Sexy or Sexist? Ads on the Facepalm Beach

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Sexy or Sexist? Ads on the Facepalm Beach
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Sexy ads are often made in the seaside town of Facepalm Beach where creators and their customers like to be tongue-in-cheek and a little provocative. Everyone has a lot of fun creating in Facepalm Beach. But when launch day comes, shitstorms brew up in the sky above those happy creators. These storms can damage businesses and reputations and cost jobs. It does not have to be that way. Let's look at Faceplam Beach's sex selling logic and why it needs some competition.
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and the tha and even the flying
years and that well 1st air this is a cute kittens calls and um this is like the 2nd part of my talk that are held last year about uh 6 unicorns and or some source so as structured this is a project by
B is BG added to a laboratories at the BG stands for bullshit be gone and it's a project by the House of nodding of some of
you might know what drag houses are overlooking houses netting is the same for knots quia non-binary Sybyl nerds so here we
go we have to ask things if something sexy Auspex's because sometimes people get something at the model don't and they sometimes think something that just shows sack maybe sexist or the other way round so welcome interface Palm Beach all got this picture is very
dark and you can't see it doesn't matter OK welcome to face PomBase the image in the background is uh a city a friend of
mine built on Skyline cities and thought it was so nice and they asked me whole do you want what name should give us a call face from the church and use the picture in my talk people become so we did it it is also a member of my house so I will
start with a bit of a perspective I hope you can see what this is is a very dark picture may
be the lights can be deemed a little bit and it's just showing where we all always here on planet Earth because I want to put you into perspective before really stopped you know what is this anyone know what is this OK it's but like the proposal by the design also depend fails and is supposed to represent money over I would also the people living on planet Earth and remind people on planet Earth that we all living on this planet and therefore the same and we have to take care of each other on the planet and possibly the aspect of taking care of each other and take each of the seriously and having formerly of as human beings is sex in the representation of sex maybe also in commerce and adverts so back to phase 1 beach the but before we stay here I want to take you on a little more idea so I'm going to
fast forward through the time vortex and we evaluated is on the 2nd of May 2 thousand 516 500 years sign up and here
it this futuristic city there's a teacher walking around with students that of coming from the rural area where they live Saturday like a static economies sources everyone's find neither 1 lives in these mega cities and the come to this city and the teacher sort of trying to get the kids to the museum and then the kid suddenly see this not thought is just that the satellite
and they account talking about a party they want to organize and for while we show each other than have and then my interest in normal it's as if the the kids was seen an advert about support and talking about themselves
played that sport like a football cricket or whatever and this is the label is about outer-space mobile is doWn often repeat the German and that each just says OK kids yeah it's not only about your weekend plans but what you've seen here I can tell teach you a bit of a less than the cost for a hundred years ago before the shift before the will became the way we live in it now things will be different and I'll tell you something about a very normal put like milk where 500 years ago some people selling milk sold it with sex not the way we bored baby showing people having a fantastic orgy in a pool of milk this a bit more on 1 side that lots of you know this I left out a special motive because it was especially crap anyway
and the kids say all you know it's only been the end of the teachers as well that was times when people thought that was something only certain people we're interested in and the other people was supposed to sort of provided by those people providing it
when they were sort of really interested in fact so there were more party
where is that men were the ones pursuing the effects and then 1 of the
boys says will well as boring didn't have any cheesecake below its so we he you have and the teacher says yeah you're right goal in sometimes the work cheesecake boys but mostly for men who like men because people like to presumed 500 years ago that pursuing effects and having fun with states was something only men would do because if women do it looked so we go back in
time back to our what time frame through the time vortex I to here we are again
back human and I want to
show you a world of fails to sort of going to the subject now this has got nothing to do with the fall it might be plausible for bikini of all for lounge or
a yes it's mostly but it's a bloody absent from people providing floors selling floors to people building houses or to sort of remodeling they're flat and that this woman on the floor or on the titles
not wearing any part is shit I don't know about if you capture data from those told I want to live there and if it is and this is just sort of a photo shop stop picture on their own everything but I don't want to think of Lionello's styles and look at their comics and so the people making the most of the individ after all this
mixed with racism the life as the people ordering pizza all really horny
men that have affected by so women that come from a different part of the world where we are or in this crap all yeah year-old all gone now the other new 1 all lovely lady yeah yeah I I would think this selling it to now on
tour they and and all he had
this lady on the cooperated with jobs and I think God of course people will start shit storms these days in 20 16 because that just happen of of narrow-minded representation of sex to entice people to buy their products because I think it was in the beginning of 26 15 a great Guardian article said for a track conferences or of text says why don't you do not get
rid of the ball with date but bring in the blue ball is to end times people who like mandate be men or women all whatever type of people on the gender spectrum that will also feel welcome and know that we are meant like me man I meant that if people sell something to me with the male body of it OK
being we actually a I might even want to buy it even more than just normally and on the other hand I think instead of just always wanted to sell with sexy could just have a cold fully even if it's a bit Hatcher normative but you can sort of think and little bit further than the tip of your nose maybe just 1 inch and it would help them maybe prevent you from getting a shitstorm all he could do it even nicer
1 of the most inclusive things this is selling things with cute animals like cat everyone 1 likes to and I
think people look at the at the the face of a cat is only especially from people of the Internet acting thinly drawn to cats dogs cute animals be guys are holes or whatever and it was and it won't give you a shitstorm still under under Mr. monsier as also said that OK after especially what happened in Cologne that he wants to sort of spark a debate and also maybe pass
along the outer bounds sexist adverts in Germany I think it was digitized and quite that were at is also already bound here in Berlin is that right and do the work the OK the a sort of fall because the debate has to be a bit more on
the walls than just bounds something in the aft also know what sex is the what's not and talk about it that's what I want to do so we will talk about what is sexist and here
we go into a bit of a gray zone because like I said just because something has sex in it it doesn't have to be sexist it's
like these brutalist buildings
it's nice to look up very lots of grain in there but it's not black or white so this advert for example I
sold out at a gas station when I was driving down to the eastern Hagen that's what and a friend there that that would be something to your presentation in their life and they will right because is showing men and women having fun OK so cigarettes have in you I don't care but it was just really just showing people having fun maybe even you can see these washing machines and you see always about them going in the right and then
going to the wall wash the long and then having having its as they have that their close maybe in them and that sort how got shopping cart so I don't know why they're having fun but the good thing is you can see men and women equally represented as something fun and sexy lively alike at all this company that sells lickerish I don't like that stuff for my part models the
and but have always seemed absolutely started a thing was a couple of years ago with with of domains a bit kinky because the black lickerish and the latex and let the top I and it wasn't really offensive I thought is just maybe sexy but not sexist on the some of the things
they did like with the Quixote animal as I said with a Q McKeown well executed and then I sold the
this year it was on the page and not the I was writing home with a colleague after we'd we'd encountered some blatant sexism reads you respect to them and us all this the ad version of all Michael that's ingrained is
doing exactly that what most allows us to do with female bodies to me with a beautiful male body and I looked it up online and the would discussions and there was a lot of people were saying and I found that interesting also but is there and I'll show me about own way that people given the company's share some because of sexism that's not how it works the the because showing a man like that can also still implies something sporty fitness I don't know what but not only just sexualization that's reserved for women but people see something naked antiquated know what no matter how all of them what it is or if they get a must be sexist no that's always the context that is it you might have a disembodied there which most a with the female body is the meaning but with a man it's a bit of a review of sort of this has got a different context the different feeling it also sets men who may feeding the thing on what I know what we we might feel afraid to see this disembodied and these at virtual is something that I found interesting
people for this advert for these bonus date nite in Düsseldorf a sexist In fact this just showing this woman in sport
outfit with her partner apparently also in shorts he's cleaning her roller skates I don't think that sex is to do you think is safe if it was just a knee-jerk reaction to showing a woman lying somewhere maybe showed a bit of leg but actually not being is really objectified motion was a sport poses as relaxing after after go rolling also Dusseldorf and being active that's not as sex objects to me so we must
ask yeah it raises the misogyny and is there really a conspired sale there against women I would say OK this state is where a
beautiful tinfoil hot but you shouldn't because of the bottom
there's actually a completely different animal there
and I say this animal is no so not people thinking all its make some the meaning of
that so that we mean field that is mostly more unbalanced habits and presumptions about people that make of course to everyday work and an advertising agency marketing or whatever it is that you know 0 men always women do the started Gaga groups so we put this into that being that into the over been no we put that into their and job don't go home and have been somewhat Netflix that sadly enough if you make it easy for yourself mostly bullshit comes out
so you have presumptions like this of course you also can call it market diversification because if you have 1 toy
girls 1 toys for boys you can say all you can sell more toys to parents that have different types of children but is bullshit
another thing is something I've found in a semester book of my partners and found that very interesting just by chance and it was this it
was sort of this book with all sorts of uh different types of yeah info stone plan and so on the we cocktail recipes in there and as all going through it as always tips about women so it's enough of a where the business tips for of of female from entire there was no need the there was not in for
business called for people who want men and then I look to the start of class and all you can see it's big pay the here for me and
you can see these sexy looking female students in the foreground of this timetable that maybe some boys of the background that's what I would say
is the typical knee-jerk reaction because this a plan is made for students for of the LVT half often that's uh and engineers university and you always have these stupid presumption all of them and then so all of them we what will be men and that's 1 of the deep problems why this diversity strife in the tech community and now we come to the end of the thing these
adverts I also see on my way home in Düsseldorf they are for a company that sells suits for men and you can see the presumption here that a man identifies himself through when me
totally heterosexual is thinking that just because you're a man and you want to be a manly manly man so it must be somehow linked to bloom world
or even completely stupid stuff like that and I researched and the CEO of the company said all no it's suffixes at all it's about showing uh in having the upper hand and amending the toys the yeah a yeah i in old story
noon via have got the hope book there of
this is even worse that was also a things with musical instruments it made me think of a very old meaning this picture I'm going to show it to you maybe
some of you will we think this is a really old remora remember seeing it in 1998 the classic the the next day
is this actually happened in Thailand
thing where apparently this man appeared shown here was sexually a short solving a Portia so maybe those ads and so good after all that poor portion might have not
given its constant and that's all you can say this is a one-way street leading to death because you went doing 1 thing
today this thing came to me through to
itself would go in and slowly crazy and I ask the people I think it was uh uh
on Twitter people form uh pings things would also twisted it and I ask them well who made it wasn't an agency of small latency who made this thing for this uh book butcher's shop on the books to their own ads for finding uh your employees and uh to learn the art of selling meeting the shop so your scans stand there in a bikini with a big piece of rates and I found out it was a woman who made it that woman even owning the place and she gets gave interview to fall course saying all well I just wanted it to be a bit cheeky who but not thinking 1 step
further because she could have gone have the same POS with a young man and he would have been like Adam and Eve of beach not sexist just 40 or maybe a little bit tasteless but not sexist the same thing here this is something that spawned a lot of strife that's a
long story behind this model is the only funny because I come from the black forest the so other less thought 0 my god it's the same old thing again showing the woman they could have just not the same thing with the male thing and thought of maybe big pine cones and whatever can be long and large like the trees in the and if the tree in the forest they on long-term the yeah now
then the well actually I was told when this all this well actually the
idea for this that came from a woman room you must understand young lady so please like no-op it is all in that men but presently if sparsity cheeky so my idea don't take it so seriously it's actually makes fun of sexism and you should actually like that so it's actually doing what you want and shut up and don't be such a killed 4 it it a bound
on low I swing both ways I like cell
walls and solve trick and start by In here the elements the skills and the way it goes back to the
city of here they are in the Black Forest because there it was a woman
who made it a young designer of a student from the back and yeah in that forest a beautiful city and it has a very famous
waterfalls very beautiful very scenic and I I'll actually even when there is the teenager was 13 with blue hair just getting into electronic music and we were in this youth hostel and it was terrible will woken up every morning with the Gypsy Kings all of us are going crazy the and another
thing that they didn't the that was in 1 of a communal park houses the with the we had corner parking space where the Burgomeister the may have had always so hard to get into itself of women it's mn parking space so he has course women can't
get in 1 and this woman called
the so he the
Burgomeister asked and at think it was a pensioner to paint this he did enjoy doing it but he did it by the it's a big pot with keeping it doesn't even look normally will say something a child painted reminds me of the
how to use them later devices is what she's potato genes of a begin gold so all the
people carry their own sort of painted over the woman so it just looks like moles the unique painters reloads landscape next thing is something that happened
near Dusseldorf with the coffee truck got a company selling coffee to companies to other companies mostly secretaries ordering the coffee with again a driver who would be in there for 10 years 20 years even
how this they wanted to see the boss wanted the truck still look a bit more interesting the driver refused to drive the car they ended up in front of caught the owner of the company lost he's longtime employee and a lot of customers were unhappy is they could
have possibly ladder from there to easy does it and the comments section that moment for call from the some great comments
I pick this up last week that you can read that conic sections the company should
think about it the people buying it instead of having a 1 we a person the Bossier deciding to put on this bullshit because it seems they might have been into costumes did you know
what else of them how he the this on the
other hand is a better example for having a cleverly Don delivery van from Russia where it really looks as if there's a huge loaf of bread in this manner is also some people will look at it that glass is such a big always a painting also
so you can strive for progress you don't have to be perfect and I've got some examples a
great sexy of now this is a agency from New York that sort of rebounded
itself and the owners of the people the uh with uh will running it decided to do it sort of show themselves naked fresh start are too but the germ and went through all sorts of weird regimes to become fit long court for this campaign and I must
say is really really got because its men and women of course OK they're they're able bodied they are very fair it's it's a certain type of body that they have to put a lot of effort in but it's still and even evenly showing people being sexy being a lorry and not just female bodies as meat the same thing the same photographer
was also for x we knocks a looks to read um the Jim from the states and they had this very sporty but sexy campaign after
they have this campaign shot by Terry Richardson reminded it of Lady Gaga
off the next 1 is really
a really silly would given much
the man and woman is blackness from on the floor and the man looking at the lights and don't be Derby there was 1 since
stupid but afterward they changed it and wanted to
show people look is still working sexy but men and women more diverse and something like this came out and I actually like looking at these up also even something
like that and although orgy but it's people together having an orgy and a long very good that ball the into the gym and they have not had a lot of dough notes to wheat and they look also so these examples
are great novel thing is you
just need more diversity also concerning
bodies Sports Illustrated has this famous swimsuit issue now with the plus size model they're getting there
and there's also this thing that they sort of getting these realistic comparisons the you know with female bodies and Photoshop they're doing the same with men now so you can notice that it's better to show someone sexy maybe even sporty but have more diversity in there so that people can recognize themselves in the ground and no OK I can maybe go to the gym and local but then someone a bit because of its
small and so 1 of the more identification so the bottom line is if you want to sell with sex think inclusively trying to more than just the new normal boxes and if you if you don't know if in doubt just use a fork in product all if in doubt use acute animal and now I just want to also say that the most important thing is is talk about representation and forgets that sex
is something that only straight men cut and start thinking of balancing because 1 example is the series our land about a woman going back in time to the 18th century Scotland they had a revolution on the screen showing beautiful sexy man in the sector several sex scenes in 1 episode the wedding episode watch it it's revolutionary is now is anti the Game of Thrones the still violence in there there's lots of whiskey drinking and sexy people but not just women and so if you start thinking about more perspectives and more different views of States you can stop having this typical type of strife where people are bickering about
I did being sold speech because you say in Germany you don't want sexy adverts anymore or how at
time we call the editor of build side to and I think what you said there was
terrible at all that much anyone because of your own self help groups she said that to stop build sexism the
campaign to stop having a page 1 and page 3 page 3 girls which I think is in itself a good thing I signed their campaign but I think you also have to think of the other side and say maybe we can have sex but invite the boys along the girls all we just don't
do it so the
girl turn the calls think
before you speak and insulting people that want to make things better so I want to leave you
just with the fault that's being more diverse of and thinking about how you
concoct an image you can stop having a shitstorm just because you to the knee-jerk naked woman on the floor you can maybe
just put a couple on there put account on the floor or maybe show I don't know parrots drinking coffee it's more
interesting that's I think was that thank you very much so you know I don't think so maybe should you right any
questions we still have 3 minutes I was told yeah about
stop microphones on microphones coming but actually work but as you this is the 1 and only question because we don't have more going for a good long you just briefly you met you mentioned the beginning of showing like a moss and the yeah I think that it's important to have a
definition of sexism yeah and then it's not the easiest way to do just that operated things so I was I was wondering if you could extend a little bit on on this part of that's what it was about it with the fault was
about the alternatives have been forbidding things this whole talk welcome back to you and so I talk to uh and uh at