all of these different websites and putting up for a for free but whenever never talking about if we should make money from but the people were used to making money always complain that we are taking things from the so flat kind of is the solution for me to help us
get to the next state where we don't need a middle man made we need distribution yes but was sold over the Internet but we don't even middlemen the so since last year and is going to go a bit true so you know actually letters all year itself as the
1st letter was in 2006 I start with a really long time ago and 2008 i got the sign for it and they look really bad so 1 thing that we've been doing is that we have fixing latitude to look much better because it's reasons stock where technologists we make good technology but we can make the sign for whatever it's worth and there's been a really big problem for us because I've been telling friends that you should use data
and I told him that particularly in a hide works and so on and the kind of get and they tried to find information on the web site and they kind of get it but they really don't and so the fine has been something which is really crucial for us to get like the right music and since 11 lazy I'm gonna show you another video which is kind of the thing that happened after we really started to the public like still people didn't get it and even though a lot of people did this was the average person so
saying is that really funny video so so that's why I'm going to show you the next you will the is with yeah there is a
lot of of time on the actually distributed according to users what is the relationship is that the you also have to be willing to yeah it's pretty good and everything right there there you can see that is the uh usually because the from you use 2 1 of which is that all and he is the this the people here where you just hold for that if you bring that hold is year uh what he did was URIs maybe more so it is very kind of you know so has the right to say there are 2 people will be equal and law is is huge number uh he should have a better time manager you or you know you know yeah well yeah we have is that you do yeah yeah well here's strategies that come to and you should see the here and you want to study the rules uh yeah only is really all of about a so we need to say what you think of the they to give you all the geo is uh I think we will always be and because note it's by there In this case study on improving this is by we use here I told you commercial here so you know that was something because it's the it's the way in which was you yeah yeah he was so way that the decision on and who is name to Marshall you it for you to use the users so you yeah so we kind of learned that
we have a communication problem and it's really cool it's really great it's also but I don't really get so this is that it's not his fault might be a bit but it it's rather our fault so the thing we've been doing quite a lot is to get people to understand the concept so I just go for events but in germany people
really understood the concept and might not just be
because I was here a lot and talked about flattered because you really are interest in these these things so for instance we have temperate love which is a big podcast that you probably all know who's been 1 of the poster boys for for flatter and and discuss the product quite a lot that he's making thousands and thousands of euros on Latin and we've been really
happy about that because it helps us quite a lot to have a really good community and it's not only templates and Markus Becker governments will take in basically they just preach flatter and everyone started using it including some
really large German newspapers and we haven't seen this outside of Germany was some top lovers in some countries but not as widespread use and when we have about that
thank you and there's other things flatter in the past year we
noticed that some of the things we're doing our really important not because of the thing we say that we started thinking about but it's also because there's a lot of hassles on and in the business world particularly so you just heard that the speaker for me and he spoke about openly but before obliquely was part of WikiLeaks and WikiLeaks has had a really strange here are releasing a lot of stuff and getting banned from a lot of places including Sweden and but also being banned from all of the big money providers to like these that paper about mask on all of these
really huge corporations decided you cannot give
money to to WikiLeaks you can give money to take a you can buy prostitution in Thailand but you cannot give money to we can expect that's where we draw the line and you know it's a good month ago apparently so we decided that we have to do something about this as well so we helped WikiLeaks get some money I don't know if I should say how much but it was some money at least and you know it was because people want to donate so we've been studying up quite a lot for these ideals and we want some awards which is also great because people think we really think great the best the worry 1 is actually fuller but do Lap-band award in Sweden you probably never heard of them there really cool Swedish band that played a very progressive rock music and and they are really against posturing so for me it's a big thing that they would give me an award or us an award for for what we did because they believe that it's really important that we stand up for democracy and freedom of speech we also want some really non interesting things that best start up and all of that that doesn't mean anything but it's nice to have the so of that
that I'm not going to be you know this person standing between you and lunch too much I gotta go into some news in we release a QR code feature during this year and for those who don't know cure codes it's the small printable things that you could put off line which means that you can actually go offline and doing that stuff and so you can fatter physical things
like this person playing music industry it's kind of funny if we wanted to make people understand that flat is not just about the web it's about any type of content were reworked and and I don't think that cure courts will be really In a widely used but it's a really cool feature and it's those surrogate marketing and I think we release this
year which people we didn't push for but it became apparent that we needed because of the lifting most is direct donations so if you have a flatter account you can send an exact sum of money to someone else that also has a flatter so you can actually give for years to your friends or whatever but it will always be anonymous you can never tell anyone you know I will buy anything with it we're not trying to become a new payment method we want to still be flatter and have our own nation and be about creativity but it's there if you want to use and is not really new for those who read a block but still
it's quite some news that you might have known as well is
that we are translating flattering to different languages German was stunned yesterday I think and this I think it's really easy right now is we're speaking so flat will be in Germany was being French and Spanish and hopefully all of those will be up today but we think this is really important because 1 of the the things we saw the latter is that even though of the communication it's even worse that we don't have communication and the language people try to read it and so hopefully that will change so I must also say
that the community has done all of the transition for us we have not used any form of professional translator but we just been testing everything on the
community and they've been doing everything and it looks really really good so we have about that thank you so there were doing
revenue-sharing it's I have hinted about a year that we want to do but as you might know we take a 10 percent cut from the money coming into flat and that's the way too much but we want to start somewhere and we're not really stupid so we understand that it's better to take 10 % then go down and think 0 go what it's for marketing things but but where you want to do is to take a 10 % and share them with people that help the distribution so let's say you have a blogging site where you allow people to put up their own blogs and in if they have thought about this you can get the portion of our money so never we never touched the 90 % but the temperature of the we get we can revenue share with you we will start with this and made and that means that if you have a you know syndicated blog for whatever and or video sites anything like that you can actually make money from giving people free content were giving out content for other people for free so if you help the distribution you should get a share of the money as well so there will be an automatic feature that everyone can sign up for and we will not discriminate we let everyone have distinct possibility that report to us so that's 1 of the news coverage and then probably the biggest news which internally flatter is like everyone is really site right now that I'm going to talk about this because it's been something where we're working really hard on and most people outside of that'd probably don't see
the big difference something to think about it as but the thing is which flatter today you have to register all the content that you want that to be favorable so if you want to have a button somewhere you set the register have accountable that were changing that that means that anything can be flattered Starting from 1st of May I think as well so if you find something you like you can just put it into flatter and send money to someone and will be independent you will so if you you can get for instance from 1st of May you can flatter anything on Twitter so if someone writes a really nice tweets you could flatter and they will have a small message saying that you have money waiting for you to have a flatter waiting for you you have to sign up to get it but still we can stop kind of being in the more aggressive to make people come to flatter because that's really important is the flatter is going to work we have to be very very at a very large network of people and that large we are the more the better it is for everyone it will also work for people that he yet again have big syndicated networks of content so yet again if you're a blogger and
network you can just add thought about into all of the constants and just say you know I know this e-mail has this constant there is the creator of this constant so far
make it much easier for people to integrate sub and we think that there was all this will open up a really big kind of floodgates for for material which has been a big problem for us to get the Chairman so hopefully will start doing
that and now everyone home this that and he and award by the story so another thing that's coming later this year is that we're trying to integrate flattering into more offline things like media players so we
are finding ways that you can flatter for instance in and between some from within Europe between the or maybe from the your from any of the other ones that really big the media players and that is something that were not working out of ourselves but also with people that actually work in this community so there will be quite interesting to see because we really want to be with the constant at that's the way to do it I think and since I promise not to be too long and already been 18 minutes i'm just gonna take some questions and that so thank you very much then the plot
and Peter they that they haven't got equal adult and we
want them the local going alone with but 1 I hate not getting questions that the worst thing ever since and if
I get flat out without having an encounter
and I don't want to get the money of what will happen to them and they will go back to the person that that so it will be know just reversed or not taking my from I want you to play money for you like any holding for you the 1 I much time we haven't really decided that or maybe they decided office without telling me that I can I I think we will see what happens to 1 thing which is very typical of letters that were still experimenting every time we do something we have no answers we don't have a question it's like jeopardy so that's the way we look at that thank you thank you all the whole isn't going to have
to do with the angels of the media managers and all this kind of your business people well we don't really do this business so that's the problem may be and but where we are talking some of these people but we have some really 7 people working with us at last year when I was here and we were for people etc. and with 13 and we're still growing region put people find that deal with this and so hopefully I don't have to deal with the things I know nothing about I can go and speak which I know very little about as well but I tried and but it is very we
have some some of them coming from my background part and all of that it sometimes we to come into places where people gives you awards and all of that and really interesting thing was I went to UNESCO picked up an award for helping with culture in the world and this french fries giving an award and speaking about and asking so how is it
coming from Sweden making something as creative this to help people make money from the internet you owner of the part like that all the didn't realize I was there was kind of weird but it's also kind of nice sometimes not to be not just this guy from part right you know the questions so that know years in the above
the 10 per cent cut of the revenue sharing and
economists so you're not planning in the foreseeable future to go down from the 10 per cent and 2nd who can apply for this revenue sharing for instance I'm running a self-hosted
blog can I have a lot of revenue sharing as well yeah so we will go down from the 10 % but we you know the recognition of be of the sentences that we have that kind of we haven't decided in numbers and that's the thing we're working out until the 1st of may have but it will be based on volumes if you have enough traffic you will be your own revenue you can be the new regulations yourself this is about what is big enough to have enough money if the prior is that is so it is I
think people want to it out 1 when so somewhere is running I'm from the
UK where latter is very little used on blogs of which is different from the situation in germany where you have a critical mass already do you have any tips about how you might build up a critical mass of gold using flat which I could take back you can in
which well I think that you should just tell everyone about flatter and widespread and better than Meteosat identity of conflict but but I think it is spreading the word and also just having buttons everywhere because if buttons everywhere people take it and they will understand what is the and that's kind of a catch 22 problem with that is that because of everywhere Germany everyone knows about it and because were in the UK no 1 knows about it and will not know
about it you have to just kind of be aggressive on that and that the but everywhere can right but I did any
number of how much money is being transferred by letter right now well so is so that number is growing all the time but I think it's about 100 thousand euros per month that is being transferred by flatter every month so it is becoming substantial amounts but it's not big enough we wanted to be the previously have always said you know we don't want to be the solution and so on but I of course I want global domination and not thinking just the world the universe that whenever anyone in the world is being transferred to flatten happy just a quick question about how
you comply with international financial regulations
if you're allowing completely anonymous transactions between people and I mean I you would use of of some money laundering and other illicit legal purposes yeah so far we have a license not have a license it's not as cool as having a license to kill but it's almost as school and there's a regulation and the you money directly in the European Union thing and if you just if you're agent for money that you take money from someone else and someone else and they are actually sending money between each other if you don't have to know
about that would people are real so we do it says that we keep a little information about people as possible because we we believe in privacy and so if it's not too big sums we don't have to know anything
about you so but we are combined all those that we have to be given also really want to 1 last facilities just a little bit further the that means you're not going to be cooperating with an international agencies of 1 another use transfer the money and all that depends on who the international agencies if it's a new people that don't have jurisdiction not we won't comply but is it people that have jurisdiction over us that we will have to comply but we will always be on our user site and we you know always fight for their rights but if someone has money laundering on the system that's not really what would that the but if they're doing it you know that won't really work for them and so kind of how the system works makes money laundering and all of these things really not very efficient so I we haven't had any real problems with any form of abuse or anything so far that we know about kind just a simple
question why is it that you see the way
Klingons states and I haven't had coffee today so I always do this final stage to feel down to no I'm not going to work what I think this is the likelihood
that a lot of people that man the but you New
moon at all