Hacking Team in Latin American post-dictatorships

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Hacking Team in Latin American post-dictatorships

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Hacking Team in Latin American post-dictatorships
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On july 5th 2015, 400GB of information regarding Hacking Team – the Italian company that sells surveillance malware to governments all across the globe – was filtered. In Latin America, most countries contacted and negotiated with the enterprise. Nonetheless, the use of the malware in the region is illegal and amounts to grave violations of human rights. Given the history of authoritarian and dictatorial countries in the region, how do we analyze the implications for democratic institutions in these countries? What is the impact for dissidence and journalism and in the region when facing this invasive malware?
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but the land is the well I actually
Evan pay when want to do is to talk about a different aspect affecting the not the technical but a political 1 will how well surveillance hacking teams actual surveillance in Latin America what implications the uh all these
have and In this just good that's where the so we are in a non-governmental organization from predators that is to defend and promote the human rights on the Internet from Latin American perspective this is important because most conversations regarding privacy security come either from Europe or the United States and non no sense there but I realities in Latin American countries are very different democratically an institution so today I want to talk about surveillance and the actual impact of surveillance and the consequences of a specific 2nd teams and a surveillance I wanted to show you because it's really as actually very creepy what team thus somebody that you can do it again and
some of you have mentioned changes to the set that is transmitted over include channels often the information you want is not transmitted at all we were told that may be also and you monitoring and way it is possible monitoring you know what you need know more and more on your talk fits on this I used to have you use a and B and the and the and you and revision of the law and the most of the people in the in the uh exactly what we do and I don't think that life on us and all the other sexually active teens commercial is the Italian it as they were staged by where the manufacture of just a little bit about what type of content that they can actually eat you can get itself can be actually used to take its password messages and e-mails contacts calls microphone and camera that can also be remotely activated whenever they want without noticing it of information from Skype Facebook Twitter any social network geographic location hard drive every single letterpress from a keyword every single mouse click whatever you delete whatever you're seeing it spread to be having a public officer behind your back seeing what you're doing and registering it at every single moment in every digital we all of our private lives so it's not only about mass surveillance right this is targeted surveillance and it's not only surveillance regarding metadata the 1 that which is made reference to about Edwards orderliness a but it's also constant surveillance this is an example of what are they can actually see this was published by the ages of 2 thousand 14 so we have these John Doe a social networks and the most contacted this social networks here the most contacted people and have the most visited websites and of course the geo-location in real time and all those things and when you think about surveillance of light it's always been part of the state but in Internet is made much worse because of all of what we think an are on a daily basis is reflected always search will we call but if metadata can reveal that much amount of
personal information this is just completely 100 % intimate so the good news was that happened in was hacked and last year by our hacker called synaesthesia and this hacker published all of it for hundreds gigabytes of information regarding hiking team of which the that the metadata
is that we were hearing about before was made up but with the exchange of him as a whispered in published in the fact that it's also contracts but the payment receipts every single thing that the government could not deny they had not done or had negotiated with hacking team update he actually that the hackers she had the teacher count and we call the 2nd impacted team and just published everything there was great and she says that's all it takes to take that components of its abuses against human rights is the beauty and symmetry of hiking what do we learn from the HAC so there was a lot of information and what we did in that it is the palace was to make a nine-month investigation about the legality of this type of self or in Latin America this is a report you can find line in that it is this that is the authority I only Spanish right now only some but there's a summary in English for those that are interested in our main conclusions were that hadn't himself or does not comply with existing legal standards in the region ESA legal it's use it's illegal and an unduly infringes upon free speech freedom of information privacy and due process but 1 of the most interesting things was that OK so in their report we also did that and return to communicate better how hacked team works at a technical level it's a very complicated thing so we make this little colorful
graphs and important thing to notice here is that uh hiking teams so for goes through a series of anonymizers so the endpoints of Galileo suffer in Mexico had to go to 4 proxies it went all core Reardon on upper reasserted his Michael node as their Australia and New Zealand before
actually going to mexico so it's also at that opens up a lot of questions why is my data revolving around the world what are the protections for that and of course it makes it much more harder to trace so you don't know you're being spied
upon because of course the nature of spying secret then you you cannot exert anything against and then resisted To our surprise and most countries in Latin America either contacted or
negotiated with hiking team so that means the 1 serine reddish uh are the ones that bought the software we made an analysis of how much money did each government spent in Mexico a country that is going to rest summarize the human rights crisis was the most important hiking team client in the whole world by an almost 6 and a million dollars of in of surveillance of work and then we have also on the rest of it whether Chilean of Brazil and Colombia gain this countries marked with a yellow the countries that uh where we know that I team was used to spy on activist or political opponents so that's Mexico it was and Colombia will tell you that and and the Ramada stories um later n would worry cells also is that there is uh an increased interest for Latin American governments to buy surveillance of for Brazil aboard and almost 50 thousand euros worth of the the 2nd himself 4 but they are also producers and manufacturers of another and it's surveillance of a colony yet again that also sold to worldwide in Colombia after the drug war surveillance is just part of the activities and there's a little scandal I will tell you about it later but it's completely out of control and until then it would strikes struck here is that makes it was a much bigger population and there's over 11 add and agencies that but the software but she has been so a little bit less than half of the money that Mexico's spent but
only for 1 single the police investigation department so that's something that is really striking when you see them on In in all this information put together we know that there is something to worry about given the close relationship of Latin American governments with all territories and an undemocratic governments the use of these tools is especially
alarming in Mexico this is a picture of the approaches of the 43 disappeared Stewart students and in Mexico the I there's a very strong and inside a reality where a governmental authorities and organized crime are the same thing we saw it but there when the police disappeared 43 students in that that now the official version we know that the military was also involved in the open fire against underneath students this is only the tip of the iceberg that this happens in Mexico not all the time but at least we've been hearing about cases of once a month they recently found by brain ways of 408 bodies that they could not identify and it's the police and the military that are doing this thing so when hacking teams
sale it stays that they only sell to governments it's a complete line because when you are giving this to make this over to the Mexican government you're giving it also to the organized crime and that's something that we must take into account at node these reality could be replied where it's the same anywhere else but it's something that must be taken into account consideration especially when talking about hacking teams of
responsibilities so the other side of the coin is that of course in a country where the temples man 1 of the biggest drug lords in of the
cut industrialized scapes 2 times from prison of course you might think well surveillance of reasoning it right this and we
need to catch him again and you will probably escape again because of a terrible Mexicans corruption jails but and they would be the what we saw in the in their in their report is not only that of 8 out of 10 it'll be 11 authorities that purchase that contains of 40 cannot use it it's legal but
also in the and the governor of Puebla land use to remote control system to spy on political reveals academics students of a university and even journalists and the Mexican government agency requested 2074 judicial orders which we don't know if they're justified or not there's no way of holding those there many judicial orders accountable these are the it's a screenshot of hacking teams of Excel document that we we could see because of the fact and this is very striking too because the Mexican all local uh it's uh a
private state all company and they bought parking teams of 4 so what is the control there where the using the for higher how doing all that at any 1 of these non authorized uh agencies are using it for personal advantage of personal gain spying on their
wives or husbands or whatever there is absolutely no legal control regarding this then he meant well order that technology was used to spy on an opponent of the Government of graphite career that was Dr. article sphere of the picture is picture of the process of
2010 when there was a the questioning of Korea that some have called an intent of a cold that that end up but privacy and I was has always been an opponent he was put in jail in 2014 because of a criminal libel against the president of equipment and then he was infected with hiking team and we know this because of the links as well the story was published by Associated Press so we cliques as some people are getting confused there we can it is not the uh the platform that we call these documents but they did provide with a search engine that was very useful to surf through all this information is like finding a needle in a haystack did was too much information so we can fix and this is a screenshot of because affecting the malaria that all the traffic of Columbia was intercepted by the DNA the the Drug Enforcement Agency of the United States so we also have a common all this intervention is the culture of of of of the United States also being used this inspiring in in Colombia Colombia a at the end the by also uh 2nd himself or and this is just 1 of the man e-mails there were exchange the tool because they needed help but the DAB that help from the heightened team um um people in
Panama Canal added that there was this big scandal the Panama papers at the government civilian suffering 2011 under the direct or the of present a government committee he was
on the phone during the meetings that telling him to put the most began to say everything that they could do that do report back to him and then in 2012 week they had elections the Sunday ahead to suffer was just magically went missing after a couple metonymies have peaked suspects the lost the election is just went missing and this opens even more questions something this powerful endangers does go missing without any consequences where is it who is using it that they know how to use it or the using it against these ie I forgot to 30 you earlier but this the suffer can be implanted either by USB sticks which is usually done in airport control and revision security revisions it can be used in things fate Wi-Fi spots or actual wife respond with edges bypass your password and and the most common method has been fishing which is the sending of this a fake um links that once you click you get infected or once you open the document to get infected that was the case of Carlos Figueroa they sent him a fake uh invitation to 1 event the many open that and he was on infected in T then this is the picture of the police service the US and as and investigative police they said they boarded uh they did buy it because most governments Mexican government of course tends to deny everything so that just the united and nobody can explain how because all the e-mails and all the information is there is very little to nite but
the investigation police of cheating did their recognize the that they bought the software but they said they were using judicial orders the uh in their application and this is still doubtful because 1 when unknown judges actually know what they're authorizing and tool if it's not uh regulated by law and a judges justifying the use of this self or if it's not explicitly regulated if it's not regulated you cannot use it it's very simple it's some it's it's it's the opposite of citizens we can use we we can do whatever is not prohibited but the authorities can only do what is explicitly permitted surveillance comes this is a picture of was the be noted that the data that was empowered to differences in 2 if the 3 to 90 and in the region in Latin America surveillance is part of the government sees the dictatorship air so where we gonna do now with this so for and all the implications that it's not being that its use in every single country it's illegal the of 1 other interesting fact that was also uh and uh it was published by the that because of the fastener agreement with all the experts in imports can care have to be done through an intermediary in like other enterprises cannot directly cell an interregional was Robert
taking Colombia Ecuador and Panama nice systems that was also mentioned earlier equal column and the somewhat the mother and this with this person go then into the published about this person gold or sorry that was an AK 47 arms dealer that was in charge of the hunting team negotiations and has also something extremely worrying how do we have and making 47 arms dealer now being with weaponized of 4 and where the controls for this what does this imply in Cologne react in what the man lying on board as and if this also very
paradoxical for us this is a quote from the report because the main goal of Galileo to 8 criminal investigation and intelligence systems to save a democratic
society but they're doing it with on democratic methods they're doing with opacity legality violation of human rights sold and this is not even a topic of the mean justifies the way because the mean is also uh a flawed itself in terms of democratic transparency so for the final question how do we resist
it's a lot harder for the it's kind of a difficult 1 because hiking team can actually by press encryption now David B.
intensity CEO essentially bragging about uh bypassing the a soul how the rest is something that is so invasive that 9 encryption can get you by of course we could say with some mass surveillance and other things that we could do to to protect ourselves we could answer also that we should push for more and better regulation regarding this type of weapon that this is surveillance of for but then the question is in Latin America even if there's a good loss and even if we win that fight the implementation of those laws is still going to be hands of corrupt and arbitrary authorities so what is what what is the game here and and also even though you regulation critics is a whenever at and an application can be used for surveillance and control it will be used for surveillance and control in or outside of the law and that is something that we have learned over the years so the question about resistance it comes at the end and we've heard it a lot this 1st day of republic at to user consciousness of our our privacy and our area that person's intensity surveillance and there's things that of course we can do technically wise to to not open we're doing that weird people send those already Internet verify that whenever when someone census an e-mail we can we we can verbally verify that person is actually sending it I would protect ourselves with the BPN soul Wi-Fi and cannot be used tool to affect the set of things on and this is the final question it's a it's up to us at the end and to push for more and better control of of the cell for not only in Europe because Europe now there's a directive that implements the Wassenaar Agreement at some level it is January 2015 embodying general all over the world uh there's also an very the responsibility of the Italian government to investigate more and more in this practices as for letting this cell for and for pennies surveillance suffer for the matter is illegal it can mount a lot of from users and um so I'm here spiral added to the heat that is to the analysis and thank you very much that's it that's my contact
information in case you 1 into anything else and I was wondering if there were any questions thank
the hi thank you so much for you talk I just have a simple and and there's small questions do you have any diet
shall Bolivia and Paraguay which were
left blank on your map because I fainted due to some changes in the law all in Bolivia as well as some sort of why I'm stores are quite open all necessary instead you can't tell us that more about that yet definitely um they were left blank on environment you can a can of so many of them there were left blank because they are at the tool and governments that and it was not a by way it's this it's only believe you and that means
and I believe it's it's are already work
of static and the friendship uh we announced that did not buy it and sorting and that it not by the so but negotiated there's some e-mails that talk about a negotiated an appointment for negotiation but at the end that didn't pan out so they mining thing that's where you can see I'm there in these what it meant to meet with hacking timber there's no further confirmation whether that meeting took place at least from the lead for the rest of the countries it's a very little percentage of Latin America but did
not at least try to contact the negotiate with the with hacking team and thoughts about a very big surveillance market in Latin America right they can there's money there's people on there's but national security problems so we can be that all that all those things when they come
together they pan out a very you worrying and panorama of on the topic thank you and we hope I answered it has the 1 2nd
questions coming yes the as but they
also competitors to hitting him and would you know anything about the American Chinese other companies who would be better targeting the American market and tensor hacking teams competition in the oven the same kind of
services that as opposed there will be a little over yet definitely um I see this is out of a report of an and just lots of really really interesting report impact right which is another civilian suffering and it was very scandalous inequality because of the tight explicitly target political opponents and dissidents and there's also in Mexico um to Mexico and I believe it's Argentina it seen feature of them a group that is also being used in in the region
but definitely I would say hacking team is the most um the most prominent even know there's all they're all come competition in the region and the use of Q would kill is doing no and I know Dominican Republic did by hacking to suffer q bias can of mystery still her but I'm not aware of for the Cuban government buying or negotiating with uh hacking team this in specifically and in their to the heat that is that we still don't know if we are going to the lecture working to or not now that it's opening and all all these things but it's definitely something to take into account and consideration given the geopolitical implications that could have yeah any more questions yeah OK perfect thank you very much for ill-defined uh there has to be