4/4 A Crash course in topos theory : the big picture

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4/4 A Crash course in topos theory : the big picture
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I will sketch an overall picture of topos theory and of the theory of locales. It includes the notion of sheaf on a site, the notion of forcing topology, of geometric morphism and Giraud's theorem. A useful principle is that a topos is a commutative ring-like object. Every topos is a quotient of a free topos, like every commutative ring is a quotient of a polynomial ring.
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how to time I my mom the the recalled don't think I want to underline the continued to build which the ruling the combination of all of the clause
in new house we will continue have to do move from I didn't know what do under the
heading here just for use in 1985 then what could possibly be you to the
exactly the organizations forget the community because there was such an important she was
originally was the local something that have described In
that's the because the published for the 1st time and then I ask you to do what was needed no if you think you know that the exact number of organizations them most and know Tony there's not it said that
you what I think you Virginia 1 collapsed everything through 1 of their number again and so is the vision of the and that's the only thing you can do all the good this like these rock picture at that so I started thinking of it Of course volume was right and I had my question was wrong to the question as to the rest of you know and you know the exact organizations of a category of diagram of space this would have been like but I asked the wrong question and so I stopped thinking about it this year by chance rests on the need to be related to the understood that the carrier of spaces and then there was this this is a very nice person and in some done you didn't get your satellites and in said that the world could the cost of the but I was Canada has been bought and has said it believes it is very advanced but from moment the government want somebody who can use this as a last year is based the intentions of U.S. goods this year he is alleged to
contain this is 1 of those frustrations with the work you have to to somehow whenever we wanted to
this was due and especially is weakening of single you therefore we think that you can use involvement except the problem with system complexes that are nice but it's not the kind of goes To the Ombudsman's so you know see what happened to him politics we like to have the category which is controlled by intuition and the forces of the country the rest of the day however can Congress it turns out to be a very good because there was little changed and so it national political analyst based in New Canaan Conn the successful and should hold back work the proportion hopes that this will be about reasons the difficulties of the from the following year as chairman of the accused level recently that that was the last time I have to reinvent how you use cuticle said there Margaret mobile focuses on years 1 the you you so when it is just a small picture of me and I recently and said that was of but looking at maps in rain or customers into over small that was the man to the great so we look at it's hard to reform a producer on this subject it is also a In the case of local hearing the quality of flowers along the the technology will want to this suggests that it's that I believe that we are not on a of the because the quality is there yeah sort I'm show and I to know that there is no other litigation in the this contract to install residents within reason became the source of most of the virus was 1 of the people that don't 0 the hearing here yes what does that instead the U.S. in musical movie "quotation mark this was something just before many of the survivors from a yes vote on the articles of the manual that was within the borders the survival of because of what is feasible but it was considering whether they had received some of the resources at our house all of these things from Lotus 1 2 3 and that was elected because of what
it was the right thing I lost in the Nunavut quiet Williams about who we love this the government of the in such a game which has been in this
picture and in some of things that this is a man who flew this is what is the use of their own success of universe you but what happened in the case of problems the being need injected I while saying that the we to multi multi party functions right you know who has spent his then there is the multi-band functions and you have some kind of 1 of them on the transparency although it is and the functions of a cell of it is that time year so that somehow the picture than any other growth and they will use their without medical study fall the In found space over AC so this is so because she's convinced this is the peoples of the this is 1 and that you can express this from the wall but looking back onto the base and looking as a matter of the being these it is so pull that on the part and you end you made as the mass of the law is the law I want to know if he was the quality and quality of the changes you need to invest in its analyzes as 1 of the world's 1st of all in the original residents I always leaned forward the data in the object of this I looking the resolution to very prominently in the during this
already and that is the lowest since the sense In inmates the fact
that the move and denies the motion of censure object to the center change and the quality of some of techniques the cause of the country but have to get used to not being here and you get nominated ,comma he feels that his most of the time when you seek to meet the chiefs of the polyester the the flow of worlds in this major new aluminum instead of just a killed sets you however arose from the whole the sentences and many trials new construction workers or on the all told this not very much like to comment on his ambitions of the space of its growth has been appointed to the U.S. themselves said which is equivalent to a space that question in this century she said yes it is a little it isn't yet but I you want this this is the University 1 of the 1st example of In addition because the notion of what has been the object here is not an option of you know what the problem was notions of good will from so if you know this you don't get an example of this is the OK so any of its own so I don't want to bring in some sense is about redressing this event is going to carry except for the use of the good news community of love all clients who you wanted to have something to this effect is that the basic thing and of course you can't match from Leucadia said because the family shaved their the the family said she will raise I want you to fund so for each 1 of these set a solution look families of sense from a rival the bag so United looking at the map from the space said so you start to solve considering that various services base itself because it seemed to be regarded as a comes mostly from the space through this kind of this point of view was completely incorrect it says that in total during "quotation mark there is a copy of the the getting yourself was intensifying its I has found the violence that has a biological host and quantity of this proposal set it's like you you'll get to the point of this so-called during all of the losses so now due losses is the size of choosing not here because the American League of Delaware and adjusting to the various things in your soul From this point of view of the logic of the the signing of the mortals into phase of all steps necessary to stave off OK and have proposed theory that we want to replace it we want to replace any of some of the things that is so important to the new world of where this will lead to this is an object into world With the amount of the Wisconsin was not pleased with the state but this is the view that the all states to underline the need to love that biology those indirect peace negotiations also faces and of course it was imperative do so directly about going instead of looking at the families of Sept part of but this 1 was varies from 1 of the founders of the former president and his wife is that call center the best left the with her this is not a a lot of experience which is based on the idea that if she the longer a family of just satisfied that once was founded didn't get it for example a bottle bombs to dissolve the apology formal the bonds of during fall of it normally the disgraced the drawing on Tuesday and this problem with the announcement of the deal can go around the fact that this is a statement of the Grosso sheaves of innocent but know it most of the land belonged the want know what the intentions of but I found that I don't know exactly what his motivation but is also mentioned in this to generalize
so what is this and some that landed in the world which is the quality of the other than any of those reported that wanted to say I think we all of songs and all that so many of them are new the the arms and the good will of the the now you have you will not do it that is all too real things over the years the use of the main thing over the arts group needed have some of the people doing this as protection he ought to be that do the other side of the unit that is out there for 2 days and that he would like to to stand in the way since the days of the end strong over the Iraq and he would like to because of this and other issues so that they could escape the reach of categories the the EU will be totals and here tumbling down I have you go on and on and on and on about Wilson's so that I would like to projected for this In some sense and I would like to say that is included today have ,comma view that I was given an 11 would like to go forward this through the focus so many examples where it is through an example of this fall I suppose that Americans who to the things we want to have a person on the receiving end of the day that this will be the truth of what the government is going down with the 2 of you in the eye and therefore you need to learn about this and you would like to to say that this is the best so for example here and there to land in the following year and we all this is impossible because if you want to stop the bombing the what do you want to have something something of the persons and so that is a combination industry this year to another example it is playing with a new career as an emotional response on but I will not let alone this year who were using the the idea itself will look at it from the start and was the rest of the world but this is the introduction direct get to 1 the the election was 1 of the things we must do soldiers who were more and more be so this is just a solitary of it was the result of users what was going on and all those I look at all of these countries in the world which is do you want to know what they want to continue and would like to know if is going the the book so it was paragraph of the end of the so I can write the reason you want it so elected in paragraph of his most was this company is that candidates had engaged in movies like to the it's but there is a threat to India the move to a look at what the problem that should be of course this Gary solutions to object so that initially denied knowledge of the whereabouts of the last of its own so it's suppose that you have to make companies of all that we have the 1st all of this and that and the we have a lot the take a look at it a series of and while 1 working with 1 of the water it will be said it has evolved into and as a mother of Vivian 2 things will 2 however the commenting and then so what is this category will be reluctant to object different and 2 levels of well is not 1 of
using the 1st of all over the world and for the governor's office and you get the water so this is the category of a missile that would be 2 of the the loans and I'm just below the level of decency the leaders of the Revolutionary Guard so this year because of the actions of 1 of the 2 days of losses from this level of physical intimacy and will be it's more of an underestimate what we know about that number I had thought of this I mean when you see here going this encompasses all of the questions and environmental reasons was they Pennsylvania had a hand in about this example and 1 of them is a promise of scaring children all over the the idea is that provision shall we all that's that no standard and the need to change the this is all about pressure of in the all-white countered with the area from which the regional is that the movement brought the arrows the 1st is that right now the US president so they can hear this ceremony as the most people there was I don't know you from Europe that it's just the way it used to that using called admitted he wanted to talk to you about the quality of something could use to you you constantly this column all the decision as to what might be said of the 1st lap of this on and air because of its influence in the and the memories of the of the sun so you have carried happenings of the first-class New gentlemen the trappings of the office said about it always influenced the round With and the Union Kurdistan I'm thinking only because this is less than an hour fall out of the immediate problems because of the war In the 1st on the idea single was you have the and that's what I it was the usual political there is actually on 0 although the while the interior of the country so data that we have what are you thinking it's never been this logic and the others you can we would want to be there and so that he announcing it was once we take 1 of my want to actually general is full of them the and he's the problem is not going to do the view of the fact that he has a good many of them because dignity and Amendment categories it is the son of the ruling of the status of so I guess that over the years you already have in the office of the people in it but it is thought that want to take the form Soviet-era ground signals that it would be good to the the time ship of this of H 2 and then there the people understand and Boston on the "quotation mark top of the according to the needs of this page quality and so you have do what use but the minutes said they say the land the and people of in the museum will be sold over the phone a lot of time and that all of this has led to the instructions of numerous people is going to be pushed out what is interesting is this I think this this is going to be a B and C and the use of water on New Year's Eve is that 1 of the original little better battle between Tuesday and made a little easier file and this was something so therefore chancellor of the would be willing to talk about the quality about potential losses of people would have generally accepted an offer that we need to have a new objects to the use of frequencies of Of the background of the protocols will be necessary in order to evaluate do we want to hold serious problems using space is also used in this is house but I know the circumstances of the death of his want to I'm not the creation of an instrument used to read their confessing because it would be like the fact that that I was going to the media other loss I'm going to and I find it so I agree that so that that means has something to do with the Americans all the has a vision the court so that it would be 1 of those arrested by police in America they did think you think of the I think we do that the remaining forests General what about them "quotation mark we do not think that points after which it will be good I really had discussions about that and I don't think we need to discuss the original we have a lot of things station called the Department of Defense and the cost of goods at a quarter to the end of the information from the Internet and the amazing thing is that they have long so so far with the wheels of scandalous dispensers sold used the so-called Call it didn't want him to continue not all the categories now just to sit and listen to what kind of and that it there's a lot of proceedings but conclusion some of the money involved in these things in the face of fierce announced and that the margins of the organization and things like that with visions of you in your of I propose the following a complaints had everything worse than this is evident in the center of a single because we the extension of follicles that ended in your communication yes violence
is singled out performing some contagion wasn't just you and you know that our relations because of his size aspect of his duties was already present the work of he also because it is using what appeared on the verge of injuries looking to proceed the percentage of the things existence itself some the unity of the locals and coming from where on values rooms but not those of us that means is that in this century the higher however the Bulls isn't visited around of memory which is as far as the the so-called the the story about the university's especially in the middle of the researchers said that all Canada's the "quotation mark but the the thing I don't want to say that the procedures of the exact position of despite being all reasonable it wasn't clear whether this intelligence the that need Over :colon more than the the please note that the summit will include the even with this Europe but everything is actually quite a lot of this information to you all of the people of good will you have to say to the people that work in the field laboratory tests there are some of the use of nuclear weapons the president and the rest of 2 of the them believed to more than a year and that of the rest of the world know all of them have known about the quality of his work the people of the United Nations has said that the names of all the people that in of it's almost certain that it will be be at the top of the day of the year is so long the latest batch all right the there is also and most of the injuries although it's not known what it should be the tolerable we don't know exactly what was city was based on the concluding that the few take care among other news media doing what you know original and then you a total of individuals who are not in the small objects are so low that case "quotation mark on the other and also the small the role of the States told the the truth is the nearest experience of the size of a new or used in the analysis smaller some of the words you just as long as people will want to lose most of his small Mahler like there is some resistance at 1 another over the land to realize that the carrying in 2 of the gay small acts of terror that is its way of baseball is looking to get married but there is a swear word medical staff of small but with Blue Square Premier Jacques and this is what because these and this has a gone which is the world's this universal trees along the way that we can just go on most of the energy will intensify Kassebaum sold their souls to the terminal In this the fact that there other means essentially that and that there is a universal is small that is as long as the Islamic thing you need to put this on Tuesday and then it means that the baseball bat and must win in this and diplomats where 2 of the last year that their must is almost unique in the world so you think of this as the University of classifying case all maps is it the directive so generalizations of the already under way in the case of McLaughlin testified in his Universal Mobile on the use of mobile please not and then there was in fact you are allowed to it is a medication "quotation mark again and that's thing well and this problem will be universal about In practice areas because water is you always work with the full force game it's a little the rest of the announced this month that is special because this was the only thing that hundreds of the world .period the number of people in this time around In the last year should back the soul of the flood of new means I'm willing to consider a new constitution faces I feel that the person you haven't bothered about insisted this is the beginning of this year volume and think about this land of the family planning experiences and there it
was the found that these are all the the floor influx of this is and the 2nd 1 finds at unanimous means that you will have a condition during the United screening of these laws as critics ,comma 1 should go out and no 1 was so this is the case with battles a exactly so the gage wire to constantly I'm talking about the length of the suspension was what was wrong with knowledge of the region that was so good that is packed with me while I more was on the timeliness that you this includes business in India a lot of fear and that he was not this is a complete and questions relating Have ever as far as possible From Warren electrons form was included in the review of the status of the president the violence and is that is faster than what it was that the cost of food and the testifying wraps it all you know this is the goal of universal coverage of the issue the following if you want to create recently about the real emotional chords with that and we need to do the right thing for construction near the world youth justice system is that the the only way that's what we did at the height more frequent mutual these the thanks for being in the same goal this is like word to the status and the notion of getting more than year which you are defining now see the notion that we should be expressed in love 4 the situation you are looking at the whole vibration the Irish cattle that need just like the old days like that if you have a vibration you can see for example or the months of the breaches still has fiber or sold by its founding Folger indexed by soldiers near then you can but also families also called on the basis of all of Europe independently Of the fact when you're looking at the 5 regions such as fiber over which a unit is you a residence in the final year of many vibration of the same singles out what I understand you want from me he was something of if you didn't have to worry about which of the 2 were sold to the general U.S. in there you can define a vibration yes by getting just To be seen during that this legislation will always be fiber over there because you will need a lot of and many other violations that I wanted to have some yeah that you'll find greater than its current level of the candidates this solution of what a great deal of not justify racial relations 5 getting the steel yet not that the government was just so In your work this you have constructed of this it the Associated Press the Honourable unilateral Robles 1st of the fearful losing the objects of the spins and didn't know was this message is that there has is no point of the year as the arrows with obvious the all you have to think about that as some sense and analysts and now the special case reminds you know I want to know what I'm saying is that the general situation should be stated in terms of libraries that and will testify at a local vibration loose fibers on are viable if you take that this isn't 1 of primary on because the ones you can vocal qualities so that the so that the market is going to collapse me the the 1st was a factor in their decision Parliament and we think of we the are least all of this is that the you this internal rules would debate that represent them and I like this construction and uses so have often the began the very musical structures and some users saying that somehow this employment is another officer who was there is this lack of democracy look at that on it and I agree with this where there isn't inference is that you'll want to comparing the current time Jackson said of the totals In these things are reported that staff member of this is to have the addition of 1 this time of year you would have wanted to anywhere right because you will have to politically OK so that how it hierarchical series we have everything we need to fill the remains of 1 thing that you the know something about how it sees something about Over the years may have about families that these ideas are and compressed by the media aggrieved by talking at me had also isn't that what is related do the area of city instead of trying to solve the people's using his work the so-called would be fueling which is that you need to know about it and with the addition of the along the fault also medical assistance Back to the Future has been not all on the same day I don't know that feeling you get the feeling that you don't know how can I some people and he's the reaction of the other and some of the problems is that these tools that are hard to formalize the losing I just wanted to see because I knew something about would be fullback will be pushed out of the meeting is popular with the this business it has hold political candidates you there are proposals to be fascinated to hear about the the current model based on a criminal injuries or something like that .period foundations his the found objects of people from all the years that the effects of next on the list family should the be reassessed by father so these are the developing there is not yet his side's forces and all that and worse thinking about the problem and that will complete solution but I'm sure that you were reasonable and lawful provisions because so yeah you
gets elected office many of them to be rescued the idea is to the emotions of a
federation of small variations in universal innovation so instead of having
an object in the universe which specifies frustration and establishes you here
at the importance that the discovery of all was the 1 was he was learning about the use
of force to get universities in the field of any size the university should be universal this sort of and this is where the candidate of office using the muscles of United's and it turns out that the data sources that fomented factory where you have a know you can improve things in bacteria that you cannot prove went out you know utilizes a very strong action it as interesting consequences for some people there were able to for example the computer fuel-economy rules fear of using this action so it's interesting that possibly we will eventually all media have a way to talk to you this year's purely by using multiple really solving goes back to of the based on what you have done this is the gravity of the here and also the before getting something very powerful about the so the all called the 1st 100 the market I think the situation of the becoming and the statement on the Russian border and with the truth is that most of the victims for the 1st time the founded the proof of the rule book covers most of the orbital not all the things that have he said said that the city both I will get a question about what certification you just made the most of it was asking the students it's a terrible to have such an effect on what is really interesting fact and last year has gotten in the way of the world that is really well over a year is a little anything in its affairs since the beginning of the end of I think you would like to use the movement and the need for formation of and formerly is going to a rate when I was going to be like this I was this is not a good thing so the convenient to lure you already have a deal in the fall of the Soviet president of the court he just doesn't consider it and inspected by state investigators last year in Formula One this may be just the rise stock funds to do following year like violation please but is not the 1st day of operation so it names on just that hours without these lines in the bad news is that we do this wonderful natural the more so you think that maybe you would have found that out of office in the past so far including materials on the it means that many copies all the same things the you could be compressed and in fact is that Congress given service and lead always Congress progress to get always wanted the United Federation the round which is the largest in the world with I how you do that well you can do all right if you have a universal coverage and reasonable yeah on that supply you with the region the only person the world this was done within the image a new factories for what should be the end of the incomprehensible and ,comma principles home and friends of those operations although it has become the rest of the world governing body positions they are not necessarily universal but are also have some object of the the University of Maryland like the unilateral just the universe all of by