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The architecture of the contemporary city is no longer simply about the physical space of buildings and landscape, more and more it is about the synthetic spaces created by the digital information that we collect, consume and organize; an immersive interface may become as much part of the world we inhabit as the buildings around us. Augmented (hyper)Reality is an ongoing independent research-by-design project by Keiichi Matsuda, exploring scenarios for our future occupation of the city in the context of emerging technologies and ubiquitous media. These emerging technologies can be grouped under the paradigm of Augmented Space, unified by their ability to overlay physical space with information. It is a paradigm that succeeds Virtual Reality; instead of disembodied occupation of virtual worlds, the physical and virtual are seen together as a contiguous, layered and dynamic reality. Augmented space disrupts the long established dichotomies of public/private and home/work embedded in the city, and calls for new terms to describe our inhabitation of it. The hyper-real mediascapes of the future city are depicted in two award-winning short films, Domestic Robocop and Augmented City 3D, which will be presented alongside production drawings and a work-in-progress first glimpse at the next film in the series. Designed to be provocative and polemical, the films provide a platform to build a debate around, and a counterpoint to the future utopias promoted by many tech companies. They explore the implications for privacy, identity and the construction of space in a dynamic mediascape, with wide-ranging consequences for the practice of everyday life.
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my hair the so mom a
from London England please welcome kitchen so that time but what B but what the you and in the
following part of talk you don't have that was very somebody in the I don't later OK this is supported by reality the other thing that will you when reality is that but I didn't talk about millions of people on the Internet the following all the time maybe the previous of something that it's coming fall out of the way and it's like the because my area for problem I don't think so far only this the table by back to the beginning of of what we reality of the book because I think reality of the parties in a way to find reliable all do you think that all right really all the things that I could have the major
the power the in the so where is the relative about is power bring information time or so the the screen all the newspaper on media on the as the literary here really really out of and I think is really what treats the regret that there is a trade off the I studied here because of
yeah I think it is something about the way that we can use information on space it's really interesting me but I think that in the future we're going to see that have a kind of virtual layer of the city becomes a very important part of our experience of of the urban environment I not yet this is all called the hyperactive about about that the virtual overlaid on the physical environment and understanding
what issues are raised in this and and how we deal with them I think that a lot of issues surrounding privacy and politics than and social interaction and economics that you know I can't do everything but I'm just trying to start by identifying the key issues and then tried to start by looking at how we can approach this architectural angle on the by showing my film at the most probable
because the lifestyle we will then I will only I have
to think and this kind the whole who used task force in the background of war recall curve grad continued to lead to this with the duty to
students in can I help you go this in she the she the rule of the time to good came from the point of origin to the you
didn't want a little too close to interview alignments trained community project Linked is here you will hear be the he walked will also that is how do we my mind on thank you again
the is that the the the the the this moment that kind of a flat
again I'm I'm quite critical about what would happen if we have this environment because the media so that if we have if we allow on the internet and that by the to come into everyday life and the 3rd layer by every environment then I'm quite worried about you know what will become of all my thinking I think you can see here it's right and and uh article on this but there are some interesting things about it well I mean for example the social network model that's coming up and we have that the environment around as opposed to thinking about how we can use bayes throughout to across better understand information so
there I'm giving both of those that space here that to relate time and that look kind of like a geographical factors but we are belong to the wall you can use prior understand that they've beginning with I also here you can see that there's many kinds factors like which it's but and Ballard added to well part of it is kind of our network sponsorship and premium model a part of it is also being able to you uh graph little bits of what I'm interested in and bring them into your involves been essentially defined on environment just because the probable you can with here but some and take on the table and some uh some thoughts on the wall I mean this is
really just so I can tell that because when I was in the other thing that you need to be that much 1 the in reality that the
contracting things that get a much better now but I found really interesting but that we can start to think about an environment which is speaking to the divide rather directly us so what what's happening here is that the people of the Forum of the camera or whatever is speaking it is reading the environment and its related emission up of the last 3 habits and 8 mediation and walking through I didn't project I would
like it the some of the competent from the project this is another 1 that
and not making but can see this kind of wayfinding elements
and uh of of billboards file of advising identity becomes but like this because the policy pi much more thoughtful ways to use the alive but only the made a
comment about on both of these things are all I predict
about augmented reality but this is really part of a larger program I which not that none of its schools where the space an augmented spaces is seen as a kind of progression from virtual they watch reality and but for reality
is product we have like he's the the point of all add to the network uploaded fold from the Internet and the master the and relax again although the Sun
undergraduates many people we actually protected this entirely we decided this is not what we wanted and the renowned Prada woman base which consists of a variety of both what will flow of other things like because you think wearable interfaces continent faces and different centuries that are required to support that and this is in
interesting important thing about the place but that is it requires a high level of after surveillance so Everything is
recorded and tracked beta is used the bombing right and this is really part of so you have this kind of violence being the functionality of augmented reality or with
based on the things that the negative effects of the memory of what
I was interested at all that In the last time you thought I had people world up right and the native of I was like in the past contributed to the space of about the the typewriter we're going to find so much anymore this is where the variance was spilled anyways so so much of our environment in both of the thought of that
model of how we could not do that this whole also the right side of your the the
full use of right the event some the backchannel from both and so this is kind of a model for and faced the this is again about the environment because the device but his another employed and this is
about ideal space this is something that has been brought from their thinking about what reality but if it holds true with regard to if
we can have many states we can choose that you are environment that then what we see about how to redefine what are like that I think some people at maybe something natural might be on the beach what is referring some of the people in the renaissance someone maybe like uh modern house somewhere I think all of these things are based on a bunch of lecture and I think the point of lecturers festival on the ground and if you want to write about the media the we and things like that you much more below that probably to find something to do all I feel about that made with the political theory of the quality of the process or maybe it's the presence of the panel on the other kind of meaning of the these things are much less important than relative but we don't need to worry about gravity of structure anything like that so with them times my chief interest from that so I think you know about the that so that was the problem that I was thinking about what is the ideal
space my answer is this because of the ideal and this is somewhat
participation and customize fragments of the hypothesis that troubled that there a book that this to the people of the world in favor of more than that of actually have something really legible file structure moral fault the idea is that you brought interface based off growth space becomes a kind of projection of your personality I think this is very similar to the level of the of the aggregated the and like reader or withdraw Facebook countries read the whole world
probably the whole thing the reversible part from so you just trying to of the things that that I think this is has a much better
idea of what I feel this is not the kind of ideology but I don't think so but we understand this from the perspective of what you have to be made of like and part of in
architecture we have all of these ways of about we talk about public and private what about the the arguments that don't
work based living room I would like inside and outside all of these things that are becoming more more relevant it doesn't really matter if it inside out the really matter but it's public or private because this is the kind of knowledge base but there may be people the broadcasting publicly along with the other maybe people who they must be public activities that part of the whole thing and likewise you can have private bubbled and of things well for example from the Boston had more involved in your the head and they were all whatever
the creation of closed private environment within a base so different from becoming less and less usable but to replace the I want when I get to work aggregation you can right the broadcast news what rules and of online learning right and you are active while because of their this person method and apply to the head which contain things like that the status of
french every so much of the data of both of them and I think I mean
and 27 years old and I think I'm probably just about it later and so grown up with the internet and I think maybe and part of the 1st iteration really you really so what about what I'm putting out a mockery couldn't yet but it's that's an account of every time have a photograph of the basic problem that I like about and the other half this aggregation but this is the
kind of that want to run and this amounted to bring all the people that are interested in I also controls the the the what about the the linear growth of the length of the know this is the 1 the
out of if the white involving the what let's see what other will contain allocation based information to attack the mission and for any kind of out to all of the other things which required to be in place and if the roughly kind of based on and that that the are kind of like the fashion but because it has certainly would be it doesn't need the became the right place for kind of ground the start of the electricity is not that that and
the through topic it's the written by events and factor of that
rather than being there forever 3rd level is the this kind of approach fight and the navigation of wealth what unnecessary of which is important at and this has been here is your thoughts but the only 30 have can be anything I just think that at the start of the thing that people again on the whole the world things that many but I was kind of cultural maybe the start of the summer for experimentation and of of the of and finally is that the real it is called the built environment which is basically just confirmed that the creating integrated child there are 5
people of faith so the model looks like and decorating laughter the global
led together the right the wait for guys really reported
laughter and it should be write a letter yeah it'll get it OK so the like something right this I would especially like part of 3 little
bit it's a bit difficult because of the color of that and hopefully you get some kind of sense and and in in and we know that if in the they then the and the yes all
of the and it was in the in the end of the all I
I the this is this the the who do you have of what kind of enough time
that the final thing is supposed to be that you would have like kind of reality as well as reality and they were kind of merged together all
the other the reality that we have by find giver unique variance that I wanted to because of got long because of the of is
sorry yeah so this is this is the kind of level 1 of that you like
I I like the way all but the reality that we have a different from the scale that is all about we can make anything any science it's just about the dimensions that come to but it's more about dimension of the degrees of fire so that things can be big and small but really make a difference so you can see a lot of it is and
purpose of this space be a bit like it really nothing
this this interface that's the contextual of the know but when you walk out in the public and the environment changed around the medium relabel the and main group backing it for important ability based on I disobeyed it all but
I think it's nice that that the the interface can be smart read read the action or without you having actually program of
such an effect on the this is kind of but you have both to learn the parts of the
and your 85 in the college can do this you that you think of a lot of and the idea was that appear above
head from I'm here to tell about is pretty back and think really that
would work right but you can see in this environment that I had this but you plenty of money on many of the of the environment but the idea that In the same way out to the whole Internet come to the whole of the that you that you have to look at the end of you but you can make the match of the environment you create an environment you live in its 2nd you possible because of
survival for interested in In the kind of spatiality of these these interfaces so that I mean this is a fairly traditional menu structure but it's better than that because we have a kind of special home run that every decision you make and the thing that the state but you can kind of find a shared with
the when you see the shape you don't have to understand where you all of my reading of the the Department of and that if you like the article you like we conducted a study to thing all yeah this is not really the case
it was like yeah I think but think the project of 30 I think the 1st people right that this the public and I think the product is this program and I think if you look it I think it's just following of where
we're living a life right now look at all of comments about it
a lot of that is kind of held in that it would be in I I
don't really have a kind of wheel that I want to things which I
think are interesting because you know I kind of wanted balance of being the like of liable for the parasite rather than somewhere in the middle of of the interest rate I think there are some people in this room here who will probably have something to speak in the way that augmented reality is going out of the the way think that that the you we still
have many many choices that have lots of of how the with the people and like 1 of the things 2 those was walking type wrote of
you know what I consider to to be acceptable quality flight this week they health but I think we have the bipedal about it
and that many interesting problem solving In the end the kind of in the same way that will make the became digitized and
multiplied within the same thing with British base this is really fucking thing I think we're running out of time so the 2nd question but more information on my web site you the well I was going to write a
movie classes but in fact maybe right about this and that and that
and I'm hoping to make the mobile I think it's a new product to the ongoing independent research project and some distance funding of the moment but we but they didn't hear many questionable that
nothing here much the and I am how do you think the technical
of utilization of this would 1 because another as a guide that and if you question I mean a lot of the things that they rely on the analysis of the reality which rely on some
kind of the neutron bomb had separate this debt so also those that you are the technical aspect of the ball and had to be slightly aware for example tracking i had the same problem you that
that you type of thing and then you put your programming that but I think the
best thing Bill of investment in a lot of enthusiasm about making this kind of thing a reality and the policy is also a great possibility people to make a lot of money from the wall which is a good and a bad thing so in the past year I'm not so
interested in and of actual technical detail that I'm I'm more interested in the architectural preventive and how we actually designed as well I think there are a lot of people working with that but but that that review because available private maybe you can have a
little bit more about this aspect where some of 2 people come together and that their reality managers I think this is an aspect of this totally new you you you the only get a person known of on the that way as you you can start to explore this world the use of the death of the body
was thinking that um 3 at time I was thinking that hello
time and but I have a friend motormouth we need someone I'm assuming until the video you choose and can each other about the
radical those before a lot of it is about and the media around the but in the same way I study on on the kind of concepts of domesticity about how you Korea but and I have 1 of the interesting thing was that in and of course England than living room became of great importance have room to protect yourself to the wealth so you had a bedroom and at the time of private you have the living room which is defined as miniaturization of water well the interests and that becomes a kind of way to the process of self right I
was thinking what if you can take the living room out with you and show that to people and then what happened that they have been living in the wild and combine those 2 in created using real research to the different and all of these things where there is talking to each other and you have like this is totally unique based only have the 1 person I think that last kind of what we already by but when you
meet somebody new haven't great conversation that only happens between the the difficulty of the report but so I think this is this is really the facilitating already there and I think it was as if I plot this that that you know we have haven't changed with for this of and building the same thing that we just had how we do that I think and went like this then you can find the possibilities and have I think the next because the was I had time to make it better the detail think of other ways to interact
with the things because that I always find find it strange to see people moving down there From cells and I think that's part of the success of mobile device that is it's space by its present a large gap so people don't really they see that you work working on your mobile phone number in the writing message I take picture that and I think that as soon as we start all start to move our arms
around it gets kind of even more awkward you know what the 1st time I full somebody's the the owner of a free thought of
was flickering crazy person right hand motor industry
code developed but I think there is a part of it the that when something new comes along and with initially like this so by and then we can use that become mobile so that the possibility the
gestural and attracting but the ITER agreed maybe that's not the way that I made you over the reality of the way that of
flag and its it was in large part on what they think
everything I've been talking about that they we also apply to any of the other technologies in the part I'm not just the reality is this all of things that have been faces the wearable even the kind of mobile devices that you can they can still apply the same logic and operator difficult to the the Bible and which is what really the website I talked about how we can provide architectural physical built based effectively for all of this is now so the moment Wikinews learning based like this is what is for this but it is a model for arguing that you can have a meeting in in a coffee shop or you can turn of Boston to look at games and by the matter anymore so all the way to think about the truth about growing were outdated but this is the kind of the guidelines there but they're not the person that I have yet I'm not sure about the survival but I think it was just the way of kind of waiting the of way people understand video and you that is an approach that what
home you look at each other and will


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