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Key results due to O. Caramello show us that there is a regular theory such that the Barr exact completion of its regular syntactic category is equivalent to the category of Nori effective motives. In this talk, I will explain and consider a (co)homology theory T on any base category C as a fragment of a first-order theory whose models are certain functors to (families of internal abelian) groups satisfying some exactness conditions. Denote A[T] the Barr exact completion of the regular syntactic category: this is an abelian category whose objects may be called constructible effective T-motives. Furthermore, under mild conditions on the base category C we get a T-motivic functor from C to D(Ind-A[T]) the (unbounded) derived category of the Ind category of A[T]: we may call T-motivic complexes the objects of (a suitable localization of) the category D(Ind-A[T]). In particular, if C is the category of algebraic schemes over a subfield of the complex numbers we get an exact functor from constructible effective T-motives to Nori effective motives which lifts to T-motivic complexes. Finally, if C is the category of algebraic schemes,I explain a way to construct a functor from the category of T-motivic complexes to the category of effective (unbounded) Voevodsky motivic complexes and provide some evidence for the latter being obtained as a (Bousfield) localization of the former.
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so you know what time I would like to be
or 1st of all I would like to thank the organisers for having the this very nice conference and also for inviting me and that I also should mention that the work I'm talking about is the result of a set of discussions and collaboration with Willie the economy and low and not on the former I have to thank will so In the northern accompanied so I organizer talking on the phone with 1st of all I'm going to need some action and this is also holding you and I was saying and using that I put the reason you there the subject in the 2nd quarter 1st following is a list of of things that make configuration we not which she isn't as part of the results of U 2 already contaminated and there is some outcome of the USA which she is with them see title criminal cases in the last mentioned and the conflicts so 1st of all with :colon walks on this the motives as you see this of the stands for Saudi more stands for theoretical Martin as you as you have a theoretical physics than you might like to have a theoretical motives were that together means that have had associated to some fuel and so this is very the media so they gained the fury of motives which is the outcome of the Gothic India to attaches to this scheme something which is the finest environment of a scheme it has been going below the bayou 2 different points of view which look completely different but the origin of Bangalore the India 1 is using cyclists and goes it was the original construction of Joe motives and the motives and after that with the verbosity construction which is using stimulus correspondence is there and saw it that user continuation of this point of view and moved another point of view is that the 2nd point of view I think so this is a originated there ordered the unit does interview of but the good quality since it has been introduced in the units in the unit In a four-man way I was saved by the naughty using the idea of an Audi of constructing more so this to point of view of course unrelated and you want to show that there in fact that is felt point of view which is in some sense of independence from this to point of view which is the following 1 of which is elected somebody related to the deal the fury and that and that of a moderate doubles brand for the 1st time the the thing that I want to say is that what the respect for year the enormity of course you 1 gene which she is the pacifier should be the last scion of quality and qualify for the quality of all knowledge is with I read the
interview for anything that is new but of course for hours the main idea that the main application is the 1st installment field and when they say skiing Sicily before .period publishers sewage a schemes that this open of course this is ambiguous and is not unique it depends on the theory that the individual physical interference the course of the season and maybe you want things to given the all want quality fury the logic said not there that they know the low the developed and I don't know any logic like oxen is edition of homeowners if you prefer that this is 1 of them the starting point from this point so you might have had on the condition of course that you like and you can either that you want this to be connected there In the locally connected so and also pointed with .period yet .period models and sold in this case that you have as the city of Montego and which is the fundamental problem of the stock so the likelihood is the views of the association said of course we would want he was will localization and based in Lawrence I know the new should thank you usually means that a single allergy and medical knowledge that ankle knowledge if in the in the catalyst for the category schemes that there was all the homology if you take see another categories things to see as a category of space saw on the group also this general point of view is not the sole and what that the motives solicitation this focus should be provided With the more I mean effective this season all there is some stabilization that they want to let them not going to tilt toward so I only think about the effects of so it's a brilliant Group the object of her but not only is also a constructive role in contracting the money from some should of flecked the finite this conditions inside so this means that the throughout the the year and side I see as you see irony both the media in the parentheses because in fact that there also non-commutative demoted and I let me just say that I will not talk about that you have a billion groups inside the store pose clear view have these commodities society at the and then you have a constructive role the motives and that in this situation of course this can be glad I'm not saying that there should be different than so that you want inside this over this the incident ended he should not go out there and you put the troops you might have a known commodity situation so what you I 1 they II ideas in this case the end 1st of the year I mean it's not that I don't I don't mention here so yeah the ultimate intervals of wondering 5 also you can you can include play 1 but that what I want to say that the index of big in our committed contests this be
this model should be a gotten weaker regions light goes like this and this should be just as needed he you don't dare run the business you are talking about the sad parallel between now and length of the recent the soldiers of a known commodity Manitoba that the could be just the exact innocence of my appearance so you have to the genera and these but exact that's the and if you don't use and you aren't there may be some of the other like you might get same median order and of the figures but you go back to the meeting you have this notion which is already quite good and in fact that this category of groups inside the top post is about exam so were so this is not done not much at what do you really want is the renovation funk dancer so this is really the idea that of more recent from the point of view of what musician fund 1st the which I now associated the model in Sweden will the now it is estimated that about exactly that Florida tune and mediation 4 levels and maybe order and so that means that if you have this period take a modem which is please NOTE :colon businesses please leave this parents and position and this year To be what said that for example if you through a lot in a situation where this is a growth and income and the million that you want to analyze in the Union the 1st thing so this is what on exact of course a for constructive role you might just drop the condition of American they have just a million so this is 1 point about that to be maladies other you need founders the last fall in so the following year is that the ad the mechanic found during this contest there should be something that assisted the object of your Patagonian what material complexes which is a shame complexes in the mall we don't they cancel 1st of all deal with the complexities which argues that projects of the chain of command the the book will sure that this is this is a very important point this should be independent from the is not that there is just this is of something which should send an object the pool please chain complex so this is a clear material from exactly sorry Daniel and because these you are I didn't say that of course utilization should be exempt from fact they don't either naturally but I just use the chain competency because the just so and you will see in a 2nd wine just using chewing complex so change of yeah this is the name of a nature and the and that's essentially falling the sense that if you have the answer never quite a lot to because in fact there has been noticeable recently right as I know by the idea that we have at the university a lot of people but the glorious assistant to anything and so this is the signature Commission constant With the modest structure which is a universal With respect to any although funk tool mother structure so this is a defunct there which you just by you need them and you know I have constructed another font which is inching encompassing Buchan complexes nor have the natural for the structure we solo you immediately get the
equipment there so there and their evaluation on the recipient tickled the kind of species we and reached the career of Beersheva it yes is a queen and their stories that they a Richard compatible with modest section people who are in fact I'm not would use it at all despite the but that what they want to say is that if you put the sequel to schemes this is a way to presented the modern Mark monitored verbosity structure which is just a portion of it is in some sense of these categories is Universal about a beget bigger the therefore model that they and then when you have a mother category you have kind of presentations as as you as you say so in some sense that there is an ocean of presentation and foreign schemes so you get a lot of the boxes that structure just by contacting the line include imposing conditional Schiff conditions so we converge sigh I might admit body said if you want to add that this is Jenna she's conditions of this sort them the level of This is this stable because there is not so for this so in some sense that the idea is that the played there were all of this work and then there in some sense you see that there should be a way to think of this chain of the article Morzine molten salt is with the competence and in and in a way that the presented then I think good of motives because then you can also contact so meaning that about object that you have in and involves a condition that you want so you if you add this font that you can impose conditions so this is the debut and I will I will assure you that there and fact that for scheme seconds I can't describe this fully effectively therefore schemes this sector chain of the the motifs and laughs with 2 boats the basket construction standard nautical structure so in some sense of his soul a serious about that I want to avoid so this is just the schemes get done change all of these motives a year of Nordea means so that I'd get there we all of us making the category of knowledge is not there is a need to be there but they just put the body and that was just I'm sloppy sorry about that I will I will make it besides out to get this funny knowing there's a little earlier should for yes this is why I have this the fact that the fact that as I am sure I mean that he is a key point of the Of the picture is the proof of a leader of the construction of a new of automotive is really a key point OK so I was shortened and it's not that it's not coming from nowhere but this everything this is a very simple is not Bill over some of the school then that to to say what that an automotive from the agreement was In the middle of the city of Boston because of the use of force in the interest of both from the scene of the people may think that the only thing that under the side of the United yes of course yes Durant said the actions of the Gulf there was something there are lots of things most of which is the best in the American the when you look at 1 of these New so much for the provider some the things we think of the meeting was initially the fact that we respect the whole categories of even also however the same dimensions of poverty and the governor of the state Bank and that relating the of the strategies losses thinking that this was little of this this is a good point to make because of the fact that you see this is a list of the contractor I made that is independent and is independent as you will see is a completely different from the rapidly expanded from the conjecture which added later through what they're but on these same because property organizations like and from this point of view I uh I mean it is not the same as in the 1st phase of the disease may have also that it is not exactly the same thing as it is known or not but that is yes in the if you want to show that the unit because it gave over what we ultimately going to see now it is independent from the Charlize although the unique you're absolutely right back to uh if you want to prove that there for a figure that I've category of this kind of the Maltese or even their divorce can motives there had is edition is a conservative mode of faithful and then leasing is the equivalent that by Beijing son to this the conjecture of so property of position which is that it is the end of an era I'm find from this OK so I am not saying that this implies that this week but what the hell what is the guests is that the new is at the end of that that the said that I could figure the motive that provide their son structure this is my Grasso which is something that we are looking for under the category of a mosque misuse weather studied for the booking guests that growth in the last OK so but they want to prove this proved of this is important for the 1st time I want to leave this so this is a good deal on the sale Norton I'm in which is the following with Witaker Dion and it representation of this that that might force investigating Corbusian groups but you can make variation on this time so this representation suggests that this is not a good thing that is just a big enough for into the GOP sources said and object to an object and the father of twin ISM map of go :colon then we then have faithful exactly what conditions which is why the so can a million particularly since which is
universal among the factorization actually initial what the the good news is that we have "quotation mark he'll be Halverson didn't think from the killer and clear then you have to pay a comedian and S and P F 4 and then there is this 1 or that they want to call this a what it the press which is making everything commutative and dismissed strictly commuters this is really even a statement tho it was a little weaker than in the even for rebellion group that in fact that there is no sticker for the Breeden group procurement the suspicion of knowledge you have a fine actor generated a billion rupees a year we have all of the wholehearted and use such as Joshua thank you so what asset could this season's takes actor and that they it would if it also edged Stewart is unclear small it's always that both going in this city enunciated logic in this statement is is I think we can do for future .period again but all of this in a very elementary putting together mental things which are coming from the theory of particle ecological the framework cancel from so what are you doing construct what is called the material of the cancel you historical sacked consumed the hearing of the modem which is quite wonderful so let me know what this Florida this theory of the if you want this a here are a few of the model which is his the signature of you can find solace in the foot which image of the object of the game so this is just the same Monday the start functions in both the new 1 4 arrows Of the lots functions symbol for my nite the petition you know provisions and 0 In order to formalize the structure of the group millions and this is part of an object this is what Europe then the period is just simply Is there a regular is enough for the area the event by all sequence please body in the unit yes there you adamant so this so we wanted to weather period was models that had like the soul and the fact that we we want reported accents which are exactly what so for example I don't say that the report Thaksin's I cabinet groups because they have been in groups in this sad regular sequences so they have to win the models I had enacted over the years we don't have that we don't need to say that there are 2 or more fees because of that ,comma life to be a lot more of his regular sequence in which is still in the northern and so through into the history baby good so no what sick suitcase please note that we have by the end of the summit that this is about the exact completion although the syntactic configuration 3 .period Aguirre the losses the book to make new book so if you want to yeah of course and you can't take care 7 synthetic category the city even tho it eventually what it was it I saw gesture thank you really do not think that that we get rid of the speed at least minimum OK so can and that is a key factor he added the following 1 of the vacant the like on the conditions of can't yes so the key factor is the following limit Is that because if you internalize the separation of civilian groups and so on you have that actually the his body news you can use it to see what the is the the object which is true In this which is the final arbiter of which is sentenced to so this is a decision by the objects of and so you have the former through which is that the logic of this group the good in and this pro and propagate their caused by construction since anyway I don't want to and banks and this that and the 6 key facts can't solve this after you have these said you completed the category and you get the inability to get category because I would what they was say OK so as the consequences please help me OK so mild we have that the the the the mothers of I like the universe of publicly over the completion exact Frank tests strongly is taking if this season a key factor in all this is for the for exactly I I don't about exactly exist could have this means that if you bought the uniquely equipped with sleeping we get there it's 0 a modeling CD OK which is what I want to give them in positions and if
we want to went to a billion groups we get we get there the plan because the model of the year unit in a container that Fontes from these studies so if you ever since we have we have among deed is a model of the theory that the growth OK so I no just note that there might use this do know any funds .period the Saudi 10 8 in a presentation to the two-way research please it collided notes I can't say this is because of this property hurricane so in it Is it a game is an abelian category but in fact it is always for also for example this is a very amusing they have been negatively because I want to prove that the which is a factorization affordable but that this is true even for the exact please so so the arrests not to want to have a modern as out of this condition that put in in the Dagenham right so you have as a with the effort 2 part by which is a factorization of right but the key point is that you have have 1st the isn't exactly class of faithful former Nova faithfulness is very important and then admitted that reflects the validity of all medical sequence so always seems so you have do so composition of his equal to things so you have a that that SO so this implies that the assets it's set for the use of the technique Internet more than in and then Everything works can so this season so simple and so beautiful and so did was say because we gave that and the about is what is coming so let's apply this to the gaze of a schemes so that there is a step in between his selects apply to schemes so which is it is I'm mostly tourists think but of course I'm sure that applies to many of the situation so now let's see what and that I did note that and Automotive's by the and where he is effective at age is a logical and and his motives than ever I mean this is the addition of an already in this article actually makes motives not whom more so the billion category that you out that is not just the Simison but it is the inability agreed with extensions you want to distinguish between the 2 parties of the right it is the main the main difference is that you have extensions in more so in through you want to add up the with the extension not not just in a symbol and if you yes we return on this point because we you might wonder how do I get a pure motives but there is a way that Baker was seen to this game and that no put the condition To have a subfield of seeds and of course as I said the schemes are ironed out of funny died because if you want to get reduced to a fine schemes that is no problem to expand everything from Armscor for instance would be deed is the diagram of not his objects out of Texas y n midwife inside X close and intelligent and arrive upon which are of 2 types same handed them whenever you we wanted to access please but I'm text from 1 PM commute that and associated to this diagram z y that's why have that they call Monday there is something which is going from the other ways which is and why said that and minus 1 looking therefore the league season stated not fixation by the people yes you formalize OK so this is a very diagrams and then what you take as our presentation to take care you will you in this case that you have a very very natural pulmonology which is a single entomologist faces because you can't if rather as a background IT which is the final game can go back to see and you can take a 6 . 7 this season as the usual topology and so you can get that diagonal which is From 2 of the next wife and associated to the ancient city of 10 and Sony and at the moment you know that yes goal montage of fantasy is a single homeowners Jr then what's the government that's also said yes they voted to movement fast that the missing so and then of course you see you get the picture and exit the city what is to fish and my most wonderful twice the time is the editor of the which the boundary not bonuses according to the and which is associated with the longest sequence on the table going so it can do is the suggested by definition and here you have the thing is that if you want to let go of regular theory by definition again the of theory father single or montage Of course they might have been in Gaza will being treated a number of accidents about no no problem because so now this is coming with a nice which is the following 1 Of course and you know all the reasons that I got clearly you have apology is level apologies given by regular if the this stock also please although there this is not virtually agreement to the shades of ischemic heart disease diabetes and category given by this said where the
topology went here she sat for the center .period From but the sense of what the sense affected the sense of regret it .period beyond all the same you know and you see them on college this fall of commerce is a regular at the for 1 1 1 1 what watercolors the comments started given by cities which contains 1 apiece 1 could hold more than half of this year and he's a guy that area answer so sorry yes this year in the a on the subjective much and because the factorization under the new regular category the nature even came home I think this is the same as the bigger descend apology for I think that is the not effective dissent even on the regular category but also that we go back was also specialists is that is of the entire net losses amid fears that just all issues and for this topology which is actually the same overhead that apology given so this season so go to P. J if you want to have my definition and this is an equivalence of that is the following the end of the syllables of the young pocket because good and anticipated inside that there would have allowed the residents said of the period compared and here you have a nice object which is objects worry and isn't is a nice subcategory which is in danger pH and which is also a contender for areas time there is a saying have at the motives that the day motives and then decided to construct ability to move this and that and the fact that you of course you know Of course it's too yes the decider left the cannot exact the on the heels of the use Vision grouping decided doubles sheaf of oblivion groups for this report the Fed not know but I knew all you can ever known at time so you have these days sure sure sure about that you can have it even if they had been there might not be soldiers saying something is a little bit is a little more hard find about the riots if you are the objectivity in article In the end the wishes of the whole point them in this wearing the shoes that of units the unless they are here in then you I have not been so please note that the appreciates here you have the time to give I I've been ambition although the pH and and the man and then yes and then I think that at the intersection of the stories this 1 This is what you see this is the last where are you OK so this is the hadn't left the exact did I will use yeah and all on top of this is the thing most of the conditions the is so you have so this is the path and that cannot movers conditions on it being so you can understand and don't much time but we can try to explain how they were removed from the index the everywhere with Of all the more so you just tell us that they're going to do so in what said that I knew no 1 in billion for the moment so it father with the CIA and M will consult them should be His son get of autos of which contains either so for example you can pick them on or if you like the fact that applies also even to see a billion with them missing in the ghetto every even and that the fantasy getting this way as models of the few so because of the city square the category the category that you can imagine is given by objects squares where there is a lot in them so sorry objects are these and amorphous mass square OK and that we should just the note the Texas wide to I'm white but I'm such is not the producers of the month and also about as it is that yes I have also this the authority in this case are I'm my because sets out this end and the knowledge they incur signal is the same signature essentially where your about signature the age I kinda noted this which are if you want that why then just this is just a symbol of good and the same similar to as the same as Of course possible over whether these that stagnant consumer and the fast now would back soon so there Axelsson and now I have to put because I don't want to use a modern I just want to put their actions so I put the meaning actions that the we all at the scene as originally agreements and think in algebra or logical development I would axioms sold image and is a group of if you want a billion group tools that the pitch and takes wide to wage an expanded Morpheus name but also what they wanted and which is given by Wednesday by the abundantly cage and minus 1 wine then and I hope all of these are for this sort of for and that I just think all so I think that's being
there the indexes that so few understand just point of a diagonal not not 1 think these tools is insisting that the current situation as it would with sea salt no I also want to remain calm it's kind of weird but I still have some time smiling of 3 so far cost you wonder Texas y fund balance on the square and the aviation and that's why I cleaned it and I just wonder why said that it is not just a matter of personal mission these are all that is sort this all out integration and conditions so up to now we have in the fury and also the next step is of course that you you boy away the bundling Yukon fertilizer as this diagram this is the time cares so you're having been the signature of these maps and said the a soaring season soaring this is the way that inside this this is the quality and so will you be pleased lies in this age and minus 1 of words I all I have all these marks in the signature and I now I can what the condition that this is an exact which means that the the composition is 0 I haven't 0 and that if there is something which is going to 0 then there exists some elements so that the villager sorry or if you want to so but also the only after accents which has been considered by media as well as is that if you have a considered Tuesday and the wines 0 then there exist an exit such that the the accent is equal to work through this involves the quantify it the existence of quantified and so if you put that these you get done something which is no more question and so now you get there is period which ended war the same pattern exactly the same pattern as a ball over here that the beleaguered which is of an anchor configuration although constructive the movies so it don't ever do is playing out against defunct or about that With the Stars last axioms lenders from both in the same proved for me is that this is hardly the only applies that the story here is from the work so what is a model for the series just that the family of funk .period Sun City which satisfy these accidents so you can see that the few start for example for a city to be an abelian category you take a monolog you either that the phantoms as modern if it if you consider the pattern Nova single mother Jr I give you some this inability seoul single all montage of course is a model but that I have is like a flat defined more there which is something that Nevada similar among them so this is a ridiculous sequence to schemes From there and you take a to be position although correspondences and you have to put the additive pursued sometimes this season the issues with transfer and this is a billion and even the growth the indicative and and you have fought Texas this scheme there are presentable the issue for which it is just like I don't ever think this correspondence is not just a multifunction send out a given on small scheme so I don't have it's time to explain what they are and what you can define cancel and when you have the best of excess which is to start over and over which is of course was it was clear single chain complete my so this is a funk .period any factor is an exact functor on this there is a view of before the close of that's wide inside this so why close inside this year insists on this implies a planet you can define the collective ones and if you take all montages of this gives a us a clear shot wide in this category which are more than about Howard what does it mean it means that there we have the front .period From the enemy I again them but I just try and another with this amendment might ask a question and so through time so With what to say is that don't where I I just want to say that we need a factor to this 1 because you have a model in this category which is actually being the complete so don't you have gained a the in a and I don't have time to explain about the very simple Ahmadi as a condition for ending the use of property although not a bit about the so when you have have would say not the XYZ but the a X Y Z NW you have to that is and this small magic as you would say he is the composition is so you construct the specter sequence in the category 18 and then you can take a toll complexes of the suspected sequences and you get a natural barrier natural Fonterra Fullmer scheme so to be in the category of it which needs the construction of knowledge so when they put that also not also III is a model of this deal because not Europe and there you have it deep inside on about you ever leave all these rights also for non-EU at the publicity petered out from see the schemes although clear too you each time the HD that I will call on time Texas City twice cities which are modest also more than all of please so in this sense
of of Louisiana
deserve the he's you go to the theater of clearly is a bigger version sold that I had the axioms Of course of this article about so so they are satisfied by the knowledge that the neurological did satisfied with it and then you have many more actions so I knew I had the lease and this meeting said that this was not so this 1 and then you go clean the gains and you get a front for on the game that ended the year in the construction of an unusually needed in To get the funds is not just a joke that you go to mean that you really need that danger is not that you cannot be avoided this year cancel In the Saudi foreign minister did Houston and both the hopeful with the news that he was interested who it's for you that we should try something of concern is 1st of the new experiment in the summer of community components of more he also yeah I'm sure is not an agreement is set but it you know this is that I think the objects of the sentence because of form and I'd given by this performance is the like salt and that and you when you put a modern monarch with a modern axiom so you you would you put a nation's so what they expect that this is a sad portion In fact it what they expected is that there be of being that might the conjecture that I have if you want something expectation is that the you when you do this the fact that the good of the and you might to that category of although it I support the I what they expect is that this is the localization of something where you are exactly Iowa onomatopoeic body on and might have it .period is that you don't have that at the level that accidents because they put them and this is similarly when you go to a yesterday as a leading figures of the organisers yes disease of bias ice as strongly expected that this process study lies as soon as you impose additional conditions this is of course because if you use in some sense that if you will there look if you if you have a defined seed to this then you have a model of Europe DOT inside the Union and you can delegated this because if you take a montage in the you get there you get a new model inside the and then you can workers but that you can it better because I know I don't have any assumption on sale as soon as soon as I admit I have any doubt about objects and the chief conditions In some sense that the signing enough for 2 0 a total of relations which start realize reducing derogation this is the but of course and I again and that is just you know but that's what is an incredible for me is that there you you can go the other way because there is some sense of what we we have a functor phenomenon in Montes said don't but we have so it with a functor from at the end genetic Novosti motives too that arrived at the wheel of it creates and this week and the new conjectured is that these findings fully the then you see that there because you have a fitful of vision he has issued every year and this gives it the structure on dissident category and what I have is something In years which is a presentation of boat with may share in some sense that this seeing the structure if I can embed both inside and it seems that the only thing that I need is this tool conditions in in both cases OK and what we know but for the for the last that is why I I I I I strongly believe that there is something like this should be tool is that because inside this 1 we have we understand very well what do you this so-called category of tournament category of 1 motifs which she is equivalent to a that I could barely appalled at the end 1 motives which in terms is equivalent to that I particularly appalled UH and 1 yeah so in some sense of the innings in that year I'm going up on the on the picture and on the on the bottom I know what is going to total To be because they're so this is just a variation on this is that any variation on the idea of GOP indicate that there a pure
motives for curves article Jacoby and is just this prepared for if you want to you can see the category of I have seen a simple category of abelian ideas as a model of the fury of Maltese off of each 1 of his most rejected curves were carrying out inside these OK and this is it that makes the situation worse still they they said that have was nicely inside is sold at the very problem is that there is some sense that the structures on this category at this level he is well known what mean this now is known In fact I mean that is some workers yet and sort as to should suit to prove this unanimously decide not just the Here the theater inside of have toward the uh you yes we have proven this with you about cancer the missile and the moon but that at this level that is it is as something that you do you don't know what to put but that this is a natural candidate few mn