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Unter dem Titel "Diaspora: building a better way to share" wird der Mitgründer des Open Source Social Networks erzählen wie Diaspora entstand, wie dessen weitere Zukunft aussieht und wie wichtig es ist, an derlei tollen Projekten auch mit tollen Menschen zu arbeiten.
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on we're an and you a really we living then a
yes and my name is Michael solves between friends and so the logical diaspora so I'm here to tell you about today and then so these 3 things I'm just going to go over hopefully we'll talk too fast and kind of nervous and there with on so 1st
understand 1 another brief overview of that maybe some of you have heard about and what not I also can tell the story from kind of preview little very tell stories of people like but the thing actually talk to you guys about about making stuff I think it's really important thing about not just what we've made and what we do in power sort of embodying and what we're doing when that we think that hopefully inspires other people makes the union of the diaspora and and hopefully there time for to name because a public talk way too fast and I go through way too fast so that just really quickly about me 23 years old I study
Computer Science and Media Studies in Europe University and that spectrum if my mom you molecule so just to get it said that's where is an open source distributed social order that mean and totally non near jargon and it's different people finding following messaging and sharing with each other on different websites so the thing that my friends and miners were sort of worried about this the project is that the place that controls your social graph controls how share that basically means that because at your old friend graph is on
facebook they kind of defined like what sharing is like it's photo albums it invented it's it's is very sort of set standards set of things on and what kind of really weird about that
is that regardless of who you are and you know how you like to share it the same experience really 1
experience for everybody if you're old young and the man or woman Granger little why black doesn't so the same so we can think separating the social graphs In the mode sharing that's the users in control and allows for more innovation on the web we think if more people more applications in more web sites online sort of could use your social graph with your
permission and if you can kind of take your social graph everywhere you went with you and the applications could sort of compete on how cool they hope to share things or the cool things they helped you create not the fact that your friends are already there so you have to use what happens
the project doing this we're certainly not in the only open source projects changes and this is also not an
exhaustive list but you know this is not the only people we just sort of have this is our story and you know I I think we're making really good strides but not in school saying to what of these projects really we're working with you know a a
lot of people but that's losers project but if it's also been really popular so and the thing that
Mexican blows my mind as we move going and on proper open project for 6 months but already the top 2 % of all free software projects such as that from place galactic software 100 contributors not translations it's been translated 32 languages have 15 contributors with the commit access was a people who sort of contributed multiple meaningful contributions and I with the 6 most popular project on GitHub which co-training website
not sure how popular is in Germany but on this legal system were still now funding this is still from the early days we again what kind of story but I'm kind of everybody heard about it before we had a you know released anything it's kind of weird but I but you know it in In sort this out of phase it's still really help the project and then you will be moving out of focus at at
the end of the year and we train about what more and there's actually a bunch of German kids who run a relatively large installations and you can go check out its software that runs it communicates with the server we server people all over the world 1 so the ideas you can count on any 1 of these but you can find following talk to anybody who everyone no matter where they are and you know so it's a working plan it is also a work in progress I like the way that he has some Mitchell Baker speech yesterday you know I like the way that you kind without that you know we're still figuring out to certain degree but we have to sort of get something out there to understand how it works because a distributed social group in social graph it's not gonna look just like Facebook it's can allow us to do different things scale as do new things and we cannot have just you know reinventing the metaphors that doesn't necessarily happen overnight it happens with people using it and giving feedback and contributing and also different ways to really quickly just he really interest in the project
and this is just some places to go to this is not end representation so if you can tell the code of your appetite you like our enhanced with us there we always love but reports that you haven't had a user can In a mailing list but so are a back story and and maybe perhaps you guys know about this but I like all that's what is the resistance of the hideout and so the 4 of us partners
billion Raffaele dental and I we're all in the CNN NYU which is basically just like computer science in our club and their you know it's basically a 40 square meter office where you would find you know a computer science undergrads at any given nite all working on sort of random little projects some little hacks and certain things and you know it's general kind of you're debauchery things kind of going on and we all men actually building up make about 3 D printer which is pretty cool thing had to do it yourself kind of character Prince three-dimensional objects pretty but so we served on this habit of like we had like a and project always that the you know we're always working on it but the time refreshing make a about you know the of time like looking for a new project query and do like now we like staying here until ungodly hours a nite doing work which is kind of weird but about that time we start talk by many animal and he gave a talk by the name of freedom in the cloud if you google for which is a really good talk I'm going
to really like reduce it to 1 sentence which doesn't do it justice but as you know he is basically his basic thing I think ring us is that you know we give up a lot to all of these services when you you get a free account Facebook per google or what not and sort of the cost of what they're giving you doesn't it doesn't really like amount to much of anything so why do we give up anything and I think the point of single line that really wrench with me if we think this is not cool and is not the way that the Internet should work for technologists why haven't fixed that yet lies in the solution and really weird nerds there's not really a good place to go and things you can do in order to sort of get away from the center being just sort of kids to like to play with technology research thank you that from the corporate pretty hard pretty and that's like classes the hard it was just give it a shot you know it's a good opportunity to stand on a friday nite order pizza and hang out your friends so we sponsor working on the problem and you know we just start prototyping and doing crazy things that may or may not have worked and I was not interactive social attention for weeks and among and 2 months and sometimes into each other like this is also like maybe we can work on this this summer
and might just you know may maybe people on the internet maybe be interested in contributing to you know having 4 guys were in you get the common of Roman money so the idea was enough for God's for months and oven dollars we make
about make how much more open source software we can make in that in that time and release anybody can use it really cool so if European after not familiar with
Kickstarter to crowdsource crowdfunding website where anyone around the world can serve 1 GB donations if you make your goal you get all the money the down nobody gets charged 1 of so we really only sent it out to a bunch of friends actually the nite before our project by Daniel and I hadn't really like yelling conversation about whether we should ask for 8 or 10 thousand dollars and then say I want him yes for 10 thousand
dollars and I so we really only since about 2 of your friends feel like hey you like the internet like we're doing this thing trying to raise money so we can make and new software to help enable this distributed social networking may be interested in it and all of a sudden the tweets started kind pouring and from people know and then people we didn't know so retweeting and and then also started the blog articles about it and then people like EFF started tweeting about it which is basically like a huge near dream lot and then the day graduated college this happened which is
there this is mildly mug on the front page in kinds of St. and this day was actually really crazy about that they actually graduated college to see how this is a pretty big day but was also done over 60 500 people give us over 200 thousand dollars i which is over 2 thousand per cent of all we have to ask for another kind of funny thing we saw this picture is is this isn't the picture then not they actually to this is the picture they they took actually Daniel had thought that the oldest probably done unique most profane Unix joking come up with would be really funny about 3 months before that and I had actually been on the track better I will read aloud but I think tank a B may go down in history as the only person to drop 3 just bonds in greatly so we're kind of program right
just but yeah and you can kind of see it it's pretty interesting and there really was no trick really is that really
lucky but and that big spike in the data in York Times article ran on the strength of the house so if you're wondering how much getting from page of the year times can help whatever you're doing about that much how so so again the so the project on was we finish in June we
actually up moving out to sentences go we're basing York you know and have political pillar of many people you know from all over the world saying that they were so excited for the project and how they they help how they could they contribute your time just freaking out because this thing that we were doing in an office and in the dark by ourselves as for some reason the sort of taking the Internet of a restaurant and 1 of those people who you know this was Canada lands which is sum consultancy and Francisco that's pretty cool and they offered us a couple of 3 desks so we said like yes please and would love to come out just go and you know what what has happened
since then I mean June of last year and I really is all just hard work and learning and that's the real truth of
making some some technologies began as the family work so what people say because it's been really quiet heard much as well as because we're working really hard on Austin but also in September of last year we open source your code and in November we can have a private office that previously mentioned and it's been going really good and I'm excited to say that in the next meaning but next like 3 to 4 months ago here a lot more about that because we're going to have do a really big push to sort of get out there once we think that we're sort of in that beta phase so really excited about that but I think you can actually alumni wanna talk about something that I guess I've learned that was the primary reason why we so because repair curious guys and we want to make something obviously something that would would help everybody but we kind of want to make it for ourselves we want to see if we could do it once you begin to solve the problem we want to have fun with our friends so so I I guess 1 thing do what I write is about making
stuff and it talking about really big ideas and the concepts is often something because we all of the internet and we all love thinking about what it can do for people and you know the speed ideas what makes comments is likely to look a possible it's it's a very good thing but I actually get a little antsy when I'm sort of talking about it too much because I get antsy they're
not actually making something and trying to implement these ideas and see if they actually work on rather than just talking about it so but I really want to share cover these things
that I've learned in the past 9 months about making things and what you know what I hold diaspora for some people would not necessarily like I mean and what people think it's amazing I want to work really well and I want to be really cool but on from me a huge part of our success will be someone who's maybe like here maybe I'm sure insurance and there was a guy that had an interesting idea and then he he did something about it he made something cool and like why can't I do that why can I make a cool crazy things and I think to me that's kind of what makes
the Internet go around these people with weird crazy ideas going off and actually making something and it's amazing how it can change the world something very simple so just I guess a disclaimer to is a lot of these things a probably cribbed from somewhere else and where I remembered where they came from ireland assured annotate them but I actually think I hope that you forget that I see them and internalize them and making them make a neuron because not only that who said it's about I guess feeling it so the 1st thing maybe sounds kind of down but I find something you love and and do that this is maybe
Scott directed at some of my non-technical peers maybe when say here but it is only important thing is you know you want to cool to get excited about something you love you not you know to cool to not totally go for thing you want to be doing served in Europe have a lot of friends were like earlier economy a filmmaker around a waiter and they go on and you know what I mean artist but I just for can a gallery and all these things that I kind of get a little bit frustrated about them because it's like you know you should be what you wanna be 1st and then sort of
figure out how to make it happen and then you know that they be easy for me to say I'm very lucky guy that you know computer programming is 1 of these weird thing that if your sort of obsessed with that has the nice side-effect that you can probably find a way to figure out how to make it happen but but it wasn't actually even that easy for me I think actually sir how I came to pursue that reveal Coleman who spoke yesterday about the locals and the anonymous actions make thesis adviser and why you I was writing my thesis about my thesis on of Ruby hackers in comparison to and other open-source hackers without going into too much I really HAK there's a really weird in comparison to other free software and so this bill was sort of software and apologist I was kind of doing a sort of study of Ruby hat hacker anthropology and basically what I learned is that I'm a terrible anthropologists and then and ultimately I cared more about what these people were talking about and the actual technical discussions that I did actually sort the subtext of what I meant that they were talking about it and I ended up basically programming when US was to be writing my thesis and actually ever finished my thesis and if event and I'm pretty fast changed but you know this was all happening in Darfur was happening so it's sort of like just never did it but it's because I found something that I think attracted more to what I was doing so this sorry idea didn't finish but I maybe a little bit happier now and running you can and another thing that that that was really important that island and Oscar and also in another class start the simplest networks when you're making something you need to figure out whether your solution 1 mean anything to people or to actually solves the problem of trying to solve but sometimes to be really surprised that something that's way simpler than you know what you imagine would have to work I could do I think a good example this is a course I took many Dennis Shasha he is a professor of Computer Science at NYU and he was also wrote the Scientific American puzzle column for a while but and this is a class that brings even the most grizzled of computer science students to tears every week it's a class where you basically in game form were forced to write an algorithm that tries to attempts to solve an unsolvable problem every weekend he makes it a game where all the students algorithms compete against each other in which everyone does the best wins so these are insanely hard problems that don't actually have definitive answers there's not like 1 right solution however and it's all about you taking making it letting the computer to the really really good guess hard problems but the thing he always said was you always wanna start with the dumbest solution you can think of because any solution and many times is better than no solution but there times and then it was actually really interesting because in some of these weeks you know everybody would have tried something really complicated and nobody
did the completely obvious thing and therefore no we won the competition that week so it just goes to show you that
sometimes things that you don't think will work and work and certainly can make them better but you know you have to see that it totally fails another way to kind of think about this
is that if this is kind of a maybe a same the scope languages but are you know not the entire Internet is brought scale which I guess is kind of like you know a lot of these big companies saying all these huge problems for the Internet oral about enormous data sizes and doing everything in 5 ms and you know needs to be scaled to 1 billion users that that exists and I think that that's actually kind of bogus when you're thinking about it from what can I do I mean if you think about it Twitter at its core is 140 characters in a database and you can prove that that's a good idea that can allow people to communicate with very little amount of infrastructure and I you know actually working on are we argue we people take Twitter still it doesn't scale but yet still managed to change the way we use the internet forever so when you're making something you don't need to worry about can I you know is dislike marketable right now at can I like to the stimuli and uses because you can prove that idea is really cool and destructive without you know making it this huge thing you know he he you you could learn to program in a week and make something really cool you I have like be an expert it to make something really neat make stuff reflects the world you want to
live in I'm obviously with diaspora sort of makes a lot of sense that you know we sort of said that you know things like Facebook and what not a not good for the internet and they don't really promote innovation 1 not you know so we want to make a social network that did promote innovation and did let people have control over their work and connected with and where the data was hosted on but that is only time the surface because in a in a way we're almost making it so we could let people sort of feel the world they want to live and because I don't necessarily wanna be someone who tells you how to how you can share something you know if you wanna be totally private and not share anything like I wanna make make that make make it available so someone can make that option available to you I think sharing is what makes in Austin so I want something that respects the way I want to share but I'm not going to tell you this is what you can with this is where you can share but the thing that I think there was 1 of my most prominent status of batteries that ceremony and also kind of got this
feeling from us and was necessary because I told her like you know you should do what you feel you should make sort of diaspora what you want embody the world to be about how which is our number 1 contributor actually what I consider her 1 of my good friends now and that she didn't really interesting thing which actually was very different as for the project which actually changed gender to a text field and that's you know a one-line HTML changes it's
not really like it's not like a technical decision but I I was really proud because you know she she was kind of continuing the spirit of making diaspora and molding something that you know reflected what she saw and what she wanted the unit to be and you know again 1 of the only people who think this way persuade Mitchell maker did also talk about this billboard campaign this 1 is right outside my office and an absolutely tickled every time I step outside a lunch because the I guess I just get like 1 of these and another thing and so my 4th rule for making stuff answer is you already know the best people you me on these my for founders were a bunch
goofballs but I definitely like 2 years ago said to myself man I really wish I knew like 3 people that really smart interesting cool thing than I could I collaborate with and work with and you know not that long I realize equate the people I already talked to totally interesting and smart and totally capable the and actually this next step also September later on but the fact that the ideas at sort of
Diamond doesn't that but you need to give 1 away in order to fit the new 1 I don't know if everybody's I had this thing the this is a match for only 4 but if I have a really cool idea I'm thinking about and running around my notebook if I don't like tell anybody then I just like sort of
like later on a single idea for weeks and weeks and weeks but I sort of I try to keep it safe sometimes and I found like the 2nd you tell somebody else you have with another amazing idea and so combining those 2 is like that the best idea you ever had is the 1 that the people you care about are also etc. no small groups teams can really do amazing things and being able to collaborate with people you may not have something as simple as just a
silly idea for we can project is the 2nd 1 was important things you can do and getting feedback even from 1 other person working with 1 other person I think will make
any crazy idea you have between real and tangible and much more sort of effective there's 1 other thing I want to say on the side of that forgotten but we'll come back to so the thing is that you don't need an invitation to create
disruptive technology but this 1 actually got from last week and this really awesome lady and aerial Waldman sort co-opted this thing which is kind an Internet recently and get excited and makes things and I don't have her often slide the find it but I was get excited and make destructively accessible findings and aerial Waldman I guess considers herself a space Takahashi space she I guess in unintelligible unjust associate some really sorry
but doing the best but she loves space and I so at 1st she went and I got her so the job acid if that's what you thought you need to do in order to like you explore state space but which he realizes that you didn't have to work at NASA in in order to explore space and she can work with people and as for communities to setup of this type of word and now with sort of people she's collaborated with across the world she's created basically basically you can do the experiment of the 1st satellite that wanted to earth for under 150 bucks so you can send where the balloon and space for you know some nominal amount of money in and you can do these amazing things that you know people don't necessarily think possible I think and I think it's important to note that you know how much the Twitter example that things which are necessary destructive an amazing and environments of really big ideas are not
necessarily super technically complicated or or expensive to think and make sure that you know new company a start up for me what you think otherwise this one's actually kind of suffer related and so the idea of really early and often
by the by making more generic to Capri types and it's the idea of like don't be afraid to call what you're building you know a mentioned when it's still under construction but don't lead Hoffman's has
of course if you're not embarrassed by 1st release waited too long on and I think along the same lines to have some idea of what people call we're doing a toy then you're doing the right I I think it's in the front of think that sometimes you and I guess have this penchant to kind of
downplay what you've done downplay where an idea you have this can become and I think that you need to go out and to get feedback on what can
become but it's totally OK to say I've created this thing this is only the 1st version but is out there now and it's going to be amazing and and I think a lot of people picked a lot of times people are sort of to bashful them I'm willing to serve say like this is going to be a big idea I think you have to be excited about it and we have we have to convince people that it is a big idea but it's important the rate and have fun when you're
doing not it shows I I mean I I think the 1 thing that was that people have asked me a while ago had a you think you were so successful Kickstarter it's kind of a weird story and I can tell that like well we were gonna do it
whether we got the money and not really within do it to given money we really that was analysis wildest ideas of what the vector space of what could have happened but even about and then you know you really just wanna have fun and hang out with each other and might make some really cool stuff that we could you know think about later and this also shows because it makes it really easy to kind of sort of be obsessive about the thing you love to do another thing actually gone we will shortly I said at
this code conference that uh Friday which really fits in with me was that like the way you make out some stuff is by not going on a friday nite and and I think that's true mn mean partially because a major there by myself because a lot of the diagram
elements and then we can weather but now but it's kind of like you have to you if you if you really love something then you know that's all you want do your sort of obsessed with the that's all you wanna think about and your so excited about yourself from that you know it doesn't matter so now is also share the love this 1 is actually I actually thought about
taking it out because I haven't figured this out yet if you have any ideas for how I can extract this to non suffer people have suffer people have really so they were really easy out that's what on get have another coaching communities it's so easy as a programmer to sort of share these cultural artifacts and have them be relevant to other people you know in a way if you're making something that isn't codes that's not necessarily immediately obvious what makes it usable and understandable and school for some of us to use I think maybe spacecraft that word is actually a decent example and and looking at how you know non codebase things out communities
of people can sort of share information and make it really cool but this is an important part of the puzzle is is you know
you wanna know what the kids wanna know that they wanna know how you did it they wanna know how you know how he thought about it they wanna know how you can do it and they go there and you got talent so the same idea of the you want you want to get in this scenario
would like the byproduct of what you're doing for yourself want to inspire other people so it's kind of cool but in a way diaspora to me is kind of selfish in a way only because work on making it because I wanna and because I like making it and it brings me joy and fun to do and I get to work my friends it just so happens that so many other people are really pumped about and I'm really grateful for that it's really weird but you know it's really lucky situation and then there's actually 1 more but this 1 is that like you can be afraid to fail I think this is 1 of these things that is
also kind of hard to do in the you know not everybody can necessarily say that they can get in this position and I'm kind of in the sport imposition of change so the college so the worst thing that happens to musical supermarket product for the year after this it's totally tanks but I think that the important thing say that I didn't start out thinking any of this craziness was happens
I you know I just want to be some some of my friends just want to know the Brahmin my friends parents basement and code and I think that's I think that the key to that is that it's hard to fail and having fun doing something you want do then your definition of failure becomes
well so before we got in the room much to me that
thank to some hermeneutic questions will be yeah questions you can come to the front of the microphone then
here brave man can and all but 1st of all thank you very much for all of this very interesting and presentations and thank you for giving those 10 your
main lines to us and I would have used in polar form of but in Africa interesting about is a different and all these sorts networks and do you work together with these other platforms to you know there is something like a community of open source developers you all all you do you just know about the novel today you're going use unknown I know them on and and this and understand that guy's really well they can have a set of protocols have to get off he can everybody but it the particles called the status and that's it it's a really good start it's basically allows for sort of double the particles and forces open following of other people across websites so it's it's very nearly scope to
doesn't do some of the other thing is strictly sort of the Twitter style like how do you follow another account
on another website and a bunch of websites which is about to the projects that I saw a picture on a page or a set of compliance and there's actually a w 3 c working group that's kind of getting established actually the Federated Social Web Conference the General land and you and we just sort send 1 of 1 of the 4 of us that conference on I mean our city and you know some of you are talking to each other but are welcomed inside different things so the idea is we have this kind of make in parallel if you think you for the question really is ion stuff but what I want to know is that other than the
plans to include the location into 1 of the messages that in and and everything on the Deskpro and if not
so what would you recommend to to develop and to get it so in the core maybe I'm I'm sorry is the last great question but if you don't plan to work includes a publication from of what would you do right now what would be your
recommendation for developers to get it in the core maybe sometimes the accidents themselves in so that the development of diasporas slightly chaotic and
the way we kind of structure Manassas were sort of I don't know if any of you have been of accountancy we can build the interface and the back-end as as monolithic thing at 1st because we're a small team and so of needed to like focus on a single kind of implementation of the protocol but hopefully the ideas that we kind abstract away our front-end and are sort of interactions from the back end of like how do service after each other and what not and so basically there should be a very straightforward way to sort of make a location-sharing base the layer on top of diaspora hopefully within these next month so the next question is going to be about having you know a million different ways that developers can integrate parts investment applications they can build a completely on top of diaspora on but as a matter of we had to make it work in a single context and have people like at 1st and then when you really really focus really hard making it easy for developers to make 1 things on of so definitely In a few months will be very straightforward to add applications to and the hello medium taken on this but day you're defining new particles so you the all printers 0 status is established protocol using its 5 different technologies against that so so 1 the you for example startled makes and you and pretty much everyone amusement you may have makes and you found someone else so I mean it's and I mean I don't want to much into I and we did look at ppm and we're not aware of that I think there is also this whole peer group of status is not based on X and P P 1 and I I think there's good reasons for it I think it's interesting that in a couple of people who designed and p and it's interest rates and protocols very very powerful and I even think it could be possibility that will be part of task in the future but it's very kind of new experimental basis very rigid so I think wouldn't want
necessarily stop because if we found everything needed everything that's pp had been can always go there and future 1 of x and all you can always extended but the exist it is realize when you're taking up the um I mean it's it's worked to implement particles and you always you already have a and B presents sample and that recent signs and counts so is is much more work to build a platform and meaning the software and the particle of the same time I mean it definitely is I think we're not not letting at all the spectra guesses I mean it's not it's not for every project it's going to be done in you know totally tied up and perfect and here it's going to be the best of all the people use it if people are using what we're doing and it doesn't matter what protocols support honest people love it and 1 use and you know and it becomes the fact that like need the protocol in order to continue to grow than that so when you do that rather the pain point B you know people are used people
to many people are using and that's what we have isn't working in terms of technically rather than for users the x's related question is you develop a team because you seem to be new they're afraid like that 3 sons making some bad choices the way you can think of electrons was the real rate of yeah I had already happens yeah I mean it's it's it's always an experiment I think the idea is that when we work you know whenever you choices
small business so yeah I mean I think like we switch databases already that we're using a mean but ultimately not to get too much of a softening is to test application we can refactor pretty quickly it's pretty malleable and I think that the this segment has been a major things that make us very rigid and the could you both question the and so it not been here on the beginning of this talk of maybe you have talked about this on and I'm wondering about your vision on what do you want to achieve and really how old are you going to achieve that are mean like hollow is to die for going to start from principle for example what I you means society from the people from Facebook where it's really convenient to those for because from my perspective buildings infrastructure is really easy but the content and those of the people of of providing you the value that's
that's the hard questions and get me very that question I think all the 1st kind of we're going to go after that there's tons of websites that online their social I mean like Facebook did not invent invent social interactions online and in there is obviously you know what people book but there's tons of other social interactions that are happening on the weather kind of these more kind of long tail communities maybe the forms me the small groups of people organizing and other other pieces of software I think part right is that if we can get some the smaller dense communities to sort of each structure sharing relevant information between relevant of small communities then you know when a it up from the ground up like that we're not necessarily going to go after you know the mainstream news events at 1st I think we you see a lot of value in connecting the smaller communities of 1 by 1 and kind of building the the network slightly more directly and based on that things people talk about and they want about the last 2 questions the height of males the technical question although few of them from the and just when
taking the question and maybe 1 or the other 1 is the technical questions at this time and the same question as before the protocols because we're trying to implement as something that's folktales form and the Federation of but while for 1
therefore this integral the old protocol which is quite that specify the retrieval document and all wasn't trying so answer was well just read source and the 1 and number limiting itself to all status basically excluding all the Federation of already existing claim if any of particles operating identity with protocols operating statuses sex for example saw do you have any concrete plans on getting just a basis some standard protocols already established before it's too late and we have to 100 instances all speaking just or whatever I mean I think that it is important that you
need some work for for people before we do all this work and infrastructure and and changing and not the reason propose closing documents because it's really simple only know which
changes so we don't want people link things on top of that until we know works for people so but other that run counter to the whole idea of Federated Distributed social networks while at the end of the day doesn't work for users then it doesn't matter how wonderful publishing unicorns protocols that has if nobody wants to use it and we wasted a lot of time building some complicated stuff that's not necessarily search to make but people don't want use it so we don't just try not to a thank you again last question yet I want I think you're an inspirational only technically but also in a social or the way you do that with the crowdfunding uh of these orbitals being made from the top that might be corporations and from the grassroots by free sulfur and stuff and we used to call its shareware called crowdfunding and it looks like this structure sort of a new thing that's happening now and do you think it's something that's starting
around its code in the future everything will be crowdfunded and made with matter which of the think this is 1 of the big way forward crowdfunding but I
don't really think it's going to enable an interesting new pocket and I think 1 thing that it does is kind of gives you as someone who is seeking crowdfunding sort of justification that may be on something I can think of yeah that sometimes hard to deal with it in as a which free software developer sometimes it's hard to know what to work I mean sometimes you have something that you want for yourself so you want to build it but maybe you want to build something that people want use and I had to think crowdfunding really is a great with experiment to so do people want this you know it and then the Department democracy as well yeah so I I I think that it did it's helpful and I hope that it does kind it has done in spite of these Kickstarter I know certainly there's been lots of little products of things that have really sort of 1 been possible attitude you know could be tested before it kind of existing and interesting and but I think that the stability of a place for maybe more traditional versions of funding and also for herself for people so and so they see it like you know destroying any venture capital markets and things like that but I I definitely see it as kind of an a new opportunity for people to get started and see what they can do you know this the amount of thank you In another unit amid the
warm the at a time and to the a at all