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Morita-equivalences for MV-algebras

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Morita-equivalences for MV-algebras
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We shall make a survey of the most recent results obtained in connection with the programme of investigating notable categorical equivalences for MV-algebras from a topos-theoretic perspective commenced in. In and we generalize to a topos-theoretic setting two classical equivalences arising in the context of MV-algebras: Mundici's equivalence between the category of MV-algebras and the category of`-u groups (i.e., lattice-ordered abelian groups with strong unit) and Di Nola-Lettieri's equivalence between the category of perfect MV-algebras and the category of` -groups (i.e., lattice-ordered abelian groups, not necessarily with strong unit). These generalizations yield respectively a Morita-equivalence between the theory MV of MV-algebras and the theory L u of `-u groups and one between the theory P of perfect MV-algebras and the theory L of `-groups. These Morita-equivalences allow us to apply the `bridge technique' of to transfer properties and results from one theory to the other, obtaining new insights on the theories which are not visible by using classical techniques. Among these results, we mention a bijective correspondence between the geometric theory extensions of the theory MV and those of the theory L u, a form of completeness and compactness for the innitary theory L u, the identication of three dierent levels of bi-interpretabilitity between the theory P and the theory L and a representation theorem for the nitely presentable objects of Chang's variety as nite products of perfect MV-algebras. Given the fact that perfect MV-algebras are exactly the local MV-algebras in the variety generated by Chang's algebra, it is natural to wonder whether analogues of Di Nola-Lettieri's equivalence exist for local MV-algebras in a given proper subvariety of MV-algebras. In a forthcoming paper, we prove that the theory of local MV-algebras in any subvariety V of MV-algebras is of presheaf type (i.e., classied by a presheaf topos) and establish a Morita-equivalence with a theory that extends that of `-groups. Furthermore, we generalize to this setting the representation results obtained in.
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sold out we presented joint work has just research project that I suddenly going to criminalize the aim of this research project is to study the context and the chairman the eligibles from atop a strategic point of view and what does it feel and now we start to study the critically occurrence that tolerating no In the teary you conduct so many undressed and what we do is what's when you mention a leading me so chorus with subsequent is undergoing a kind humans and another question is is this morning to turbulence induced Emirates agreements between the trees that are in employed and we ask for way for these 2 are going to conical agreements that we studies we particularly issues agreements that is because the conical equivalence between the cutting of ambient arrests and the country of electors over them in groups with a strong union that knows the type the names of the structure is very long cylindrical for shot just as groups with strong unit Indiana categorically agreements that will look is the kind of dignity creations that proved that uh the agreements between the cutting of Stephanie out arrests and a category of and groups and what we do once we all proved that do so we can actually needs to 0 categorical appearances is to all of course apply the brits technique to so our grievances because as earlier stated 2 very nice once you have decent and appearances you you cannot find the rich technique in order to transferral on information from 1 series to down onto the order for just opting Union formation on the tourists and a for no recent work we actually are working opposite where we actually construct new classes operate appearances since in among among this class we obtain also there particularly the United Cheney someone on this morning's agreements that reconstruction is indeed the knowledge is the lifting of the knowledge he appearance lasted the results that we abstained in connection to the lifting of the Wenger's appearance and applying our basic needs is a little on the first one the 4th immediate results is that cheery all evidence from unit is that Europe is shipped side and we obtain uses of very easily because this is the series Morita pianist 200 racketeering activity and the onto and all costs of we'll consider either in my hands and we have seen also the 2nd results that's say that's there questions on this centuries are in image this nightmare the fact that these results cannot be obtained just conceded that the agreement sets the semantically because the what does so a democratic unleashes state saying just that if we restrict their categorical domain and say we have a restriction on the credibility of domain and we had that these 2 countries Austria created by here we have more we say that feel hot for example some action of Germany the out resting under there are some action that you can head to the jury already groups with strong unions and obtained to quotient of the institute that security appearance and most important factor and the to these results is that these 2 jurors are not by interpretable is of course the few have a it's as it should have a way to from the language of volunteers United News results would be very trivial but in this case we provide that the stretches of not mind-set will and we cannot a lot saying it in your hand and indirect way these action because every other president saying seniors :colon of course every sequence can be reached at India's farm where these former last 5 irreducible since we proven that indeed there is them and they're just yes is not election is planned I fought for easier just rights yes here I have to write slide Marines are parts there this year's 1st and so this since you have immunity from that the did this characterization for the year financial presented by groups and introverted indeed that every financial presentable and you have to do strong unity is indeed financial presented we have a way to have a measure we have a major action between the invisible for months that 10 in implies an indirect way diesel of ejection between the coalition and also on the program and a formal compactness and completing in the result for the charitable arm of 1 of my with strong unions and just considering hanging binds us just starting some information that we have no for the Turin the OJ about some so just upwards in asserting violence and in disarray results area a surprising because of the jury of all elements of the strong unit using the territory is win in the inning that we need everything attended junction to express the property to be a strong unions and so use it you can imagine that proved quicker that that is that initiator injuries complete and purees them can be very difficult but we obtain this result is just as an application on the ridge that of the rage techniques for just transferred some information we see a lot of this is the musical his message means that this is a company hearing Is this small yes Chaucer gesture of ships and yes we using in your purse that are intimately these competes with respect to Modestine any of the universally here we see computer with respect to set things up but no it is not certain that is not true for every directory of course and we prove also shifted congressional meets the needs of munitions equivalents in we proved that if you consider the no pattern of modest homes these 2 juries in any of the the talk was of she's on a certain topological space and then you have a gain of a categorical equivalents that is not with respect to the topological space just let me the nearest asset we
abstain applying them the Brits techniques to be either of people and that is the lifting of duty not only to create opting gain as an immediate results that the tear apart from the odd about these operas type and this will be his true because it is grievances through and under racketeering that in this case the cheering although groups and in in this case included these 2 juries are not separable March so if we restrict India Donald nobody minds at will not we uh and we found tree partially because of my interpretation by considering the other as main body and so does considering that reminds me of the and the interpretation of the leader of reducible for less and analysts of dramatic fantasies and that an e-mail reminder is that we will see later how environs is always a lot these results and also noting also that every financially presentable what this all that Europe by finding the algebra can it a financial presentable also in the idea that is generated by idea Bafetimbi and the algebra and of course in the Congress directories to because I refined object in variety financial presented along with respect to that Europe Africa and the address but he understands is not freed up and mutual so these results and finally we obtain this representation results for a fund to generate another reindeer idea generated by performing under about my standing it's very good news is wary of a musically that we all I use my starting in the Indian justifying itself was some material prefering the underwrites not preceded by studying the classifying them Monique topology has assumed we did that Europe profit in the underwriting and that is a question of the jury of the variety generated by this profit in judgment I mean to say the following Iowa who just turned arrived for sure but we say that we are we're construct new Summerridge appearances and we are accessing opposite way because in this case we want we drew 1st that the jury's involving the horror appreciate side and we started material like any other dressed in an average year did and prevented nobody distillery and easily so if we decide if we consider that Sherlock looking judgment of all right around the algebra this series is not appreciate died but if we restrict the use of a and we acknowledge the material at a local in the undergrowth in any proper sobriety of the Alliance of any than these juries are operation types and we once she and I and we want and we proved that these students are more appearance to certain of juries that expenditure about groups of and the same How would prove that we can because we obtain better so that these 2 juries are not MOF appreciate side in this case to to opting memories appearance just isn't sufficient to call want to prove the categorical agreements of the on the categories of modesty and a little but this is just a particular case is what jurors are again we have seen to financial presentable more there's all this on a jury local Indiana to rein in the proper sense of proper songwriting have also financially presentable did it as the object in a variety witches and again we have seen in these representation for and generated under underestimating in the IT as finance products of local in the undergrowth of course the Earl of following arrives March before going into the details of these results let me just say recall you would find a fusion of the structure that's not involving the use of appearances will for each hour category and so that we had the notion of any order brass that can be seen as that is indeed the same answer Gulf counterparts on what if it's anything to negotiate its own logic and so on I would like to say that in the future because it did not like you're more activates uh description of the reality with respect to classical logic because in reality you have and that everything is not just black or white so does not too but you have a scale grated cheese described very good by the all made in the dislodging because you can see for example that 1 wonders on the side of the sun modest of is on the steering is the unique in tomorrow's you 1 where the operation of glass and negation and defining these very easy with In the following definition became wind and the the jury although and the algebra loses the "quotation mark and added yes United and yes many of logic he had many very delighted to receive very new His enthusiastically as and created the kind words to say and and we have window particularly Class of little benefit in the long and the address is the class of profit the algebra that I was there but most of the rest that are generated by derided the WEF eradicating the call founded the finishing up a rise in the section of maximum ideas and we can win this symbol that Europe and in rest and it prove that India a particular case forward of the year the overriding generated the divided by finding other Tico Times variety we can describe the right because in these very easy away just by immigration and disassemble someone to remarked in the organizers of because we we see that there we opt in just a dinner invitation reckons that these results later and on the other side of course we have deal the Castlemaine what work is and groups is a user group we did a round of parts of the structure that is compatible with the Rupert operation that means that you have translation invariant property and uh and elements of this group is calling for a strong units if dispositive any tune in for it is a future earlier I do that after media have and you can see here In the of all this free dailies and when I met while India shown all appear and in the following I we just indicate wind eligible groups and argued that year while groups with strong units still holds what we are saying we
saying that for the year of the 1st 2 or more appearance we have the same general Martin's Britain's so we wring to all pedagogical appearance and clearance says the agreement of all that is more there in the University of sex is some the further enhancement measures this agreement can be chore and media regarding that can be generalized to hearing from you look at the 1 it's not just in the Universal said not in any of the many unionists saying any Benedicto was and actually proved that we can generalize these 2 front doors and still we had were a categorical and this categorical appearance his natural with respect to the troubles because we proved that to the construction of these 2 front doors has not sold for only financing conjunction ended at 1 the parents and most of them only as finance and refining financing needs and under agreements so just dramatic construction and of course this is just the definition of hobble mortgage appearance so we have netted interior of any underage when it appears to have you and he's worried ridiculous to to add but now we finally have disagreed grievances so now we can apply respect me and so you can see here how we obtain the reduction between coach and we feel we used during this is just an application he wants on joint interim Mobley jumped because she will also invited here and saying that he had a rejection between Sept so was a summer classifying to and portions of cheery so if you since you had that these due its artists I had the same constraint talk was signed during the visit body and the concept to be acceptable eschew had not that the questions how well the chairman the algebra I'm ejection in the question of the of the tumor groups as the madness that has already earmarked this result is intriguing because churches are not meant the world and explain already before the House you can obtain these results in an indirect way so with Boston next the results that we have seen by AFP kind beach the cadences of an application of the bridge techniques the 2nd armory criminals that we obtained and it's about the past century only that buying the provision that we call take me on crude and you can see that if you just want a few conceded these 3 immodesty obtained their rejection the winter additional at an e-mail home of the 2 juries so for example if you consider using models that to be introduced object dogged invisible object in the middle of the justifying to pursue here and that even usable form fortitude B and B here the news 4 months for the cheery as and obtained the rejection of the event petition at Disneyland again if you consider for example the year of our has invited the United Nations to meet the demands of the depth of 10 object you check it rejection Danilo genetic fantasies and so on and so on so all I again I would say that this major action would be too young he forwarded to by inseparable but in this case is simple this so this is the 1st most I was just this locals local seasonal so this is game from they are going to do this so we ruled that some of the woman who is this is this is is this is you know this is a hazardous waste as long as the reality for the weekend of the group considers subcategory of it because we have have and we have a lot of interpretation brimming over clearance and show now we can we can will obtain also lies a single representation results for the of vanity generated under bright enough on the writing songs variety and how we obtain the use and I say that we obtain is just regarded as and uh unique topology answers in the media Europe Africa the algebra regarded that as a quotient of the fury of the variety known as with reconsidering his case and how we are seeing is fortunate in "quotation mark and just behind these actions to India interior of the variety and section will induce a generates nearly the apologies that I can write and just to take the have you taken out already taken elements he needs underground and then you consider this police caution and then you consider financing with the composition of diagrams of former and we proved that if you take it and other relatives finally
generated a new computer and I don't like these it beats and each step of 1 of the generators so I can show you the pictures here so which is that it's that 1 of the generator you had that this address the hand of paraffin India addresses and this proved for example that the Portuguese region such another way for proving that the tour performing Gondry's appreciate died March how we obtained representations of Nicholson as it sped up the Algebra II is a product all walked into underground that we obtain as quotient because the amendments that with respect to we will reconsider the portion hardware and mental thanks Stewart of and as a result said that to overseeing the conduct foreign judgment is good who shot Quebec flag much his assurance that the are the Acer products although he still under rhythm course we can apply these landmark at each step and we had that aid is the product of the address the again madam of the natural there was no question that we went through spawning how these things from the all these observations we know that said that the class the underground just think the section of the Castle opening hours roaming the variety of remittance variety that I that is no idea also generated by these 102 is John's Salter wrote just another of this formula however if the tournament here an infant Harlem and here we you can imagine it grandeur like and we proved that these the jump effort and the address of perceived type is another question is that what's as if there is an excellent addition for year cheery overlooking the algebras in an average year sobriety that is a steel Hoffa shift side is still within next flights as likely wouldn't you aren't 1st to discretion which I met and not the children and the address season is not appreciate type but let me just remind the Khalife usually not judgments that just mentioned .period arrest Saturday for every item and you haven't that of finance awarded or the negation of the element is financial there where the yield on the images does that mean the natural numbers such that the motive of the element is equal to 1 and of course the 7th enemy the have and if government fees so you say that the soldier the element is infinite and some the questions they go ladies not appreciate type about 0 doesn't happen if we restrict studios larger proper sobriety and in this case has announced the rating that the of person side but I was to prove you that this is true soul just as much as was proved by Kumari and it a on and that's every progressive variety of any underground east of this form is generated by if families of people and the address where simple and the address I II of can images like Honda reflected these images funded by the U.S. regarded them as their own some are occured as so does sometimes arrests of the unity in Denmark where are just on the phone you you have 1 them the plans to go 1 better known as she 1 and 2 and then once disease as hands while on the other side you had at least like candidate by single and the address and Michael Martin Sheen itself under arrest of this form OK you considered the original from these 100 and these controversies but it's already commodities are peaceful and so on and so we are we proved that if we think if we change the generators of the variety knowing they have mind so there is common will to probe the ranks of the remains the same and we use these number and 2 excellent ties that the chill of India during the we are consider 2 oxen modernization of the 1st settlement at the end of the month mission the following 1 thing that every element is the radical origins are not in the Ryder Cup and we proved that the credibility the bloodiest insisted that intervention is a sucker on about how we proved that because as before you will have the according to everyday 1 according easily obtained by generated by fighting with the people compositional of this form by taking this hadn't I wouldn't have meant sold by the life was just Villepin level we had that Jesus had to raise the product of years of 200 runs so we'll take that that body is supplemented by winning these
results we need is result because ETA on the last prove that every in every cataclysms as a sequence that is provable immaterial blocking and the ordering the the jury Lockamy is also promoting the jury TV and this season it's Marian all easier to work in the cheery locked the wheel of his asked you obtain a bit of immunity under the guidance of radical for their variety now the address in the variety in Moscow where saying these result is just that but we know that this during the during the writers a type of is so we have added that the investigator was of diesel because of this form where the testified to was the jury under lock me he's of saying easily just isn't there was of the same as in the was all logic is high sheets with respect to the 1 to the words 1 the as someone at hold where the he's a and 1 of these form that thanks to the fact that they wanted some Canonica is also an object in the stock was Anthony regarding also has a unit the universal model on this jury is the the interpretation of 50 some on disk 2 or more that I intended to different specifying to receive the same we obtain means that we obtain a visa a result discusses innovation
that I will have to prove on the Sniffin amenities we prove everything it should not be and thanks to the Governor's innovation we know that these holds for the material on TV and in general to the old denounced Argyros so I just let me go Foster had only
prove and that in the world this result of about 28 thousand reasonable more that I know of some a Share has led
to the moon the condition immediately apology in an accident with a portion that injuries deficits and permission for the jury to be appreciative side is also a necessary condition so we just want to prove that the deployment assisted the chair Lockamy the precious time in
how we do that we do that by continuing nodded at the legislation that you know that we obtained the considering that the idea of a description of the front of the radical class albeit under Bronson and thanks to the fact that these radical classes some idea of compatible with respectable media spectacle alone the operation we are
saying that this year's operations starting in what way we consider that the 1 justice is to be the 2nd of 2 modernization the teams obtained by Phantom people with regional diagrams of this form and thinking we were going for a financial pressure generated large role which is at each step on the generators and we are saying that he had knowledge about that that generated by by adamant that that is fine 1 of these formats and thanks to the broken by the media conditions the 100 arranging the IRA again locally and address so
all all we mean may not be true that these trucks traditionally so that within the words are the same and In vice-mayor of representation results for infantry unit will underwriting the variety and uh funny how we abstained and all pianists and because we know where there is a problem at year-end from my United was that's the representing this way every local Indian during the rioting and you see that here we have a group G and as assistant gave it is the rank of the algebra and items of very much about drank but because I have no time that you can imagine that the children which is not enough to to be ready to be used in that you're looking Jurassic is solely as we expenditure of local law bedroom set by adding for any of of France the small round we can say that predicates variety predicates that talks about abuse ranks is so we obtain these the steering that I called here G D where the action on the section many in but the mourners hobbies cheeriness that can be identified we don't track was like that's the groups the course stands as a group and Katie's With 2 all regard as the rank of the and not India ordered
officials to find tourists are easy that the 11 year magnify that these jurors appreciated because this is the chairman of his operations died here we have been discussed in sequence on the use of again of perceived identities provided the show that if you have the option of these former you I still have a tear the appreciate side so we have these we same we just have to look about them the media world you Modestine said and media how we defended the 2 front of the categorical appearance is very easy for any underbelly of the representation by the knowledge responsible general apparently was the time so the game was that can CEO of south of the front of the works and references for the use of force to work when it appears that these papers then and the first one hour we period for coming paper will thank you for your attention even tho this is this this is news said because of equivalence with members of the World Cup the Holy See the final gamma did not find out defining varies with the people who serve them yes certainly this is the 1 in which a font .period thing is defining the easy way if you take a about what Fromong you and your groups to plan beyond rescue takeover bid rude leaders strong units and then you just consider since these groups are having ever order as the end so you can consider just the interval as you you and it seems divided defined the operation taking someone in the operation of of them the operation all on the unity in the you once said that this is the sum of of its just that much and created some ending shown in just the you minus text so very very easily definition for the out of form when using functor muscles increasingly fusion of the year of the year opposite of the investor fund just and that's how he was presented is not to say that it seems that is dramatic but we proving our paper that immediate and you presented a dramatic weight loss India uh the front of going in the other direction mimosas of overseas of yes yes these are operation in blast and mines yes I think it helps if