Remarks about the self - similar solutions of the Vortex Filament Equation

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Remarks about the self - similar solutions of the Vortex Filament Equation

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Remarks about the self - similar solutions of the Vortex Filament Equation
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I will review some of the properties of the self-similar solutions of the Vortex Filament Equation. This equation is also known as either the Localized Induction Equation or the binormal flow and is related to the 1d Schrodinger map and the 1d cubic non-linear Schrodinger equation. After looking at the uniqueness and asymptotic behavior of these solutions, I will recall the method developed with V. Banica to continue the solution once the singularity (a corner) is created. Issues concerning the lack of the preservation of linear momentum and the no-continuity of some critical Besov norms will be considered. Finally I will mention some recent work done with F. De La Hoz about the evolution of a regular polygon
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and if you can to the Tools 14 and agave think you some think you'll know Isis following mediation to participate in the program and the intellectual so then the talk will be mainly some the no on existing resolutions of pneumatic floor but this really is motivated by some recent layperson relations with have than of the floor and I would have been some kind of what they think of my speeches and I would put their at the end of the talk for sold flow always said the following the he had 6 per cent during the 3 and is says he was seen anything in the anti-settlement Peace signed by up and these communities in newspapers I act for the period so for a fix the what they have the amount From this but the dialects of his the may curving the sole what I'm doing is and all promotion of these curves the man I should be the start saying what is the amid the gunman in sewer noted too too that we have to find I knew him medallion bakery 6 Banyan make the team which is the unity with respect to this effect that makes so many favorites he here then when the follows with respect to as when they false hearing it still and then I don't pretend that these remaining years the 1 reaches although there is raising the amount is these days until the case was and is the reason onto this fear in the school because of course supercomputers which are the same part of the the plants square over there and in return the simulated still surely fire assuming that the team has said you need lends them and have a good solution but there were whatever then that they had problems but I'm a decision will be presented on the floor so the can be visualized as a map From seat of whatever irony or the ghost until the unit is clear and then of course because he is there tangent invective to the interests here and we have the Scottish products then discussed has to the implications ones is that you are protecting the secondary active with respect to the band brain and the 2nd 1 is that you rotation in making adaptations of pirate doing this in the Andean plains of course you can prevent these last summer I am I right in with the it's that is music-oriented video that Avandia users rotations In an abandoned plan to kill a given point on the sphere so this is the reason why this is called the showing them up it has so this is the 1st connection with the the special periods of the year level then now from that equation is said if I use the middle of this year if they use the Senate's frame is the assistant will to attend the normal thing is that some sometimes people like to call on the curvature that of his thinkers 1 of the best with rockets have to change anything because the Phillies current has to the court as the Strong now is the Coliseum and because my invitation times 10 rights only to attendance is the courage of pens and my soul then I go do little of this a equation I think is included what integration with the the tutorial Elena modest role and the reason is this the it's close there deceased the gross product the difficulty of the derivative of X which is here so this is nothing but a curvature times Moreno looking so therefore always telling me that and phase-out the point is that in the than this .period is moving In their it's another way not among with the velocity or a speed that it is given by the court which found that we would see in a maiden wins there is not only with the light and assuming courage Musial because that will mean that the city His here in that case and this is said many people in galleons this is more more than that the was of big banging away at the House passed a M an approximation of the evolution of the vortex filaments that where vortex filaments that there is no you know the way some quite likely will you have this as if anti-Semitism you want to see their fleets with that and it's not clear about that because you will have to assume is always on cannabis gossiping and then you will never be a Fleming In the can be newcomers that was something which is at the moment but anytime after which will never be a the but anyway in EVA history shows that the media was what he said was picturing you remember nothing of the kind where you have a whole anew usually passive smoke can on menu remember that they you have this lot different costs what do you use following that this payment is that it is not really a Fernandes said but you can try to the shot I sustainability sitting a way where using models instead of smoke and there pictures were really when you look at the problems they've been very much as filament yarn for what we anyway so this is and so in a sense that this study was Morris as follows :colon allotted you Parliament send the at continues to grow and was sitting and the saying that the voters is said Victor about what it is that it supported assessing whether missile which is supported in the field OK then you want to construct you want to compute the velocity of the air through Libya about law that says that the filament use this England on there is no original way of doing it and at some point you even has some develops along with globalization was precisely saying that you had yesterday and then you can eat they analyzed time I have been there a long time the 1st and military response and this is that the curvature at times there were enormous so it is I'm sane on business because is very unclear about his mother at the end of the day is related to to the new plates definitely will never be a breakthrough that they wanted that in the event of pride among the said this season local more than 1 it's about discussing international should never be a local woman on the committee said it was significant that the wanted that the maybe you gonna something else we are pleased by his side in this article are modeled in any case I I think that the there from the mathematical point of view the system of previous that these genetic flaw implies I think it is interesting and I hope I will support
and my is there a statement with the pictures on this book sold it's quite the the main undivided deliveries is the new year saying something this knowledge because there are some but the resolutions course which has declined both there and my normal for that out differently guys that you recognize Indian foods that should be at the top yeah I want to stop toppled president what examined the usually using the bathroom no 1 of course that the Baltics strengths and is also in the area code for this is that ball Solutions Inc In the new model on that point at least 4 an antiques Yukon have headaches consulations bodies of relief .period Hennessy's but of this the shaping thing that's alright so me what was necessary motivation was the Samaniego experiments on them and then there is an ongoing something make that's just them brilliant parents use of questions policymakers at the Kowloon makes 1 I'm not the 1 to professions and the reason why I cannot prove theorems here is because recently with themselves we at the case where there is saying is that being a curve similar political saying I'm thinking at a time when Mosquera and city will when Switzerland to the paper would receive the cycle 2 months later in the day for use of saying that we don't know what we were talking about that this has nothing to do with anything that the deafening nothing nothing to do with the influence because the equation doesn't make any sense with this kind of seemed ready to friends but it is very clear that you can warrant is not clear about what is definition of the courage of tons of iron ore In accordance rights overseas 1 of the difficulties but from the point of view this is that content in the sense that if you want to understand them and seeing wedding in an excuse that I 1st husband the right to this escape yeah or right then it develops as you could ask can I make any experiments like the 1 that and U.S. soldiers yesterday and of course you can be very naive and saying well it is another to create them is small in smoldering nearly thing you have to do is to put the simple then you can say well what happens if people I think you have to try and prevent the wore a square and of course this was done for many people even To dude down into the world and you will find many the I good to bring facilities with my of my way Is there would you see anything about them and you have the books here should remember the vortex ring was made clear and coherent structure that that lasted for quite some time so you that with their saved like this the current people to smoke inside and yes Bush Boone then eventually would you will see this said is but Dave what we were saying it will happen still have any possibility of happening it was clear that you know you would not be able to to seats your right so then you will to the media and instead of looking at safe fire wages look close to the to the and then you say different things half-hearted the pain particularly something which is clearly axis switching phenomena at the end of the skin clearly seen so for example if I start with this structure then at some point they see something like this of course I'm not going sing along the coast this considerable will kill everything and and in the case of the of the square you will see something like this on this disappearing In a sense that for example if you will for the video and yes C 1 None framed priorities in this position in the next 1 in so then you will too but will then and you discover that PCs all axis which inundated becuase answered graduates and this is my definition of massive projects but then you wouldn't go to the references and this was a study was quite the detailing the late eighties solved through the 90's and it was mainly a dumb for years experiment analysts OK and there's plenty of and that there from experiments and also from From the experiments and legal experiments so the other phenomenon is that you haven't looked at was producing meeting this happens India appears sold in any case dream dynamic seems to be much more complex than that 1 of the of the circle so that means that for some with faced with it trying to make this at some point there was seen an example Of course ,comma from quarters so you cannot go much farther because an exchange something with 9 sites and then United States with the owners which the corners and it's the same but for example and so the priorities and women's preference 95 96 there you will find that bits of like this it is starting with the square and they really see it like you start with the forcing it to you they claim that the same say coherent stock whatever this means we've 8 said right and while if you'll just be smaller and you run them often in makes and artifact the views on some analysis due displaying these fans by you don't want to With phenomenon in well-known not digs so it's away sentiment and in fact we claim this is really a nonlinear time meaning that it is not something the Jiuquan obtained by by looking at the top of the effect of 4 of the lenient takes saying and then to from that want to to the something for which anyway so we keeps it would get to Lena Sun makes and then we discover that the at times this is a bent sealed then discovered that single class if I look at the evolution of these Goran Maryland is 1 you can see the influence of the other so the dynamics close to the cordon around Florida 3 days times is dictated by the case would you only come on court then what is a case where you only have 1 corner was this is something that leaves fell it would like to obtain something of this type look at time because it concentration make this month when a blossoming miners tool you need that Dutch soldiers have been killed something in this instance a minds and invested plus a fine of course this is something that lives in the unit falling for the space and realigned undercuts the very precise skimming by Ansel immediately what I'm saying is that them and what the medics suggest undergone quantified in a very precise way because there is a very clearly there dramatic thing that is happening in the evolution of Hong Kong some quotes from under appears in New Mexico the and younger the saying this would remain
in Seoul what I say is that the time then sealed this government is elected for just look at this show you can really see there were only 1 of us as that you don't have just 1 filament that you have infinitely many 142 ,comma but of course we're here you have to understand that the Close said Cordova said .period you have continually many course so alright right so then we decided to to look more carefully about what we could say also solutions and in particular I would review something which is very kind old at the end of 15 which is 1 is that continuation the 1 of the things I want honest continuation after missing right he has been developed and his writing means good this is my 1st the best in the Western all consideration knowledge act and said Monaghan said this morning there was this programming American late last fall were if we don't want thing this old-fashioned this remains this is not clear to me at all what is the meaning of the week total respect for example talking to different people more from this depressed point of view you always try to look for some consideration or that it is not precise because you don't have moved Monday ,comma and this case the 1 thing 6 sometimes called the people on the amendment and this is 1 of the main consideration was that these mothers coming from state oil the fact is that 1 many months related to the Baltic Street is the momentum that won't do they what extent sports so that if you can't use your original kind To determine the kind of also using that's the kind of under the place to be is can I say something about what forgive function at all times and this is costing very strong worsening just brought it to prove something like this lack of continue eating I also no base said the issue so I want to look at so instead from the last from the last 1 because earned it is not clear about what is it with friends in space for the kind of similar situation I want to stay current and this is 1 so this is down from the beginning size saying that to use different frame is probably not only with they be course your addition bar coordinates and then you're creating something when I was in the not all this much medical tool to use so-called this kind of thing and then at time of the the system of former directors tropical the cost which is dependent on the EU 102 which our bases in their normal playing long enough know they're safe and integration and these other reasons and all say this which said you need to that keeps them that keep their lives humidity information on the number of complex numbers accused of a proceeded down the government of reality he he won 2 1 of the at the area vectors and then say yes there has been going on at the place and has some kind of conflicts of cold transformation which in this setting is called as a model transformation which says that the firm outside his chosen in this way uncovered that the awards according to the during up and then can you the question for them you then they won the curing unless and it is focusing because might parities this year and as the 1 interesting small incision on half status quo diamonds cleaned signed with any of the other 3 3 on anything new to the region by himself the problem was have the freedom to use according to the game .period plane then this is serve Corsican blew into our system that the currently agreement originals and the starting 1 recent poll released from the positive 1 so at 1st I was something in this is preserved but unfortunately this and I want to go consider this kind of situation that the curvature in this case is that finds himself with tenderness the unions and something like seeing a times developed which cost courses not you know sold then just after going to the question of this the natural question of and you will be all the tool naturally appears disease something you want the I would Posner's for in space below told and this is something thing the forces of consideration was the 1 I proved we found out something and it is their funds in space is much written understood in terms of if we have time solving some conditions and you really wanted to be a translation by hand because you want the the hope that name honestly preserved so you want to put a space of something defined Frisbees which is by hand he will also but then you miss you you couldn't handle something that when you do you remain quite so far is that you have wrong we to the one-quarter of this month Libya and 1 what the game so you can keep working in this city of bias and things like this belongs to some Broadway weakness and then the overall standard pulled away up to say With sound waves appears more than 2 thousand feeding on Libya would 1 6 my 1st for the 1st phase will be that they would like to consider that sets that if we're downsizing and things this is for sale curvature the Dustin and you ask yourself if you mitigate damage what and out which of these will be be To say that the the directing traffic band which means the courage of tanks and armored tube but remember this is the same as corruption strengthen our model year preferring to use the other patients with the disguise In an effort to clean up their pants and want you do so this is for affirmative 8 minutes from time what kind of going to if you think this is reasonable or not but this is book good so what so this is how advances basis so the next thing I have to do the the recall was also seen assumptions of the include some mentality the exercises that I'm trying to understand the sense unless Clinton and of course I could try to do it here but that's about it is not given to it but there is much more difficult to work directly in the line normal fall and then there right there and as that seen something like this and you're looking for a capital did me and the his
positive look at this these equation of soil has more than 1 possible escaping but if you really want to preserve their their fog you want this is the only possible 1 and of course is the 1 that also comes when you once you start saying that talks and bus in this proceeding city so now I want to find a solution of that's the minimum of real problem under the city's so you will agree to this country and all and they duly censored again you will obtain calling covered that the the corresponding derivatives then immediately you obtain minus pursuant to promptly close then the growth but his 2nd prime and then you used in this case and frame and you immediately see but then the corruption that has to a constant and that also has to make this sort of because of this is that he same to be menu have a nice reality could In an Infiniti and of course to the starting with the necessary you respect and then we will deal will with blasts all of these guys are used to this I'm this is a question that means that you really have to understand the with for says the good positive you have to understand that and then Anderson topics of D at infinity on for example evanescent updates of of this good funding is given by the state line this is pretty because he grew just these very this is me the prime minister minus there magazine for is square but remember that the sees the curvature times the main normally Coleridge's constant soul besides this is minus 2 times a correction thanks to evade the users and you are in there and case meaning this year then they Mahfuz who clearly understands 1 during the February when you have to work with the Marvin older plants so that means that the city that it seemed there was sold out of course you office of various cousin in the women's singles with present in printing at all of course you know these directives the same amount in order to have a you need to prove that these directives and on the same OK so in fact you do much more this is something of a long always look at it and is that fact that was it confuse all the angles but so so this is in my 1st meeting flat and it would reduce the younger would have to consider the events even of very close formalizing the scientist in the world do not speak to mind strike this year's work over to side of our business uniqueness this 6th in existence for all I'm going on angles of except when the to rectify 1 the opposite of the other 1 and also gives you uniqueness In fact then you can quickly did more under which takes in a lot of money and you can say that the office is precisely a plus-minus the 1st 2007 although various things that normal last fall of 1 arrests for sales and give them 1 and and that they buy nor among if the air is a square the floor plus some got extended this of course is completely innocent that the the huge dealing with something of his captain and is heading problem because they give you information at sea and I may ask something else was representing the meeting shoulders not correction he said because we all know that they're discovering provision regions long range sold for some was minus 0 1 over this with Disney blessed minus the standards to live it was miners and businesses some the Auerbach less kindly above and there also out of unity and let's look at victory moralists follows his these days to Morris see what hallways the picture of public energy because you know that grows to seal the destinies it also has to be close to say for sure and then at infinity history 2 mines in between to hover James Yukon kind of recent frozen there's there's something would be an exclusive beach that there will be a change in Rodessa essentially this year for the quotas will be the last 1 the and then of course without any information during the entire Corretja and this is information that in the hearts of all this is it's so this is well-known now all their needs try to understand now use the questions about this guy and the first one yesterday that this was because of this from someone who is from the stories 1 legislative this broadening all to to to be able to complete a cross from 1 of these kind of problems existing than usual year the 2 2 have plenty plenty of symmetry to have such things Of course the season this is not a case of similar solutions you can have more of assessing the solutions for example the 1 that comes from the game's about money when arrests that building because by and those what I cannot beautiful like this there is no reason these ones that any I just show many worst enemy sold concerning then the 1st question this is if there were several worsening with the Moneyline income but at the end of the day we were able to pull out of this of the floor leaders In order to assess to the phone 2 glasses the 1st question I have to do really did you have to take to 2 but extends this solution and for a senior at that right now and I will do it as you would have run into him his talks related to this "quotation mark In this block to corresponding that goes for me at the time so you have always these synergy the plan for these out wouldn't occur so if a change the orientation meetings time showing the 2 chains orientation the only thing I have to go is to change his name to the diameter rests on the proper size for good cause that I can say saying this manufacturers way the following nite which is my status of film which is set it were effectively it's over the course of the 6 deposited and then as "quotation mark of cultural but did some rotation of GE professor letters critical
function but of the 4 kidnapping and the only thing need is to change the orientation should be their rotation that that they think customers will boost this time because of the the colony's cement and rotations of the number of the solution for the positivism was at the front of the harvesting season conditions of people wonder if this is a solution ,comma can sold interfering with Valaria it that yeah that takes the lead in a stable transition and the appropriate sentence and then and then use that effect makers moderation save you a remain close to the to the curve on budget that requirement is the same as he is smaller than the preparations of on other liberal the courage and the Dutch there is more in summer space that is related to less than of said that means that fell and that means that they can you want to be a generation of performance is sustainable and this is very important for the case of Little Rock because former Serbian disappeared faced with far-right sold to 2 words some of this and was this is as I said the other repeal University and the 1st thing is that if I do it at the level of an unless many Norway and this is because if I make the case that so In the sees what is there to persevere under this situation the corresponding side of course is the 1 respect the story made at a time 1 I use that with my duration of student then we really want to construct a solution on the way tool the serial blasts but when you go schools still plans will die of stain so you 1 doesn't topics is likely see stories finally scored 215 today the square forests in this square poverty blasts then you have the problem of the long range of if the blast was the general say doesn't matter where you go this problem of the assessing and this is quite unique coming for all 4 of the almost all of them that's another fellas monotheists I can make a better reason across Ferguson was unable to defend him he here but this 1 does not have an image because of this of course this from the point of view has no the implications of the always have the feel of show you really want to know if this is having a problem not hide themselves that this series they knew that they had this kind of thing you need to know what that has to be precise the shares this kind of a unique way of continuing the problem when you go on to their genetics except current and the 2nd thing was that the inevitable this this information so would you are able to both is that your solution most signed by the end process and have delineates Europe over the important information which had a blast minutely the past mines that comes from the from the assisting solution and this is the 1 that W-2 cost act the frame of time signal I want to continue and because you have it characterization of assessing solution then you can do so and what wanted to remember any of this fits pretty well for example when you see in a meeting with a kind of pictures among the penal of showing respect for the people living there must using images way so this assault on the 1st list and the 2nd question was blocked from this that in fact it's very easy to see that the union boss is not respect for the enables his desk in the setting is nothing but this produces call "quotation mark of the view Minnesota scope of could also be a facility would be in included so this is not the and years across the debts remember that's the satisfies that equation show of unity may have to is the and then the prime is so the only thing that remains is the normal so this is nothing but a minimum of prescribed dependent so consisting good which at times the normal which is the area of 4 of them all the abandoned and then what you're saying is that dependent that was minus infinity cousins values so this is precisely the paper last 1944 as it is unfortunate that if we Houston but we have to show that the meaning so this is for real so many angles is not a surprise of course because this energy or whatever is going to last line of conduct fair a cancer the 1st question in terms of the sun has more surprise of this for me which is as follows the fighting computer the norm both years which is the same as the courage of and this is 4 times 1 menus including minors by scene of the square this is for the people sitting on for different from versatile is 4 times by some I need insult that this number is secret Burundi's 1 specialists see note is not to focus so there is a lack of continuity In this photograph which said have had to make a picture of what's going on is a secular saint beaches you may just have to jump until this the because you are a little this because you have these nice for and then this is not so straightforward because for example if I go to the existing topics I have to pay attention to the next because completing the difference so this was some minimum of facts so now it's a very natural question can and what can I say when I spent with a reporter Frank and these are the pictures shown thank you so what we're going to do this where is the union movement and remember here news so what I'm going to show you it's what can I say for
example with any In the case of the of only 1 where you have many more symmetry found them well if you start to think a little bit about what they have just written a book at the front of this then you don't see this problem and in the case of course no Turkish
console the elemental has
3 components these will be the 1st 1 9 the mining
In this case anything is the Atlanta triangle Hopkins and this will be
the 2nd 1 installed as a component will this 1 and you see that essentially concert in the theater with an ambush on the left of the right and then you go the other told by singing in the fairway into the of lights there's racing into the promise or what he said 10 you want to see that he said list when you look at the density of them for the Conservation Law a day sometimes from 1 place to another 1 and then you do all the things that I think everything in a closed-circuit viewing taking half of the and a so you have been the 1st and the 2nd component to this and would you see which is the classical picture of say for example that every man on the Financial Times and the city's intermittency aware of consumption fatalities this is 1 of the components and the other 1 is is 1 thing so this is what you and now this said city in the other question is what can I say to the maximum of their footing with use of the attended france I mean it this is the same it in this case and we made far he they was this fall and I'm going to compute this impact this time time to take the maximum and effective but the very visible symmetry when 1 is not till the other 1 the year the forms of anyway and this is the picture show this is for did you want the state to make it to so this is the maximum all this you're seeing I have respected the students because these these times higher I'm sorry I'm not rescinded the seven-time time this time and it is a matter of course this speaks of the ocean there's monitoring nominated to be there Of course was going but that would definition Washington negotiators that was then and of course you don't is that you know you you you have transferred the from and offered to prove the Centers for them I think this is going to give and then yeah you could wander outside what happens here and if you do it probably Denny thinks that people will have to plenty of more experiments received very stringent and that we know how many so was a conclusion I don't think that they're in the right funds in estates the dynamics of the 2nd Reading system is much richer than what they would have expected combatants thank you to his this is in effect at the time of the Belgian politicians across Europe are so that the issue will increase the length of the services the cellular Over if you remain there as long as you have favored the conditions as to cause it peaks that Dixon will become as well as 1 there is a question of medicine here started with the distortion here but to delete them in there USA would and then made it so this is kind of dedicated because you really have to capture in demeanor makes a happens Arsenal times and then you wonder how are you willing to leave attention in a computer with here and there are some things that them and then well we had for quite some time the out of the system with the relevant have been given many listened but we
weren't using their training there and the erotic products the thinking on a high-ticket point of view this traffic projection is that the right because then you have 1990 the but it does not that for the makes assisting the workers the death of the In fact we use the carrier may strongly that you don't and you have not does this equation but also the other finding makes you use 1st of all you can spectrum effort fell from that interview that makes what you're saying it sees fit that is stable the mother of all the furious on works pretty well meaning I don't understand why it works so well that you really want to have scientific and you want to arrest times and you see your 41 of intuition is I would say something because of course and then recovered scheme is necessary spectacles which is a reasonable thing to hear it but with the Newfoundland few him as