Geek Politics and Anonymous

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Geek Politics and Anonymous
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Over the last three years, Anonymous went from Internet pranking and trolling to a narrowly focused protest movement against the Church of Scientology to one that has now emerged in more general registers to protest censorship, attracting many geeks and hackers to its ranks, some who have entered the arena of politics for the first time. In this talk I will examine the transformations and tactics of the digitally-based protest movement—Anonymous— to examine various political and ethical facets of their operations, including their rhizomatic social organization, the ways they enact an ethics around their denial of service attacks, the spectacle they generate, and the ways in which they are rooted in and parlay liberal commitments such as anonymity and free speech.
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my at more than around the 1
interestingly there are we are Republican
thank thank so we're going to be hearing from virilocal men news should be talking about the politics and anonymous she's anthropologists looking at the monitors the media and its role in political activism and she's said to tell you more Hey thank you for the introduction of think for
coming out this morning I'm expected to give this talk today here in Germany truly interesting this morning at my hotel the person who technique instead of the new before I read your repeated in the Atlantic about anonymous thinking wow that would just never happen in the United States and Germany is really quite neat when it comes to technology itself and ready to be here so I had mentioned or I'm not a professor of media studies at New York University how many anthropologists who that a lot of work on the software and anonymous some just to jump in in the hope that will have some time procuring OK the only the last 3 years anonymous has undergone a series of transformations it was initially called into being primarily to stroll into practice and then it became a narrowly-focused protest movements against the
Church of Scientology in 2008 in September 2010 there was a new arm of anonymous a new operation
called Operation Payback then emerge and this arm of anonymous turned its attention to WikiLeaks in December of 2010 refuting massive media attention it received the attention because of the denial of service attacks with the dust that they were launching
against P. Poulin Master Card it was really interesting because despite the kind of map media coverage that was happening and despite the fact that they had a ready protested temperature to find colleges commentators really struggled quite a bit too describe the and the actions other participants kind of traditional categories and this difficulty in describing anonymous follows from the fact that anonymous is shrouded in some degree of mystery some level but not total anonymity the report they
have no beta no hierarchy nor any geographical happy sad and what is true about anonymous that it is the name that in theory anyone can take as their own therefore example people wanting the denial of service attack may not be the same people who write manifestos and
the people kind of organizing the protests against the Church of Scientology are not quite the same people and engaging in Operation Payback so there are a lot of kind of mystery and the conception to anonymous in my purpose today it is to clarify the with infection as
well as give you a sense of what is important about the politics of the talk is divided into 3 parts the 1st part which is the longest is the history I've given a little bit of an introduction just in case some people don't know what anonymously not go much deeper than there's this section also that meeting about power and authority and norms with an anonymous and I'm going to conclude briefly
with some thoughts about the limit in straight to the path that the politics and what we should be asking of anonymous area in the guidance FIL the roots of
anonymous lie in a very popular image forward for chance which I bet a lot of people here have been to n for 10 a place for people discuss all
sorts of things anonymously but it's also a place where there's a heck of a lot of trolls and
trolling it's certainly not the only place patrolling happen but it is 1 place in control and on anonymous or on 4 chan takes a unique form which is crowdsourced
distributed trolling and happens which of them trolling is not anonymous because individuals and on 4 chan and other places people kind of contributing small bits to troll and trolling on anonymous take various forms but sometimes when the target is chosen but lots of
unpaid people that are ordered to the target
home but there's servers of an organization that they're targeting the deed on the course the most important part is add splattering very humiliating personal information all over the internet and since 2006 possibly earlier anonymous has been trolling under the name now why actual well if you talk controls and they'll say that the motivating
force and emotional consequences for the walls below the bastardization and pluralization of laugh out loud M. them trolling the local environment kind of spectrum right so from trolling it'll that
creeping and as someone who were control and showing how often there have been 5 the target of of light 1 1 the comments about the love of controlling on a podcast interview that I did that it captures well the kind of our sentiments and emotional tenor of the love someone by the name of lobster wrote at Coleman I
appreciate the work she's doing but I would not want to be locked in a room with her she gave people and for the best who knows what words have taken root her mind and meeting waiting to unleash unfathomable nightmares for the walls that kind of creepy the well that you know the world without a spectrum it can also refer to kind of
joke and images he for a attack right well
unfortunately what controlling occurred in 2008 a legendary wave
of trolling with unleashed against the Church of Scientology by anonymous and a number of kind of decided to troll the Church of Scientology after a video of Tom Cruise was released in with the video that with internal to the church that meant for
public consumption but someone we and and then scientology would a to online publishers such as because they were taking a template take a quick look at the video show about 20 seconds and what
about what Mr. cruises brought to this world there's still remains 1 more word on on-demand colored John cruiser on Don cruise Scientologists if it is
true which this is something that scientology does this she has to do with the create new and better reality preconditions being Scientology she looks at someone you know don't that so we know that it so what's interesting about the video to see
if anyone is another kind of video production by ontology that kind of stuff I don't know why this 1 is kind of high production you know kind of ridiculous but this video went viral right and so anonymous after hearing that Scientology was going to go after online publishers are in the United States under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act they engaged in theory of rate which included people ordering back in the docking a
lot of prank calls and being kind of allied offensive it's possible and I invited some participant of anonymous my class and he gave a little lecture was actually quite good and 1 of them
described the raid quite accurately offensively ultra correlated mother factory and no consistent with previous
actions anonymous just trolling for the sake of the log but cannot after the 1st wave of trolling some participants organized a worldwide day of protest that eventually became a more traditional protest movements what happens well what would this change of heart about why did anonymous via towards more political territory what's really kind of fascinating because it was really really user-generated videos that where the actors that catalyze the debate that kind of led anonymous so accidentally income p-adically into the realm of political protest so the 1st video and also the most famous declared war against the Church of Scientology and it is shown that the full thing but a short clip of it hello leaders of Scientology that anonymous Over the
years we have been watching you get the campaigns of misinformation that the suppression of dissent your litigious nature of all of these things are all right with the leakage of your latest propaganda video into mainstream circulation the extent of malign influenza with those who have come to trust me was leaders has been made clear to us anonymous has therefore decided that your organization should be this drawing for the good of you follow us on the good of mankind and our own enjoyment I like and with Braque our enjoyment
can apparently this video with made for the love of it which is really made for the lot of that 2 things happen afterward a critic of the Church by the name of Mark bunker eventually readout white beard man he may again like look unanimous i the from potential here but you gotta just to over the top way out of control can you please
rain and patrolling PDB left and the painting actually engage in some legal political act and people could look at video seriously and then there was another video but it was a kind of Morrison here call to action made by anonymous and not people decided to move forward to organize a day of protest they left the Internet and on February 10th 2008 over 6 thousand people protested across North America Europe Australia the feel and supposedly 1 person showed
up in Japan and I really impressive actually here that the pictures from the protest
and I I want the 1 New York and what was really interesting to me with God a good chunk of the protesters black what you normally associate with street protests which is political consciousness intentionality and of course people knew about Scientology because it kind of part of pop culture they really don't know all that much about it and in fact that the atmosphere was kind of the last time and people were we're talking and Jupiter hypercharge Internet jargon about mold they're talking about long cat there's a
lot of kind of images of 1 cat might get
you know that sort of thing that that came out of the world the fortune FIL to capture the 1st day of protest and separation of people occurred a group of people returned back to the Internet from whence they came a group of people decided
to continue on to protect the Church of Scientology and they still do London Irish protesters who I met in August and then the
collective mood by saying I came to the world but I stayed pretty outrageous that sentiment was voiced by many it over and over again on form on Internet Relay Chat and so on so for now the lull you know he came for the love of state for the average the lull still had a role to play In this branch of anonymous in other branches maintenance bracket that for now and return to it because they didn't the police evaporate and what's interesting about anonymous that they have to juggle between kind of more traditional political proton and allow all of which is far more grotesque in inflammatory and humor and offensive and and gently between the 2 is not always easy OK so starting in September 2008 FIL about 2010 the name of anonymous with you in various capacities with still troll it would to protect the Church of Scientology although there was a few small operations but there were also political such as 1 in a around that happens in
2009 or in support of in September of
2010 there was a new kind of operation people call the name of
anonymous again on 4 chance to call into
being Operation Payback and a number the the Motion Picture Association of America and eventually other organizations and they did so because the MPW had hired an Indian software firm the doctor pyruvate and in retaliation for the part anonymous kind of
showed in its statement which really interesting about this is that it gives us a window into something that I think is common not the common but there are instances of digital private hearing the privateers were hired by European nations to fight in the war this was outlined in the mid 18 hundreds when they had their own maybe and what we see now is a lot of government and corporations hire programmers to do the dirty work and which will lead important to emphasize is that this operation came out of 4
chan like previous ones but you know for chan being anonymous and being that there is no
archive is not a great place to coordinate protests tho they moved on to Internet Relay
Chat and but it's really important to emphasize that this arm the arm manifestation of anonymous would not the thing it those protesting the Church of Scientology and people crossed over but really believe now to separate phenomena to different network OK in December 2010 but everyone's
talking about WikiLeaks wikileaks belief is that small trove of diplomatic cables and then Operation Payback
shifted its attention to WikiLeaks and they did so not just to support Wikileaks right and they did so at a very particular moment they did a 1 page people pal Master Card an
Amazon like were not understood anymore and they kind of choose sort of only unstated political pressure WikiLeaks could not
been but found guilty of anything much less charge charged so and I was really went ballistic at
this point I This is the manifesto again Master Card it was really interesting about them the speed
up attacked the sheer size you're really
exceptional and a number of ways 1st they managed to get over 7 thousand participants and 1 Internet Relay Chat channels which have been told that is 1 of the largest numbers of participants on human participants 0 he's not bad and in biased the channel if you know otherwise please let me know I would also interesting is that despite the fact that it was quite chaotic i'd really never seen anything like it the number of people joining talking you know debating which was really a bounding it was truly like a tidal wave that despite the fact that it was kind of so chaotic they did manage however to kind of control the often with a notable degree of deliberation and here it would remind people to stay on target add anonymous is famous for they would write collaboratively on PiratePad to talk about what target to attack not to attack the kind of reasoning behind them so here is that the attacks planned In the something like do not attack has ever these attacks eventually die down a little bit and then anonymous got involved in a kind of unlikely plates and the unlikely place was measure and they got involved
in Tunisia but even even before the kind of mainstream Western media how to hear the different story by the Western media was given reporting with any kind of get the accuracy as to what was going
on in Tunisia and so they started optimism on January the 2nd 2011 1 WikiLeaks wood block from the country and then they continue to lend a helping hand as street protests completely enveloped the country and in keeping with tradition they did on the government website they did not lectures website but they also started to engage in different strategies they created appear pocket up quite detailed about how people can
protect themselves from government surveillance about where to find a good encryption software and 1 of the pocket red someone left a little bit left a little note detailing kind of very limited their own fiber activism added to non wrote year revolution will neither be Twitter ignore televised Irish seed you must hit the streets you lose the fight always the case when you get arrested you cannot do anything for yourself or your people your government is watching you so actually so was really quite interesting a number of ways because they represent some sort of shift within
at least 1 political arm of anonymous again showing still continue under this name of the protest against the Church of Scientology which had the kind of human rights dimension but it's still pretty narrow with ongoing that this really kind of enlarged the scope
of what anonymous with focusing in on another kind of converged were helped out within existing political movement that during the same period in January there was other important developments but in the United States the FBI raided 40 alleged participant issuing 40 subpoenas computers were in the UK 5 again a legit participants were arrested relief and I believe actually hadn't some sort of trial coming up this week this is quite significant but what's interesting was that the the the reference subpoenas did not have stop anonymous they were not deterred in fact that kind of continued to
engage in many different operations so in
Tunisia help to spot the kind of astounding protests in Egypt anonymous also
turned their attention there since that time they got involved in numerous places but we feel and Italy but with constant in the
United States over the logic heat to ban a genes right to kind of collectively bargained and so on and so forth just last week they
engaged in operations felony but in
response to Sony the last year against a hacker who had kind of crack theorem and the PlayStation 3 that's just a little bit of a kind of historical arc about like anonymous is
about in terms of the different political arm and at this section of the elected turned to the question of the transformation from below which I talked about in the human rights activism and this story is told is now perhaps can be condense into
9 words and a quote by William Shakespeare here who wrote some right by the hand and
some by virtue thought I there's a way which anonymous rose from the heart of what of recent
edited collection is called the offensive
internet which refers to a black hole in the I
deformation trolling and really the roads from 1 of the at the centers of the front of the internet for a chance and had undergone
changes as it become right thematic and it has been replicated to have been different arms and those but its proton to the Church of Scientology it engaged in offline political fight and its contributions to what will be remembered as 1 of the kind of really astounding protest of the 21st century
and the debt really had an impact on the kind of consciousness of many and on this was the what was written on Irish Sea and the operation each of channel 1 of Mubarak's and also there's a way in which perhaps phenomenon will fall going back to the
close of the here given that some have been arrested right some rise by sin and some by
virtue fall well although the shake their quot would be
a really nice way to kind of kind of revenge around the historical box that I just provided it actually would not be very accurate if it was you it would lead to the false impression that the world which I'm not I don't like to talk about below the and the kind of points to some sort of there it would give you the impression that the world no longer matters within an anonymous among those that kind of have to engage with human rights activism and that's actually not quite the case but still matters although it contains and it's been transformed but it's still showed up in part because this is the culture from which they arose and how can you be anonymous if you don't have that element anymore so I didn't give you 1 last story about how the wolf emerged in the
context of all that kind of more human rights oriented activism FIL there not controlling
that happened to or during because of Egyptian protesters but as it happened when I but Aaron Barber to hear the researcher
and went to the financial time and he said hey i've been infiltrating anonymous in order to reveal the name of some kind of core participants and he worked for the firm HB Gary and security firms well as swift and brutal response with
orchestrated by a small group of hackers within an anonymous his Twitter account with completely
hockey and like the most offensive 140 characters statements were viewed from his account but they happen to HP Gary a deleted a bunch of back up the downloaded e-mail and then they proceeded to play this e-mail online the course as many fold I'm splattered
images of their own body kind of all over the internet as well to embarrass him OK and they did
this in approximately 48 hours as well well when this happened the mood of anonymous with electric and electrified and and for all
sorts of reasons 1st with we irony that so-called security researcher who was going to unveil but you know and take up the matter of anonymous they actually be so easily have tried and 2nd many people with an anonymous had been expressing concern that the world have been depleted during the Middle Eastern protests the gas tank of the walls was running on and they felt that they had kind of filled up back
the ball finally as an extra bonus that look like this trolling retaliation actually led to some good in the world and it turned out HP Gary would engaging or wanted to engage in the forms of digital private that I had read earlier among other things they had a PowerPoint presentation where they suggested that they could discredit WikiLeaks by add handing over all the information that when revealed that the forgery with then discredit the organization of WikiLeaks they also wanted to discredit reporters and the things we Glenn Greenwald right 1 . com and they felt like discrediting him would also hurt WikiLeaks they wrote again this was in in power
point specific the very established professional that ultimately most of them is pushed will choose professional preservation over cause without the support of people like Glenn WikiLeaks with full and so anonymously and actions reveal the inner workings of an out course and privatize agent about provocateur proposal which you would never kind of it never panned out but it's certainly
revealed the extent to which private organizations were willing to work for governments to engage in this sort of action now when this can happen I have anonymous how can we reconcile here the more kind traditional activism with these active kind of you know rule foolishness and a number of answers to which are interesting tho really them but 1 of them would you know the people who engaged in the active hacking and trolling were really small group of people and you can characterize all the non through 1 action because at 1 time there's 10 or 15 things going on at the same time and you know that for better for worse that that is to some degree to and then in the 2nd kind of answer with that Aaron Barr with putting the lives of people in danger people were made in good to jail and there was no kind of legal mechanism by which to address quickly they decided to take an exceptional power due to exceptional circumstances the mountain kind of more
like this right now we can even talk about it and if you made a point is relatable while controlling is still part of the kind of tactical repertoire argued by anonymous within the political arm and yet it also more contained in predictable and places right now I move to the next section which is about authority power and norms within anonymous counted organized where the power who participate how can we conceptualize the relationship between the different facets of anonymous well technically anonymous erectus Norway formal barriers is different from free software projects for example we really have to show your chops before you can uh have become part of the project and that you know anyone advocating conjoined but obviously not everyone just joined anonymous right it really is more attractive to people who basically spend a heck of a lot of time online but and so there's formed the kind of explicit knowledge tacit knowledge ethical sympathy that make anonymous attracted some people and not others a small category of anonymous are computer hackers which I know can mean many different things about computer hackers not just X
by the mean you know a hardware hacker free software hacker in security some more transgressive happening but basically there kind of programmers and 15 minutes traders
security researchers to identify and got different people and I think that I would think much larger group are for lack of a better word peak they have some form of kind of digital literacy they spend a lot of time online the median of configurable log in that video editing skills design field and so on their work and there's people who would not identify others that either picture hackers and within the the Church of Scientology there's actually a small that kind of fiercely dedicated group of that Scientologists and I've talked to them they're like you have to learn a heck of a lot about like this kind of Kiki bunker of Internet culture to even understand what the heck is going on right so kind of bounded to some degree now to understand anonymous and relate to understand so many domains of hacker in the production of
course Internet Relay Chat is the technical medium through which people form social bonds through which they collaborate and it's no different with an anonymous but it is 1 of point out an interesting
repeated so many times people like of representing is kind of hard to find the secret bunkers well in fact you know 1
network even advertisers on the main website or provide a link for had a joint not in any way closed offices most of the public doesn't know that he's desires there's 2 main network and non net which is focused on the but then again church Scientology and then and non are which is the 1 that kind of it organizing the pattern have been interplay WikiLeaks Middle East protest and so on and so forth obviously an Irish Sea what is called an Irish the op and operator which is not unique to anonymous there on all networks have more power insofar as they can be and people from the network can get banned for technical reasons the offered by leading norm norms so if you connect and disconnect often out of a new and in the case of the non not so you if you promote violence and then abandoned because there's also internal drama within the organization as well as a kind of all do you have however to be an archeology technically skilled there's a number of who I would not consider kind of happens to become part and there's dozens of them and they generally carry more authority during debate but they don't necessarily call the shots with an anonymous on at very often comes in the form of ethical sensibilities and norms and policy
and here we can see how the connection between both network the participants in both networks are overwhelmingly committed to information freedom and they're against censorship and as the name suggests anonymous they believe anonymity it is a mechanism by which to secure a vibrant political speech that idea is not there innovation this is the kind of long-standing principle in many liberal democracies even though a debate as to how much anonymity 1 should be provided to secure democracy as I mentioned in a non not there it a a explicit policy not to to attack the media do not detect media even forms of media there seems to be a corrupt arm of state power around but what I think is the most interesting norm and this is true across both network we have to look at the end time leader and like celebrity at the and what it does is that it modulates or left in the concentration of power although it may not fully eliminated but it certainly has a role to play in a very important 1 and what's really interesting about anonymous that this aspect it played out through words as well as you deed action this grammar constant reminder do not act like a leader do not act like a leader do not seek attention for yourself do not say who you are and there's huge conversations about it but there's also the moments of clarification where a participant might be banned from a network because here she is called too much attention to yourself was recently witnessed to this kind of very active and when the participant had been to public about himself 2 of reporter and an article was written in national newspaper in the United States with the guy kind of revealed his name and his age and and people were just kind of a gas that this especially because this person had not even participated in the deed archetypes he hadn't
even put his life at risk and so when did you think he was not that old guy online was
completely chastise people like why did he do that let me know you know we're not supposed to do this and and and then someone who carries some authorities said that which kind of condense the collective mood he said attempting to use all the work that so many have done for your personal promotion is not something I will tolerate and he was an operator and banned him and don't really interesting because there was a reminder for everyone who is watching you know my job was dropping and that you cannot act in a certain way that to secure your right to participate in anonymous you really have to embody the entire leader and the celebrity epoch which is so interesting because everything nearly everything on the Internet with the exception of anonymous imageboards with exception of 5 anonymous is about me meaning the attention of celebrity and so on so forth the really went against the current of a kind of cultural commitment that is so prevalent on the Internet now I just want to kind of amplified that with an anonymous there certainly those that have more authority if those especially you put more work in time like many domains that he can have the action it is that you are perceived and at that kind of help to
modulate the pooling of power even if it doesn't fully in were always succeed sometimes it doesn't sometimes it does not and the kind of n-type celebrity and her leader and make it a bit unique to anonymous a lot of different domains like free software also worry about the pooling of power and they have mechanisms by which to disperse I and I just mentioned it because there was an
article in market which is an online website get all of line but let's say in my publisher the claimed to have found the leaders have attackers anonymous they were in the secret war room and you know they actually did find the hackers
who were involved in the HP Gary Hack and hacking is powerful the ability to kind of happy and and delete server you know it is not something to be taken lightly but the article kind of
confused the power to happen with the power to leave the entire network and these things can be collapse in anonymous OK now move toward the conclusion and talk to a little bit about the kind of politics of anonymous had the configured what we should think about them as quickly what are some of the strange and what kind of the women OK so I can contextualize anonymous today by focusing in
on the political arm they're still about people who use the name control it came out of the front of Internet below and a kind of didn't leave fully behind but didn't fully bring bring it with them and I think I've started to engage in politics a lot of the politics of anonymous especially the more recent manifestation is tactical and it's full of practical they're really really quite good at spectacle and some of the year and I'm thinking of someone like Steven Duncan who has written a wonderful book on spectacle called dream he argued that spectacle can be quite effective for garnering media attention and also making visible at that issue that may not be so visible in an
anonymous is good at that but spectacle has its limits and basically if you over here is that people will pay attention to anymore there's a kind of the T built into it and I think there's a way in which the current arm of anonymous indeed indeed on quite a bit and has also deflated the power of spectacles that some degree of I think adult important to interrogate the use of the don't add up political weapon guidance which brings into being some form of spectacle there's a
lot of questions to be asked and catalyzed a huge debate form of direct action it legitimate protest it a form of civil disobedience and a lot of Internet and
media from hackers really differed in their views so for example Richard Stallman 1st of all reminded the world that it wasn't happening to the
other but you're not hacking into anything you just overwhelming server with requests but he didn't favorably he portrayed invariably at the Mount demo against control would actually kind of surprised by he wrote this editorial for the guardian famous these this part of the world that the the
the the Congress describe the docking and juvenile infantile kind of suggested
anonymous to come talk to him that you know the chair and engage in more constructive actions and I'm not I'm currently another come down a position that you think it has a role to play in the but if we're going to test that there's 2 things we should do 1 of which is contextualized within the broader Middle have
of the dog thing and I'll talk about that a 2nd the talk about predecessors other people other groups who have used this technique and so to
different political organizations who have used the dog in the park have been on the anonymous digital coalition in the electonic German and like anonymous they all conceptualized what they do is conscientious action did a lot breaking that is legitimate in so far as they're making that kind of statement actions and the the big difference is that anonymous digital collection and thought of having disturbance here were quite small and why you can kind of participate in them they were configured in such a way to get 7 thousand people to participate at once and once you have that amount of people you don't have power right to be able to come take down something like MasterCard we also have a lot of
unpredictability and a lot of red and you
can't control the 7 thousand people and that'll disobedience traditionally has been tightly controlled it's not participatory I so that the participatory element of anonymous actually go against the grain of thinking about the death of civil disobedience the 2nd element to consider of course is that got to be in the form or by the powerful to silence the weaker than the other way around there is an important and Berkman and the intervention by the report which
showed just how it's been here if the government deployed the doctor silence small human rights organizations right and so by using the DOS do we then just proliferate attack
this right or alternatively if we may get wolverine legal and it is pretty legal
already I in certain countries like the United States you then we just leave the down to those who can invade the loss and with the power and resources to do it just corporations and and government that these are kind of certain questions that I think are really important to address as we set this tactic as civil disobedience but it's important to remember that anonymous is shown right that it's not only bound to kind of tactical forms of politics that engage in spectacle but they also engaging more strategic long-term organization the protest against
the Church of Scientology are ongoing they happen every month in many cities across Europe united Chile did think that they had an important role to play allowing critic of the Church to be far more visible and anonymous ironically I would include myself insofar as I used to work or I still do on you can have a protest against the Church of
Scientology but I would never very public about it because I don't want to get embroiled in a lot to and post anonymous public well they've got their hands tied let me just before more public they had a really important role the arm of anonymous that is engaged in the Middle East protest that also turned to a more strategic action by creating technology to evade censorship and kind of becoming a little bit more what more organized 9 the hierarchical and but getting to know each other and learning what they can and cannot do this move between the
tactical and strategic so just to wrap up
even the different political arm of anonymous use different tactics they think is if you things you can think more generally about that since the winter of 2008 due to providing non-traditional mechanisms of action and 1 that really made use of the full capabilities of what the Internet have to offer it is acted as a political gateway for many and people who care about Internet issues to take action for some they contribute to anonymous by writing manifestos they loved fragment that and there's a lot of
designers you make the artwork there's a lot of
kind of what they call propaganda well which is
really standing in the form of videos in art it provides a flexible and Michael protest possibilities are otherwise there in a way that allows individuals to renounce their individuality but I also to be part of something greater you have to fill out a form you don't have to spend money
on and you don't even have to give your name but you're probably going to engage in a form of politics that also has a lot of wealth and a lot of laughs for better for worse the decision to engage in political action has to happen to to some sort of concrete path some sort of set of events in influence and I think anonymous has been important because it's definitely been not power for a large number of people so leave it at that and think you very much in and out of the questions and people are ready think Gabriel fantastic job if you have questions on please come to the front we have time to take a I know you just here for the walls there some insight on I
don't this I have in my service power of major much clearer free
talk you you mentioned that there were some people from anonymous who were being charged with crimes in the US and UK centuries is those people who have been charged with acting adjusting whatever if they are did they have caught because you know didn't use proper encryption or did they get caught because they actually have some kind of authority within talk about how there isn't already that obviously there's some people that have a little bit more others that the question coding and they don't charge yet was peanuts it could get information and my sense that the FBI is that on Irish think right and you know whether hang out with anonymous other children groups
are defined as being online is when they're kind of making fun of the FBI and so and you know the FBI note to the infrastructural operators are right in that take a genius but to find that out in which really fascinating about that in practice and no 1 operator in fact you don't even engage in any the politics you become providing a platform and I think in trouble for
that right you answer the question is can a provider of the platform be considered someone who is contributing I do think that anonymous especially at the beginning with totally even full encryption and to hide themselves and definitely has these attacks there's a little bit more of a awareness don't keep while media encryption and making a personal choice for some they're like well we're being conscientious about this and it's OK to be arrested and 4 others it's not so little bit about and time markers the you have a question there is this
concept of positive and negative freedom where the positive freedom on that we ensure everybody to dispose of freedom and can do whatever he wants and whether negative freedom that we have on the modern state of the loss of which is sure all ecosystem where I attended so far measurement of down because of treatment of others and so on you mentioned that some there was some kind of self control with minimum use some
people but there is no constitutional rule in representative democracy so so what do you think of the impacts on this of politics native freedom yeah the great question because it out and I studied that in the free software project quite a bit and they have both constitutional like long as well as the more informal modes of operating freedom
right and early on and that and the only had the informal and modes of organizing freedom and then it became quite formalize in pretty dramatic way is an anonymous is fascinating because they're kind of in informal charismatic stage where are obviously there to sort of like Wikipedia like that in just in this paper the not formalized the very very very etiologies and purpose of anonymous fact to prevent structure where the debt and that was not the case they may not love then and a lot of people and hackers arrogance bureaucracy and red tape and yet it had to formalize a little bit the with anonymous will be fascinating to see whether the formalize a little bit more at the very kind of ideological commitment to prevent that type of more explicit legal rule that you're talking about among question at great speeds that things you know when young people are involved often there's a generational change so you have 1 room forming next gration comes up doesn't want a mix with a generation before new forms of use you know most of the mid-term and long-term so they can even the collapse of use to you a moment in the long term yeah that's a that's a really good question because there is a way you know tried I tried to signal that I I talk UN on the 1 hand anonymous you know it is open to all in need some forms of language free speech that had kind of why cultural currency people can identify and yet it comes out of this to mean we kind of Kiki esoterica bunker of the internet you know and I can talk in you know sentences that are just filled with jargon from Encyclopedia Dramatica and you would think that I'm talking in Chinese on talking english and that kind of to some degree generational and then the question is how do we then share the social reproduction over time and again I find comparing to the stuff we're very interesting because every software is that I consider intergenerational there's like the old Unix guys the beard and the young people and what joins them is the unique architecture would have been
around since 1959 in it's a shared lingua franca shared language by by which to connect the generation and anything think with of formation like anonymous and you have that a little bit
let's right and that you may want to track of it using its power for time but 1 thing that is pretty amazing about the world from which it
emerged is that the cultural traditions of the Lowell controlling it actually like an oral
culture and they cataloged everything this is where Encyclopedia Dramatica it's still important because man through things like variable or their history there actually that may be 1 way to heavily are formed from from the past present and future but only time will tell and so on and so on small footnote to your talk and most of all of them have attached and you're referring to as far as I know has been provided by some known groups on the Internet like Telecom expense of French groups so it's I think it was not required to be attributed to group of anonymous uh and my question is you were referring to celebrities inside of animals all you're going to be bands so there is some
anonymous developers that also participate in Tel comment and 1 of his kind of conceptualized quite nicely tell comics and anime at the beginning and and and so on and what's interesting to about anonymous is there's you know really talented we call for developers were part of anonymous and my understanding is that they did take their place in the workings of Parliament but also did a lot of their own configuration and repackaging and I actually think that it is important to note that it really taking a look at the relationship between various different node of kind of political intervention that to tell comic anonymous is necessary then mean
yes so have there and then I did working on anonymous along time go through you cannot get everything and people ask me all the time anonymous and non anonymous well as an anthropologist the kind of ruling methodology is called participant observation which is a bit of an oxymoron but you know you get to know people really well you help out where you can be you don't fully get involved i don't engage in the docking and where my mass and I think that they realized that can be anonymous at the same time there a thread in 1 of the 4
times while the which is warranted but if the Institute Scientology where someone like she's acting too much of a rock star I have in relationship
to her work and anonymous and then people came into my defense no she does that work she actually understand what we do she's not just for training entered is basically dwellers who are you know Benton raising Internet has but if there is something I think about and if I had more time I would also talk about a few people who are able to be visible within an ornament 1 of which died so without any problem the other person that there was a lot of problems that they they they tolerate tolerated because he does so much work for the organization or its non organization but for an argument that that we've been apical before and I'm sure that will continue to be an issue as I move forward the research I think that it we have happen but thank you very
much thank you thank thank
you the sort of another few minutes some break before a next speaker and I wanted to give a shout out of the talented underlying none has been visually recording the talk I think afterward they're going to be online so you
cannot you can also come doesn't have a closer look and admire the wonderful
uh more only Muma