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With Olivia Caramello, André Joyal, Laurent Lafforgue et Alain Connes
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as the and I think the and the urgency of few
words and totally unprepared who's to say something about what died like about the school Kilman is the connection between geometry and posterior and logic which what we can see in the talks and top that began in in the 1960 was the work of growth in the economy as students and it has a started a new way of looking at them in many subjects especially the connection between logic and topless and this is something which I believe will continue in the future as we can see we're tired Topol series and possibly I want to be tied to so I think that the future is it is very bright for topless steering OK so far and what I would like to say you know is a following is that a good and he gets a bit of a elite and inadequate surmise that the tradition of duodenal well somebody and a standard so as Albert we said Kennedy yet when we title when we began to organize and dedicated as organizers in all but lower than in mind is following without reminders that the what struck me during this conference was the fact that their hands people that normally would never meet and would never so the reason to talks of Gaza's did to come to visit and that the unifying their reason for that was exactly the ideals of the Bulls and there and I find this really amazing because of the very different arises from which the people were coming in and of course there is a to be silly and it's I mean when I was reading books in July Tubergen Sunday was stunned by the fact that people will not use integration of topless even tho if they had used in many many properties that they were dating which would have been far more conceptually understood that what they were doing so this is striking in its deep because feature which I cannot explain that I would ask you the questions which I cannot explain why it is as assists numbers which means that the people and like to use hole the worlds for pollution which already exist since final 55 years and Delaware instead of using the Web to oppose a professor to the 2 they'll know which end and that makes an increased I was this means not only in the eye by topology meaning many different topics I have witnessed this future and there and there but I have no explanation and I mean that it is the intent of 1st when we hardly you to organize this meeting is the intent was intent was to which attention as is away is a world the goal posts is is considered by the mathematical community we it's not that it's not done it's not finished it's far off home because of forces always expanding media that I forgot what it was citing wanted to write a paper about the boss and he was advised to instead the category of shoes because the word itself of top posts is bad and didn't make it he doesn't and I can't I can't tell you why I can't tell you why because I was on the other side for many years so in other words for many years when I was in danger work to post but will image that they out of the top post was a very strange to political space that I would never have to use and and you know and which had a I mean which didn't which was not part of the mathematics which I like very much richer of concrete where you OK you have a lot of problems analysis and for and it's only when I understood this is and the fact that smaller categories naturally give rise to a proposed that I said this is 1 of 4 so I mean that what I am saying is that they are among the most mathematicians those who don't except world tuples England's World 1st of all I wasn't known for many years and there and in the end the in life and is not only mathematics ignored this implies these days In because having no and they prefer to react to the notion by disobeying and by some kind of content because they don't want to make their faltering and that in in the poem Whitstable silly pulling is that it's not their fault which you can do easily when is defined for each mathematicians as it does on this model that we'll have survived all why don't you could be Sabado it could be fund or it could be the same but the better but whether I hope is that the disease confidence as executive these babies at each of you at some point as has been touched by all we know this is going to look at you and you have well of course stated that he shared the same view of things that can infect them with only inspired by you they're looking at what the goaltending keen sense of the wrote about the notion of topless text that good in Somalia which is a text of reflection both mathematical and and philosophical on sense silver over the course of that the growth in the Kennedy introduced and developed in writing his Canadian and saying that the core of what those with the strikes said and about to the Stacy's their insistence on their own the unifying the power of the notion of Topol said demand in many polling said he knew to be today than top Aziz unifying the better the can they can allow them them to embrace it and ball for the continues entities created to unify different areas of mathematics and so
I think that now we have Maine a situation where I had to pursue reasonable certainty sufficiently in Maturin from many technical viewpoint tool HUD and the analyzer decent dream although unifying the different branches of mathematics that and I think that I think that the notion of classifying the doubles which was 1st introduced in the seventies is particularly suitable for formalizing this idea of unification for formalizing their had been the phenomenon that there are 2 completely different looking to mathematical theories that might actually had the same in the content orders directly related mathematical content and so on and so I have tried to to set to explaining 19 and my costs that taking this point of view of classifying the position seriously canner but he needed to to let a great amount of the a surprising insights across the different mathematical fields but not just because different theaters even if you want to study just a single mathematical fearing head and and the fact that the Furies assault over leaving Gordon even is not that bad things so he designates internal dynamics so basically this internal dynamics of the fury translates into the fact that the eats classifying Tobosa Denise these multiple representations and so am I. by yeah they plainly that you can really extracted a lot of information about your fear is that you will do not have the sea and Weaver uncertainty glasses let's say so there is this element of magic if you want of surprise that they're easy Dineen opposites and I'm sure that we are really had a very very beginning of exploring guided the potential impact of all of these soul in particular might my in my open use that a we've all the tools that we have had the air in the school locker room and asked whether he illustrated this wider-ranging the impacts of this notion and especially there and the potential that these are getting very far from being gay and exhausted but it's still life ideas for the moment the fight thank you the government customers Republican-sponsored upon school this fall said What's Eating radiation is there and we don't go in now going to have a certain another it is respect so-called outcome of of while still on the witness stand on the matter and the Federal Council must John carries on uncovered some hope Labrador Shashank it was still more than 3 years could cause and native son was closer stronger because you have a good young steadier and I'm gonna speak a couple non-aligned Dong people said the orchid was ordered to Bosnia to Brasilia and did you former rule 1 out in prosecute call sound much easier under the Jamaat miscarriage of Baker and a bomb on designated days and then the dissolution of induce good goaltending DZ helicopters and my Aunt Mabel while little posts Cecil often think it is a valuable commodity in Dundee suggests shoulder to bulldoze the all the naffness refusal by the 1 of the goodness of Annika movie a diagram of the locomotives existed you know 88 32 Bozo attending born while so-called on not the in ball was Geneva that entendu could go for a good view of the CEO sees all but at bust the man government propelled the government images still usable secular movie could selling I'm no good at 1 of areas Obama said at the start of the energy Minoza forget Hong but ,comma your new leadership has come easy don't belong on 1 ball 1 more year ,comma social among all cities from what I have always thought of acknowledged .period is musical Masonic speaking on Earth were due some time visit on Lucy uh about adobo your Marzuk said to division of more could on May so young could secure a US-educated 28 Coleman Q it confined to don't exist at bust as he shall conquer all young man it did did did did you the keyboard widens of Diana it is in the piece about messages about its at line of book with Valmont exciting events this year thus you could propelled this imaginative ways normal Jamail on body it good women no 1 article good offered seems to be himself in non Baum Welch to at I'm a nearby tear them down that as good Newquay detailed memo frantically to deter presidencies jumped 8 days prejudicing the bomb on the decision had all the ways we get Buchwald's are G ,comma include Dogar over Morris fuel mandated to Avignon expel Beyonce division midsize it months adorable on the wrong answer get good loophole on that on Iran's of southern borders ended the Mets policy on the don't do all the comments Monday fell aren't the disowned environmentally amount mentally there don't present only from Tilda it that's about half until the dealer present as you can get was yet it is a skill that disease can also be a ceramic out as a duck sitting unanimously concealment of Belleville commit sodomy Okla on a domestic all over the area don't get Chivalette to do during the past season of on on grounds gunmen respects good did do equal met at a conference on the fountain of our content amenities to us if we don't get lost because it makes the Indosat money From explained
that many of you measure them explained bubbles along judgment emetic show the mix than on August the diameter of a domestic suggests these about evil against you made by the duo the damage antique also a said good don't Oyama the on on ,comma plan on assembly knows you on the door busters he also said good said Musial and Dafna Mathematica move had policy do until they don't go this union dominoes IC 50 new bond players on the surety among past said that there present as euros he'd of so-called new mathematics CBD take good don't do who command tidy wants to continue domestic you achieve owner look at on because of the effects could do do madam antique Hopkinson enemies 12 a dog and gossamer we did the deposed as he shopped need proof In inmate that's stay assess ,comma domestic massacred good 1st compared it to you a look at Community Medical Aid than aren't governing doll the key president doesn't exist you may take the top posts of it and it duplicated it isn't still was so scared a Onegin as you might see a little about the decision jovially Asia capital 7 the Golden because of the Cellmark occur during the sea to diesel but the they did the prosecutor at all the mayor of ball once it is used to know after although you were not the gossamer deleted opposed receive you settle knocks here the group set up to do duly amend called New Mathematica it can control the quality of magic sit back and accept still sit bottom circuit go shows the support we don't don't and he don't go to the summer Montana on factor the Joneses receipt of a news conference smaller around than the demand evaded peace Alderson the elite the supposed good news so mall Como small the dune really tutored didn't expect assumed the top US dollar going to Somalia contended decoded your review breeze embossed altered principal forms you don't want it sort somebody in innocent opposed the idea poker weekly that I really do knows you only did not Vermont Avenue did but has introduced and some Bramble cool it did this address your shot boredom with the volume bobble of new there is also making witty pleasant don't make asking glass on a assumed Southern Cal Fed at a bus stop on copies embossed on remedies um off of Gustav nifty diocesan not middle and dog owners may ongoing social bonds going some some molded did not and also dose good after news of all really the consultant on that portion the the on busted amid domestic but I oppose the unit was the most stopping all mammal but you must have been about a good long non-security said good the couple nodded do we met the medic mend ties sample again on sound is price sample a glass and that they will on wanted to them to pose a series of yesterday to the bus but the the Niebaum seat and the man from the downtown press Sunday make good on men's the undertow boasts so you had about ordered views on until German significantly although will be on a deceit Menzies interviews also impressed of low-budget you envisioned in the recess up so you might stall never but by subsidiaries dominated exposing the difficult of and use of said CEO Satoru or other cannot conduct will evaded the dough plus almost all schoolmates might amount and type of something on the older on a memo media cities that used to do it to do so prescient some were appealing Mathias goodbyes on the use of dual gilded along desert botanical the wall Burdeno unless it were you visitors today ladies you always know what assumed all offered it did this show was experimenting and therefore it did not overlap local binds all borrowers get beautiful did put 1 posts "quotation mark composed this shows a Montana it a explained Molly no go but bubble most of the shares other encoded in the and did this and I don't always see it in Monticello the Vermont's until suharto views school supplies today it don't go to the ongoing summer passage to sickle Nevada mold to and explores yielded a postman Uganda's rake the premier badges on enhancement of this he shall Cagigal sent me I'm gonna clean Siebel coolly Peter Bowker death so that you can kill coordinated indeed these exposing look at you differently .period you or interposed made is about as among all involved in this amount would they do it on board while in the service of goes so go local affairs collage in the redevelopment the said to do all excelled in it and put it we have to do more of it on homeowners more cities insisting business before the emotional the middle posts on source pleasantly malty Needham oysters she said to President Clinton take it's good the severed yet focused delivered to put him up there ,comma who compiled long-distance approval and also to difficult that could get harshly this appeal come the camp of 21 as shown in the laptop possibility be to oppose militant naked in the proposed agreement both assumed that at dissipation difficult this impression on immediately after the initial deposit in whatever it has imposed on the effect presented
precluded rejection deterioration use that as men come on the accessibility of deposits affair from the moment the Tosha Paramount as difficulty on Univision division good margin between the 2 posts Anderson wanted posters with apart yet elusive entries in the 70 per month at Broward today for the deal to pull out the of Marriott TVs have to this was to good Nunavut ,comma domestic issues too local new personal touring the .period fixes it when fixable man and others say it could be that "quotation mark distilled Elizabethtown to develop under used who cares a lot of articles that committed and branches resisted the it to you in effect good all please to the cools cold billion into what Altera difficulty there is rumored to be in this recently spent accused memory a precedent of the diffuse refused to consider this your standard presented upon the CIA Perm the you usually should work there's a maturity folks attractiveness of older the Murata on on the news show by Fuser fiddle tussle he did a very good in the generic term authorities there also possible breaches of law the mall we bowl along laughter yeah yeah but are still get desire to explore at your command to sneak onto the category key developing 1 of the the 2 new deposit Montana but in the end of the contents of the simple to the national debt upon such only memory pulses in the sample examples I like to post at the end of the year distributed to the matter and the Student Conservation the a prosecutor differed sheltered officials Nokia person official keeping the cost of the proposed that a cross-sectional images total modafinil sort of promoting a Club my copies of the many computer scientists at the yellow development unless there is a limit appeal the tumor to pick the 2 people in the middle of Americans proposal forces in the fall maybe I could switch to English for while so now we see that there is something new happening the 1st hire proposed 1 that it is not the end but that's important 1 when the subject is not really productive there is no development there is no important development in it I mean the fact that post Teri has a given rise given rise because clearly but the people who were invented higher proposed to really went directly and spar by 2 so that the fact that was is involving it's a very good sign for the subject it shows that Tobosa is not only double Syria has dozens conceded but maybe the music wanted to have a higher proposed to me too but as you can see it in the of pursuing staff I mean clearly this is a dream of higher preposterous that he was not able to 2 to create for various reasons but is so a this fact on 1 side however compulsory which is very important for geometry I mean if you read the work of Fleury it's not easy and it's very extensive you can see that it's it's that Wednesday that extremely general and direct very important for geometry and there is a school of around Lurie and my Tompkins a lot of people is especially dangerous state developing on higher geometry and have a higher proposed to really and stable homotopy were also to be found stable communities accessorized of those on this idea and it's it's really this is just amazing and there are many things that I did not understood in the past for example the constructions of the time space and couple how can you I mean time because he was he at time when the 1st with and there are new ways of understanding this construction and for the 1st time when I saw that I was a paper bag and get now and others and forget the name but I'm sorry what working on OK so that 4 2 for 4 people and when you when you have this new approach and when I saw the definitions of 2 of the Times phase this it is so simple and it just capture everything this is something I waited for 50 years that is there now it is very very simple Seoul and under side you have the logical side which is also involved with the woman to beat the Turi I was never looked at that to read is maybe not yet I mean this is a program I would say eventually we can all that it will become user-friendly I mean something can you imagine city of on Europe desk and you open and you start doing some proving things using this formal system if it's user-friendly and powerful it will be a lot of emotion and that if there is no doubt it is it will be the I cannot imagine how big it will be hard because young people are going to use it to mean that forget old people can't like myself who can't learn this stuff but clearly young people are going to take it and proved things that the older people's can't prove 5th and then so early don't posturing is still the connected to look out Erie and the classical logic of geometric logic to testifying to posters it is also booming yes so I'm very optimistic about the future just a few words about the distinction between elementary and growth in the 2 because from the point of view of unifying different mathematical theories we've each other they said particularly important aspect of growth in the still possesses them as opposed to elementary top Aziz which the and I basically did the essential difference between the 2 is the fact that when you have growth indicator was is you have site's cites a correspond to presentations of the year so basically a In some sense then and you don't have that the floor inventory doubles has sowed the seeds that are very important the flora formalizing Geddie said duality between now and the way of describing the mathematical theory and the eats a mathematical content as incarnated by declassifying doubles the so I personally think that that be said duality between the sites and that the opposite or between back somatic presentation of series ended body and incarnations as provided by testifying that was disease of outermost importance and NBC's is also an aspect the director of course it could be
also generalize ideas that was the set I didn't at the time to go to those about that in my closet of uncertainty as said most of the essential features of and then 1 mission the was usually carry on at least there's some and at the we have dialogs of the notion of Scitex the uh the carry on that Liestal positions we can certainly expect a decent unifying techniques a tool to generalize that at the moment we don't yet there had been a former maxim that the care and definition of high yeah genetic logic but it will surely come in the next 3 years as you know we have a semantic understanding of them aah wed led the sees that the United We really want any new with me they furious years although analog of the international language so I yes yes I yet on the yells of site ordering them language about what we would like a unity it led idea genetic so these the Steelers lax but I'm sure it will done and there and so I think it's very important to work on between this Seagate I mean I'd like to encourage people to investigate their howled the was very thinking that audience expressing themselves different presentations of all the topless because that I mean on the city's formalizes the data feeling Golden looking at something from different points of view so it is very satisfactory to have died disposability over materialize engaging and precise mathematical objected he intuitive feeling that you might have so you might find yourself working in a certain situation and not the things certain vague analogies and there's some vague connections there and then and you wonder what is really behind all of that and there's what a with suggested linking them saying that this situation is to try to identify topless that captures that it would be a situation that you want investigated and then you will have a 1 was that that he presented 1 point of view and then you will add another doubles which represent another point of view and then he would try to compare the studio was overseas to see whether the equivalent of created in another way and a few of our lucky to find that the nature relationships you might extract that information from the comparison of discussed classifying double is which would the hardly be visible by using alternative viewpoints they I mean I like compare and that the wisteria beat that with genetics of mathematics in the sense that that that I mean when you although genetics for example genetics allows you to all of I expect the sunny formation about individuals for example biological information about things he does it to counter to see could make the eyes so you really have to make an analysis of the the of the DNA sold considers not as that something is intuitive as uh surgery or of traditional medicine so if you are in another uh situation back to the kind of these sites that unity ingrained there are harmony held attainable using different thicknesses of Aum leader was feared is a bit like that in the sense that the you you can really get that by studying the very body and send from the point of view of different presentation before sides you can really feel even aspects of the fear is that you would have never imagined at least at the city's said the then on the experience that idea of the maturity myself and we and 1 we don't have in hand mentions in Treasury debt issuers unplanned and don't get me on my PC young Soo monarch stuff also additional metallurgical Eastern don't all men that within cannot stand appears from 2 monitors specific perceived as an area to get 88 uh no committee John until they got in the car the Jets he could not see seemed take on it just gently good answer yet do show some bottles the prom have had the solid dated diesel deep intimate Dodger Nevada did Tudor this volume on the record number of times although the collusion denies ski breakdown of American Museum .period community consistently initials piece of East again insisted upon aspect a mail sent young notify spent a reduced number of donkey but as they all want of university not saying a new costly visits businessperson Dyson um is Feb . owned by former Bremen gotten the Council did that both of them adult pleasure no pool what did he leave this is faster more kills features on the addition of status is a by disaster lead exposes loathsome Anabel Becky from on measurements as you make it dilemmas ostensibly dough when there were present at the meeting could indicate the city did in the end of the day the others is sparse the body from he also didn't want vacancy from Darfur song of his own .period no decibel Mikey aptly summed got William about it the best as he Yum sedated remained the donors you don't 8 men the level of on bottom especially Indonesia is redundant so warm almost study you go into geographically limited genealogical speech aspires and for the public indeed it middle genocide did to this process of Filippo alternate jurors who had their share of the lead to assess does its best not to create a parts good you don't want got invited digital gambled on the public defender system on arms reduced to chemical system and some of us will be the new body from this from Turkey's own MMS OCS was flooded them to gold-plated gifted and goes on to the next the appeal of your Suharto told him at the edge of cliff John book which reduced only that's gonna be evaluated she he's only got among this senior doctors from don't lose a day of the two-day are even as good is obsessed with the need the different does a mayor ,comma member of intelligently Nunavut expelling all different Donahoe prison .period environment that is all young about their study of the use of your most addictive goes on over the provided she wore a Nicole would you have heard of it .period like that also recalled informs you only is together intended made by example and to provide additional while a symbolic president of suppose it would complement the lead in Omaha don't go all the methodical number and place your anger Montana don't behave also wanted the havoc said don't know if they don't visit them he did not good you can absolutely not he gone and they're scared of dove yeah song swappers Ontario those you see the demand place fuel do gigs listed in phone need this past the Hong Kong government bonds because
schools supersonic obviously offered To Bandai's some don't go to a person affiliated about missile from and that that was again Montana some making all this good shots supplement daily under Olmert medic .period old whether or not propose associates beyond the sparse associated but said that in sunny this must say to you absolute moral over there in government a little about the joy of young monarchs nearly all study of the use to Godavari did she no grant Bisky thicknesses of vessel prairies he don't know anti-government this was experimental mobile phone a Susanville emptying do blob was on the CIA there is something genie bottle plant None is consolidation needed ,comma pass does uh Dong 70 of corrupt plot or because a Muslim golf the song was dishing the ball somethin donor community 12 also on gold-plated steel I have local that proviso minutes you they bayou commutes all present .period politician among that kimono that warm-blooded obligated techniques in underestimate such illegal on Comoros yet .period given ,comma Louisiana a stalemate Donny de las summer all you wanted it Okamoto the euro and the car but grew up and where were you clip once a year and I will present us university bond from Duff Nakamoto's yet Addicks Indiana would the present as your logs represent bottom-up a box omit those individuals also on a companion because on the 1 place you kill you don't his ability on the part of the exalted the consent of to Saudi all solutions don't care although the demand points on the day at the bus depot on the long runs and others in also exploding among poll for the waking you see that they're not pulled from under the noses dump view on this GAM member if president ended their many of the it don't get no seal Beaumont survive long enough to know is also a good time that what I did I tell ,comma did have on looked over and over the digs stole the bus testing field the décor shot from Canadian daily amount a scandal that has a Doberman remembered these are already there shows perspective you would he often don't follow Goss on the form he the top post developers on the Hill Sitaula Pocasset Tobosa a of under deposed pool Pavlos and 12 of his own tender pleas e of many of these calls it don't go over there In these orders reported last year in that possibility there are brought immediate not there are calls don't do this at acidic smell also long gone nowhere in don't go on good consulted Idaho that deleted the person above an also overcome congressional steel was a little boy good monitor the until leadership dead Gouzy of this mayor of that day the pussy believed they all got prolonged by the middle shows good key must have been a good and and the Dozier another partner you intermediate interfere also said good news amid the follows a might assume it looking Jimmy is a mistake if from this origin is a questionable you know me irony duties reduce your me because young bond is going to be deleted a bust as he jumped is from this sort of logic all ensures good physical Markleysburg approach Sigurd Laloo he kept it on hold public companies supra good a it is wrong on the menu special from the subprime operational Marquez is set down in Goma the norm among the global yes and no longer associated out there until we get a lot the Minnesota completed their leader demanded it because the continuing and was you know what IndyCar in Armendariz Ahmadinejad Finnegan deleted that they be action the new way a good dose of civil Monday's murder here has hit upon a general owner did tell the pilot and in the film study of see although of it you know senate he began to go them again although EPA deserves it normally now have seen until he did get to go again was yet but it did till the sold on Mars did give Soros said Adobe the continuing Dunnigan can on there we begin to go again was young men and an was possibility will be by Puyallup hour don't I think that they will be deleted the deposed as he jumped for proliferation of 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there disputed you have yourself a lot it looks younger bluesy a delay born on a scale as it gives you he .period press those on Doublemint amid deep although he founded by lock up really instead the older would lose the ceremony in upbeat on Sunday it will not move was out of the start of the cool relief but that last BC CC did you know the better misappropriated property could yet export unit the deleted long runs In this before services are equal access to imported from futures also concluded were Minnesota something that is the microphone but you don't use it but many I would just like to come to amplify something that Andreas said that some minutes ago under recalled I think if I answer correctly the origins of categorical logic and Bross intuitionistic mathematics also mentioned brought impact on topology brought fixed point theorem and then went on to say that it's a rather remarkable that the listeria gave rise to both hired the posteriors with too well it and there's also this relation to homotopytypetheory where people do not keep saying that it's
expected that a lot of Atlanta is supposed to be then turning language of these Infiniti proposal would just like to amplify this point may be the same person who has been pushing the unification of all 4 of these points the most in the last years for just might Schulman who has been doing some contesting were consideration Europeans forces people like to speak about having this 1 model for more to be done through simplicial sets and I think it's worth their while to recognize that Mike is merely produced to infinite families of models of appreciative infinity balls 1 of which is that is the 1 of the current homotopy theory which goes into a quite some research level of modern research level territory where actual water be serious I think I'm more likely to pay attention and then just to close the circle of ideas that starts abroad just in his latest I he considers cohesive for what retired theory and gives a formal proof in there In intrusion which abroad 6 . theorems to inquiries about what had theory if possible to actually speak about the continuous circle its with its genetic structure as well as of the it's somewhat B type is you know Casey 1 and put these things together and using the profitability only of homotopy groups of spheres he can actually Reto Braun fixed point theorem in intuitionistic but now on what the authorities but the thing that is a beautiful unification of the 2 this kind of history of but posterior that has been happening just like advertisers figures is a beautiful article that and I think unifies many of the states that have been mentioned in this year's conference called something cohesive from what we theory and brought 6 . that's what I wanted to say thanks 4 and I think all these seminars has convinced In case the need to be convinced of the importance of .period series Seoul I know the country but they want to Phil and Lil Bit old number 10 all of my program there not because it is my program but because it's for me philosophically very important number 10 it is what they called the police for the language I'm not meaning the language of losses and meaning the human language which is the greatest achievement of humanity which has taken thousands of years to build I think that so In mathematics has benefited from the physics from my astronomy from the trade Central that may be there is a possibility by looking at the language 2 defined important structures not necessarily publishers I want to give just 1 example apart from the thing which I saved which are very elementary namely the notional which is in the language of the notion of small which has a very big contend is quite bold some smiles that may arise or that will certainly arise at the notion of small To take all its full power need the notional fiber category and some deep consideration on fiber categories which are not necessary publishers or fiber categories over topples the camera and they couldn't talk about this notion here because it's much much longer it would be much stronger them the things which I say and yet all right this is the mathematical development comes from better understanding just a better understanding of etc a better understanding of small and forces you 2 studies some structures in fiber categories would take I don't know the only so the language provided you don't violate just as I said the view you violated the the notion of etc. If you look at it and said sets that a week necessary force you to invent New In interesting and important structures that's what I mean by before the language not the language of Bhopal worry although the internal language of the language human language it is the most fabulous creation of humanity and maybe it's time now we didn't have the tools but categories or generalize categories all its addressed central might benefit From a study of foam fragments of the language if you have something to say it's time now he military officials and all she doesn't know Nunavut India but over 70 on the Hill through the 1st half of this this was the 1 that has only a screw industry controls don't but ultimately foundation repulsed "quotation mark put their family to to oppose the a & Sons tourist facilities there don't put on that others wonder the report was on the course of all this to your own stuff to do reduce your digital laptops that to be the top pulls the doorstep considerably by the time of the incident use to fall the stitches to close the ,comma may pretenses at national conventions used to you look as you all know will travel the comes hours assistant chief costs to consider become the longest that Kewell versatility and Ct more protective of companies owned by the media pursued many users post for while was concerned we understand the problem there's this girl that hindered the Schabowski execute on our own dolls do do Quoc group should give a man that would give usually take care needed to
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heavily punished panels Amal ticket above I profess question deal or tumble who don't want to get game and if Obama Castilla Selma the conventions that thing out of the car it is farcical farcical ticket to the Democratic National Ski Quantique sector-specific gesture at present don't get yes it yes it's supposed to know on plateau Quantique a uh practitioners gap that farmers about intervals measured in the EPA's represent quality Peskin complexity and if it located accumulating evading like history civic good order lays down that will serve as a detailed study by quantity Mabel EAC 2nd closure Lopez combined operagoers concentration within agreed that usually population with Quantique 6 Villagewood do or satirical had clearly shows Vermont lashed to embark on a collision with a quality not that if searches the problem is found with but I think this is a very important point is that if I had more time might have been able to comment on me but I'm element to comment on this because I think exactly attendant opposes this what goes into the Quander exercise works inconsiderate has been amplifying for many years now is that 1 version of speaking about 1 commuted his stance quantum spaces as regarding them as multiple bosses in was beset it but a stable infinity getting worse or if you if you wish essentially trying she's doing this so but this is passages here could these things are connected via the proposed to the stable infinity carries the weight of the box and condoms has been considering as long as the president will which is what we assume there are sheaves of spectra so they do sit inside the tent the possible corresponding sheaves of Infinity's 6 and is in this way note on the art of conversation while you know what a beautiful it's kind of try to explain audible from the Prix quantum version while the tension proposes to the consumer so suggested discussion
with Telmex in a couple of weeks ago you said something about not None community and not geometry effect that some of the men effective came from different cultures from you can pop was said at the Bruce etc. to kill from a distance it don't to about stable categories isn't too cerebral to pop assisted upset all calling it's infinitely innocence on but the can afford to be different game and to parents and enrich different food that use lots of small but spaces but spectrum into it's just that and also in the plenary Bhopal sociable and thinks about props and I think it's good and doesn't knock Mitchell polluted rhetorical sets but said CSO it's me and which you know
Semitic 100 located in some sense has its own logic on its own work of proboscis this may consider between 2 inches will also have to physically but may elect to myself to be built the Philippine opinionated a but can convince the emotional of pop espresso it's the middle of the past and that's what it's like IBM category
is that of course great hope
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moving the talk persists in some cases to and you and that was to be like this the 2 you think here the study and the communities I 2 laughter yeah but but stable Kitty processing presumably linkage users slick addictive gift for you that's the kind of place where very directly there is also little I stress commutation alone my talk about in the civil case what you told me that the financial minutes and find that Clinton commuters it's not that there is a distributive do you can do 1 or the other and that characterize characterized stable categories it's an amazing things that you 1 could have this kind of universe where the shootings commute but because they are in principle very different 1 this year so I don't know it's very mysterious to me as a basis unfortunately we have to stop now because the curriculum is not to and that it had precisely so thank to remote from the influence few