Théorie spectrale en géométrie relative

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Théorie spectrale en géométrie relative
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Théorie spectrale en géométrie relative (travail en commun avec Mathieu Anel) La catégorie des schémas relatifs au dessus d'une catégorie monoïdale symétrique a été définie par B. Toën et M. Vaquié comme sous catégorie d'une catégorie de faisceaux, ce qui correspond à la version "foncteur des points" en géométrie algébrique. Dans ce travail nous présentons la version "espace structurée" qui permet de comprendre les constructions classiques de la géométrie algébrique.
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data and you moving and when we and and
so I sang 0 organizers poses invitations and the with its 1st lecture uh I would speak about an order to is the best compilation and in in the new research which is a walking progress was made and it is about to could achieve major Rachel and they DID is to do word Jumet Ch 11 new spaces this is 1 way and recorded algebraic because it's a very Iger break way to to do geometry and that the 1st Boston we we consider gnawing on distorted facts see will be seen intrigue morning category we assume that in fact we have endowment and in 5 restroom that CDs complete and cool completely and in fact you were at her home was puzzling calls all year this is where it all so locally this last season event it's a unity according to 1 yes yes "quotation mark and no nature however we assume that seasonal clearly presented but in the beginning we don't need this I put it list of the In no the .period promised to work hard for a lot work new sits there is something Hungary's 6 1 this is because the idea of the so we defined in what they call a modern city on Monday there is no 1 in the wiki which is a category of commutative 108 In the I recall this season and you is that the mob from and bustle and to and its yuan from 1 2 grand wizard usual on property associated the commutativity if you need to and so and with this we know that we can define if M it is in the norm could the tumor we concede can defines a category of small and so it's the same way as sees an objective and the reason not for and somersault leaks to the extent we on what you want and still category in fact is a series of new it also for the ground and London as a category entomologist with the move food and and is a signatory to the when we don't involved to next of growth and the EU which we need maybe Is it category of annoyed In is what we call the and Izarra and the fact it was equivalent to the category all of 1 week and he just to 2 other innovations know we full forward from the fall photo from seeing this from Europe from New Canaan mood conceit these funds are at next joint which we did not this and which is equivalent to a the previous the same way and just sit the last saying it meant everything I need is vacating you'll which is a map from end to end in I don't explain what is map in the category of can we can define an injunction which is from en masse the modular to end this is afforded phone from .period we can't see any any as a module or and this 1 is equivalent to the cost of Mike and is hard to survive those earlier that yes women 99 because he will need Constantine and the community where is all need and coordinates and thought he has he has also in a joint at the writer John make we don't need each so I don't speak about since surgery this is the 1st time in the future .period only from home I see a joint yes yes but I don't think so long as you don't need to let users the humorous are used known but it's a fact I just say you need to look at it
is an answer to the question of budget I don't need that decimating we need that use goes about it but there many many other properties I don't I speak on the other property and needs with and there no it I what I we got so this is the Phoenicians 1000 the category of defiance objects this season Opel that category of the monetary sold if you want to at 11 ID all that well going to do with the 2nd and the due date falls seek to category of other young although do you In that case 1 is a category offerings of quantities the and the Class B is a category of the Feinstein yeah that eventually of refined schemes and so what we want to to generalize this example so the 1st thing we want to travel is Google attending topology on the category asked Andrew I will give you all the way to define a attending the validity so it's a very generous .period we take t is a category with finite cleaning and we did ask for a deal to cut which is about to from door that means that you don't Southern In Zurich assists musical theater With its only reason natural transformation In on 7 isomorphism with natural transformation some snacks .period alone and is the I put this on F is a following for any geeks communication the category its is Gold political campaigns maybe we we don't need so many I put this is but With exists 1 for any malfeasance from its prime weeks unity we have here .period bodies face the formidable from Inc if the crime and so and I put this is that the above staff as a writer joint which is consolidating as of last nite with this is is a following for any the move coffins in square thank you the hooked so we have a natural orbitals formation all fees and for the 1st half of the world's top to comprise the worst of propriety the stock and they put it is that he is an isomorphic you get this far from the front the pair Pastora Illinois don't question I don't generation so now all of of which is just 2 wins me but :colon the and now with this with is that that we can define "quotation mark and topology on antibodies following story at the time from the I any new team I always say that for this funny he is a S corporation that is so this funny is real estate wines if there exists a subset giant which is financed such that the familial form endorsed PTI idea reported staff from ever east to a peaks musical selections this means that it has not been is a isomorphism if Zidane age is nature of the idea that the start of this map up Isom office "quotation mark we say
that defined the flat please for being the the post on the same exact and we say that the family he is a fact face was flat at each 1 and 2 and cooperating which is threatening which is a occurring and now there a resort to is that exists I defined as set followed the formation of for the new increase for flat find likable and the wind keys in the discovery of the sign that the visit was the fastest the Bloomberg although I don't know but so I. We need the support existed said on condition to UBS of fund that his purported is a sub canonical and in fact I have removed the mall general argued that the stronger resort themselves In fact the signal from at the end of this fall this book and 1 way to to say that it is in fact this is exactly those of flats descent and for any peaks beencleaved for any family you're right we have already we can define the category of sickness and that from you for the rates the 4 4 s deaths so that is the object of this category farther from EU each side the I drive said that if I was an object in the category it's probably wise and the iDrive nasal morphine in between the restriction delayed side this is Azeris menu with peaks giant restricted to you while you Ji politely drive using .period a few I'd like you Jerry over Hicks so this is the objective we as a "quotation mark because cycling condition Will you our source of them all season and in fact it's safe to say that it is a start used to say that we have the the center that's Maine the following there is a factor is equivalent to the following for any keeps in key for any faced with that finding the bulk of arena we have a natural of soaring 211 at 2 or more food from toll from Ed peaks to the category of the descent that's not fuel colorings and we want that for any and annually recovering from me this in increments of category and in some sense approval of the sale is the saying that approving the classical order over the sinking of the rings what the the hell is going on in the they should have been destroyed I don't know if we use it many readers reacted and that maybe there is maybe it's a consequence but they don't OK so now we apply this construction this is the view that the only you agreed How do do you decide also available and Hollywood which push if you have this is the time of the year if you the was not removed this is virtually all of the things that I don't remember that case is that it is because this is what we do is the same that sees the 4 rinks but they don't remember I don't want to say something I am afraid I cannot to give users the so now you know what people in the view of most of the time you read this the With help some another disaster no I see that's what we have to control room To do this I don't remember which we consider as a solemn oath you you need a certain categories complete ankle complete and you have to construct something amazing and that they don't remember on our part attended the OK so now we want to applies east to the category of the fighting object or find schemes you know you see and the group we read we really uses the same terminology so so we say that amount so we take you from a to B which is not enough money in the minority the cover that in 1 reading the we say that you is flat is you will oppose staff from England to remote PCs exact you know is in the Morpheus this is classical definition of it came off is not Street you'll pay use all finite presentation that means that for any diagrams Lewis's during diagram for maybe a rewrite it this the 1st time year grand 1 In 1 we have a natural From the coordinates so the couldn't all AI could be to the on and we have In the I agree with and the couldn't the fight and we want that this map is unreasonable revolvers
on the table at the moment the City of Light last year with you and the law In the the policy I'm aware that a lot they are also more fit in Greenland 3 yes it will but in principle and the last nation is we say that you is that there is key opens nationally by the whined to thank and now if I go Delaware not is there categories so-and-so category sorry "quotation mark aid after Michael Gloshen if I have a which is an objective in 1 I really did not like any the objective is that going this is a so if I have a lot
which correspond 2 mules I said in the same way that please flat please you he's not at ease if you will please Davies of finite presentations if you please of buying a presentation so in that case it
it's not the use or definition of finite presentation in Zacata category off it should also be involved in the form of a local yeah this is again because I don't want to use Spec so I use a B and a this is a disease operation all I don't want to use bad because they will use speculators maybe Nikos it I define space associated to the and fall and leaders I recently opened nascent peace you please and there In is a case of community rings miracle the definition of the definition is a property of the recently opened national but in fact is a restored mentioned in category both the fighting schemes to news refined scheme are exactly the flat when more finally presentations and still I say that's funny now uh you II was included the community please in ours so face were flattened physical by so the for MEI FIU flat and there during the some finite and said said from the 1st day and nite such that this is the family deal from WI Clipper staff from the mainland to the Ironwood these consortium this is a felt that condition and the 2nd definition of family for the dice legal for any I can't fight is there various key opening and for the 2nd 1 is this so lysozyme in reserved I do you before this tool definition defined the Pelosi and so we have defined on category past this is a fistful for of practice going back and do that is capable of doing and we know that Zafar face for reflected incompatible he he said can only go so that is key that is the 1 sold so we have to sheaf of this guy for the FF to sit GE which is included in the should for that is the topology and appreciated his last hours over this is the the of this down are not smaller but you can define a apology along with the don't let me know if you want to know what I would do just now I restate the F. that's all way 1 minute and then we have this there are unit I'm not I we they put this offer of 30 present-day borders on sea and in fact they will use the following day I thought it is because we needed played up in I don't intersect but insist that they will need later that in fact 1 is generated by someone the multinational finite presentation In fact we can see that the end of this category if I defined I played with clear as the opposite category of the category of wearied of playing a presentation I had in the same way which is controlled project in pain in and this 1 hour more categories I will be needed later opt for the moment and that they don't need that OK and the more I would but if you want we will you can do just now was site but is this so we will we for dentist apology because in fact for what we do we don't need this topology we will use all users that is capable of doing analysts said we want to defines this new word Joe metric object buys a phone bills cancel the we want to say that
in these objects are in fact the the sheets in topology we oral candy 3rd Round the fine the final doing so far as they say we have to define what are the opening mansion the new knowledge artful full sheets so far out of date it which is gonna find objects With the effort to the finish so when I say she is now it's always for those artistic apology and which is the subject of it's in the category of cheese by you need iron III with Lucy it is a category often as a subcategory of the category of sheep I don't say H of peaks of substance that so I say that F users that is key opening information if there exists there you peaks which is a family clean off ways and for any idea is a matter of Norway G. it is honesty opening action which is defined because we have to find fine schemes and the if I concede there is a map at GE from 0 the co-producer of human of why hide Unix for this reason the machinists the major all the of G if a 2 I defined myself there's general opening inaction fall unified scheme and now I say as I did in the time which is a map of sheets GE has said that he is precisely I hope that international pleas for any it's even John Gee whiz creates and defines scheme 0 crossed for the cross peaks over already on its knees Missouri skill key and I quote I can define what what is this schemes I think the best meets the sheaves machine for the was capable of in half and they say that Is this so it says "quotation mark achieves came over we received 8 there exists a family you Of the fine him and that match the from you I to answer such that 1st for any idea the idea To ever is as I was the opening and to move he said if I take key which is the sum of the eye this season this certain exactly that is obtained by gluing the fine 7 since King so you see that in the in the usual cases we defined as I was capable of vise across subsets the idea NGOs set in that case would fine that is capable of Jabalya opens its opens upset but in fact this is the end of the season as a reason why we do that because we don't have ID to cannot define what's an ideal candidate and the lake of tragedy implies that we don't have the notion of ideas so maybe we don't have the time to speak about change of context so just to say the recent example of random for the south example is that was the 1 I did you before his senior year and then when you watch we obtained using the usual or because this is the residue of geometry although the Auspex said but we can take the which is for instance said wizard the product tender the unit is the
set with 1 imminent and in that case we take geometry so I will vote this is 1 definition if 1 there is another 1 to try and before the date set appointed this is the 1 that I have this was much in that this week because he knows this is the 1 that I learned to use faces of soul in Ozil definition of if 1 In much the event of a ship that off and there is and was maybe 1 way that I am not the fisheries that 1 way to to sink about hope to die geometry but it is a EU is to pursue their for the category C the category of 108 people for and would you also In the skeptical you consider an algebra II recorded so this is urging railways with projected With the use of your predecessor this is the 1st of his 2 3 and a lot of work that has some Florian you of what went persuaded where is this is this 1 focus and you can defines the word to geometry overall the although beach you considers category of the modular proxies category of the modules and you can define new geometry which is freighted with topical but I don't know exactly we need to speak with people who make because between 2 what is exactly the relation between these 2 tools since the that's what we will have a summer change of context and the threesome you can do Princess Atta skin is definable as they and EU you can see this came as a key indefinable role for instance and so on but I don't have time to think about that and we prefer to speak about the Mall Road recent result which is a bit from so as I do the following the day on which he's machines and reconsider observe the deposit all of the was key opening immersion although i've this is in fact for the season the Post and in fact the teaser afraid the thing that you have a good thing but the frame so to Caesar this tributaries lefties complete distributed last and there this a so the other category of French zeal for that category of free a category of gone and so we can consider this insists category so we consider this as an object in category of broken and we know that there is a junction so this is the right John .period and you know that don't open subsets from the category of the political space and now we conceded the maker of the still can't not mind the photo of .period for this unit would be costly and this is what I recall suspect this spectral so well defined from top Spain From the the category of sheets to the category of in fact this assault multiple political Spacey's because we know that the major is formed .period our the so little spaces that's an asset a category of .period dogs replied that over and this winter good news we scored needs and he sends a zealous killed national stole bullpen International laughter political space so what we have done we have associated to which she but the political space and this is that is ideal for the visit what is the 1st made the definition of a scheme to befell the condition of the game is a topological spaces with solid structure authority and believe that we can actually we have tried to do the same in in this context and so we want not to define a while at the Xanana was also burdened look at hearing that space so we what we want to define the what the plays a role all of the shaved in local ring so you lift on your values his what with his cheerful about the case of the say at the beginning that I will use only this apology so I was looking to problems over the world the government should direct the high violence the and that is just you and know this is the way meaning that only those who who value the most visible about the
Menendez observations allowed and then you will use the Yugo the yield on the environment and it's sort of reserve soldiers who who have you been this close to realize that there are yes or ii fall that's that I need to do to users after In this spot now I reuse 1 OK this is the reason why I make that the decide what is before "quotation mark the word I would like to here meanwhile need Bush since I if I take appreciates allow yes I identified I am not sure that I have a fear of government is couldn't but for the moment I think that they don't need the news wasn't but they will use it of shapes suggests that I don't need it even so maybe 2 just a wee recourse seeing the Bowater foods is a reminder of about 2 posts just if a date the fire for me wasn't always the "quotation mark and the and so is a category of Joe metric more front of the but was offset 3 to the which is going to the category of point of view and this is a state of the pair of a joined from toll fraud he was a category said With these includes the left exact the kind of already sees that and that if any this a category of appreciates owners more Category C then invited .period all the is the same as a category left exact from duplicity is smart category With cyanide 1988 from To set and invited to the saying that category frosty coalition which is about to receive In view of the good people who used to be the opposite of the things that I want to do is just a small portion of people not only because of you 1 of the poorest of the poor this year or a year existing again made it through the reason why some people according with barely enough to you want to use the convention in August so that this rule see it's not least is the opposite of the universe way we yes the so for me it's not too early just to say that in that case In the case where he is the category of seats for some topology and the topology told is defined by a quick Apollo DN is defined by covering friendly we as a point of you in that case is a form which shares sank I said I don't write which sent recovering from Wiki Moffett funny and what is important is what they get that is what they recorded a lot the and they will interview where to obtain I'm sorry because I can't stand so so thought I say that an object if its interests in Israel ,comma leave for any while being the for any faltering familiar and for any amount from its 2 the increase a factorization might solve some object on the covering from this is what I call objects only the of the week article in New World in Newfoundland history both because it was 1 of its strong fickle was adamant that the data was vilified Multan is Iowa and there always an the issue seemed in the category of commuters hearings which will gain is exactly the local rings and with people of liturgy but it's not important for the moment and so we decided not to which is at top policy of sheets for those out of topology which is the source of the reports of 1 which is that category for creation and we see that the point of this because Our so is with a cordial .period object of office which is a subcategory of the bombing 1 of the categories appreciates which is a project for objects of art and by solution is exactly Q and now we have 0 2 propositions in this proposition is quite correspond to was the she's
all look any renewed spaces for anymore it's in the category of sheep there exists the Sumatran coffee so I could always recognizing from it's
a category of sheets overall stake in tools and I will give you some explanation may be In the case of the commuter during this element is in fact designer's that is and this is the specter its use topological space as a I have defined the form which is associated to my skin so I have a political space and I have this not and this is exactly what we do when we have when we consider hazard is the or eats know the usual Austin it is exactly this because a lot what's name to define that exists genetic Mofaz In fact to define weeks he is equivalent in fact to the following who 1st is equivalent to 11 not from Zary defined the kings of finite presentation to 0 category of shapes the record-setting but this is a census to cover the only of the cities of desirous keep although it's so which is the next exotic and sand so covering families To win of the more families tops and this is a strange that 2 of the photo from after prose that it's all To and said the category of said 1 which sent a letter to you To this end of all known what is more chiefs from you to so early enough time to convince you that this is exactly what we but is a sheaf of colleagues in the usual on context of of schemes but this is exactly the same so I wouldn't be enough time to seasons seeing about factorization suspended but you see that when you concede there more fees most schemes of usual or ski and you know that you observe the notion of local animal feeds you cannot concede or morphism between even look at rings in wings of the notion of broken off inside I don't have find tools to explain this In states yes all but in fact and this is you have to define it as a liberal offerings and we can define the same notion awful carrying of roll-call morphemes nods and delivered all of the 108 then we can extend it to obtains an notion all local morphism between a rock and hearing that on the 1 she and this is what we need to to obtain Zulus to last 2 reserved maybe so we redefined as a category anymore and so this is a category of proposed to raise the map toward from 2 in London this is what we call a structured the so we will obtain 1 and in this category we are not the subcategories which is not a fool said with the same objects but ways to local markets this is what we need and in that case this is this is the may maybe the the more difficult part is this 1 and then so this category we this people and more proposed and according to law and if I restricted now attend restricting in fact to wounded look at it boss so I can defined area of story so long because of the proposed uses 10 season has the full force of all in the space and in the same way and 1 of the following and so serenity the following so we have a more From the category of sheets told this category this is this Morpheus is in which it we found effort 2 suspected we've always suspect as is most of those space and all whether is says systematic from spec Esplain won with a time of the final before for this airing advantages of which is continuous on this sounds artist opening national panache and sit there are but but it is important it induced an equivalent of that Italy between so that the goalie both schemes identifying before and this this is a category called until next week schemes and redefine what is rumored to be cleaned and human experience it is and objects in this category which Israel caddy for the usual topology Liu whether it is a cooperative space which locally a science geek this season look at it defense and we recall not exactly is equivalents we have between the 2 definition of schemes of fall of our community rings In this definition is a definition of yard in the gym the political scored space between locally the Wizard look at hearing the states which is locally find as is the definition of skin I did at the beginning which is the definition of skiing has formed off looking there was no responded that the decision of the president of the American Institute of the responses to the survey I have the distinction of Americans and they suggested that the work of the residents here more about groups of people who are very special what this this kind of work where was the verification mission next year the categories of I think it will be so that gratification he had and that he values the levels of the questions you get the kind of political yes know this is yesterday and if you want to duly news that in fact the system someone with wisdom that you have to to stabilize and in fact you have to use something which is like spectrum and Eureko Wilson's unless you you you can as a yes and you can define whom Wikipedia To security unit in violation of the someone Georgia the they do have to pass along the good universities colleges and high quality of the images from the history of the whole here about violence task of this time for incentive if we want to know that is capable of you but it died apology and I think this is the way to define the type positions that you need to know the Boston took a year and a half of which is the goal of this show so why was related to the fact that this solution now he and the security and to apply to the conditions in the Of course the support of the U.S. should make sense contact more what