When Moreau meets Langevin

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When Moreau meets Langevin
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With the and an on and on and on and on and on and his work as a joint for Chris appears a student of mine so we still believe that the combined sewer rules last year the to a completely naked it's about 1 in part of my work is on a large conventional and some grass or I would say it is we have a very different flavor from the talk given by the clothes for it's much more about statistics and probability and and by is 6 leads with no algebra and the special functions than are fully transformed so it would be completely different set of tools which will be used to always start by trying to motivate my my torch and then I will go from technical details of which will go over everything and I even presumptuous on the new recruits tradition and some conclusions solar arrays stand tools to start to to to to spend quite a lot of time on the battle for application reminder and just to justify the use of table salt of techniques that we're trying to the development so I I'm interested in conventional statistics with application to mention earning so Mills said we believe that our stuff is there so when you are losing you looking at the details of people start to look at more much more complex mobile sold refused to opt to collect a lot of better ourselves and you can try to mobile stations which I'm also to also instead of using classical work very simple models which which ought to be In the statistics later in our relations logistic relational signatures Yukon go start was question which are much more sophisticated than grow more detailed complex models so when you have accomplished than you are the result of Parliament to feed and since more in the the statistics so it's not only fitting 1 volumes Parliament has been trying to investigate the distribution of both the distribution of these promises which means that will needs and to be able to sample distribution over where large emotional states and of course start tools to do this and this .period used before so there quite a lot of time in statistical physics so for example of famous mark which analytical techniques is 1 of the 1st day of autumn which is being implemented computer or 2 2 4 2 soulful statistical physics problems but in fact there also special structures and statistical physics which shall build their king it when you are doing it buys an inference was of models of much less structured and 2 cents and the soul of the writing techniques to samples distribution efficiencies is really an issue which is at the hurt so many many of the important problem now so I'm working Morrison for applications and so this application the following for the 1st obligation on them looking at all but not exactly in that order size so as I start to look at what is causing aggregation problem-solving navigation problem with troubling is that you instead of using so which but this would have to be doing much in earnings and up topical that which we call training set the was training set you you you try to estimate parameters and then what to do once you have estimated the parameters of this training sets and we applied solely with it what do we do with you are some damages so we'll try your your your classic priority or predictor and what you will do is it would take some friends that are knew that sentiment in the prediction so that that's difficult to do and that in fact is not that is embarrassing to the reducing Doolittle song aggregation of estimators formulation of Internet users instead of from the training centers instead of picking the best in some sense that this point would you do this parameters which you do that you will sample song distribution which is constructed according to some the precise role of goes into that little and that to lose predictions instead of taking 1 video Zapata which have been submitted and training center with an average that you we condition expectation of on this president of the new 1st that up Of the predictors of who will answers and this is called the aggregation of expert witnesses and the delineation of expansion too bad in fact this is barbaric aggression rules also as to wonderful partition rules is a kind of a poster inference this creates kind of sampling according to some posterior distribution of the larger national space for its 1st application of solar sliced up to look at this thing there to do what is called Park uh burglaries problems for indicated assistance but you go by measurement gets researchers in the and the walking on this type of topics the provisions for the bottles of profit traditionally indispensable motivational reasons insistence tools to solve by designing a line of problems with I would give you an example that instead of going to the maps but embrace an anonymous problem which robbery veteran looking at you over Europe your that which are in the force pollution that type of problem that was looking at solution that soldier of some both for example in the city which is injecting some pollutants but on some of the pontiff style and disposes of pollution is not immediately detected because of satellites which monitors images which colleges that ice what you are trying to do is out there trying to reconstruct so you will love it Southern system which is quite complex which is for it's a PDE sitting up in indicates that case this division and transport steps and you are willing to construct to reconstruct what the amount of pollutants which had been injected by visible but that's really ought to solve a convenient this problems so far observations you have a lot of sensitivity and what you are willing to do that you are going to do 2 not only do I really do want to have a good assessment of all the uncertainty which is levels although examples like the place and even tho I imagine system I will use this example is thrown by some apologies for the real causes to all these problems and the list is not exhaustive it is the shares of sensitivity which is something techniques on false this type of all those who jump which on Monday was structures and the techniques which are known so far on the theory that and all of the uh accurate to doing this because I do not get too bad image so now I will and we I will use a very simple that example to do just to let you know more precisely what I am looking at and then I will try to stop the tourism following so I wouldn't ever uses it as an example to illustrate the Bible problems I'm looking at is that looking at the buys and prevented from my 1st case buys an inference for advice imaginable but stopped was 1 of the most commonly used to problem in statistics and mission during which is kind of binary relation problem so what what is a binary revision province of what you want to go pretty darn Cecil's 1 high are the answer is that you are willing to predict who in the sciences ruined to binary relation problems sometimes on yes or no and you have a set of the financially viable school this answer which I some maybe explained to you you answered yes to some dust but is this this answer in fact or condition 2 songs repressors typically of Atlanta revivals and this approach revivals or maybe it's simply large dimension so for example the you may you are visiting a website to weekly called the Commission on the on even Inc OK so this is this is also by the revivals and you have a lot of it's from 2 revivals and that was the oldest of the valuables may try to that give users invective tried to explain it from all this but I will I tried to explain to so there may be problems with Sophocles recomend assistance of coastal areas of the Union Gap fell into a coma assisting with because I say so little nobody can be it's 1 2 5 so can can do some recommendation of that for example because I and try to predict or am analyzing so you give answers and then trying to an old saying what you and I am trying to guess to try to improve to interpret the ourselves you which of 4 clear moment can be a district director for example is it can be instead of being binary can be regional
maritime board it is accepted and the well of the souls 1 mother when you're looking at this binary revision problem was that of all the people of was most commonly used models to that is to use what is called a generalized early on modestly energizing on what I want to ask what we are mourning the problem exists you are willing to answer as to why I are barely viable in that case With success probably the wishes of 7 function which is called Athens as a function schooling function of an e-mail communication of that is the date the Atlanta falling back what is more the sense of the word is that is that you have added so you have a binary viable and by viable not always considered to be a better way run a viable With a successful media which is function f of the the communication of the objective of causing you amendments involve much more complex will also it's a very simple 1 you could him for example drug interaction among factors so instead of having to do with the normal those that Japan on become an interaction terms instead of having a simple functions can have a function which is much more complex than imagined scenes which are much work or better than that and that Isaac example authorities called but dealers more than and that it and whether the example which is used in many many example in many cases is you take effort of the logistic function or function and so you be obtainable model which is called the logistic regression function which is so well as that if it's is used in it really meant application Russian there is a problem there is that serves a number of political violence can be extremely large sums of many application was noble predictable Bibles is more than 10 thousand or 100 thousand sometimes depending upon the petitioner looking at In the topic model for example it would be something like I 10 power 5 so which means that you want to do with the major you of that said which should be very large so we'll discuss that .period here today that and can be very large so and ended up you have to say to you have to do with the May parameters in the inner dimension which is also very large which can be fulfilled folded their tents themselves or OK so that's that's that's sitting and whatever but we do know is that I am willing to work on the basis of things or in the presence of the virtual willing to do or not willing only to estimate a parliament which is to be called rationing measures which we did indicate that you will use is that assets and try to fix the best between quotes ,comma of Parliament bits which in some sense explains it best that other troublesome in Newellton said that in the present sitting in front to albeit the more ambitious goal and is more ambitious goal is to sample but both their distribution solvable service originals apology given the set of so in a brazen sitting with you you will have an additional piece of information really really put some prior distributions and reports on the distribution of the parameters you go prior conviction in the brothers division is a way to describe the losers pickings prior information that you have an apartment before but doing any observation so that a difficult prior for example is is Gaussian priority you put your put the Gaussian distribution known as well as private distributions by but you can also use not just priorities which priorities quadratic Muppets priorities it is simply and and 1 of of the terms for the existing dumps of of the registrant the EPA Europe so this 1 for example is being is useful but that will not discuss .period today so if you are using the help of a compressed dancing and singing this so it's all Nestle's trucks so a ship looked at some of the recent walking statistics on you and 1 the priorities are extremely popular now because that the increase their father in Falstaff spot solutions which are which which overturned booked and but you are willing to what but what doing what you are doing by introducing so you are what you are willing to sample from going to sample the posterior distribution for the post distribution in emblazoned sadistic is a positive distribution of the parliament has given the observation so it's not pleasant his adviser also sold when your preservation will want to do is that you are in the prior distribution of the Providence by beat up of the new of the condition is the mission of the observation and uh given as a private areas so it's series by the dozens of conditions Division of the Department of course that the observation even the Providence and here you have assumed that way I is barely on the Bible With Robert your success which is me that was of excitement so you and you look at the 2 this is like the it's collecting doubts that Michael Turner and those opposed the submission of the Parliament of given the observation is a product of the priority that likelihood and of course a new In order to complete this of course would need to be normalized that but 1 of teams in a brazen statistic Angelides at it's impossible of course to the obtainable from expression for this normalizing down so that you know in vegetables and distribution up to a consent but cautioned that is so you have quantity was because the Daventry remembers advertising dimensions and solvents exist or so of course it's it's impossible to it to estimate the normalizing Switzer so that an expression of support services vision but this was distribution is known only up to a 3rd the music but but so I deal for each other said so there's a lot of Fox's in instant in competition statistical on the basis of Moses aggression walls and the techniques which are used are typically held about government officials were not discussed at this point to the because of fueled expected instances it's what you really need to to understand what is the competition stuff here but the only thing that you need to know is that have to analysis techniques but the good that and stands for the Davis 1 of these is largest 100 so so that there is at least 1 or 2 of of into sulfur so we we are willing to attack problems which are a number of parameters of his all about 10 thousand or more and whereas techniques which are known today date that handled appropriate when you will play 100 his reasoning it's for for example from the input and some bullets it's much too complex of so it doesn't consider Dongting problems that In fact I don't think it's a daunting problem facing the technique which is being used that as of about not appropriate because usually gets the better the interlinked predictions so it's a little bit so the position region is the animals of the technique which did so well a also will be on Facebook invited to predictions of individuals really a revision of the all-atom space effective that adds up to a group of local structure in in the problem in the initial look at the problem now if you look at something problem that you are can yet so you what you are trying to sample distribution which is coalition of minors should be done and you during that case which had given their which is a potential it's keeps its additional legislation which In the usual dangerous to dance leads the U.S. attempt which is the of the likelihood of information and the standard is in that case complex solar wind it's not completely clear evidence that its contacts in this cases were 1 was thought his foes the where it is and when it is logistic function and you have the ability damages To be down which is the norm 1 also known to all of the top that which can be transformed by its song design metrics which is called good so intensive of optimization you are simply looking at the rear of the optimization problem it would be In that case said it's candidates and the strongly contracts but the jostles it means that but if you sit way are willing to do to optimize with respect to the bottom of the barrel be diluted simply to work to optimize the convex function in dimension which is doable it's a relief to be dies you take the 1 on there if the to non-small cell could this optimization problem job tools to lose so so it's a devil into it to other simple problem whereas in indents my guess was intense in terms of food something it's should not be
very very difficult problem and I think it's not a problem if you use that as a problem but it's less established so weather call small-scale so insistently case and we assume that the death is not there is differential and which means that you will 1st look at the case where the system's averages which come from the priority is different you ball and then we explain that more briefly while you can use this type of stuff of stuff when the prior distribution is not differentials then you need to do some of the small in order to too bad it's looking so we start to lose with women and and changes to digital editions will know what was once 1 1000 which is a problem so I will try to rule that the title to sample this distribution which is given by look OK the union bittersweet is given its explanation of minus you affects your effects to affects his keeps a priority which is not something you Donald typically is normalizing constant so that mentioned is it is very large and this is what we're titles hypersensitive assumes I assume that you use as most so Richmond that assumes that you will that continues to different your ball and that exists to Jacoby and a few of exodus Lipschitz quizzical which is considered to the and which can be completed the fact is very important so it is very important in the sense that it was 1 of the consequence of this Is that have assumed that the rules of the ground and a few effects is less than it is today does not increase more than the normal text creates its Leonora is certainly the oxygen which is a consequence of being a global option so the government is a solution it is important but it ended a sewer if you look now at the in continuous included instead you do you have a division sold so it can continue as a division for the division has been introduced by the French physicists call Paul around which is 1 of the founders of modern physics and to describe the behavior of Baltic in in in the quake and just balls that this equation which is called a division on all too familiar obvious decision it's a kind of it's that an extension of all the nite differential equation it's an ordinary differential equation in they behold that you and you have added some them so beauties years women motion in this is so called because would account for over and it's usually because you have assumed that the grant and a few weeks ago when the chances that you are unique years from solution to this decision and there is no this assumption also would you may prove is that you have a single invited submissions indistinguishable and distribution precisely is a decision that you are willing to some that its examples of newly converted submission indication reported this distribution is reversible and the forces this abuses is diffusion of unique environment division and assistance the unity of our distribution is that when a job went you and you may have is that the convergence of secessionist envisioned expressed joy to became means that he should will be able to 2 to sample exactly as it deficient In the short so you we start from some point if you are a bulletin to sample exactly this after a number of times and settlement of title win big rules but that would be close to the distribution that are willing to sample sample and you know exactly who called for exactly that the closeness because in you of the extremely precise estimated the rate at which you can vouch tunes is such a distinction that you can use it you function according days which are which are being used for example recently need something I like .period Kyodo salesclerk passports inequalities which are based upon the user using the two-dimensional achievable .period techniques or accounting techniques of which are much more quietly seeking and this a suitable technique too were obtained extremely precise estimate on the rate at which as a division converge to train in fact if the only product concept that is a very this this this is interesting in this and that it gives you away Due to sample I know but there is a problem that you needs and to be able to sample exactly the search specialist distribution of a division which is of of course not completely possible because up to now we don't have computers which are walking in continues so it seems that we have we become on the discretization so at an obvious way to to do To try to approach this problem if applied to some discretization the issue of complained to whom some discretization deficient so you can use it as a division you want do it at the same press continues to use the URA emoluments came so it's like Europe is the assistant Europe for all the differential equation isn't scheme to what you do is to fix the fact that the new will supplement of time began case will be here to step size of the division His mother said consensus where used and in recent overtures important not to take care of the successful schools so here step sizes so long as the consent of this is where the of Porter Porter's case there and Digital Agenda computer next the computer next opponent at skippers went on to start from OK Computer gradient all fueled at X OK and then you had some amount of noise so that this is that keepers 1 and the in it's quelled of food to them market 1 at that it was 1 because it's it's it's increment of violence in in the when which went into as a very familiar form because should just forget this additional noise found there but you simply have candles depressing written dissent switches to gas agreement that for get it's written dissent here OK and on which the U.S. amount of noise and an amount of noise which is not sold of knows that you have there is an amount of noise which is proportional 2 years instead cited 2 of the and you obtain exist obtaining factor you obtained solely for example he should take a senior at this village should take it so a very effective UW Myskina this game is a game of cat and employs about sits the ruins that and you have a battle on this and on this 1 needs to understand what some moment of success there is simple to implement its Morris went well and when I of called as soon as you have been able to the computer is right so the issue is at the case where you have a fixed that size so it is a 636 is infinitely demarcate will go mind open to question then you and so this the question is simply a modern use proper channels analyzes managing elsewhere in issue gimmick is the consensus and museums so that if you take the market organize annual obtained the market changes you can't expressive of course is transition of protein density of his market changes given by arguments when get there get and what you can't prove is that under some appropriate conditions you need a bit more than being a you to more than to be weed and we need princess condition at all that you need a more than being simply gotten a chance to bid on the shirts neutral so kind of coverage authenticity the goodwill democratization using more so it's a continuous state space objects of this meeting is not exactly the foreigners in dispute this system continues to be blessed positively to answer which means that the you have a single invented tradition and this is the distribution of course we depends upon them and the problem fact is that you have lost in fact fact that sold for what would be the target distribution despite but since you have since you have used discretization you have a target distribution which is buying an island problems that Myers is not according that's about the problems so so when you should use a discretization exists you have data at the end of the day and agrees that which is something environment commission which they even converged dramatically festive season distribution but the problem is that because you have as soon as you have taken it since I demarcated which is equal to remind voters that a decision by myself called the reason is simple just to do just the word
is that is it simply here when you look at this back it's important to note is that it's important that they works can affect skin is certainly not impunity because otherwise you it's important for stability because imagine that they will fix case excuse square where the becomes a lot of calls it would be completely looks stable sources of stability condition industry timing continues said not completely different and in in continuous time in continues then you you may have been his went on in physics and continues to be 1 of the premiere of state that day you and we stated that the you you kind of from concealment of solution for us when you are when you try to
get the guys of course trusted conditions was the condition of the bad when you the others skaters so sorely in this case shows the potential it's sort of possible to use the US-Canada to use more sophisticated teamed with which are called implicit scheme in order to work toward 2 the preserve of the city the In the Senate all his
Jose there 1 way to go but this is what we do with the wind not saying it's not necessary and that there is only 1 way to go which have been proposed in 96 by a double-breasted tweed and all of us and consider them so that together said OK so but I know always and marketing the
mother Geneva to demarcate program applicable to market
changes which it didn't exactly the right distribution
but what I can do as a technique which is due to medical the and which have been literally fine by us things which is which we were studying for market share in Uganda corrects you gonna go like that is a specialist in regional markets and by adding that it cannot accept reject a conservative rejected scheme and it will stressful also want to do is to let intergenerational degrees and what you are doing is that you are proposing according to this distribution look at so you are proposing according to European wicketless 1 because and what you are doing that that you are you we exit poll rejects this move with certain quality which is given but there is a saying that whether the problem
with says there are pros and sources seeing it that the writing is that you have the
level rights sessions condition it because then you can pull that exists because you have had this accept reject skiing then you have obtained liberalism which is which which is it's become reversible identification but not by enough so which is which is good and that there are some girls sold between quietly but contends objective function so it's not something consultants and there is a problem of course mean tweezers combatants and there and which is not we this that it in fact is conditionally difficult to check so that that evidence in a single unit it's not completely clear that's little techniques preserved dramatic evidence of there there is no doubt that the surroundings but the problem is that the scathing analysis suggests that you are ever so invite adding this headings as except rejected the task force you to use very the size and effective which connect such an idea much smaller than the of the new Yukon we certainly can be explained the beautiful but there was still no really and we tried to explain that I would try to explain the what we are suggesting to resist and we will see that we completed the dates of the discretization in order to obtain the right position been that resulted in will to use the mother of correction so I decided that I need to work and just to work To worried to need for results invited in order to In the 1st is that in fact I need to have a some that stability condition for all the division so I need to have some condition which we get warranty In interim standards a division we weakened a juridical fast with his vision condition someone that when I suffers a division what I would do when we look at the genitals division and in order to have similar to other Georgia convergence to work to the station distribution and to Morris Newfoundland the condition I need to find the level of function for the division and therefore the function of the division in fact is a function of the which his despises conditions so bad the calligraphic neurosurgery at all the division so the genocide offer of another man division is in the Persian Gulf and the Dubai but the Scot product of it is a grand and but you know it's coupled with a little effort because of the genitals of division and to find function which is which despite what is called a forced out of the pool of conditions on upon office the "quotation mark not invent Labaton .period infected understood that holders could mark a change in the sentence was extended to the future this condition is Morris said Newfoundland condition shortage 1 Georgia combatants into the evaluation tools especially which do need more accustomed to find a function the satisfying the Commission as an example if you have a so they said you need a little bit more then being to satisfy religious conditions so what you need to be case that you need to have some college or introduce Apple's our conditions issued a view of the effects of that which is coalition of effectively to another change when you're looking at a map of course as it is often the case that you should take a decision upbeat the PX so this original wing to sample exponential minus Q effects so it is only is often the case in the country in the market concepts that if you the effects which is by effects tuning in the following is in such a situation to immediately followed by of affiliated administered by effects minus 1 that is often cliffhanger so it's usually infected check that you need a more and if you need more than that they will affect song ,comma Jordan OK the issue is that in fact you are you over this logic and evidence insufficient IT so you would be pulled something from the dissolution all we should have some constraint of mutual it is a pity is assumed he will persist it was envisioned by Socialist emission which is targeted to reach annual lubricant Concorde in that case you can concurrent for the difference into violation between times faulted by this is decision to which individual pity when spot which is less than the original compatible and you have that says that if you are going to take swift efficient not provide then we depends upon the type of thing he said to I'm using solid millions of euros function quantities like .period Kyodo selecting quantities of menu for different type of companies or single copying is a reflection coupling so that different techniques in order to obtain completely explicit expression for students all and from those export can get but the at at this level of understanding you simply need to know that you of this type you would convert shows in the Northern Division we can buy information fast and you a precise control the way the independence so that we do with the rate at which it because that was nationality and the way it depends upon the decision observation that nation's emissions so that now if I get the disputes as continuation of the divisions OK I need to be it's the same type of stuff of said the it's which Markov so it will be done in was if you assume that the step size on defense and the date of the presidential condition they need for their Ghanaian victory Oregon about their conditions that which is also called a possible evidence it is of also positive this time in dispute it was not enough condition that need that I need to find a function that you can be the same that social from this fall for the division which is said to argument which is you applied as condition can enter the market to different markets and that demand will function as they should be and there is none get back to the program the president the fact it is is not a classical posted losses because of an oil dependency of the sustainable nothing Donald Gummer which which makes computers sense because if you assume that the here is taken to fuel in his or else you will mean that you are on the market is competitive units accepted when equal excuse it so don't accept all the which that again Missouri small infecting them is very small he would not make much impact so this is affected the the gimmick with the what does your view which is equal to the point what and the general calls you will issue that larger again of course we typically here in the capital about amounted to be the case which means that you will be winning his which means that you will comply with the law so what and that 2 other descended .period so you will you good ranch but it is site of the long so it's not detailed that is the the Russian so that you can of the bulk of gallery to be contested by United at tonight's which is the capital prone to injuries .period with evidence that you did it'd more you need to be able to say it's impossible to know but it's more uniform although again riding around Goma and there's imaginable and it's issues is .period enough of this type of behavior OK
should take exactly the same conditions and before you at this also effectively assume that you says most of you of some kind of their condition of lots of formed with the didn't consistent condition and fight evaluated or also conditional on you we will have to assume that you for example is strongly complexity the bitter Constanzo so so that any study from this you may have to do away with a cap and being in fact depends upon the type of us ingenuity to make so it depends to assume that you will for example is convex from the complex outside the ball or a Sony Connect inside all but with bundles situation and reasonable or you will different evaluation of occupying so it's the on this is that consumption but is the weakest condition which leads to the walls Waldbaum's is that you have some kind of conventional as something from this ,comma joined fact what you can pull this out you have no control of the movement of the so cute my heroes in addition to that so it's simply to him so it is to go and of Pan it's simply quality product so it's a soapy drama that is the transition from June of out of the discretization canceled demarcate positive sides and if you get license pp so you knew you were playing the game and 1st and then to unite and minus 1 look at it continued to so it's the composition of this account and if you ask me if you assume it's animals and if you assume that if you assume that you are .period from this condition this what you want to control it pulled together at the end of the so we demand of the words to end of the consisting of eggs you must expectations for the decision of the said this winter it is less and get back to the some of Indianapolis it fleets in fact is this is the type of that type of thing .period will have conditioned polls for the discontinuation implies
infected we went the very moment of the discontinuation OK so now I try to explain so it too what the was the way it was going to do but I suggest what to tool use that of that to obtain it the very simple take me to some bold decisions in the woods the new varieties of simple and Sicily so whatever we want we do that still went without them we need to have willing to control so so that using always initially solution together is there is a son-in-law of of the situation by the session distribution to the alienation and then we retired to compose a difference OK so what I know is that by decision dissolution of the division again and so what they what they do I it again in just to explain the principle it's not the best way to obtained detectors born but it's a way to explain white waiting walk what we know is that we just catch this the difference in total dance would get so that customers Sweden there also adjusted with the news that the sole Google map the the city's sizes because someone can move all of the conditions community would be particularly so you take any ban into directly would be it's a product of organic athletes need to demand an end debate like Hugo and this 1 game we should use digital it's simply the product of a a gallon of gas and they want to do that is at the newly place would you lose also yeah it's in it's exactly equal to community and then would you say that you only place together and and thus would be replaced by a pair of gum was when people demand peace we that so you envisioned by the city will of the division and then you understand so it's simplistic terms of so known because it gives stance but should look now exists to cancel so that is a systemic factors into 1 tosses them went for a while because it's exactly you look at this enabled the division look at them which is why during rebuttal time which is government was 1 piece of gum and he's given Moses the band with especially those with an initial distribution which is unusual argument OK so it's usually a man's injuries Commission which is the spot advisers renewable the diffusion again you look at that at which economists stupid because this system is instantly system is simply is that of the 2 of them isn't the Comptroller of the sort that Sweden Division conducted sessions Commission interview you exactly precise estimates of the late at which rocketed into starting disciple musical him and any of the ceiling down to comport insisting on them in fact employment controllers weathered concourse so you start nowadays the government get something and you then and you have you compare so you start again and we as dissemination disillusioned with usual demand anyway and now compare what happens when you punch faults this merger where is the city will pose a division body should have called this measure we those from the wall associated with the discontinuation of "quotation mark executives so far .period that has we already have the right to tools to understand and know you need we need to move toward technique To go because those
Uhuru nowadays what you which we have to do in fact we have to do something which is same but you have to bump on the the new going up and that in fact like employing so you should take to division which is which of the candidates for the regional given that it is said that within which and this is fusion in fact involved with a different potential for the 1st division evolve according to the lot potential soldiers to brand of humor and a single infusion evolve according to the discretization Occidental potential which is the value of the the baht OK which is in the discontinuation of potential and then we shall given was the same with the same that with which organizes and so what and what you control which is it's it's a simple
techniques into 2 trade it is understood fusion in fact are
mutually Insulza so the role of the diffusion waiting on the bus but there the same because was not the same wouldn't down here there was there as long as efficient as is 1st associated continues with respect to the rules of this catastrophe and
then there is the which assumes in suppressing characteristic which is due to give enough but we did have an exact expression of the problem could indicate that the Of the rule on the bid based on the division with respect to the rules of discontent In given so that even the suggestion of the against fuel and the user you can conclude that all the past place your computer's Zulu that concludes the density of the rule of the past we suspect was ruled parcel the the good guys the division and executive and business OK so that's usually expression of modesty without any candidate as pertains the things that you can imagine that quantities of other good immediately it suddenly good and that is all the rules of the diffusion of the best place with respect to the rule of law the president is discretized so now but you have a view the densities and anyone willing to come to comport so that I distance stopping from some decisions that for example that X also this is going to do so what we do is that you we don't think it's a prince can equity which is the most in Georgia U.S. acquitted as use that you can conform to the variation distance between these 2 there has to be distribution by computing easier a little bit that the could regularly since of the between the rule of the and the role of the disadvantages for intellectual-property 1 of be poses to his for which is source of yours .period generation can schedule can do better than that but that's the simplest way to so it's it's a woodland Concordia Kansas it's a good journalism is the way it is quite direct in fact isn't a lot closer to his mother said that was the law because it will be be acquitted also was use 5 but dissolves unofficial and will be used but in that case 6 anything but because if you look at this and you in this Pinsky adequate if you presently expression Of the the of this the density ratio when you obtain exactly this and what you see is that is you simply have to comport distributed to compose a single moment of but with respect to the role of the disputed efficient use together to comport with the difference between the content of fuel and adjusted as get and you want to composers quantity was expected to rule dividend but which is based the Gloucester expression formerly of applause for it's completely expressed at the boundary of the difference between the digitization of the division and the division at 17 and his position and ends of the good thing is that you simply have to conform this moments and USC did what this moment we suspect to the role of the discretized but also the situation which is quite an issue but in mind that we have sex usually when the durable to control moments of both this table 1 In the case of the end of
the day would you obtain that using people now the control of woman that we had before and you have a complicated physical port officers wanted the depending upon so what the quantity which are appearing sequentially today which is the dimensions of space inefficient image of India have an efficient if question-and-answer chemical OK and this quantity can be bothered using it was in and out and of course because you a different and isn't it is consent of all everything time nonetheless walls because they assume that through this things and even if I just pulled it reserve With variable decision to resign get an efficient but also which you believe that can Dan Reeves and and end is kind of boards which are rich in which it controls so it is this is this perhaps on this path ,comma depends upon the of this is the way to control this system so it's given there the statement but it's the way to go what is different OK and you are completely out shows that on the side 2 of completed his which these quantities would so it is invite all these bonds are quantitative analysis shows that and and can be computed and you have an efficient for example you go to discuss that botulinum which is important in our context while physical toll on the dimensions of we have a disabled woman and if they assumed that the gun market good to In fact I would be some additional assumptions of basically if assumes that the rocket was but the United almost but sufficiently In In such a way that the Solidarity was infinity and there was always that they can control news of the GOP demands being made despite the intervention mostly was to injured so what that would that Is there is that of course so that's a message that I was so and went with the group of supporters is quite is in fact the message is that there is a way so it's a bit surprising so if I simply take a division so I have a division which has the right position distribution which is by care of course is that the values of universe conditionally steps either we'd end up with a division by we end up with a market share but which we we doesn't other rights such as signature but if they use the decreasing step size provided that the sum of cables to infinity OK by them and that was the latest edition we stated we will contest to buy In the end and can exactly concordant facility which economists was because it was easy so I have sometimes problems to convince my colleague because it seems is not completely usefulness and why if use of the society we never conducted distribution whereas if you use indicating subsides he would conductors like distribution and other double that you cannot explicit conform to that conform on all these quantities and of course is not working as English so that there is a huge international bonds this condition of legend and efficient incidents and that there is a saying that we also the scene where we will be more careful than all the old also is aware so we have tried to control explicitly all this all advance depends upon the mentioned the because we have in mind that we are willing to sample some of them are not emotional Little a is
also is absolute we've been using dental technician you can also see what happens also for example you can control of the Alpine and buying a often that but that we know it can work I should have
mentioned that this type of reserves alone the last being results which have been obtained by the daily the number role it was different application in mind was not really reciprocation of discretization disposition of suppression differential equation anonymous only 4 this opposites but yet we did a lot of things this area and particularly the other than the Act visitors for a modern efficient but not isn't before what is on that now and this is mourners the majority now what what episode when what is essentially in what it said what is essentially what I said before the jury that there was no magic solution so that there would be at his anticipated assumption which is which is involved in that it's an important 1 unique the solution to this decision problems is that you obtained those of potentially with friendship sewing in fact for example of the report in December war and we will not be applicable to the case where you were is not defensible of course it which is exactly what happened when you for examples of his clinical nationally where where you impacts of the food you want to sample appeal effects which is a twin-engine plane has 2 effects imagining you have a lot of cases where the potential effects is the effort is a nice function keys and you and your facts which is comebacks but the nesting otherwise so it's a complex function but this is not the enough so that many examples this book so for example if is another famous or infamous Nestle dental techniques for you and your faxes and while no known as the French abroad when you use symbolic dimension in which has been interviewed by the Nikkei Montana Wuerffel fractures were discovered in injured also is inch function which is knowledgeable periodicals said injured functions in India grounding also analysis so it's not the frontier at 1 point cases as are many problems where where you can it's a kind of who you are willing to do to to look at this so you have a kind of composite function where at his small synergies convicted of this but solar with which I so it's an important part of subplot solution for this and so this is exactly what they we have not so what are we doing that they we use them but something which is closely related to work with people doing the musician and his 2 technique which has been used by it's a French but traditions they invented that in the 6 where wedge which we know is that you just proposal to work it includes a gain of it includes a gain of utilization of function but which is which is that this is so high .period was a transition I have which is good and more on them up the 1 defendants will also want to take the take function edge In the morning but also assuming that the Comex for example indicators it's not and sold to the assuming that it is back to more about the different exists with its of expert Monday's transition will legalize an edge of and being thicket of butterflies and you underutilization solution is explained as went to the polls Square it's 1 of the year for is of functioning is legalization is always deal at effects of course it converges to urge the flamboyant to infinity 3 also in fact the problem so where edges convex so edge of white plus 1 or 2 London explain why square use and cases and as a senior optimum so in this case you when you find a lot of facts which is it's a no effects which is the the more open and not it otherwise it's a bit more complex we find that it's not needed at the Bloomberg endit as a model of so that is the point at which the minimum of terms that she is called the talks among them down and the solutions dependable Aachen X Games which is characterized this quantity which is segment of Of this and goes from our tradition and at the same which is something which is so important to more disappointed that involve many functions In fact Of all the information age 0 is due to to hold on to report the Manitoba is not and sometimes extremism ball so you look at the edge of banks please for example is the sum of its time From April 1 2 and if so which is an asshole the US Open and the and in fact Ma's epoxy so the box the number edge of X is simply isn't it according where there is a continent where is this most which sought "quotation mark sizzling submit gateway to always at you know what is most something as simple as is its function please put years the them died and 1 of them is there so you put that it is so it is it's really is zeal that and then expressed land Alex Solis who in fact what is and what it would have put him for this function was about computers in its embedded system because it's so lot sold in any sort of costly but it does not being noticed and Philbert people's of for all the that that the since of soft also known as the zoning was 1 of the main city in which people doing function approximation agrees with that of the existing is committed so this is related to missiles is littered with 1 person overseas with and its alluded to the fact that so everyone is aware and this and that the portion of and 1 is schools that of what it does not been noticed is that when you realize it's always gambling debt but within this inquiries to step of the way but it has not been noticed of course 1st into all so it was single noise at 2 of probabilities of calls and so that hasn't laid eyes on the edge of London contest watch is at its most and that and there is a way to go and if there is a way to go to construct its guidance in his garden can be a good computer which easily into To make a long story short so I went to do what we are proposing these individuals will use of is that we are what will bring you that we are taking our potential new effects and what you do is that we take after-effects and then we legalize the connectedness apart did on that and we use the mold the legalization gained 1 to control its fuel and which is likely to go to war for a little bit but it is G effects this problem we gave his support but this commission and a financial managing on faces also the report also infected so it would if it exercises managed geophysics and it wasn't effective enough affect OK and we have
pulled comports with Dugan told me that we can over but beyond our compiler and I congratulate by Azerbaijan because
this is the distribution according to existing put shorter conducted
by women the question all 11 if we have any physical force which is simple and deliberation beaten by the folded to soak them it's because we he can be used to solve another problem which is something for compared with the rest of the another world In the
Islamists ,comma U.S. phone will more used an anomalous entourage agrees that this is simply what you are doing is simply you out you are learning with indicating size the disposition of the more the reason is in order in the tradition of the potential which has been legalized using them all under a two-year doubtful because so what you do is that you are you going to Patent Office X in that the continent and what is it kind of loans most popped up utilization divided over spot even so you you that and the next visits that's 1 of the 2 division of the disintegration of the division that your using and was indicating subsides and you obtain some new ones positions on the walls of water treatment but we just don't just this 1
legislation which is given that it's is is linked to Israel is a simple 1 but it is 2 coaches or another to Williams is 1 because it's easy to understand so it's the bomb Missouri testicle so it's a good legacy ,comma problem in 2 bites and ask for their failure to mention salutes images and not X is a new manager since agreement which is absurd school edge was a callable Albright also it's kind of competition but it's called a blowout Switzerland it's in the president's with pensions instant polls in the sense of urgency this extremely nor bus in that case which is typical and you U.S. amount of most of devoted so what you observed in fact you observe that the use of an image y this is very 1 is that the Pentagon ordered X which is amended to do which is of South would point spread function better looking create anew at moment of knowledge which assumed we and what time we do and we need to restore excellence in the cities of plastic opponents of peace you miss seeing you when you want to X but and you add something to the party apply also mentioned that you use that as the originally use but the pilot which is given by the so he said that isn't this guidance and open it up it initiated baritone this and that's what you are willing to favor is that you we wouldn't play on information that you are Is that fishermen not to imagine is called to the delight of additional legalization so would you are you not taking any natural medicine that is of and the the acquirer information is what is at issue taken this and which you take difference between peace and war was good it was and you assume that in an adjoining made factors some of this going is more to which means that you have when you look at the measures is you have a lot of the mourners would use only has supplanted with schools which controls and so what you expected it to other small when when users going off so you have this most of us more in fact than some of the the front of the coalition is more which is pouring in natural images so what you're going to somebody going to sample this is crucial so why all the obsessively so that you observed direction of piece of your excellent pieces of your life .period managed care so you have the damages simply it's an IQ of forces remove the alteration get blasts the damages upon information on your the match was given so I
is a applied also of course it's always have been difficult to work To say that but they're so yeah it's that appointments we can't follow look and insists so in fact the number of border would restore there is an overall drop 1 recently due to do so in small this was something that was tend 5 consolidating itself and not to mention that development meant it's good because it is not because of the growing over the edge and they have some mobile voice that not is tonight's game and that that's what they're for what they have opened their arms to the meeting of lawsuits is the only significant displays that the region's of other world and looking at the distribution lower sample this revenge OK so it's sort of like computer by effects so I conclude by provide of eggs given the observation blind and pillaging or what I am looking gaunt it was all exits piece enlargement of says look here and and looking then displayed Canadian doubles so job orders here for peace and why is it uses only in which received the medical Center of the distribution and so this is a technique which is the standard something and so we have I will take nature to obtain the proximity of carried in dollars so useful the technique which you the testicle techniques of missed by more than 1 day simultaneously resulting in his ultimate 20 minutes which is bit better OK
uh OK so there are a lot of work which women to go to school somewhat because of what we've done so you is absolutely we have good about Bonneville for convergence which is dominant expenses although we have become computer misuse of fantasy of assessments the additional equity so we have resulted the assurance so that the walked something which has not been done that's all part of it's full after that because when you are there not to mention the fact that sometimes using your from London not the rise of Redwood to do so is meant to talk to date will find jobs available from Intel's but is not that easy to work please With the plates prompt we do that the dollar also we have to work also to include more of the complex considering using piracy the modicum comprise my lap trying to understand why there are so many different we observe a lot of different so it's only the most much better with between wife and also we we have to look at and there was some bias solution techniques to speed up the convergence which which is more comparable to what but it it is not so reminiscent of something which has been dormant as the To moved by us in which is called argue that techniques where you use fact that is to be supplied to work you would you will use you had a situation that wish to the front steps as new resembling combined you become brands and this teammates forward it is well known altered without winning the war work and you estimate for example the was most quantity of diffusion but is less clear L implement that when you are trying to sample that the such a distribution of the division between optimism only not expressed thanks for your attention and you have some sense of OK so long as there's version now with given that could have been the case in this is the beginning of the year and the the case a that sort thing that comes from their losers during the inconsistencies in the stories victory in considers that this could be the variance because there's so you your excluded without article convergence of building 1 because as much 1 English Guineas and some consumer of things and of course and if you don't want to say that this the In the end it is the biggest problem is how to do it to the president of the continues there is the way you think they are underway usually goes to America with only where there is it said that it was a lot of their articles of the legend is you look at the event would have been done in the 60's and people were using the computer of course the preliminary rejected is doable In the Uganda Ugandan related to deserve the ball for example in the 60's it was used to be produced in a completely into the solar system of a girl from different equations also lowered the cost leaders would work Over the divisions is among millions of that the it's clear that the company's Hewlett is this going away when we are going to convince you that it's OK that that they got at the above so difficult that the movement began hearing the in the United States is likely rise and in a general framework it is entitled to it was president president you have to do is they should have stayed here and there and can get hammered out there if that the that gets infected as saying that the these are different issues and ineffective so so that the potential for example which St Paul it's a different problem so it didn't mention that there would happen when you have the potentials so I said you need to be more careful because then you need to have the kind of implicit schemes approach expresses schemes no so it is not on little back as saying here that as we have a reasonably simple will too good solid examining millions problems which are linked with the elderly use that was the identical so and the thing which is interesting to me and this is 1 thing and doing so 4 people would use International Inc but they have already implemented "quotation mark understandable that understanding of what also finishing techniques for of adventure and there would seem to rule as you know also mentions that you simply have to change when of cold if you look get a lot of these conditions we simply has so you don't have to do that and accept rejects that reportedly to interrupt thing together to do you you you take yours and your fellow England Anderson and was that you added the summit of noise and then what really be is the only thing that entitled located that you also need to June justices in different ways so as I said considerations are at least that when able to originally equipment they agreed it's filled in it so simple to modify the code that convince people to back his package was an and it becomes especially interesting uh sources as you look at the Georgia in national the last 20 years so people when people start to look at other major problems they start to look at some of wasn't trying to look at Comdex the problems of starting with the War Production Inc which was also realize it's a emotions and that was less launching exists is there conferencing overcharge people if we will to other mentioned with mission of simple models which are converts and that of a single maximum and that is our local for signature all 2 2 draw former convex optimization of energy dimension and it is didn't foot but and this is a very fragile when the we have been so your that's the appeals so you are hitting Lincoln and investors something which the that is that when you have some noise and when you take a understandable as and when you merger also is they a do not have anything because Ronald the this and it was understood distinction Frost Nunavut looking at such as finding worry us when you start to 2 USA moment of Morris then cables also from part so you it's more like a robot condition techniques also Jose something so something you want an issue in this food because it's of softening its lately that they should look at the 1st context contest which Odinga forming national community was known that it was Monday announced that it was your notes with ostrich original notes will fall from the deposits the company which has a warm weather base on the southern so it was this was incident and it was I don't think that it's really because it was accompanied at the meeting was successful because In the technique at his escape .period the of the use of and this has exacerbated the souls of refused so I don't want to pretend soars as it too they spontaneity and issuance of importance 1st as 1 of you are you are you are doing it your always then of course with women of course you would you you are in love with and which would say to this and this and this is an issue start lucrative noncommittal condition Paula as this I think some noises make it extremely will be used because when you some lawyers in you will escape at least regretted under Georgia law .period ignored wanted to good was provided not to with escaped losing and lingering locally so as I say this is where the true production there are more and more techniques which are going global which I understand this and we have to that's the want from a black perspective on the letters some of the and there's always room complete destruction of because the Eurocontrol yeah I didn't do that but I just can't can be used as a article where the call consensus among the :colon something so those are the things that we do not work on the part of the you have the right to know that there is out the idea the experience you have awarded on Kansas but there are a lot of Georgia where you do work samples continues and is also due to meet the with distance is the reasonable originally many of these are last 1 of the things we have to choose the prior year which and not in use here is a lot of pride in in the case was the that fired because there is no it is not being so that users that executives .period because when you do work just a commission on in your case you have something you to terms you are having their best which which is the real it issue is not bothered by also make you down solution was like we all of this stuff is like you and internationally you knew you always use which is the last I didn't use it as a way to another so everyone unease but isn't because there is no word Orthodox emotional now because they you as soon as you use alleviation that you are believed the Soviet Union's main friends is the weather so now I have a function will get 1 elevators and still get a function which is so low that accumulation them and what they do incompetent is a maximum of it OK and then ended when they were obligations and say OK we sample the post distributions over with and in fact winners of local television disciple dimension what they show is that unlike many many solutions which are value which are extremely those limits because the firm is saying is that there is something for sold in the that is something that is it intuitively and everybody knows of course is that you start with a badly we have a problem with the problem it is but a condition OK so of course the use of organization is a different usually feel what conditions the locals so but the thing is that the city is become extremely sensible legalization solution just people 2 1 1 .period you don't see that there are many many of the points which are which of their enclosed in which means they can be very different in terms of the solution we can different but that if you look at the value of the dollar ended with an extremely close so so when you are reporting a single-point victory maximum you don't see think it can be extremely flat and intimidating not initially was extremely flat so we think that there are many many many solutions which I will wear we judge revoked the most the same values objectives and you see that because people in Europe usually National Mutual chose a lot of international was trying to obtain as examples of organization concentrations and it and use it and when you start playing music especially when you're using and what solution is you will take many many different solutions because as motivation on the revision a preview of the approach of completely different solutions and how they wish to stationary about as you want to promote because when when when you start to work when you are a problem which is which is conditions you need you need to have upon your information and to solve the problem was when I was thinking the same thing as far as I can see that this is the case with people who for example when work sparsity sources OK America's all but the messenger and there is no little but by assumption is that there is owned only a small part of his always meanings for that and you will use data and 1 or hostages in using piles like that 1 is 1 of many many possible .period also depend on what is mind in knowledge that that 1 is confirmation that the admitted that the use Apollo which is appointing you you pile which is trying to pull modes of sportsmanship but of course and 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