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Conférence inaugurale
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The notion of sheaf over a topological space was introduced by Leray and developed by Borel , Serre and Cartan in the 1940's . A subsequent breakthrough was the appearance of the papers of Serre and Grothendieck in the 1950's . I shall describe this historical development and explain how it led Grothendieck to the introduction of toposes in his seminar SGA 4.
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the all times more than From the beginning In neighboring landing at the conference in Canada looked the concept of that year and the year shares which is that they're places where on top of the list originally introduced by including making singing Avenue animals allusion occasionally when I certainly a and stays until instigated a wide-ranging impact :colon emotional troubles across the different American economists and encourages hardening mention his connection an existing
teaching factual as saying center fully aware of the
importance than the unifying the nature of the
concept of filibuster in this
text that ecologists and 19 compared the
public and international populist way novel there analyzing in
anomalies is managing between the continues an industry that are also 20 enlarging and the peaceful during the period in which all the king's horses including the explains how well apparently eccentric .period and if so long and you try so these days what enveloped in fog and out of trouble is easy looked the top of the there's a unifying space is more presented here is looking volatile as saying Senate then you go past that the city will set that example found that we can see a legend the elections and let the liturgy Eleni Tajique legibility 90 Connecticut including the moment he continued to assuming Sudanese continuing Wisconsin USA critical student approved last preceding undertaking sent back and then and Argentina announced usually peak in the summer school in addition the degrees his initials stand for those of you were not familiar with plenty of reason to translation he of which is disbanded already said the period in which counts married geometry and algebra topology I in the mathematical logic in category theory the Wanderley continues indebtedness continues on discrete structure it is what they call seemed almost too beholden to proceed with financed by the same language which genetic caressing his innocence which is common to see patients most of these and from each other saw we all the in each conference then we stimulate more people across the different variants tools and another title positions in the as noted in the gains there and indecision and hopeful and so I like to think of all of you for coming here so numerous and in particular speakers for sticking to the and snapped a promise to be very interesting and of course I would also like to to think beyond organizers for joining in the eastern Chad and 1 or 2 of course EDS shares the for skiing assets and also the financial support of which was also given my definition only I Scotland shots ended the season with finding it made it possible to on organized said and so and think the game and again money for being here we'll that a conference and it's going to to be an enjoyable and fruitful in so and I guess that he 918 leaned 1 of the 1st sp and content can only a study introduction to and concept that was same feeling
so I wouldn't give the historical account of the field of sheets she's came the properly and global uses a synthesis of different kind of sheets so will start the media not to buy said the move was good enough to fill the the Philadelphia school and and the capital similar to Bagram and with the Philippines and later sold the 1st problem between the 2 leaders I'm not interested in playoff starts so of the problem which was not covered by the balls and the man in fascinating invented currently is a problem of from that invite you would almost think forests but also the classes can be defined as well which is cool she came up and I would like to add a unknown on the way to the Redskins owner but that only the Commission's letter quoted Michael Sheen equation which premiered at the last G F the was using bar will wear it and explicitly Austrians embodiment of about 50 years before they don't always is study of the wind motion with emotion and so the cautioning equation of an interpretation in fluid dynamics and said that although the wasn't standings of emotional Friedel and other global scale of the scandals and discovers that he use complex valued equal use companies vary of course had the feel of course there is a real interest in preliminary form but he could you use and so we could use for instance side of Expressen somewhat highlighted said as it as facts so much of course in the Italian moralist forgotten for long time and it's only recently that will go with conviction records apportioned among equation so it's a kind of notoriety .period recently it's kind of a differential equation 1st although system of of fracturing question if you would please everybody about an imaginary part and if the idea is that the what slightly more than form who consider an open in-situ in complex field and you feel for function which is defined on you at home received and satisfied which is a solution of differences Greece and modems Langham interconnection authorities for Lopez said former school she waterfall and more generally if you will kindly please despite an arbitrary linear differential equation we wouldn't know differential equations of you gonna have the same situation by the Board
of yours and of course that the challenge is to study is emerging valued function
the more simple example of of of of merchant
function is rolled was close what is known is that by
definition jingle using which means that if you consider eyes of positive variable and you make an initial conditions local for unreasonable will then you get a unique solution although the relaxed but soon it became important to study local full complex numbers the 1st and it was done by her and also has
a question isn't it did give us a bit in the elections a value of long minus lots of course this minus
went to the square this plus 1 and if you use a functional relinquishing all of the beast Ogletree program be you conclude that level of minus 1 is anything but if you want to have to do to to to to be brave enough to try to consider logos as he has a complex of museums complexity but who so the I that at all although we've perfectly that you when you upload so issuing more often if you remove that is the negative light minus-1 infinity Polizzi will look at the last is simply connected so single-minded which is to be good that this is simply connected and attention from the general principle of differential equations this difference in admissions utilizing these university has a unique solution provided longitudinal 1 easy way which is defined his in that window posted to bits of the skull that had different colleges different value what it felt like my amendment but from and forms of from about their plight I buy something on mind by and administered this before so that was a challenge and what is the total value of frogs and should not make the cut should look because similar problems or when we want to solve a lot of differential equations and repetitive that primitive but it's 6 if you want to calculate what to define what is the solution of lies with his x one-liners it close
if you if you see this statement from 0 2 while the assignment was
not to to introduce the latest sign shows what tools that life is square root of effects that management will have to be considered when it would no the problem the problem of the woman is trying to extend useful complex number of courageous equivalent of a complex number former model bottle you of course you again if you make them cuts usually move now that alive for minus infinity pools Yuan 1 2 tuberous infinity justice simply connected and it's a general principle is that too few the continuous function on the of simply Collective space you can gage the Continues "quotation mark provided by the outgoing press mine so that if you want to have an agreement over the years with Italy and thought it was sealed 111 in 1 swoop so you have solution nomination of a complex so complex solution of the situation tho when Texas curriculum and complex provided additional candidates White is when you find that you want to she's personal minus-1 but then back again when you have the same problem if you approach the few applause from some of those from the bulk of the toppled from the vault on the cuts that you get different regions if you start with 1 determination at annual porch and you approach it from the top then you need the players of the Lazio's minus 1 which calls for moving from being so that was a popular president chairman and she similar things all careful differential equation the most conspicuous example is about the power of Bulger at their genetic function if to to I've found a diagram of the problems of the region into a given by a policies in which converges with the wages of conspiracies 1 you have a function which is when fight on the which is when you find on the union dues but then you want to extend and the others certain differential equation would need to write continued but now has also disclosed and exploited since this inquisitors functioning as an international presentation and that presentation if all the time this year was 1 of the I far more occupied land mines which ended up I'm one-liners changing the government and Gigi don't have to watch out because those are somewhat recently which of it that demand from Parliament has set it's notable that the point is that if you consider this should consider Zycie interval and you can see that you it's the yes that you can you can you can see it will be fine because it's really intimidating ovals 1 but of course the difficulty is about is this game of much of a politics and then if you chose 0 which is not under attack from 1 to infinity then you can fool support programs of one-liners problem ,comma time and and again you have you have a solution which is defined outside of the box it's a 2nd order differential equations and then left to solutions to indicating that the independence of the other solutions from interviews precise formula still solution appears to be almost except undercuts minus awaiting proposals so in order to come to the solution you made these the you have a exceeded if 1 of the major from simply connected only and according to general isn't a 2nd although eventually question has to be the independent solutions and so that the same problem which was sold by common issues should take 1 where was means 1 solution 1 solution it is helpful Japan from the of above because destruction equation remained valued at 1 solution which opposed by the combination of 2 1 solution from the top to itself and communication from the book which means that when the flooded but if you have a vehicle space in the office work as a solution which is two-dimensional then when you were pulled from the top of the club the basic if you like fundamental until you have enough which is exactly what we call model but since out to singular point for the difference in equation that the modeled on a lot of around 1 1 lounging and they generate a certain group of natural selection which was defined given for Michael so that's the more assets and now what do we do but we do not motivated by these examples those the idea of putting putting a sheets and rulings and that there's a fighter for this will at last lose sheet on 1 sheet which is a copy which is a copy of seasonal is simply going to the other mutations in what a branch of the fashion which is positive on the intelligible to watch as analysts and then put minus 1 of the oldest so you have to cheat and in order to do to describe the connection to the good example of about the conditions which brings 1 solution to the older 1 1 political then you make a method to agility good picture by taking fish produce sheet of people clicking and passed over us this is hiding pretty treaties and which was advocated by by England match the conditions people my of costs and it's personal political political fight that all major centers of mathematics in Germany at a time when belly and Heidelberg and getting in and there was a bitter fight between 2 people who have been in that contingent mostly Holland and allowed Phoenix in and on indirectly will see who are home to arrive there was recently in the United States solution of Columbus the state of Minnesota those little life doesn't mean with discrimination and even of and I was just now this is here which is quite interesting and it's not like it's not by chance that 1 of the books by him but this Court on charges should give me 3 which is tad translated that geometry images invisible to the Constitution it's a more geometry as you see I shall we should do with on television in in officials of the very sense which is noting that she was so their mind on the other hand provides task it was a different solution is solution was to follow if you consider that if you consider functions on a multifunction let it sit the solution of local students will question of the disease you will then you know that you can extend it has a policy in the market and the mind easy to follow and fuel and steel pipe bomb positive suppose that you have to Poland is the Pineland is the upon will the other brands in the world and similar expenses operating the pride and then questioned in an age of of you have to love to infiltrate total policies expansion .period invaded prison solution of Andrew Bichel different integration can you say that it Jesus saves from open with which is a problem of identity continuation of course medical division as sounds Wilfinger completed the win but people know how to do or the repression the PNG pieces which were complicated and it would require you to 3 hours to explain all due to the tune of case of soap now of the dissolution and Anderson in the at the proposal of the Paulson also offered by a stars and that it faced a blast from the policy which was the number of will and you followed by continuing to use this policy is policies this policy what their presciently inside a circle of prevented from another point then you can transform this this policy is expansion into another 1 at his notes and there is little more than a little and then you think that over the past and you get so you get to a transformation which is amended the continuation issued in the past and you start from the stuff presupposes questionable village in the past can you go into 1 of the biggest acrobatic and assume that animals stock and
a few other differential equation Elijah by congressional leaders Europe can be economy
can prevent you from so none of the proposals in slightly more than former citing modernised form is a bribery troops who punch the complex please and you know of any port in school the and then you constantly have to consider the following you could there and you consider some policies so they end and because it reported fire fighters failed to some of the city's correspond to a collection of coefficient with songs by abounded this condition which from what condition which it should give you the readers of conventional businesses so that you have if you call it from "quotation mark S the set for the series who argued in dealing with steamed clams and the attacks in Europe and Anderson not analytic continuation can be schools he think forgive you Yuan .period seasonal and flies and the fires as authoritatively you go through the pages of convergence of the Sudanese and if you try and if you have a policy which is centered on my personal mission only complete by having granted it to funding the of the policies fulfilled and Philippines and given the point Yukon of political and take as a neighbor so into products she has yielded I apology and as portable moment and then you can look at other disk you can lift the issue can Kennedy .period from promises you lift this small he's using as it will cause season the interconnection see times as you have a new view of the collection of naval engineer difficult parts generated topology which is the 1 who focuses on news that the Newfoundland is linked to the presentation of Jesus was more of an man then if don't know any of the topology of the time has and now if you take an assistant is this topology
is disconnected from any compliments and still faced only elements of service injustice connected component of so interconnected probably
most the squad at all is a connected component but it was obviously a projection of the deposits totalled products this and it has also the U.S. cities which is the better so you can have a look at our a projection of another projections when noted projections should projection Alicia according to GE and then you have F overseas which is the function which is a function of the corresponding to the elements of all of the functions of the president said that is not the function although only puts it in company that made the 1st to consider local quality which is also called a time ,comma has this this will mean will now and then the fashion is business is going in the right into the finances of the ideal the Manitoba Fremont surface so now it's going be a lot can be make the connection between the 2 approaches had been loaded terms because want to continue she embodies sectional opens at all by this time spacecraft when it does so but this is simply story and only the orgy ideas as they and their Wembley aquatics received by underlined in Nanjing we have a is the idea of the wants of Indian even mentioned Fisher position will philosophically the clothes so that's the story of freaks and now what context 2nd the 2nd is the from 1941 through budgetary 19 while I was thinking when no 1 really wants is to lead a pretty prisoners and spent 5 years in temperatures cooled off lots of Matsunaga which is helpful eastern Germany and which was a rise of mind other life conditions present my condition and there was a kind of in such camps that man's best friend differential Fisher elected their leaders elected their leaders and their leaders not to negotiate with the Germany's rigid German German commandos had a formal and I was able to organize organizers called in the university was in the camp and which was away at school when all the stolen and that 1st to work has also denied soldier were sometimes forced to work in the it's always in factories but had had to get to find something to hold the line as threat I suppose 200 of French needed such a situation would have been sometimes difficult situation but it is not that I know from family the witnesses said the jewels and looked using the cheese such except if some Frenchmen of pretended that they were Jews and adults in the UK levels so low that it was an expert in free dynamics I was approached by especially has to do well ,comma different projects for German points to be 80 Towsontown battled maybe working in fields in free dynamic but then it all the way to whom he admitted he stated which was really very stadiums gives the savings Kevin developed and the apology it's not by chance because that was all leaders of the export of 12 and will sell the land which was already topological means but which was used to find out is to find pool the uniqueness of existence in the solution of nonunion difference and it wasn't explicitly informed so luckily made solo invented his chief and his main motivation was following should that you have to build a political spaces and another from this page to space OK now really want to
calculate the common modules acts at the time
,comma Jimenes check on 1 of the ecology of eggs in terms of the College of white and other marketing so did case the idea also there was a following a five-day Capone wide in this small 1 that I consider the final of pre-made final right on like I consider that the quality side that analyzes study of the change when the outlined what it is and that is unable conditions that is only 1 condition for its initiative is locally to remind them then of course it's a locally constant because in a small neighborhood of online you can identify that side of the controls and a prominent individuals but what happens when you move out of the idea of local assistance was already known by as saying this week with which were introducing such gentle with the promotion of peace it was an old woman so the idea of local system all apologies that you have a system of efficiency and value-for-money bullet-riddled bodies now you want to be constructed on the new data that you are focused final it's chronological will bring you want to reconstruct the quality of the Boulder space out of this information and that's where really invented the so-called spectral sequence which sometimes called calls on spectral sequence for the reason that invented it but in a specific situation and to those who use it in another situation musicals all G ecology of the region but then the flout the will of course affect necessary to give agenda formulation authorities in the with them and inadequate training gives a solution that it's a collection of it's a collection of complexes it's 1 being the collegiality which is a very very good growth variables and sometimes misleading because they wouldn't support so this and that then and this is because sequence is something which enable you to reconsider the quality of X from the quality of life college of the fight and really knows many of the people and the roses idea and especially in this moment use it to conceal the crime orgy overlooked because a few of the group and subgroup of the you then you have the projections of genealogist age from working space and it can't ,comma geology was knowledge of the civil political results imaging space and will use his industries is wishes it so that that was already known and backed by the legend of someone because of course of conditions publicist and called on it in 1950 so it's no wonder Wimbledon doing Bloomberg will think that it is what it is rumors prepare the poorest of the poor bastard of exceptionalism celebrated millions report what I think it was motivated by his study in functional using before or OK so bloodletting that led it to the final accounts of permission to land in 1950 and then in between so there are more and use immediately and model and Los Angeles Times in June because it "quotation mark politically correct it always in our mobile radios at full commercial books and that's the main 1 is coffees described Rabin was then I in between there and all that people don't and Capital Property Capital studies that already starting from 14th seed 46 47 and at that time was invited here in the House the in the beginning of food which is set for June 18 from beginning 48 and there's a story that it is being what you needed including the use of world what would become frightened all the recent projects up and this is the daughter of the of the reality to the lower level of the cells have only gotten and then we got down on the nose of and another approach and is occasionally developed the idea for the 18 or which in France Pappas and then we come back to the side and Katie so I another approach but said and you also to mention unveiled a banjo into the game and went into the game and fundamentalist obsessive buys a few involved over the last few years and years repeatedly said that citizens of cordial meetings with the consular musical just so and that others may published version of the pool also rules of film moved around which is by far the best possible that's the best and which influences which influence character of this something would that I don't know what she's it's just a steadily accidents what sort of office in the office of the that's if thinks it is when you look at his school fiscal year that you don't have to understand that is if you put a lot that was so there was a delay in the education of the suspended of his mediation and cattle when coming back from the from the violent foodies is 748 thousand 14 48 49 in the 1st inning initial shooting which is a member of the Lebanese in connection with a collection of books which is released and then it got deleted grain both season suspended in the heart of the city not only to define she's beating incident but he was not happy with that he was not happy with this and is part of the city now has been dropped from the punishment should not and it started again in 1950 and 1951 in long seminar which was probably a credible assurances from rewriting on them and should by the 1st time I attended a mathematics and there was a first-year student at economic the time and then it started at the of the game to the reviews in the last part of industry called individual then it started with a completely new point of view completely new point of view and then he gave a general definition of she's the dividend of definition of last mostly under the influence of mission as it was fitted to focus on the devil decided that starting out from there she 1st collection of the fictional Robinson but the request when it touched me and said it's it's it's clear that it is so are incidental to main is exposition and so that it comes at a variance from the world of exposing what family ,comma completely to the needs indisputable about and then he started the game as subsequently got and that he was influenced by simulating the we didn't at 1st but to listen in on account of the apology and collegiality is action much experience of this part of our salmon and
American collegiality with all the people in the event of the of with of forceful but that this was the 1st time a summary of the president it into an actuality article and he gave a series of factual for the collegial world which could be used more and more homeowners formerly worked Wallace immediately translated as actual falls commercial status that's the point of view is changing .period division because so far when you stupid people did not become orgy of species where there was chaired by knew there was no harm they chose coefficients at 1st base and coefficients taken the coefficient and adjusts the Sonata for its undertaking to promote his new coefficient and polluting the the point of negotiations at the MIT exchange of political otherwise space but to take the gold executed according to the provisions that he believes that means you consider what speed event as a category of achieves or coefficient whatever whatever although that space and comedy is defined as depending on the coefficient spaces the budget question which is a totally new .period of God and then we unfortunately members at about the same time to propose a stoical coupled to make and that those items that ends the award publishing 1951 foundations of engine like apology while they gave an excellent in description of the common religion group office space was cool with crayfish should reach after a fixed number of of and and then they pleaded for reasonable accounting rules space comprising all just enough space is the commodity is uniquely defined by his actually but 1 official actually isn't ecology of appalled is you will exist if there is a great addition to commodity age when its legitimacy and this small but later on they told me it was this condition was removed and the so-called extraordinary quality when invented invented movement by Creed animals people concrete floor to get account of this but it's not it's not the portal of this change of emphasis is following this case is imagined just the place to put on show now are about development sold on account of his seminar and I spent the period yesterday evening and even within the city now and I have the field gave the excellent in description the uniqueness existence and uniqueness to him back with some restrictions on the space is used when he was added that I was obsessed by the idea of creating quality was compaction political motive is to organize a bold decision to introduce a certain collection the others at that introduces should payment collection of subsector grossed subset space and it considers east the quality was supposed to fight fire may be too simple compact subset of formal release will not be all all the equivalent of a corporal subset of composting bad-conduct Greece itself as a slight extension of Rowghani's species which was invented by the judiciary in 42 or 43 for a couple of the composing of continue from improving the as a form of of from from 4 so that leaves the explosion slightly slashed his stake in disturbing but the point is that is this cessation on fighting forces you if you want to have dinner outcome was across the board said the speech made by companies like our combat overseas was that extends from locally compact that of important visitors at any time in Mideast peace part with it and that was enough for application for use but it was a success was arrested and sold after that said the game was redundant diamonds that the flights 1st of all is which was a defendant in 1951 it outlined his idea to have to go through a lot of people in so and the main object available displays all the past based on the eve of the space and the new confidence in face of all world-class originating in England .period fuel and you consider this was a public topology and you study see this is certainly not locally compact please understand is the quality of in order to get information on all local people that that is the city streets and educate success because head of its success with its own almost opinion before 3 years we the we could can boredom with the people of the alleged that that that's level that of alternate for the Sept came and the actual but he had to fill it needed more prominently for new species which are mobile clinical about and also a needed in the U.S. and then there is the disparities and needed just because secrets because it's because you can consider the state of past is a vibrations for acts based at what is called now assessed hibernation which is characterized by the distinct possibility of creating wealth for the added then you have you will order to calculate came to participate in the context in which the People's Republic of please since the 1 is as infamous as rumpled but who had to have and the farmers and above all at the end of the season to questionnaire that among these is the final of the season projects so that it has strategies to combat comedy of a specific emerges from the political space that's what it is known in France and India In doing work that is comedy existing is is it's a content but so you get an interconnection between exon Omega and at that point and 1 in which you want information about just what topical match for unfortunately but most C most field she's enter college of chiefs and notion of of of 4 of the 5 government did not do so you have to to invent yet events and it's going to be recently that his decision the made the comment as to what he means when he was cautious about the extent that that looks a disturbing and there are to be pulled from sea only good quality and if they to me that it was quite he can look to a friend that I was looking at his watch so that the standards Act that obviously wanted it and then he invented and made toward adult made-to-order gave no order to feature is a five-nation produced not a single knowledge about military more than just think this is but troops now we have much better the limited nature of the temple armed men admitted to the Indians into this additional moral Jianli candidates like misusing bison bystanders relied on this in the insulin because you just elected forced to used the cubicle ,comma cubicle of origin but had to pull the curriculum was he was he must so little discussion of college-educated progress but added cost questions about the knowledge said you as a segment at the cost of mode that a 2nd time when used went 1st all in the trees it was the work of cattle and so on the
complexity of many companies at all and the was she's quality was a great success to deal with problem of many companies went on a monthly version of many companies well that the board is quite the Mansil fizzled when there is quite as easy to to discuss agreement still faces many problems with awful removal which is really not completed 2 of so much said that answer you the USA chief competition so they do not create a new comedy very firm on the successes of Castile which was defined as I mentioned 1st 46 47 in Union informant 50 51 of mad when after that they obtained fruitful "quotation mark fuel in which extremists who are ,comma orgy of course when she's called for a more free Clarkson's maps are then got a fair number of applications to project the basis and the museum of certainty which was given to him by a variety of someone who writes from 1 Nunavut and then and then speed was going much useful for project is the core module for the space and then realize that is medal visit action this is a PNG banks that what was needed which was needed his artistic approach by the way is skied apology as we know it today is not what inventor was invented invented a variant of laughter as the apology of this at all for the local authorities evaluation and suffered even stronger Nunavut which is not exactly the same but future use the time I wouldn't think applauded by designers could apology the is that this was invented by shoveling it into the assignment and given by his eyes he was of approved that since is quite "quotation mark it seems quite reasonable to assume that is an escaped apology was 1st used by public living under way in 1948 to give a cost in give she in Chicago which has not had been published unfortunately I tried repeatedly to have published by the addition of succeeds it will cost about what the 5 species it and which of course and then only if you have find space the mental model that is that it should be locally to that included union that it wanted to appoint new needed topology and from various conditions it was clear that he would purportedly was ice-capable so it's really on the living we invented were used for the 1st time seriously and also he was connected to so-called because program which is to be constructive no more function in many companies very out of the settled on boards the rise of the person and he was in only so as to make it was the 1st to insist on the precise apology as a tool to indicate the apology in larger majority and then saying he was a perfectly fair label for the immunologist will cover of on and there then entered the immediately prior to the meeting date which dawned with the help of cattle call complex complex complex projective space Have you would at least of office chief over budget complex which Andy as he explained to me many times and it was so easy now but that the 2 of us so easily all the soldiers he now compared to 30 adorned with capital encompass so did say registered the screamers people which was founded from and remembered when he wasn't present and future seemed that permission from the 1959 is 55 the threat and and then I remember measure of private you being presented to the part of his manuscript allegedly varieties of double-digit growth because of a lack of the political stakes at that at the legend that that was a surprise to many people holding that lets the actually meant he had to produce chief ,comma logic but those who don't already attending were compared to all the nite upon it sued the school the league's or the company will entitled to entity and there was no college available for that and then had to be inventive to invent the Internet strategy for approved so Burroughs said Fleischer calls aboard cost of all its new showings in this isn't the on going beyond ordinary species and all-digital world in space but this time you have to look at the challenge was to invent a college of she's without any on the space I don't the time the world and it was back to priorities and many exchanges subject was vote in the end it's wanted it will provide the 1st from a poll by detainees typical was 1st was Of course remains Senator was a forward from all the logical logjam known Medal of logical about the book of cast iron item there were just printed forms travel the address of the time in order to define quality you need is from while a few of each other modules for instance alluded to that Amodu surgical should also projected more duties easy course to go should offer free more dutiful who can define a project resolution quite is majority immediately there will injected as long as 1st inject involved invented just by joining the because I demand was obsessed by his injury at the end of this if you take a dynamic reversal GL what happens if you are defined by their around the property of being projected the vessel yellowing of the definition of but it wasn't quite exotic option to inject him on his knowledge easy to pull that easy to prove that the modules can be amended in an injection well by Bayern Liverpool which is quite quite sophisticated then OK so it's less clear is that full shave Yukon you wouldn't have wanted you don't have the she's predictions his whatever you don't have so that it is difficult to walk to the old aside and take injected she's back to totals to construct an intuitive feel for local news and no 1 knew how to make it to the world and a gain from the Scotch I'm interested what in order to prove that any object can be embedded into an injection wobbly idealism construction section and I will get letters of formal properties using the schools and affordable properties and basically all of this is a crucial IDI is that a few other module and interconnection of the modular modify and another module it's a distributed funeral which is interesting to me interested from a few months and users from sending residents of regional forum on top of the subsidiaries of something like this was going to be all that you are open to the object of the next step but when
visiting the Interpol was it's somewhat unique invented the idea come from the sky will consider an abstract and a disappointing invented emotional flew off under my 1st opinion category which was Alberto seemed events in the value moves Mendoza name are continually so look mourners natural and unnatural and the new idea was to introduce the satellites someone corresponding abstract form of the structure of this article and then repeating them by a construction composer and music can be embedded into an injection of new given continuing so down simply Stupples associated works well what it's like to as uneasiness as reasons so this would not only could prove absent from affect what principle is that the sheik and humanity and injected Virginia you of injecting revolution resolution of she's OK but almost immediately good amount there was a more explicit missiles government there was almost almost immediately use inexpensive solution which happened which is the following she has always been now I consider the various areas fiber exports mothballed because some of its intellect and broad and take the product of the X which amounts to the same about excess space and you have eggs that damaging the same spaces and is capable of making it into a monument with governmental allow the all the time the disgruntled and quality by and then play reserve controlled by started by staff of DH investments which falls this month from inundated with and then it's easy to show it's easy to win 2 other disputes space which is a Schieffelin distance please which is injected each fiber injected so it was easy selection problems the solution of the course provided by Mile and the other variants of this form of the condition and I think so silly off after the road and the invented the when making his new get categorical fury also have been getting a leak is able to prove that you have injected can apply to the sheets you of injecting seems to come of beat exactly word-for-word what was given in the custody of their modules and getting 1 . 1 0 to produce all the necessary and then as I said William only stage Moog repeated that recent aside variant of so now I have a lot to Chichester is a golden moment was published in 1958 other famous people of overlooked in the which "quotation mark told cubicles permission to talk about the medical controller was written in 55 has 2 copies stipulated in discuss-among will march into the budget was published on in 50 so that local government and then you and you and you and will to the papers appeared to see and hear from what would normally have to do with what calls the so that's now what we have just now what we have are underwhelming Trevino local completely general affiliate of she's and she's will other and you can call them along the border will stand in the distance a suicide mission is "quotation mark window and the Paris-based is covered by new wanted new feeling and also the application through injury to undermine Nunavut so that's what it was all 15 now permitted during the way are filled with a lot of it will be all right at the start of a nobleman John wanted to check commodity was known about it for a nominal amount that got the captain gives us in full sentence space history ,comma Jesus sycamore ecology and all the outfield for comparing his colleges with jicama because it In a spot of society and the rule of law and prominent Hindu and so that only the minimum administrative and political correctness it with that of the body the point where we know that all 1 of already compared to just as well below the limit ,comma defined technology for sheep and compare it with his squad an industry the Commission hinges on its the best the seat since insisted the government and ecology of community report and then captain gave another version that includes all the presentation of the the area and that it is also known indefinitely finalist at community the noting the pilot ingenuity and then he told that it was vital for makers of private companies in front of the Oslo Court so thought that's exactly the idea of getting so OK so added time since that's where 300 .period on which came watching it became very important and what proceeds through to oppose the policies is that our 1st of all there is a comparison between our work that combines images to point of view it as a bird touch base all interconnection of extreme in games that are assuming that it takes a definition of term space with news from 1 of the few sentences you see would you could also use the changes we will use addressing battle was dealing with a complex variable and she was informed by the board of the biased With so yes but the notion of police chief to Seoul from you today doesn't appear explicitly moving as a place for the dazzling mob if you start with what notably she shook engineering to but usually when questions which wasn't on his that when you appreciate the associated to weaken it has peas and at that stage was considered the machine will depart upon them of shooting the police chief information status from British she's 1 of the leaders in the coming the president is the it's really worked in the queen told you the 254 . 2 4 4 more genocide which sold up analysts of problem is that about half an hour the problem is about to come up with a continues so if you have a few artifacts from the current furor she's has in Uganda finding that he was going to be changed and he had invented by the United States has led to the roof of the judges headed by the way you want to get out of this as mentioned in Bulls Bulls captain head of the house and he's so fast that he said was the last of the task of searching for a solution that now all calls the policies of the last of the 5 other generating making it easy to visualize the classification of the world it was the 6th you'll see what you have seen today as he has changed his vision of using the adjusted so it shows that the loss to the Blue Bill Bloise balls now so there was this problem there was is and where these problems and it was important that when you have a weather continues reformation twice left found tools for she's 1 which is due to end with the major powers a and adjoint rituals and a proper way and have and the existence of don't diseases don't this is the 1st who should the requested articles from property by which the new idea of work and history places the saved money collection of she's getting of and now instead of feeding the continuous map for mixed wine you have workplace as extra step which is skeptical she's quite like this stop also correct policies that continually and then instead of having that metaphorical effluent love and that we onto each of which would put so that was now that gives the definition of maps between what we call geometry Frankville between but the Bulls man there was a of an important which is when you have it and when you have creation appreciated as a sedative to appreciate selected just Scientology in modern terms you have the space and the other contexts in other categories according of composed of and which is a collection of Auburn said so that the object of this constantly ended Manchester City's inclusion if influence in the oven injection of the inclusion into the gentle Nevada Texas itself this going and now find local town a Franco from the bench to entities that deal said that he will think that you will ever get of housing from 112 shingles and then and then just have go back and so if front of the text all community said if the bulldozers then it's out then you generate have candidate it is the idea ideas a following in New England along Catherine the idea is that 1st of fulfills usage of handling of the space being which is a type of X and then you take this section of the space 2 generate should match appointed appointed disadvantage is that you have to to move the following 2 of your faces and is contrary to oppose it was added to the speed of categories state of getting relief from the government has mentioned this report office said space but only 1 maps it's so this was very convent ,comma satisfying and as it is at its it's not going into Wilton equally really understood the importance of and appoint a move now that what is important is that she verification which is called patients species police chief of police chiefs are just that this is a collection of diseases as this poll covered in front of the unit was an audition and then you she's which our she Chief Commissioner of self locals of the special counsel preaching knowing of includes a map of the appreciative and upon the sophistication of the certificate frontal is what is the injected injection of discontinuing convincingly and denizens of the Internet which is in the "quotation mark call each basket and eventually we shouldn't put point is at an end that joint of a factor such as well domestically certainly come from condition with respect to its annual pollutant ozone mutual holding regional coordinator of the on preserved by as much too and was questionable intervals so loud support and wonder what was really important for almost because analyzing the analogy between the fiscal situation 1st of all you want you if you replace the state budget proposal for sheet then I'm not pleased with his grasp on to a collection of which through it did they dug holes to John Franco and again here that it has completed the 1st floor of a lover shaved another kettle of fish in notice of continually and encouragement for you and this is really really easier conclusion discovery of gold in this case and then formed from starting from these 2 examples you from degenerative condition of the fisheries which is depicted as a writer to atop also want the IRA to imitate policy if you want but there is a suspicion that this is Archbishop is quoted in the "quotation mark contended balls which are a practical result of the media all the entitled talking so I just feel really sad and their associates to Bosnia is faulty sofa from the last part should be with well-developed the cost but said that the growth of illegal you already hold important so I wanted to describe the Pete what a Prestowitz deeply pleased to hear the parties to the extent where history begins and where it is it's a different story and we just wanted to show you that the notion of she's West natural natural laughter of a man and a very fast to point of view then it was developing the 14 right especially with a capital loss and said that 2 people from prevention and then after that 1 of those links indices moved by Catalan by my then what stopped but those schools cities of many manuals applications which ended up influence and Michael local feelings she's uh does the seats so and I don't have time to do to develop orgies is a different brand of shoes I just wanted to attend the creation of things to come I have see