How Feminist Digital Activism is like the Clitoris

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How Feminist Digital Activism is like the Clitoris
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In ihrem Vortrag mit dem Titel "How Feminist Digital Activism Is Like the Clitoris" wird Friedman erläutern, wie zum Beispiel die Twitter-Kampagnen #mooreandme und #prataomdet zwar große Aufmerksamkeit erreichten, aber doch eben nur die Spitze dessen zeigen, was eigentlich ein tiefergehendes und komplexes System darstellt. Wie lassen sich Social Media und generell digitale Tools nutzen, um eine starke sowie stabile Gemeinschaft aufzubauen und diese in befriedigender Weise sinnvoll für kurz- als auch langfristige Zwecke des feministischen Aktivismus' einzusetzen - die Antworten gibt es auf der re:publica.
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more and that you got to a little warmed up
you're not shy are you good to excellent I am simultaneously media activist and sex educator and so it's a great pleasure to yield a combined mighty passions into 1 type of but how can this digital activism is like the clitoris and the the are many and as you will see as we go through the top but I think that we have to start we how misunderstood both subjects are so
for example just as many many many a map to find clitoris many many years of
establishment activist golden them and beyond need amount to find feminist you activism which is mysterious just like there is considered not in reality there are hard to find but we do know of Susan
Faludi recently that the American feminists well on a whole ran in Harper's Magazine about how the young feminists are interested in activism anymore that the head of 1 of the largest pro-abortion rights organizations in America that talked about how you know young women are interested in feminist activism anymore and the reason that the generation ahead of us I think this is because they do not know how to use the internet at least that is the only inclusion i can draw because as you'll see there's an enormous amount of feminist activism happening online and fact all of the examples and mean using today are drawn from just the last 6 months is the only things that happen recently we could go another 6 months back and you a whole other set of examples but it also is understood in a way that it's alignment of you can't get out he's but people element out when he was the target of of some feminist activism with them on the campaign how many of you have heard of more me just to see where were out of the water we talking about in great
length but there was a Twitter campaign when people were men who was a you have left talk host had on Michael Moore the filmmaker talking about the sexual assault allegations against source the WikiLeaks founder and they wouldn't have put this in great detail today but among other things people remain called our our protest against him
a stupid fast right a massive organized to the campaign that actually got real results was called a stupid fast so when it's not invisible is much maligned let's not visible normal things a lot of people tend to think of the clitoris and affinity activism like but right you pass it and get a result but it's not a but it's not a vending machine if it
doesn't work like that in reality you have to actually work hard to do from a social activism 1 of my favorite by which I mean least favorite examples of this if I can make a slide go come on of is this a Facebook breast cancer awareness campaign I don't know if it has made it to Germany but it's sort of all
the rage in the US but last year it was change your status to the color of your broad to raise awareness of breast cancer but the trick is like
don't say that this is about breast cancer just make this to your Facebook status the color of your all the new iterations came like where I like it
I like to hang my person X place but don't talk about breast cancer just it like this trendy thing without any content right and I can't
tell you the number of times as the myself I
get some retweeting at me off each looking at me and saying spread right there is no introduction that there's no
relationship I don't know who they are or there's no contact there's just this assumption that you can press the button and because you're using digital technology you're
going to get instant results and again after into the and not the case neither with the clitoris nor with them as activities so not a vending machine this is hard is going a little so I'm a little behind their ego not machine nor is in fact underpinning of the rhythm of going faster I compute area a rhinestone Hello Kitty pesticides or suggest that it's still not but it's not a dispenser candy so what is it if they are not the clitoris and feminist digital activism is that the part that you see in the part that most people talk about that is only a tiny part of a much deeper rooted system this is a diagram of the clitoris you'll notice that the gland which is the part that we think about the clarity the total kind Chen with actually happening what we consider the clitoris all of the except example the reader there those that's part of the clitoris right and similarly then this digital activism has deep roots and reaches far beyond sort of the flashing parts that you've seen so we're gonna talk about more in which is the campaign just references and here's what happens in December Michael Moore the filmmaker
went on to big you know msnbc talk show in instead people people really we just discussed and and called the alligator sexual assault allegations against a solid but that there can't the chart just the condom broke during factor you course no demonstrably not true the charges they're about somebody being held down on image of being raped in their sleep but the charges are quite serious called the charges recalled lies and smears and a bunch of hooey so basically he said like we don't need to listen to it we don't eat shit women's rape allegations
seriously because we like WikiLeaks this is obviously a line now the reality of the matter is when people in the media dismiss women's accounts of sexual assault the real results social studies that show that follow this and show that when it my greatness like 0 she's obviously lying or minimization of charter things like are perpetuated here the results are that women are less likely to win not related to the media or the particular story being discussed less likely to report right the courts are less likely to take charges seriously because they also the courts run by people have heard these things men are less likely to to take their behavior seriously so the real ramifications when people especially big left wing establishment people get up and say things that are quite damaging to women
so that happened and then morning have more energy with a Twitter campaign hashtag
campaign led by city Doyle into the ins and outs of it in a little bit of and what happened is
that she sort of stage a campaign tweeting out Michael Moore to apologize in recent statements and many many thousands of people of all genders joined in and then at the end of a week later this is what Michael Moore
said exactly a week later on Rachel Maddow another sort of big talk show host but she's
she's said every woman who claims to have been sexually assaulted or raped must be taken seriously and those charges have to be investigated the full extent possible these 2 allegedly items have to be treated very seriously and Mr. solids have to to answer the question right at the big change rather than reversal Italy that the novel universal for a
little hashtag use then will it take a look at what really happened because more was not just a hashtag led by 1 person again not just abutment you press for results we start with things that happened before Michael Moore opened his mouth on this in the 1st place so as soon as the allegations against the songs revived in November a number of us started writing In respectable publications and on our blogs wherever we can about how important it was that we separated out the issues that we can support Wikileaks and also take great allegations seriously I publish something in the American prospect selon published something we also some things and I'm some of the bigger the
left-wing and feminist blog come on student activism and 17th stand up all this culminated satisfying going so much slower than it did when I rehearsed it yet but someone even if they don't know who who will later lost published her
own broadside about it before Michael Moore opened his mouth I don't know why I can make my slides forward here we go little and then
Jessica Valenti of publish something in the Washington Post again so there was a whole groundwork being laid before on the but
was was even a gleam in anybody's I and that's really important because all the again is is much larger deeply rooted network if these arguments have been made between campaign would have been less effective A. because a lot fewer people would have known why they should care about argument has already been laid out in numerous places and these these articles and many more like them were part of a Twitter campaign so when we were tweeting and Michael Moore and other
people people would link to these and other articles for further reading of the 140 characters is fantastic but you can make a deep once argument was the time 140 characters which can forward an article you can forward material that material has to exist so this is part of that larger network so that happened and then Michael Moore said idiotic thing and then after the come after that the Doyle of rights retiree down and I should say has been writing for Tiger Beat down her blog for a couple of years
tiger is always of already a well red feminist blog in the in the US and that she had to collaborate with other Federal anonymous bloggers she had already established a readership people knew who she was she decided that was too much Michael Moore was 1 of her the heroes and how many of you are familiar with Michael Moore's work the price so so just like Michael Møller In Roger and me stands
outside calls up to Roger she wanted to call out to to Michael and gray like trying stand here and wait until you respond and and that's what she did on Twitter she's put something out early in the morning and it was that Wednesday the day after the thing aired and said here's what I wanted to and I responded to her again already established routes we have a relationship and because we are both activists in the same community and eschews like who then and I said I manage slides I wanna do that had Michael and me and I
said 0 I think we should use more and started out the characters was that back and forth and several as jumped on the bandwagon amplified and a Twitter campaign was born and I cannot exaggerate the impact of this with campaign there were many many thousands of tweets on this hashtag every day using the hashtag more on me and then most of them
going at Michael Moore there's a whole sideline keep keep over men who acted like a total child and flounced off of Twitter as previously reference and I'm going to talk about that unless you want me to during the unit and the are as the sample i i don't that knowledgeable save the defeated by the way if you run a
Twitter campaign ch screenshots you can want talk about it later and of but this is assembled people just talking to Michael Moore most being respectful thing here's why it really matters what you said and white what you her people were really asking for an apology this went on for a week thousands and thousands of tweets a day of course trolls jumped in their arguments some people went too far it was a public conversation with a massive protest led by the Agency was on it morning noon and nite
and of course she wasn't alone not only were there all those people hundreds and hundreds of people
from all around the world literally as they would go to bed folks in Australia would be taking over so it was constantly going across the clock on the clock but the signal amplification from existing outlet is very important to the feminist blog Jezebel which is a huge readership picked up the New York Times
picked it up Slate Magazine picked it up and these are already established media networks again that are part of the network that were operating in without which this with this campaign would not have had the impact that have but again it's not just about Twitter campaign it's about being connected to the entire network so there are also a bunch of things happening that you couldn't see at all and what many of you probably familiar with the term backchannel or whatever it is in German and this is just a joke of it it on to the backchannel things happening also writes a CD is getting emotional and structures Egypt support from people she knows including me e-mails back and forth 1 of her bloggers decides to take over the comment moderation on the fly we had to decide what policies were about people who are using the thread who were saying hateful things advocating violence arena the kind of French people that will come along any time you have and action so there are all these things happening literally behind-the-scenes informally that there that are documented on those are also part of the system and you have to have those networks and relationships to make a thing like this work if
CD with literally in this all by herself it would have been untenable at practically was the it gets even more things happen so partially inspired inspired by
the action on more in a bunch of women in Sweden got together and launched their own hashtag
campaign which I'm going to butcher was called after all that I think which translates in English to talk about it an idea of the talk about a hashtag was to get people talking about times of where sexual consent was given and people don't treat it like rape and sort of all those complicated issues around consent and
sexual consent that we don't talk about and this again became its own phenomenon Hugin Sweda picked up by the BBC and really sparked a national conversation Sweden about what sexual consent means all on Twitter and partially inspired by morning me also as part of this but because I had written that piece and because my involvement in more in the i 1 of going on democracy now to debate Naomi Wolf so those of you who have heard maybe wealth may know that she's noted as a big town American feminist but they we also position
in this case was to really back this knowledge all costs right and so she had written several pieces but this a repeating that sort of 0 is just a broken condom tropes saying at the women have regrets after perpetuating always rate method many of us were really horrified when looked at to name the office children and so when I was asked to go in and talk to her about this on democracy now I suggest that a lot things going to say and this so I would only marry will I don't see now
talk to wealth and she actually alleged that the allegations as described in even constitute grave pretty outrageous and and now we have fairly notable conversation that on democracy now which I bring up only because that conversation got me on BBC World you say for an hour talking about whether or not a son should be extradited to Sweden and and when I when I
heard the news at last leverage judge had ruled that sounds fact can be extradited to Sweden and I could but think but it's entirely possible
that Abbas judge had heard me on the BBC my thing I'm responsible for his decision of course not but may I have been 1 of the influences if possible at all because again we started there but the roots and the reach are much deeper and broader so that that's sort of the basics of morning but there are a lot of other things to talk about in terms of how it worked and what the impact was so just like the federal and this is a lack of them can require serious stamina
and I asked Sadie Doyle who is this period there have more in the coming hours that she thought that you put into this campaign as a woman who has
to cater to the building as jobs to do but she spends upwards of 100 of our own personal hours in a week making this campaign not to mention the the emotional trauma of rats were which were in talk about in a minute and and the stress of it all and she was it was beyond a full-time job for the time that didn't end and we also can overlook that we can make the work involved invisible right again it's
not about not a vending machines and social activism takes a lot of work as is all digital activism and just because there's technology which makes things look pretty easy doesn't mean they are in fact free they're always cost to pay and in time and seminar 1 of them in addition and I mentioned death threats Doyle absolutely God death threats of a lot of people involved the campaign got death threats and some of them
as people who just did not want astonished to be open to these sorts of allegations and just want to depend class I got called a right
wing CIA glory hounds and what that like everyone here at least favorite 1 it will come up in a 2nd but so this is a charming sample the male that I received
after I went on democracy now I and talked with the rate allocations but this is just a sample there were others and I am not alone what we know is that any time women speak out in digital forums they get targeted it with we seem like making impact we seem like we have a certain amount of power were going to get targeted it happened to tech blogger Kathy Sierra few years ago she was not talking about politics used to big shot in the technology world and some asshole on the internet decided to target her because she was a woman taking up too much space and should a published efforts against her not only did they that they published her address in her personal information info about her kids to the extent where she won't up quitting her career she quit her career and his her shifted gears and is no longer has an online presence and we see is over and over again for women who take up too much space in the public sphere online I get e-mails and and communications like this all the time whether
or not this comes to pass and I do want to say clearly that there is not a lot of evidence that
people who write the e-mails act on them I
can't find examples of times when people had a friend in this way and people carried through on the threat and that's important to note for perspective but none of us wants to be the 1st time and you really can't know and so that takes an emotional toll as well as a sort of told terms of station safety mobility you think twice before you say things the next time it really does for the chilling effect and both personally as well as in the ways that women participate online and again just in the same way that when media people talk perpetuate rate myth online it has a real world impact on real world women that have nothing
to do with the media these threats you also because the this was in my private e-mail box but there are plenty of threats like this on Twitter on them
on the thread to women just for participating had trolls come along and and say hi is horrible things and that means that the fewer women speaking up overall it has a chilling effect on women's participation in what is now the public square the Internet so we also because of all this the hard work that it is it helps to have a sense of humor and I really have enjoyed a lot of the way that we have blown off steam in these campaigns so I want my favorite feminist digital activist body used
is the feminist hold on Twitter and if you follow feminist hold the I love the feathers OK I consider funny I just included because it I think it's sort of spot on messaging about songs in case anyone was unclear about how I feel about these things but from his and and other sort of funny fact that higher she's not satire he I don't know I think that Twitter accounts are a great way to sort of blow off steam and also get message as well somebody started and I am the fucking wall fake Twitter account sort of mocking sort of maybe
wolves shift into the dark side and and these are really great ways both for us to feel scene and connect with each other and also the sort of satire and humor can be a great way to get message out for the folks who don't respond well to sort of direct confrontations with another approach and also my friend Deanna Zandt is really amazing media technologists and made Naomi Wolf of bingo and if you can read that is it's dark sorry but she took all the things that many will cover feeding in all of her rape apology media interviews and make a bingo cards that we could all just find will laugh about it these are really important ways and and I bring it up not just because it's in a useful strategy to think about your own work but also because we've got criticism foreigners and especially when we were sort of a bunch of us which are laughing about naming online and I kind of marking her on Twitter and I heard from feminist she said
like that's not history the the that's not very
sisterly to save somebody can be in the club and somebody can mimic other were jokes about like were injured drivers who writes for a great but who is the name of which assisting me anyway she was what she was doing is very funny also tweets about the not only revoking namely will spend the card which of course just given you wouldn't and there's no such thing of the Internet by Brahmins and but then she's like undertaking we will spend start at a dinner and like here's a great time and have no no we will stand as diverse as this funny thing and when we sort of brought some blow up from people within the community who were like that's not tonight and then and the opinion that I don't have to be very nice straight apologists and and and that if I want to laugh at
once to make myself more that's OK so another way in that sentences activism is like the clitoris or sexuality in general is that trust can make it more powerful I've alluded to this in a lot of ways already but a lot of this work is built on relationships if you just show up and say I nobody knows the nobody knows
who I am reminded gender is I wanted to tell a really do this you're probably not going to have a lot
of good results the reality is that relationships are what matter here
technology is a great it's a tool but if you're not using it in conjunction with people you have an actual
relationship with you're not gonna get very far how would you do relationships matter wealth you you can get help but you can get perspective from people and the Doyle after the success of more the launched as the subsequent campaign called Dear
John which is the name of the speaker of the house in the US and when the Republicans launched the war on women's health and women's reproductive rights over the last few months and it came about from the there was a bill to redefine rate it had to be like violent rape in order to count all United States of and then she had learned she learned a lot from your diet from morning where she sort of we developed a lot of things ad-hoc in which she did when she was launching here John is she started in e-mail chain with a bunch of other activists that
we all know each other and I think we know each other I should point out that many of these people I know online I'm not met them in person and but the relationships are no less real and factors assists recent study out that proved that digital social networking digital
connections can relieve oxytocin which is sort of the bonding hormone in your brain right so those are real relationships and a lot of times we hear that this isn't real right like well I don't really know that person and I just know them on the internet but those are real relationships and these are people who really have my back in the work I'm really doing and vise versa and we did that and you're John there was a round robin e-mails we thought struck talked about strategies we talked about who would take shifts reading the comments and moderating and we really put together a big strategy just totally on the fly because I know these people I know their work they know me and we all trust each other and so when the Fed let's jump into it and do this we all said how high right but that doesn't come without building relationships and relationships also come from those funny conversations and I'm talking about our daily lives and knocking about things in commenting about each other's lunch on Facebook all these things that are much maligned as sort of the frivolousness of social media are actually about building relationships that that feels solid and real and trustworthy when things go down and we need to work together and the organization that I found in women action the media that's 1 of our goals is to create a growing network of women who are working for gender justice in media and and 1 of the ways that we do this is digital activism and and by which I mean we have a really active list serve no I talked about this I always feel like it's sort of disappointing and like the movements the
effects of having heads of but the reality is this is a daily
conversation between journalists and media makers and activists who use media and media activists where we challenge each other's thinking we help each other get jobs that we you know support each other and make jokes intelligent were not crazy we congratulate each other some successes and it becomes a real in some real community this conversation has been going on 1st 6 years and 1 of the ways that community works because we know and trust each other is by saying like this swimmer has a campaign going can we all get behind and or shape I will post up an hour on Fox News has happened recently about other of those of on Fox News and I'm getting all these comments and I'd love for them to be part positive comments over there and we all go over there because were community a real community
that happens online and we have each other's backs those relationships are the foundation of any activism and make sure you ignore them at your peril of course
because just like and this is what is is part of a larger system and we also ignore that hurled we only use digital activism to get our work done were cutting off a lot of tools and again it is not cutting edge is not always the answer you can be part of a larger system under that shift gears here and talk about a different campaign reality is a recent most of them are from the states to that's where I do my work and so there are a series of billboards going up this 1 went up in Georgia in the fall basically telling and black women who have abortions that they're committing genocide against the people and they are by the way funded by the same people who did the anti gay marriage initiative in the US so those networks were in deep and are all connected on the other side as well and so this is when the wind up in Georgia and there's also 1 the next 1 while when up so that new york the woman whose kid this is uh probe freaked out you know knowing what the picture was for the her continues in this way this 1 just went up in Chicago says every 20 min 1 minute are next possible leader is aborted and has a picture
of Obama on it this what is up right now all over Chicago but so how do we respond well to a bunch of organizations have got together and created a campaign called trust black women and the whole idea is that instead of telling black women what their decisions mean and what's best for the black community we should trust black women to make that decision for themselves but the trust and trust black women integrate online presence but that's not all they're doing so you can see on the next slide it comes up you can see that partnering organizations and again there's that trust organization but just met each other and they linked to call each other up cold call and say hey joint work together these are people who have a network and relationships working together on going and and these are the multiple strategies they're using they are using social media to great effect to do this but it's not the only thing they're doing here is there what you can do page about how people can get involved and you'll notice that Facebook and Twitter are only a small part of the campaign and that said that's all I found out about it because Twitter is they're using a hashtag him on Twitter again called trust black women and women are speaking out about black women are saying like you're the choices I made here why they work for me and it's a wide variety of voices and brought my attention to the larger campaign and so it seems
clear it's just as itself was probably get mean you have really more fact right and seeing digital
media as the only way activism is also limiting yourself in a similar way but also the same he and I would I also 1 point out that sometimes it pays to get technical very and the so a bit more who's really great activists Chicago where the latest set of billboards the of ones have gone up you can take I think that the that if you remember and she discovered that she actually knows because you a lot of work is about the commercialization of public space that these billboards are honey illegally not because the message but because they didn't that's the way they got home require a permit and that she found that they did not get a permit and so she is now launched a campaign to to insist that the alderman take down the down words because in get permanent
and that's OK that's a totally legitimate strategy she is by the way using an online platform to do not care to use petitions Chechen platform which is really great eating petition platform great for
circulation and it's really it's OK to do that getting things getting change made on a technicality is better than not getting it means all of course because not
just part the reproductive system it's part of many larger systems so it's part of the nervous system brain and here what we're talking about a feminist digital activism I would say that the nervous system is analogous to the media lot right so that's all corporate media as well as the independent media that broadcast and print remember actual print newspapers and magazines all the different ways that our media gets done and if we don't connected right what you see in this example as we go along a lot of ways that different campaigns of plugged in if were not connected to the rest of those media outlets were going to have less impact similarly that means we have to be interested in what's happening with those other outlets right we have to be interested in corporate media consolidation we have to be interested in media policy in in low radio I don't know what the local German media issues are but when we think of what we have Facebook and Twitter you know like we have 4 square and you know whatever whatever Media Technology here using that's not the end all be all in order to get influenceable larger level society you have people to connect those campaigns to the larger media network and then you have to be concerned about the health of the larger media network but just the same way that if the body's not healthy the problem of me too much in the mood for sex so if the nervous system is the media
I would also say that the muscular system to which clear is also attached is democracy right and as we were talking about what a lot of talk about Egypt in the Middle East right you can have all of them all the technology 1 if you don't have democracy it's getting get pretty ugly us so
again you have to be concerned not only with the help of digital media but also the help of democracy and it works both ways right like factors get free and but also you're not healthy you're going to be less than the median and there's a similar multidirectional feedback loop with the rest of the body politic as well as so let's talk about Egypt you learn a lot this week already about the role of social media in revolution in Greece revolutions and it's been used specifically as feminist activism among with women in Egypt as well a great woman is monster uh a photo collage on Facebook photo album of of women participating in the protester women leading the protest because this story was not being told by the mainstream media again we have to be concerned about that
mainstream media for this exact reason so here are some of the photos really fantastic photos that were selected to
show that women were taking the lead in women were at the forefront of Egypt's revolution how
did I get the story if I got it on Twitter similarly the great to it you know there are also great about women activists were been tweeting that following to get the news out of Egypt about what's happening here is just 1 of the women who have found really indispensable to follow but but the reality
is that it's not ultimately a panacea because just a couple weeks ago on International Women's Day what we know happened in Egypt Amartya women were be and abuse by my mom's of men because and women are being shut out of the democratic democratic process the formation of new government right now so we can feel great about all that digital media activism but again the larger democracy is not healthy women are not getting
where we need to be and is not an end all be all and I think about when we're talking about feminist digital activism as well as organisms is the
quality can be more important than quantity right it if I had got people laughing over here know that that that that that that I think this religion and you're not sure what to make of material of there not OK so so called can be more important than quality right like if you have lots of mediocre is as good as having have as much really great fact that's call for me I would like to have half as much really great that like I had that much really great lakes but it not all thing on the left great fact than more mediocre
sex the same can be true in terms of how we evaluate the impact of Our campaigns this is an example of from a an organization called exhaled which is an organization for women who have had abortions it's a 2 D political science space for them to just be able to talk freely about what that felt like because you know that the US conversation abortion so polarized intends that a lot of times that we use the actual women who were involves completely with no word talk without being him dragged again as a example for 1 side the other so they created this organization just for women
to talk about the abortions and how impacted them and to well special as as part of the their team mom showed blob of a lot so there was this big 16 love campaign when when the organization featured and some of the young women from our feature on until of and the idea was to get people to show a lot of support for the young women who had spoken who had had abortions and and we got a ton of attention got huge Facebook and Twitter numbers about here it's all those metrics that we know how to measure but but if you talk to the folks who ran the campaign will say that this was actually the best outcome this young woman who
wrote and he said thank you so much for sharing your story your so brave I haven't been able to talk about this all at all but watching you talk about it I have a little less shame no right now the victory that success in
and because this all workers so hard we have 2 cars successes where they are right in the numbers sometimes don't matter as much as the results for 1 person I think that totally
legitimate way to look at our work to decide what's important to us and and prioritize that the next slide says that sometimes restraints make things better seriously now 1 is being is well my gosh darn OK what I mean by this well besides the obvious 1 the things 16 love did to get a successful campaign is they had a very specific and restraint guidelines about how to participate in this was not a free-for-all again we oftentimes think
open is the best rate the more open the platform the better the platform but if you're trying to get a result like the 1 we saw that's not
always the case so they put down very specific guidelines here's how we want you to participate we want all these statements of support we don't want political statements from either side and it was heavily moderated to that and the only gonna because it was so a heavily struck structure at the beginning they only got 3 or 5 messages out the many hundreds they receive the even had to turn down and so sometimes it's OK to say we're limiting well how you can participate right this is the 1st specific purpose again if you know what's important to you you know what the restraints are the important here as well but think it's important to keep in mind that
with the clitoris as well as an integer lattice and is to keep trying a proactive approach satisfaction critical thinking so finally I got you
warmed up so as a lot of times in a lot of these
campaigns when talking about have been reactive campaigns like something bad happens and then we all gather together to respond another very important but it's not always the right approach for example my organization women action the media when we read the study that came out a few months ago and now that said that only 13 per cent of the authors on Wikipedia or women to be go protester Wikipedian offices no we did what we did instead it was we put together a weapon are to teach women how to use Wikipedia and why they should care about it but what happened with this well the word spread it was like a lightning the women are dying to find out this information and then we keep the yeah the post to run Wikipedia gone touch with us and said we're really
excited about this can be seen and now on conversations about them about how to put together a whole series of these so that we can have a whole campaign training women to participate sometimes the best approach to changes in trying create positive change instead of protesting a negative 1 but this is not the last specific example real without taking questions very soon and this is actually happening right now this is a campaign that started last week and I couldn't resist talking
about it build intensity so this is a twitter conversation called things that
people are told it inspired by the uh response somebody had to being harassed for being fat and then as a response somebody started the hashtag things that people are told and it's become a really personal place for people to tell their stories about what it's like to be found and and the shame and sort of century that comes along with that in the American culture and cultures elsewhere as well and here's just a sample that I stole from from the feed and and what's on the thing about this is people are telling incredibly personal stories in 140 character opinion I think here the intensity
that building comes from the power of story after story right people are making gigantic political arguments no 1 is proposing policy changes people are simply using Twitter to tell their stories is is a lot like the Swedish talk about a campaign the telling of stories over and over again and the collective impact with Twitter is great about creating a collective impact right because it's so easy 2 for everyone to participate in 1 stream because the hashtag it's because the act access to entry there's a entry solo on you can create there literally there been thousands of these posts in last week and if you read them it's really emotional and it really gives you an amazing overview of what's going on in terms of 5 pressures have politics right now but in ways that if 1 person had just read it without the has said it would never happen I think the power of our story telling through social media and it's something that we should always put front and center of social media makes it possible not only to tell our stories but to tell our story together in a way that collectively create an intensity in a pressure for change that telling a story over here telling history here in in sort of that disparate telling stories takes a lot longer to get to you would be the last thought to the more you have the questions for the wild which shares but the whole woman matters but what do I mean by that well that storytelling sort of segues into this right that if you are mostly focused is actually on the that's all you care about you care about if your data having the time and you know maybe other things that she might like a any of those things you know again you're probably not to be a great lover and if you are only focused on launching the campaign or how can system that you do X you're missing the bigger picture we have to take a look at our digital activism it incredibly powerful just as the clearest is
incredibly important on it in the body but in fact it is the only organ in anybody's body dedicated solely to pleasure and has more nerve endings then headed opinions I is a really often intense place to be but if we only focus on not we lose the bigger picture similarly we have to keep paying attention to the big picture in our what are we trying to achieve had we think we can get there what tools are appropriate don't want the tools right your activism user activism to use to decide which tools engage in what ways and then also we need to stay in touch with the fact that all of this work is done by people that's the other level at which this operates right the technology is going to do anything for you by itself I and behind every tweet behind every post behind every text message is the person and ultimately what we're trying to do is create a world in which all of us have better relies self-realization the ability to learn liberalize the way that we want to and to connect with other people the way we want to and
that's the whole point of all this as well right this is just how to reach me if you want to answer questions you had the giggling backstage the world bank solid
laughing under have any questions come on down you can shout I've done you into silence of males this you don't have the question over here of age this gets cited microphones on here and over here is it should be on the that OK now that's much
later and in the effort of another laughing at thing it's just as being the European and that I was just wondering because and I think
especially with feminist activism the trolling is the very exhausting part and yeah I know is probably the secret recipe how to deal with is the best way by any advice he could give here on yeah sure
I can talk about trolls of if it is exhausting and I think the very 1st thing that we can do is acknowledge publicly how exhausting it is in that we are a whole people and that we have emotions right so but after I debated very well I got hundreds of e-mails and tweets phase and some of them were acting in support of but there was a whole new lot ugly coming my way you know what I and morning was still going on at the time was hiding anymore in me right and I had to to drop out it basically dropped out I was like I can't talk to anyone I can't deal with anyone I am I'm a sexual assault survivor and feeling incredibly triggered and somebody online on Twitter I was still to actually at the debate over supergravity kept posting really wigged out in summer and I think I said something about the feeling really trigger and this lesson actually i meant to direct message someone privately on Twitter but I accidentally posted publicly and it was the best thing I could have done people talk about how to organize feeling and how we're involved in people just can't stop sending
supported somebody said to me like if you're triggered you can stop like you did your part let somebody else pick it up right now and that was that's I think the best advice I have about when he gets to feel too much when it's too hard it is to honor that take a break take a deep breath can now do whatever you need to talk to your friends those relationships really not talk to people who you are connected with enough trust with an end
recharge but don't go away permanently that's what they want right what they're trying to do is shut down and so to take care of yourself in the short term makes it much easier to keep going in a long-term knowing you can take a step back and take a breath means that you can also take steps forward and that the that surprise I have also like sometimes take legal action or least take documentation you know like I tell people don't suffer in silence in that respect either because we need to be able to see patterns and at the same person is doing the same or there's a pattern of what's happening to all of us and we think it all at individual problem the light is you deal with that we can see with the parents are we can strategize together things any more questions a kinetic energy fun of direction in which it at the beginning there's a have hi and and while that's not the problem that just
stepping in but we have like the whole topic is here at the Republic of this year and we just had a discussion of size because people are thinking or at least talking about there's a Wikipedia table and there aren't any girl soldiers you know open up a female Wikipedia table and the question I'm asking myself this is that the right way I mean it's there you can go there widest separated itself I think does this this whole thing make it worse and you have a lot of experience of that what is it the right way to do universe so yeah I think the question and the answer is
is both right so ideally I think women do you need a separate space where we can talk about our own issues of part of what my organization does and because because sometimes we need to talk amongst ourselves but it's not that's not the way of solving inclusion problem there are many of smart women doing amazing work and social media and they should be included and if they're not coming to the media roundtable there are included anything don't feel included they don't feel it's for them to think about inclusion and the thing about diversity in general is it's not enough if you are in the majority in whatever community were talking about bringing diversity into severe guy were about women's inclusion appear white talking about people color but it's not enough to say well they can how they want to write is that this is a historically male dominated phase women may feel we're or reluctant to come take up that the they may fear I you're hearing about all the stuff we get when we used up and participate so what people what women need you invitations right are you need to reach out to individual women and say hey we want you at this the roundtable it's important for us to come to this new year round typically make sure to be there you need to do outreach you to figure out if that's not enough to ask some women why aren't they coming women you would have thought would show up and say happening and then ask another another until you see what the problems are you have to and it's great that you're concerned right I love the draft the question and the answer is just like they can come and they don't but because that's how that's what happens with wikipaedia right that's true Wikipedia only 13 per cent of authors in Wikipedia are women I could women right Wikipedia at any time sure but there's a whole history there right then dominate technology women are taught that octet that were not experts were not taken seriously as experts have we learned from the media doesn't feature of expert so there's all this whole social patterns revealing and not your fault
personally but to overcome it you have to do a little bit more work than just open the space to help that thank you things like they may have time for 1 word was dimensions you can count you know you just getting in the or
not or another kind of area quite I 1 what
pose a library users of our system dating as a feminist so something as some point losses system to me and then soul of the year you speak about all this continued media you're exposing yourself to and I was wondering how antagonizing this entire thing is in your personal life I mean if you're dealing with this
adversity every day how does that affect you personally of what potentially that high level yeah I just so you know that he is referring to an interview with me I've spoken about my getting my publicly so this is not about so good that I did interview about how doing what I do impact life and yes it's hard it's well actually when when the whole Moroney the astonished him he was going down the democracy now I was just starting to date that guy who I really candlelight was going really well and and it becomes huge argument about it and then it kind is old and sometimes I wish I was a carpenter out ultimately this is who I am and what I do if somebody concept to that then it's not that happened but the it is hard and sometimes I wish I could wait longer for people to know like they could get to know me and them a regular person and on and not serious all the time but you know my book has the word rate in the title for so you know you're on the 1st day of what you do in this comes up so yeah it's hard and I think a lot of people I hear the word intimidated along which makes me sad I don't think of myself as very intimidating and not I'm pretty open a nice as regular you know like you will find persons where other but it's it's really hard but ultimately I'd rather be need and and find somebody who can deal with that I'm not I'm way too old to search engine result for somebody else you think it very much segments
for 1 room only 0 mean on