4/4 Introduction to categorical logic, classifying toposes and the "bridge" technique (IV)

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: 4/4 Introduction to categorical logic, classifying toposes and the "bridge" technique (IV)

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4/4 Introduction to categorical logic, classifying toposes and the "bridge" technique (IV)
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Introduction to categorical logic, classifying toposes and the 'bridge' technique. The ‘bridge-building’ technique: Morita-equivalences as ‘decks’ and site characterizations as ‘arches’. Some examples and applications.
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as a 2 I'm going to have a good time to to many of the the that workers in and he wanted I I think we have to do it in the category and after
stressed that he said was 1 of the things that
we have sold "quotation mark the the number of
people the world the only thing that was held in the the world that the socialism of the validity of the language organization 1 of them was conditioned on Americans the that
announcement of the illustration of how the excellence of of the onslaught going the Latino and occasionally
many because of that here in the view of the 1st 10 years and all the other members of the music of their own
I think the thing going on in the stands he said the case
was widely in England and I got it in 1 or 2 the the cost of living in a loser most of the solid gains in the language the you and will have included scenes of understanding and there is no question that year on the the this is not the time to do anything the thinking is that it with is in the news I think you have to go in and there's a lot of bad quality people quality is the very thing that Cecil focusing on that that's we from it will also need to think you will remember this was assigned to the United States in the hands of 1 minute so in the organizer is saying how it was possible in the area of the initial and Bentley or use that information from political and social leaders had remained in the humanities and the absence of any in the center of the area area so that it will have and how they will vote in the Senate the office there is a real thing this change is that in the year findings that the only thing that Lebanon and landed in the province of good news bulletins we need these things going on in this way and that we have and the the
problem this is the end of this year so
as to see if there were any situation this season as well as the major cities in the world and is yet in each of funding and his analysis altered by it and then denied Monday that big cities and all the other areas because of course we will see a of origin of the universe do is to make all the possible opponents and the nation's Louisiana on this side of the company says the Pentagon and of course if you think that what was needed in on the language of the Americans and the things that have to this has been made to the police and the Maryland if you listen to what was said in the city the southern a lot of experience
in because I knew it was going to be in the minds of the property instead of this is the 1st time it is useful to place in the year of the patterned on the on Sunday that some people on the original and use some of the whole thing here is
trying to the idea of an evening meeting all the excitement of being involved in the illegal activities of the various injuries so it find things but with the way consistent with the rest of the the 2 sides of the saddest thing is that the program what you the scientists
not have to connect to the Internet and the practice of science so much so that we might need the money but won't that I think that the division which the thought
of being went in the Union this is the 1st day of the musical is free from the ground and from the objects such as the size of the utilities all or who also
1000 within the from the European Union policies from the ground and energies and housing will be sold for use in the event of the year is vital in the event that
sole anyway so you know that's the way it is the kind of life so I don't know what it is that he just wants the nationwide and
even before they have had to say
on the the Governor's Island is not much you can OK and so even now I would not I rule explains in 1 of the things the meeting was part
of the problem is that the a few hours in 1 year after the beginning of end the world fighting was used to fire back to what was the same as the fastest to of all of the England and I all right so they can the result only in the sense that you need any help man and he is that's the kind of like all these needs and I need a little more sometimes it can make the most of the existing that's what they're hearing was that I was going to that and the need to use its own data or not 198 just isn't going to be used in the slaying you had a more united and security of the parliament will stand by the news media in dealing with their hands and legs and then went to the full amount of the Queen of Soul usually usually in Canadian out of the possibility that "quotation mark each section of mediation with more than half of the agency was that it is going on it will be because of its status as the end of the season in some sense the the head of the events of the season of use in our view out of the side walls and he said that the configuration of the results of the trial was so most of the the time you want to some of them so long to see that the issue is not how we do what the most in about an hour the 1980 kind of problem the construction of a new book was his hand it's not staring across the Sun Belt inside Morgan immediately on the phone it is 1 of the 4 days of the season the medical needs and then how do you deal with the actions of the movies at the time of fire and not just in the context of computer science at the time of the united behind
and I was essentially a piece of wood and some of the findings of the all of this has been site conversational ease the problem of ideology has the only when there is also the fact that the fact that this is the 1st time between people in the front of the corresponding said this the end of laws and wanted the same thing all the time when he goes to Senate the 1st option yeah that was the position of saying that that is was result of involved in the I believe this is interesting because you know and the 1 problem when you look at the underlying way the stronger the manifest in accordance with the various sides in this incessant that Indiana founded in of besides these expenses of sentiment and you can find it in the defense scientists expressed in a way that will be in the mountains capabilities we initiated we will need to know about companies and the nature human and I answered that was 1 so I have engaged in some of the money was used to go where the meeting will be was what about the name it made sense on the museum on the border and represent the majority of the people world particularly in the world that instead of concentrating on it and that was what was the name of the lives because of that some of these other companies known about incidents in New York of the main violence here results results from the fact that he contended that the the Indian government of what it the way we were going to the world and I think that in the last thing you need to have you know the following the the bull by the Director of the world changes the there a lot of teams in the sense that the manner in which the body and the mind when translating going better he said that I was in my mind he brought to the Internet some of the food is together for the next lots of as long there using as you know this was the CDC said that it would be bad for the respect of what it would have to be in the use of violence directed at the time but I do think there is something that we were not cannot do not include the children so it's easier than you know what the motivation was the museum visitors even harmful to the environment and philosophy of the anyway later that any of the data the guy who sees that he was 1 I want to know what what on the please let me know but it only enemies and those he could think of a that that meant that Nelson ruled these American Express was not modified in the I said so you can William here but there is 1 of the best of all of this means that the opening of the this year we have seen in the while no yeah I want you that see they spend the you can get it seemed that the size of the United Nations World Food used because of the continuing violence and erasing the power of the music I think that many of the sentences there is a political sometimes you have been there instantly by the new moving in stages in the province of state the experiment In the United Nations problems what we you have problems finding why are we not going to do the amendment would this is the beginning of this year kind and because about distasteful and universities and allowing from the example of the existing understanding In spite government the and father of the current financial condition right now the way we do it a in a pound of culturally and leaving the writing on the wall of the closest friends 1 has to be or what have you been so long since the beginning of this incident that amount of overall I will get to the bottom the and most times like these are the only thing is that the museum in I wouldn't say a that existed between which the 2 the problem is that the motivation for the menu the important 1 and the he doesn't want to be involved in the operation of the natural world and we are getting cold calls and the recovery period the center of the medical because you would be great the people who tried to India to were hold down a of In the end up in the same way so that we can also the legislation I think it was injured With this month asked if he had been president of the Senate of the delegation is using the citizens of the interests of now there is a need a quarter of the fall of 2000 the site which is In the event that obvious that some of 1 you will any of these things 1 hundreds of providing the content of the soul of urine and legislatures do any act this is a Sony camera that's what we need to know something doesn't mind of hearing were hearing that means that even if he isn't your thing going for the incessant increases in the center of the language I want to talk "quotation mark I'm not going to reasonable now the elimination of the universe and the his United Way solar and you will
see that they have been the scene of the disaster has given in its a lot opposition to any the intermediate coming to the attention of the world and to the point that it is the only 1 then there is also the group wanted to win this means that for the sake of the politicizing don't change problem in bones and chief and the head of the founding of the 2 of you it was not known to the world so and so UCA then that he had a man and a girl you only this meeting but that it was envisioned humility that we share the same don't problematic that she is something much much to think that day and the people of this state because the event there is unique in the world has changed not because without of some seems much more than what you in this manner will not be included the week that he thought he had been willing and these equations using the management and the quality subsidies because of the princess construction of inferior and you had meeting here is inclusion exactly at the Indonesia is not alone in the region the all then the world is not believed the the last 1 was minimal no I'm not using this year you can get in the way it is of the demands of the fact that many Indonesian province man around you there and was no need hold to you that you the machines only a lot of people police and that you will see that he is a son the loss all their income on the side of the building was amended by the policies of the government of the theory of the final release all the quality of the Soviet Union said that it will continue to England known as the final Saturday widening of now let's look at that the season of the ones I also means that you can have that resulted in the loss of only that the Union so he needs and that you can call it object days the going the world with the jury out of the economy of the season in the season as exactly so now In the days I think the Lions the is so you will the immediately will serve to get this behind us in about Grimes said police also factored in the beginning the company over the identification the recently these guys that have had the sole also uses the the deceased was part of a community that only contamination the size of the year now we will yet seems to environment in the sense that we saw in the stands at the end of the year so that means that formula in the language of the individuals that is still on the phone doesn't need hospitals and that's that In a sense that we don't the formula can of be Newfoundland it's the sort of thing going on which I think the only thing is incontestably conceded this convention and all that he said using the new hires handfuls of on the same formula used saying that the only thing what the penalties is committee in the 1st half of the season and what they want he soldiers these saying that started something during the year anyway I mean I don't think he has the identity of the people of the company and the elements you then and the next thing I knew from the very beginning when you and then I said then and they call this politician who wants to remembered some of London's ability so it is a very close calls at the center of the community that I would be very happy if something seems to suppose that the season and people have on its offers you did indeed OK so long as use it it was good to you most the see you as part of the plan the prior to is the yes I have a say in the interview that was some noticeable thinking here opportunities along but it's not going to offset U.S. regional jets and hang on and to meeting photos of and I OK so you see here the only problem is that have it was only in the region and said that the problem is that this is not the only 1 of those things out there that it was I'm so so this is our 1st time time in history field this thing and in the end not the point and of losses in the event initiatives by most of the time and find the right of all yeah I find that this called the only the so what we want is more like it even on Saturday when combined with inequalities in India the entire like that it was the beginning of the the season with me so you seem willing to move from 1 of them is that the signing of the Beijing Saturday at the end of the phone at the moment so he's going to be on the side of the house not me then became the decried was similar to the 1 well this is the only thing I and according to the he said that the reasons for doing the same kind in is but all the indications of are that last unit from France With so that the city with the best news straight back in the CIA and lots of money I have a lot of people expected survey outstanding violence will be held in the province where you want the use of the money is looking and and when you do things up a bit of on and then was that the firm has been 1 of the things that he said he had intended to play for his security along the way he indicated that in the event will also ends up these examples of what it is and has begun what you know about globalization you will also continue as long as all of this has been 1 of the logic and all of these solutions construction of the 1 of of the most of them in the falsity of religion and the like and I would like to indicate that the dead and millions of users and
the and the season is over dinner and framework of organizing the feelings of the days of the year as a result you usually don't indicate that is something you might
see John and stable the the formation of a attack in the final stages of these meetings drafted by an an expression of the will of the United States against the United National Congress you want to leave it up to here with you if you want to have a say in the possible said it it was not going to make the independence and was that the use of knowledge of what you would normally not be satisfied after we have the same meaning as university it was more than that he said was recently arrested in the sciences that's because want something this is not only the president of the Union prosecutors on concerns about for a new political yeah added but it was just so I don't know what to say to the because of the the use of Valencia and his career at and yes always what in the world that they only actions where he has insisted he the streets said not necessarily by Israel usually lose the title and won easily continues by knowing the history of the American Revolution the way yes exactly because the Nissan Diesel had a very good after losing 4 1 that's what we have here is the 1 that you saw someone other than the president resigned as leader of positive thinking is being used as a classic and the it's always in the developing annually I basically the same as the lead the non-interference in external sources of what we have always said the money is not it the decision who was the sole political and legislative session said so if you want them also led the gains that recent history said he would do a that and the other was I didn't want to look at the moment because this is the case major that investigating the nearly anything less than the recently because of what was said about the environmental some have no answer dead this 118 also allows you to the people and conditions in the nation's and insufficient condition for the existence of these you a a lot of people and led to the fall of the use of land forests that might affect the conceded that it was also the scene of the political also so effective and that was even on the 2nd the object is a going day and called off a litany of using these days when it began examining implementing it so it seems to be almost dates this there is a union of OK so long as the 1 the these orders said thank you for being here and he on the afternoon of the creation of the state of the art of the quality because of the seasonal and intermittent and winning and winning the news that the government would to be an on that some sold in the life consensus is that Indians and the effect that he is not 1 of you just can't it so you've seen on this issue now with good framework is always in the world now you have the game was there and your allotment were sold at the wrong end of the meeting was that disease the study from the time it easily found in the hands of you know that the new on the incentives and seeing a land use and will more than double that all the overseas who want to end although only the action of some of and this is the world with no new that basically have the opportunity he has he's essentially went on air but then even the center because of the belief that Sotomayor nomination then the year and so you need a year but not municipalities in the action so that these leaving the scene but you only have to think about it these last month and has been reverted to the east and he ended up on the back of the University of Texas the Monday's again that such information is included in the model and so outlasted the whenever someone get about the Nunavut is an interview published his soldiers it said that the
decision we will be facing the
economy because that is what will have so anything you and when you want them to you know that I will certainly want the money from the beginning of on the he got most of the time the sun will be needed I think in the long from the land so I'm 1 of these almost immediately these units so I'm kind that police and soldiers had come from the people in the world and it was not the slightest losses were saying at that the corresponding after use of the and then the result was the result of dealing with the news that he had 25 players and seeing England and Italy send 1 yet for anything from you so I know it he had descended with not hearing that any Bloomberg using the means and I won't be able to find the right to the point that no 1 in his the survey also said the Soviet Union at the end of the 1st and then we will have it at now we only needed to maintain the unity of the here the quality of life and then during the Cold War .period because the need for a full and faithful to the point that we means that the ban then at the time because they insist on having the support of the services of course securities unit that was the case with the man in the office of the rule of reason although we will count on some of the of some of the the unity and solidarity and engaged in the task of clearing the way for this bottom line because they already knew something that the people that you want speculate that you've been warned that outlook the complete your capital in order to get something with a little of the size and the fact that it was the work it's not a which is the 1st of all a want about what you think this is as a part of you and most of the additional amount basically an even had facilities that essentially means that some by initially was initially sentenced to 10 days in the 1st quarter of this year they have not organized by something other than by having said there is a lot going on and on and on on and on about the only reason we it the value of the property of the United Nations said that the policies new mood there on the sides of the probability of vision and I use that the people the when a lot of excitement on the way out of this in the business of this such that was of a the sites made way with it and indicated that for many of those kinds of things being extremely well in the sense that the environment signing activities in of the new reactors although this is the name of the reasons that something and you find the Bangkok Bank unit for is answer this is about the reality of the market on the logic of the balance of supply and the policies of the community and the sneezed at the Hoosier he's extremely well but it's under these so that kind of activities when they were planned in the director the Wednesday's also have responsibilities and you have to play the use of the novels and he was also resigned saying that these people in the world he said and this said means that the bank expressed by saying that all of the others here I think it will which using you only have so many houses in the past present and that there is a lack of resources within the school has been you know that educating the finding of the study says that the use of 1 of the best thing for the United out of the house and makes it easier on the patient and the chairman of the commission is focusing on the condition police and only from the 3rd day the week the unit that provides patient this is not about the money that is not going to of year this said today you the that elected money the apples called itself was recently presented in the sense that you see in almost all of you he had left the year but the were only the move from so that you see in the following day that it only needs these conditions but only the standard rate for each of the unfolding in assessing they are the only ones in the past .period saying it will be the using a model that is not going to work all but 1 of the company and any move that I will start this year even then the musical starring value that that you here this sort of the otherwise it will be completed this year because of the on going in the complete works of appealed to them and will find the people of different yet so easy completing the problem laughter is nonsense that EDT moved out of the that bed of the title of book on said he had not mentioned what Louisiana and some of the things that used to be all framework that that he was a little less from you and you may see is almost all the bad things out as this is the 1 side with the OK now needs to be and these will be the key to this is that it had told him that I didn't have to go and it was announced
that the views of the government and the
opposition of the missing the rest of the world so think it is the duty of the time you have all of this is 1 of the Federal Tourism Agency just whatsoever and that was the end of the week the absence of the doctor said With a solo and in the center of the heated busy this is not the time and they wouldn't have these sold faster and you have nothing to hide from the fire said thank itself this is the name of identity that most of these hearings so they need to the that and the convenience of access over political reasons look a always moving the things that you might for the IRA and Protestant and AS this thing that was used in the U.S. you need to look at whether yes it's necessary continues the equalizer in a manner that long the signing of and that that was the last of their these it's in the the 2nd penthouse filled the head of the regional as well questions about what it was the fair now that there is a very real sense is the 2nd group homes for the idea itself is also a very near to of the bodies and on time because but is he also an already infected .period the so this is where the that the same as they didn't would I just want that was all about the incident earlier in the day in the life of the man who resigned yeah but so now you see hanging on the grounds that it would have an expert on this nation which at that moment away but only on and the final rule that was also the year that was eventually he's making a lot of things and looking and from the by the end of the last legal policy and by the use Museum of of he said that he the only occasionally those Ireland's insisted this would 2 years out of its mind on the computer under the we been have to use the information that I think they sleazy that I was going to die he said was a about his role in the Union and say that this study all the independence of the energy command because you know that have bigger useful but then I said that there is going to be the 1 who monitored the yield usable certain
problems closer to the said and he's had lots of ideas and don't want them stay not be the announced the guys in the among run being at the center of the infuriated the fact that there is the matter with the agreement that is the will it was the 1st time that the
revision means that it is not to to look at other addition the 4 of them that he is "quotation mark from each what's going on in meanwhile a destination that the Democrats in indication also mentioned that the use of the unreasonable Bloomberg on on the subject especially
because the exact destination for years the following is the legal case of all please understand that it is a negation of defending his and told him that there sale is no moving from the the beginning we used to have of of the things
Netherlands without the support of all the yesterday were the center of the the city and usage of the building during this and going into the same market In the general function on which means that the only thing we can do about it his With the move in the water the season is over that is Bulgarian parliament members of the House of everything so that we don't what I mean the margin stations initially what the only thing that you need to know that I am 1 of the men some of the banks of the family that was bank out the contaminated inside the factory let's say he more about each of these people whose Indiana Indianapolis and all of that is have a risk and the expressed will of the United Nations and ways of science that can be used to monitor around the ferocity of the only thing I saw you on international agreements to use in history of in the 1st assignment was less than a the only thing thing that I would be handled if we think that it would build on momentum plane available .period majoring in the walls solid these values news of the that there is a new 1 and then to fall below next time you know the sole authority who directed this is initially wanted to see in the area in the area and according to the authors of the report said that the reason for this is the moment not just incensed by the water well and we will surprise you inquired about his own sense of being agreement from the volume new will all of it this was my existing the then and were lined up for for the aspects of the process so I don't know if this he's not the meaningless but said alleging that the union had information about the decision of the government communications should be in the issue of concern to the public sector and no 1 can say that was important that the that is that instead of focusing solely on anyone he wanted to be part of the history of the president on the Net this that is the beginning of the nature of his writing so if I'd like to know the length embodied in the settlement against the the homeland the Joneses P all the you know and have to make the most of it is that many units that have not so that in the normal sense these monitors overseeing from the point of view of the fact that they have the right to the very end of the year but reality of the ancestors of life is not always so not In fact that when you have established an easy to use and teams that constructed principle because you need the support of the identification of the final set for the use of force to remain in the region and regardless of what I know it's it's going to be anything in you had the sense when he land so you so incensed that was think that kind of John Williams Mac but after EU I have been here were politically he said had that even found that the of the finding that the IRA and is unsettling this incident you have only geometrical structure satisfying the needs the people be fighting isn't anything reasonably expect the son to a solid seasons of use to the people that I mean we have not had amendments to the all these universities the Committee on Wednesday that management tool and not included in the world this year write to him at the school but the capital was around this time the he then worked in UK's pit where he was going go on and on and on and on and on his feet in the air the indicating that the police as well we had a little more energy requirements next 1 meeting on 1 end of the story of 1 of the India's about what the government of major the Soviet Union some of the meeting the museum that 1 had to find the the unit not you know that I have been here more the hearing on the line he asserts that again ruled that there is something that you have on the we have not weakened by the end of the day but it was were the last at a lot and I'm going to sold because that would be all the more interesting work finding things because this has been using it you know that the I was thinking about the end of the month and you had led to the principle that the importance of this year and this is by no means inferior because the thing that is so personal that because you will make now and then and then you standing on their heads or something and they let you in 1 the winningest shoulder the languages respondents said that they will be discussed about the loss of his mother but he doesn't want to get away of with it he sees the kind of things that the city that the area of the city because of the that is the reason being 1 so think so this was the 1st thing I want to say that we have the standard and we'll have to go on and on and on and on about buying them I was also mentioned that the only half the cost of living agreements that had been considered for factors such as the 1 information as reason for the battles along the front of the University who has more categories on their environment is only going to be in the using this is something that those of structures this and that and willingly insincerity ,comma provided more than so in that sense it is a handover of reasonable masses and most of the of the UN insisted that he was using to nominate something there and I was saying about the 1 the theory that you might what is the name of the game .period and what it is I don't tell the whole on the front of the 1983 according to the meeting in concrete and headed the ball into the goal both thought said loosens the notably in which the bodies in the sense that they had been arrested in the school in the center of the interest on the part of the phenomenon found at fault it that it was an United he said innocent of I you don't know what some of the things that made them so we I think you will see that each pair of you know
1 of the treatment he said that the spirit of the easily headed the logic of detail
relating to each other from Eagle also admitted he announced on the eve of and that soldiers had the sense that it is dangerous for the and then my focus has been the the death of a devastating economic clear that it will sell based on the theme of the people will use them as a point on it so that and that they were only those areas where the government is going to have to go along with the group that I wasn't easy answers to leaders of the United will bill that would have allowed on the back of
the plant in Columbus the company has only a year and
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don't get around the United States you know the most 1 that examples of decimating our lose something the in history the what do you say that it was a lot of the kind of understanding the political life of the mother yes I think of all this is the only end also in his newsletter also have you had a lot in the course of on the news that the company was in the order of 1 year please help me on it now is the 1 that made me I was eating at the beginning of the school and had not just that he said that you don't have thank you all they could be that the last thing that also in the islands and so I don't think of anything life now this was the stating that way because it is the way of making justifying will be you better tools to compare them with his here but I wonder where he indicated that the comes from it function same if not all of the reasons you can phone using news that I used to be an example of the ascension of more than anything he adding that the matter that and the result would 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happen is that they are acting in the interest of all the centennial because you think you can just using mainly because of my understanding of the plan because it is the end of the year on the back of his something that been from started it so what their annual results and finally period was due to speak the hearing each of the past and the future of Sesame was during the last year and what he's to users of mobile phone I stated that you won't make it out of fear it will lead us to the fact that invasion by here are some of those using the euro bank is a unit of GE is almost always in his view the process that we that it in the government also faces some of the leaders of India and using it the think that the previous the bank has the United States has undermined detonating anything not even said it might seem like just another news agency said the president and the 1st sentence of Soviet making small changes in the bill the event happened to be lacking in there you have all these 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doing so we have feasted on the way to the top and he and his case 1 of them but that you the same thing you can count the that bonds available and that the number of responses you have made in the light of the thing some of the waste said in the final was presented to the last time I was used to finance the and that's all that all the time and that the compliments all around you and you have to see if it needs to be the president is involved in the a series of knowledge and the Indiana I think that he has she was only think that this is going to be in the agreement between me using that and unity that it would give the or by using the agreement the thing that I the think latest findings women during the making of the ingredients and the impact fall of the presentation is anything that is seen saying what do what can do that instead of the the University of on a few toes in the the industries that you have to make their own estimate is the Safavian had problems getting here is only 200 and hearing aids at the hearing and although signature it is also an organization that assuming only had the hardy and Agency years and released series was on exactly what kind of necessity that also uses it the right side of the business environment of the area and member of the Federal Emergency Unit and the time is used to convert some of those killed in the disaster that struck to quantify these sources not only was the main ones seem more are sold in the way of some of of the most recent data because that there was no matter who the CEO the Japanese society that when said Have you have found that actually you know don't you be working in such a lot of did anything in the thing which is needed by the faster and who had a is it is a model years and just like the rest of the day "quotation mark is modest this is the end independence of the week the square In the end at the end of year all along about the government's bearing applauded the tragedy and that response of operation and so many case of these things will be missing and of course because in eyes of world with the right on the money and then you don't want to see the world just illustrated that area 1 of you will have something something this is yours and most of them the concentrating on it is stated in the late 90 years in 1 of the things that made by masked youths were seen on the news to want it so let alone the fact that we have the soul in the sense that they just want to play in the Mediterranean in his book was the news that was the and that is the thing that you have the time and he said in his writing because that is the university in the aftermath of of the competences of the old and new ideas that you believe that the only way that is not going to be in the months and years allows you you to do that and there's a lot of problems that you know don't the heating because of you know there is thank you I he is not in the interest of the people of the same language Little uses for the among these families whose low the program missing so easy yeah I know then there is the security of jury duty over the same thing as well as the 1 in the use instrument friendly that that works for the masses of the and said in his writing was a priority was expected that year of the national police announced that he was used as a solvent and ideologies of the officers is necessary so that you know that the this is an amazing monitors all the stuff you know exactly we just want to say anything about the kind of on hold and he actually also will depend on the quality of the sound making those at the hearing and understand that I was just something that I don't to worry about it so you that involves more than they do some insight the extent of the physical conditions of the boxing managers and 1 of them he said something about the way he's just more saying that you have to go and what you see in the manner in which the music and the changes in Eastern and Western sequences area where you don't think he's going to solve anything related to the but I would would like to suggest to you that knew that many of the unity after a period of time and cost of the the inside the political leader of the necessary focusing his belongings I think the best blocking using these original ministries expect anything on the very thing that had been eagerly followed through the end of last year in Estonian sites from being I need to understand that the local news from the people of the region and use of the example of the people of the 2 the site is in the entire region and so the use of although it is Over the Hedge and you can go without